Rhodan: Myth of the Illochim

Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra

by Deep Silver

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   June 2008


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.  The Main Menu has Load, Save, New Game, Settings, Intro, Credits and Exit.

The save feature has 3 ways of savings: manually, when you want to save at the point you want; automatically, which is done when entering a new area and the quick save which is done by pressing F5 key. F8 key loads the saved game using the quick save.

The settings selection has volume (effects, music and voice), soundcard, preset settings, lighting, shadows, shadowmap, background characters, anti aliasing, texture size and vertical synchronizing. Check the manual for descriptions of each of these settings.

The inventory is at the bottom of the screen. Items picked up and characters that are relevant are found in inventory. Left click to pickup items and character icons and use with other items or other characters. Right click on any icon in inventory bar gives information about that item or character.

Multifunction wristband is at left of the inventory bar. It has information gathered during gameplay and can give clues on how to proceed with the game. Right click in the wristband also shows information.

The Main Menu is accessed by pressing the ESC key during gameplay. The S key activates the scanner that shows where all the active spots or items in the screen. The spacebar skips the dialogues and cutscenes.

It is best to read the manual to know more about the history of Perry Rhodan and description of different characters: his friend and other Milky Way inhabitants.

Stellar Ocean of Jamondi:    There is a story that after teaching Technology to Humanity, Beings of Water and left leaving only their story behind. Two Arkonides land in a desolate planet and stated that they have found what they were looking for. To take command of it would give them control of the entire galaxy.

Looking down at Terrania, the capital of the Terran Empire, Perry Rhodan contemplates his immortality. He has lived for 3000 years.

Reginald Bull was informed that the defensive shield is partially deactivated. The Solar Residence is attacked and penetrated.

Mondra Diamond fights her robot attackers at the terrace. She twists off a robot's head during the fight and was eventually taken.

Perry is informed by the Security Officer that the magnetic field of the defensive shield has been partially deactivated. Perry was also told that Reginald Bull aka Bully, his close friend and Resident Defense Minister has evoked a communications blackout. Also that he was under information blackout and confined to the Residence.


Solar Residence


Find out the damage caused by the attack:

Entrance Hall:    Look around the room and note the damage. Use the S key to scan the room.

Globus sphere:    Look above and see the damage to the globus sphere.

Doors:    Check the doors and see that they are all locked. There's no power to light the door numbers above the doors and the doorplates. His office second from left and Bully's office to his office's right cannot be opened due to damaged positronics. Atlan's office to his office's left is damage by the attack.

See an inactive cleaning bot outside Bully's office.

Go to the right and check Gucky's office and see that it is also damaged.

Go to the left and enter the hallway.

Hall of Fame:    No discernible damage here. See that there are 10 holoprojectors used to depict Perry's history line the hallway. They are inactive right now due to absence of power. Continue down the hallway.

Crystal Lounge:    Scan the room.

See an inactive cleaning bot on the floor.

Singing crystals:    The hanging crystals are quiet at the moment due to loss of power.

Mondra's office:    The door to Mondra's office is also close but not damaged. The door number is placed too high above the door.

Transmitter:    Enter the transmitter on the left.

Terrace:    Perry ended up at the terrace and not the Surveillance Center. Look around the damage here.

Perry finds out that Mondra was taken by robots.

The soldiers stopped Perry from looking around because of Bully's order. Perry automatically enters the transmitter. Read the wristband on the left and see that Perry needs to distract the guards.

Entrance Hall:    Go to the right pass the Hall of Fame to be at the Entrance Hall again. Enter the transmitter beside Gucky's office right of the room.

Platform:    Perry ended up at the platform. It seems that the transmitter sends the person to the last place it visited before the attack.

Mondra's icon is added to inventory. A soldier exited from the transmitter and goes to the other end.

Scan the platform and look around. See a magnificent view. Follow the soldier to the right.

Hangar:    Scan the room and check everything.

Energy stations:     See that the left charging station is working and that an attendant is working on the damaged right one.

Hangar attendant:    Talk to Yuri, the attendant and learn that this is Mondra's hangar. He says that the maintenance room is through the door on the right. Use Mondra's icon from inventory bar on Yuri.

Go right and see Mondra's glider. It is a way out of here. But the guard stops Perry from accessing it.

Go through the door to the maintenance room.

Open the different offices and check them:

Maintenance room:    See 2 terminals on either side of the hallway. The Maintenance terminal on the left is without power.

Power terminal:    The terminal on the right can be used. Click on the 'switch' at the center and learn that you have restored temporary power to the Residence.

Check the Maintenance terminal on the left and see that it is used to activate the various maintenance units: holoprojectors and cleaning robots. Perry needs someone to repair it. See the maintenance terminal icon at the inventory bar.

Door activations:    Click on the Power terminal again and see a new layout. 479 is Atlan's office, 836 is Gucky's office and 936 is Perry's office. The other 2 must be Bully's and Mondra's. They need to be activated.

Go back up to the Entrance Hall to check the door number of Bully's and Mondra's.

To exit the screen, click on the circle at top right.

Go back to the Entrance hall. Check the number of Bully's office and find out that it is 938.

Hall of Fame:    Go left to the Hall of Fame. Perry is stopped by his own Hologram.

Mondra's Office:    Go to Mondra's Office and check her room number. It is too high to read.

Activate Bully's and Perry's office:    Go back down to the maintenance room and look close at the door activator terminal at right.

Using the known numbers of the 2 offices on the left and their corresponding alien numerals on top, enter 936 of alien numerals at top of tube (going top to bottom) on Perry's office tube at the center.

If correctly done, see a flash of light and ray inside the tube.

Using the - and + above the numbers, enter the number 938 at the bottom of the tube right of Perry's 936 for Bully's office.

Using the known numbers of the 3 offices on the left and their corresponding alien numerals on top, enter 938 on top of tube (going top to bottom) on Bully's office tube.

Platform:    Go back to the platform and see a technician.

Bionic Technician:    Talk to him. He uses thermo glasses to check the organic plating of the structure. Click on his thermo glasses to borrow it. He says later.

Use the maintenance terminal icon on him. He will send for another technician to repair it.

Go back to the Entrance Hall via the transmitter.

Bully's Office:    Enter Bully's office. Scan the room.

Pick up the remote control (Wing Swing GT5000) on the floor at left.

Model Ships:    Check the different model ships on the left desk. See and click on the Marco Polo and the Discovery. There is a blue ship that is missing a piece before the word Lercyi.

Beside the inactive robot on the floor is the Stardust.

Positronic computer:    The positronic computer at center of room needs a password. Bully usually uses the name of his model ships. Try the different names of the model ships seen as password but none worked.

Exit the room.

Perry's room:    Enter the office left of Bully's. Scan the room. Check all active items.

Check the cleaning robot named Piggy that eats everything that falls on the floor.

Info terminal:    Click on the big screen on the right.

There's a message from Mondra. Learn that she found something startling about the exhibition she is planning and is to meet Bully on the Terrace to ask about Martel. She wants Perry to join them.

The message from Martel states that he wants to meet Perry at the Waringer Academy concerning a new robotic technology. Almo Martel icon is now in inventory.

Laotse, Perry's positronic computer:    Go up the platform and click on the positronic to learn about it.

Use all the inventory icons on the positronic to know more about them.

Hall of Fame:    Look at all the holoprojectors and learn about Terrania's history. Ulan Soso, designer of the Solar Residence icon is now in inventory.

Two or 3 of the holoprojectors show a cryptic message:

Those looking for love must pursue their destiny... if you seek truth, you must find the undying myth... Hurry!!! Hurry!!! Hurry!!!

The seconds that line your glance are moving away from you... others are fleeing towards me while I stand here waiting senselessly... some go away, the others stay... Hurry!!! Hurry!!! Hurry!!!

Perry's office:   Go back to Perry's office.

Use the Ulan Soso icon on Laotse, the positronic computer. Learn that the Solar Residence is formed by an organism. Automatically download the code that he used on his calculations, the Swoon Omega decimal minuscule.

Crystal Lounge:    Go to Crystal Lounge by Mondra's office.

Hear the singing crystal sing in response to a technician.

Talk to the technician. Talk to him again and he whistles again to get responses from the singing crystals. Use the maintenance terminal on the technician and he will try to repair them.

Terrace:    Use the transmitter on the left. Find out that anti personal shield capsules were used on Mondra and that some were left lying around. They were used to break down her personal shield.

Platform:    Go down to the platform and see the technician talking to the Bionic.

Technician:    The technician says that he cannot fix the terminals because of outdated code. Use the Swoonish Omega decimal minuscule on the technician.

Bionic:    Talk to the Bionic working on the wall. See that he is not wearing the thermo glasses. Click on the glasses on the bucket or the box on the floor to borrow it. He lends the thermo scan glasses.

Mondra's Office:    Go back up to the Crystal Lounge. Use the thermo glasses on the door number above the door and find out that it is 256.

Maintenance room:    Go back down to the maintenance room through the hangar.

Take the lunch box.

Activate Mondra's office:    Look close at the door activator terminal.

Use the - and + above the numbers to enter the number 256 on the bottom of right tube for Mondra's office.

Using the Swoonish omega decimal minuscule code as reference, enter 256 on top of tube (going top to bottom).

Mondra's Office:    Go back up to the Crystal Lounge.

Enter Mondra's office. Scan the room. See a box protected by illegal military shield.

Go left and be stopped by the Carnivora, carnivorous plant.

Pass through the carnivorous plant:    Go back to Perry's office. Click on the positronic. Tamira, the first Terran talks to Perry inquiring about what happened.

Use the Carnivora icon on the positronic. Learn that it is best to approach the plant after being fed and that Suurg flies has a calming effect on the flies.

Perry recalls that Mondra stated that she breed the flies up on the terrace.

Time to distract the guards up on the terrace:

Platform:    Go back to the platform to reach the maintenance room. The bionic wants his thermo glasses back. Perry wants to buy them.

Maintenance Room:    Talk to the technician. The maintenance terminal is now fixed.

Maintenance terminal:    After he leaves to have a lunch break, check the terminal.

To distract the guards at the messy terrace, activate-select the cleaning robots to go to the terrace.

Terrace:    Go to the terrace using the transmitter at the Crystal Lounge. Scan the terrace.

See the cleaning doing their job while creating havoc with the guards.

Bully's cleaning robot:    Click on the cleaning robot at right by the transmitter. Take the Le-Clyi part missing from the model spaceship.

Head of a combat robot:    Pick up the head of a combat robot at left by the destroyed globus sphere.

Dining table:    Check the destroyed eating area at left of the terrace.

Upper terrace:   

Suurg flies:    Climb the stairs at right. Use the lunchbox on the big bowl or the floor to get flies. Gotcha! The flies are now in the lunch box.

Pick up the yellow anti-shield capsule on the floor at right of the upper terrace.

Check Mondra's office:   

Mondra's office:    Exit the terrace. Enter Mondra's office.

Place the lunchbox with flies in front of the Carnivora.

Go left and check the artifact right of the desk.

Mondra's notebook:    Take Mondra's notebook from the desk. Read it by right clicking. Find out about the Illochim that is part of the exhibition she is preparing. Learn that an unknown Q.B. has sent her an artifact and photos. Mondra noted that she needs to contact Kari Levian to get to Daellian. There is also a cuneiform chart and more information on her research about the Illochim. She received a damaged robot in one of her deliveries. Hmm...

Chest with military shields:    Go to the chest at right. Use the anti shield capsules taken from the terrace on the chest.

Take the broken service robot - it must be what was written in her notebook. Take the piece of glass (lens-unknown artifact).

Exit the office and meet the technician. The Perry hologram arrives too. Perry asks the tech to fix the hologram.

Get in Bully's positronic:

In front of the office, the Bionic arrives and gifts Perry with his thermo glasses.

Bully's office:    Go to Bully's office.

Now that we have the model spaceship from his cleaning bot, use the Le-Clyl piece on the broken model space on the desk at left. Learn that the name of the blue spaceship is Le-Clyi-Lercyi.

Perry's office:    Go to Perry's office. Use the Le-Clyi-Lercyi on the positronic. Find out that the blue space ship is simply called Leclerc.

Go back to Bully's office. Using your keyboard, type in Leclerc as password for the positronic. Press your 'enter' key.

Hear Mondra's message about meeting at the terrace and Martel.

See a defensive shield plan and Martel under surveillance. Get a blueprint-floor plan of Robotics Institute.

Bully breaks in through his positronic and tells Perry some garbled message.

Hangar:    Go down to the platform and then the hangar.

Broken service bot:    Talk to Yuri, the attendant.

Show him the broken service bot. It was made by the Robotics Institute - RIWA 17-08.

Yuri enters the serial number and accesses the last vid the robot saw. See Martel meet with the 2 white haired Arkonides.

Escape the Solar Residence:   

Maintenance room:    The technician says that the maintenance terminal is now fixed.

Use the terminal. Click on the hangar to get the irritating holoprojection to come here.

Hangar:    Exit the room and see the hologram pestering the guard. Automatically, Perry rides Mondra's glider.


Waringer Academy

Rainbow Dome:    Arrive at Waringer Academy.

Go to the door and automatically, Perry uses his DNA converter to transform to Laszlo Daikonu. Enter the building.

Shuttle platform:    Talk to the Unither with a trunk.

Look at the display screen on the left and learn about Mondra's exhibit of the Arkonides gift to be held at the Thora's museum.

Check the other display screen and see the map of different shuttle stops. Perry needs an authorization to access the academy. Click on Lobby and a shuttle arrives.

Lobby:    Go down the escalator.

See a public positronic beside the escalator.

Authorization:    Talk to the receptionist on the first desk. She gives a 24 hr chip card-day pass to Waringer Academy. The access locations allowed are the shuttle and the cafeteria.

Use Martel icon on the receptionist. No one at Martel's office knows Laszlo.

Use Kari's icon on the receptionist. The receptionist realizes that Kari gave her permission for Lazlo to access her.

Malcolm Daellian's Office:    Use the transmitter behind the receptionist.

Kari Levian:    Talk to Mondra's closest friend.

Click on the crystal on her desk. Kari gives Mondra's singing crystal to Perry.

Use Martel's icon on Kari. She changes Lazlo's ID to a member of Daellian's scientist staff.

Use the head of the combat robot on Kari. She advises to find an expert on mobile android weapons systems at the Robotics Institute.

Show the lens artifact on Kari. She mentions that Mondra showed it Malcolm Daellian. She leaves to talk about the artifact to Daellian.

See a cutting of Mondra's Carnivora. Take the container with flies from Kari's desk. Use it on the Carnivora. Take the plant dung on the floor beside the Carnivora.

Try to enter the transmitter and Kari comes back out. She asks for Perry to come back later. Enter the transmitter.

Find android weapons experts:


Receptionist:    Use the Robotics Institute icon on the receptionist and learn about the 2 cyberneticians.

See 2 cyberneticians (Mobile android systems employees): Brendan Huber and Ara Nar-Khol. She mentions that Huber might be in the cafeteria.

Positronic:    Go to the positronic right of the escalator. Use the plant dung on the positronic. Learn that it has painkiller and sobering ingredients.

Brendan Huber:   

Cafeteria:    Go up the escalator and out of building. See the holomap. Click on Cafeteria. Enter the cafeteria.

Go to the slumped human at the second bar.

Talk to the Blue standing behind Huber. He gave Slugofro to Huber.

Go to the counter at right and talk to the attendant. Obtain an espresso.

In inventory, use the espresso on the plant dung to get flavored espresso.

Give the flavored espresso to Huber.

Show the robot head to Huber. He brings you to the Robotics Lab.

Robotics Lab:    After being checked by the security guard, they enter the Robotics Lab. He shows the area to Laszlo. The room on far left has explosives.

Huber's Quarters:    Scan the room and look around while Huber checks the robot head.

Click the machine on the table on the left foreground and find out it is an energy charger. Use the Wing swing remote control on the charger. Now the model space ship can be used.

Check the experimental lab at the background large window. Huber leaves to call the Ara.

Take the voice duplicator on the white chair beside the charger.

Scan the artifact:    Look at the machine Huber was using. Perry says that this controls the assembly arms of the Experimental lab behind Perry. Click on the area Huber scanned the robot head.

Take the plastic box from the counter with a monitor. Place the plastic box on the scanner Huber used.

Place the artifact on top of the box to scan it. It caused an alert and Huber and the Ara run back in. Huber says the code is ancient Arkonide.

While they are busy, exit the quarters to the main hall of the Robotics Lab via the exit icon on the left of the scanner.

Ara Nar-Khol quarters:    Enter the door at right of Huber's quarters. Scan the room and look around.

Take the personnel ID-chip card of the Ara from the desk at foreground.

Click on the monitor at right and automatically get a list of robot types.

The 2 cyberneticians run in and Laszlo gets kicked out.

Daellian's office:    Automatically be at the Lobby. Enter the transmitter to go to Daellian's office. Kari informs Lazlo that Daellian is ready to meet him.

 See the Ara back in his quarters reporting to an unknown man about the head; tells him about the scanned Supran and learn that the location of the key is taken from Mondra.

Daellian:   Talk to Malcolm Daellian, the Dean of the Academy.

Use Mondra's diary on Daellian. Learn about Quint Essence who believes the Illochim myth.

Use the unknown artifact on Daellian. Learn about Supran, an alloy of matter and anti matter. Supran lens is the key that can communicate with all inhabitants of the universe at the same time. The hacker Quint Essence is trying to get hold of the code which Daellian scanned to Perry's wristband.

Use the blueprint of the Robotics lab on Daellian. Learn his opinion of Martel.

Kari:    Exit and talk to Kari. Learn about cryptologist and Gataser Blues.

See a news report about Perry's disappearance and the hunt for Laszlo.

Leave the office and go to the cafeteria.

Get to Martel:   

Cafeteria:    Use the escalator at the lobby and exit the building. Go to the cafeteria.

Cryptologist:    Go to the Gataser Blue, the one with a disk-shaped head at the back of the room.

He doesn't like the regent and doesn't want to help.

As Kari recommends, feed the Blue. Go to the counter at right and buy a Blues delicacy. Get a Muurt worm burger.

Give the Muurt burger to the Blue. Show Ara's personnel ID to the Blue. He adjusts Laszlo's personnel ID code.

Robotics lab:    Exit the cafeteria and go to the panel at right. Click on the Robotics lab on the map.

See a technician working on a display.

Enter the Robotics lab. Talk to the guard-porter. The card is scanned on the frame on the porter's desk and has identified Laszlo.

Look at the Round door on the left with a numeric panel. We need to distract the porter.

Distract the porter:    Go back outside to the entrance.

Look at the opened ventilation shaft; it is too small to fit in.

Ventilation shaft diagram:    Take the small box-data carrier on the floor close to the opened shaft. It is a diagram and Perry automatically downloads it to his wrist band.

In inventory, combine the diagram with the floor plan of the Robotics lab. Right click to check the overlaid plans.


Guide the model ship:    Use the Le-Clyi-Lercyi model ship on the opening of the ventilation shaft.

The aim is to get the model ship to the Explosive lab.

Study the remote control. Move the cursor to the right and see the overlaid map. Note that the arrows at the center show the possible exits.

Count each square in the diagram to make a path to the Explosive lab. One square is one click.

Use the forward arrow 3 times.

Turn right once.

Forward 4 times.

Turn left once.

Forward 7 times.

Turn right once.

Forward 12 times.

Turn left once.

Forward 3 times.

Perry says that it is now directly above the explosives. Detonate.


See the door explodes. Go back inside.

If you haven't yet, use the new coded Personnel ID on the small monitor on the porter's desk.

Surveillance room:    Use the ID card on the glass door left of the porter's cubicle.

Get Martel's voice:    Check the monitors. Check the box on the desk in front of the monitors. Perry finds something that can help him.

Use the voice simulator on the box. Watch the video of Martel about a new drill that he had made. It is in a hangar. He needs confirmation from higher up to continue with the project.

The voice simulator has 97% conformity. Exit the room.

Entrance to the Robotics lab:

Numeric code:    Use the thermo glasses on the numeric lock of the Robotics lab.

See that 2 4 6 8 0 are active. Note the intensity of the color (usage) of each pad. Click cancel button to pull back out.

Click on the lock again with no thermo glasses. Enter 0 6 2 8 4.

Ara Nar-Khol quarters:    Automatically, enter the lab and then enter the first door on the right.

Take the robot torso on the floor by the monitor.

Take the multi frequency chip from the desk at foreground. Exit the room.

Hangar 2:    Go forward to the hallway and then go right. See the door to the hangar open and close.

Use the robot torso to block the moving door. Enter the hangar.

See Martel's security machine. Click on the blue holoprojector on the floor in front of the 'drill' to turn it off. The machine disappears.

Exit the hangar and meet Huber.

Martel's office:     Go to the transmitter.

Use the voice simulator on the voice recognition panel (blue circle) above the transmitter.

After 3 tries, Perry is allowed to use the transmitter.

See that Martel is dead, bled from the inside. Take the data crystal he is holding. Check the small glass bottle from the table.

Look around and see that things are scattered.

Go to the desk and use the data crystal on Martel's ancient positronic. Watch Martel's message to Perry. He states his reason for his cooperation with the Arkonides and admits his involvement in Mondra's abduction.

There is also a file about Kato daTrumont.

Go to the transmitter but do not go in or go in the transmitter and back up to the office. Perry has a feeling someone is here. A female Arkonide hits Perry.

Escape the prison:   

Prison:    Perry back to his normal self is in a locked room. Scan the room.

Check the left wall. Perry can not identify what is left on the wall.

Take the tray of food, cup of water and plastic spoon from the table at right wall.

Use the glass of water on the left wall and read: Take the pen in the light and close the contact in the gap.

Look down at the gap between the wall and the floor. There's something in there. Use the spoon on the gap and get a small metal pipe.

Go to the bottom screen. Talk to the guard and learn about being imprisoned by his own people on a lot of charges including the murder of Aimo Martel.

3 cleaning bots arrive and try to help but are too short.

Scan the big room and see Mondra's crystal on the bench outside. See Perry's things floating inside the lit porthole.

Use the small metal pipe on the shield and hear the singing crystal react to the electron catcher of the shield.

Do it several times until the guard places it on the floor for the cleaning bot to pick up. The bot places it in front of the shield and it disperses the shield.

Exit and go to Perry's things. Use the button right of the lit porthole of Perry's things. Take Perry's inventory.

Exit the room and see an open glider. Enter the glider.


Thora's Museum


Click on the Museum and see that this is Thora's Museum where Mondra's exhibit is located.

See also that there are no other visitors. Go to the entrance and see that it is open.

Entrance hall:    Scan the hallway and look around.

See a giant robot at the end of the hallway. Go down the hallway.

Meet the hologram of the Museum director. He says that there are limited access to the display of the Myth of Illochim, (the Arkonide name is Yillod Zhymii). The door closes and locks Perry inside.

Exhibit foyer:    Enter the room.

See a statue of Thora holding a helmet with her arm raised. Press the button on the platform floor right of the statue. It raises and lowers the statue.

Check the blue line framing each entryway and find out that they are transmitters. Perry wants them off to find a way out of the museum.

Go in each entryway and listen to the Director's hologram. The right entryway while facing Thora is the Arkonides exhibits, the one behind Thora is the Invasion of the Yillod Zhymii and the exhibit on the left is the Yillod Zhymii exhibit itself. To listen again to the Director's talk, click on the rotating lines on the floor.

Deactivate the transmitters:

Arkonides exhibit:    Enter the room on the right (while facing Thora).

Listen to the Director's hologram. Scan the room and check the exhibits. Perry thinks it's worth to break through the shields.

Break through the display shields:

Perikon 300 battle robot:    Look at the lit information panel on the left wall explaining about Perikon 300 Type 558025.

Use (right click) the List of robot types. Click the picture or the text frame. Enter 558025 using the arrows and then click OK. Learn that it is remote controllable and its frequency is 849109.

Universal remote control:    In inventory combine the remote control with the multi-frequency chip to get a universal remote control.

Right click the now universal remote control and then left click the displayed remote control or the frame. Enter 849109. Press the frequency button to exit out.

Click the remote control on any place you want it to go. Click the remote on the center display of a sword. The battle robot doesn't have enough momentum.

Go back out to bottom screen and be at Thora's statue. Use the remote control twice on the statue. The battle robot comes out to the statue.

Go back inside the Arkonides exhibit. Use the remote control on the center sword display. Watch. Take the Dagor sword that has fallen out of the display.

Go back to Thora's statue. Use the button on the floor and lower Thora's statue.

Place Dagor's sword on Thora's hand. It produced a light.

Look up and see the 4 planets of Tiga Ranton - Arkon 1-4.

Invasion exhibit:    Enter the Invasion exhibit behind Thora and go forward to the other end.

See a similar map of the 4 planets of Tiga Ranton. This was activated by Dagor's sword.

Click on the circular map and hear Mondra scream. Click on the circular map again and the transmitters are deactivated.

Look around the museum and search for Mondra:

Museum Cathedral (Tower 1):    Enter the room at right.

See a colossal robot. See-click on a hole at the bottom of the robot. It is the exact shape of the supran lens.

Enter the transmitter at right. Go to top level and be on a ramp that has a door that can only be opened from the other side. Enter the transmitter and go down to the lowest level.

The lower level has 3 doors. Check the left door, click on the first step and see that it is a contact tile. The middle door needs a key to open it. The right door also has a contact tile. The giant robot's stand is surrounded by water.

Use the transmitter to go back to middle level.

Invasion exhibit:    Go back to the Invasion exhibit at bottom screen.

Take the transport frame from the right display case, the Arrachieda stick and miner's hat from the left display cases. Right click each of the taken items to know more about them.

Arkonides exhibit:    Enter the exhibit right of Thora's statue. Take the laser pointer from the right display.

Storage room:    Go to the other end up the stairs to the storage room.

Look at the containers and realize that they contained weapons. Check the open crate at the end of the stack and get the object jack.

Click on the broken stained glass window at the right wall. Be at that side of the room close to the windows. Pick up the blue shard of glass from the floor.

Water tower (Tower 2):    Exit through the other end up the stairs. Walk the bridge to the tower.

Click on the dirty water twice. It looks like there's something like a glider down there.

Enter the lift and see that it can not go down because of the water.

Go back to the statue of Thora and then enter the Illochim exhibit at her left.


Get close to the giant robot at the museum cathedral:

Illochim exhibit:    Enter the room on the left (while facing Thora).

Ylohim:    Click on the clear stand made up of 6 hexagonal plates. Learn about the game of the Illochim, the Ylohim. The display game tiles are floating in water.

Use the object jack on the floating tiles on the water. The ylohim game pieces and the how to play Ylohim is now in inventory.

Reproduction of Illochim:    Check the other clear stand showing the bone of an Illochim.

The hologram of the Illochim is projected by the stand at the center. Push the stand and see that the display can be lowered but the stand needs something used as wedge to be able to get the wing bone.

Museum Cathedral:    Go to the cathedral at other end of the Invasion exhibit.

Use the universal remote control on the floor in front of the giant robot. The battle robot arrives here.

Enter the transmitter. Go to bottom level.

Use the universal remote on the door on the left. The battle robot arrives and steps on the contact plate.

Go to the right door and step on the contact plate or stairs. The door opens.

Pump station:    Enter the room and see the control panel of the pump station.

At present, the wheels are (left to right): horizontal, vertical and horizontal. The center is opened and the other 2 closed. Presumably, the left wheel is the museum cathedral, the middle wheel is the water tower with the glider and the right one is still for an unseen tower.

Click to turn the wheels to (left to right): vertical, horizontal and horizontal; opening the left wheel for this Museum Cathedral tower.

Exit the station and use the transmitter to go up to middle level. Exit the cathedral and be in the map room.

See a lever at bottom wall. The lever is down or closed. Pull the lever up to open the pump. This also jams or locks the pump station control panel. Water should rise at the Museum Cathedral.

Museum Cathedral:    Go back to the cathedral and see water has risen around the base of the colossal robot. The bottom level is now submerged in water.

Ylohim tile puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to make a straight path to get to the colossal robot.

The tiles must be arranged based on the color of the rainbow: (top to bottom) violet, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow and red.

Each tile has 2 colored edges. The colors touching each other must match: Blue to blue, green to green...

The tiles can be moved only if they are touching another tile or if they will not produce mismatched color combination.

Place the tiles in the water in front of the colossal robot.

Click to turn each tile. Check how many turns make it upright to the color wanted. Then move it to the correct place based on that number.

To reset the puzzle, go to the center close to the red tile and click on the hotspot on the floor. Perry will pick up the tiles.

This is only one solution and is not the shortest either. :)

1.Move violet-dark blue tile to top left.

2. Move the green-yellow tile to top right.

3.Move violet-dark blue tile up once.

4.Move violet-dark blue tile to top left.



1.Move dark blue-light blue tile up once.

2. Move green-yellow tile to bottom left.

3. Move yellow-red tile to bottom right

4. Move dark blue-light blue tile to bottom left.

5. Move dark blue-light blue tile up once.




1. Move light blue-green tile to bottom right.

2. Move green-yellow tile to bottom left.

3. Move light blue-green up once.

4. Move green-yellow tile up once.

5. Move green-yellow tile to top right.

6. Move light blue-green tile to bottom right.



1. Move green-yellow tile to down twice.

2. Move green-yellow tile to bottom right.

3. Move yellow-red tile to up once.

4. Move green-yellow tile to top right.

5. Move yellow-red tile to bottom right.

6. Move yellow-red tile to down once.

7.Move green-yellow tile down once.

8. Move yellow-red tile to top left.

9. Move green-yellow tile to top left.



1. Move light blue-green tile to bottom left.

2. Move yellow-red tile to top left.

3. Move yellow-red tile to top right.

4. Move light blue-green tile to top right.

5. Move yellow-red tile down twice.

6. Move yellow-red tile to bottom left.

Piece of cake!

Solution by Bert Jamin: (Thanks, Bert!)  
  • purple/blue                2 x left up
  • cyan/green                up
  • cyan/green                right up
  • purple/blue                up
  • cyan/green                left down
  • cyan/green                down
  • blue/cyan                   left down
  • blue/cyan                   left up
  • yellow/red                  down
  • yellow/red                  left down
  • blue/cyan                   right up
  • blue/cyan                   up
  • green/yellow             down
  • cyan/green                right up
  • green/yellow              left down
  • cyan/green                right down
  • green/yellow              right up
  • cyan/green                down
  • yellow/red                  right down
  • cyan/green                up
  • green/yellow              right down
  • yellow/red                  left up
  • cyan/green                right down
  • green/yellow              left up
  • yellow/red                  right up
  • cyan/green                down
  • yellow/red                  down
  • cyan/green                left up
  • purple/blue                right down
  • blue/cyan                   right down
  • green/yellow              right up
  • cyan/green                left up
  • green/yellow              right down
  • blue/cyan                   left down
  • green/yellow              left down
  • blue/cyan                   right down
  • cyan/green                right up
  • blue/cyan                   up
  • cyan/green                up
  • purple/blue                left up
  • cyan/green                down
  • blue/cyan                   left up


Automatically, Perry goes to the base of the robot and inserts the supran lens in the hole.

Oh my! Battle of the robots: David versus Goliath.

Someone drains the water from the robot pool. A technician comes out and picks up the fallen lens.

Use the transmitter to go down to the bottom level. See the overturned battle robot.

Pick up the piece from the Illochim game right of the transmitter. Perry says it's the right size to hold the holoprojector in place.

Illochim exhibit:    Go back to the Illochim exhibit left of Thora's statue.

Go to the holoprojector stand. Push the stand. Then click the piece from the Illochim game on the stand to hold it in place. The projection is lowered. Take the bone from the wing of an Illochim.

Go back to the bottom level of the Museum cathedral.

Find Mondra:   

Museum Cathedral:    Go back to the cathedral beyond the Invasion exhibit.

Use the transmitter to go to the lower level.

Enter the open left door by the robot. See an opened big hatch. It's dark in there.

Use the thermo glasses on the darkness and then enter. Go left to the next room.

Illochim script puzzle:    Be in a hexagonal room. The center of the room is a transmitter. Perry wants it activated.

Look at the Arkonide script on the wall. The script tiles on the wall react to colored light.

In inventory combine the laser pointer with the blue shard of glass.

Use-click the colored laser pointer on the tiles on the wall.

See that one tile at bottom row lights up.

Check Mondra's notebook. Open to script table. See that the lit tile starts with a Y.

What word do we know that starts with a Y here? Ylohim, the tile game.

Click the letters in order to make up Ylohim on the wall. If correct, they stay lit up. If wrong, the light goes out and you have to start over.

The transmitter rises.

Secret service office (Tower 3):    Enter the transmitter.

Be in an office. See a space shuttle exit from the other tower outside the window and departs.

Scan and check the room.

Pick up the Tu-Ra-Cel badge from the crate at bottom left of the room.

Check the Vialon-Trona, truth serum machine at bottom of the room.

Take the pen-metallic object on the shelf in front of the monitors. Check the monitors.

Talk to Bully. Bully updates Perry on what has happened. Perry has been cleared and back as Regent. Mondra was taken to Gom Calleadus, a former penal colony now quarantined. It is held by the Tu-Ra-Cel.

Water Tower 2:    Where did we see that glider?

Check to see if you can use the transmitter. No. Exit through the door. Cross the bridge.

Enter and be at the top level of the museum cathedral. Use the transmitter. Go to middle level.

Go to the Arkonide exhibit. Go pass the storage room to the tower.

Enter the tower and then enter the lift.

Be at the lower level. Enter through the hatch and the door shuts close.

Pull the lever down on the stand at middle of the ramp. The pump is stopped now.

Go to the door ahead. It is locked. Use the metallic object taken from the office on the door. It is a programmable positronic key. Exit the room.

Pump station:    Go to the pump station at right.

Go to the control panel and now change the settings (left to right): vertical, horizontal and horizontal. This would drain the water at the water tower 2 where the glider is located.

Go back to the middle hatch. Pull up the lever to turn the pump on.

Time to go. Enter the door at end of this ramp at left. See the shuttle that Bully states will be a bumpy ride. Enter the shuttle.


Gom Calladeus - Elmo Dater

Outside Elmo Dater:    Look at the shuttle. Perry is not leaving here anytime soon.

Pick up the plasma converter from the open shuttle door. Pick up from the ground: the beam collar used to focus plasma jets, water tank and crowbar.

In inventory combine the plasma converter and beam collar to get an improvised plasma beamer.

Exit at right. See a pink, greasy, foul substance.

Go forward and look around as you go. Look at Elmo Gater, the mining colony at end of the path.

Elevator:    Go to the platform of the steel structure.

Use the crowbar on the top of the box. It needs fat or grease to make it run better.

Go back to that pink greasy foul substance at side of the road.

Use the water tank on the pink substance to get jelly-like lichen.

Go back to the elevator.

Use the pink lichen on the hotspot at top right side of the platform.

Use the improvised plasma beamer on the box by clicking it on the yellow area of the box.

Click on the top right side of the platform to start the elevator.

Elmo Gater middle level:    Perry goes incognito again.

Blues:    Try to talk to the 2 Blues arguing at the entrance at left. They are arguing about a doll.

Ijgarsha Store:    Go to the lit exit at right. Go forward and look at the sign on top of the archway. Enter the store and look around.

Talk to Ijgarsha. Use the miner's hat on her. She gives 24 hour Eldo-Ram credit. After getting some of Perry's items, she gives back 24 Tontas and the energy pack for the miner's hat.

Show her the jelly-like lichen. If combined with Sheed at 2:1 ratio, it becomes a strong corrosive acid.

Exit the store and enter the next building.

Blues:    Talk to the Blues at left by using Kato's icon. Learn that Toregent, the medic might know.

Echodim Bar:    Go through the entryway left of the Blues.

Enter the bar with the neon sign at left. Look around and then talk to the bartender.

Learn that this is an odor bar not drinks bar. Exit the bar.

Kesnar Clinic:    Go right and then down the right ramp until the very end.

See the clinic sign and door at the end. Enter the clinic.

Get a check up and find out that Perry is very healthy.

Get to see the Ara medic by getting sick:    Go back to the Echodim bar by going forward until the neon sign.

To order, click on one of the opening in front of the bar.

Listen to the 2 other bar patrons talk about a sick hunter and Mad Hamilton.

Order another odor. Listen again to the other bar patrons concerning the control of the quarantined zone. They mention a hacker. Mad Hamilton and Lower Level are now in inventory.

After the third or fourth odor intake, wake up in the clinic.

Toregent:    Talk to Toregent, the Ara medic. He knows that Perry is the Regent.

Remember what Huber stated about Aras, they are very scientific and wants answers. Show him the Illochim bone.

Now that he cooperates, ask about Kato, Mad Hamilton and then lower level. Get information. Learn about antiserum for the plague. He leaves to get it.

Ullban Krems:    Talk to the patient at right. Ask about Kato and learn that Kato is known as Skorgon here. Whoever controls Sheed controls the place. Quotter Batt is now in inventory.

Ask about Mad Hamilton, Lower Levels and Quotter Batt. He wants eyes as payment to help Perry get to the Lower Level.

Toregent escorts Perry out of the patient area.

At the reception area, see the 2 Blues are very sick. Try to take the little Blues doll beside the Blues. They cried.

Exit the clinic and go back to the Trading Post.

Ijgarsha Store:    Take the exit across (right) the bar. Go to the right lit entryway and enter the store.

Ask about Mad Hamilton twice. Find out that she has a soft spot for Hamilton. She will answer all your questions. Ask about Lower Level, Quotter Batt and then eyes. She will lend the equipment to go to lower level. She advises to go to the bar and ask for Mackro da Thrang.

Echodim Bar:    Go back to the bar by going forward until the neon sign.

Click the eyes on the bartender to ask about Mackro da Thrang.

Climb the stairs behind the bartender and right of the young man guarding the disco place.

Talk to the Naats guarding the door.

Talk to Marko. Use the eyes on Marko. He wants the Blue doll. The creature doll is now in inventory.

Exit the bar. Perry summarizes what has happened.

Watch Kato, the Ara cybernetician and E-frain talk to the boss. He orders for Tachio to take care of Perry. E-frain calls the boss, Zhdopan. He wants Diamond's notebook.

Kesnar Clinic:    Go to the clinic. After talk with the nurses, Toregent talks to Perry.

Click the creature doll on Toregent.

Click on Blues several times until Perry asks for the doll.

Click the bone on Toregent. He gives the creature doll of the blues and antiserum.

Echodim Bar:    Go back to the bar by going forward until the neon sign.

Go to Marcko in his private room. Give the creature doll to Marcko. Ah, it contained drugs. That is why the Blues got sick. He gives the real eyes.

Kesnar Clinic:    Go to the clinic. Find out that the door is closed.

Open the clinic door:    Remember what Ijgarsha said about the lichen. In inventory, combine the lichen with the small bottle of poisoned that did Martel in. Use the corrosive acid on the door.

Enter the clinic. See that the nurses are androids. Enter the patient area at right.

Krems:    Talk to Krems. Click the real eyes on Krems. He gives his eye implants.

Ask about Quotter Batt and Lower Level. He gives an admission permit to the Lower Level which Krems found in his things with a message to give it to the Terran asking about Quotter Batt.

Entrance to Lower Level:    Go back close to the bar.

Take the left pathway until a ramp that leads to a door. See Tachio, the assassin waiting for Perry. Perry runs back outside the bar after Tachio fires her gun. Tachio da Xena is now in inventory.

Take care of Tachio:   Go inside the bar and talk to the bartender. Use Tachio icon on the bartender and he gives advice.

Use the antiserum on Zimbart, the other patron. Use Tachio icon on Zimbart.

Go to Marko and chat with him. Perry gets kicked out again.

Go to the bar and Zimbart comes back hacking. He puts Tachio out of commission and Perry gives him the antiserum.

Go back to Entrance to Lower Level:   Exit the bar and go left until the locked door.

Talk to Tachio inside a bubble.

Use the admission permit on the door. Click to go through to the Lower Level.

Mines - Lower Level:    Perry takes his disguise off.

Washroom:    Go left until inside the washroom. Look around and see the sinks and green lockers.

Lockers:    Click on the lockers and see that there are codes under the lockers.

Use the positronic key on the left cabinet to enter the code on the key.

Then use the positronic key on the left green keyhole on top of the sink.

The left locker drops down and opens. Take the metal rod inside the dropped locker.

Do this to other lockers. Get tools and roll of tape from the other lockers. The positronic key breaks after the third locker.

Exit the washroom.

Control Panel by entrance:    Go back to the entrance door to the Lower Level.

Look at right wall of the lit hallway. Get a close-up of a panel with levers. See that it is missing a lever.

Pull back and then use the metal rod on the panel. Look close again.

Pull the left and second from left lever up. The rest are stuck.

See that the panel across the hallway is now flashing.

Panel by stairs:    Go up the stairs and see a car. Look at left wall beside the car.

See a close-up of a panel. One hole is missing a bar.

Use the arrachieda stick on the hole at top right. Ouch, it's live.

In inventory combine the arrachieda stick with the red roll of tape to get an insulated arrachieda stick.

While in pull back view, use the insulated arrachieda stick on the panel missing a bar.

Bridge rail:    Go to the now steady green lit panel across the hallway.

Use the admission permit on the panel and see a bridge rail form by the car.

Enter the car and ride across the gap to the other side.

Prisoners quarters:    Be in front of a closed door. Check the light from above.

Read the sign hanging on the right. Jeffer-Zalem, Beol-Grant, Quintin Bartholomew (?Quotter Batt)...

Pick up the seat belt from the floor in front of the locked hatch.

Go to the right foreground exit.

Sewer pipes area:    See 2 big sewer pipes on the wall and a railing on the floor. Enter the hallway between the 2 sewer pipes.

Ventilation system:    See a ventilation fan with a Tu-Ra-Cel emblem at the center. There's a warning sign on the right.

Use the emblem of Tu-Ra-Cel on the center of the fan. That stops the fan.

Go forward between the blades.

Mines:    Go forward the ramp. See an open cabinet at the end of the ramp. It is the Air current Transforming Energy Generator.

Destroyed control panel:    Look at the small control panel just left of the entryway. It was deliberately destroyed.

Use the tool on the panel. Perry says that there are still some components still missing and needs replaced.

Go through the entryway and across the bridge to the next entryway.

Prisoner cubicles:    Look at the cubicles-cells of the prisoners.

Go forward to another dark hallway. You are looking from above.

Move Perry along the path to the right. Scan the path to know where to go.

See fresh blood on the floor. One click from the fresh blood is a door. Enter the door at top of path.

Cell:    Use the miner's lamp and then enter the room at top of screen.

See Baldrin Mad Hamilton dying on the floor halfway pulled through the wall.

Talk to him about Kato, Mad Hamilton, Quotter Batt until Mad expires.

Exit the room. Hear sounds coming from the cell. Go back in.

Take Hamilton's circuit board. The organ hunters have taken Mad. Exit the cell.

Continue to the right until the light coming from above.

Light collecting structure:    Go close to the structure.

Click the eye implants on the base of the structure. See a beam of light directed to the tunnel at right.

Enter to the right to follow the light beam. Go forward until the platform.

Station:    See that the light beam ends at a bizarre structure. The structure has no connection or bridges to the sides.

Get to the structure:   

Use the transport frame on the nearest cable.

Attach the seat belt on the transport frame. It doesn't fit.

Use the tool on the seat belt. Then use the seat belt on the transport frame.

Get on the seat belt.

Control station:    Enter through the doorway at right. Look around.

Take the modulator-com unit from the control station. Click on the control station and see that there is no power.

Look at the dark doorway on the left. Perry says he needs light because of the organ hunters lying in wait.

Check the control panel on the left wall with the warning emblem. Get a circuit board.

Get power in the mines:    Go back to the control panel way back by the Air current Transforming Energy Generator. The one that was partially fixed with the tool and left of the entryway.

Use the admission permit, Hamilton's circuit board and the circuit board taken from the station on the panel left of the entryway now that it was fixed with the tool earlier.

After fixing and adding the components, be sure to click on the control panel to activate it.

Go way back to the station. On the way, see that light is back on.

Station:    Enter the station via the seat belt on the cable.

See the control station is live. Flip a switch on the table.

Watch the reports of the video logs by the military down here. So sad.

The doorway on the left is still dark.

Get light to the dark hallway:   Go back out.

See the crystal sphere that directs the beam of light on the landing area of the station.

Use - click twice the handle at the tripod base to redirect the beam of light to focus down the round grill on the floor.

Go back inside and enter the now lit doorway.

Quotter Batt:    While traveling through the center of the station, hear Quotter Batt.

There! He's here... Look up and see Batt hanging with wires attached to him. He's connected to and controls the whole information system.

Ask about Kato and Quotter Batt. Ask about the frequency spectroscopy. He answers about the Illochim.

He asks what is the sign left by the Illochim. Click on the emblem left on the bottom row.

He asks what does a person need. Select Trust.

He wants Mondra's diary. After asking about everything, click on him and realize that because Mondra wrote her research on a notebook, Batt cannot access it being on the electronic highway only.

Then ask about the voice duplicator and then the com unit. Batt will then state that he can give the way to Mondra if given the diary.

Perry walks through the tunnel. See a large transmitter. Click on the surrounding structure. Perry says the Illochim uses it to extract Sheed.

Step on the transmitter.

Jamondi's Stellar Ocean - Asteroid Betha

Dimension gate:    Look at the rocks surrounding the dimension gate-transmitter. See ancient runes.

Betha:    Go right and see the spaceship of the Illochim. Look around.

Arkonide research station:    See the spaceship close-up. No windows or doors.

Mondra:    Enter the station. Go forward until Mondra.

See Mondra encased in ice. Click on Mondra twice.

Contact Bully:    Click on the hypercom stand on the right.

Contact Bully by clicking the com unit on the machine.

Talk to Bully. He wants a clue to help pinpoint where Betha is located.

Go back to the Dimension gate that brought Perry here.

Click on the stones with ancient runes to get ancient symbols in inventory.

Go back to the hypercom. Click the ancient symbols on the hypercom.

Hear Kato talk through the grill above Mondra's ice crystal.

Dissuade Cato:    Use Martel's voice duplicator on the hypercom. Listen to Perry's ruse.

Drill:    Enter the transmitter on the right. Be at the drill control center.

See the drill making a hole on the hull of the space ship already.

Check the 2 monitors that control the drill.

Inside the Illochim space ship:    Go through the tunnel.

Illochim:    See the Illochim encased in glass or be in suspended animation.

Go to the left. See the head Illochim with an impression similar to the Supran crystal on its head. A  mounting place is also on its head.

Go close to the Illochim. Look at the broken supran lens on the ground.

Contact the Illochim:    In inventory combine the frequency spectroscopy and the voice simulator.

Use the voice simulator with the frequency on the Illochim. Do this three times.

Watch the contact between the Perry and the Illochim. A history of the race's visit on the planets is seen.

Kato:    Kato and his minions arrive. Talk to Kato completely.

Use the voice simulator on the Illochim again. It startles Kato.

Drill control center:    Perry runs back inside to the Drill control center.

Overheat the drill:    Use the 2 monitors.

On the left monitor, click the + of left column 4 times and the third from left twice.

Go to the right monitor, click the second from left + twice.

Hear the alarm. After a while protective clothing is dropped from somewhere.

Take the protective clothing that Perry cannot open. Use the protective clothing on one monitor.

Go to the transmitter and use the hypercom. Someone is in contact with the spaceship of the Illochim. That was the ultimate goal of  Quotter Batt.

Stop the contact of Quotter with the Illochim:    Go back to the monitors via the transmitter.

Use the other monitor and raise all the bars to the highest point by clicking on the + sign.

Perry automatically goes to the transmitter. Answer Bully's call on the hypercom.

Watch what happens to the spaceship and the escape.

Listen to Quotter Batt.

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