The name's Evans, Maff Evans, and   I'm useless as a secret  agent.
It's true, I can't play  operation stealth to save  my life. Lucky we've
got this  solution  here then, isn't it?

                          AT THE AIRPORT
      Go to the  newspaper machine and  EXAMINE the coin-slot.  TAKE the
money and USE the  coin on the slot,   EXAMINE the newspaper and  make a
note  of the country mentioned.
     Enter the toilets and go into the empty cubicle. OPERATE the  case,
TAKE  the  pen,  EXAMINE  the  passport  and  TAKE  notes.  OPERATE  the
calculator  and  OPERATE   the  button  until  the required coun- try is
shown. USE  the blank  passport on  the opening,  OPERATE the button and
OPERATE  the  case  to   close  it.  Leave  the cubicle and exit from he
toilet, USE the foreign passport  (not  the  American one), SPEAK to the
hostess  and EXAMINE the telegram, go left and USE the airline ticket on
the guard.
     Go left  into the  baggage room  and EXAMINE  the baggage until the
case for Mr.Martinez is found, TAKE and OPERATE the bag and TAKE out the
razor and the pen.
     Go right into the  toilet, OPERATE the razor  and use the cable  on
the wall  plug. Listen  to the  message and  leave the  toilet, USE  the
foreign passport on the official, then go left and wait on the  pavement
for a taxi.

                         IN THE TOWN
      OPERATE   the   American   passport   and   take   the notes, then
OPERATE the passport to  close it  again.  Exit left into   the bank and
USE  the notes twice  on the bank clerk. Now  go to the florist and  USE
the coins on  the florist  to get the red carnation. TAKE  the carnation
and USE it on  John, then  go   to  the   park  and   walk  around   the
beach until your contact appears, As soon as you have the  card and  key
exit to the right   and go back to  the bank, USE the  card on the  bank
clerk, go down the stairs and USE the key on he bottom  right-hand safe,
TAKE  the  box  and   the  envelop  lope,  at  which point you should be
captured and taken to the cave.

                            IN THE CAVE
     To escape from the cave, OPERATE  the stones on the ground and  USE
the  ropes  on  the   metal  object,  OPERATE  the  ground  to  find the
pick-axe, then OPERATE  the pick-axe four  times where the  fresh air is
coming from (to the left). This should  make a hole big  enough for  you
to  walk through.  This  leads  to  the swimming section.
    As long as  you stay ralatively  close to the  rocks (without gettig
snagged) you should get through all right. You should now appear back at
the florist's.
    Go to the beach in front of  the hotel and USE the coins on  the man
to buy  a bracelet.  Go into  the hotel  and walk  up to the third floor
(DON'T use the lift), goin into the room at the far right of the  corri-
dor. In this room you will  be taken prisoner (again! Doesn't appear  to
be doing too well, does he?), and taken out on a boat.
     When you are on  the boat OPERATE the  bracelet and wait until  you
are flung into  the sea, once  you hit the  botom, OPERATE the  bracelet
and wait for the girl  to reach the  sea   bed. When  she does,  OPERATE
her (honest!) and swim to the top to be rescued.
     Following a brief animation sequence, there is  the  maze  section.
Try to  be patient  when finding  your way   through and  save your game
position as often as possible.
     After leaving the maze, OPERATE  the doors and go into  the office.
OPERATE  the  arm  of the  statue, which should reveal a safe,  USE  the
box on  the safe  and OPERATE  it to  turn it  on. THE  little red light
indicates the number  order for the  code box, for  example, if the  box
shows a seven and the red light  is on the far right, then seven  is the
fourth number. OPERATE the button to enter the numbers, OPERATE the  box
and TAKE it. The  safe will open to   reveal some documents. TAKE   them
and you will be caught a third time (here we go again).
     Next  are  a  couple  of  action  seguences, which take practice to
overcome - so stick at it!
     Next, you should end up in a friendly sub, where you will be  given
some  new  gadgets.  Following this is another swimming  seguence. Avoid
the sharks and swim to the sea  bed where you should EXAMINE a piece  of
seaweed to find something hidden underneath.  EXAMINE  the  patch  again
to get some elastic,  then swim as   far right as possible.  OPERATE the
tree where, then OPERATE the button  and  swim though the hole  into the
base.  OPERATE  the  porthole,  at  which  point  (lo  and  behold!) you
will be...  wait for it... taken prisoner againl!
     You will be placed in a cave  suspended  over  a  tank of pirhanas.
USE the pen on the  lock  and USE the  watch on both sides of  the wall.
quickly shimmi over to the right and OPERATE the grille. This reveals an
air  conditioning  system  with  four  mazes  similar  to the one in the
palace, so be patient and save often!
      Once out  of the  ducts you  will be  in a  bathroom, OPERATE  the
guard, TAKE his boots  and his laces, then  USE the laces on  the guard,
TAKE the napkin and USE it on  the guard. TAKE the clothes  and TAKE the
glass from the sink.
      Leave the room and  go left to the  exit at the bottom.  Enter the
room in the middle  and OPERATE and EXAMlNE  the drawers until you  find
some blank stamps  and laces, which  you should TAKE.  USE the laces  on
John, leave the room and go right, entering  the room.
      EXAMlNE  the  clothes   and  TAKE the instructions, USE  the glass
on the fountain, OPERATE the garbage dump, TAKE the boat  and leave  the
    Exit at the top of the screen,  where you will be asked for a  glass
of water, which - of course - you have. Go back up and walk left through
the room, going up to the  first room where the Officer is  waiting. USE
the full glass on the officer and stand at the corner of the deck.  TAKE
the stamp, pointing to the left as you do so (this is vital). Go back to
the room  with   the bed  and the  fountain and  TAKE the ink-pad by the
print-out,  USE   the  stamp  on  the  pad  and  USE  the  pad  on   the
     Exit the room and go to the room with the security door OPERATE the
cigarette case and OPERATE the top cigiarette on the list.
     USE  the  paper  on  the  glass  to   reveal a fingerprint, USE the
fingerprint  on  the  panel,  pass  through  the   door  and go down the
passage.  USE  the  authorised  mission  on  the mailbox and go into the
passage. USE  the electric  cable   on the  plug socket  and OPERATE the
razor. USE the razor on the bin, EXAMlNE the bin, then USE the razor  on
it again. Now go through the door to meet the mad doctor.
     When the  island surfaces,  wait for  the voice  from the  razor to
appear and  USE  the  bottom cigarette  on the computer. As  soon as the
computer blows up, OPERATE Otto. Once he's been done over, USE the CD on
the CD player and quickly go out of the door. You should now be  hanging
on to a helicopter, so very  quickly USE the elastic on the  bomb. Wthen
you are falling, OPERATE  the boat and you  should fall into it.  Dr Why
tries to  bomb you,  but the  elastic causes  the bomb  to fly  back and
destroy him, leaving our  gallant hero to escape  to safety and get  the
girl in true 007 style.

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