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(Map of Harvest from Crash)
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Quick Plot Summary:  You wake up one morning and can't remember who you are or where you are.  
Everyone in town says your name is Steve, you're getting married to a girl named Stephanie, and you 
should join The Lodge.  Problem is, even though your memory is messed up, you know things aren't 
right here.  And when you do finally talk to Stephanie, she can't remember anything either.  Weird 
things are happening in town.  Are you trapped in Hell?  Maybe.


                      Home    Pottsdam         Abandoned      Johnson
                              residence         house         residence
   Barbershop   Post             |
               office            |                            Mortuary

 ------- Missile ------------- THE    --------- Cemetery ----------------
          base                  LODGE                         Wayward
   Meat      School              |  Edna's      Police     Fire
   supplier                      |    diner     station      station
                        TV       |                Newspaper
                       station   |                   building


The Main goal is to submit the Lodge's application.

Give the paper to Jimmy, the paperboy.  Talk to him and he'll tell you the Newspaper Building burned 
down.  Click on everything and note the bars on the window.  That's your dad's locked room.  Later on, 
you'll have to get in there.

Go to the General Store and talk to Mrs. Phelps.  She will tell you how deputy Loomis loves dirty 
pictures. Notice the copy machine. Very handy for blackmail :)  Give Mrs. Phelps a quarter and she will 
give you a dirty magazine.  Check your inventory for it.

Go to the Barbershop and talk to the two guys in there.  One of them likes to hunt aliens.  These guys 
are pretty useless to the story, but you should talk to them to learn more about the town, and they are 
pretty creepy.  Make sure to ask about the lodge and notice the barberpole.

Go back to the General Store and use the checkbook and note on the copy machine.  (You'll find that 
you can get alot of things in Harvest with blackmail)

Go to Edna's Diner and talk to Edna and Karin, her daughter. Open the

Gee, didn't mom say something about a Wasp Woman?  Go to the Abandoned House and talk to the 
wasp woman.  I never found a real reason for this woman being in the game, either.  You can even kill 
her and get away with it.  So, the choice is yours.  Kill her if you want and you'll get a great video 

Here's another useless but interesting place to go.  Go to the Missile Base and talk to the military guy.  
SAVE YOUR GAME first.  If you get too close to him or piss him off, he will take out a gun and blow 
your head off.  You can also try and kill him, but you'll get the same result.  You will get a cool video of 
your/Steve's head being blown off and the missiles will launch.  So, here again, the choice is yours.  
You don't have to go to the Missile Base at all.  But go if you want to.

Go to the Mortuary and talk to the mortician.   He'll tell you that most strangers die in Harvest.  He will 
NOT give you that glue unless you kill him or blackmail him later in the game.  Get the mortuary ledger 
and enter the chapel.  Just look around in there.

Go to the Cemetery and just look around for now.  Notice the bench and the Pottsdam family crypt. 
(Gamer's Note:  As soon as it becomes night for the first time in Harvest, go to the cemetery and watch 
Mr. Pottsdam digging around.  If you do not do this, you cannot save Karin.  Just watch him and talk to 
him.  Then as soon as it becomes day again, go back to the cemetery and click on the bench.  Use your 
shovel on the ground and you should save Karin.  If you wait too long, she will be dead.)

Go to the Wayward Hotel.  Get the ledger.  Now, you have a choice.  You can kill the mortician and go 
back and get the glue, or you can just leave now.  The choice is yours.  You can blackmail him later for 
the glue.  And you might not get away with killing him at this point.  Sometimes you can, but the game 
is weird.  So, SAVE YOUR GAME first before you try it. (I never really found another use for the 
Hotel other than getting the ledger.  There could be some missed scenes here, so during other

Go to the Fire Station and talk to the fireman.  You should see them painting a nude guy.  Watch how 
they feed the dog some meat.  And just talk to them and look around.

Now, on to the Meat Plant.  Talk to the butcher, ask about the meat, and he will give you a  meat slip 
that has to be signed by your father if you want the meat.  Just click on everything and look around.  
You have a choice here.  You can kill the butcher for the meat, or just leave.  If you try and kill him, 
you may or may not get away with it.  So SAVE YOUR GAME first before you try it.

Go to the School and talk to the Principal.   He should tell you about "quality time" :)  Enter the class 
and talk to the teacher.  Make sure you look around real good and notice her baseball bat.  Ask her 
about corporal punishment and you'll get a cool video of her beating the kids.

Go to the Lodge and talk to the weird Sergeant at Arms. (Isn't his voice cool!!)  Ask about that Lodge 
application.  You don't really want to join, but its the only hope you have of finding out what's going on.

Its time to meet your girlfriend Stephanie.  So go to the Pottsdam Residence.  Talk to Mr. and Mrs. 
Pottsdam, and ask about the wedding
and the Lodge.   Ask to see Stephanie.  Go upstairs and enter the first room on the right.   Its a 
bathroom.  Operate the picture on the wall for a cool video of Stephanie getting dressed.  Open the 
medicine cabinet. Get the aspirin, cough medicine, vitamins, tampons, and a jar of Oralube. (The 
aspirin, cough medicine and vitamins are health items.  When you fight a character, you will be 
damaged.  You can click these items on your picture in the inventory to get your health back.)  Flush 
the to

Now, go to the next room.   Look around and talk to Stephanie.  Show her the ledgers from the 
mortuary and hotel.  Talk to her about the Lodge and any other topics you can.

Go to the Johnson Residence.  Talk to Johnson about his car and anything else you want.  SAVE 
YOUR GAME before you try and mess with his car.  He might try and kill you.  You will go to the 
electric chair if you kill him.  So save that game first or you will have to start all over again.

Time to go to the Post Office.  Talk to Boyle.  He will not give you a Lodge application unless you 
blackmail him.  Show him the button and burned flyer from the Newspaper ashes.  He will tell you he 
wants the gas can from the Police evidence room.  Give him the gas can.  Get the application from him.  
Now, use your pen to fill it out.

Go back to the Lodge.  Give the application to the Sergeant at Arms.  After this, you'll take a rest at 
your house.  That should end Day 1.

Your main goal is to receive your first assignment from the lodge.

Talk to your mom.  Talk to Hank.  Not much to say to them.  Try to get into the bedroom again and 
hear your dad cough.  Take a newspaper and go out and give it to the paper kid. Talk to him and give 
him the sneakers. In return he'll give you the key to the school broom closet and some tips about  the 
principal's affair.

Go to the lodge and get your first assignment from the Sergeant at Arms.

Go to Johnson's house.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  Take the screwdriver out of your inventory and click it 
on his car.  Go on.  I dare you to do it again :)  Johnson will try and kill you.  You can defend yourself 
with the shovel, but if you kill him, you will go to the electric chair.  Restore your game.  There is a 
better way to scratch the car.

Go to the Wasp Woman and show her the tampons.  She will say she has all she needs.  (No reason to 
do this, just fun.)

Go to the Pottsdam's and talk to Stephanie.  You can try talking to her parents, but there isn't much to 

Go to the Missile Base SAVE YOUR GAME and tell the guy that the llamas are afraid of you.  Tell 
him the firemen are not commies.  If you tell him they are commies, he will blow your head off and 
launch the missiles.

Go to the School. Use the key on the broom closet.  Use the camera on the teacher and principal.  
Blackmail them for the bat.

Go to the Diner.  Use the tampons on Karin.  She will say "cool". (No reason to do this, but its fun.)

You can try and talk to all the other characters in Harvest, but there isn't much to say.

Go to the Post Office. Use the jar of Oralube on the
manhole cover key.   Take the key.  Exit.

Night falls.  End of Day 2.

The main goal is to scratch Johnson's car and see Pottsdam digging in the cemetery.

First, go to Johnson's house.  Use the manhole key to open the manhole cover. Then enter it.  Use the 
shovel on the corroded wall on the right side. Enter the hole. Go right until you are in Johnson's garage. 
Get the furniture dolly and the pitchfork. Operate the workbench. Get the Phillips screwdriver. Use it on 
the car. Go back out the same way you came in.

Go to the cemetery. Watch Pottsdam digging. Talk to him.  He's acting weird.  Get the matches lying on 
the ground.

Go home.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  Use the furniture dolly on the china cabinet in the living room.  Turn 
off the burglar alarm.  Go outside and use the phillips screwdriver on the window bars.  Operate the 
window.  You will get a cool video of mom in S & M gear whipping your dad.  She will then take out a 
shotgun and blow your head off.  Restore your game.

Go talk to the missile guy.  SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST!

If you haven't already asked the wasp woman about honey and wasps, you can do so now.  You will get 
a weird video of a wasp.

Everything else in Harvest is locked up for the night except the Fire station.  If you mess around in 
there, you will be arrested.

Go to the Lodge and talk to the Sergeant at Arms.  Exit.

End of Day 2 Night.

Your main goals are to save Karin and find tools for breaking into the fire station.

Talk to mom.  She will tell you about Karin.  Talk to Hank.  Give a paper to the kid.

Now, go directly to the cemetery and click on the picnic table.  Use your shovel on the dirt.  Karin 
should be alive.  Take her to the Diner and get the reward money.  If you wait and do not go here for 
awhile, Karin will be dead.  You can still get the reward money if you bring her purse to Edna.

Take Karin to the Diner.  Talk to Edna for the reward money.

Go to the General Store.  Give the money to Mrs. Phelps.  Operate the shelves for the wrench and tape.

Go to the Pottsdam's and talk to Mr. Pottsdam.  Type in keyword: molest.  Tell him he's been watching 
Stephanie.  Tell him to fix the hole.  Also, type in the keyword again and tell him to squirm :)  And type 
in the keyword a final time and confront him about Karin.  Go up and talk to Stephanie.  She will ask 
you to make love.  Go for it!  You'll get a cool video of Stephanie stripping and Mr. Pottsdam watching 
from the bathroom.

Go to Johnson's house and talk to him about his car.

You can talk to the wasp woman, but there is nothing to say.

Go home.  If you haven't already done so, turn off the alarm in the living room and remove the bars 
from the outside window.  Operate the window and visit your dad.  Give him the meat slip.  Type in 
keyword: Lodge and he'll tell you about the lodge.  Click on the sex toys in the room.  Exit.

Go to the meat plant.  Give the slip to Pat.  He'll give you the meat.  Alternately, you can just kill him 
for it if you like, but we're playing Steve good here, remember?

You can talk to the other characters in the game, but there isn't much to say.

Go to the school.  Pull the fire alarm.

Go to the fire station. Get the fireaxe and ladder from the garage. Exit to the left of the garage.  Night 
falls.  End of Day 3.

Your main Goal is to get the cloth from the fire station.

Go to the fire station. SAVE YOUR GAME.  (If you are too slow to feed the dog, you go to jail.)  
Enter. Give the meat to the dog. Open the blanket on the table. Talk to the model.  Answer yes, and he'll 
give you a
clue about the cloth's hiding place. Turn on the lamp switch. Use the ladder on the left light glass to get 
the cloth.  Exit.  End of Night 3.

Main goal is to get next assignment from the lodge.

Talk to mom.  Talk to Hank.  Get the newspaper. Give it to Jimmy outside.

Go to the Pottsdam's.  Talk to Mr. Pottsdam. Go up to Stephanie.
Talk to her.   You can lie or tell the truth to her.  The choice is yours.

Go to the cemetery.  Go to the Pottsdam crypt.  Use your ladder on the crypt.  Use the fireaxe to break 
the glass.  Arm your pitchfork!  SAVE YOUR GAME.  Go into the crypt.  Fight the dog.  Kill it or be 
killed.  If you are badly hurt, use a health item from your inventory, such as aspirin.  Click it on your 
inventory picture.  Operate the tomb.  Just look.  Now leave the crypt.  Exit the cemetery.

Go to the lodge.  Give the cloth to the Sergeant at Arms.  Exit.  This should end Day 4.

The only goal here is to steal the barberpole lamp.

Use the tape on the door. Us the fireaxe to break the door.  Enter the shop.  Operate the light switch to 
turn it off.  Use the flat screwdriver on the barberlamp.  Leave.  Exit.  End of Night 4.

Get your final assignment.

Talk to mom about the bake sale.  Talk to Hank.  Get the newspaper and give it to Jimmy.

Go to the barbershop and talk to the guys.  Look at that crispy fried sheep!

Go to the Pottsdam's and talk to Stephanie.  Tell her the truth.

Go to the mortuary. Enter the chapel and operate the casket.  Cool video of a dead guy.  Use your 
camera on the casket and take the picture to the mortician.  Blackmail him into giving you the glue.

You can talk to other characters in the game, if you like.

If you are sick of wasp woman, arm your shovel and kill her.  You'll get the cool video scene.  Yeah, I 
know, we're supposed to be playing Steve good here, but that wasp woman gets on everyone's nerves :)

Go to the lodge and get your final assignment.  Exit.  Night falls.  End of Day 5.

You have two goals here.  Attend the bakesale and burn down Edna's Diner.

Go to the tv station and watch the postmaster burning it down.

Go to the school. Enter the hall and go to the door at the back of the hall.  Talk to the PTA mom.  It's 
the Stepford Wives!  Walk Steve to the bottom of your computer screen where you see the little exit. 
Someone will come in and shout about the fire at the TV station.

Go to the Fire station and operate the sheet.  You'll find the male model dead!

Go to Edna's diner. SAVE YOUR GAME!  Use the tape on the glassdoor. Use the fireaxe to break it.  
Enter.  Use the astro-glue on the cover. Use the cover on the smoke alarm on the ceiling. Then turn on 
the gas grill.   Use the matches on the grill.   Leave immediately or you will be burned to death.  Exit.  
This ends Night 5.

Your main goal here is to get into the lodge.  This day has some cool scenes in it.

Talk to mom. (If you don't see the video of her poking the baby, you will when you come back.) Talk to 
Hank.  He's watching a blank tv!!!  Don't give the kid the paper.  He'll only get mad, but he won't shoot 
you.  In fact, he usually gives you a few warnings first.

Go to the Pottsdam's and talk to Stephanie.  You can make love to her.  Afterward, you can talk to Mr. 
Pottsdam, if you like.

Go to the Diner.  Enter and watch the video about Edna's suicide and how she killed her own daughter.  
Damn, that sheriff is still eating the pie!

Go to the TV station and talk to Range Ryder. He's a walking french fry!

Go to the school.  That bake sale is still on!  You can also talk to the teacher about corporal punishment 
again, if you like.

Go to the post office and type in the keyword: arson when talking to Boyle.  He seems to only talk 
about the newspaper, but you can ask him about the tv station.

You can talk to the sheriff at the police station, if you want.  He's pretty mad about the tv station 
burning down.  And you can talk to some of the other characters in the game if you like.

Go to the lodge and talk to the Sergeant at Arms.  He'll tell you about an invitation.

Go back to your house. Talk to mom. You should get a cool video of her poking the baby's eyes.  
Eeeeeeewww!!! She'll tell you something happened to Stephanie.

Go to the Pottsdam's.  Go upstairs and talk to Mr. Pottsdam.  Watch the sheriff eating his pie.  Yuk!!! 
Get the lodge invitation on the bed.

Go to the lodge.  Present the invitation.  Guess what, you brought the wrong invitation!  You were 
supposed to bring Stephanie's spinal cord!

Go to the cemetery. Use the ladder on the crypt. Operate the casket. Take
the spinal cord and leave.  SAVE YOUR GAME.

Go home and enter your house.  Night will fall.  You will get a cool video of the annual blood drive--
your head gets cut off.

Restore your game.

Give the spinal cord to the Sergeant at Arms at the lodge.

Enter the Lodge.

Dying time's here!

Make it through Level 1 alive and get to Level 2.  There are two methods of getting to Level 2. (SAVE 
YOUR GAME OFTEN.  Remember, there is no "try again".  If you die, you can only restore from an 
old game or start a new one.)

Talk to the Valet.  Isn't he creepy?? Then go out through the trapdoor.  You will slide down a tunnel.  
Arm yourself with your one weapon.  Kill anything that comes toward you.  You should come to a room 
with alot of eyeballs in it.  Kill the one attacking you.  Then walk to the biggest one on the right.  Use 
your blade to slice it and you'll see the entrance to the lodge.

Enter the main room.  If you have acid on your clothes, you must find a way to clean them quickly or 
you will die.  This is a timed puzzle!

Go through the door on the left and talk to the cloakroom attendant.  He will tell you that he will clean 
your clothes for five dollars.  Since you don't have any money, you better find some fast.  Exit to main 

Go through the middle door and kill the devil dog.  Exit to your right.  You should be in the bar.  
Operate the liquor shelves. Drink the strong beer on the top shelf.  You don't have time to drink the 
others.  Look!  It's you coming toward you!  Kill your image to get the bar key. Use it to unlock the 
cash register on the bar.  Take ALL the money.  I'll tell you what the 200 is for later :)   Exit the left 
door.  When you come to that dining table, exit down to the end of your screen.

Go through the left door back to the cloak room.  Give the attendant the five dollars to clean your 
clothes.  You're safe now.

Exit the right door.  Go through the middle door.  Go to the left door of the dining table.  You should be 
in the kitchen.  After the chef is done talking, get the sandwich, the torso, the leg, and the water glass.  
Arm the scythe.  You do not have to kill him, but you can if you want to.  You will get a cleaver if you 
kill him, but it isn't a very good weapon.  If you are hurt from fighting him, use the sandwich on the 
picture in your inventory to get your health back.

Go back to the cloak room.  Arm your scythe, if you haven't yet.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  Enter the left 
door. Kill the creature.  Operate the radio to get some cool heavy metal music.  Take the baseball bat 
and the poolstick.  Operate the gumball machine to gain health.  Do this a few times until your picture 
in inventory is kind of smiling.  SAVE YOUR GAME.

Enter the left door.  HURRY! Throw only ONE piece of meat to the bubbles in the water. QUICKLY 
cross the bridge to the bathroom.  Take the weedkiller on the locker.  Fill your water glass in the sink.  
What a gross bathroom!!  You can flush a toilet if you want to.

Go back to the bridge. This time, throw your last piece of meat to the bubbles. Go back to main room.
You have two choices now of getting to Level 2.  I'm going to use the fireplace for this walkthrough, 
but I will tell you how to use the other way.

Alternate route:

Go back into the bar. Take the right door. Use the weedkiller on the plant. Open the fountain gate. 
Operate the fountain. Pick up the fountain key. It's really small, near your right shoulder. Then use it in 
the hole on the right column to open the door. Enter. Kill the monster. Climb the rope.  If you use this 
route, you will end up in the art gallery.  Just kill the statues to get the key out and go talk to the 

Method we are using:

From the main room, go through the door on the right.  You should see a fireplace.  Operate the radio 
for some heavy metal music.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  Take your full water glass and douse the fire.  
Pick up the firewood.  Take the grate.  Kill the spider.  Exit up the fireplace.  Kill the wasp.  DO NOT 
exit out.  It's a trap and your head will be chopped off!  Take your firewood and put in on the metal 
plate on the floor.  Now, arm the poolstick and exit out.

Make it to Level 3 alive.

Kill the guy and you'll get a book.  Exit right.

Operate the ashtrays for some shotgun shells.  Go in the door.

Wow, it's the chessmaster.  Can you play?  If you like chess, go for it.  If you just want to get on with it, 
choose No and fight him.  Cool video!   Examine his dead body for the key.  Here's the chess solution 
(From Crash), if you want to play and are stuck:
Follow this order :

           3 .                   Xd6 move to b7
           4                     Xb8 move to a8
           5   .                 Xb7 move to c5
           6 . .   x             That's should do it.
           8   x                 Get the chessmaster's key from his split head.
             A B C D E F G H

Go out. To the right.  Right again. Open the door. Go down.  Nice room!  Arm your shotgun.  There is 
no way around this, you just have to kill the janitor. You'll get a nailgun when you do. Go right. Unlock 
the door using the chessmaster's key.  Arm your scythe or shotgun.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  Enter.  The 
clown can really hurt you.  Kill him as fast as you can.  You will get a kewpie doll and a kewpie key.

Exit to the hallway and go forward to the library.  The librarian should give you a clue, but you've 
already beat the chessmaster. Exit.

At this point, you can go through the door on the left if you want to.  It's the art gallery.  The door will 
be locked behind you and you will have to kill all the living statues to get the key out.  Then you will 
end up back near the library door.  You don't have to do this.  If you want to see the art gallery, go for 
it.  SAVE YOUR GAME first.

From the art gallery door, (outside the library) Go right, then up. Open the left door.  My favorite room!  
Operate the right columns until you find a hooked flail.  You'll find out what it's for later :) Exit.

Open the north door.  Give the kewpie doll to the Membership Director.  He'll tell you to find your girl 
in the Chapel of Love in Level 3.  Exit.

Go right and follow the path until you find the big pink double doors. Use the kewpie key to unlock it. 

Take BOTH flags and enter the hole in the curtain.  Pick up two wooden planks and a sandwich from 
the lunchbox.  Use the sandwich on your picture if your are really hurt.  Walk right and pick up another 
wood plank. SAVE YOUR GAME.  Arm your scythe. Open the door on the right. Kill the skeleton and 
take the lighter fluid near the sofa.  I have never found a use for this, but if anyone finds one, please 
email me! [email protected]  Now, exit the room and operate the masks on the wall.

Move the happy mask four times to the right, and the sad mask seven times to the right.  Just do it till 
the secret door opens.  Enter the door.

You're in a laundry room!  Click on the clothes.  They're Stephanie's!  If you find boots in this room, 
take them.  I never have, but they are mentioned in several Harvester hints.  SAVE YOUR GAME and 
go through the door.

The boiler room is timed.  Hurry, or you will be fried!   Pick up the three pipes on the floor and the 
wrench. Turn the valve near the broken pipe. Use the wrench on the broken pipe. Combine the three 
pipes in your inventory to make an S-shaped pipe. Use it on the shortcut pipe above the valve to release 
the steam up.  Turn the valve.  That should open
the boiler.  Take the key and use it to unlock the door to the left.

Arm your scythe.  Enter and kill the electrician.  Now, SAVE YOUR GAME.  Exit left.  This part is 
timed!  Hurry!  Use two wood planks on the lava and cross quickly.

Uh oh!  The ceiling is falling on you!  Use the two flags on the cement pedestals to stop it.   When the 
ceiling touches the flags, the doors should open.  Exit right.

Kill the guard.  Climb the rope to Level 3.

Try to save Stephanie.

This level has several alternatives.  You do not have to kill everyone to get by.  The choice is yours.  I'll 
give you the alternatives as we go along and you can save your game before each one to try them both if 
you like.

First, take the nails.  Arm your scythe and SAVE YOUR GAME.

Exit left.  Choice 1:  The Temple of Abstinence.  You can just wait till the fat guy finishes eating and 
comes after you.  Kill him with the scythe and the guard won't bother you.  SAVE YOUR GAME and 

Choice 2: The Temple of Abstinence.  Operate the burgers and the fat guy will come after you.  Use 
your shotgun or nailgun to kill him.  The guard will take out a gun, so make sure you kill him, too.  

The Temple of Motherly Love.  One of the most gruesome scenes in the game!  Wow!  There is no 
alternative here.  Just kill all the kids as they come for you.  The mother won't bother you. SAVE 

You're in The Temple of the Mystery of Religion!  I love this one :)  You have two choices here.  
Answer the priest's questions correctly and you will be allowed to pass unharmed.  Get one wrong, and 
you will have to fight!  The choice is yours.  Here are the correct answers:
Yes.  In heaven.  Frolic with the wombats.  I'll take the Staff.  Trip to Brazil.  Exit the room.

Now, you're in a Vietnam Hut.  Operate the ration can for health.  Use the gas to fill your chainsaw.  
And pick up some shotgun shells from a box.  SAVE YOUR GAME and enter the Temple of the 
Mystery of Morality.

You have no choice here.  Fight the Vet.  If you are worried about health, use the shotgun and he won't 
touch you.  I think those rations were the last health you will find in the game.  So you have to be 
careful from now on.  Exit.

Enter the Temple of the Mystery of Flesh.  It's Mr. Pottsdam!  No way around him.  He can hurt you 
pretty bad.  Use the shotgun.  You can also use the scythe if you are low on ammo.  Exit.

You are now in the Mystery of Lust.  Boy, do you have a choice here!  And you wondered what the 200 
dollars were for.  Well, do you wanna get laid??  Go for it and see a cool video.  If you are low on 
health, choose no.  The hooker's sex comes with a higher price than 200 dollars.  If you get laid, the 
game will be timed after that.  You must find the vaccine and use it on your health picture or you will 
die.  If you are quick, you will get it in time.  So, exit to the next room fast!  There is

Mystery of Beauty.  Tell the woman how beautiful she is if you didn't get laid.  Just keep telling her 
she's great until you see the answer about giving her the mirror.  She will mutilate her own face!  If you 
did get laid, you have to kill this woman FAST!  Just tell her she isn't so hot.  Exit.

Mystery of Pain.  There's a vaccine on the floor.  Grab it and use it on your inventory picture 
immediately.  That will cure the hooker's disease.  Now, you have two choices.  You can kill the 
torturer with a gun or you can torture this guy on the table with the hooked flail. (Yeah, that's what its 
for) Exit.

Mystery of Charity.  No choice here.  Just kill this guy.

Mystery of Mercy.  Two choices here.  If you are low on health, kill the old people.  If you are fine, you 
can fight the gladiator.  You will get a sword if you kill him, but I never found a use for it.  Exit to the 

TV Violence Room.  Hey, isn't that Bono from U2?  Better use a shotgun here.  You can use the 
shotgun on the first guy and the scythe on the second if you are running out of ammo.  SAVE YOUR 
GAME and arm your nailgun before you leave.  Exit by pressing the button.

Inner Sanctum.  Wow, all this time it was the Principal!  There's no choice here you have to kill them 
both.  You better have some nails or some shotgun shells for this.  Once you kill them, you get a video 
of you walking into the Chapel of Love.

You will now be given two different endings:
Marry Stephanie, live in Harvest, but die in real life.  OR
Kill Stephanie and become a serial killer.
(Personally, I prefer the marriage, but both endings are a bit lame.)
If you don't like the endings, you can consider these scenarios (my own personal take on it): Both Steve 
and Stephanie were lovers, they were in an accident, motorcycle or car.  They died.  They are between 
Heaven and Hell.  The Sergeant is really the Devil and he's trying to make Steve become evil.  So, if 
you choose the marriage, Steve and Stephanie go to Heaven together.  Or, they were abducted by aliens 
and are being experimented on.  I think the Heaven/Hell thing is the best one.  Anyway, t
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