Starship Titanic

an adventure game by Douglas Adams for Windows 95
Copyright 1988 Simon & Schuster Interactive and The Digital Village

FAQ/Walkthrough Version 2.01
Copyright 1998-2002 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey
Last Updated 2/27/2002

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New in This Version (2.01, Fourth and Final release):
Updated contact & copyright information.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Non-Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions
III. Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions
IV. Walkthrough
  Disarming The Bomb
  Upgrading to 2nd Class
  The Broken Elevator
  The Parrot's Pistachios
  Upgrading to 1st Class
  Chevron TV
  The Titanic Titillator
  "Don't Touch That"
  Making Music
  The Parrot's Chicken
  A Change in the Weather
  Putting Titania Back Together
  Going Home
V. Fun Things to Talk About
VI. Conclusion/Administrivia

I. Introduction
Welcome aboard the Starship Titanic... The Ship That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong.

Unfortunately, something has gone very wrong, and it's up to you to not only
find out what has gone wrong, but to fix it and get back home in one piece.

This document covers a few trivial points, answers a few Frequently Asked
Questions, and provides a full walkthrough of the game.  Everything beyond
section II can be considered "spoilers" which may just ruin the game for 
you if you're not careful.  

If you've got questions that this file doesn't address about the gameplay,
contact me at [email protected], and I'll see what I can do!  This doc will
probably keep expanding over the next few months, so keep checking back if
you're interested.  Keep in mind that if you mail me with a question that is
clearly answered in this file, it will be swiftly deleted.

II. Non-Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions

"So, is Starship Titanic a text adventure?"
No, it's a graphic adventure with a text interface for talking to various
characters in the game.  I'm surprised that someone hasn't come up with it 
before, to be honest.  It is possible to complete the game with only typing
four or five sentences total, but only if you use a walkthrough such as this
one.  Part of the challenge of the game is asking the right questions of the
various Bots to figure out how to solve the various puzzles and problems.

"Where can I find more information about the game?"
Try the official website,, or the the site of
its creators, The Digital Village, at  Simon & Schuster
Interactive, who distributes the game, can be found at

"Will reading the book ruin the game for me?"
Not really.  The book doesn't give away any of the game's puzzles, but it does
make things a lot clearer (i.e. you have a very good idea what happened to the
ship).  The book's plot is quite different from that of the game, although the
basic premise of the ship and its inhabitants is identical.  BTW, although the
game was written by Douglas Adams, the author of the book is actually Terry 
Jones, who performs the voice of the Parrot in the game.

"Who is this Douglas Adams person, anyway?"
He's the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which initially started
out as a BBC radio program before spawning a 5-book trilogy, TV show, a text
adventure game from Infocom, a comic book, a movie (coming soon), and a whole
slew of other neat-o stuff.  The Starship Titanic concept began as a single 
paragraph in one of the Hitchhiker's books, and evolved into the game several
years later.  Having now met him twice, and being in posession of a signed 
instruction book, I can verify that he's also quite tall.

"Is that John Cleese doing the voice of the bomb?"
If you look in the credits in your instruction book, you'll see that the voice
was done by another gentleman by the name of Kim Bread.  

"What are the 3D glasses for?"
They're punishment for people who end their sentences with a preposition.  
Actually, there's a time and place to use them, and when you find it, it will 
be very, very obvious.

                          --SPOILERS TO FOLLOW--

III. Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I solve all of these puzzles?"
This isn't your standard adventure game, in case you hadn't figured it out.
Every puzzle has hints, and there's one person who will always give them to
you: The BellBot.  When you're stuck, ring for the BellBot, and ask away.  It
may help you to adjust his settings to make him a little easier to work with,
but practically every answer to every puzzle can be found by interrogating him.
The BellBot doesn't have all the answers; the DeskBot and BarBot are very 
helpful when it comes to gossip and hints about the drink, respectively.

"How do I find my room?"
Use your PET to look at your Designer Room numbers; it'll tell you what elevator 
you have to take, the floor number to take it to, and your room number.  When 
you stand in front of a door, the Designer Room Number panel of your pet will 
tell you which room it is.  In SGT class, you can look up and click on the doors 
to discover what room it is.  In SGT and second class, you will probably have 
to take an elevator to the top.

"What are those little dials on the side of the PET?"
The top dial is the robot's disposition towards you, and indicates whether or 
not the Bot is likely to help you out.  The middle dial is the robot's Cellpoint 
settings.  This appears to be the functionality of the robot, and determines 
what the robot is capable of.  The bottom dial?  This appears to be that 
robot's current usefulness.  It's kind of random (except for the BarBot), and
you'll get some very interesting responses when it's low.

"What do the sculptures do?"
They adjust the robot's settings.  Each sculpture corresponds to a different 
robot.  The parrot can give you hints on which is which, in case you can't tell 
just by looking at them.  When you approach a sculpture, the PET will move to 
the Robot Talk panel, and the dials become visible.  To make a robot more 
helpful, just adjust it.  The DeskBot, BellBot, DoorBot, and LiftBot all have 
two controls (Disposition and Cellpoint), where the BarBot has all three.  The 
Maitre'D bot's has no settings, but he's in shambles anyway.  The sculpture in 
the middle of the room?  I don't know.  You can't approach it, so it just may 
not be anything.

"Why won't the Bots behave or help me?"
Check the dials on the side of the PET; if they're in the red, the Bots are 
probably not helping out too much.  Adjust them in the Scupture room.

"Where is Titania?"
Titania's room is located above the Top of the Well.  To get there, take the
stairs near the Top of the Well on the side nearest the Embarkation Lobby,
turn around, and enter the neatly hidden door.

"The chicken keeps flying past me!  How can I stop it?"
You'll need to break the dispensing system by removing the yellow fuse in
Titania's room.  See "The Parrot's Chicken" for more information.

"The Succ-U-Bus keeps eating my chicken!"
See "The Parrot's Chicken" for more information.

"Are there any general hints in the game?"
If the BellBot is in the right mood, just saying "Help" will give you a hint.  
The BellBot gives both general and room-specific hints, so ask in different 
areas when you're stuck.

"What's behind the wall opposite the Pellerator at the Top of the Well?"
Hmmm...  I don't know either.

"What's the little device to the left of the steering wheel on the bridge?"
That's another stumper.  It appears to be some kind of device for looking at
the ship's blueprints, but I have no idea how to activate it.

"I had my long stick earlier, and now it's gone!"
This appears to be a bug in the game, but I haven't seen it myself.  The long
stick disappears for some people, and they can't get another. Contact Simon 
& Schuster with your bug details, as I can't help you here.

IV. Walkthrough

Some parts of the walkthrough can be used in a different order than the one
presented below.  Check the "Requirements" section for each piece to see which
parts have to be played before others.

Look at the computer, open the CD Tray, and put the Staship Titanic Disc in the 
tray. The ship will crash into your house, and the DoorBot will ask if you will 
help.  Answer whatever you like, take the photo of your house when prompted, and 
once you're in the elevator, press the top button.  Once in the Embarkation 
lobby, go to the plinth, and press the button for the opening credits.  Finally, 
go to the DeskBot, answer all her questions, and get your Super Galactic 
Traveler class room.

Requirements: SGT Class
Go to the Parrot Room, grab the parrot, then leave the room.  You'll be left 
with a feather.  Go to the service elevator (it's in the Embarkation lobby), and 
head to the Bilge room.  Here resides the Mother Succ-U-Bus, who's not feeling 
well.  Activate it, put the feather in the tray, and press "Send".  Surprise, 
it's Brobostigon!  Grab Titania's Olfactory Center and the Blue Fuse.

Disarming the Bomb
*Note: If you don't touch the bomb, it won't go off.  If you touch it, you'll
have to solve the puzzle.  Well, maybe you don't _have_ to, but it's annoying
if you don't.
Requirements: SGT Class
Just off Titania's room, there's a bomb with a friendly red button to press...
You pressed the button, didn't you?  Okay, well, there are literally millions of 
possible combinations, and having the bomb taunt you while you try them doesn't 
help much.  Or, maybe it does...  Prehaps you should listen to the taunts now 
and then.  Remember, "NOBODY LIKES A SMARTASS".  

Upgrading to 2nd Class
Requirements: SGT Class
Go to the appropriate elevator and head to your floor (either read it from your 
Designer Room Numbers or just select My Stateroom on the Remote Thingummy in the 
elevator).  To find the room, just look up and click on the various doors until 
you find the correct one.  You will probably need to use the small elevator to 
get to your room.  Once in your room, use your PET to Deploy the personal 
maintenace hub, horizontal worksurface, the horizontally mobile storage 
compartment, and the fully recumbent relaxation device.  Inflate the bed, 
operate the visual entertainment device, get on the bed, and look at the TV.  
Turn it on, and turn to channel 3.  Exit the room and head back to the hallway.  
Go to the Succ-U-Bus, and press "Receive" to get your magazine.  Head back up to 
the Top of the Well and the Embarkation lobby, go to the DeskBot, activate her, 
and give her your magazine.

The Broken Elevator
Requirements: 2nd Class
Head to the bottom of the Well, and collect the LiftBot head.  Find a TV (Either 
in your room or in the Parrot Room if you're still SGT class), and check channel 
5.  Note the floor displayed on the screen, and head to the elevators.  You'll 
find that one of them isn't working (probably #4).  Take the elevator next to 
the broken one to the floor you saw on the TV, and enter the broken elevator.  
Take the sphere (it's really Titania's Eye) and replace it with the LiftBot 

*Note: This section is optional.  It explains the plot a little better.
Requirements: 2nd Class (Well, kind of)
Head to Titania's room, and enter the FuseBox room.  Open the fusebox, turn the 
red switch sideways, remove the red fuse, and leave.  Head to the Creator's 
room, note the locations of the three busts, and throw the lever at the front of 
the room.  Whoops!  But, now you can see the message behind each head ("THIS", 
"THAT", and "OTHER").  Now you can head back to the FuseBox room, look at the 
computer, and read everyone's e-mail.  The usernames are "Leovinus", 
"Scraliontis", and "Brobostigon", and the passwords match the word that was 
hidden behind their statue.  Of course, you can probably just enter all three 
passwords for each username until you get their e-mail.

The Parrot's Pistachios
Requirements: 2nd Class
You'll notice the parrot whining about pistachios occasionally, so it's time to 
get him some.  Well, you can't get the pistachios to the parrot, but you can 
take the parrot to the pistachios.  Head to the Parrot Room, grab the bugger, go 
to the Succ-U-Bus, turn it on, and put him in the Succ-U-Bus tray.  Drag the 
Designer Room Number for your 2nd Class Room onto the Succ-U-Bus (you'll hear a 
tone), and press "Send".  Head to the appropriate elevator, the appropriate 
floor, and into your 2nd Class room.  Go to the Succ-U-Bus, press "Receive", and 
take the cylinder.  The parrot will be freed, but at least he's in the room. Go 
click on the bowl of pistachios (next to the right-hand bed), and the parrot 
will eat them.  Click on the handle to release the bowl, and take the bowl, 
which just happens to be Titania's ear!

Upgrading to 1st Class
Requirements: 2nd Class
Getting an upgrade to 1st Class is simple; just ask the DeskBot!  Of course, she 
may not be too cooperative, so head to the Sculpture room and examine the statue 
that looks remarkably like her.  Adjust the two sliders until the top two 
settings on the side of your PET are both high (yellow) instead of low (red).  
This will put her in a much better mood, so head back to the Embarkation Lobby 
and ask the DeskBot for an upgrade ("Can I have an upgrade?").

Chevron TV
Requirements: 1st Class
Find the nearest TV, and tune to Channel 4.  This must be one of Titania's eyes, 
and it's staring at the ceiling in one of the First Class staterooms.  Re-create 
the designer room number you see there in your PET by holding the SHIFT key on 
your keyboard and clicking on the pieces of the room chevron (it's upside down).  
Save this chevron, and head to the indicated floor using the LiftBot.  (It 
appears to always be Floor 7, Elevator 2, Room 3, but your mileage may vary).  
Enter this room, and click on the four center lights.  You'll notice that one of 
them is loose, so give the BellBot a call.  Have him "Get the broken light", and 
you'll discover that it's another of Titania's eyes!

The Titanic Titillator
Requirements: 1st Class, Blue Fuse (see "Mother")
Jump in the Pellerator, and head to the bar.  Look at the TV, and take note of 
the drink recipe.  You see, there's a piece of Titania on the bar shelf, but the 
BarBot can't do anything but make the drink on the TV.  Ring the bell, and take 
the glass the BarBot sets on the bar.  You can ask him about the different parts 
of the drink recipe, which should give you an idea of how to get them.
** Crushed Television **
Head to the Parrot Lobby, and summon the BellBot.  Ask him to "Throw the 
television down the well", and he'll gladly comply.  Take an Elevator to the 
bottom of the well, and get the crushed Television.  Don't take too long, or
it might be gone before you get there.
** Pureed Starlings **
Head down (up, whatever) to Titania's room, enter the FuseBox room.  Plug in the 
blue fuse,  turn the blue knob sideways, turn the yellow knob sideways, and 
remove the yellow fuse.  Head for the Pellerator, take it to the Promenade deck, 
and go to the fan.  Turn it on, set the speed to "Fast", and watch the carnage 
ensue (I can't believe I just said "ensue").  Head back to the top of the well, 
and take an Elevator to any SGT Class floor (28-38).  Go to the restaurant, 
click the switch for a chicken, and put the chicken under the leftmost 
dispenser.  While it's dispensing, hold the empty glass under the chicken to get 
a glass full of Pureed Starlings!
** Lemon **
Go to the Parrot Lobby, and grab the perch stuck in the bags.  Take the 
Pellerator to the Promenade deck, and go to the Hammer Dispenser.  Use the perch 
to press the button (you'll hear a tone, and it will take a three times), and 
grab the hammer.  Go back to the Top of the Well, and take an elevator to any 
SGT Class Floor.  Enter the small room at the end of the hall, look at the 
glass-encased stick, use the hammer to break the glass, and take the stick.  Go 
back to the top of the well, and take the Gondola to the Arboretum.  Open the 
arboretum, use the long stick to knock down a lemon from the tree (just swing it 
at the trees), and take it.
** Mixing the Drink **
Finally, head to the bar via the Pellerator, and ring the bell.  Give the BarBot 
the lemon, the TV, and the glass of starlings.  He'll ask "What's This", so 
answer "Pureed Starlings".  Ask him to "Get the vodka", and he'll make the 
drink.  Unfortunately, this kind of shorts him out, but he can still "Get the 
vision center" for you, and you can take it from the bar.  
If you tweak the BarBot's settings before mixing the drink, he won't short out,
but instead will use an emergency backup personality (with some interesting,
but non-critical results).

"Don't Touch That"
Requirements: 1st Class
The parrot obviously doesn't want you touching the broken light fixture next to 
the Succ-U-Bus in the parrot room, so there's no better reason to mess with it.  
Take the Gondola to the Arboretum, and head to the Pellerator-looking area 
opposite the real Pellerator and grab the hose.  Head back to the Parrot Lobby 
and over to the light.  Use the hose on the light, and you'll be left with the 
other end of the hose.  Turn towards the Succ-U-Bus, give it the other end of 
the hose, and he'll blow.  Turn back towards the light, and you'll see something 
rise out of the fixture.  Grab it; it's Titania's nose!

Making Music
Requirements: 1st Class
If you've been to the First Class Restaurant, you've probably noticed the 
horrible music there.  Time to do something about it, so head to the Music Room.  
Take a look at the chairs, note the settings, and duplicate them on the control 
panel and press the red button to make some beautiful music.  Now, it seems 
that a lot of people are having trouble with this one, and they also haven't
figured out that the solution to this puzzle is on the back of the game box.
So, for those people, here are the settings:
  Upper Left:  You can't adjust these.  Don't bother; they're already correct!
  Upper Right: Vertical Slider - Second from the top
               Horizontal Slider - Third from the left
               Upper Knob - Top to the right
               Lower Knob - Top to the right
  Lower Left:  Vertical Slider - Fourth from the top (far bottom)
               Horizontal Slider - Furthest left
               Upper Knob - Top to the left
               Lower Knob - Top to the left
  Lower Right: Vertical Slider - Third from the top
               Horizontal Slider - Fourth from the left (far right)
               Upper Knob - Top to the left
               Lower Knob - Top to the right

So, here's what it will look like:
         # /
         |  / 

|        |
| \      | \
|   \    #   /
#        |
 #---     ---#

Finally, all four green lights must be lit.  If you have it right, the piece
will last about 1:40, and all four instruments will stop at the same time with
a final "ping".  Once it's right, turn around and head to the phonograph, and 
press "Record" (that's the Circle button).  Go back to the control panel and 
play the music all the way through.  Go back to the phonograph, stop it (Square
button), play it to make sure you've got it (triangle), and then stop and eject
the cylinder (square twice).  Take the cylinder, back up, and take the 
phonograph ear, which is really Titania's ear.
Take the Pellerator to the First Class Restaurant, head over to the Maitre'D 
Bot, rip out his remaining arm, and poke him in the center of his buttocks (no 
stick required) until he gives in.  It will take several tries, and if you're
hitting the right spot, he will start complaining ("You are hitting me in my
Achillies Buttock!" or something like that).  Once defeated, he will allow you 
to sit at Scraliontis' table, where you can find a napkin, the Green fuse, and 
the Maitre'D Bot's other arm, holding the key.  Go to the music system, and 
unlock it with the arm holding the key.  Eject the cylinder (square twice), 
set it aside, and replace it with the one you recorded and press "Play" 
(triangle).  Head back to the Maitre'D Bot, who will be relaxed enough to let 
go of Titania's Auditory Center if you got it right.  If you got it wrong, 
he'll let you know, and you'll need to head back to the Music room to re-record

The Parrot's Chicken
Requirements: 1st Class, napkin (see "Making Music")
The parrot wants a hot chicken, so let's give him one.  If you haven't already, 
go to Titania's FuseBox room and turn the yellow knob sideways and remove the 
yellow fuse.  Also, you'll need a Designer Room Number saved from the Parrot 
Lobby if you don't have one yet.  Take the elevator to any SGT class floor, and 
enter the restaurant.  Flip the switch for a chicken (if you already have a cold 
one, give it to the Succ-U-Bus first).  Use the chicken on your napkin to get a 
plain chicken.  Use the chicken on the middle dispenser to coat it with mustard, 
and send it to the Parrot Lobby using the Succ-U-Bus (drop in basket, drop 
Designer Room Number of Parrot Lobby on Succ-U-Bus, press send).  Next, take the 
elevator back to the Top of the Well, and head to the Parrot Lobby.  Now is a 
good time to save your game.  Go to the Succ-U-Bus, activate it, press 
"Receive", grab the cylinder, use the chicken on the napkin again, and head to 
the cage.  Lure the parrot all the way to the left side of the cage, and let him 
make a grab for the chicken.   As he's enjoying his dish, quickly grab the 
perch, which is really Titania's central intelligence core!  If you miss, just
restore your game and try again; it really _is_ possible to do it.

A Change in the Weather
Requirements: 1st Class, both Maitre'D Bot's arms, Green Fuse (see "Making 
According to the DeskBot, the RowBot's voice is kind of funny, so let's 
investigate.  Head down to Titania's Room, to the FuseBox room, open it, stick 
in the green fuse, and turn the knob.  Go back to the Top of the Well, and take 
the Gondola to the Arboretum.  Approach the now-working Arboretum, and change 
the season to Autumn.  Surprise, it looks like another Titania part!  Use the 
long stick to knock it free, and grab Titania's speech center.  Next, change 
the season to winter.  Turn around, and, surprise, the entire place is frozen 
over!  Head over to the area opposite the Pellerator, turn around, and approach 
the other RowBot.  
Click on his chest to reveal two switches; when you hold one down, the other 
goes up, and you need them both to be pulled down.  If only you had another 
hand...  Oh wait, you do!  Use the Maitre'D Bot's arms on both switches so 
they're both held down at the same time.  Now remember, BOTH arms must be 
empty, and the only way to get them that way is to see the previous section, 
"Making Music".  Once you've got the RowBot to stop singing by holding down
both levers, you can take his mouth, which is really Titania's mouth!  To leave
the area, you'll need to change the season from Winter to any other one.

Putting Titania Back Together
Requirements: All 11 parts of Titania
Two eyes, two ears, nose, mouth, core, and four centers.  Put them all into 
Titania, with the four centers arragned thusly:
   yellow    red
   blue      green
Once Titania's working again, the room behind her will open up, allowing you 
to enter the Bridge.

Going Home
Requirements: Working Titania
Enter the Bridge, and go to the hanging helmet.  Use the photo from home in the 
slot, and use your PET to activate the Navigation control.  If you haven't
figured it out, this is the point in the game to use your 3D glasses, although
you may do better without them.  Now to the controls... Better go pick up 
that degree in astronomy, eh?  No, it's not really that hard.  Titania's 
navigation controls can be used to triangulate a position based on the photo 
from your house.  You're going to pick three stars in a relatively small 
triangle, so go to the photo, pick a star (it will be highlighted with a cross), 
and return to the starview.  Now, look around the starview until you find the 
star you just highlighted (it will be marked with a yellow diamond).  Line up 
the cross and the diamond until the coordinate light starts blinking, and press 
the "L" button on your keyboard to lock the coordinate.  One of the green lights
at the botton of the screen will light up to verify the lock, and the starmap
will rotate to lock on. Now, switch back to the house and pick another star.  
Back to the star map, find the second star (you only have two degrees of 
freedom, so controls get weird here), and press "L" to lock the second 
coordinate once you've lined them up (a line will appear between the locked 
star and the red cross).  Now, to finish off the triangle, pick a third star 
in the photo, find and lock it using "L", and finally press "Set Destination".  
Exit from the helmet, and head to the wheel.  Press the "Go" button, and 
you're off to home!

For those of you who can't be bothered to look at your instruction booklet,
here's how to control the Navigation helmet:
TAB     Toggles between the starmap and the photo of your home
Z       Left (or use the mouse)
X       Right (or use the mouse)
'       Up (or use the mouse)
/       Down (or use the mouse)
;       Forward (or use the mouse)
.       Backward (or use the mouse)
SPACE   Stop moving
L       Lock a coordinate
D       Unlock a coordinate

V. Fun Things to Talk About

After hacking through the executable, I found the word lists for the game.
I haven't tried nearly all of these, but I bet asking about at least some 
of the following can give you some pretty interesting answers...  Enjoy!

(Note: the "*"'s are my own, for the tenderhearted, not to mention avoiding
unwanted search engine hits... Use your imagination for the actual words)

Interesting words and phrases in the word lists:
42                                     98129812
a game of nib                          a john
air miles                              alcohol
aldebaran                              all wearing womens clothes
allenoid                               alligator
alqhamra                               amphibian fanciers club loyalty card
an acolyte                             anphosterous
answers on a postcard please as to what
are we all doomed                      are you mad
are you the messiah                    arthropodsmagazine
asgons tregeriasis                     bastard
bazonium                               bbibbet
been to a concert                      bellbotixcorporation
big bang burger bar                    bizarre name
blabbering on about                    blarghish lottery
blerontin girls weekend fellowship     blobby blobby blobby
borg                                   brain-pickler
bread pudding                          byzantine numismatist
can i have a paper in the morning      caprifornium
carb gorgefist                         cheer me up
cheesecake                             ciceley neckflap
coaches of nib                         corn fritter convention
crap                                   crap name
did little red riding hood wear a hood
did the tin man have a heart           dixie lee bone
do bears sh*t in the woods             do you ever dress up
dodgyelectronstainremover              does the pope wear a funny hat
douglas adams                          dumbass
e=mc^2                                 enersher real seat belts
ferme la bouche                        flashbacks
flatterday                             gigabucklottery
great britain                          guinea-pigs
have you taken leave of your senses    heard of the album
high tea company                       hiker
i am a smartass                        i am bored
i am fed up with this                  i am real bored
insurance                              is the earth round
is not the captain supposed to go down with the ship
is the end nigh                        is the pope a catholic
is there a therapist on board          is wrestling fixed
it is a quantum paradox through which history has been squeezed
jellyfishtrainer                       kazoo
limpetigo                              little boys room
little girls room                      mad bad and dangerous to know
make like a tree and leave             mayan arrivan onwhen
mclevity                               meaning of life
meringue and high tea company          milliway
mindreader                             mucal-salvage plant
mucor accelerator                      neville sinkmeister
nib                                    no claims bonus
nubianoracle                           nubiansausagefillers
other cats to whip                     other fish to fry
pelvicplating                          p*nis
perch care the low-cost way            pesky bird
philosobot                             pizzabot
planet earth                           pluvian wart-hog
pocket-sized elephant tetherer         pogon
pretend you just summoned yourself     printf("hello world\n");
puppies                                restaurant at the end of the universe
sh*t name                              Shorbert
shrinkbot                              similar in size to the left earlobe
starlight under fives sculpture competition
strange-force technology               tarbert
tell bob                               terminator
terra firma                            tharpoid
that b*tch                             the boring bot
the cheeky bot                         the end is nigh
the gat                                the john
the states                             the sub
theoretical                            therapist
this game is crap                      this game is tedious
tlaserver                              toad baitingbaiting
toastrack                              tra la la
transtentorial herniation              uncleharry
undercover operation                   united kingdom
ursorian piccocat                      v*gina
ve haf vays of making you talk         vivian iridium
we are all doomed                      what in the name of god
what is pi to 100 decimal places    
what is the maximum air velocity of an unladen swallow
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VI. Thanks/Conclusion/Administrivia

Please do not send e-mail to me asking further questions about the
game.  I have not played it in over three years, making it quite
impossible to help you out with any problems you may be having.

Big "Thank You"s go out to the following people who sent in 
corrections, additional tips, and more:
  Dickon Edwards
  Steve Horth
  Eric Zen

 This FAQ cannot be reproduced without first contacting me by mail or
 e-mail and receiving a written reply allowing you to do so.  Also, it
 cannot be reproduced in any way other than electronically, and cannot
 be reproduced electronically without being shown in it's unaltered,
 original form and entirety, including this disclaimer.  This FAQ is
 not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes (this includes the
 FAQ being sold, added on, or 'given away' as a bonus, free or not),
 nor can it be used to get prizes or to receive recognition from game
 magazines, contests, etc.  It is for private and personal use _only_.
 If you want to reference it or use any part of it in a guide of your
 own (even if you are a magazine or publishing company) you must
 contact me by mail or e-mail and recieve a written reply giving you
 permission to go ahead.  In addition, allowing you to use any part of
 this FAQ does not give you ownership of this document.  You may put
 it up on your site, etc. as long as you do not alter it in any way.
 This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Jeff Veasey
 {[email protected]}.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged
 that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

 Permission has been explicitly granted to Virtuoso/KOCH Media for 
 redistribution along with their re-print of the game.

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