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The Arrival
The Parrot and The Pistachios
Mixing a Drink (1st Class Drink)
The Orchestra
Hot Chicken and A Bizzare Weather
Return to Reality
Titania's Part Table



"The ship that could not possibly go wrong ....."
That's the begining of this 'short and easy' adventure (it should have been an interesting game if not because of the short story). Basically you have to collect several parts of Titania's body that were scattered around the ship (ears, nose, eyes, etc), assembly them, then use Titania to fly back to your homeworld. Sounds too easy ??? Let's just see if it's really that simple ........

As usual to begin an adventure game, you have to insert the Starship Titanic CD in your computer (yeah..... I'm not joking. It's actually happen inside the game). Anyway, the Titanic ship will crash down and land at your house. Now it's up to you to fix this big ship and come back safely to your house. Answer all the question and don't forget to bring your picture of the house. Climb in and enter the elevator. Push that top button and you're ready to begin this adventure.



Main Goal : Find your room and settle down

Q : What should I do in this big lobby ?
A : Go to the receptionist desk and talk to the DeskBot. Choose whatever room style that you like because in the end you'll have your Super Galactic Traveller class room (the style will only point to different rooms but in the same class).

Q : Where is my room ?
A : Look at your Super Galactic Traveller card and go to the appropriate elevator at the Top of the Well. There are 4 elevators there. Choose the one that you're assigned. When you've already at the correct floor, you could look up to see where's your room. Use the small elevator in each column to climb up if your room in the second or first row.

Q : I want to watch TV in my room. How could I do that ?
A : Use your PET to make it happen. Choose this order : 'Deploy the Personal Maintenance hub, Horizontal Worksurface, Horizontally Mobile Storage Compartment, and The Fully Recumbent Relaxation Device. Inflate the Bed and finally Operate the Visual Entertainment Device'. Now you could climb on your bed and watch the TV. Pffuuuhhh, that much effort for only watching the TV ???

Q : In Channel 3 I see a free magazine. Where could I get it ?
A : Go out from your room and go to the Succ-U-Bus at the corner of the alley. Press 'receive' to get your magazine.

Q : The Succ-U-Bus doesn't work. What should I do ?
A : It said something about the central device doesn't work. Ask the Bot about it and find out that there's a Mother Succ-U-Bus somewhere in the ship. It control all the Succ-U-Bus machine in the ship. It seems that she's sick right now so she couldn't work properly.

Q : Where is this Mother Succ-U-Bus ?
A : It's inside the Bilge room. You could access this room via the Service elevator inside the Embarkation Lobby. Push the appropriate elevator button.

Q : What should I do to help her .... errrr it ?
A : Something blocks its mouth. Go to Parrot Room at the Top of the Well. Grab the parrot and then leave the room. The parrot will be fly away and you'll be left with a feather. Activate Mother Succ-U-Bus and put the feather in the tray, the press 'Send'. That should do it. Get the Titania's Olfactory Center and the Blue Fuse from it. Now you could received your free magazine from the Succ-U-Bus upstair.


Special Note : This move is an optional only

Q : How do I disarm the bomb in the room beside Titania's room ?
A : Remember what the BellBot tell you ?? Nobody likes a smart ass .... That's the word that you should set on the bomb's keyboard to disarm it.



Main Goals : Find Titania's eye and ear

Q : How could I upgrade to 2nd Class Passenger ?
A : It's easy. Just bring the magazine to the DeskBot and she'll give you an upgrade.

Q : What's really going on in this ship anyway ?
A : In one of the room in Titania's floor (the one that has a fusebox in it), you'll find a computer. If you could find a way to check the E-mail inside that computer, you'll know exactly what has happened with the ship. You could use the staircase at the Top of The Well to access Titania's floor.

Q : What are the passwords to that E-mails ?
A : The passwords are hidden inside the Creator's room. The passwords are written behind that three busts (remember the name of each busts and its position, you'll need them as a username). You have to find a way to break those busts. A clue : 'maybe a short circuit may help'.

Q : How could I break the busts ?
A : Go to Fuse room. Open the fusebox, turn the red switch sideways, and remove the red fuse. That will 'break' the lever in Creator's room. Go back to Creator's room and pull down the lever next to the entrance door. That will blow away the busts. Now read all those passwords : THIS, THAT, and OTHER. Now head back to the computer in Fuse room. Log in. The username are : BROBOSTIGON, LEOVINUS, and SCRALIONTIS. Read all the E-mails. It will tell you about Titania and the important role of the parrot. After all this parrot has a use.

Q : One of the elevator at The Top of The Well isn't working. How could I repair it ?
A : Most probably, the broken elevator is number 4. Head to the Bottom of the Well via one of the elevator that available (simply by typing 'Bottom of the Well' when the LiftBot ask you). Get the LiftBot head on the floor. Now check channel 5 (you could use any TV, like in the Parrot Room). Notice the floor number. Now take the elevator next to the broken one to the floor you saw on TV. From that floor, you could enter the broken elevator. Take the sphere (hey .... it's Titania's Eye) and replace it with LiftBot head. Now it's working properly.

Q : The parrot keep on whining about 'pistachios'. What the heck is that ?
A : If you've gone to your room (your 2nd Class room), you'll notice that there's a food called 'pistachios' on the bowl next to the bed. You couldn't bring the pistachios to the parrot, so how about ...... bring the parrot to the pistachios.

Q : How could I bring the parrot to my room ? He won't come out from the Parrot room.
A : Use the Succ-U-Bus in the parrot room. Grab the parrot and put him in the Succ-U-Bus tray. Then press 'Send'. Now head to your 2nd Class room and straight to your personal Succ-U-Bus. Press 'receive' and take the cylinder. The parrot will be freed and fly inside the room. If you are in the correct room, as soon as you click on the bowl of pistachios, the parrot will fly to it and eat them. Click on the handle to release the bowl. Get the bowl. Hey .... it's Titania's ear.



Main Goals : Get Titania's eye and nose

Q : How could I upgrade to 1st Class ?
A : Easy, go ask the DeskBot again. But this time ....... she's not that co-operative.

Q : How could I make the DeskBot more cooperative ?
A : Go to the Sculpture room and adjust the two sliders on her statue there (at least ... just like her) until the setting on the side of your PET turn to yellow. Now you could ask her again for an upgrade (keyword : 'Can I have an upgrade ? / I need an upgrade').

Q : What should I do now, there's nothing in my 1st class room ?
A : Turn on the TV and watch channel 4. Notice that it views one of the First Class room (this TV must be connected to Titania's eye). Re-create your designer room number with the one you saw through the TV (remember: It's a MIRROR, so re-create it upside-down). Do that by holding your SHIFT key and clicking on the room chevron. Go to this room (it's always be at Floor 7, Elevator 2, and Room 3).

Q : Where's the eye ?
A : Examine carefully at those four lights at the center. One of them is loose. Call the BellBot and tell him to 'Get the broken light'. That's it : the Titania's eye.

Q : What should I do now ?
A : Now you could go to the bar through the Pellerator (in front of the elevator). Look at the TV and remember those recepies. You need to make that mixed drink. Ring the bell and take that empty glass on the bar.

Q : Where could I get 'Crushed Television' ?
A : First you have to crush a TV first. Go to Parrot Room (Top of the Well) and call the BellBot. Order him to 'Throw the TV'. Go to the bottom of the well via the elevator and take the crushed Television. Don't delay your move or you'll loose it.

Q : Where could I get the Pureed Starlings ?
A : Find a chicken to produce one (it should be a lot at the Promenade deck. You could check it out). Go to Titania's room and enter the Fuse room. Insert the blue fuse, turn the blue knob sideways, and take the yellow fuse. It should wreck the fan at Promenade deck. Now use the Pellerator and go to Promenade deck. Approach the fan. Turn it on and set the speed to fast. The fan will slash the chickens. Go back to the Top of the Well and head to any restaurant in SGL Class floor (28-35). Click the switch for a chicken (beside the door) and then insert the chicken under the leftmost dispenser. Use the empty glass under the chicken to get the Pureed Starlings.

Q : Where could I get the lemon ?
A : If you ask about a lemon to the DoorBot, he'll tell you to go to Arboretum. Take the Gondola at the Top of the Well (near the Parrot Room) to the Arboretum. Open the curtain. You'll see a lemon tree. Hmmm... your arm is not long enough.

Q : Where could I find a stick to get the lemon ?
A : There's one at the Parrot Room but it's not long enough. There's also another long stick at SGT Class Floor (inside a glass case in the small back room). You'll need something to break the case: a HAMMER.

Q : Where could I get the hammer ?
A : Get the short stick on the bags in Parrot room. Bring it to Promenade deck and approach the Hammer Dispenser. Use it to push the button (3 times, you'll hear a sound each time you make a correct move) and get the hammer. Go to the small back room at SGT Class Floor. Break the case with the hammer. Get the long stick and go to Arboretum. Knock the lemon off the tree with the stick. Take it and go directly to the Restaurant.

Q : How could I make the bartender mix the drink ?
A : Ring the bell and give all the ingredients to the BarBot. Answer : 'Pureed Starlings'. Tell him to 'Get the vodka'. He'll make the drink. When he's drunk grab that Titania's piece on the bar.

Q : There must be something about the parrot. He keeps on saying don't go near the broken light.
A : He's giving you a clue. If someone said don't go nearby, just GO THERE. Examine the broken light in the Parrot Room. Something's wrong here, hmmm did I see something stuck in there ?? Go to Arboretum and grab the hose on the left wall. Go back to Parrot Room and stick the hose to the light. Insert the other end to the Succ-U-Bus. Watch him blow the hose. Go back to that broken light fixture and get Titania's nose !!!



Main Goals : Get Titania's Auditory Center

Q : The Maitre'D Bot in the restaurant is in a bad mood. Something wrong with him, maybe because the music is bad ... How could I fix it ?
A : Try to find a substitute for that. Go to the Music Room. You'll see chairs and a control panel there. You have to copy the settings on the chairs on the control panel. Then press the red button to make a good music. Sounds easy ... It's actually very easy .....

Q : What is the easy way to compose a good music ?
A : The answer is on the back cover of your gamebox. Look at this picture to help you.

When you've set everything right, all the green lights should be lit. All four instruments will stop at the same time with a 'ping' sound. Turn around and approach the phonograph. Press 'record (the circle button)' and go back to control panel again and play the music until it reach the end. Turn around again and push 'stop (the square button)'. Play it again to make sure (the triangle button). Eject the cylinder (push the square button twice) and take it. Don't forget to take the phonograph ear, which is the Titania's ear.

Q : Where is the key to unlock the music box outside the restaurant ?
A : The key is inside the restaurant, on Scranliontis' table. But .... you have to pass Maitre'D Bot first.

Q : How could I pass the Maitre'D Bot ?
A : Rip out his arm and keep on poking him at his buttock until he gives up. He'll start complaining if you hit the right spot. After you defeat him, he'll allow you to sit at Scraliontis' table. Take the napkin, the green fuse, and Maitre'D Bot's other arm. His arm is holding the key to unlock the musicbox outside. Go out and unlock the box. Eject the cylinder and replace it with the one you have. Then play it. If your music is good, you'll see Maitre'D Bot relax again in the restaurant. He'll give you the Titania's Auditory Center. If not you have to re-record it again in the music room.



Main Goals : Get the final parts of Titania

Q : I couldn't get that stick inside the parrot's cage. What should I do ?
A : Try to distract the parrot first with something he likes: Hot Chicken. Go get one. Get Designer Room number of the Parrot Room first (you'll need this for the Succ-U-Bus later to send the chicken). Go to the Fuse room and turn the yellow knob sideways. Get the yellow fuse. This will mess up the chicken dispenser in front of the SGT restaurant. Go to that chicken dispenser and flip the switch for a chicken. Get the chicken.

Q : I'm not fast enough. The chicken get cold when I reach the parrot room. What should I do ?
A : Use the Succ-U-Bus to send the chicken (you have to throw away the cold chicken first. Use the Succ-U- Buss to throw away the chicken). Use your designer room number for the parrot room to set the destination.

Q : The Succ-U-Bus doesn't accept the chicken. What should I do ?
A : Use your napkin first on that chicken to make 'plain' chicken. When you receive it at the parrot room, use the napkin one more time.

Q : The parrot doesn't want this hot chicken. What should I do ?
A : You have to give him a special chicken, not just hot chicken. Use your napkin on the chicken to get plain chicken, then use the chicken at the middle dispenser to coat it with mustard. That should do it, hot chicken with mustard .... hmmmm ... yummy ...

Q : How could I get that stick inside the parrot cage ?
A : Try to lute the parrot to the leftmost part of the cage with that chicken. After he grab the chicken, quickly get the stick. That's Titania's Central Intelligence Core. You have to be quick enough to do that. Use the save and restore facilities if you have trouble with this problem.

Q : Where could I get the last Titania's parts ?
A : According to the DeskBot, there's something wrong with the RowBot's voice. This might be a clue for you. Both parts (Titania's speech center and mouth are located in this area, but you have to do something with the season's control panel first).

Q : How could I make the season's control panel working ?
A : Go to the fuse room and and stick the green fuse. Turn the green knob. Go to Arboretum. Approach the control panel and change the season to Fall. Hey ... that's another Titania's part. Use the long stick to knock it free from the tree. Get the Titania's speech center.

Q : How could I fix the RowBot's voice ?
A : There's nothing you could do with his voice. In fact you have to get his mouth !! Change the season into winter. The entire place will be frozen. Approach the RowBot. Hey .. he's frozen also. Click on his chest. There're 2 switches here.

Q : How could I operate those switches ? Everytime I flip one down, the other will flip up ...
A : Use 'extra hands' to do that. Use Maitre's Bot's hands to flip the switches. Remember both hands should be empty before you do that. Now the RowBot will stop singing. Get his mouth. That's Titania's mouth, the last part of Titania. To leave this area, change the weather to any other weather beside winter.



Main Goals : Assembly Titania and fly back home

Q : What should I do with these Titania's parts (11 parts of them) ?
A : Go to Titania's room and put them all into Titania. Look at this picture on the left side to help you. When you have assembly Titania, the door behind it will be opened and you'll enter the Bridge.

Q : What should I do with that strange machine with helmet on it ?
A : That's the navigation control. Use the photo from home in the slot and use your PET to activate the control. On the screen you have to draw a triangular position (3 points) of the stars based on your photo. Here is how it works. First, choose the first star (any star from your photo) then return to starview. Find the star (line up the cross and the diamond shape until the coordinate light start blinking) and lock (push 'L') the coordinate. Choose the second star and the third star. Do the same sequence, then press "Set Destination". To help you choosing the easy one, look at this picture.

After all the coordinates has been set, exit the helmet and go to the wheel. Push "Go". Watch the endings.




Part's Name Room Exact Location
Titania's Olfactory Center Bilge Room Mother Succ-U-Bus
Titania's Eye Broken Elevator (#4) The LiftBot's sphere
Titania's Ear Your 2nd Class Room Pistachios bowl
Titania's Eye Your 1st Class Room Broken center light
Titania's Piece Bar (use Pellerator) Shelf behind the counter
Titania's Nose Parrot Room Broken light fixture
Titania's Ear Music Room The phonograph's ear
Titania's Auditory Center Restaurant Maitre'D Bot
Titania's Central Intelligence Core Parrot Room Parrot's cage
Titania's Speech Center Arboretum Tree (Fall season)
Titania's Mouth Arboretum RowBot's mouth (Winter)


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