Adventure by DOUGLAS ADAMS

Solution by Lu Richardson

OK, I've got this sassed, at last.  You might like to have paper and 
pencil handy to record important things.


Look around and advance towards the computer.  Click on it to open 
the CD-ROM drive, pick up the disk which looks like the real one and 
put it in.  Click on the computer again to load the game.

Watch what happens.  As soon as you are given the PET you will have 
to type "YES" and pick up a picture.  Follow the bot to the lift.  
When prompted, click on the top button.

Once inside the ship (Embarkation Lobby, I'll call it Reception, 
if you don't mind, it's shorter), turn right and right again.  Press 
the button to see the credits.  Turn left, advance, click on the 
bell.  Wait till the Deskbot talks to you.  Answer the questions 
any way you like.  You are allocated a room.  Then the Bellbot comes 
along and talks a lot of nonsense.

Stop right there and have a look at the PET.  Click on the different 
symbols on the right to see what they represent.  For instance, the 
wavy line will show you, to the left, the room you've been allocated 
and, to the right, the room you are in at the moment.  You are going 
to have to get used to the interface, and soon.  I'll leave you to it.


As you will have been told, you have to sort things out.  To start, 
this amounts to collecting the missing bits of Titania and also 
helping out the Barbot.  This will make sense to you in a minute.  
Before you can achieve any of this, you have to upgrade yourself 
from third-class passanger to first-class pasenger so that you can 
reach certain parts of the ship.  Here we go.


Advance, turn right, advance through door.  Forward.  Turn left, 
forward.  To your left you'll find elevators 1 and 2 - to your 
right, elevators 3 and 4 (4 doesn't work at the moment).  So, 
depending on which elevator you've been told to get, go left or 
right.  At the elevators, pick the right one out of the pair and 
CALL it.  Inside, type the number of the floor.  Alternatively, 
click on the Remote Thingummy (RT) symbol and click on your "State 

When you arrive at your floor, note the door in front of you (SGT 
Restaurant) and the one at the far right (Entertainment Room) and 
remember them; to your left, the Succ-U-Bus.

Right now, look at the doors.  From left to right there should 
be six.  If the number of your room is higher than six, then 
consider that in the floor above there are another six, and on the 
floor above that, another six.  So, suppose you have room 10, you go 
to door 4, turn left, enter the lift, click on the middle button and 
there you are.  Just go in.  Compare the chevrons of your room with 
the chevrons to the right, which represent the room you are at, to 
make sure you are in the correct room.


You will have heard the announcement and will be anxious to look at 
the TV.  Basically, activate all the bottom layer items and so that 
you can use the inflatable bed, then activate the TV and climb onto 
the bed to look at it.  Using the RT, throw the switch and click on 
the bottom arrow to go through the channels. 

On one of the channels you will see a floor number.  This is where 
you can enter Lift 4 - remember it.  On another channel, you will 
see a chevron upside down.  Click on the wavy symbol to the right 
and then, using SHIFT, click on the bars of the chevron to the right 
to change them to the pattern you see on the screen (remember, 
upside down).  Once you've matched that pattern exactly, drag the 
new chevron to one of the empty spaces; this should be for a room in 
the 7th floor.  OK, now pay attention to the TV and click on the 
down arrow again, till you get to channel 3.  It will tell you to go 
to the Succ-U-Bus and collect a magazine.  Do just that.  Leave the 
room, turn right and advance till you reach it, click on it and then 
click on RECEIVE.  You get the magazine.  Find your way back to 
Reception, ask the Deskbot for an upgrade and hand her the 
magazine.  She will give you a new room in 2nd class.  Go to it.


Look around, click on all the bowls and note the nuts.  Note also 
that one of the portholes opens to reveal a bulb.  I don't know if 
that's important, but in any case I couldn't get it.  Leave and go 
to the lift.  Ask to go to the TOP OF THE WELL.


At the "top of the well", get your bearings.  At one end there is 
Reception and opposite that the Parrot room.  At the other end there 
is the Sculpture Chamber and opposite, the Creators' Chamber.  Make 
your way to the Sculpture Chamber (that's the one with the big cable 
in the middle).  Visit each exhibit.  They represent each one of the 
bots.  As you look at them closely you will see some dials at the 
left of the PET, which correspond to the ones you see when you talk 
to the bots.  Click on whatever you can on each sculpture to get the 
needles to turn to yellow and pointing straight up.  Do this with 
each one of the exhibits.  You might need to come here regularly and 
make sure all the needles are yellow, which means the bots are 
working properly.

Because you will have sorted the Deskbot, when you go to her and ask 
for an upgrade she will give it to you willingly.  You can go up to 
that room right now and look around, if you want, though it's not 


You could, though, visit the room indicated in the TV, for which you 
now have a chevron.  If you go there and go right up to the bed, 
then turn around and click on the light to the right, you will find 
that the bulb is loose.  You can click on the activate symbol on the 
PET and then chose your chamber to get some buttons with which you 
can play with the lights.  Actually, I called the Bellbot and kept 
asking him to give me the lightbulb, to fix it, to remove it... it 
took ages, but the sentence that got me Titania's eye was:  "Get the 
broken eye".  Imagine!


You can visit all the public rooms in any order you like, but I will 
tell you how I did it.  While you are moving around the lifts, the 
Bellbot ought to appear sometime and tell you about the Bottom of 
the Well.


Get the right lift (1 or 3) and visit the bottom of the well.  You 
will find a head which belongs to the robot in the 4th lift.  To get 
it, stand on the spot and keep turning around till you are able to 
pick it up.  You can now go to the top of the well.  Use lift 3 to 
to whatever floor you saw on the TV and enter Lift 4.  Once inside, 
take the bot's head (that's one of Titania's eyes) and put the new 
head on him.  Go back to the top of the well and to...


Start by trying to get hold of the parrot's perch.  Not as simple as 
that.  Get the parrot.  Look around and find the other perch - get 
it.  Leave the room and the parrot escapes, leaving you with a 
feather.  Go back in.  Get the parrot.  Get to the Succ-U-Bus, 
activate it and click on the wavy line.  Click on the 2nd Class 
cabin chevron and drag it to the the Succ-U-Bus.  Then get the 
parrot and put it in the Succ-U-Bus and SEND.  It gets delivered.  
Turn to your right and move the cursor over the stand - the cursor 
turns to a magnifying glass.  Wave the feather around.  You will see 
something sneezing and popping up.  Before you leave, click on the 
wavy line of the PET and drag the chevron corresponding to the 
Parrot Lobby to one of the empty squares.

Now go to your 2nd Class Cabin, click on the Succ-U-Bus and 
RECEIVE.  The parrot is in the room.  Click on the pistachio nuts 
bowl and the parrot will come and eat them.  Click on the empty bowl 
and you get another piece of Titania.  


Go to Reception and head for the door through which you came in at 
the start of the game.  Enter the lift.  Click on the middle 
button.  Go through to the "Big Mother".  Click on it to activate 
it, use the feather and click on SEND.  Big Mother sneezes out a 
gent, look at him to get a couple of items.


Go to Reception, advance as though you were about to choose lifts, 
go forward towards the stairs, turn around and enter the door.  You 
get taken up some stairs and into Titania's room.  Here, look 
around.  In one room you will see a box inviting you to defuse the 
bomb (ignore it just now).  In another, you will see a warning of 
high voltage on a door.  To the right of it, a computer asks for an 
access code.  

Go through the high voltage door, and all the others afterwards, to 
get to some fuses.  Put in the blue fuse you found in the Bilge 
Room.  Turn all the knobs to the right.  You will notice that you 
don't have the green one (for the Arboretum), so you can't do 
anything about that yet.

Leave and, in the circular chamber, find Titania.  Click on the head 
thing and add to it any bits you happen to have on you; you might 
prefer to hang on to them to keep tabs on what you've got.


Having turned the all the knobs by the fuses, you can now go to this 
place.  As you enter, advance and turn right.  Go right around, 
looking towards the center.  Click on the heads to see their names. 
Make a note of them in the right order.  Go back to the door and 
advance to the center.  Turn right and push the lever all the way 
up.  The heads get destroyed.  Go and look what is now in their 
place:  these are passwords.  Now go to the computer in Titania's 
room and enter the name of each man and the word that his head was 
hidding.  I.e., LOGIN Scraliontis, PASSWORD This.  Do this for all 
three men and read their correspondence.


Go outside Reception and advance as though you were going to the 
lifts.  Turn right and advance, look at the gondola and get into 
it.  Click to the front to be taken across.  Turn right and get 
out.  This is the Arboretum, and you can look at it though there is 
nothing you can do just now.  Turn to the left and advance.  Enter 
the room and get the hose.  Out, turn around and advance till you 
get to the Pellerator.  Call it and start visiting each location.


Here you will find a cupboard with a button at the top.  Use the 
perch on it to open it and get a hammer.  At the fan control, you 
can turn it on and move the speed needle to Fast.  Watch what 
happens.  Get the pellerator to...


Go in.  Advance all the way and look at the panel.  If you press the 
red button, the orchestra plays - terribly.  Turn around and, in 
front of the door, turn right to look at the chairs.  Look at them 
closely to see how the panel should be set (do a little drawing of 
it on a bit of paper).  You can't see the top right hand corner, but 
that's all right because the controls can't be moved anyway.  Turn 
to the phonograph, look at it, press the button with a circle.  Go to 
the panel.  Consulting your drawing, set the controls correctly, 
make sure all green lights are on and press the red button.  The 
orchestra plays - beautifully.  At the end, go back to the phonograph, 
look at it and press the button with the triangle.  This plays back 
the music.  At the end, stand back and pick up the ear-shaped 
phonograph (another bit of Titania).  Press the button with the 
square to open the recorder and get the cylinder.  


Go in and turn left.  Click on the TV to see the recipe for a 
cocktail.  Go to the front of the bar and note a bit of Titania on 
the shelves.  Click on the bell to call the Barbot.  He places a 
glass in front of you - get it.  Talk to him and he will explain 
about his loop problem.  Question him until he tells you what he 
needs and agree to help.  Evidently you are going to have to 
get the ingredients.  You'll have to get a lemon, starling puree and 
a crushed tv.  Let's move on to...


As you come in you will see the music system, which is locked.  
Enter the Restaurant.  The bot is in pieces and you can pick up his 
arm, which is clutching a piece of Titania.  You will quickly find 
out here that you can't access the tables.  Keep prodding the Maitre 
till he gives up and gives you access to the table behind him.  Go 
up to it, look down and pick up the yellow fuse, the napkin and the 
robot arm clutching the key to the music system.

Leave and head for the music system.  Use the arm with the key on it 
to open it.  Pick up the the loose cylinder, open the player with 
the key to the right, take the cylinder.  Put in the one you got 
from the Music Room and press the right and the middle buttons.  You 
can dump the other two cylinders to the right and left.  Leave.  
Titania's music is playing.  Go back into the restaurant and click 
on the broken robot.  His arms relax and let go of what they were 

Now let's go to whichever floor your 3rd Class Cabin was in and go 


Go in, turn to your right, click on the chair to sit down.  Click on 
the painting.  Nice, huh?  Up, turn towards the door, click on the 
long stick, use the hammer to break the glass and get the long stick.


Go all the way to the fuse box in Titania's room and put in the 
green fuse, then turn the nob.  Get yourself to the Arboretum and 
push in.  At present it's summer.  Wave the long stick over the 
screen and a lemon will drop.  Take it.  Press on the button in 
front of you and the season will change to Autumn.  Wave the long 
stick again to get another piece of Titania.  Press it again 
and it will change to winter.  Turn left.  Advance and turn left 
again.  You should be able to advance to one of the gondolier bots.  
Click on his chest to reveal two levers.  You can move them so that 
you get one of three states:  the song is the Signor Contino aria, 
which was being sung when you arrived, another song which I couldn't 
identify and, when the two levers are together, the two songs at the 
same time.  The trick is to hold both levers down at once.  Use the 
arms of the robot on the two levers and you will get Titania's 
mouth.  Go back to the Arboretum, push in and change the season to 
Spring.  Travel to...


Save.  Enter the room and click on the yellow button to get a hot 
chicken.  Place it to the left under the dispenser to get the "bird 
sauce" (purple) flowing and quickly drop the empty glass under the 
flow.  You should get a glass full of starling puree.  Now use the 
napkin on the chicken and place it under the middle dispenser to get 
it covered in mustard.  You must get this right.  If you don't, you 
must reload and do it again.  Go outside and go to the Succ-U-Bus.  
Activate it and drag the Parrot Lobby chevron onto it.  Next, put 
the chicken in and SEND.  Go to...


Advance to the Succ-U-Bus and RECEIVE.  Get the chicken and use the 
napkin on it.  Go to the parrot and save your game.  Place the 
chicken to the extreme centre right of the cage.  The parrot has to 
come to the edge of his perch.  When he sticks his head right out to 
eat the chicken, grab the perch (another of Titania's pieces).  You 
must get this right.  If you are unable to get the perch and the 
parrot has eaten the chicken, you don't get a second chance.  So 
reload again and do it right.  

Now turn right and call the Bell bot.  Type "Please throw the tv 
set".  The Bell bot will pick up the tv and throw it into the well 
(you see this happening).  Now advance to the Succ-U-Bus and turn to 
the right.  Something is sneezing and popping up.  Turn to the 
Succ-U-Bus and place the hose on it.  Turn right and click with the 
other end of the hose on the stand.  The "thing" gets blown off.  
Pick up the Titania bit.  Remove the hose from the Succ-U-bus.

Now all you have to do is to go to the Bottom of the well and 
retrieve the crushed tv set, and then go to...

THE BAR (again)

Just inside, save your game.  Advance, click on the bell.  When the 
Bar bot is in front of you, hand him the crushed tv set.  Ask  "what 
do you need now?"  Hand him the starling puree and ask the same 
question again.  Hand him the lemon.  Ask "Can I have the Vision 
Center now?" and he will tell you he will as soon as he has mixed 
the cocktail.  Type "Add vodka" and he will go bananas, but when you 
ask him for the Vision Center he will give it to you.

Beware, If you don't go about giving him the ingredients in this 
manner, you might find that he doesn't acknowledge the starling 
puree and starts asking you to fix his loop, demanding all the 
ingredients again - and you are sunk.  If necessary, reload your 
saved game and try something else, like for instance typing 
"Starling puree" when the Barbot asks "What is this?".  This section 
of the game drove me nuts till I got it right!


Now I had all the bits, I went up to Titania's Room.  I thought I'd 
better sort out the bomb, so I pressed the button and started trying 
various things; the countdown voice kept being obnoxious and 
offering all manner of ridiculous codes.  In the end, I tried 
"Nobody likes a smartass" and it worked.

Next, I clicked on Titania's head and plonked everything I was 
carrying on her and nothing happened.  So I changed the only thing I 
could change, the various centers, and this combination did the 
trick:  at the top, yellow and red, at the bottom, blue and green.  
Titania came to life and spoke.  Just watch.  At the end, turn 
around and go through the door which was barred to you before.

You get taken for a ride.  At the end, advance till you get to the 
wheel.  Click around on it for a bit of fun.  Turn left and advance 
and you will find a laptop which doesn't do anything.  Turn right 
and advance all the way to the other end of the wheel.  Here you 
will see a slot for a "starmap".  Put in there the picture you 
brought from home.

At this point, look at the instruction booklet which comes with the 
game and look at the data on the Remote Thingummy.  The key strokes 
mentioned on this page refer to this object you have in front of 

I think I rather muddled through this bit, so don't take me too 
seriously, but try it out yourselves.  First, using the RT, I turned 
on the helmet (I knew those 3D glasses packaged with the game would 
come in handy!).  Next, I changed to the starmap.  There is a 
picture of your house and stars behind.  I picked one of the stars 
above the house and clicked, getting a cross-shape cursor, I tapped 
L, then TAB to change to the skyscape and moved the mouse arround 
till I found a diamond shape.  I moved the cross-shaped cursor onto 
it and pressed L again.  Back to the starmap and I did the same with 
a star to the left and one to the right of the house, as close to is 
as possible.

When I had the three green steady lights on the screen, I changed to 
the starmap and pressed SET DESTINATION.  Then I left the helmet and 
when to the wheel.  I clicked on the red button GO.  It all happened 
and all I had to do was watch - I found out I lost a house but gained 
a Spaceship!  I don't think I EVER want to go to that ship again, 
what with that parrot and all the deranged bots...


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