- Introduction
- The Killer
- KLIO (Emre's Secret Companion)
- Sulaymaniye Treasury
- Basilica Cistern Simulation
- The Ephesus Simulation
- The Smuggler Conspiracy
- Important Items



The first adventure game by Discovery takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. You play the role of a young journalist that has been invited by his old friend to investigate an artifact smuggler. The plot is quite interesting, despite of the graphics (it's not very good for a 1997 game). You have a free movement (360 degree) in almost every screen. Like the word written on the box cover : "Act Quick or you're history", you have to save your game very often in every difficult situation. Now for the game.



Main Goals : The story unfold at Emre's apartment. Find Emre ....

Emre's Apartment

Q : What should I do first here ?
A :
Answer the telephone when it's ringing. That's your first clue here.

Q : Where is the package that Emre has mentioned in the phone ?
A :
See that wooden brown trunk under the desk. Open it and you'll see an expensive jewelry box. To open it, you will need to click on the small poles that appear on the box in correct order. Inside you'll find a scanner sketch. Hmmm..... a new model perhaps.

Q : Where is the sequence to open the box ?
A :
You can look for the sequence inside a folder on the desk. Open the folder, get Emre's picture, and then flip over the picture under Emre's picture. You'll see the sequence.

Q : Where is the key to unlock the secret door behind the curtain ?
A :
Look at the left shelf, just behind the phone desk. Move the book with title : "Art of The Carpet". Get the golden key. Use it to unlock the door.

Q : Where can I find Emre ?
A :
Don't go out yet. You need to look at several books first before the place will appear on the map. Open the dresser's drawer, just beside the secret door. Inside you'll see several pictures of the mosque (this is the place that you can find Emre). Look at the book on the right shelf, the one with title :"Turkish Teaser". Inside you'll find a piece of paper with some notes on it. This will explain about Emre's secret friend : KLIO. Look at several photos of his on the dresser, table, and the living room (important for asking some questions later on). Finally get the polaroid camera on the desk. Notice that cable jack on the desk ?! That's a battery recharger (you'll need to use it later on). Now go to the Sulaymaniye mosque.


Sulaymaniye Mosque

Q : In what part of the mosque could I find Emre ?
A : Actually, you won't find Emre here. Show his picture to that young lad. He'll ask Emre's uncle (the old guy near him) about Emre. Ask him everything about Emre. The lad will tell you about his uncle, Mehmet. Then, look at the shoe stand. Pick up the red shoe on the lower shelf. It is Emre's. Inside the shoe, you'll find a ticket from Hotel De Lordres. Note : If you want to look inside the mosque just go ahead, but you have to take off your shoes first. The mosque is not important for the task now, but it will later on.


Hotel De Lordres

Q : What should I do here ?
A : Show the ticket to the front desk man. He'll give you a big package. Examine the package. You'll find an entry pass, scanner, and a betting form (with Mehmet name on it). Try to use the scanner. Hmmmm... out of battery.


Mehmet Rug Shop

Q : Nope, Emre is not here either. What should I do ?
A : Hmmmm.... who are those guys ??? You could choose any conversation options here. Show his uncle the betting form. Hmmm... he is hiding something. Maybe you should go back again later.


Basilica Cistern

Q : The usher won't let me in. What should I do ?
A : Show him the entry pass. Take the brochure on the counter and examine it (you'll find a picture of Tear Drop column).

Q : OK, now where is Emre ? I'm tired of his hide and seek game.
A : Go along the path until you reach the end. You'll find Emre's death body lying on the path. Examine the body and ...........

Q : I couldn't avoid the sudden attack. How can I escape ?
A : Use the polaroid on the killer and run as quickly as you can while he is blinded. Akalin, the detective, will come and ask you some questions. Answer whatever choice you want. Gain as much information as you could.


KLIO (Emre's Secret Companion)

Main Goals : Discover the secret of Emre's project.

Emre's Apartment

Q : I've charged the scanner, but it ask for the password when I'm trying to use it. What is the password ?
A : His uncle knows something about it, go there.

Q : I'm always killed when I try to exit the room. What should I do ?
A : Use the secret door to get out. Hmmm.... the killer again. This is more interesting.


Mehmet Rug Shop

Q : What should I do here ?
A : Choose whatever option you want, but don't forget to choose the 'Afacan' option (he'll give you a photo because of this option). Flip over the photo to see the writing behind it. This is the password for the scanner. Go somewhere and try to use the scanner. Enter : AFACAN as the password. It will lead you to a university.


Istanbul University

Q : What should I tell Sharife about Emre ?
A : To get more information, choose this sequence. From top to bottom I order the conversation option as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The sequence is :3,3,1,1,3,2,1,1,2,1. After this you'll be entering the virtual reality world : the world of KLIO (KLIO is a virtual reality system not Emre's girlfriend ...).

Q : How to solve the chess problem on the table ?
A : The answer lies in a letter on the sofa, just next to it. Read the instruction and put all the gems to build this formation. The result is a silinder with star button and a reply letter from Sulayman. They're both located on the sofa where you found the first letter.

Q : What should I do with the missing parts on one corner of this room ?
A : Exit the system and ask Sharife about the missing parts. Choose this option for more information : 2,2 (you should show the scanner again to the girl after this),3,2,2,1,1. Now you have to collect several pictures from different sites to complete KLIO (Topkapi Palace throne room simulation).


The Missing Parts of Topkapi Palace Simulation

Q : How to find the missing parts ? The Topkapi Palace is closed.
A : You'll find one in Aya Sofya (Mehmet know something about it) and the other part is in Sulaymaniye Mosque. You know that Emre interests in Ottoman dynasty.

Q : How to enter the rug shop ? Mehmet locked it.
A : Use the key to open the shop. On the table, pick up the scissors and the pencil.

Q : What should I find here ?
A : Move the tapestry to your left. Underneath it, you could find a blue bag. Examine the bag. You'll find an artifact (a ring), a letter from Emre, a notebook and a book about Aya Sofya. Read this book to reveal Aya Sofya location. Use the pencil on the table with the notebook. This will reveal the name Nargile (it's a bar).

Q : What should I do in Nargile bar ?
A : At this point you could only show the servant the killer's picture. He recognize him as Carlo. Don't go down yet, you'll get killed if you do that. There's plenty of time to that later on.

Q : Where are those missing parts ?
A : Look at several pictures below. In each picture, there's a special spot that you can click on. Click on those spots and you could scan the picture with your scanner. The left screen is taken from the Aya Sofya library (it's on the back side of the building, on the first floor). The right screen is taken from the mosque (it's on the far end corner of the main room, to the left of the main entrance). Note : I simulate those hotspots with this picture. See if you could find the right spot.

Aya Sofya Sulaymaniye Mosque

Inside the mosque you could talk to the young lad about Emre. Choose whatever option you want. In Aya Sophia, you'll meet 2 interesting person : Hillary Pebble (an archaeologist) and Nurray Uchan (Emre's friend). They both know something about Emre. Show his picture to Nurray to begin a conversation.


Sulaymaniye Treasury

Main Goals : Discover the secret of Sulaymaniye Treasury

Topkapi Simulation

Q : What should I do with the parts after I got them ?
A : Go back to the Istanbul university and show the scanner to Sharife. Then pick up the VR goggle on the desk. Put the missing parts on their rightful places. The part from Aya Sofya is on the top side and the one from the mosque is on the bottom side.

Q : How to solve the clock puzzle in the Imperial Library ?
A : Insert the cylinder with the star button in the empty slot to the bottom right of the clock. Then use this sequence to open the secret compartment. Move the clock hand into 12.00 position then push the sun button (it represents the lunch time). Move the clock hand into 6.30 position then push the moon button (it represents the diner time). Finally, move the clock hand to 15.45 position then push the star button (it represents the tea time). The clock will be opened. Take the gold key inside and the cup just beside the clock.

Q : How to operate the Whispering Fountain ?
A : First, operate the master faucet at the Absolution Fountain inside the Imperial Library. Then go to the Private Oasis and to the Whispering Fountain. Turn off the water. Put the cup on the holder then turn on the water again. It will open a secret passage beside it.

Q : Where is the Sulaymaniye Treasury ?
A : It's well hidden inside the passage. Look at the compass at bottom right corner to guide you. Follow this route to reach it : West, North, West, North, West, South, West, North.

Q : How to open this jewelry box ?
A : Use the golden key on the lock. Open it and you'll find ....... the famous red ruby of Sultan Sulayman.

Q : What should I do now ?
A : Exit the system and talk to Sharife. Choose this option to get most information : 2,2,1,1,1,1. Eskander will come in and talk to Sharife. He promise to meet you again sometime in Hotel De Lordres. After that you could again visit the Archaelogical Museum.


Archaelogical Museum

Q : Where can I find the list ?
A : Try to talk to the curator on the second floor of the building. Show her the press pass. Choose any options you like for the conversation. Anyway, she couldn't lend you the list.

Q : What should I do now ?
A : Go back to first floor and enter the room to the right of the staircase. Talk with Uchan. Choose this option in the conversation : 3,3,1,1,2,2,2,1. She'll promise to meet you again later in Aya Sofya. Go out and meet Akalin. Be cooperatif with him but don't say a word about your clue. Return to Emre's apartment and meet ... Sharife again. This time she'll ask you to repair the Basilica Cistern Simulation. Go to map and use the VR goggle.



Main Goals :Restore the simulation ....

Q : Where is the missing part in Basilica Cistern simulation ?
A : Follow the path to North, North East, and then South East. To your left, you could see a missing column.


Mehmet Rug Shop

Q : Where can I find the info of this missing part ?
A : Go to the Istanbul University. you'll meet Mehmet. Try to find him at his apartment. Read the note from Izzet on the door (this will open another location, Book Bazzar). Unlock the door with the key. Go to the inner chamber. Inside the inner room, you could find an interesting rug to the left (you could move this rug). Underneath it you could find an interesting cloth.

Q : What should I do with the cloth ?
A : Use the scissor to cut it. Inside you could take a rare gold medallion (another historical artifact). This will lead you to an interesting clue.


Book Bazzar and The Arasta

Q : Where can I find this Izzet character ?
A : Go to Book Bazzar. Bargain the pouch when a jewelerer talk to you. Bargain it twice until you reach the 6 million lira price, then buy it. After that, you could show the rare coin to him. He'll give you a clue about Byzantine era. Now you know that you have to find something from Byzantine era. Go to the book merchant. He is Izzet. Talk with him about Mehmet.

Q : What next ?
A : Look at his book stand. Pick up the Roman Hystory book. Read that book. It will open another location: The Arasta. Read the newspaper also about Liturgical Fan theft. Go to Arasta. Enter the antique shop. Buy the small brown pouch on the stand just in front of the counter. Examine it. This is the famous letter of Ephasis (the one that is mentioned in the Roman Hystory book). You'll need this letter for the simulation later on.

Q : Is there any more clues to find this missing part ?
A : Go back to Emre's apartment. Go to his living room. On the desk near the window, you'll see a small jewelry box. Open it and take the Roman sketch. Now go to Archaelogical Museum.


Archaeological Museum

Q : Who could explain this clues to me ?
A : Go upstair to the curator office. Show her the Roman Book, the Roman Sketch, the ring (it's a fake) and the rare medallion. She'll explain a lot about the Roman historical sites. She'll tell you also to contact Jeremy Carpenter, the antiquettes specialist. Go downstair and enter the left room below the staircase. Talk with Hillary Pebbles. Choose this conversation : 3,1,2,1,2,1,1. Show him the Tear Drop column pictures. He mention about Aya Sofya, Basilica Cistern, and one other place that might have the Tear Drop column (but he forgot the name). Go to Basilica Cistern.

Q : I couldn't scan the Tear Drop column. It's too humid. What should I do now ?
A : Find Uchan in Aya Sofya (remember her promise ??!!). You'll meet her on the second floor. She'll give you a small note. Read it. This will open a new location, Forum of Thedosius.


Forum of Thedosius

Q : Where is the Tear Drop column ?
A : It's just in front of you to the north. Look at this picture to help you.

Q : How can I avoid the killer ?
A : Runaway to the opposite direction. Go to the bushes instead of going to the car. You'll meet Eskander there. Choose this option when you talk to Eskander : 4,3,2. He promises you to talk with Akalin, the detective. He invites you to his gala speech in Hotel De Lordres.


Basilica Cistern Simulation

Q : What should I do with the part ?
A : Replace it with the Tear Drop column image. Then go North East and North West. You'll see Medusa head there.

Q : What should I do with the tiles below the head ?
A : You have to construct a roman machine there. There's a book with its picture in Emre's apartment. You might want to look at it before. It is called "Roman Engineering". It's on the middle shelf inside the study room. Then you have to collect several items inside the Basilica Simulation.

Q : Where could I find this machine components ?
A : Follow this route to help you. Turn your face to east and take the forceps and rope under the pillar (on the floor). Go northeast to East wall area. Face to the northeast and take the tread mill on the floor. Go southwest and northwest to Southwest corner. Face northeast and take the engineering support. Face to the west to take another two. Go northeast to West wall area. Face northeast to take the rod and engineering frame. Face to the south to take the implement. Go southeast to Central area. There are implement and also rope and tackle to the east direction. Go north to North wall area. Face to the southwest to take the engineering frame. Finally go to the northwest to Northwest corner. Back to the Medusa head.

Q : How to build the machine ?
A : First you have to open the tiles (7) using the iron implement (the purple one). Look at the largest tile, inside you'll find two gold coins. Use the bronze implement to move the coin until the tile raise up. Look at this left picture to help you. Then using the sketch from Roman Engineering book, build the machine. Look at the middle and right pictures to help you. After the machine is finished. Move the grappling hook to hold the tile. Push the wheel to raise the tile, then quickly stuck the iron implement to the wheel to make it stop. Inside the recess you'll find the famous Sulayman ruby ring.



Main Goals : Find out about the Gold Bust of Alexander

Nargile Bar

Q : Carlo always caught me in the cellar. What should I do ?
A : Get the small note and the airplane baggage claim ticket from the shelf. Examine the table. Look at the horse racing gamble form. Take the credit card. Put it on the card machine. Put the claim ticket above it. Use the card machine, take the claim ticket with names on it, and quickly get out from the bar through the back door.


Hotel De Lordres

Q : How to deal with Akalin ?
A : Just cooperate with him and tell him he truth. Choose this option : 1,1,3,1,1,1,1.

Q : Who knows about the Ephesus ?
A : Sharife should know something about it. Go back to Istanbul University and talk to her. She'll show you the Ephesus simulation after you choose this conversation : 3,1,1,2,1,2,1.


Ephesus Simulation

Q : What is wrong with the Ephesus simulation ?
A : Someone mess up with the writings on the right wall. It's the Ephasis words. Note : Take all the parchments that lying around (that should be 4 of them).

Q : How to fix it ?
A : Get out from the system and scan the Ephasis letter from the small brown pouch you've bought earlier. Give the scanner to Sharife. Get back to the system again. And arrange the letter according this picture.

It will open a secret door to a small cave. Inside you'll see a broken sarchopagus.

Q : How to fix this sarchopagus ?
A : Get out from the system and visit the archaelogical museum. Scan the sarchopagus just outside the museum. Get back in to the system and fix it. An offering bowl will appear.

Q : What should I give as an offering ?
A : Offer the medallion. It will open a path to temple of Athemis.


Temple of Athemis

Q : How to open the locked door to the right of entrance to temple Athemis ?
A : Use the ring. It will unlock the door to upper level.

Q : What should I do with the Athemis offering bowl with 9 signs on it ?
A : You should form a zodiac formation with the tiles. Collect all the tiles from all over the place: inner chamber (5), outside of the temple(3), upper level(1), and entrance(3). The formation is according to the pictures on the Athemis necklace (you should go to upper level to see these pictures). Look at this pictures to help you. Another clue can be seen in the today newspaper. You could pick up this newspaper in front of Emre's apartment. Pick up the newspaper by the door. Look at this picture to help you. The sequence (from left to right) is : Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagitarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, and Cancer. The result is the magnificent Gold Bust of Alexander the Great. When you complete this sequence, you'll be kick out from the system and Sharife will be mad at you.



Main Goals :Track down the Smuggler and solve the conspiracy

Q : Where could I find a proof to track down this smuggler ?
A : First, talk to Jeremy Carpenter, the antiquette dealer, in Book Bazaar. He'll tell you about the contract of an important construction company on all of the digging sites. Ask the curator in the archaelogical museum about this company. She told you about one name: Gordion Construction. This sounds more interesting.


Gordion Construction

Q : What is the passcard number to open the door ?
A : Look around the street. Hmmm.... what a coinsidence that this construction office is located just at the back side of Nargile Bar. Maybe they know something. Go there and look inside. Remember the notebook you've found inside Mehmet rug store. This is the right time to check what is the writing again. Notice the connection between today and lemon. There is a lemon sitting on the counter. Examine its color. Now look at the number on the board, just next to it. Look only at the green color number (the color of the lemon). That is your passcard number (7049).

Q : What should I find here ?
A : There are important papers inside the ledger on the desk. Take it out and remember, DO IT QUICKLY. When you're outside the office again, look at the paper, notice Eskander signature. Hmmm.... what he's doing with this contract.

Q : Where could I find Eskander ?
A : Find him at the Hotel De Lordres. Show him the paper. He's hiding something. He accused Sharife on Emre's death. Go back to Archaelogical museum and notice that the police is there now. No, don't go in yet. They'll arrest you no matter what you said. Avoid them for a while.

Q : Where could I find Sharife ?
A : Eskander told you that you might find her at the tower. Go there and show her the paper. She's innocent. That rotten Eskander. Go with her to the university and enter Aya Sofya Simulation to get more proof.

Aya Sofya Simulation

Q : What should I do here ?
A : Collect several items first. They are helmet (on the bench by the entrance), vase (to the left inside the main chamber), chalice and orb (on the altar, in the apse), divider (on the second floor, just by the stair), and the vase of rose (on the ramp on the second floor).

Q : What should I do with those items ?
A : First, put the chalice, helmet, and divider (must be in the right order) on their place on the Nave Omphalos near the Apse. Then go to the second level and put the vase on the Empress omphalos. Return again to the Nave omphalos and put the Orb. Then take the diadem.

Q : Where should I go, I'm trapped here ?
A : Escape through the drain into the Hard Drive simulation.

Hard Drive Simulation

Q : How can I transfer the proof to Sharife ?
A : Go to the central controller of the harddrive. Follow this route: enter the path, southwest, northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast, and northeast. Click on the panel. Click on Knot, click on Transaction, take the copy of the transaction to the Hub (that's the pipe on the right), click on the computer lab, and finally click on the central hub again. Watch the ending sequence.

Author's Final Words : Eskander is behind the smuggler operations. The police captured the guy while doing his gala speech in front of hundreds of audiences. Although this game is not as sophisticated as Black Dahlia or Overseer, the story is quite intriguing and all of the historical stories are quite interesting. You could learn a lot about the historical era in Europe.



Basically CD 1 and CD 2 are the same, because as soon as you restore your game, it will ask for CD 2.


Location Exact location Item Name
Emre's Apartment (Living Room) Inside small jewelry box on the table Roman Sketch
Emre's Apartment (Study Room) On the table Polaroid camera
. . Recharger cable
. Inside the folder on the table Emre's photo & Jewelry Box's code
. Inside the trunk Jewelry Box
. Inside the Jewelry Box Scanner Sketch
. Left shelf, behind "Art of Carpet" book Secret passage key
. Right shelf, inside Turkish Teaser book Piece of note
. Middle shelf, inside "Roman ..." book Machine drawing
. Dresser drawer Mosque and Sulayman Ring photo
Sulaymaniye Mosque Shoe rack outside the mosque Red shoe with Emre's hotel pass
Hotel De Lordres Receptionist Emre's package
. Emre's package Betting form, scanner, entry pass
Basilica Cistern Counter Brochure and Tear Drop photo
. After the ambush The photo of the killer
Mehmet Rug Shop Mehmet Photograph



Location Exact location Item Name
KLIO (Topkapi Simulation) On the sofa Ibrahim letter
. On the sofa (after solving the puzzle) Cylinder and reply letter
Mehmet Rug Shop Under the rug Blue bag
. Blue bag Book, Emre's letter, mask, notebook
Istanbul University On the left desk VR goggle
Sulaymaniye Mosque Far end corner Missing part of the simulation
Aya Sofya On the desk inside the library Missing part of the simulation
Topkapi Simulation Imperial library, after solving clock puzzle Gold key and Cup
. Sulayman treasury, inside the trunk Sulayman ruby ring



Location Exact location Item Name
Mehmet rug shop On the door Izzet note
. On the table Pencil and scissors
. Under the cloth in the inner room Rare coin
Book Bazzar Jewelerer Jewel pouch
. Izzet book stand Roman hystory book and newspaper
The Arasta Jewelry shop, on the left stand Small pouch of Ephesis letters
Emre's apartment On the floor in front of the door Newspaper
Aya Sofya Second floor, Uchan. Uchan's note
Forum of Thedosius Tear Drop column The missing part of Cistern simulation
Cistern Simulation South workman's entry, on the floor Forceps and rope
. East wall area Tread mill
. Southeast corner Engineering support (3 pcs)
. West wall area Rod, implement, and engineering frame
. Central area Implement, rope and rackle.
North wall area Engineering frame



Location Exact location Item Name
Nargile Bar Cellar (shelf) Baggage claim ticket and small note
. Cellar (working table) Credit card plat and machine
Ephesus Simulation Main room Four scrolls (parchments)
Temple of Athemis Entrance (on the floor) Zodiac tiles (3)
. Main chamber (on the floor) Zodiac tiles (5)
. Second level (on the left ramp) Zodiac tile (1)
. Outside the temple Zodiac tile (2)
. Outside the temple (on the staircase) Zodiac tile (1)



Location Exact location Item Name
Gordion Enterprise On the office table Contract papers
Aya Sofya Simulation Inner narthex (first floor on the bench) Helmet
. Apse (on the altar at the far end wall) Chalice and orb
. Lower Gallery (to the left of the entrance, on the floor) Flask
. Upper Gallery (on the corner, just after the stair) Divider
. Upper Gallery (on the left ramp) Vase of rose
. Nave Omphalos (first floor near the Apse) after the ceremony Diadem

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