Walkthrough for Connections


 VIDEO PROBLEMS: If your Quick Time movies show a black screen, the
 following are possible fixes:

 In the windows directory, thereís a qtw.ini file. In the [video]
 section, it is normally set to
 Optimize=Hardware. The three possible fixes are: Optimize=Driver,
 Optimize=BMP, or Optimize=DIB. After playing the game, you may want to
 change back to the normal setting of Optimize=Hardware in the [Video]
 section. Making any changes requires a restart of windows.

 Your goal is to collect items representing innovations throughout
 history and put them into a chain of connections. When you find an item
 and itís placed in your chain, click it to see an interesting and
 educational video about that item and the relation to other items in the
 chain. When the chain is finished, you automatically go to another area
 of game. About the only drawback in the game, it has to be started from
 disc 1 each time.

 You stand facing a castle. Check the control box just right of the
 drawbridge. Look under the carpet in front of the castle. Turn around
 and enter the building with a single door. Examine the window inside.
 Turn and talk to Mr. Burke, who appears several times throughout the
 game. When youíre alone, examine the picture of Africa on the wall.
 Nearby, click the steel balls and notice the clicks. Turn the globe to
 Africa and youíll discover a safe behind the wall picture.

 Examine the card on the desk (faint imprint of some numbers.) Get the
 pencil. Click itís image on your chain. Do this for all new images on
 the chain. In the middle drawer, uncover the card and notice the five
 digit number. Could these be related to the clicks of the steel balls?
 Anyhow, itís the combination to the safe, which contains a couple of

 In the right drawer, there should be some carbon paper. Rub it over the
 card with the imprint. Play the message on the phone. Be sure to rewind
 it. Make sure youíve examined everything on the desk and in the room. At
 the building with two doors, enter the Apothecary on the left. Buy the
 yellow bottle on the shelf. Exit and enter the Electronics shop next

 Examine the oscilloscope, TV, etc. Play the video tape on the TV (itís
 critical.) You learn about a drawbridge opener and a certain voltage. Go
 back to the office. Remember the phone number you found on the card?
 Itís to the Electronics shop. Make the call and immediately play the
 answering machine when the shop owner answers.

 Go to the shop and get the oscilloscope. Itís useless until you restore
 the phosphor coating to its screen. Maybe a trade at the Apothecary will
 help. Once the oscilloscope has been repaired, go to the drawbridge and
 open the control box. Place the scope inside and set the proper voltage
 that you learned about in the video tape. Enter the Castle.

 NOTE: R means turn right, L means turn left, F means go forward once, F2
 means forward twice, and so on.

 Go straight ahead past the fountain. Talk to the guard. R, F, R, F, L.
 Go down steps to the pump station. Get the shovel. Examine the pump.
 Face away from it to see the flooded stairway leading down. Go

 back upstairs and exit to the fountain. Go straight ahead to the other
 red door. Thereís a sword in the stone. This is your ticket past the
 guard. Turn right to a small doorway. Get a condenser from the crate.
 Return to the Apothecary.

 The woman should be gone. Get a match and a bucket. Return to the castle
 pump room.

 Use the condenser on the side of the pump. Get a bucket of water, from
 the flooded stairwell, and use it on the condenser. Use your shovel on
 the coal. Open the furnace and use the shovel on it. Light the furnace
 and use the shovel on it again. Go down the drained stairwell. Lower the
 two sword switches, on the control bank, all the way.

 Return to the sword room and get the sword. Show it to the guard. Try to
 get the jewel from the crown. Try again. Go back down to the control
 room and look at the computer screen on the right of the control bank.
 Get the idea? At the three wall switches, set them left to right false,
 false, true. Go get the jewel from the crown and examine it and anything
 new on your chain.

 Try to leave the throne room. Listen to Mr. Burke. You end up in a
 desert. Ride the balloon. Examine the chain image. Turn to face the

 F2, L, F, L to the side entrance of the Orpheum. Go through the
 hallways, knock on the magicianís door and approach him. Go to the side
 entrance of the stage and watch the act. Go to the door with a star and
 knock on it. Leave the theater and go to the Dry Goods store. Click on
 the jar of aspirin on the bottom shelf. Check out the self service
 telegraph room. The morse code chart is critical. Try the key a few
 times if you want to. Go to the saloon.

 Talk to the miner. Turn left toward the piano and listen to Mr. Burke.
 Play a little yourself. Take the role from the piano slot. Check the
 image on your chain. Talk to the gambler. Eventually, the phone rings.
 Answer it and get a dollar. Talk to the gambler again and show him your
 dollar. Carefully notice the order that he lays the cards down. Change
 them to that order but from left to right, QKQQKKK. You get the
 gamblerís keys and a carburetor.

 Remember, always check new items on your chain. Put the carburetor on
 the carís engine. Get a crank and half map from the trunk. Carefully
 listen to the music in the next part. It will possibly save you several
 trips later. Use the crank on the front of the car. Note the tune on the
 radio and the BIG clue, DYNAMITE. Give the half map to the miner and get
 a whole map.

 Click the map in inventory for the directions. Check the piano rolls and
 keep the one that plays the tune from the car radio. Go to the Dry Goods

 Look at the code chart and write down the codes for dynamite. -.., -.--,
 -., .-, --, .., -, . and tap them on the key. Keep the dashes long and
 the dots short. This is relatively easy with a telegraph key, but with
 your mouse itís quite different. For instance, the letter N -. give a
 long blast, then immediately give a short blast without hesitation. If
 you pause between the - and the .

 it will be interpreted as two different letters. After you correctly tap
 out the word dynamite, you win that very item, which is needed to clear
 the mine entrance. Return to the Orpheum.

 Go under the stage to the hydraulics room. Click the plaque on the wall,
 up for off, down for on. Adjust all valve arrows up to shut them off.
 Adjust the upper right valve down for on. Adjust the lower left valve,
 by the meter, down for on. Working your way back to the upper right
 valve, there are three additional valves to turn on (down) so that steam
 can go from the upper right valve to the meter and raise it to 100.

 If you have too much trouble, consult the built in hint feature for a
 drawing of the valves. When the meter registers, go around the halls to
 backstage and the hydraulic lift. Ride it up, turn around and go forward
 to the attic room on the left. Put your piano roll in the loom and turn
 it on. If itís the correct one, you will get a rug with some red symbols
 on it. This is a code to a puzzle in the mine. Once you get the rug with
 symbols, go to the mine entrance.

 Use the dynamite to clear the entrance and try to find your way through
 the mine with the minerís map or do the following: F4, L, F2, R. F2, L,
 F2, L. F2, R, F2, R, F2, R. Click the light patch, on the wall, for a
 sliding tile puzzle. Click your pattern rug on the puzzle. Solve it and
 turn around. Go forward and get the gold nuggets. In hints, use the
 magic square to get out or do the following: turn around, go back to the
 light colored patch and turn right. Then, F2, L, F2, L. F2, R, F2, R.
 F2, L, F2, R, F4.

 At the Dry Goods, buy some aspirin and go to the womanís dressing room
 at the Emporium. Give her the aspirin. Click the item on the dresser.
 Examine all new items on your chain. Back away from the dresser.
 Eventually watch some gents playing lawn bowling. Score the game by
 giving a point to the colored ball closest to the white peg. Or points
 to balls of same color if more than one is closest to the white peg. You
 get a ball for correctly scoring. Go to the Bank.

 The teller wonít talk. Hmm! Go to the Diner and talk to the bowlers on
 the right next to the last booth. At the register, try to take the paper
 from the jar. Click on the ketchup bottle next to the register. Take the
 paper from the jar and click on it in inventory. Go give the note to the
 bank teller. You have to find out the motherís maiden name. Go to the
 grave yard.

 Find Caseyís father, Bob Moranís grave. Caseyís brother Tomís grave
 confirms that Watson is the maiden name. Return to the bank and get a
 crank from a safety deposit box. Now go to the ship.

 Take the sextant. Use the crank on the small silver plate on the cannon.
 Set the cannon level and use your bowling ball on the cannon. Press the
 button. Go around to the side of the bank, enter the hole in the vault
 and look around. Do your own fingerprint.

 Move the stool and click the corner of the floor. You discover a rare
 bone and get a reward of a three dollar bill! Now you can afford that
 2.99 special.

 Give the three dollars to the waiter and get the penny change. Take the
 restroom key from the side of the register. In the restroom, click the
 mirror and take the piece of fallen mirror. Go to the ship.

 Click your sextant on the night sky. Click the mirror piece on the
 sextant (large brass circle-itís actually the eyepiece) to get a star
 fix. Adjust the light dot with the up and down arrows so that itís on
 the horizon (water line.) Back from closeup of eyepiece and note the
 degree heading of 50. Set the red handled telegraph lever to same
 heading. Face back toward the helm and listen to Burke. (Disc change)

 Now youíre in a medieval courtyard. Turn right twice and go up the
 stairs on the right side of the building to Galileoís office. Turn left
 in the room to see the telescope. Click the arrow cursor above the
 eyepiece for a side view of the telescope. It needs a lens in the center
 slot. Click on the lunch box. Click on the boat in the bottle. Click the
 curtain to reveal a broken shrink machine. It needs a timing device. It
 also needs insulation on the area above the red bars.

 Exit Galileoís and go to the door on the left, the Tapestry Shop. Help
 the shop keeper turn red patterns into orange. Watch the tapestry video
 on your chain for an idea. Create alternating red and yellow squares.
 When successful, you get her watch. Enter the church and go to the organ
 straight ahead and on the right. The devil plays four main notes. You
 discover the organ doesnít work. R, F, L, F, L. Thereís a water wheel
 that powers the organ. Itís broken.

 Cross to the left side hallway and enter the belfry. Fix the gears for
 the hunchback and he will give you a wrench for the water wheel. Open
 the metal on the right and arrange the gears from right to left in the
 following order: medium, small, medium, large. Medium, small, large,
 medium, large. Take the wrench and repair the water wheel.

 Remember the four notes? The middle black key (Ab), the next white key
 left (G), second white key left of there (E), white key right of there
 (F.) After the pulpit raises, get the lens from the bible and return to
 Galileoís. Put the lens in the telescope and get a sandwich. At the
 shrink machine, replace the timing device and use the shrink wrap. Pull
 the upper left lever to shrink yourself and enter the ship in the
 bottle. Knock on the door. Turn right and get the map. Give it to the
 captain. Enter the hold in front of the captain. At the laquer tables,
 the left lever slides the tables left, and the right lever rotates the
 tables around the center of the room. Maneuver the tables for a clear
 path to the door. If youíre growing old, the magic button in hints will
 do it. Review any new items on your chain. Then, exit the door.

 Approach the woman and do a match puzzle. TIP: first remove the top
 center one. After the puzzle, click the cup. Go left to the Sphinx. The
 guard requires a password. Return to the tent.

 Click the phone, then click the cradle to the right of the fax machine.
 Now you have to restore power. Get a hose from a drawer. Go

 outside and take the gas caps from the generator and the truck. Click
 the hose on either gas nozzle. Pull the generator start cord. Back in
 the tent, get the code tape from the fax. Review the code video on your

 The difficult solution is to use the book, on the chest of drawers, to
 decode the tape. The easy way is to wrap the tape around the tent pole.
 Either way, go to the Sphinx and enter the code word on the wall.

 Dump a full small cup into the large cup. With another full small cup,
 fill the large cup. Dump the full large cup back into the cannister. Put
 the large empty cup back on the counter. Dump the partial small cup into
 the large cup. Dump a full small cup into the large cup.

 Go to the fish bowl and try to get the thermometer. Maybe the fridge has
 something you can feed the fish. After getting the thermometer, place it
 in the oven and close the door. Turn on the right knob and change the
 left knob a little. Recheck the thermometer. Keep changing the left knob
 until the temperature is at 350. Go through the door by the fridge.

 Numbers already displayed are 1-5 from left to right. You need 6 and 7.
 One step back from closeup, 6 is in the third column from left. It looks
 like two eyes with eyebrows. 7 is in the eleventh column and near the
 bottom. It looks like a wishbone. Enter the new door and turn left.
 Watch a short video of the Pharaoh taking a bath. Click the curtain. You
 need the toy warship.

 You have to drain the tub. Click the hand on the water near the left
 side of the faucet. Click the ship on the curtain.

 Maneuver around till you can enter the red trapdoor. Look at the
 instructions on the wall. By heating a tank of water, it flows into
 another making it heavier. That one will pull cords fastened to columns
 that open the big doors. Back upstairs, smash the small chair on the
 right near the trapdoor. Place the broken pieces on the small blue altar
 near the large doors.

 Move the large mirror to direct the light towards the altar. Now you
 have to concentrate the light onto the wood. Thoroughly check the room
 for a magnifying glass. Once youíve ignited the wood, the large doors
 will open. Enter and talk to the Pharaoh. The rest is automatic.


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