Innocent Until Caught Walkthrough
written by [email protected]

     This walkthrough is the steps needed to solve the game
Innocent Until Caught. The Game is owned by Psycnosis and is
copyrighted 1993. This walkthrough is done without Psycnosis'
permission and I am offering it for free. So there shouldn't
be any problems there. I also wanted to point out that early
versions of this game needed a patch disk which can only be
gotten from Psycnosis.  The way to tell if you need the patch
is to try to ride the subway (you need to have a token to get
to the subway). If a subway train stops and you cannot get on
it, then you most likely need the patch disk.  The patch has
files that Psycnosis considers vital to the game and is
copyrighted, so I can't put it on the net and will not e-mail
it to you if you ask, so don't.


     The part of the game on the Tayte system can be split up
into four parts. Getting the Pawn broker to notice you, then
going and getting three items for him. I have tried to limit
the parts to just what you need to get that done. So there is
a considerable bit of running around.

Starting Out.

     After the introduction, you land on the planet Tayte in
the Tayte system and will walk into the spaceport. If you
talk to the guard correctly, he will tell you about a pawn
broker who can help you out. You don't need to talk to him,
and depending on what you say, he may fail to give you any
good information. When you leave the spaceport, you will find
yourself on a road with another road to the left of where you
come out, and a subway station to the right. Go down the road
to the left. This will take you to a longer road, which you
will be at the far right of. The fist door is to a bar, which
is where you want to go. (You need a drink, but
unfortunately, you are broke). In the bar, there are two
barflies sitting at the bar itself. In one of their back
pockets is a pawn ticket. Steal this ticket and leave. Walk
left along the road, passing the next door (which leads to a
brothel) and an alley. You will come to a pawn shop that is
next to a subway station. Go in. Give the ticket to the pawn
broker and he will give you a camera. Also, use the vase and
you will find a gum wrapper inside. Leave the pawn shop and
enter the alley that you passed to get where you are. Walk
all the way left across the alley and out into an area with a
food booth and a bunch of bikers. There is an electrical
outlet on the side of the booth. Put the camera on the outlet
to charge it up.  Return to the alley. There is a tramp here
who has a hat and won't let you take it. Use the camera on
the tramp and you will flash it in his face, then steal the
hat. Head back to the bar. Inside the hat you will find some
change. Sit at the bar. Talk to the bartender and order a
drink, then give him the change and he will give your drink.
While you are drinking your drink, a shootout will occur in
the bar and all four people involved will be disintegrated,
one of them dropping a ring. After the bar fight, the
bartender will give you your change which is one coin.  Use
this coin with the gum wrapper to make a token. Then get the
ring and go back to the pawn shop. Talk to the pawn broker
and tell him you have something he might be interested in.
Then give him the ring, he will tell you about a job he can
give you where you have to steal three items. The items are
an Egg of a Giant Kahoula Bird, a Sculpture by Renato
Spangle, and some Bonds for Quargian Plenocredits. And you
are on your way. By this point you should be 6.9% of the way
through the adventure, giving you the rank of "offender".

The Egg of a Giant Kahoula Bird

     Leave the pawn shop and return to where the bikers are.
Get the oil can. Go to the subway entrance that is beside the
pawn shop. The first time you enter a subway station, you
will have to use the token on the gate before you will be
able to go down to the train platform. At the platform, get
the radio. Put some oil on the screwdriver, which is stuck in
the vending machine. Now you can get that too. Now get on a
subway. There are five subway stations, you must ride to
each, but after you have been there, it's name will appear on
the map inside the train. Then you can just use the map to
enable you to travel from station to station faster. The five
stations are...

1. Badside: Next to the pawn shop.
2. Spaceport: Next to the spaceport.
3. The Hill: Next to the museum.
4. Regurgi: Next to the bank and police station.
5. East Eruk: Next to the Zoo.

     At Regurgi, leave the station, next to it, you will find
a hotdog stand with a hotdog on it. Get the hotdog and go
back on the subway. At the East Eruk station, get off and go
outside. There is a man taking his kid to the zoo. The kid
has a balloon.  Use the screwdriver to pop the balloon. Then
get the string and take the subway back to Badside. Leave the
station and use the passport on the bouncer standing outside
the brothel. He will tell you that you can go in, so go in.
Get the atomizer off the table and the cane off the floor.
put the cane on top of the string in your inventory to create
a bow. Now leave and go back to the bar. Tell the robot
waiter that you want to talk to him. When it comes over to
talk, use the screwdriver on it to remove a circuit board.
Put the circuit board on the radio to make a remote. Now
leave and return to where the bikers are. On the other side
of the room there is another exit. Go through it and you are
at a port. Step on the ship and a watch robot will come out.
Use the remote on the watch robot and it will go nuts and
leave. Go back to the room with the bikers. Inspect the trash
sitting next to the food stand. Somewhere in their you will
find an egg. Go back to the port. You will hear something and
hide on the boat as a truck comes to get food for the zoo.
You will climb onto the back of that truck. (You may have to
leave and enter the port several times before the truck
comes.) You will find yourself at the zoo again, but inside
one of the exhibits. There is a pile of straw next to you.
Throw it off the cliff your on and you will reveal a grate.
Throw the grate off too. Now pick up the stick and one of the
vines and put the vine on the stick to make a grappling hook.
Get the other vine and use it on the hook next to the hole in
the ground. Use the atomizer on the monster on the pinnacle
and it will fall off. Now, use the bow on the roof and you
will shoot the grappling hook up there with the vine trailing
down to where you are. Use the vine to swing across to the
ledge on the left end of the screen. Walk off the left end of
the screen into another area. You are at the egg, but there
are three man eating plants between you can it. To get by
them you must, 1) wait for the butterfly to fly to close to
one and get eaten, 2) try to get the rabbit on the ground (it
will run away and be eaten by the second plant), and 3) feed
the hotdog to the remaining one. Now swap the egg in your
inventory with the one in the nest. Go back to the room with
vine swing and swing back across. Go to the hole and climb
down into the sewers. At the other end of the sewer there is
a tunnel, go into the tunnel and you will come out at the
East Eruk subway station. Ride the subway back to Badside and
go into the pawn shop and give the egg to the pawn broker.
Your should have 20.8% of the adventure completed now,
making you a "petty thief".

The Sculpture by Renato Spangle

     This is the easiest of the three items to get. First go
back to the port. On the rail of the boat is a hat. Take it.
Now head back to the pawn shop, stopping off at the alley on
your way. Get the hose off the ground in the alley. Enter the
pawn shop and give the hat to the pawn broker, he will give
you a rug in return. Go to the subway station and get on a
train. Get the aerosol can off the train floor. Put the can
on the hose to make an air gun. Get off the train at The
Hill.  Enter the museum. There is an exhibit that looks like
a small round pebble, take it. Head further right and you
will find the sculpture you want in a glass case. Put the rug
on the floor under the glass case. Now use the air gun to
shoot the pebble at the case. Pick up the pebble and shoot
the case again. Pick up the pebble and shoot the case a third
time.  The sculpture will fall out and land on the rug. Get
the sculpture. Take a subway back to Badside. Give the
sculpture to the pawn broker. You have now finished 26.2% of
the adventure which leaves you a "petty thief".

Bonds for Quargian Plenocredits

     Enter the alley and pick up the empty bag. Then, go to
the room with the bikers and ask one of them if you can
borrow a coat made of half-credit pieces, he will ask you to
get an ornament for his bike that he had given to the owner
of the brothel. Go to the brothel and ask for the ornament,
she will ask you to get a vase that she pawned when she
needed money.  Go to the pawn shop. Now you need to steal the
vase. To do this, get the vase, then click on the status bar.
A larger picture of you appears. Put the vase in the pocket
of your coat. Then click on the status bar to go back to the
original picture. Now you can leave and go into the brothel.
The woman at the desk is chewing gum and putting it under her
desk, get the gum from under the desk. You have to get the
vase out the same way you put it up.  Now give it to the
owner and ask her for the ornament again.  Get the ornament
and bring it to the biker.  Ask him for the coat of change
again and he will give it to you. Go to the bar and get the
jar and the jar top. Put the jar top on the jar. Go to the
subway and ride a train to the Hill. To the east of the
museum, there is a mushroom. Get the mushroom. Ride the
subway to Regurgi. Leave the station and use the jar on the
hot do stand, you will fill it with mayonnaise. Now use the
jar on the fly. When you get it right the fly will dive in
and you will put the top over it. Enter the door to the far
left. You will be in the police station. Ask the desk
sergeant what's happening. When he mentions a drug bust, move
the pointer over the word drug and click. He will tell you
that they had to let them go because the drugs were actually
flour. He will give you the flour if you ask for it. Get the
flour and leave. Go in the middle door. You will be in a
bank. Talk to the teller windows and one of them will open.
Talk to the teller and say you want to open an account. When
she asks for your money, give her the bag with the coat-of-
change in it. She will tell you that it's too much for her to
take and ask you to take it to the door. Ring the bell and
give the bag of money to the guy who opens the door. Ring the
bell again. While he has the door open, put the gum on it, so
that it won't lock when he closes it again. Open the door and
walk through. Use the screwdriver on the file cabinet twice.
You will get two papers, one is just an account number, the
other is a map of the sewers. Ride the subway to East Eruk,
and enter the back door which leads to the tunnel in the
sewer (The one you came out of when you got the egg). Use the
map and you will walk to another part of the sewer. Use the
map again and you will walk up to an alcove. Put the mushroom
in the alcove, then use the jar. You will let the fly free
and it will dive bomb the mushroom which blows up opens an
entrance to the bank vault. Enter the bank vault and use the
flour. You will smash the bag of flour and it will show you
where the laser beams are. Now you can cross the vault and
get the bonds, which are sitting on top of the safe, rather
than in it. Leave and return to the East Eruk subway station.
Ride the subway back to Badside and go to the pawn shop.
Finally, give the bonds to the pawn broker.

     You will be beaten up and hidden in a cake and when you
wake up, you will be arrested and put on a prison planet. So
much for being rewarded. You should have 39.5% of the
adventure finished. Your rank is "Burglar".

Alkaseltz Prison

     You find yourself locking in a one room sell in
Alkaseltz Prison Planet. Nothing to do but use the bed. While
you are sitting on the bed feeling sorry for yourself, a
device will come in through the window. Get it. Inspect it.
Use it. It puts a hole in your wall, walk through it. You
enter another cell, this one occupied by Narm N'Palm. You
must talk to him before you can leave this room. Get the mat
in the middle of his floor, it will reveal a trap door, which
Narm never knew was there. (I didn't say he was very bright,
in fact he isn't bright at all) open the trapdoor and go
down. You will find yourself in a maze of passages and
ladders. Narm will follow, you into the maze, but don't
follow him through it too closely, he gets lost and gives up.
The maze is made up of square sections that are connected,
from any section you might have the ability to move in one of
four directions: Up, Down, Left, Right. As soon as you enter
the maze, you automatically move down one space and right one
space. From there, the path to the exit is... 1 right, 1 up,
7 right, 1 down, 2 left, 1 down, 2 left, 2 down, 3 left,
2 up, 2 left, 6 down, 3 right, 1 down, 3 right, 1 up,
1 right, 1 up, 2 right, 1 down, 1 right, 2 up, 2 right,
1 down, 1 right, 1 down, 2 right, 3 up, 1 left, 1 up,
1 right, 2 up, 1 right, 1 up, 2 right, 2 down,  2 right,
1 up, 1 right, 1 down, 1 right, 4 up, 1 right, 1 down,
2 right, 1 up. You and Narm exit the tunnels, Narm goes off
to explore. All you need to do is use the device again, a
shuttle materializes, get in. When Narm joins you, you leave
the planet.

     You end up in a room with two others, one you can talk
to the other you can't. Talk to the one you can and he will
tell you that he works for a secret government agency and he
wants you to steal a weapon called the "Transatron" from a
dictator of a planet called Shmul. You have completed 43.8%
of the adventure. Your rank is "criminal".

Cruise Liner

     You are aboard a Cruise Liner on your way to the planet
Shmul. You need to find something to relieve the boredom.
Take the flowers off the desk and leave the room. In the room
you will enter is a couple. Give them the flowers, they will
hug, and give you a chance to steal the mans wallet. Use the
wallet twice to get as credit card and passport. Now use the
exit that leads to the ship bar. Give the bartender the
credit card, and when he asks for it, give him the passport.
You will get drunk and pass out. When you wake, you'll be on
the planet Shmul.


     You wake up in a pile of baggage at the Shmul spaceport.
Get up and ask Narm to distract the old lady. While he's
doing that, steal her fur off of her luggage. Tell Narm to go
to the bar and wait for you. When you try to leave you will
be forced to talk to the customs officer. Leave and you will
be in an area with two buildings and two roads heading
towards the bottom of the screen. Go into the building on
your right. You will be in a warehouse. Take a screwdriver
from the shelf. Talk to the shop keeper and ask if he is
loyal to P'PauD'P'Pau. He isn't and will give you a book on
palace etiquette. Inspect the book and you will find a
password that will get you into the palace. Talk to the
shopkeeper again and ask if he has anything for free, he will
give you a box of spare parts. Use the screwdriver on the
parts and you will make a little car. Put the fur on the car.
Leave and go into the building on the left. You are in a bar.
Talk to the man at the bar. He will agree to help you if you
take a note to the princess. Leave the bar and walk down the
road to the right. You will find yourself in front of the
palace.  Say the password to the guards, they will let you
pass. Go in and walk to the building on the left. You will
find yourself in a garden with a vicious dog.  Use the car
and you will set it on the ground and it will start going in
circles, if the fur is on it, the dog will attack the car and
you can go past. You will be in another part of the garden,
next to the building. Climb the trellis to the balcony and go
in. Talk to the princess. You will end up making a date with
her and tear up the man's note. Leave and return to the bar.
Talk to the man and tell him that you have set up a date. He
will give you a set of keys. Ask Narm to get you a uniform.
When Narm gives you the uniform that he goes and gets, tell
him about your plan (You have one, weather you know it or
not). You will see a scene about what happens when the man
gets to the princesses bedroom, it will then show you in
front of the lab. You need to put on the uniform. To do this,
click on the status bar, when it shows the large picture of
you, put the uniform on the body. Click the status bar again
to go back to the game. Walk into the lab. Uh oh. Someone is
waiting for you, and you are put in jail again. This
completes 74.8% of the game and earns you the rank of

     Narm will come to your prison cell window and offer to
help you get out. Tell him to go to the princess and give her
a poem from you. She will come and save you just before you
get tortured. Leave the palace and go to the bar. Ask the
princess about the Transatron. She will tell you about a
crystal on in the SkyCity. Ask her to get a travel warrant
and she will go get one for you. Leave the bar and walk down
the road to the left. Narm will be there, tell him to go to
the spaceport and get a crate. Go to the spaceport, put the
warrant on the crate and climb in. You will be loaded on a
ship and sent to sky city. While on the ship, you remember
that the crates will be searched on arrival, so you get out.
Go into the escape pod in the hatch to the right. Narm will
follow and accidently cause it to release from the ship. You
find yourself at the base of sky city. You should have 80.2%
done and be called a "Master Criminal".


     Enter the base of the pillar that holds up SkyCity. Narm
will break the lift and dumbwaiter like thing, leaving you
with the long task of climbing the stairs. When you get to
the top, you will come out in a storage room. Leave the
storage room through the door to the right, and you will find
yourself on a catwalk, follow the catwalk all the way right
and you will be on the floor of a landing bay. Get the
crowbar off the floor. Cross the floor and enter the door,
and you will be in a control room. The princess is here, ask
her about the crystal. She tell you it's in the vault and
that there may be a secret door to it. Go back to the storage
room. There is a crate at a wall with a door outline behind
it. Move the crate and enter the door. You will be in the
vault. Jump down from the catwalk you are on. There is a
cylindrical storage device in there. Try to use it, you will
find you need a passkey. Use the crowbar on one of the crate
and you will open it. Get a balloon and a helium tank from
it. Use the helium tank on the balloon to float back up to
the catwalk. Return to the control room and ask the princess
about a key card. She will give you one. Go back to the vault
and use the key card on the cylindrical storage device. It
open and you can get the crystal. To get out of the vault,
you will need to get another balloon and use the helium on
it. Go back to the control room and put the crystal in the
machine. Try using it, it won't work. Leave the room and
come back in. The dictator will be there. Talk to him and bet
that it won't work, he'll ask you what you want to bet and
you wont have anything. Talk to the princess again and she'll
agree to marry you. Now bet the dictator that if it works, he
can keep the dowry from the marriage. Then sit back and watch
the finale. You have completed 100.0% of the game. Your rank
is "Jack T Ladd!!!". If you want to stop the credits, press
the space bar and you will go to the status screen. Notice
that at the end, they threaten you with a sequel.

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