"Gene Machine" walkthrough by Darksheer

Notes: This one is simple, but someone will definitely
need help. 

You begin at the Railway station. Search your wallet
until you're told its empty. Talk with paperboy and
give him money to buy a newspaper. Exit station. Go
to the cab and use it. Drive home. Enter house. After
chat with 73, pick up a letter near front-door, open
it and read. Also pick up a cigar case and old edition
of the newspaper. Examine both newspapers to get some
interesting ideas. Exit house and use cab. Drive to Mira-
bella's house (it is a ring on the map of London). 
Do not enter her house, she's not there. Go to the
garden instead. Talk with her. Well, you need to get
her ring (later about that). Return home. Enter Mossop's
room and pick up a syrup of figs, whisky. Exit room 
and go upstairs. Pick up a key and go down and to your
study. Unlock drawer and search inside - you get deed
of property. Examine your membership card in your inven-
tory. Use cab and go to Highborn Club at Piccadilly. 
Enter house. Pick up a box of snuff from the table.
Go left into other room. Talk with Earl of Lytton. Try to 
pick up his calling card lying nearby. Go right and add
syrup of figs into port. Tell butler to hurry. Go back to
Earl. Pick up calling card. Talk with club members - you
need to persuade them to let you race to Dinsey island
and to make a bet. For the first one give them deed papers
and for the latter you need to work a little. Return to
your house and go into your study. Get an artefact and 
read books on shelves. Now drive to the Royal Scientific
Institute. Inside, give an artefact to curator and go left.
Pick up a punchcard from machine. Drive back home and give
punchcard to 73 and return back to RSI and use punchcard
on the slot. After that talk to professor and agree to help
him. Drive to Docks and talk to Harbourmaster until he has
nothing to tell you. Drive to Buckingham Palace. At the 
entrance show Earl of Lytton's calling card to guards and 
walk in. Go right until you get to Queen Victoria. Talk 
with her and you need 2 things: 1) Letter Of Recomendation
and 2) A Royal Warrant (one of them she gives you automa-
tically and another one you need to pick up from the pile
of papers. Drive to Mirabella's Residence. Enter house.
Talk to maid and tell her to make a cup of tea. Now exit
house and before using cab pick up a catlip (flower). 
Drive home. Give catlip to 73 and you will get a mouse.
Drive to Whitechapel. Enter public house. Talk with recep-
tionist. Give her a letter of recommendation. Go upstairs.
Talk to Dollymop until she will let you get her camera.
Exit public house and enter pub. Talk with first labourer.
Give him a handkerchief. He will return you dirty one. 
Drive back to Mirabella, enter house. Pick up a cup of tea,
open cigar case and use it on cake. Use handkerchief on
the teacup. Go to Mirabella and give her a cup of tea. 
Then give her a mouse. Finally get an engagement ring from
the grass. Drive to Whitechapel and go to the backdoor. Talk
with forger. Give him a ring. Give him both editions of the
newspaper. Drive to Professor's Residence. Talk with him.
Enter a building to the left. Get vitriol and a remote con-
trol. Give both to professor. Now drive back to Whitechapel
and talk to bartender about ploughman's lunch. Tell him you
will drink a cup of scrumpy. Pick up scrumpy, drink it.
Get ploughman's lunch and drive back to professor. Give him
this lunch and talk again. Use whisky with snuff powder. 
Since now you've got a camera and a flash, talk to him again.
Go left to the rocket, enter rocket. 
In space: get spacesuit, spade, hammer. Pick up oxygen pipe
after striking it with hammer. Look porthole. Position levers
in the following order: leftmost and rightmost - 2nd position 
from the top, central - 4th from the top. If I am mistaken then
it's not very far from the correct positions. After proper
alignment of levers click on one of them and choose a pipe to
fix position of levers. Exit this screen. Leave ship. Find a
spot called 'moon surface' (its a bit to the right) and place
a camera there. Use camera, examine photo. Go right. Control
automation (Robert). Look hole, direct Robert to the exit. Go
right. Exit via cave entrance. Dig mineral area. Get moon rock.
Return to professor. Talk to him. He'll give you an extractor.
Extract phosphate from moon rock. Talk to professor. To leave
moon combine phosphate and vitriol in your inventory. 
At Earth: Now go to Docks and talk to Harbourmaster. Give him
Royal Warrant. Talk again. Give him cigar case. Proceed to the
right. Enter ship. Go to captain's bridge. Talk with captain.
Give him World Map. Talk again. Go downstairs. Go right. Pick
up a boathook. Go right twice. Enter door. Get a screwdriver
and an oilcan. Exit room. Go left. Enter door. Enter left door.
Unscrew porthole. Exit room. Enter right door. Get bagpipes.
Look porcoupine. Get quill. Go back to the boiler (where you 
got screwdriver & oilcan). Use quill on gauge. Exit room. Use
glass on hole. Use oilcan on winch. Push winch with boathook.
Try talking with sailor. Get expectoration on glass. Enter door.
Use glass on valve. Exit room. Go all the way to the right,
look at flag, try getting it. Talk to Mossop about getting flag.
You will get it together. Now return to the room with 2 doors
(left & right ones) and use flag on hole in pipe. Go back to 
boiler and use bagpipes on boiler. 
After you leave ship go right. Enter submarine. Talk with
Nematode. Go right. Talk with Nematode. Go left. Talk with 
Nematode. Go up the ladder. Go right twice. Play organ. Get
letters, read them. Go right. Look at mermaid poster. Get a
diving suit. Go back to Nematode. Read letters again. Talk to
Nematode. You need to direct him to the city of Atlantis.
Go back to captain Scott. Give him photo. Next time you get
control of events is at the tropical island. After you send
Mossop to contact locals get rock. Go right to the village.
Talk to chief. Go left. Pick up ivy. Go up at the fork. Go
right. Get bush (you get berries from the bush). Use ivy on
rock, use berries on rock. Give trinket to chief. He will 
provide you with a guide. Go right. Enter cave. Pick up a
cutlass. Return to the screen with cuddly animals and cut ivy
with your cutlass. Pick up animal. Go back to cave and place
animal onto panel. Go right. Try to cross lava river. Look
plug. Return all the way back to the screen with bush & lake
(you picked up berries there) and enter lake. Underwater use
plug. Return to the cave and go to the place, where your 
progress was stopped by lava river. Now you can cross safely.
Go right. Look at crystals. There's a spot called 'crystal',
not 'crystals' - you can pick up a crystal there. Go right
twice. Use oilcan on altitude adjuster, use altitude adjuster.
Look at gates. Go right. Enter first building to the left.
Get a rock. Exit building, enter 2nd building. Get all the 
crystals. Return to the room with 3 pedestals and place crys-
tals in the following order (from left to the right): purple,
green, blue. Go right. Use altitude adjuster to get to Nema-
tode, talk to him. Return to chief and give him rock to save
Mossop. Click on ship. Go to captain and give him reef map. 
Dinsey Island: Talk henchman. Look at creatures, look and
talk to tentacle. Talk to henchman. Go right. Get flare. Use
it on machine. Click on 'Reverse' switch. Talk to madman,
talk to Mossop - "Pull switch...". At the screen with creatu-
res pull switch. Go left. Use flying machine.

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