Battle For Carthage

by Druillet

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   June, 2003

GamePlay:    This mouse driven game comes in 2 CD disk. CD1 is the game installer and CD2 is the one used to play the game. After selecting a player's number and starting a new game, the introduction is viewed. The cursor stays at the center of the screen and changes to a pointing hand (direction), grasping claw (take) and gear for action to be done. The cursor changes to an item that is picked up.

Right click of mouse also shows the Inventory slots, Main Menu, Character, Logbook and Map. Main Menu has the Save game, Load game, Options, Resume game and Exit. The Options menu offers the color, resolution, subtitles, hinting and sound controls.

The inventory bar shows the picked items in slots. The scroll bottom of the inventory is at the right side of the slots. When an inventory is picked and an action is available, the inventory is seen inside the action gear cursor. The character button shows Spendius (that's YOU!) and will be able to change his clothes or feed him from items in inventory. The Logbook is a comic strip that describes what has happened previously and is useful for information. The Map shows where you are during gameplay. Right click to toggle close the inventory bar or to place back the inventory item.

A quick save can be done by pressing F5 during gameplay. In the Load game screen, the top slot is the quick save, automatic save done by the program and the manual saves done by you. To manually save, select a free slot and the click on save button. A quick load can be done by pressing F9 during gameplay. Pressing the spacebar skips the cinematic. Press ESC to skip the credits.  When talking to a character, a set of dialogues is seen on the screen. The dialogues can be repeated by talking to the character again. Select the logical dialogues required to reach your goal.

Spendius is captured by the Carthaginians. The grand priestess of Tanith is resplendently beautiful Salammbo. Spendius is mistreated and thrown into a dungeon.


Dungeon:   Look up at the ceiling and see a way out of here. To get up there, the only available things around are the bones.  Pickup the solid bones, bones and large tibia together in one click and very solid bones. At the center of the clear area of the floor, drop the very solid bones, then the solid bones and lastly bones. Click on opening on the ceiling to get out of this place.

Guard Room:   Go forward to the open room and take the rope. Exit the room, turn to the right and go forward to the sleeping guard. Hit him with the tibia from inventory. Take the keys from the guard's belt. Turn to the middle room, use key to open the door and take the stool.

Go and open the last door on the left with the keys. Find a man on a rack. It seems he's beyond help. To the right is a barred window, a means of escape. Place the stool below the window. Remove the rope that is attached to the rack. Click the rope from inventory on the winch. The cursor now has the end of the rope. Click the rope on the window and then turn the winch handle to pull the bars off. Exit through the window.

Courtyard:     There's guard ahead, turn left and go forward. Meet Salammbo, daughter of Hamilcar and Grand Priestess of Tanith who warns you about the soldiers. Talk to Salammbo completely. She was brought to that place by a dream from the Goddess, obey her and she will help you escape Carthage. She want you to go to Matho, a mercenary chief camped outside the city. Tell him to ask her father for her hand in marriage. To prove her love for Matho, give Matho a statuette in her image. Ask her all the questions available and in the end accept her proposal. You will get her statuette. Carriage and mounts are at the courtyard, escort of Hannon the treasure who will pay the mercenaries. You can hide in the bags. Turn around and click on the pile of bags or the animals.

Comic strip - Spendius escapes and arrives at the Mercenary camp. He drops and breaks the statuette.

In Search of Protection

Hannon's Camp:    In inventory is the broken statuette. Turn to the right and see the camp. Be careful because the guards can see you in chains and will be tortured when caught. Turn to the back of the tent and see a water trough and a mount. On the other side of the tent is a guard - so don't go there. Turn left again and see a protruding rock. Go forward pass the protruding rock, forward until the stone road, turn right and go forward 2xs.

Matho's tent:     Talk honestly to the mercenary guard. Tell him you're Spendius and that you have a gift from a woman. Give Matho the broken statuette. Matho wants you to repair the statuette. Ask to be free of the chains. Matho tells you to look for Autharite, chief of the Gauls that has blacksmithing tools. Turn right and take the map from the table. The map icon will now be lit at the inventory bar. Exit Matho's tent, turn around, go forward left of Matho's tent. Cross the road where stand mounts and a guard who warns about mountain travel.

Autharite's tent:    Go forward and enter the Gaul's camp. Turn right and enter the tent. No one is around. Click on the tools on top of the chest. Autharite hears the noise and comes in. Talk to him and eventually play a game of cottabe.

Cottabe: Each player takes a turn throwing a helmet at center of shield. Do a quick save here and can later do a quick load, if you lose. Look down and take a helmet. Watch the swinging shield and wait while the shield is just a split second before getting to the center and then click. Play to win 5 out of the 6 helmets while Autharite gets 6 out of 6. This satisfies Autharite's ego. If you lose miserably, he sends you to the Carthaginians; if you win, his ego gets hurt and you must let him win the next time.

Spendius chains are removed. Talk to Autharite about protection and learn about his plans of turning against their employers, the Carthaginians. Leave the tent, go R, F, R and forward to the artisan's tent.

Artisan's tent:    Talk to the artisan, learn about mercenaries' payment and then show him the broken statuette. He gives you a pot of fish glue to fix the statuette. Click the pot of glue on the broken statuette and then take the repaired statuette. Go back to Matho's tent across the road.

Matho's tent:     Give Matho the repaired statuette and then talk to him. He refuses protection but allows you free movement at the camp. Exit the tent.

Numidian Camp:    Outside the tent, turn around and go right of Matho's tent. Go forward 3xs, turn left and talk to the mercenary watching the wine seller's tent. Ask for wine and he will say that what his drinking is too strong for you. It's the wine for war elephants made up of pepper and other secret ingredients.

Turn right, go forward, R, F and see Narr'Havas, chief of the Numidian cavalry. Talk to Narr'Havas and learn about his men getting restless. He too refuses to take you and says there's no where for you to go. He gives you a dagger for protection anyway.  Go to the left of his tent, turn left again and forward back to the Wine seller's tent.

Incite trouble between Mercenaries and Carthaginians

Spendius should get rid of the Carthaginians since no help from the mercenaries can be obtained. They want their money. Best to steal the payroll and let the mercenaries take care of the Carthaginians.

Wine seller's tent at the Numidians' camp:    See that the mercenary is now sound asleep. Take the wineskin/bottle and see that it is empty in inventory. Let us make more of the knock out war elephants' wine.

Elephant's wine - Look on the table and see 5 colored bottles, bowl and a jug of water. We know one ingredient for it - pepper and that we need 4 measures of them as seen in the 4 hollows of the bowl. Which one? I did this by trial and error. Click the colored bottle on the bowl to get a measure of the powder. Right click the bottle on the table to put it down. When all the powders are in the bowl, click the jug of water on the bowl. If wrong, the bowl is emptied. If correct, you get a purple bubbling concoction. Correct mixture: one click of black (pepper), one click of red (pimento), 2 clicks of blue (incense) and the jug of water. Click the empty wineskin/bottle on the purple concoction to get bottle of elephants' wine.

Hannon's camp:     Go back to the Carthaginians' camp. Turn around from the wine seller's table, forward, right, forward 3xs. Turn left and go back to the road. Go F 2xs, L and F 3xs. Now you're back were you started when you first arrived here at the camp. Place the elephants' wine on the trough. The mount drinks it and runs off. The soldier runs to catch it. The next steps are timed and the path taken should be done carefully. 

Steal the payroll - Turn right, forward behind the tent and forward to the left of the lit tent.

Take dagger from inventory and click the dagger on the rope that is tied to the opening of the tent.

Click dagger on shadow of man counting money and enter tent.

Turn left, take money, turn left and exit tent.

Comic strip: Without the Carthaginian translator, Spendius mistranslate Hannon's explanation to the soldiers about the stolen payroll inciting anger among the mercenaries. Spendius throws a rock at Hannon starting a riot.

Road:     Autharite confronts you about your role in the riot. Admit your part and then make an agreement with Autharite. Give him Hannon's treasure.

Comic strip - Autharite orders Spendius to bury the money. Salammbo's father, Hamilcar arrives at the council of the Mercenary chiefs. Spendius is part of the council.

Mercenary Chiefs Council:     Click on Matho or Hamilcar to start the dialogue. Hamilcar wants justice.

Choose dialogues:

Nothing strange for the men to have gotten carried away. They've about run out of patience.

Hannon's flight stopped the payments. When will they begin again?

We shouldn't have to hold an inquiry.

It's not the mercenaries' responsibility to investigate this. The treasure was under the guard of Carthage when it was stolen.

That would be unfortunate, but everyone should be responsible for his actions.

Hamilcar departs and the other chiefs' resume the discussion.

Click on Matho to start the dialogue.

Choose dialogues:

You're invincible! Remember your victories against Rome.

Destroy the city and Salammbo will be yours. Harden your heart, for you have no other choice.

Carthage takes advantages of its allies. They will revolt as soon as they see that the city is having difficulties.

Let's put together an expedition to go get the Zaimph!

I'll go alone to Carthage and bring back the Zaimph.

Comic strip:    Matho gives Spendius a message for Salammbo.

Collecting Tools Necessary to get into Carthage:

Numidian Camp:    Go to the Numidian camp. Take the path right of Matho's tent and talk to Narr'Havas. He gives you a bow that can kill sentinels from afar silently.

Gaul's Camp:    Go to Autharite at the camp left of Matho's camp. Talk to Autharite. He gives iron bar and crampons for climbing. Exit the tent and turn right. Go forward until the flesh eaters/Pariah village.

Pariahs' village:     Talk to the flesh eater guard. They do not like the Carthaginians. To enter the village, say that you have the bow to kill pigs. Agree to kill 3 pigs when the village elder talks to you.

Pig shooting - Turn right or left to see men and pigs running in the shadow. Be careful not to hit any of the men or you will be the next dinner. I used the hill to the left as the backdrop of my target practice. After getting the bow from inventory, I aimed the cursor low on the lit part of the rock. Waited for the pig's hide to shine and clicked. After killing 3 pigs, the feast begins. (Cheat is F8).

Talk to the village elder. Find out about the waterworks, the installation behind the city. He gives direction for a place where the crampons can be used. The guards can be distracted by the flesh eater's feast. Turn around, forward once, turn left, forward 2xs and see the giant ivy climbing the wall of the waterworks. Use the crampons on the woody trunk of the ivy. Cinematic.

Getting Inside the Temple of Tanith

Atop the waterworks:    See the guards with their backs turned. Take the bow and shoot the closest one. Go forward to where the guard dropped his shield. Click on the shield to turn it around and then take the leather strap. Turn around and look at the manhole cover. Use the iron bar to pry open the manhole cover. Enter the manhole.

Inside the waterworks:    Turn to left, forward and look at the rusted part at bottom left of the grill. Place the leather strap on the rusted grill. Place the iron bar on strap and then click/pry the rusty grill off. Go forward until the lit stairs.

Comic strip - Spendius enters the city.

1. Start

2. Senator Bostar's residence and slaves

3. Pig/cloth

4. Shopkeeper and genie

5. Ladder

6. Slave of Treasurer Hannon

7. Starlight Tavern

8. King of the Birds

9. Rotunda to the gates of the Sacred Precinct and Senate

red circle - map stand

Carthage streets:   

        Start (1) - Look close at the metal map of the city on a stand. There's several of these map stand all over the streets of Carthage. The Temple of Tanith is the round one on the right and the Temple of Moloch is the one of the left. The 'you are here' is the ornate red marker.

        Senator Bostar's residence and slaves (2) - Go forward once and meet some slaves. Talk to the slave. Find out that Senator Bostar is going to the Temple of Moloch. Turn right and go forward 3xs. 

        Pig/cloth (3) - Take the cloth by the pig eating by the gates. Turn right and check the map stand to see where you are in the city. Climb the stairs 3xs and check the map stand on the left. Turn around and go forward to the street across the map stand.

        Shopkeeper (4) - Talk to the shopkeeper. Find out about his offering to the domestic genie on top of his house and his sleeping wife. He mentions the Starlight Tavern to quench your thirst. Turn around and go to the steps across the shopkeeper.

        Ladder (5). Pick up the ladder. Turn around and go back to the shopkeeper's home/shop

        Genie (4) - He's gone. Click on the animal skull door knocker. Ooops, you woke the shopkeeper's wife and got some goodies thrown at you. Pick up the cage. Place the ladder on ground to the right of the door. Climb the ladder to the domestic genie. Pick up the blue incense bottle, the red pimento bottle, the bag of grain and the black pepper bottle. Go down and then go back to the map marker street right of the shopkeeper's house. Turn right and climb the steps.

        Slave of Treasurer Hannon (6) - You get stopped by a slave looking for his master, Senator Hannon (remember him, the treasurer). Talk to the slave. He needs to tell Hannon of the Senate meeting.

        Rotunda to the gates of the Sacred Precinct and Senate (9) - Continue up the steps and find yourself by 2 gates guarded by stern sentries. Talk to the guards at both entryways and find out that the lit stairs is the entry to the Sacred Precinct (where you really want to go to), where the Temple of Tanith and Temple of Moloch are situated. The other sealed guarded gate is the Senate. One of the guards wants meat. Take the left path from the rotunda.

        Starlight Tavern (7) - Go forward by the water until the Starlight Tavern. Talk to Night Breeze, priestess of Tanith and seller of her charms by the bar. She's meeting Senator Hannon and that the Zaimph drapes the Goddess. Look around the cubicles surrounding the bar. The leftmost cubicle is open for inspection. Hmmm.

        King of the Birds (8) - Go back to the path by the water and see birds on the ground. Talk to the mystical man, King of the Birds. He knows you and approves of what you are to do. He will give you the secret on how to charm the guard in front of the Zaimph if you prove that you are friends with the birds. Give him the bag of grain and then the cage thrown by the shopkeeper's wife. He gives you the Princess bird in the cage to help get to the Zaimph.

He recites riddles to help you find and get the Zaimph:

As each pair of demons howls in unison, the door of terror will open up for you.

Pass in front of the treasures, follow darkened corridors and find the path leading to the gardens.

In the sacred groves, a female bird sings and the bicephalous bird, a male is caught in the trap.

Near the slumbering monster grow three sleep inducing flowers to be picked, ground and then thrown in the fire.

Put she who watches to sleep, charm the guardian and close your hand over the sacred veil.

        Starlight Tavern (7) - Go back to the Tavern, behind the King of the birds. Talk to the shopkeeper and the bartender at the bar. Find about the latest news, opposing views about Hamilcar and Hannon and that Hannon is in the last cubicle behind the bar. Find out about the defense of the city and food and water support from a siege.

Go behind the shopkeeper and see entwined lovers. Play cottabe if you want (you don't need to) with the helmet at the foot of the stand beside them. Turn left and talk to the drinking guard by the last cubicle where Hannon is. Turn around and see sausages with bells as alarm system against thieves.

With the bartender turned away from the sausages, use the cloth on the bells and then take the sausages. Who was that that wanted meat and will pay some money for them?

        Get Money (9) - Go back to the sentry by the senate door. Click/sell the sausages to the sentries and get a purse of money. 

        Senator Hannon( 7) - Go back to the tavern and buy some wine from the bartender using the purse. On the bowl in front of the bartender mix up a batch of elephants' wine. Add one red pimento, one black pepper and 2 of the blue incense. Then add the wine from the bottle/wineskin you just bought. Click the wineskin on the bubbly purple concoction to get bottle of elephants' wine.

Now, take care of the guard by the Hannon's cubicle. Ask the guard to share a drink and then click the wineskin on his cup. Now that his zonked, let's work on the Hannon. Pour the very potent elephant's wine on the cup by the cubicle of Hannon. Enter the cubicle. UGH! Take the Senatorial Insignia from the post by the balcony rail. Hear the bartender say 'closing time'

Wear the senatorial insignia by opening the inventory bar, click on 'your character' and click the senatorial insignia on Spendius. Exit and see that the Tavern is empty except for the sleeping guard.

        Rotunda to the gates of the Sacred Precinct and Senate (9) - Now go to the lit Secret Precinct stairs. The guards thinking that you are Hannon lets you pass. I wonder how they mistook skinny Spendius for humongous Hannon.

Sacred Precinct:     Go forward until the middle of the passage, turn right and climb the steps. Now remember you are a Senator - be haughty appropriate to your station. Scold the guard about being advised too late. Go around the idol, down the steps and go pass the dragon. Turn right to the door guarded by the dragon and enter.

Comic strip - Spendius listens to Hamilcar relate about his meeting with the mercenaries. The Senate votes for war against Hamilcar's advisements. Spendius stays behind after the senators leave and enters a hidden corridor. His retreat is closed behind him.

Search for the Zaimph

Door to Treasury:    Go forward to the door with rosettes. Remember the words of the King of Birds.

As each pair of demons howls in unison, the door of terror will open up for you. Each rosette turns and makes a sound. It is a sound memory puzzle. Turn the pair of rosettes of similar sounds. When done correctly the door slides open. Enter.


Pass in front of the treasures, follow darkened corridors and find the path leading to the gardens. Take the keys and tinderbox beside the skewered priestess of Tanith. Look at the central post and note the 9 circles, two of which has inscriptions. Wonder what they mean? Go around through the left side and pick up the hammer from the ledge of the central post. Note the hoop above the ledge - it is an oil lamp. Go around to the other side of the central post and see scrolls in slots. Read the scrolls. The only one that can be partly deciphered is the one at bottom right. The column on the left are Roman Numerals and the middle column are Carthaginian numbers. From this scroll you can decipher the Carthaginian numerals.

Go to the side of the post in front of the entrance that has the circles. The bottom right inscription is #1 and the top left is #9. So the arrangement of the number start from bottom right, going left, up one row to next row.  So now we know what numbers are on the blank circle. From left to right: Top row is 9 8 7, middle row is 6 5 4 and bottom row is 3 2 1. But what code to enter. Remember this is the Treasury and Hannon is the treasurer. What was written on his arm? The code!

Remember - the Carthaginian reads from bottom up. Use the hammer on the circle that denotes 4 (middle row, right column), 2 (bottom row, middle column), 1 (bottom row, right column), 3 (bottom row, left column).

That opened 6 triangle s on the wall. Find precious and heavy vases on 4 of the triangle. Take the precious vase from the triangle on the far left side closest to the statue at the other side of the room. Take the scroll left in the opening. Put back the vase and pick up the papyrus. Now you also have another map. Go back to the oil lamp above the ledge where you got the hammer. Light it with the tinderbox. Click the papyrus on the oil lamp to get burning paper. Then go behind the altar in front of the giant idol. Standing between the statue and the altar, light the oil lamp on the altar. The idol turns with you on it to end up in another passage.

Flagstones:    Have you noticed that all the doors you passed through closes leaving you trapped. Oh well! Onward, no backward! Go forward until the fork of the path. Now which way? Look down and note that the stones are arranged in a point. Let's follow where it points then. Take the left path and end up upstairs of a circular building.

Garden of Tanith:   The building has 2 exits at each side. Across on a shelf are a bowl and a chest.

In the sacred groves, a female bird sings and the bicephalous bird, a male is caught in the trap. Exit the right side and see a bird perch. Place Princess bird on the perch. Click on Princess Bird to make her sing and the 2-headed bird alights on a leaf above her. If you try to cage the bicephalous bird, it flies away. Let's see. Place some glue on the leaf the bird lands on then. Click on Princess Bird to make her sing and then click the cage on the glued 2-headed bird.

Near the slumbering monster grow three sleep inducing flowers to be picked, ground and then thrown in the fire. Go around the right side of the garden to see some monkeys play. At the other (left) side of the garden and to the left of the building where the singing watcher is, lies a sleeping monster. Pick up the flowers to his left - the red dream flower, blue night flower and white forgetting flower.

Go back to the round building and place the flowers on the bowl. Open the chest and pick up pestle and mask. Use the pestle on the flowers. Take the bowl with the flower powder.

Put she who watches to sleep. Go to the singing watcher at the other building. Talk to her. You will not be able to walk to the next passage. Place mask on 'your character'. Place the flower powder on the burning coals behind her. Pass the sleeping beauty to go to the steps at the other side of the building.

Charm the guardian and close your hand over the sacred veil. Go through the door of the Temple of Tanith, then left and see the snake guardian blocking the steps to the statue of Tanith and the Zaimph. Another snake guards the steps on the other side. Place the bicephalous bird on the wood protruding from the wall above the snake. Then click on the bird for it to sing. It sings the same song the watcher sang. The snakes on both steps go through a hole. Climb the steps and realize that the veil is behind a force field. If you get it now - game over.

Turn off the force field around the Zaimph:    Go down the steps and go in front of the steps base. See slots at the base of the ramp. Look down to the right of the slots and pick up picture squares. What order do we place the squares? Base on the song sang by the priestess/watcher and sang by the bicephalous bird; insert the picture squares in proper sequence that follows the song. Check the comic strip to find out the lyrics to the song.

Sometimes thin and bent like a galley with no masts - Galley

she glides over a black sea. - Sea

Sometimes shiny and round, - Crescent of Tanith

she skims the peaks of mountains, - Mountains

 like a shepherd - Shepherd

among the stars. - Stars

Remember that the Carthaginian writes from right to left. So, place picture squares from left to right:    star, shepherd, mountains, sea, galley. At the bottom slot, place the Crescent of Tanith.

The force field is turned off. Take the Zaimph from the statue of Tanith.

Getting out alive:    Eek! An alarm is sounded. How can you leave unharmed. The Carthaginians revere the Zaimph. Open your character and wear the Zaimph. They will not harm the veil - you, that's another matter.

Go down and enter the circular area at the center of the room. Talk to Salammbo. Be truthful but still to no avail. Turn to the right and try to go through the main door now open. The guards appear but won't harm Spendius because of fear of harming the veil. Turn back to the door but a monkey stops your passage. Take the glowing fruit behind the monkey and give the fruit to the monkey. It runs away with its booty. Go out the door.

Comic strip - Spendius, protected by the veil leaves the city riding a war elephant. Now the mercenaries believe more in their chances of victory and a war council is held.

Destroy the Waterworks

War Council:     The war chiefs discuss their plans. Narr'Havas, the Numidian is to get supplies from the back country, Autharite, the Gaul is to keep the Carthaginian army inside the city and Matho to show the Zaimph to the coastal cities to get their backing and war engines.  Spendius' responsibility is to destroy the waterworks.

Pariah village:     Go to the Pariahs' Village to talk to the one who knows about the waterworks and gave you help before. Talk to the old man and find out that the waterworks is now well guarded. The source of water is the mountain. Check the map by using the scroll arrow to see the expanded area including the backcountry.

Road:     Go to the road and talk to the guard taking care of the mounts. Insist on getting a mount and he will loan one to the bringer of the Zaimph. Now see the map with you on the road and 2 cursors where you can go. Click on the pointing cursor and go to Solitude Mountain.

Solitude Mountain:     Leaving your mount, go forward, pass a pool and around the mountain to a small pass at the other side of the mountain. See a glyph on the wall. Go back to your mount and ride to the Hatchet Mountain Pass.

Hatchet Mountain Pass:     Go forward 3xs and see 3 beehives on the left side of the path. Careful, you will be attacked by a swarm of bees. Turn left and climb the zigzag path to a rock ledge. See a skeleton on the turn going up. Take the skull.

Go down and forward to rock shelves with cactus. Using your dagger cut some cacti that are growing on rock shelves between the split paths. Get your character to eat it and find it edible. Take either path and go forward until the end. Turn to the left and see an entrance. Try to go through the entrance and a dragon arrives to mangle you. Immediately click fast to go back (6 clicks) where you came from and go up the rocky ledge by the beehive.

Rocky ledge:     See the dragon waiting for you down the path. Pick up a rock on the floor of the ledge and throw it on the beehive. Hah! The dragon is chased by the bees. Go down and use the empty pot on the green goo the dragon left behind and get a pot filled with saliva. The things we do to play a game! Now that the dragon is gone, go to the entrance that he guards.

Ruined Temple:    Before you enter the cave, go to the place where the dragon came out of and see piles of bones. Aren't you glad that you were not one of those? Enter the cave and find a temple ruin that is guarded by a pair of monkeys and a pair of dragons similar to the animals at the Garden of Tanith.

Open the secret door to the sacred couple:     Enter the ruins and go behind the central pillar. Look at the slots and cards also reminiscent of the puzzle done in front of the statue of Tanith. Look at the inscription below the cards. He who maps out the city precinct will continue on his way towards the sacred couple. Two of the cards have a button at one corner. Open the map at the inventory/bottom bar and see that the walls of the city  has 4 towers: from bottom to top - Serpent Tower, Dragon Tower, Bull Tower and Star tower that goes to the secret precinct that has the Temple of Moloch and Temple of Tanith. Arrange the cards to reproduce the towers of the city wall and the Temples. From bottom going up: serpent, dragon, bull and star. Then place on top left, the disk of Moloch and top right is crescent of Tanith.

Room of Moloch and Tanith:     A grating sound is heard. Turn around and enter through the revealed opening. Not again, the door closed behind us. Wait, pull the lever on the wall and the door opens again. Turn around and move forward to the domed room. See the statue of Moloch on the left, the statue of Tanith on the right and a central table. Go to the side of the table facing Tanith and see a rolling pin held by 2 hands. Wrap the papyrus onto the pin. It reads: Place the tomb of thought on the engraved disk, then pour in saliva from the killer. Look deep into Tanith's eyes; seize the motionless hour where the water goddess, in the celestial home of the killer, passed in front of Moloch, a red and torrid fire. Go to the other side of the table facing Moloch and can now see the drawing on the tiles on top the table. Let's follow the new riddle.

Place the tomb of thought on the engraved disk - Place the skull taken from the skeleton on the ledge on the disk of Moloch (middle row, right column).

then pour in saliva from the killer - Place the saliva of the dragon on the skull. The tile goes down and the Red eye of Moloch opens. Go to the statue of Moloch and use dagger to pry off the Eye of Moloch. Turn around and see that one of the horns around the edge of the table is skewed. Click on it to open a compartment. Take the demon key.

Look deep into Tanith's eyes; - Go to the opposite statue, click on the eye of Tanith's statue and see the crescent moon of Tanith and red disk of Moloch chase each other.

Seize the motionless hour where the water goddess, in the celestial home of the killer, passed in front of Moloch, a red and torrid fire - Stop the movement of the crescent moon (Tanith) when it is in front of the red disk (Moloch) when both are in the constellation of the dragon. Control the speed of the cycle by holding the mouse button and sliding the slider left or right. When you think the moon and disk is correctly positioned, release the mouse button.  (Cheat is F8). When correctly done, the scene will turn white and the other door opens.

Destroy the waterworks:    Enter the new passage, go forward, turn right before the rock slide at end of hall and see the waterworks. While standing by the opening, throw the eye of Moloch in the water. It explodes! As soon as mouse control is taken back, immediately turn around and go inside the passage or else you die!

Comic strip - Spendius was successful in cutting off the water to Carthage.

Lead the Mercenary Army

To get out of here:    Turn right and see that the explosion cleared the rock slide from a set of steps. Go forward to the stairs cleared of the rockslide and enter a domed structure. See a red pulsing circle on the wall, just like the red disk of Moloch. Turn around and go out the passage across from it. The door is closed at the end of the passage. Turn right and use the demon key on the circle with the similar glyph on the wall. The rock door slides open. Go through and come out the small pass at the back of Solitude Mountain. Turn to the left wall and see a similar glyph. So, we can come back through here later.

Solitude Mountain:     Go around to the front of the mountain and meet the Etruscan mercenary chief that describes the defeat of drunken Autharite by Hannon and his army. Talk to the mercenary and try to get them to fight. The mercenary is afraid not of the battle but of the bad omen of the Eye of the Mountain idol. Go to the pool and talk to Autharite. Look back at the mountain top and see the red eye of Moloch shining bright. Was that the pulsing red circle we saw inside the domed room? Hmm. Remember what happened when we threw the red eye in the waterworks. Fill the empty pot in inventory with water from the pool to get pot filled with water.

Go back to the pass at the back of Solitude Mountain. Use the demon key on the glyph on the right mountain wall. Climb back to the pulsing red circle - Eye of Moloch we saw in the domed room. Click the pot of water on the pulsing red circle and immediately turn round to go back to the passage you came through to escape the blast. See the eye of Moloch break. Use the demon key on wall glyph and go back to the Etruscan chief. Tell him the eye breaking is a sign! The Gods are with us.

The Etruscan Chief asks several questions to ensure that you know how to lead an army:

You surprise the enemy in his camp in the middle of the night. You can either entirely circle him or leave him a way out. Which would you choose to do? I'd leave him a way out.

If your cavalry is greater than that of the enemy, will you seek a battle on the plains or in rugged terrain? On the plains.

While sacrificing prior to the battle, twelve birds of prey fly off to your right. What do you do? I attack with confidence.

If you're fighting with your back to the sea, are you better off attacking at day's end or in the morning? At day's end.

Is a lunar eclipse a good or bad omen for an army that must flee? A good omen.

If the enemy camp is to the west, and you've camped out to the east, do you attack in the morning or wait until the afternoon? The morning.

Battle Tactics:     Spendius leads the mercenary army and meets Narr'Havas with supplies and pigs arriving from the backcountry. They face Hannon and his war elephants in battle.

Arrange the battle field in a way to win against Hannon and his army. Move your army on the empty squares and then start the combat.

Match the way Hannon has his army arranged. Troup of pigs in front, Numidian cavalry to the left of the pigs, Etruscans and Gauls (heavy infantry) behind the pigs and the Balearic slingers to the right of the pigs.  Click the medallion at bottom right to start the combat. The mercenaries are victorious!

A Traitor in our Midst

Matho wants you to help the Numidians adjust the aim of the helepole, a siege tower armed with a ballista.

Numidian Camp:    Go to the Numidian camp and talk to Narr'Havas. He tells you to climb the pole and help the men adjust their aim. Turn around and go forward until outside the camp.  Meet a Numidian mercenary and he wants you to hit the banner hanging from the enemy's rampart with a flaming arrow.

Helepole adjustment - Climb the helepole.

1. Bring up the arrows that are under the helepole by turning the big wheel on far left of the platform. Take the arrows.

2. Turn right and go forward to front of the siege tower facing the enemies' rampart. Place arrows on the rack at right of the ballista/giant crossbow.

3. Take an arrow and light it on the fire on the left. Turn to the ballista and place the flaming arrow on it.

4. Click on lever at bottom left of the ballista to shoot the arrow.


See the aim of the ballista is too high. Correct the aim of the ballista by adjusting the tension of the 2 ropes holding it to the wall and the x shaped wood that turns the ballista. Click on the arrows to adjust the different parts of the ballista and see where the gauge is set.


1. Adjust the tension of the rope closest to you to go to 3 o'clock position shown on the left gauge.

2. Adjust the tension of the far rope to be just a little over one o'clock position shown on the middle gauge.

3. Adjust the position of the ballista by turning the x-shaped wood to a little over 4 o'clock position shown at the right gauge.

4. Click on lever at bottom left of ballista. See the banner get hit and set on fire. That is done.

Assassination attempt:     If you go down the ladder, a Numidian stabs Spendius in the back and game over. Wonder why. Go to the empty basket that brought the arrows up. Turn around and look down. See the ambusher in wait by the ladder.  How do we get out of here alive? Turn the lever in front of the wheel to bring the empty basket down. Climb down the rope and use dagger on the waiting Numidian.

How to get out of the Numidian camp alive - Go forward 2xs. Turn to right and forward to the opening on the wall to get to the main Numidian camp. Forward 3xs and hear Narr'Havas treachery. Go forward, turn left at wine seller's tent, forward to opening on wall, turn right and forward 3xs.

Matho's tent:    Enter Matho's tent and tell him what was heard of Narr'Havas treachery. The mention of Salammbo's hand in marriage to Narr'Havas made Matho believe the story. He wants you to obtain the help of the flesh eaters.

Autharite's tent:    Go to Autharite's tent and inform him of the treachery. He finally got off his snit and gets ready to wage war.

Pariah's village:    Go to the Pariahs' village and talk to the old man. He wants food before they will give aid. At the offer of the phenicopterus tongue, the old man states that they want Hannon himself. Agree and state that you will give order that Hannon be brought to the village. Yum! Go back to Matho.

Narr'Havas is driven away in the surprise attack but the mercenary army led by Spendius and Autharite was sealed off by Hamilcar and Narr'Havas at Hatchet Mountain Pass. Matho and his army were not able to help.

Escape from Hatchet Mountain Pass

Autharite clearly states his feelings about Spendius. This is timed because food is gone and hunger makes Spendius weak. Pick up any possible food source.  To consume them, open inventory bar, click on your character and feed him with any food available when his energy level goes dangerously low. The life force will temporarily go up.

Ruined Temple:    Let's see if we can get out from here and open the secret door from the puzzle from the back of the central post like we did before. Go inside the ruined temple, to the back of the central post and see that 2 of the tiles - the Temple of Moloch and the Temple of Tanith are gone. Where did they go?

Lost tiles:    Turn around and go to the sealed door. Talk to the flesh eater old man sitting to the left of the door. He wants meat (not sandals, leaves, etc) and then he'll give you beautiful images. So that's who has the squares necessary to open the door. Pick up the sandal as food source in front of him.

Mountain Pass:    Go back outside the ruins; pick up sandal in courtyard, out through the cave entrance and to the right. Pick up any sandals you see lying about. Go where the cactus grows. Cut the only available cactus left. A soldier says that it is poisonous and wants it. Ha! Don't believe him. Keep it for when your life force goes way down and consume it.  Sandals when eaten can raise your life force. So accumulate them when seen around the dying men. Eat when necessary.

Ledge:    Go to the ledge beside the beehive that was your safe haven when the dragon appeared here earlier. Pick up a stone and hit a bird feeding on dead man. Go down and pick up dead bird. Go back to the ruined temple using the other path and pick up sandals for food source on the way.

Tile puzzle in the ruined temple:    Go back to the flesh eater old man and give him the bird. He gives you the 2 tiles. Place the tiles on the slots at the back of the central pillar - Disk of Moloch to the left and Crescent of Tanith to the right. The secret door opens.

Enter the secret door and go through rooms to the end, the sealed door across the destroyed eye of Moloch. There are dead rats that can be eaten to raise your life force. There's a dead rat on the steps to the domed room where the destroyed eye of Moloch was. Use the devil key on the glyph on the right wall. Exit and find yourself in the army's mounts' pen.

Destroy the Enemy

Mounts' Pen:    Go forward to the gate of the pen beside some crates. The gate can not be opened. Look down and left and take the rope coiled on the side of the chest. Click/attach the rope to the gate and then click the other end of the rope on the war elephant. Click on the elephant to irritate it and it will pull the gate open.

Find Food:    Exit the enclosure and turn left at the first lit tent. Eat all the apples in the basket on the floor. Oooops, the jugs tip over.  Pan right to the open crate and take a uniform. Dress your character with the uniform.

Exit the tent, turn left and go forward to the fire. The soldier wants you to relieve the sentry by the general's tent. Go forward.

Comic strip - Spendius learns that Matho' army is camped close. Spendius must find a way to ensure that a good opportunity is presented to Matho for him to risk an attack.

After Spendius' stint as a sentry he is now by the campfire. Look down and get a lit log/torch. Remember, the hay by the armies mounts' pen. Go back to the mounts' enclosure. Use the torch on the hay.

Comic strip - The elephants and mounts rampage through the camp. The fire went from tent to tent. Matho seized the opportunity to attack. Hamilcar was killed, trampled by a war elephant. Narr'Havas flees. Leaderless, the opposing army surrenders. Matho finds Spendius in the camp. They released the surviving men trapped in the pass. They march to Carthage. The Carthaginians offered bloody sacrifices to Moloch. The God sends Demons of Moloch to help defend the city. Matho is at the front of the battle formation and Spendius is left to arrange the positioning of their army.

Battle Tactics:     Again, arrange the mercenaries in to position opposite the enemies of similar strength.

The Pariah in front to meet the demons of Moloch. The elephants and the Zaimph to far left of the Pariahs. The Etruscans and Gauls behind the Pariahs and the Balearic slingers to right of the Pariahs. Click the 'Engage in Combat' medallion at bottom right. Watch! The mercenaries are victorious.

Carthage was destroyed. Matho meets Salammbo in the middle of the carnage. Spendius glory in the treasure he has gotten.

The story of Spendius from slave to riches is now told.

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