The Messenger

(Louvre: The Ultimate Curse)
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Walkthrough by MaGtRo
February 18, 2001

version 1.1a

My dear daughter Morgane, I will probably be dead when you discover this message. During the excavation of the Louvre, I've discovered a lion shaped ewer and some engraved ivory tablets. It has taken me years to decipher them. It would seem the author was Anselme de Beauvais a 14th century wizard. Listen to me carefully. At that time, Philippe the Good destroyed the order of the Temple. He seized their treasures and burned the Templars at stake. Some of them, the Black Templars swore to avenge themselves and sold their souls to the devil. They forced Anselme to cast a spell on four objects, based on the four elements of the Apocalypse which they called Satan's Keys. A bull, a vase with an eagle on top, a statue of an Assyrian demon and a Persian ewer in a shape of a lion. Once brought together, these cursed objects will bring chaos and destruction to the earth. Such is the Templar's revenge. It seems that Anselme stole the ewer from them, the one that I discovered. I know that the Black Templars Brotherhood is still in existence. They are looking for the four objects and they want the ewer that is shown in Louvre. I always said that it was dangerous to leave them in a simple glass cabinet. These fanatics are always seen as harmless cranks. Morgane, you now have a risky job. Go to the Louvre, get the ewer and destroy it. You'll at least have done one thing for me in your life.

Game Play: The game always starts using CD1. The left mouse button is for general movement and the right mouse button access the inventory. Pressing the space bar stops animated scenes. You can carry only 8 items at a time; the rest can be placed and accessed in an Inventory chest found in different locations in the game. There is a hand icon for use and an eye icon for looking closer on an inventory. Some objects can be combined (linked chain icon) or separated (broken link) in the inventory frame and the icons on the left side will light up if that is possible for that item. This is useful when you run out of space in inventory. The map and the taped descriptions of Louvre (done by Morgan's father) at different time periods can be accessed at the bottom right of the Inventory frame. The Map is very helpful in knowing what places can be entered and the levels of the rooms they are found in. Once you have explored a place, you can jump directly back there by clicking on that location in the map and save a lot of walking or do it the old fashioned way and backtrack. At the bottom right of the Map frame is the button that changes the floor level of the map. At the bottom right of every frame is the Return switch to a previous frame or to the main game play.


Morgan Sinclair climbs the wall and drops down on the roof of the Museum. She sets an explosive on a block on the floor that opens a hole to the Men's room, climbs down and enters the Museum proper. At Napoleon's Hall, she sees 2 guards on the level above.

Standing at Napoleon's Hall at the Pyramid, turn right and use the escalator. Facing the double doors, turn left and look close at the panel. Use magnetic blue identity pass from inventory on the slot on the panel. Enter Sully's corridor. Check the map and see that before you will be Vau Wall room and to the right is the St. Louis room. Go forward and the surveillance camera sets off the alarm and seals the gate. Go forward up the stairs. Turn right at St. Louis room.

St. Louis Room:  

Go forward and turn right. Look close and pick up the Lion shaped perfume burner.

A coughing ghost appears and is surprised to see that the one Anselm has foretold in his prophecy who will save the world from the Black Templar's revenge is a woman. He, Guy de Sombreval sacrificed himself to be burned at stake. Due to Anselme's necromancy he returns as a ghost after waiting 600 years. So that he can teach Morgan how to destroy the 4 keys. He wears a magic brooch made by Anselme that allows him to open doors to time. He will send Morgan to 1377 at the reign of Charles the fifth to collect the other keys: the bull, the lion and the daemon, Pazuzu at the Royal Treasury and warns that the Pope's Legate, one of the Black Templars is there to collect the keys. Anselme has hidden the plinths and thus neutralized the 4 keys.

Middle Ages (1377)

St Louis Room:

Inventory needed - knife. 

Check map for accessible areas on different levels especial attention to the royal treasury where the keys are. Listen to Dictaphone of the Louvre. 

We arrive carrying nothing in inventory. Inventory chest is found in the right corner by walled end of the room. Click on chest and then click on item and then click on empty box on the right - a hand will transfer the items from the chest to your inventory. Get the items you will need. Click the bottom right switch from right to left. Turn left. Go forward and go to the white flakes on the wall on the left. Use knife (in inventory page, click on knife, then click on open hand/use icon on left) on white flakes of saltpeter on left side (double gears icon). Turn right and go up the stairs. Let us check all the places that are accessible.

Large King's Bedroom (counsel):

Go forward, look at throne, use knife on fabric and find an Arabic parchment. Let's leave it for now and just collect data until we know what to do. Go towards the fireplace at the other end of the room. Nice fire going. Look close on the furniture in front of the fireplace. There's a mechanism on one end. Go to the window close to the fireplace. Use knife on window. Look out the window and see a guard standing between the Cup-bearer's room and the dungeon that holds the Royal Treasury.  Go to the door by the throne and enter.

Large Room:

Look up to your left and go the gallery. Go forward to end of gallery and hear snoring. Look close on chandelier. There is a guard snoring. We need a disguise to roam. Maybe we can get his uniform. Use knife on rope on the left side of the frame. Konk! Go down the stairs and to the end of the room and pick up the bronze key, which fell off the guard. Turn right and climb over the table and find the inventory chest. Turn around and get the guard's uniform. Climb over table. Look close at the open dish cabinet and pick up the jug full of water. Now we can go out the door to the courtyard in our disguise. (If you do not have a disguise, you will be caught). 


Look around, guards to right, dungeon at center, go left towards Cup bearer's room. Look around and up and see a ramp that connects the castle to the royal treasury on level 1. Talk to the guard seen from the king's bedroom window. He said that the King and the Pope Legate is holding important talks. Let us find where the king and the legate are talking. Use bronze key from formerly snoring guard on the cup-bearer's door. Enter.

Cup-bearer's Room:

Inventory needed - crossbow, bolt, reel, hook, knife.

It is a room full of jugs, cups and barrels. Move forward and see a window and 2 barrels close to it. Pick up bottle of alcohol between the 2 barrels. Turn to the end of the room and find the inventory chest. A fountain at the center and another chest on the other side. Look at other chest. (Don't you just love that music that tells you that it's an object to be inspected or used)? It's locked. Combine crossbow and bolt in inventory. Use loaded crossbow on the lock of the chest. Pick up the saffron from the chest full of citrus fruits.  Click on inventory chest and unload items in the inventory chest. Place bronze key, saltpeter and jug full of water in chest. Look and then use knife on window. See the Garden of the King and Queen and a hut at the left side. In inventory, separate crossbow and bolt, then combine crossbow, reel and hook. Use Hook launching crossbow on that hut.

Garden of the King and Queen:

To your right are guards (they will catch you if you go there), enter the hut, turn right, turn left and pick up Roses. Turn right and listen to the conversation between the Pope's Legate and the King. The Papal Legate, Robert de Tournefort tells King Charles V, that the Pope pursues the Black Templars and wants the 4 keys for divine protection. They have been in the Royal Treasury since Philippe confiscated them. The King informs him that the eagle and the bull are here but the lion is not and the secret behind the evil of Pazuzu is unknown. There is a manuscript that might tell of such secret. He orders the Legate to go to the treasury to pick up the daemon. The King departs to look for the manuscript in the library. The Legate asks the Master of the horse to bring St. Blaise's relic and gift from the Pope to the king and pick up the manuscript from the library. We have to stop the master of the horse, find and get the manuscript and try to beat the Legate to the Treasury. Go back to the cup-bearer's room by shooting the hook-launching crossbow on the lighted window of the castle. Exit the cup-bearer's room. Or click on the map and go to the courtyard.


Inventory needed - rope, rose, saffron, bottle of alcohol.

Check the dungeon area to find another way aside from the ramp to get to the royal treasury. Go forward 2x. Turn left and see a well on the left side. Use rope on well. Climb down and enter the Alchemist's room. He, Anselme's descendant was expecting Anselme's savior but was surprised in finding it to be a woman - it is an ominous sign. He gives Morgan a spell to bring light because the place is full of dark mysteries. Pick up the magic formula for revelation. The inventory chest is in a corner of the room. Look close on the skull over the door on the left. Pick up small furniture key set with diamonds. Go out the door and see if we can find a way to get to the treasury. Go out and look around the moat. Go back and click/talk to the alchemist. He tells you that the Basileus the Great manuscript can only be opened with a key that is rusty and needs to be cleaned with a paste. In inventory, combine rose and saffron producing a red paste and then add bottle of alcohol resulting in a blue paste. Look close at key. Use blue paste on key and pick up red small key for manuscript clasp. Let us go back to the Large bedroom, either by clicking the map on level 0 or retracing our way back.

Large King's Bedroom:

Inventory needed - torch/flashlight, formula of revelation, jug full of water, rope, small furniture key set with diamonds.

The relic of St. Blaise is at the center of the room and the master of the horse has brought in a big crate close to the fireplace. Let's get him out of here. Look close at the reliquary and use torch/flashlight on it. He's really got scared! Let's check that parchment on the back of the throne. Look close and use formula of revelation on it. 

We'll just have to look out for those ingredients. Look in the crate that is the gift of the Pope to the King and get an aconite flower bottle. Now that the Master of the Horse is out of the way, we have to find the library and get the Basileus manuscript. Look in the map at level 1; the access to the library is by way of the King's bedroom, which is right above and adjacent to the fireplace. Pour the jug of water on the fireplace. Enter fireplace. Look up at the grate. Go out of the fireplace. Look again on the mechanism on the bench in front of the fireplace. Use small furniture key set with diamonds on the mechanism. Click on on the rod close to the corner of the seat cushion. The rod slides back and forth.

 Back to the grate in the fireplace. Use rope on the left of the open grate.

King's Bedroom:

Inventory needed - saltpeter, aconite, torch, small key for manuscript clasp. 

Luckily, the fire is out on this fireplace. Pick up the stool on the left side of the bed. The inventory chest is at the foot of the bed. Open the armoire and get the incense. We now have all the ingredients for the deadly gas. Combine incense and aconite producing yellow seeds, add saltpeter and produce red seeds. Still facing the armoire, look on the floor and use stool on the hotspot. Climb on it and see the dark top of the armoire. Use torch/flashlight and pick up silver key. Enter the curtain on the corner of the room to go to the library.


The library is full of open books and surrounded by paneling with astrological signs decorating the top. King Charles V mistakes you for the help of the Papal Legate and points to the encoded manuscript to be given to the Holy Father. Pick up the encoded royal manuscript revealing the access to Pazuzu's hiding place. We have to decode this. We cannot look for the Basileus manuscript until the king leaves. Exit the library, hear footsteps and come back in. Look close on the book on right of the bookstand in front of the King's bench. Use the red small key for manuscript clasp. It talks about pressing the 3 objects in the sky at the beginning of the new millennium - the scaly one, the water carrying one, the goat like one, then the snake will open up.

The 3 constellations seen at the start of every year are Capricorn (goat like one, December 22 - January 20), Aquarius (water carrying one, January 21 - February 19) and Pisces (scaly one, February 20 -March 20). Look close on the panel on the left of the doorway and click on the goat, then the water carrier (2 panels to the left) and then the fish at the center between the goat and water carrier. The cabinet below the ourobourus/snake opens found at the center of the wall of panels and pick up the ivory plate used for secret royal missives. Now we can decode the manuscript. Combine encoded royal manuscript revealing the access to Pazuzu's hiding place and ivory plate used for secret royal missives. Look close at the decoded royal manuscript using the eye icon in inventory. With planetary signs interspersed, the decoded message reads - Pasusu in treasure room is hidden. Note the placement of the astrological signs. The treasure room is where the eagle and the lion are also. Guess where we're going! But the only way we found is the ramp and it is guarded. Go to the King's large bedroom.

Large King's Bedroom:

Inventory needed - crossbow loaded with bolt, knife.

Use knife on window (guess someone fixed it) and see the guard again. There is no way we can get to the treasury room without his catching us. Use loaded crossbow on guard. Let us check what happened to him in the moat.


Go around the moat and find the dead soldier. Pick up the gold key


Inventory needed - combined crossbow with rope and hook, gas mask, silver key, gold key, red seeds.

Go in front of the door to the cup-bearer's room. Turn right and up. You will see a lighted torch on the walkway from the castle to the dungeon and Royal Treasury. Use the combined crossbow/rope/hook on the walkway by the torch. Look close on the puzzle on the door to the Royal Treasury. Study the decoded message and note the planetary signs from top to bottom, then click on the door puzzle's planetary signs in the same order. Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Moon.

Insert the silver key found on top of the armoire at the center of the puzzle. Enter.

Dungeon - Royal Treasury:

Go towards the Throne. Face the throne. The third alcove on the right contains the inventory chest. The fourth alcove on the left of the throne has a small casket on top of a chest. Use the gold key on it. Pick up the ruby from Charles V's scepter. The second alcove on the left of the throne has a tapestry and a door opposite it. Look close on the eye of the horse in the foreground of the tapestry. Use ruby on the eye. A click is heard. Look close on the throne. Click on the right arm of the throne and pick up Assyrian daemon Pazuzu. The Papal Legate comes in with a guard. Click on alcove with tapestry turn right, click on door. 

Dungeon - guardroom:

The hall is filled with guards. Turn around and look close at fire pit. Remember the translated Arabic parchment. Okay, here we go, use red seeds in the fire pit. Use gas mask. 

Sombreval is upset that you didn't get all the keys and still do not know here the 4 plinths are. He is sending you back to 1610 the time of King Henri IV. He warns you of a Templar masquerading as a Jesuit who wants the keys. 

Cd 2

17th Century (1610)

St. Louis Room:

Inventory needed - knife, torch

Check the map for accessible areas. Listen to the Dictaphone to the Louvre; King Henri IV was murdered by Ravaillac and note special mention of a clockmaker that made a mysterious clock. Again, no inventory is with you. The inventory chest is still at the same corner of the room. Go towards the middle arch, turn right and pick up antimony tablet. Go forward, turn left and the only way out of the room is the window. Exit.


It is night and guards are all over the place and we don't have a disguise yet. Turn right and pick stone close to the building. There's a lighted window on the left that we can go through. We have to distract the guard standing by the cart. Use stone on cart, turn left, go forward and look close on window and listen. A woman named Jacqueline is being interrogated. The interrogator tells of their knowledge of the intrigue between Madame de Verneuil and Ravaillac. Jacqueline said that the red headed man is raving about being the God's messenger and talking about keys. Jacqueline faints and the interrogator leaves. Use knife on window. Enter.

Cup-Bearer's Room:

To the left are the inventory chest and the same water fountain. Jacqueline lies on top of the table. Go towards the bookcases. Turn right and look close on the shutter for upper part of the door. Click on shutter and reveals a key for service lift.  Pick it up. Go to the cabinet with carved statues on both sides. Open it and get our disguise. Use torch on floor of cabinet and get the sideboard key. Turn around and look under table. Get gun belonging to Mr. de la Force's men. We cannot wake Jacqueline up.  We better look for this Madame de Verneuil or anything connected with her. Go back to the courtyard.


Go towards the honor guards. Turn right and look close on the stacked barrel. Pick up hemlock. Enter the Caryatid room.

Caryatid Room:

We see the young Prince, soon to be Louis XIII, kneeling in front of the dead King. Turn left, go forward and talk to footman standing on the left. Go up the stairs to the tribunal.


Listen to the Jesuit priest, Ruggieri (the one the ghost warned you about) telling Queen Marie de Medicis about the Black Templars and their need for revenge using the Satan's keys for the destruction of their order by Philippe. The priest asks for 2 of the keys from the Queen, the eagle vase and the bull statuette. The Queen tells the priest that the eagle is a work of art and has a place of honor at the Ambassador's room and that she will not give it to him (with curses said). The priest departs angrily. Click on Queen. She notes that Jacqueline has escaped de la Force's men. She wants Jacqueline to find the letter that her good friend Mde. de Verneuil sent for M. le duc d' Epernon. The Queen is glad that it is written in invisible ink. So now we look for the Ambassador's room and the letter. Checking the map on level 0 for access to the ambassador's room, we see that the small ground floor gallery is adjacent to it. On level 1, the small gallery is under the Kings portraits gallery, which is close to the King's bedroom. We have got to find a way there. Maybe there is help like the alchemist on the previous age. On level 1, there is a library on the north end of the building. Let us check that way. The inventory chest is found on the end of the hallway.

Caryatid Room:

Inventory needed - combined hook launching crossbow, antimony tablet, hemlock, key for service lift, sideboard key.

Look close at the dead King. He has 2 scepters planking him. Better not disturb the Prince in meditation and the guards are around. Looking at the far end of the room, there's a balcony seen that might lead us to the library. Go to the alcove on the left side. Look down on floor and click on brown tile. 

A door opens. Combine crossbow, rope and hook. Turn around and look up on the balcony. Use combined crossbow, rope and hook. Pick up hammer and chisel. Turn around and enter the secret passage.


The descendant of Anselme tells Morgan about the suspicions abounding due to the recent murder of King Henri by Ravaillac. M. de la Force and his men tortures anybody connected with the crime. The Queen herself is under suspicion that she had a hand in it. Morgan looks a lot like Jacqueline that helped the killer. He gives Morgan a spell invented by Anselme himself that can let her pass through walls like a spirit and he is preparing a potion to put to sleep the footmen that might get in her way but needs 2 ingredients, a metal and a plant.  Pick up the general purpose formula found on stand, to the right of the alchemist. Use hemlock and antimony tablet on the brew that the alchemist is preparing producing a green bottle. Pick up flask of neutralizing solution. The alchemist tells Morgan that potion will slow people down and to beware of the demon Pazuzu because he is the god of the evil wind that can rock the air causing deadly infections. Someone is listening.  Now to see how we can get to the Ambassador's room starting at the King's bedroom. Go to the tribunal.


Use sideboard key on door by inventory chest. Climb the stairs. 

First Floor Service Area:

Look close on panel on the right of stairs. Use key for service lift on panel lock. Click on lever. Pick up basket. Enter the King's bedroom.

King's Bedroom:

The inventory chest is on the wall across the bed. We can't do anything in this room unless we get the footman out of the way. Approach the footman by the door, and use the green bottle on him. Look close at the footman under the bed and pick up the royal signet ring. Examine the interesting clock (remember Dictaphone narration). Look close at the cabinet at the far corner. Open it, then the 2 right drawers.  Pick up the royal note revealing the entrance to a secret passage from the top drawer. 

Great! That might be what we need to get to the Ambassador's room. Pick up the Holy Water from the second drawer. Look close and open the window shutter on the left of the cabinet. Lets take in the view. Pan to the right and click. There are the windows of the Kings portraits gallery that is above the room adjacent to our destination - Ambassador room. Use the hook-launching crossbow on the windows across the way.

Kings Portrait Gallery:

Inventory needed - signet ring, general purpose formula, knife, crossbow with bolt, gas mask.

Turn around and see a throne in front, fireplace on right and the portrait gallery on the left. The inventory chest is at the far end of the room on the left. Might need to empty the inventory of non-essentials. Go to the fireplace and turn around and look at back of throne. There is writing on it but too dark to read. Turn to the left of the fireplace and look close at chest, get log, use log on fireplace. Now there's light. Let us read the writing on the back of the throne. "Follow the path shown by the huntsmen and you will find the birth year of the greatest among them". What is that for? Pick up the fire tong from the right side of the fireplace. Now let us look for that secret passage based on the royal note revealing the entrance to a secret passage.  Starting from the window we came in (L-R), use signet ring on the H at the bottom of the pictures of Louis XI (third), Francois I (fifth), Charles VIII (fourth), Francois II (seventh). A sound is heard every time we use the ring. Go down the hall and look under Marie de Medicis, the last portrait on the right. Enter the opened secret passage. Use the general purpose formula on sealed brick door. Enter.

Ambassador's Room:

Do not move! (There is a guard on the left side hidden by the candle stand). Standing by the secret passage, we look around. Wait, it is a room full of eagle vase in different colors. The column closest to us has a plaque in Latin. "Ex animis daimon rubram aquilam prospecter: tune potentior resurget". Walking close to the right side wall, go forward. Turn left. Go underneath the scaffolding. Turn left, look close and use knife on scaffolding drapes. There is the guard! We have to do something. Use crossbow with bolt on guard. The Jesuit priest comes and talks to Morgan. If he calls the guard, she would not be of any use to him because the guards have been torturing suspicious people. He wants to make a deal. Morgan would give him what he wants in exchange for the translation of the Latin inscription. Morgan agrees. The translation of the Latin inscription is "When the dead demon looks at the red and powerful eagle, he will come back to life". Look close on the purple eagle vase in front of the priest under the scaffolding. Use the daemon on the opening on the pedestal. He will then be facing the red eagle across the room. Remember the warning of the alchemist, use gas mask. The priest suffocates and the daemon statue is gone. The young Prince comes and says based on the mask, he thinks Morgan is involved on sorcery and wants her to help him shed light on the death of his father. He does not trust anyone and will be grateful. Morgan agrees and asks him for information concerning the bull shaped foundation. He asks that Morgan meet him at the King's bedroom. Pick up the vase with a Roman eagle on top. Lose one, get one. Go to the small ground floor gallery.

Small Ground Floor Gallery:

Way down the other end of the hall is a snoring guard. Look close and pick up the lead gun bullets and the powder flask. The inventory chest is opposite the snoring guard. Now let us see what we can do to help the young Prince. Go see Jacquelyn again at the Cup-bearer's room.

Cup Bearer's Room:

Inventory needed: Holy water, magic formula for revelation.

Since she just fainted we can try to revive her and ask questions especially about the letter the Queen wants us to find. Use Holy water on Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn wakes up and say that she is in the service of Marquess de Verneuil and saw her and M. le duc d'Epernon plot the murder of the King and that she was carrying a letter from her to him. She hid the letter in this room. Then she fainted again. Turn right and look in window. Pick up royal books. Go to inventory chest and then turn right to the floor under the fountain. Place books on the floor. Climb on books. Pick up missive written with invisible ink and combine it with magic formula for revelation producing very incriminating missive. Written by Mde. de Verneuil to M. le duc d'Epernon, she says that the Ravaillac has not failed in his promise. Oh My! Let us find the Prince. Go to King's bedroom.

King's Bedroom:

Give very incriminating missive to the young Prince. The future King is most grateful. The Prince states that the bull shaped foundation can be found in a clock made by M. Gauthier. His father placed great importance to it and a cow is part of the family's coat of arms. M. Gauthier also devised a secret mechanism to open a secret drawer. As they speak, Mr. de la Force's men in the garden are questioning M. Gauthier. Garden, where is the garden? Let us try the small ground floor gallery.

Small Ground Floor Gallery:

Inventory needed - hammer and chisel, fire tongs.

Listen, somebody is being tortured. Maybe we can find them by following the sound. Here at the fifth window from the end with the snoring guard, the sound is the loudest and by the bench beside it are the sketches of the German clock drawn by Mr. Gauthier. Use eye icon to look closer on the sketch. We need Henry's Birthday (around the 12th hour of the 13th of December), the King's scepter to test the mechanism and Bull shaped pendular key for Zodiac. 

We need the year for the birthday and based on the clues on the back of the King's throne in the Kings portraits gallery, we need to look for huntsmen. Go to the other end of the hall. There were tapestries about hunting. By flipping through the pictures, produce a mirror image of a huntsman carrying dead birds. The top of the arch shows 1553. Let us now look for the scepter and the bull shaped pendular key. Go to the Ambassador's room.

Ambassador's Room:

Climb up the scaffolding and walk by the long wall to the far end. On the way back to the stairs, look at the murals on the ceiling. There is one of a lady, a sheep and a bull. Bull!! Let us check that. Use hammer and chisel on the bull mural and pick up the bull shaped zodiacal key.  (If you try to do 2 murals, the snoring guard will wake up).  Now, we pick up the scepter - remember where we saw it?

Caryatid Room:

Let us pay homage to the dead King. Look close and use fire tongs to get the Royal scepter on the King's left. (Try getting it without the fire tongs - save first). Time to look at that clock at the King's bedroom.

King's Bedroom:

Look close on the top clock face. Let us follow Mr. Gauthier's instructions. Time should be around 12th hour. Use the bottom left round dial to move the hour hand and the bottom right dial to change the minute hand. Test the mechanism by placing the royal scepter at the bottom center hole - it will not fit if it is the wrong time. The right time is 1:55 and the scepter will rotate. Look at the bottom zodiacal face. Place bull shaped zodiacal key at the center. Turn bull until Aries (ram) is on the top. Place the year 1553 at the 4 squares by clicking the + and -. The secret drawer opens at the bottom of the pedestal. Pick up the Bull shaped foundation Assyrian statuette. Now we have 3 but the daemon is destroyed.


Inventory needed - Gun powder, lead bullet, gun (combined).

Combine gun with gunpowder to produce gun full of powder and then combine lead bullet to have a gun full of powder and loaded, ready to be used. We hear the Queen screaming to have us be captured. Go forward towards the crates/barrels of gunpowder, turn right, use ready to use loaded gun.

Sombreval reprimands Morgan for failing again. He sends her back to 1770 when revolution spirits are stirring and murder and anarchy is at hand. The Black Templars have attached themselves to a new order - Brotherhood of the Masons. He tells Morgan to befriend the Marquis de Nemours that has traveled to Mesopotamia and to learn from him. He warns that the Marquis belongs to the Black Templars.

18th Century (1770)

St. Louis Room:

Inventory needed - crossbow, hook, rope (combined - hook-launching crossbow); bolt.

Again, we arrive with no inventory. The inventory chest is in the same place. Listen to the Dictaphone of the Louvre. Check the map for access areas. We only need the daemon and that was destroyed during the 17th century. We have to find information about it then.

Go under the middle alcove and pick up copper wire. The only way out is through the window. Now, we need to get a disguise.


Go forward 2x towards the light across the way. Turn right and go forward. Turn left to talk to a lady of the evening. She will get some clothes for Morgan from one of her costumers. Pick up clothes and the well lined purse from the front of the covered cart. Turn left, go forward and turn around and look close on the walls of the ruins of a freestone mansion. Use hook launching crossbow on the top middle of the screen.

Ruins of a Freestone Mansion:

Here is our friendly neighborhood Alchemist. Alchemists surely have gone down on their luck - from castle to a ruin. The Alchemist welcomes the beautiful traveler. He states that Morgan will not recognize the Louvre. Materialism and money taken over the world. Politicians and secret societies like the Masons, Rosicrucian and others replace the last of the artists, painters, etc. He might be Anselme himself but definitely his descendant. He advises Morgan to gain the favor of a Marchioness von Schoenhausen and gives her a precious necklace to help. He also gives her a new cabalistic spell that awakens the dark forces because strange things are happening. Look close on the chest by the left wall and pick up the magic formula revealing some of Anselme's basic secrets. Open the drawer and get the pearl necklace

Go out the room through the open doorway. Turn around and look back at the dwelling of Anselme's descendant. Look up and close on the roof of the ruined tall building on the right. Use crossbow with bolt on the copper ridgepole on top of the ruined roof. Turn to the right and look close at a dark corner of the ruin. Pick up a zinc tile. Go out of the ruins.


Go back to the covered cart and pick up the copper ridgepole found close to the wall of the ruin after you shot it down from the roof of the ruined tall building. Go back to the opposite side of the courtyard. Look close at a drunk that will sing for you for some money. Looking at the map the only entrance available is the Caryatid room.

Caryatid Room:

Talk to the man by the crate of rolled up papers. He is upset because he is drowning in scores. His muse, his goddess, Marchioness von Schoenhausen requests the music of Austrian genius Mozart. Just the lady we want to meet.


We find the Marchioness lounging at the far end of the room. Click on her head. She complains of the bore and the heat. We have to gain her favor as the alchemist advises. How? Turn around and go through door to the ground floor service area (with a stair on the right) and through the other door to the Queen's guard's room.

Queen's Guard's Room:

Go to the left side of the room and find bottles of champagne in ice.  Pick up the champagne glass. Something cool for the Marchioness, hmm!


Combine pearl necklace and champagne glass. Give the champagne and pearl necklace to the Marchioness. (Champagne alone does not gain her favor). She recognizes Morgan as a woman. Morgan asks for help in getting in touch with Marquis de Nemours. The Marchioness informs her that the Marquis loves the ladies and the music of Mozart especially Bastien and Bastienne. She also gives Morgan a key to the dresser. Pick up heart shaped key from side table. Didn't that upset man say something about Mozart and score in the crate? We have to get him away from the crate. Go to courtyard.


Use well lined purse on drunken man. He will sing drunkenly, enough to drive the upset man away.

Caryatid Room:

Pick up a score of Bastien and Bastienne, Mozart's first opera from the crate. We need to dress up to see the Marquis. Go to the Queen's guard's room. 

Queen's Guard's Room:

Use heart shaped key on chest drawer beside the exit door. Pick up gown. Use the score on the piano. The Marquis comes in full of praises. Morgan asks for information concerning the Assyrian statue of the Demon of the Wind, Pazuzu since the Marquis has gone on an expedition to Mesopotamia, Brother. He also is in search for the statue that was once lost. His travels are recorded in an encyclopedia that also contains a picture of the statue. Many scientists have tried to restore the statuette but the notes have disappeared. He also advises Morgan to talk to a sculptor at the Bronze Gallery. He is also a member of the same Lodge. Checking the map, the sculptor's workshop is on Level 0 under the square room. The square room can be accessed by way of Apollo's Gallery on the same floor. The room adjacent but one floor below the Apollo's Gallery is Diane's room. There might be a way there. Pick up the key to the library from the table by the windows. Go to Diane's room.

Diane's Room:

Inventory needed - general purpose formula.

Pick up the generator crank handle from the picture stand. Look close at left double door, this might lead to Apollo's Gallery. It has fancy copper knobs. Turn left and look close at the statue. Use general purpose formula on grill the boy is holding and pick up flask full of acid (sulfuric). Go back to ground floor service area and climb the stairs. 

First Floor Service Area:

Look close on cabinet containing flask and use flask full of acid on the lock. Open the cabinet door and pick up sulphate flask. Open drawer and pick up sheet of copper and sheet of zinc. Enter door on the right.

Science Academy:

Inventory needed: general purpose formula, key to library, magic formula for revelation, generator crank handle.

The inventory chest is on the right side of the room. Time to empty and pick up some inventories. Look close on the fireplace and note that the 4 keys are depicted. Use the general purpose formula on it. We find ourselves down to St. Louis room. That is nice to know as an exit. Go back to the science academy. The tables have experiments and reagents laid out. By the door are the bookcases. Look close on right bookcase. Use key to library on lock of the bookcase. Pick up notes from a scientific expedition in Persia. Read it and look at the picture of Pazuzu. The page on the left has indistinct writing on it. Combine it with magic formula for revelation. It is a procedure to reproduce Pazuzu. So, that is what we have to do make another and then what, destroy it? We have to make a statue and then give it life.  Getting to that sculptor is now more important not just for information, but to make a statue for us. 

Look close on left bookcase. Pick up memorandum on electricity. Read the book. There is instruction on how to make a Leyden jar. Look on the table closest to the bookcases, there is already a set up for making Leyden jar. Use generator crank handle on the cylinder. Pick up Leyden jar. Let us now see to getting to that sculptor. Go to Diane's room.

Diane's Room:

Short-circuit the lock on the double door with the fancy copper knobs. Use Leyden jar on knobs. Wow! It worked. Enter.

Apollo's Gallery:

Inventory needed: notes from a scientific expedition in Persia, copper ridgepole, gas mask.

Talk to the painter on the right. His name is Joseph Duplessis. Turn left and go down the hall, pick up the stepladder on the way. The inventory chest is at the end of the hallway. Enter door on the right.

Square Room:

We're getting closer to finding the sculptor's gallery. This is a room full of paintings. Look but don't touch!! (If you want to touch a painting, go right ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you!) Go to the other end of the room and pick up exhibition catalogue from the Square Salon sitting on a desk. Read it. Look at that!  #18 is our friend Mr. Duplessis' painting of Christophe Gabriel Allegrain, Sculptor. Go down the stairs.

Sculptor's Workshop:

We are here. The inventory chest is just in front of the open door. Pick up the bag of coal from down the hall. That was heavy! Enter through the open door. Talk to the sculptor. Morgan asks that the sculptor make a mold of a statuette for her. The sculptor will do it immediately if Morgan can get the picture of Christophe Allegrain for him since he cannot afford it. It would be better if there were a picture of a chisel and mallet on it. That is the picture done by Joseph Duplessis. Give the notes from a scientific expedition in Persia with the picture of Pazuzu to the sculptor. Go to square room.

Square Room:

The picture is on top of the second panel of paintings to the right of the stairs. Use stepladder on the floor in front of the panel of paintings. Pick up the portrait of Christophe Gabriel Allegrain. It does not have a chisel and mallet on it. Let us go talk to Mr. Duplessis at the Apollo room.

Apollo Room:

Talk to Mr. Duplessis. Use portrait on canvas. Pick up the portrait. Go back to the sculptor.

Sculptor's Workshop:

Use the portrait to the sculptor. The sculptor shows Morgan how he made the mold. Use bag of coal on oven. From the secret writings on notes from a scientific expedition in Persia, we need copper and tin. Use copper ridgepole on melting tank on top of the stove. Open cabinet by the door and pick up the pewter crockery. Marquis de Nemours arrives and has a gun pointed at Morgan. He has been observing her and suspected her from the beginning because of her interest on Pazuzu. He tells her to finish her researches and they will talk later. Place pewter crockery on the melting tank on top of the stove. Remember what the instruction said - that the smelting process would release deadly fumes. The tin and copper melted and poured into the mold. The fume starts to thicken. Use the gas mask. Why do we end up killing these men!! Above the door, pick up the sculpting mallet. Use it on the mold. Pick up the reconstruction of the Assyrian demon Pazuzu statuette. Let us now energize the statue. Go back to the science academy.

Science Academy:

Inventory needed - sulphate flask, Pazuzu statuette, zinc tile, zinc sheet, copper sheet, copper wire, general purpose formula.

Look close on the table at the center of the room. Following the instructions from the secret writings on notes from a scientific expedition in Persia, we need a sulphate bath. Use the sulphate flask on the empty tank on the left.  Use Pazuzu statuette on the left side of the left blue tank and the zinc tile on the right side of the blue tank. Then use sheet of zinc on the left side of the right yellow tank and the sheet of copper on the right side of the yellow tank. Use copper wire on the top left of the left blue bath. Pazuzu's statue is now energized. 

Pick up Assyrian demon Pazuzu. Watch the sculptor comes towards Morgan. Use the general purpose formula on the back of the fireplace that has the drawings of the 4 keys.

Morgan goes down to St. Louis Room and meets the ghost. She told him she has all 4 of the keys and that they should go to the 21st century and destroy them.  Sombreval told her that he is the leader of the Black Templars and used her to collect the keys since he cannot do it himself because he is dead but not as dead as the men Morgan killed - the True Defenders of the Faith. He will send Morgan back to the 21st Century so that his manservants can take the 4 keys from her. In 1314, while on the stake the devil has given him the mission to wreck death and destruction. 

Cd 1

21st Century

St. Louis Room:

Inventory needed - Crossbow with bolt, magic formula for revelation, general purpose formula, magic formula revealing some of Anselme's basic secrets.

Now what? Look for a way out before Sombreval's men come. We are locked in. Go to the grilled door under the stone arch and use crossbow with bolt on lock, which might open it. Oh! The other 3 pedestals/plinths rise up in the room. The bolt on the lock triggered the rising of the plinths. The inventory chest is on the end of the room by the exit to the museum proper. Use lion shaped perfume burner on pedestal found on the left of the inventory chest. Go to the other side of the room and use the bull-shaped foundation Assyrian statuette on the pedestal. Go to the arched end of the room and use vase with a Roman eagle on top on the right pedestal. Go to the opposite empty pedestal and use Assyrian demon Pazuzu on the last empty pedestal. 

Ghosts of the 3 defenders of Faith, the Papal Legate, Jesuit priest and the Mason, Marquis de Nemours appear. The 4 plinths are the forces of Satan and Sombreval tricked Morgane to activate them. If she places all 4 statues on them, she will invoke the apocalypse - death and destruction. They became ghosts because of the practice of black magic on their bodies by the descendants of Anselme. Sombreval tricked everybody for centuries in the pursuit of the brotherhood. In fact, he acted alone and the brotherhood of the Black Templar did not exist. Anselme stole the lion and King Philippe's men stole the other 3 from the Templars. He tortured Anselme to reveal the hiding place and he died without talking. He used Anselme's magic to become a ghost and the magic brooch to go back in time. He waited for Anselme's prophecy to come in order to collect the 4 keys and activate the 4 plinths. Sombreval has become immortal as the devil himself. Morgane has to find his grave that is in this room's foundation. With the use of the magic brooch, Morgane has to go back in time, to 1314, to destroy him while he burns at the stake. 

You are death, Morgane!

Go to the middle arch and use the magic formula for revelation on the faint rectangular outline on the floor. It revealed a grave. Use the general purpose formula to open it. Pick up the magic brooch - magic fibula made by Anselme. Combine it with magic formula revealing some of Anselme's basic secrets.


Tower of the Prison:

Inventory needed - knife, crossbow with bolt.

Inventory chest is found opposite the door. Look close on the window to the right of the door. Use knife on window. Use crossbow with bolt on Guy de Sombreval .

21st Century

Morgan holds her head, thinking that she dreamt it all while the magic brooch shoots out lightning.


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