Beyond Time: Somewhere, Somewhen walkthrough by Geri Murphy

Abydos (or Abydus) Egypt on the West Bank of the Nile
The game begins in a present day excavation of the burial place of Osiris. Face the statue of Osiris and be transferred in time back to when everything old was new.
F=forward, R=right turn, L=left turn
U=click when cursor is a finger pointing up.
D=click when cursor is a finger pointing down.
CL=a curved hand & wrist with a finger pointing left.
CR=a curved hand &wrist with a finger pointing right.
T=click when cursor becomes a hitchhiker’s hand.
If you want, during the early part of the walkthrough, you can follow step by step directions to the necessary items and sites.

You’re in the Osiris courtyard if you go forward and left, a woman will ask you to find Horus’ stolen amulet and return it to him. Go F2xs enter and go F3xs to stand facing the statue of Horus. Walk right through it F, L, F, R, D to find the amulet. Click the full hand on it and it will go into your inventory. The video devise next to it can’t be picked up (nothing can) until you place the amulet on Horus’ chest. Go U, R, R, R, F, L, F, L, L to again stand facing the statue of Horus. Right click your mouse to see your inventory, and click/drag the amulet onto the pale spot on the chest of the statue. The woman will speak again.

Go R, F, CR, F, D to read the note that’s on the floor in a front corner of the building. Go U, L, L, F, F, and L to see three symbols on a pillar. Together, these symbols represent just one of the four combinations you will need to enter the Isis chamber. This one will be used to enter the second time. Draw it because it will not be in your help section book. Right click and click help to see what information will be available.

Go F, R, F, L, F to open this lid and find the combination you will use the first time you enter Isis chamber.
Go U, L, L, F, L, F, CL and F2xs to find another Isis chamber combination. This one will be used the third time you enter Isis chamber.
Click full hand to back away from the wall and go L, F, R, F, F, R and click on the table. Read the paper there, open the drawer and find the last/forth combination. This one you will use the forth/last time you enter Isis chamber.
Go U, L, F and open the top of that thing ahead and read the paper. Go U, T, F, R, F and read the paper on the desk. Click the full hand on the scroll to open it. Move the cursor to the right side of the page to get a right pointing finger, click that to (turn the pages) read more of the scroll. Click this pointer until the entire scroll has been read.
Note a page that shows offerings needed; a Hawk, an Urn of Wheat, & a Jackal, you’ll get them all soon if you have been making copies of those four combinations.
Note also the scroll page with symbols of the elements: air, fire, water and earth. You saw them before in the help section.

Also in the help section you saw another page with symbols for the North, West, South, and most importantly East. You will need to recognize the EAST symbol to turn 4 Obelisks (the Obelisk Puzzle). NOTE: The East symbol is the only one that contains a human leg.
Go U, R, F, R, F, L and move cursor around till it turns into a hand. Click the hand to open the scroll titled The Book of the Dead, it has the four answers to questions you’ll be asked later in the game, at the four Isis Gates.

Go L, F, F, R and click the full hand on the scroll to open the Book of Gates. Note these four pages which have solutions for 4 puzzles. Puzzles you’ll solve later in the Labyrinth:
First Chamber: solution for the Jackal Room (the EYE)
Second Chamber: solution for the Scale Room
Third Chamber: solution for the Crystal Orb Room (reading bottom to top)
Forth Chamber: solution for the Mummy Room (drawer it) this does not appear in your help book.

Go L, CR, and click the full hand to read an Akhenaten scroll.

Go into the right front corner of the building & climb stairs to Amentet the High Priestess’ Room. Go Forward to the desk across the room. Don’t point Down. Move the cursor over the wall above the desk until it turns into a hand, & click to open the secret rectangular cache. Click again and the Element Key for Air goes into your inventory.
Point down & click to hear the letter on the desk. Read the scroll titled the Betrayal of Osiris and Check the scroll titled The Serpents of Sakkara, about the snake puzzle.
Go back to the other end of the room and click cursor hand on the snake puzzle table.
(If you want, Right click and push the Help Button to check the numerals used).
Note the Snake Puzzle resembles a triangle with four number disks on each of its three sides (4 left, 4 right, & 4 across the bottom). Note that there are six two headed snakes each with a number disks for heads. Disks numbered 10, 11, and 12 cannot be changed. The sum of the 4 disks on a side of the pyramid must be 26, and the sum of the two heads of each snake 13. Try it. Or follow this solution: Left side top to bottom 1, 11, 8, and 6. Right side top to bottom 7, 12, 4, and 3. Across the bottom left to right 2, 9, 10, and 5. Once you have solved this, the drawer will open and you can pick up the golden Eye.

Now, we want to go back downstairs and look at the video device that was next to Horus’ Amulet. We also have to find three more Element Keys.
Find the video device on the floor. Push the blue button to activate and watch/listen. When you click Up from the tape, the Priestess speaks about ‘The Travelers’.

Turn CR, F2xs, R, F2xs, R, F, to the rear of the white triangle structure in the middle room. Move the cursor around the black base of the structure until the cursor turns into a hand. Click the hand to open the secret cache. Click on the Element Key for Fire and it goes into your inventory. Turn R3xs, F, and L for another message. If you enter the middle room from the other side, twice, you should get two FIERY messages.

We’ll find the remaining two Element Keys outdoors. Two steps out the door, turn left to the water pool. Move the cursor till it becomes a hand and click to retrieve the Element Key for Water and that goes into your inventory.

Walk F, R, around the Obelisk to the Boat Dock. Facing the dock, the left-hand clay pot contains the fourth Element Key for Earth, put it in your inventory. If you try to walk out on the dock, you’ll be urged to solve the obelisk puzzle, so the boat will return.
Now back to the Obelisk.

Walk around the Obelisk until you find the glyph for East (leg) & go forward for a close-up of the top. When your cursor turns into a hand. Click until the Ankh appears and back away. You have set one of the four Obelisks to the East.
Go to the front of the statue of Osiris. Drag the golden Eye from your inventory and click it on the base of the statue (on the black shape of the eye). This opens the stairway down into The Dark Way. Go down and forward to the room with the orb above the four-sided stand, and four doors other than the one you entered. Drag the four Element Keys in your inventory onto their corresponding side of the stand. When you have all four in place, push the Earth Key on the stand, & go straight ahead through the open the doorway. Go down the tunnel and pick up the bucket of dirt, which goes into your inventory, notice that a space opens in a pipe to the right of the door.

Go back to the Orb Room and push the Key for Water. Go down the tunnel and pick up the bucket of water, which goes into your inventory. Move the cursor around until a hand appears over a "scale". Drag the bucket of dirt from your inventory onto the "scale" to trigger a bridge over the moat surrounding an Obelisk. Go to the Obelisk and set it to East like the dockside Obelisk.

Go back to the Orb Room and push the Key for Fire. Go in the open door tunnel and click on the torch on the wall, which goes into your inventory. Go further down the tunnel and drag the bucket of water from your inventory onto the fire, to put it out. Go the rest of the tunnel to the Obelisk and set that to East.

Go back to the Orb Room and push the Key for Earth again. Go to the end of the tunnel and drag the torch from your inventory onto the gap in the wall to open the door. Go further until you find the Obelisk and set this one East.

Go back to the Orb Room and push the Key for Air. Go to the organ at the end of the tunnel. The door shuts behind you & the only way to get out is to solve the organ puzzle. Listen to the sounds being played, and move the pipes around in the rack until they play the same song. Try it. Or try left to right small, medium, large and small, medium, larger. When solved the door will reopen. No Obelisk to set here.

When you’ve set all four Obelisks to East, the Boat from across the river will be waiting for you at the dock. Leave the Dark Way & go back to the surface. When you step back into the courtyard, hear the statue move back to cover the stairway, turn around and take back the golden Eye you put there. Leave it in your inventory. You’ll need it later, and if you don’t pick it up now, you’ll have to come back from across the Nile.

Now that you have room in your inventory, walk to the door of the Isis Chamber. Move the cursor till it becomes a hand and click it to see the door combination lock. Select the first combination to open the door. You found this combination under a lid in the Library.

Enter the Isis Chamber. Once inside, Isis will appear asking the same question you’ll be asked later to enter the first Isis Gate in the Labyrinth. After her question, an item will appear on the floor, Click on it to put it into your inventory. Leave, turn around & repeat this (upon your second and forth entrance, you have to turn left once, to trigger her appearance) to receive these 4 items: a Jackal statue, a golden Ankh, a Hawk statue, and a golden Urn of Wheat.

Go to the end of the Boat Dock, left & up to the boat, another left to face a stand. This is where you place the three offerings you received from Isis: The Golden Urn, the Jackal, and the Hawk. Click/drag each item into its place in the stand. The problem now is that the hawk eats grain, and the jackal eats hawks, so they can not be left alone together. But the boat will only carry you, and one item, at a time. Solution:
1.Take the falcon across, put it in the stand and return empty-handed.
2.Take the urn across and return WITH THE FALCON.
3.Leave the falcon & just take the jackal across. Return empty-handed.
4.Take the falcon across.
On the East Bank
The offerings zap into your inventory from the East Bank stand. Leave the Boat Dock and head for the doors straight-ahead. At some point you will be asked to change to disc 2. Enter the door and go forward to the foot of the statue. Drag each of the three offerings onto its corresponding spot at the feet of the statue. They vanish & the door to the Vestibule (first area in the Labyrinth) unlocks.

See map in the booklet that came with your game. The Labyrinth has many rooms that you don’t have to visit. You must visit Lantes’ and Daedalus’ living quarters to find both halves of a torn note. The colors listed and their corresponding numbers are the solution to the end-game crystal puzzle. And you must solve a puzzle in each of the 4 puzzle rooms here.

If you want: Each room has a video player with five crystals, each crystal, when clicked, shows a video of the room’s x-inhabitant. Watch the videos to fully understand what really happened here. These people were ‘The Travelers’. R.U.1.2.?

The 4 Puzzle Rooms
Mummy Room: see your drawing. Click the glass obelisk for coordinates (to the Space Station) 14:25:50.

Crystal Orb Room: With the Cursor hand over a floor tile in front of you, click on a Star, Star, Moon, Moon, and Star to cross the room. Click on the glass orb for coordinates (to Atlantis) 19:60:30.

Scale Room solution: pour liquid from the largest jug into the middle-sized jug, then pour it from the middle-sized jug into the smallest jug. Then place the largest jug on one side of the scale & the smallest jug on the other side, and they balance. Touch on the glass pyramid for coordinates (to Tikal) 64:90:20.

Jackal Room: Use your golden Eye on the jackal statue. Click on the crystal cube for coordinates (to Lhasa) 85:80:40.

After you’ve visited, at least the two necessary, living quarters and solved the four puzzles, go to an Isis Gate/door. When you get to each Gate, a pillar will rise from the floor. When you click on it, Isis will ask a question that you’ve heard before. You answer by clicking on black squares, the correct number of times.
Isis Gate 1 = 074, Gate 2 = 018, Gate 3 = 004, After gate 3, investigate Howard’s Living Quarters, the green button straight ahead. If you want to meet Howard, listen to the crystal videos. If you want to meet Howard’s leader click on ‘Commander Gibberish’. Get the key from a box on a table to put it in your inventory for use later. When you leave, don’t walk back through the open Isis gate/door, like I did, instead be smart and find the next Closed Isis gate/door, gate 4. Gate 4 = 014.

Drag the Golden Ankh from your inventory onto the same design on the Guardian Doors to open them. You will be asked to change to disc1. Go through the doors to the elevator (lift). Go up one level to the Console room. Stepping into the room you face the Console. F2xs, turn left to find the Earth globe (at your far right), click the red button on its pedestal to activate. Go to the Console. The console has a red button, a green button and there’s a triangle to the right. Click on the red button to activate the triangle. Click on the triangle until the word Lhasa appears under to word Earth. Click the green button, and your focus is put onto a grid with number input buttons. Enter 85:80:40 & be transported to Lhasa, Tibet.

Lhasa, Tibet
Take note of your entrée/exit place, you will need to find it later to leave. Go to the Buddha and touch/click your cursor hand on its head to open a stairway. Go down the stairway, forward and left to find the Monk’s Room. You can open the door and watch them chant, but nothing else here. Wander (downhill) until you find the area with pillars and the open door room to its left. Enter and read the book on the coffee table that has clues to the Mandala puzzle on the wall. This puzzle is like the snake puzzle.
There are six Lobes (clusters of three numbers). There are nine two headed snakes. The top lobe, from left to right, should be 8, 18, 4. After you’ve set this make each of the six lobes total 30, and the sum of the two heads of each snake must equal 20. Try it. Or set the top middle group at 8, 18, 4, (go clockwise) The next groups 16, 13, 1, - 5, 6, 19, - 14, 9, 7, - 17, 11, 2, - 12, 3, 15. Once you solve this, a key zaps into your inventory.

Then find your way back. Hint; when you hear the chanting monks – you’re real close to the stairs that you descended to get here.
Back at the Console. Click the Red button to activate the triangle, click the triangle until the word Tikal shows under the word Earth, click the green button to select Tikal and at the grid screen, enter the coordinates 64:90:20 to be transported there.

Tikal the Mayan City
Take a good look at the entrée/exit gate, through which you came, you’ll have to find it later. For now, find the Ballcourt (a dice-like tiled area). It doesn’t matter from which direction you approach it, the pillar in front of you, as you face the ballcourt, displays the dice sequence you must follow repeatedly, to cross the ballcourt from one yellow tile to the one at the other side. The sequence is different on each side. Once you are across, your focus is put onto stairs. Climb the stairs and click on the power crystal to put it into your inventory.

Find the mostly blue colored pillared structure, it has a center circle that contains stairs going down. Descend and use the key from the Mandala puzzle on the door to open it. Walk forward, and face the left just before leaving the hallway. Enter the Sarcophagus room and go around the room touching 4 small panels (with that hallway picture on them) to expose crystals. Step back once into the hallway, turn right, and touch on the skull that was hidden behind that picture panel – your focus is now on the post. Click the post and watch the light show, which somehow opens the sarcophagus. Go on and yank the power crystal from the skeleton’s hand. Now it’s time to find that entrée/exit gate (hint: go back through ‘Lightening Alley’ & then R2xs). And back to the Console.

At the Console, enter the coordinates for Atlantis: 19:60:30. Walk forward on the island, till you find the elevator to the underwater sub, (under 2 trees leaning together). Take the elevator down to the sub. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE because it’s easy to get lost here.

Navigation: When you click the Right lit arrow, it turns the sub to face the right. The Left turns it to face the Left. The Down one turns the sub around (about-face). Only the Up arrow can make the sub actually GO anywhere, in this case - Forward.
A curved row of crystals will light, across the top of your dashboard, as the sub gets closer to the power crystal you’re searching for.

Go F3xs, R, F, R, F, L, F, L, F. Use the T-shaped handle to retrieve the red crystal and add it to your inventory. To get back, turn around (Down arrow) and then go F2xs, R, F, L, F, L, F3xs, and the Down arrow again. If you are back you will be able to get an index finger cursor pointing up. Click it and, when you’re able to, go find your Gate.

Traveler 1
Back at the Console room. Walk around to find the whitish globe marked Traveler 1 and activate it by clicking its red button. Return to the Console and enter the Traveler 1 coordinates: 14:25:50. BUT when you do, it indicates you lack sufficient power.
Power? You have power crystals in your inventory. You can take the lift up to the Power Room and insert your power crystals into some empty power containers.
Step into the Lift and go up one more level. Step out (click/touch the empty containers to get in close) and drop the power crystals from your inventory into 3 different empty containers – color doesn’t matter here.
Back in the lift. If you have difficulty getting back into the lift then stand by the shiny triangle thing with the black cupboard at the upper left of the screen and a filled container at the right. go R, F, R. And down to the Console to enter 14:25:50 again & go to the Space Station.

When you arrive walk out the door (yes we can breath here), L, F, L, to go into a new lift. Go to the second floor garden, out and walk the first right to Find the tan lift card on a rock to your right.
There is also a yellow area on this level. Click on the triangle crystal and remember the three-digits that appear on it. This is the entry code to Dr. John Howard’s stateroom on the third level. Go back to the lift and push 3 - insert your tan card in the slot.

On level 3 there are two blue stairways. At the top of the far left one, is a dark purple keypad stand (climb the stairs and walk F3xs clockwise). Click the red button and enter the numbers from the triangle crystal in the garden, to watch Howard’s door unlock. Go back down and then up to Howard’s pad.. Downstairs: find a cabinet & use the key you got from Howard’s Labyrinth living quarters, to get the last power crystal. Upstairs you can view 2 videos. Look around at HIS art collection! Awright, how’d he get that heavy statue from Easter Island into this stateroom on a space station?

When you’re ready to leave find your way back (retrace your steps) to the Console.
Turn around and go into the lift. Go up to the crystal power room & place the last crystal in the only empty container. Then take the lift up one more flight, to watch the commander’s warning video which triggers the end-game crystal puzzle. Remember the torn note? Enter the numbers at the colorful crystals to solve this last puzzle. Violet 973, Blue 625, Red 147, Green 832.

Now sit back and watch as a company UFO replaces the stolen artworks to Earth. Howard says ‘it ain’t over’. Beyond Time 2? Unexpectedly you’re back in the sand, then 18 colorful credit-screens later, that are it. Congratulations gamer!

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