written by N. Kuderna, Ozma, and Linda Shaw

November 22, 1999


Windows 98/95

Pentium 133 MHz


8X CD-ROM drive

This is not a step by step walkthrough but it will give the necessary steps to finish the game.  There are many interesting things to look at and read in this game which helps to involve you with the excellent storyline.    After watching the introduction you will see 3 cards.   Click on the middle one to begin the game.  The left one gives you instructions and the right one will give you more history of the story.  While playing the game you can access your options by using the space bar.  It is helpful while playing the game to move some of your inventory items to your inventory storage to make more room to be able to pick up more objects.  


STUDY:  You will begin the game in a study.  Look around the room and then head toward the desk.   Look in the box and read the letter from Richard.  Click on the pages to read more of the letter.  Pick up the items in the box.  Look in the desk drawers and read the note that you find there.  Click on the card lying on the desk pad.  Once you do that you will end up on a deserted NEW ORLEANS STREET.   Explore this street and check out the dumpster.  Go into the building across the street from the hotel and dumpster.  Look around that room and play with the drum, the bones on the bar and try to enter the Fortune room.  Find the red rug on the floor and click on it.  Solve the puzzle. See picture below:

Once you click the symbol buttons in the proper order a panel will open and you will be able to enter the SEWER.  Go down and forward until you come to an open area and turn left.  Go forward and to the left.  You will find a table with an anvil.  Go to the left a little more and find another table above some tools that are on the wall.  That table has a drawer so check it out.  You will get a key for one of the doors.  Use it on the left door and look around that cell room.  Look at the book on the bunk and get another key.  Read the book by turning the right page.  Exit the room and head over to the other door.  Use the key and enter the wine cellar. Look around the wine cellar.  Is there a way out?   Can't seem to exit the door at the other end because a brick wall comes down.  Look at the bottle of  Merlot, vintage 1948. [a good year :-)]  Check out the dumb waiter.  Open by moving the switch half way, then climb inside.  With your cursor try to get a hand by moving it along the right side of the dumb waiter where the switch is located.  When you get the hand cursor, pull the switch some more and you will be moving up.


Explore this room and then go through the alcove to the hallway and turn right.  Open the door at the end of the hall.  Enter the Lobby and after looking around click towards the desk.  Click on the book, pick up the pen and fill with ink.  Register in the log guest book.  This room will now come alive!  Get the envelope from the mail slots behind the desk.  Read the letter from Richard and pick up the key to room 814.  Head to the lounge where a key is hidden.  You may want to make room in your inventory by moving some of the items into inventory storage.  That will allow you to pick up more items.  

LOUNGE:  Click on the right side of the player piano to get a side view.  You will notice a slot.  Look at the tables and pick up a player card.  Use the player card on the player piano.  Get the key to floor 8 from  behind the picture.  Use the key in the elevator and go to room 814. (end of the center hallway)

 RICHARDS ROOM :  Look in the drawers of  the night stand to the  left of the bed.   Get the record and look at the other objects.  Look in  the music box and pick up red stone.  Read the note from Richard that is tucked inside the music box.  Go to the bathroom and turn on both faucets over the bath tub.  Pick up key to Lobby.  Go back down and find the phonograph in the lounge.


 Use record on the phonograph and get another key and read the note with it.  The missing number will give you the floor number.  

7TH FLOOR:  Take the left hallway to the end.  Enter the UTILITY ROOM.  Turn the wheel to the boiler unit.  Move the crate so you can reach and open the vent.   Pick up card, key, and Southern Pacific Railroad tickets.   Go back to the elevator and go down the right hallway until you see a door on the left with Romanov crest instead of a number.  This door is about 2/3 the way down that hall.  

ROMANOV ROOM:  Look at the statue to the right and notice that it is missing an eye.  There is a lot to look at and read in this room.  Towards the back of the room look at the lamp and move the right lamp shade.  Move the left shade and take the bulb from that side and put it in the right socket.  Pick up the red gem and use it on the statue to get another card.  Use the card on the egg held by the two winged creatures on the dressing table.   Pick up another key and use it on the door that connects to the next room.

ADJOINING ROOM:   Explore this room.  On the desk you will notice a box with a slot where you can use that card with the holes in it.   A secret passage will open.  Take the book of matches that are on the box.  There is nothing more to do in this room once you have looked around and gotten the matches.  Go back to the elevator and look for a little door near the floor beneath the elevator handle.  See picture below:

Open it and turn the key.  You will now go all the way to the top of the elevator shaft.  Follow the up arrow to go through the top of the elevator.  Go to the motor room by clicking on that round button to the right.  Go forward through that exit and click on another round button on the brick wall that will open a door to your right.  Look around this area and then go over to the candles.  Use your matches to light the big candle in the center.  Click on the box below and use the round stone in the left side of your inventory on that card with the hole in the middle.  The card will become complete, click on it and you will end up back at the old abandoned hotel  bar/lounge.  Click on the mirror and then read the entire note on the bar.  Click on the card and you will see the credits.

The story will be continued in THE FORGOTTEN 2.

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