- A Summary Walk-Thru -

The following walk-thru gives the main moves in the game. There is a lot to look at and explore and read that didn't turn out to be essential. So I left all that *fun* out.

A lot of in-game hints are given by looking at the inventory items. Use the space bar to call up the bottom menu and use that "Inventory" selection to get to the inventory screen. Per instructions in game manual, go to close-up on an item and see the note "you" made about it. "Your" comments often suggest next moves.


Unless I really goofed, and was kicked out of the game by not making the right move, this game is extremely short. Very disappointing. You spend almost as much time reading journals for all sorts of information - that you assume is needed later in the game - but there is no later. It may be that this is the beginning of a longer saga, more games, but I wish they had waited until there was more game play at one sitting.

Anyway, what there is of the game, is a reasonable inventory-puzzle adventure. It just ends so quickly.


You can explore a lot in this room - find picture that suggests who your Amelia is/was.

But the only two key moves are at the desk. Open the second drawer on left to get a poem that suggests the 3 cards that are needed to open a gate and that your quest is to get all 3 cards. (My game ended when I got the 2nd card so this information wasn't that critical for the game, I guess). Open package on desk and find watch, gun and note that refers to keeping you away from the hotel. Put first 2 items in Inventory. Also get navigation globe, which doesn't really do much specifically.

Move box and get the card underneath it. Move card to Collection section of screen. When you click on it, "use it", you are transported to a deserted section of a city, near a gate. (You can put your card in the middle slot of the gate, per the note, but nothing is going to happen until you get all 3).

Turn and explore, half-way down in cross alley, check out the note in the garbage bin. It tells about Thibedeau's Apothecary shop. Find shop and enter.


Find the mat on the counter that looks like a card, move it to reveal a stone puzzle. The purpose is to get all the stones to stay "in" by pushing them in a specific order. In my game, the order was (as if on a clock face) the stone at 6, center, 8, 10, 4, 2, and 12.

Enter and go down. Go down a second time - look downward and "use" ladder again. You are in flooded underground passage. Several moves forward, and there's a wooden gate on your left. Turn to it and move the lantern. Enter the (Hotel) basement.

Go to table in corner, sort of to the Left of the Anvil on the block. Open drawer to get key. Use key to open door behind Anvil. Open book on Left and get 2nd key. (Go to close up. c/u, again to read book if you want.) Use this 2nd key on other door - the one sort of to the Right of the anvil on the block. Enter wine cellar.


In wine cellar, face the wooden square that hides a small "food/wine" lift. Playing with the electric handle to the left of square should reveal that door stays open when handle is in the horizonal position (not up or down.). When lift is open, enter, reach out and pull handle up and you are transported up to the lounge of this deserted hotel.

Find the canopy section in the wall that says lounge and go through it, down hall to double doors, pull door open (straight to the side) and enter old lobby area. Approach Registration desk. You want to register by signing the book.

Lift pen and put the point over the ink well and let go, you should hear a gulping sound that means pen is filled. Pick it up again and put it with point at beginning of next line in registration book and let go. The pen should automatically start writing. This triggers a time warp and you are transported back to when hotel was "new" (even though there still are no people.).


Get the envelope that is in the mail slot behind desk. You should get a key to room 814 and a note from Richard that explains that he hid the key to the floor in the Lounge (The elevator needs a key to go to a floor, you can't just press a button).

Go through double doors, half-way down hall in into restored Lounge area. Go toward the checkered dance floor area, and find table that has a few items on it. Get perforated playing card. Then go to player piano. Get a c/u of the right side of the piano, the slot may be hard to see before the c/u if screen is dark. Insert card in slot and watch the pictures on the wall as song plays. When picture pops open, backup and then approach picture and get the floor key - to floor 8.

Go back to Lobby and call elevator. Enter, turn and put floor key into slot marked 8. Then move operator handle to green button. You should go to floor 8. Exit elevator.


Go straight ahead to last room on Right. That's 814. Use key and enter.

Open music box on far side of bed. Take red object and put it in collection (Not inventory). C/u will tell you that this is piece of another card.

Read document to find out that T fiddled with elevator and did something that wasn't just using the keys and the operator handle.

Look in first drawer below music box. Take record and you can get c/u of note on Bible (not sure if this is needed for anything in game, maybe next installment?).

Go into bathroom and turn on both bathtub faucets. Mud and a key come out. Pick up key, now you can use elevator to go back to the Lobby. Return to elevator and do that.

Go back to Lounge and put record on Gramophone in corner. Play it. When drawer opens, take unlabeled key and see number puzzle. C/u in inventory will tell you that missing number is the floor that the key is for.

Solution for this little math puzzle is 7. Go back to elevator, put key in slot 7 and go up to that floor.


Exit elevator and turn left. Go all the way to end of hall and turn to door on Right, which is Utility room. Enter.

You hear gas/steam and should see that the large box can't be moved because steam vents are open. Turn toward the "boiler" and turn wheel valve to shut steam off. Turn back to box and move it (automatically goes to corner). Climb on box and touch the grate in the wall, "use" the screws in upper left and right hand corners to open grate.

Take out room key with crest, tickets to Sante Fe, and another perforated playing card. Put these items all in inventory. C/u of key should suggest that there is a room, without number, on this floor that it is for.

Go back to elevator and continue down right corridor, part way. Find door with crest instead of number, on your right. Use key and enter.


Lots to see in this room. Key items are the statue on Right as you enter. Look at missing eye and then look at engraving on shield. You want to find it's other eye.

Go to chest with journal on it and read how Czar hid key to Anastasia's room in the metal winged figurine (on another table, along with a map), but safe-guarded it with the stone statue.

Go straight back to lamp at end of room, floor lamp with two shades. Take off right shade, find red eye, but can't reach it. Take off left shade and then take off bulb - this sends gas/current to the left and the red jewel can now be reached. Take it. Turn and go to statue. Insert eye. Get card and then go back to winged figurine. Put card on card outline in center of figurine. Automatic scene that reveals the key to Anastasia's room.

Take key and go to small door, along the wall just to left of statue.

Use key and enter Anastasia's room.


Lots of stuff to look at here, but only key thing is finding the bureau, with mirror, that has the slotted box in the center of it, just below mirror. Use the perforated card in this box and wait for automatic scene that reveals hidden room.

Enter room, read book on left if you want, but really need to get book of matches on the box to the right of door.

Note: if you have left A's room without matches, my game seemed to keep me from returning to her room, i.e, curser didn't give me a way in and using handle didn't work. But if I just clicked on upper half of door - door would open again and I could re-enter.


Return to elevator through Czar's room into hall. Look down and to left of operator handle to small panel in wall near floor. Open box by turning key at top of panel and then turn key inside. Elevator goes to top of hotel and opening in elevator ceiling automatically springs open. Go up this opening into attic.

Can't open gates, so enter Motor room by pushing large round button to the right of the door. Lots to play with in here, but nothing seemed to do anything. Push large round button near floor around pipes, opposite the door you entered, and then go through the brown/wooden door to attic area.

Find first side corridor on left. It is full of candles and has a large candle and a sack on the table at the end of corridor. C/u to candle and use matches from inventory. To use, open the book, take out a match and strike it without closing cover - not safe, but there you are! Move lighted match to candle wick.

Lighted candle reveals chest beneath it. Open chest and find rest of card - you have the red center in you collection. Move red center to the card in the chest and then click on card. You are returned to deserted/dusty lounge. Turn around and click on small light in mirror behind the bar. Automatic scene empties your inventory and Collection. Read note on bar. "Your journey's over for the time." Wait for promised card to appear, click on it and the game ends. Truly, can this really be all?

Note: if you get to attic before you have matches, you seem trapped in this storage room since you can't get back through Motor room door. But use iron key (first key you got in basement) on lock on gates and you exit back into the elevator - and then can come and go as you want, with gates open.

December 8, 1999


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