The game starts. You'r in a room. Find the box on the desk and open it. Get 
everything out of it en read the letter. Open 2nd drawer en read the note. If 
you move the box on the desk you'll find a card. Use the card and you will be 
transported. You can look around in the street, but that is not important. The 
only thing you maybe want to read is a letter in a dumpster. Go into the shop 
and look everywhere. You can do a lot of things here but what is important is 
the rug on the floor. 

The solution for the puzzle under the rug is:                        7
                                                                 4   2  6
                                                                  3    5

Go down and find a locked up tunnel. Pull on lamp (which goes in inventory) and 
you can go in. Here it is the same, look around and do things. Important is a 
table in the leftcorner. Open drawer and find key. Use this key on the door and 
find a book. Read the book. In book is another key. Use this key for the other 
door. You can do and look at things. Go into the little lift after you pulled 
the switch. In lift pull switch again. You'll arrive in a hotel lounge.

Look at everything and walk through the left over curtain. Open the doors. Look 
around and sign your name in the register book. Now you are transported to the 
old times when the hotel was alive. Get letter behind the desk and key room 814. 
In the lounge look at the tables and find a card. The card goes in the piano. A 
safe opens. Get de nr. 8 key from the safe. Go to the elevator and pull switch. 
Nr. 8 key in lift and pull handle.

ROOM 814. 
Next to the bed is a box. Get the cardpiece and read note. In drawer 
you find a bible read note on it. What you have to do with this I don't know 
(maybe in forgotten II). You also find a record. In bathroom move the faucets 
and you get a L key. Go back to the lounge by putting L key in lift and pull 

Play the record and you get a key. Read note with it. You find out that the key 
is for floor 7. Go to floor 7 with elevator.

Go to the utility room. Turn the wheel and move the box. Now you can open the 
airfilter, when you stand on box. Get all the stuff. Find the room with the 
romanov crest and open it with key. (room is close by 724). Look at statue and 
read message on it. On the desk read journal from Nicolas. Find card with holes. 
Find the red stone in the lampset. Put red stone back in statue and get the 
phoenixcard. Put phoenixcard on the little statue with the gargoles en you get 
the key for Anastasia's room. Beware when you walk out of Anastasia's room you 
cannot go back in. I couldn't.

Find lettter to countess Zolotniski on desk. Use queen card in jewelbox and 
secret door opens. Find book (read) and matches. You can do more here, but it is 
not important to the game. Go back in the elevator and remember the note in Room 
814 about something under the brass bars from the elevator. Look in the corner 
from handle and numbers floors. Open secret panel and turn key. You will go up. 
Go up throug ceiling.

Open de power room by pushing the button right from it. In power room press 
button between the pipes. Other door opens and you come in attic. Find the 
candles. Light the very big candle with your matches an a box appears. Open box 
and find card with hole. Put your cardpiece in hole. Now you can transport again 
to the present. You appear in the lounge. In mirror you see a twinkle. Click on 
it and the rest is movie.



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