This is the Heart Of China hint section.

What can I do at the dock?

You  won't be  able to   accomplish anything  at the  dock until
you've solved two other puzzles in Hong Kong. First you must get
Zhao Chi to join you. Secondly,  you need to visit Madam Wu, the
Master Herbalist.  If you approach Madam  Wu correctly, she will
send  you to  get some  seagull droppings  to mix  in an  herbal
potion. Go  to the dock and  give the seagull on  the piling the
prune from Chi's inventory, then  pick-up the bird droppings and
return with them to Madam Wu's.

Is this paper blowing around on the street of use?

Wait until one  of the pieces of paper lands  on the ground near
the center  of the screen, then  pick it up. You  will need this
piece of paper in a puzzle to get Zhao Chi to join you.

What must I do at Ho's Bar?

Ho's bar  is the place  where you will  recruit the Ninja,  Zhao
Chi. He is  in the bar, but you can't  talk to him without first
going through  Ho, the bartender,  and then some  of Chi's other
friends. Go to the left side of  the bar and talk to Ho. Use the
following dialog  choices to meet  Zhao Chi: 3,  1, 2, 2,  3. Be
sure not to waste time with the bar girl, she's trouble.

How can I get Chi to join me?

You will have to convince Chi  of two things before he will join
you:  First, that  you are  sincere in  your mission and second,
that flying  in a plane is  a safe means of  travel. To convince
him of your integrity use the following dialog choices: 1, 2, 3.
Next, you  must use the piece  of paper you found  in the street
outside  Ho's Bar  to demonstrate  the principles  of flight  by
folding it into a paper airplane and throwing it to Chi. To fold
the  airplane, open  the main  inventory and  drop the  flyer on

How can I get Madam Wu to help me?

You must have Chi with you to get anything useful from Madam Wu.
After  Chi introduces  you, she  will agree  to make  the herbal
potion if  you bring her  some seagull droppings.  Madam Wu will
also offer you some other items. Not all items will be helpful.

How can I get past the immigration official?

Tell him  you forgot your  identification. If you  took the fake
passport from Madam Wu, don't give  it to the customs agent. Hun
Fa Lo is  a wanted criminal and you will  be arrested if you try
to use his passport.

What information can I get from Lomax?

Lomax will not say anything helpful  to you at this point in the
game. Check in with him later as the game progresses.

    Chengdu Fortress (part 1)

Where do I land the Yankee Eagle?

Zhao  Chi knows  the location  of a  good landing  site near the
Chengdu Fortress. He  will tell you whether or  not a particular
site is safe to land if he is with you in the Eagle.

What do I need from the peasant?

You need the peasant's clothes from him to help you sneak inside
the fortress gate.

How do I interact with the peasant?

You will  need to select Chi  as the active character  and offer
the peasant some  tobacco in exchange for his  clothing. Use the
following dialog responses: 1, 1, 1.

How do I catch the cow?

You will need the rope from  inside the Yankee Eagle. Select Chi
as the active character and lasso the cow with the rope.

How can I get into the fortress through the front gate?

Select  Chi  as  the  active  character  and  dress  him  in the
peasant's clothing. Make  sure he has the cow  with him as well.
Wait outside the gate until you  see a farmer enter the fortress
with another  cow, then Chi may  enter. Lucky must get  into the
fortress another way.

How can Lucky enter the fortress?

You will need to make a grappling rope by combining the rope and
the grappling  hook from the  Yankee Eagle. Throw  the grappling
rope over the  wall on the west side of  the fortress. Make sure
that  Chi changes  into his  Ninja veil  once he  is inside  the
fortress or he will be caught by the guards.

Is there another way into the fortress?

Together, Lucky and Chi can enter through the sewer grate on the
side of the fortress. You will  need the crowbar from the Yankee
Eagle. Wait until the patrolling guard is out of sight, then use
the crowbar to pry the gate open.

I keep drowning in the sewer! Help!

Once inside the sewer you only  have a limited amount of time to
find  the exit.  Use Lucky's   lighter to  light torches  in the
sewer. In the third chamber there is a beam you can use to climb
up the hole in the roof near the caved-in part of the tunnel.

    Chengdu Fortress (part 2)

How do I get past the dog in the fortress kitchen?

You need to  get the bottle of rice wine  from the dining room..
Dump the  rice wine in the  dog's dish and he  will drink it and
pass out.

How can I get into the throne room?

Only Chi can sneak into the throne room. He must go in alone and
be wearing the Ninja veil. You  don't need to go into the throne
room to win  the game, but if you  do manage to get in  you will
hear a hint on how to escape the fortress after you have rescued
Kate Lomax.

How do I avoid capture in other parts of the fortress?

If you are alone in the fortress as Chi, you must be wearing the
Ninja veil  at all times or  you will be seen  by the guards. If
Lucky and Chi  are together you cannot enter  the throne room or
any other room which has a guard posted at the door.

How do I get past the guards in the foyer?

Create a diversion by pushing the  lamp over in the dining room.
The lamp will start a fire. Hide in the cook's bedroom until the
guards find the fire. Make sure to take the cook's knife.

What should I do in the dining room?

You need the bottle of rice  wine from the center table. Pushing
the dining  room lamp over  will start a  fire and distract  the
guards in the foyer.

How can I rescue Kate?

The  only  way  to  get  past  the  cobras  is  to  shoot  them.
Unfortunately, when you shoot one  of the cobras, the other will
bite Kate.  There is no way  to avoid this. To  shoot the snake,
drag the gun from the inventory to the picture of Lucky. He will
now  have the  gun in  his hand.  When you  return to  the first
person point of view, click on your right mouse button. You will
see a gun sight. Put the sight on a cobra and fire the gun.

How do we escape from the great hall?

You must  exit via the balcony  at the far end.  Use the curtain
rope holding  drapes on the  left side of  the balcony to  swing
down with  Kate while Chi  covers you. Barring  the door of  the
great hall will give you a little more time to escape.

How do I get out of the fortress?

You need  to take one of  Li Deng's tanks. They  are parked near
the back of the fortress.

Where are the keys to the tank?

The keys to the tank are kept  in the guardhouse at the front of
the fortress.  If you don't  have the keys,  you can attempt  to
hot-wire  it by  prying off  the starter  switch cover  with the
cook's knife or the crowbar.

Tips on the Tank arcade.

After driving the tank down the hill, take the road that goes to
the  left. When  you reach   the rolling  hills, leave  the road
(again  to the  left), and  drive along  the bushes.  Look for a
break in  the brush and you  will find a road.  Stay on the road
until you find the Yankee Eagle. Be sure to blow up the truck or
Li Deng's men will sabotage your plane.


How can I save Kate?

First of all,  Lucky must go for help. When  Lucky has gone, Chi
needs to shelter Kate with the  tarp and blanket from inside the
Yankee Eagle. Next, give her  the healing herbs from Madam Wu's.
Finally, Chi must use the Shaolin healing touch on Kate.

How can Chi use the healing touch?

Click and hold the right mouse  button. The mouse icon will turn
into a  hand. Move the  hand icon over  Kate and click  the left
mouse button.

What should I say to Ama?

Ama can help you later if you get into trouble, so it is best to
try and keep  on her good side. Try  the following responses: 3,
1, 1, 1.

How do I see the Wally Lama?

You must  first get past his  disciple. Tell him that  you are a
special envoy from the federation of Lamas.

What should I get from the Wally Lama?

You will need to make more than one trip to see the Lama. On the
first visit, try  these choices: 1, 1. After  this he will start
meditating.  Return later.  You must   exit all  the way  to the
street  scene  before  the  Lama  will  see  you again. When you
return, the Lama will tell you about the sacred scroll.

What should I do at the tavern?

The people  at the tavern  will help you  get the sacred  scroll
from  Bojon  if  you  visit  them  after  seeing the Wally Lama.
Approach the  man named Sardar and  try the following responses:
2, 2. If you give him your  gun he will help you to retrieve the
scroll from Bojon.

What should I do at the junk yard?

You can get  fuel for the Yankee Eagle from  Kubla, but you have
to give  him something first. For  best results, select response
1. You need  to make a toy for Kubla  by combining the cigar box
found in the junk yard with  the chopsticks and coins from Chi's
inventory. Give Kubla the toy and  the fuel will be at the plane
waiting for you.

What do I do at the telegraph office?

You  need  to  send  a  cable  to  Lomax  to  update him on your
progress.  This will  make things  easier for  you later  in the


What should I do at the British Officer's Club?

You need to phone Lomax from  the officer's club to let him know
you aren't going to be able to  meet him in Hong Kong. Order two
drinks from Hoji, the bartender, and  ask to use the phone. When
you  speak  with  Lomax,  use  the  following  responses  if you
telegraphed  him from  Katmandu: 2,  2, 1  otherwise, use  these
choices: 3, 2.

What do I do after Lucky gets captured?

Due  to a  previous misadventure  in Istanbul,  Lucky has gotten
himself in hot water with the  nabob. There is no way to prevent
his capture, but make sure  he phones Lomax before this happens.
After Lucky gets  caught, it is up to Kate  to figure out how to
rescue him. Talk to Almira for hints on rescuing Lucky.

What do I need to do at the pawn shop?

Kate needs  to sell her locket  to get money for  the shell game
and  to  buy  the  items  she  needs  to  rescue  Lucky. Try the
following responses  with Kasim: to  get the most  money for the
locket - 3,  2. Accept Kasim's offer of  105 sheckels. Next, buy
the hacksaw. This is the only item you will need from here.

How do I play the shell game?

After Lucky is captured, Kate needs  to sell her locket in order
to play. Watch  Mohmar carefully during the shell  game. He will
often try to cheat if he starts losing.

I need help buying a camel.

Kate must win at least 200  sheckels at Mohmar's shell game. Use
the following responses to get the  best deal from Acayib: 2, 2.
Buy a camel when he offers you a price of 100 sheckels.

Can Almira help me?

Almira can  help you rescue Lucky  if you befriend her  and have
the  necessary equipment  with you.  Make sure  to give  her the
flower you got from the fruit stand at the entrance to the city.
To successfully rescue Lucky, you must also have a hacksaw and a

What do I do when the Tong's men blow up the Yankee Eagle?

You have very little time to get out of Istanbul after the Eagle
has been blown up. You need to take the Orient Express to Paris.

What do I do at the train station?

Purchase a  cabin on the  Orient Express from  the ticket agent.
Use your American  money because there is no  way to earn enough
sheckels to pay for a ticket.

Tips on playing the Orient Express scene as Lucky.

Try the following  responses to get out of  hot water with Kate:
3, 2, 3, 2.

Tips on playing the Orient Express scene as Kate.

Try these responses to make Lucky see things your way: 1, 3, 3.

Tips on the Train arcade.

Make sure that you always  attack with maximum ferocity. Rest if
your fatigue gets  too high by retreating to  another car. After
you  hurt  Tong  enough,  he  will  retreat.  Chase him into the
caboose.  When the  caboose begins  to separate,  make sure  you
retreat immediately or you will die.

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