Here is the complete solution for DYNAMIX's HEART OF CHINA game, brought
to you by Asanthus.

NOTE: To save time, the solution starts where the manual's hints end.

Take the hook, rope and crowbar. Exit the plane. Wait for a peasent to come
up the path. As CHI, offer him tobacco. When he argues, offer him more.
Ask for his clothes and give them to CHI. Drop the rope and try to lasso the
cow. Now lasso the cow as CHI. Get the cow. Make sure CHI has the rope and
grappling hook, as well as the two potions from earlier on, then head for the 

Make CHI wear the peasent's clothes and enter the gates as CHI. When 
you are inside, go to the far left trees. Drop the hook and the rope. Put 
them together and use them on wall. Lucky should climb over. Now go to the
gatehouse and get the key. Enter the central palace. Wait for the guard
to march out of site then run left into the dining room. Take the bottle
of wine and leave left into the kitchen. Pour the wine into the dog's bowl.
The dog will drink it and fall asleep. Now go back to the dining room and
bump over the lamp. This causes a fire, allowing you to go to the kitchen
and leaving up the stairs on the right. Get the knife and open the door.

KATE is there, with two snakes. Shoot the closest snake. KATE gets bitten
by the second snake. I don't think there is any way you can prevent that,
but shoot the second snake as well. Get the tassle. Ignore KATE's moaning
and complaining, and use it over the stairs. You will swing down into
the courtyard. Go to where the tanks are and take the key and use it in
the ignition. Turn the key and press the ignition button. If you choose to
play the tank arcade sequence, this is what you should do:

Make a sharp turn on the first bend.
Shoot the tank.
Go left at the T-junction.
Go down the sidetrack to the left.
Carefully turn to shoot the tank behind you.
Go back to the main road.
Keep going left.

When you get to the plane, fly it. You will crash into the mountains.
For the dialogue, choose the "I'm freezing..." option. Now choose
option 1, "Shaolin healing..." and then "Trust no-one".

As CHI, enter the plane and get the blanket and awning. Put both outside. 
Be careful of going to the front of the plane. If you do, it will topple
over. Now put the tent on the plane and use the blanket on KATE. Drop the
two potions. Use the two potions on KATE.

You should eventualy get into AMA's house. Use option 3, "Big creature..."
and then "Play the old...". Now use number 2 - "Tell you a story...". 
Go outside into the village and go left at the blacksmith. Talk to the boy.
He gives you petrol if you let him come with you. Choose option 1, "Sure I
hear you..." Now take the box from the ground. As CHI, drop the chopsticks
and the coins with holes in them. Put them on the box. You make a toy car.
The boy now gives you some piping.

Now go to the monastery on the hill. Click on the door, and use option 3,
"Special envoy...". Talk to the LAMA. Tell her about AMA (use option 1).
Use option 1, "Hello? Hello?". Leave the monastery and go to AMA's house.
When talking to KATE, use option 3, "Sure", and then say "Yeah".
Leave and go to the telegram office. Talk to the woman. She tells you
about Hong Kong. Leave and quickly get to the monastery. Speak to the LAMA.

Go to the bar, which is on the middle left of the village screen, and talk
to the barman. Talk to SADAR, the man on the left, and use option 2,
"Lecture about fear". Now use the one about "Burying your head in sand".
Drop the gun and give it to SADAR.

Go and fly to Istanbul. Talk to the mechanic. Exit the Airport. Go forward,
then go right and enter the club. Talk to the barman. Exchange quips with him.
Use 2, the one about the phone. Speak to KATE's father over the phone. Use
"put up price" (number 2) and then number 2 again "125,000". End with number
1, "Lunatic...". LUCKY is taken.

You are now KATE. Go to the palace and ask the guard outside why LUCKY's been
apprehended. Go down the side of the palace and talk to the person there.
Go back to the street and then into the pawn shop. Talk to the guy behind the 
counter and give him the gold brooch. Say "500 dollars" and then "75". Now
"take it" with option 1. 

Talk to the gambler out in the street. Choose number one and gamble your 
money. Bet around 350 shekels on the first stake (You should save here).
You need to raise enough money to buy a camel, so, once you've won enough,
enter the pawn shop and buy a saw for 50 shekels. Leave the street and go
to the place before the airport. Knock over the boy's oranges. Use option
number 1 - "sorry". The boy gives you a flower. Talk to the camel seller and
using option 1, buy a camel. Take the camel and go to the palace and talk to
the old lady around the side again. She asks for the flower. Reply with
option 2 - "fair trade".

There is now a long animation sequence. When LUCKY is rescued, use option 2,
"You caught me..." and then "Fine idea..." (number 1). Go back to Chi at the
Your plane gets very hot.
Go to the train station. Buy a ticket with option 1. Drop LUCKY's money.
Take the ticket and get on the train. For the talking squence, use no.2 -
"Was it worth it?" and then "Feel good?" (number 1), now no 1 -"spoke to
the daughter...". 

And that's it!

Look out for my other hints and solves docs, coming soon,


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