March 2000

Tiffany Mueller


Game Intro

A group of scientists have intercepted an interplanetary transmission.  An alien named Ozgar has been defeated in a battle with the Arkonians and he is NOT happy!  Ozgar has wreaked havoc on Earth by causing devastating shifts in weather patters and tectonic disruption.  You are assigned to fly a prototype hypership to Arkonia and use their technology to once again defeat, and this time, destroy, Ozgar.  Be sure you have a pen and paper handy.  You will need to jot down codes and sketch alien writings as we go along.  Let’s go!   


Game Basics

This game uses panorama navigation.  This means that you can see a 360-degree view of your surroundings.  To navigate, hold down the left mouse button and drag your cursor (shaped like a circle) around the screen.  When a hand appears over the cursor, you’ve hit a hot spot.  This means that you can interact with the object by clicking on it.  It also signals a direction that you can take while traveling.


There is a backpack at the bottom left of your screen.  This is your inventory.  As you gather items, they will automatically store in your backpack.  To use items, click on the backpack to open it.  Select the item you want by clicking on it—it will light up and blink.  Then, click the area on the screen that you want to use the item.


To save games, press the Esc key to go to the main screen.  I suggest saving often, as you may miss something and have to return to a world.  If you don’t save, you may have to begin the world over again.


Game Play


World 1—The Valley

The game opens with you facing a navigation screen in a spaceship.  Write down the coordinates on the display—you’ll need them later.  Turn around and click on the portal to open the door.  Go forward, and then exit to the left.  Follow the path ahead of you to the gatehouse.


The Gatehouse

Click on the door to enter.  Go into the room on your left.  Turn right and go to the urn in the corner.  Click on the rolled up maps and one will be put into your inventory.  Hey, it’s a map of the gatehouse!  Turn around to your right and approach the torch on the wall.  Notice the metal plate at the base of the torch.  Push the bottom of the torch against the metal plate—you will hear slabs of rock moving and you will be pointed towards an opened vault.  Go to the vault and remove the 5 books.  DON’T TOUCH THE ORDER OF THE BOOKS IN YOUR INVENTORY.


Exit back to the main room and go to the table at the back end beneath the window.  Take the map from your inventory and lay it on the table.  Watch as the symbols and another room appear on the map!  Click in for a closer look and jot down the symbols on the map as best as you can.


Now go into the other room (the one on the right as you enter the gatehouse).  Don’t worry about the map—you’re done with it.  Go to the shelf on the left of the window.  Open you inventory and notice the symbols on the books.  There are 5 books and4 of the symbols match the symbols on the map.  Place the books from you inventory on the shelf in the order of the symbols.  If you haven’t changed the order of the books in your inventory, they go, from left to right, #1, #2, #3, #5.  You never do use book #4 and it eventually disappears.  This action will open a passage to the other room that appeared on the map.


Turn to your right.  The passage is to the left of the torch.  Descend both sets of stairs.  You will be in a room with planets floating in glass pillars.  Go to the table on your right.  Push the large button on the right to see a transmission from Arla, the Arkonian Gatekeeper’s daughter and keeper of the Crystal Key.  Open the book on the left and note the puzzle on the first page.  There are 5 lines of alien writing.  You just need to be concerned with the number of characters per line.  Reading from top to bottom:

          Line 1 – 11 characters

          Line 2 – 3 characters

          Line 3 – 3 characters

          Line 4 – 11 characters

          Line 5 – 6 characters


Go back up the first flight of stairs.  Open the panel on the wall directly in front of you, under the second set of stairs.  Hey, it’s the button puzzle from the book!  Each button has 3 positions:  up, middle and down.  The buttons from left to right correspond to the lines in the book from top to bottom.  Foe example, button 1 = line 1, button 2 = line 2, and so on.  The number of characters in the lines corresponds to a button position.  The solution, from left to right, is UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, MIDDLE.  Take the crystal key from the box.


Go back down the staircase and go to the portal at the back of the room.  Zoom in on the panel to the left of the portal.  Insert the crystal key into the panel.  Push the buttons below to switch between worlds.  Note that the first screen shows a circle of pillars—this represents the world you are in now, World 1.  At this point, you are only able to choose one other world.  The Desert World, World 2, looks kind of like a spider on the screen.  Click on the image on the screen to select World 2.  Go through the portal to enter the world.


World 2 – The Desert

You are in the desert.  There is a dark cave to your right and a war-damaged bunker to your left.  The power has been shut off and you must restore power in order to complete your mission.


The Garage Cave

Turn around.  Go between the two columns.  Descend the stairs and enter the garage cave to your right.  Take the jumper cables from the cart.  Get into the dune buggy and click on the console.  You will be transported to the other end of the desert.


The Power Station

Exit the buggy and go to the right of the building.  Take the pole that is lying against the huge pipe.  Follow the pipe towards the front of the building.  Take the all-purpose tool from the ledge where the pipe meets the building.  Enter the station and go up the stairs.  Go over to the 3 levers on the far right end.  Slide the pole through to enable you to pull all 3 levers at once.  Hey—you restored the power!  Go back downstairs and take the dune buggy back to the other side.


Alien Capture

At this point, there will be a sandstorm and an alien will shoot you.  Don’t worry, you aren’t dead.  However, you HAVE been captured by Ozgar’s army.  After a quick disk change, you will wake up in jail.


Ozgar’s Ship

Jail Cell

You are imprisoned in a cell aboard Ozgar’s Mothership.  You will need to return here later, so pay attention to the layout of things.  First, though, you have to get out of the jail cell.  Zoom in on the triangular plate to the left of the door.  Take out your all-purpose tool.  Slide the button on the top of the tool forward to arm the torch.  Use the torch on the rivets to remove the plate.  Now, slide the button back to arm the cutters.  Cut the pin on the bottom of the lock.  Slide the arm to the far right to open the door.  NOTE:  This last part takes practice.  You need to be sure and slide the arm ALL THE WAY OVER ‘TILL IT LOCKS.  Just position your cursor on it, hold down the left mouse button and drag it.


Upper Level

Exit the cell to the left.  Make another left.  Make a right.  You should now be facing a ladder.  The ladder goes up or down, depending on where you click it (go extreme, click HIGH up to ascend and FAR down to descend).  Go up the ladder to the top floor.  Go to your right and notice the orange control panel on your right.  Sketch the symbols as best as you can—you’ll need them later. 


Docking Bay Level

Go back and descend the ladder 2 flights to the docking bay level.  Make a right, left, then right.  Go through the door and you will be in the ship’s bay.  Approach the lifting pad by the ship (it looks like a black bunch of pipes and is kind of hard to see).  Push the lever with a knob on it to activate the lift.  Turn around and enter the ship.



Go to the left and sit in the Captain’s chair.  There will be a keypad and symbols on the right (yes, they’re in alien writing).  The keypad is laid out like a telephone keypad starting with the number 1 on the upper left corner, 2 on the top middle, 3 on the top right, and so on, with zero being on the very bottom.  Enter the coordinates that you wrote down from your own ship at the start of the game.  I told you you’d need them!  Just in case, they are 285 016 909.  After another disk change, you will find yourself back at World 1.


World 1 – The Valley (part 2)

Exit the ship and you will find yourself directly back where you started the game.  Follow the path back to the gatehouse and take the stairs back down to the portal.  Once again, put your crystal key into the panel and select the Desert, World 2.


World 2 – The Desert (part 2)

The power is on (thanks to you), so you can now safely explore the caves.  Enter the cave ahead on the right.


The Cave

Go down the stairs ‘till you hit the landing.  There will be two staircases.  The one to the right goes back outside by the garage cave.  The one on the left goes further down into the cave.  Take the stairs on your left.  Go through the doors and up the stairs on the right.  Push the lever on the control panel.  Note the light turns green and the rail moves.  Go don the other flight of stairs to the gondola.  Push the lever on the control panel to be taken down.


Water World

Exit the gondola and go down the stairs.  Turn to your right and go up the ladder on the generator.  You will see 2 levers.  Push each lever up slowly, one at a time, and you will hear the motor fire up.  Now climb up the other machine and push the center console—WOW!  You are taken through an underwater world where you will mine special rocks.  The rocks will be put into your inventory before you leave the underwater ship.  Take the gondola back up, go up the stairs, and exit the cave.


The Bunker

Go into the bunker across from the cave.  There’s nothing to do in the front room, but you can look around if you’d like.  Go to the back room on the right and approach the console on your left.  Click on the large bowl-shapes thing in front of you.  Take the rocks from your inventory and out them in the bowl.  Look down and push the long button on the left.  WOW!!  You just made a gold coin!  Take the coin and exit the bunker.


The Pools

Go to the left, between the 2 mountains, and cross the bridge to the crater.  There are 3 pools.  One of them is a hologram protecting a very important underground portal.  You need to find the hologram by throwing rocks into the pools.  Once you find the hologram (it’s the pool on the back left), throw the coin into it to disable the hologram and expose a passage.


Underground Cave

Go down the stairs and look down to see the hologram projector.  Follow the cord to the electrical outlet.  Pull the plug out and attach one side of the jumper cables to the outlet.  Click on the other jumper cable and drag it to the door handle ‘till it attaches.  This takes a little practice, kind of like the jail cell.  When you have done it properly, the door will open.


Go straight and open the door at the end of the cave.  Go to the portal and click on the console to the left to watch a transmission from an Arkonian Geologist.  Go back outside the cave and retrieve the jumper cables.  Return to the portal area.  Go down to the pool area behind you.  Look for the two-pronged rock.  Attach the jumper cables to the rock and climb down.  Pick up the missing tooth for you Crystal Key.  Climb back up to the portal.  Put your key in the consol and push the buttons to switch to World 3 (the leaf).  Click on the screen and go through the portal to the jungle.


World 3 – The Jungle

This is the toughest world to navigate through.  As you can tell, everything looks the same.  There are two spaceships in this world that you want to get to.  One looks like a big dark building and the other looks like a spaceship.  My best advice is to follow the hotspots and begin to notice familiar landmarks and surroundings.  I just navigated around that way and happened upon both ships.  You want to go to the ship that looks like a spaceship first.  I have included directions as best as I can, but do try to just find them by following the hotspots.


Arkonian Spaceship

Enter she spaceship and go to the right.  Click on the slider to your right to release the wheel brakes on the mini ship.  Click on the belly of the mini ship and get in.  Turn to the right and click on the panel.  Take the screwdriver.  Sit in the pilot’s chair and click the purple-ringed buttons on your bottom right.  You will be transported from the jungle to a colony on the water.


Water Colony

Exit the mini ship.  It will automatically go back to the jungle.  Cross the bridge and jump the wall to the dome patio.  Go to your left.  Turn right and open the glass doors to enter the dome.



Click on the console by the artwork to see the transmission from the Governor.  Click on the desk.  You will see a colored triangle puzzle.  The object is to switch the blue and red tiles on the bottom while keeping the yellow tile in the top position.  You may luck out and solve it by clicking randomly like I did.  If not, back away and return to reset the puzzle, then click on the bottom left tile 5 times.  This should solve the puzzle.  Open the desk drawer and take the disk and the portable portal.  Exit the dome, jump the wall, and cross the bridge back to the rooftop.


Rooftop Elevator

Go to the control panel on the left and pull the lever—oops!  Replace the broken lever with the screwdriver from your inventory.  Maneuver the screwdriver to move the light.  The object is to position the light in the center of the circle in front of you.  This takes a little practice.  IMOPORTANT:  WHEN YOU HAVE THE LIGHT CENTERED, WAIT A COUPLE OF SECONDS—YOU’LL HEAR THE DOORS UNLOCK.


Go to the door and push the green button on the left.  Look on the floor to the left of the inside elevator and pick up the transistor radio.  Push the button to call the elevator.  Luckily, you can only go to one floor, so move the cursor over the buttons to find the hotspot. 


Monorail Station

Go to the platform and jump off.  Don’t worry—the monorail doesn’t work.  Follow the track to the left, through the tunnel.  Jump up onto the platform at the next station.  Go up the stairs and exit through the revolving glass door.  Go across the lobby, through the glass doors and down the stairs. 


Go up the stairs to your left and click on the cases behind the control panel.  The third case from the left holds a crystal—click on it.  Use the transistor radio to shatter the glass.  Tune the radio by pushing on the button on the right until you hear a rapid beep.  Keep it there until the glass shatters.  Insert the key into the hole on the control panel.  Push the button on the right to select the jungle (leaf design).  This will take you back to the beginning of the jungle.


Beginning of Jungle

Now you need to find the other spaceship (the one that looks like a building).  Once again, directions are sketchy—try to find it on your own if you can.



To enter she ship, press both outside (blue) tiles on the control panel.  Go to your left and you will stop at another door.  Push the left yellow and right blue tiles to open the door.  Put the disk from your inventory into the slot in the control panel on the right.  Push any of the buttons to hear a message (the message is the same no matter which button you push).  Note the symbols on the display—sketch them as best as you can.  Use your portable portal to return to the desert world (spider-looking image).


World 3 – The Desert (part 3)

You are now getting ready to face Ozgar for the final conquer.  You need to gather some items.  Go back between the mountains, over the bridge and into the crater.  Find the fake pool and descend the stairs.  Use the screwdriver from your inventory to unscrew the hologram projector from the floor.  There is a tiny white screw on the right.  Take the projector.  Use your portable portal to go back to Ozgar’s Mothership.


To do this, open the portal by clicking on it.  Enter the coordinates from the ship using the buttons on the right.  I told you you’d need those coordinates!  Okay, if you didn’t write them down, they are 327 845 483.  Remember, the buttons are numbered left to right, starting at the top.


Ozgar’s Mothership – End Game

Now’s a good time to save your game.  You’re back in front of the jail cell.  Go straight, left, then right.  Take the ladder up to the upper level.  Go left, all the way to the end of the hall.  Look into the window on the door to see Ozgar administering a little “employee discipline.”  Turn around and go straight, then left.  What’s that?  Yikes!  A door’s opening!  Quick-duck into the hallway on your right to avoid being seen!


Go straight, straight again, then right—there’s the orange control panel again!  This is it.  First, look down under the control panel.  DO NOT ZOOM IN!  See the outlet?  Take out your projector and plug it into the outlet.  Zoom in on the projector and take a snapshot of the blank hallway by pressing the down arrow on the right.  Push the up arrow on the left to project the picture.


Set up the portable portal by clicking on it in your inventory, then clicking on the projector.  Once the portal is set up, click on it to select the destination.  Push the buttons to select the Sun (yellow planet).  Click on to screen to activate the location.


Okay, now quickly turn to your left and click on the orange control panel.  Remember the message on the building looking spaceship?  You need to enter the symbols for the “abandon ship” sequence.  In case you forgot to jot those down, number the buttons on the control panel starting with 1 on the upper left and moving to the right.  Press 6, 7, 8, 9.  You will see Ozgar hastily abandon ship through the portal and straight into the Sun!


Congratulations!  You’ve defeated Ozgar and won the game!

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