Solution by CRASH

This is a story about a young dude who tried to save the universe by retrieving
the Merlin's staff part from several dimensions. The interface is quite easy,
and the graphic are good. Except for a few bugs about file Advent.res ( it keeps
me busy to save the game often 'cause the game will go out accidently ). So down
to business.

Get food bag on the dresser. Then climb the ladder to the attic. Get hook from
the left jugs. Browse the stacks on the right several times until you get the
cement. And you can read several news also. Then open the cabinet. And get the
strange metal object. Hey, that's the dimension travelling machine. Now you have
the access to 5 other dimension. There are 3 buttons on the device. The left
one is for closing the device, the right one is to start the travelling. Now
go to the Alien dimension ( the one that shows a green planet on the screen ).

Get the riffle from beside the cabinet. Get the casette and the trophy from the
shelves. Talk to the aliens that sitting on the slimy dirty chair. Hey dude, what's
up. He'll told you about the booooriing soap opera program on the TV. Look at
the TV. Yes, the shows is totally boring. Now turn on your device, then you'll
see a new dimension appear ( the one that shows you a TV on the screen ). This
new dimension can only be accessed from the Alien dimension.

Watch the boring opera. Then go to the kitchen. Use the foodbag with the dog.
Now you can open the storage cabinet. Rumble in it, and you'll find a shovel and
a rope. Now beam up Scotty to the next dimension. The Noir Dimension ( the one
that shows you a picture of man with a hat in blue ).

Watch the long sequences. After you arrived in the musseum, look at the glasscase
then get the metal rod. Talk to the woman ( she's surely one hot babe ). Then
go out. Now after a sequence, you'll arrive in some bar. At the card game, you
should choose 4 diamond for the next card. Why ? See the different between the
cards, it shows 3 then look at the card arrangement. Now you see the sequence ??
Then you'll received a puzzle book. Go to the port.
Give the hook to the sailor. Open the crate on the bottom right. Get the plier
and the jack. Go out and visit the cemetary. Talk to the gravedigger. Go out and
choose the museum. You're right, she's the thief. Read the memo on the glasscase.
Now choose the cemetary. Then go inside the cemetary. Find Blackthorne grave.
Use shovel on it. Dig one more time to open the chest. Look at the skeleton.
Yesss the first part. Get the part. OK, this dimension is finish. Now, go to
the record shop dimension ( the one that shows you a picture of modern buildings ).

Talk to the boy on the road. Give him the casette. Green and proud. Green and
proud. That's a cool song, NOT !!!! He wants you to get the gold record from
the Tiger gangs. Go up to the street. There's a thief here. Go behind the barrel
on the left. Now the thief should shows up. As soon as he reach the car. Double
click on the car to catch him. Gotcha !!! He'll drop a can opener. Get it. For
now that's enough about this dimension, travel to next dimension : The fairy tale
dimension ( the one that shows you apicture of a castle and a landscape ).

Talk to a strange man that trying to open a jar with a saw. Is he a nutcase or
what ??? Help him by giving him the ultimate device, THE CAN OPENER !!!! He'll
thank you by giving you his saw. Go accross the bridge to the castle. Knock on
the door. A princess will ask you to help freeing her from the cursed castle.
Hey, this is a fairy tale dimension, remember !!! OK, princess I'll help you.
Now go pass the strange man to the landscape. Talk to the bard. He'll teach you
how to open music box. Poke the clown eyes until he says : " Ouch !!!". Hit these
buttons in order : star, circle, cross, triangle, and rectangle. Then pull the
lever. That's it, a secret compartment will open. Get the gold coin. Do the same
thing with the music box in grandma's attic and you'll find some money. Now get
the skin bottle that hangin' on the tree. Enter the cave just under the tree.
Talk to the gypsy. Sleep on the bed, you'll get a vision about the coin. Get the
dress on the wall. Now beam back to Soap Opera Dimension.

Back to the dining room. Now we must make this show an interesting one. First,
eat the banana on the table and throw the skin on the floor. Then use the saw
with the furniture. Now, it's show time. You'll see the actor fall to the floor
and make a funny movement. Get the tapestry on the wall near the stair. Then beam
out to the Alien dimension.

Talk to the alien. He'll laugh a lot and then he'll give you the 3rd part of the
staff. This dimension is finish. Go back to the fairy tale dimension.

Give the tapestry to the gypsy. In return she'll give you a note with a numbers
on it about the future. Hmmm.. This like a lock code number. Go out and go up.
Get the wooden rod near the barrel. Enter the blacksmith. Talk to him. Hmm...
he needs a gem for his sword. Go out and continue your journey to the dark castle
up north. Look at the lock on the gate. Open it with these sequences :

              o  o  o  ---} 6 times     Note : To open the gate, you should
              o  o  o  ---} 9 times            make the green light, turn to
              o  o  o  ---} 4 times            red.

              |  |  |
              |  |  |
              V  V  V
              5  8  3

Try to knock on door. Not working. Use the jack on the bottom right corner of
the big door. Pump it. It should lift up the door. Slide under it. Meet the north
wizard. Get the sleeping powder on the left and hand statue on the shelves. Then
talk to him. He'll tell you about the labyrinth under his castle. Click on the
rug to enter the labyrinth. On the left wall, there's a secret panel that open
the way out from this labyrinth. Now, we leap to another dimension first. We got
more things to have before we enter the labyrinth. So go to the "future" like
the gypsy woman has told you.

Talk to the sick man on the floor. Hey, there's a virus spreading all over the
space station. Enter the elevator. Go to the storage room. Enter the code number
from the gypsy woman to unlock the glass door (160170). Yes, got it. Get the computer
CD-ROM from the cabinet on the right. Move the tin plate. Hey that's a huge magnet
behind it. Get the magnet. Then go to main computer room. Use the CD-ROM on the
panel. Then talk to the computer. Disengaged the time sequenced. Piuuh, that's
a close one. Go to main computer room. Use lockpick from the detective to open
the panel on the middle. Get the second staff part. Go to the medical lab. Get
the chip from the left robot. Try to use the computer. Not working 'cause the
body blocking the way. Push the dead body twice to roll him over ( or .. should
I say kick ). Use the chip on the computer. Hey there's something in the slot.
Get it with the pliers, then re-insert the chip. Listen about the antidote of
the virus. After that, look on the medical cabinet. Now it's open. Get the AB3Z3O.
In your inventory, combine the half antidote with the lizard's tail. That's should
make the antidote, yikes !!!! Go to the sleeping chamber. Get the glasses on the
bed at the bottom. Go back to main control room. Give the antidote to the sick
man. In return, he'll give you his dimension language translator. Wowww that's
cool. Now go back to record shop dimension.

Enter the record shop. Talk to the owner. Give him the glasses. He'll let you
into the storage room. That's a huge room. Use the magnet on the piles to get
the gold record. Huuh ??!! I think the magnet can't attract gold. Aah what the
heck. Go out. Go back to the boys. Give the little girl the dress from the fairy
tale dimension. She'll give you her hairpin in return. Go to the right. Talk to
the strange man. He's definitely a sick dude. Enter the CD shop. Talk to the
Tiger gang member. He'll ask you to meet him at the basketball court. Talk to
the owner and he'll let you into his toilet if you can find him the keys. Go out
and head to the left to the basketball court. Talk to the gang's member. Fill
the skin bottle with water at the fountain. Now what must I do to get the old
record ?? Go to Fairytale Dimension.

OK, now we're ready to enter the labyrinth. Head to the circle door ahead. Watch
out of the middle floor ( step on it and you're a hot meal for the wizard ). Look
carefully at the coin in your inventory ( 532 ). Then remember what has the statue
told you; "The right way". So push the right button 5 times, left 3 times, then
right again 2 times; just like opening the safe. That's it. Enter the labyrinth.
You'll be facing a HUGE maze. So help yourself to find the way out. OK, OK I'll
help you this time ( guess you're lucky ).
    - N N N E N N E N N N N N N N N N N W W W W S S S W S S S W W S S W W W W
      N N W W S S S S S E E ( You'll see a chasm here ) E E S E E S E E E E S
      S S S S S S W W N N N N 

You'll arrive at the lower bridge. See the column on the left and the right.
Then arrange the pictures on the left column from the baby ( at the top ) to the
death. Pull both levers on the left and the right. That's it. Cross the bridge.
Now you'll see a pole bridge. Step according this sequence :
    - R1C1; R2C1; R3C1; R4C1; R5C2; R6C2; R5C3; R4C3; R3C4; R4C4; R5C5; R6C4;
      R7C4; R8C3
      Note : R = Row; C = Column; count from the left to right.

Continue the journey up and facing the chessgame. Here's the solution :
    - R2C2; R4C3; R3C5; R2C3; R4C2; R3C4; R5C5; R6C3; R4C4; R6C5
      That's it, exactly on 10 moves.

After this you'll be facing another labyrinth ( Oh, nooo not again !!! ). Here
the direction :
    - N E E N N E E N N N W W W N N 
      You'll arrive in front a kitchen with a fat lady in front of it. Give
      her the hairpin the enter the kitchen. Look carefully at the tapestry.
      Notes the middle pattern from left to right.
    - S S E E E E N N E E N N N
      You'll see a skull bridge here. Jump until the 4th bones the use the 
      hanging vine to cross the acid ( the one on the left ). Read the metal
      plate. Use the pattern to push the button. Voila the panel will open.

Then, you'll be facing the final riddle. It's the hourglass room. Read carefully
the plate up the stairs. Yes an interesting riddle about days. Here's the hints :
    - 2 days before Sundays --} Friday ( 5 )
    - 3 days later --} Monday ( 1 )
    - 1 days before --} Sunday ( 7 )
    - 2 days from now --} Wednesday ( 3 )
    - Birthday on Tuesday ( 2 )
    - 3 days from now --} Thursday ( 4 )
    - The party must be held on another day --} Saturday ( 6 )
    - So use the hourglass from left to right ( 5,1,7,3,2,4,6 )

That's it now it's time to insert your hand in the lion's mouth, yuuuck !!!
From the right mouth you'll get a gem, and from the left a key. The secret door
will open now. Enter. Goodbye maze !!!

Head to the blacksmith. Give him the gem. Then learn the swordskill in 5 years.
What !!! Yes my friend, 5 years. So learn it. And you become a warrior. Hmmm...
nice touch. Then head to the castle. Knock the door. Use the key to save the
princess. But.... oh no. She's soooo ugly. Can we rewind the act please ??????
OK you got it. This time don't open the gate and keep the key. Now use the dimension
machine. Choose anywhere, and you'll be transported to the wild west and finally
the vampire dimensions. 

Yup, you'll end up in a cell. Talk to the other people in the cell. Use the rope
with bars. Then add metal rod with it. Try to bend it now and the alien will help
you. Go out to the right. Use the sleeping powder with the guard. Get the keyring.
Pull the lever near the guard. Shoot all the guard that shown up with your laser
gun. Go left. Left again. Use the keyring to unlock the locker. Get your machine.
Go left. Hey strange the machine doesn't work. Use your laser again to blast all
the equipments here. That's should do it. Use your machine again to travel to
the record shop dimension.

Use the gold record to mess with the tiger gang at the court. Use it to slash the
leader. Yikes, nice touch. Get the record. Talk to the boy on the street twice
and report to him about the record. Go to Phaza. Give the record to the band.
Watch the show. After the shows is over, trade the throphy with their prize. Yes
that's the 4th part. Go to CD shop. Use the key to unlock the toilet. What !!!
Hey it's work. I don't know why but it's work. Inside just take a pee and take
the toilet paper. Now travel to The Egyptian Mural Dimension.

Use the translator with the old man. Now, he talks well. Go left. Talk to the
slave. He'll tell you to push the boulder to the pit if you want to go accross.
Use the wooden rod 3 times to lift up the boulder to the pit. Go left. Look at
the statue. Hmmm... it's missing a hand. In your inventory, combine the water
skin bottle with the cement. Then use it on the statue. Next, stick the hand
statue with the statue. Now it should do it. Use the statue to lift you up. Use
the toilet paper with the mummy. Go right. Talk to the king on the throne. Solve
his triangle puzzle. There're 16 triangles on it. On the most left sand's compartment,
release the sand 9 times. Then release the sand 7 times to the place next to it.
That should answer the puzzle. Go right. Climb to the 3rd level. Look at the
panel on the wall. Use this order to raise the wall :

          -  o
          -        o 
          -    o 
          -          o
          -      o 

Go left. Talk to the sphynx. Give him the puzzle book. Go left. Use the sword to
scare the creature. Get the final part. Then you'll be transported to Merlin's
hideout. Choose the letter "T" for sent. That should finish the game. NOT !!!!
I guess there will be MOD part 2 because the north wizard isn't dead yet.

                          See Ya !!!!

Thanx for the help of my friend : Helen Kopanau, thanx pal !!!

Copyright @December 1996 CRASH

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