Tomb Raider Chronicles: Secret Levels

Rome - Streets of Rome

Secret #1: In the training area, close to the tightrope, there are two blocks of metal shelving, one of these can be pushed twice, this leads to a room with a secret in the searchable shelving.

Secret #2: By shooting the Bell with the revolver and sight you open the closed door near where you picked up the revolver. The secret is in one of the shelves in this room.

Secret #3: When you have completed the dove puzzle if you go into the room that you opened by shooting the bell there is two very small rooms the size of one block, one has a secret placed on the floor.

Rome - Trajan's Markets

Secret #1: Once you have done the rope puzzle, a trapdoor opens on the left side of that area, if you are facing the rooms with the ropes.

Secret #2: In the area with the floating head, there is a machine, which you use the valve wheel to stop, the first water fan, on top of this machine there is a secret, use overhanging structure to gain access.

Secret #3: Once you have killed the big gladiator make you way back to the area which you used the crowbar to open the door. From that open door go left and you should see a door, which was previously unopened.

Rome - Colliseum

Secret #1: Push block near the start of the level, before lava pit and falling blocks, on the right hand side, there is a secret in this room.

Secret #2: After you have done the timed puzzle you fall down for the cut scene with Pierre. If you go back into the timed puzzle room and then go back to where you fell down, make the jump to the room, which has a secret in it.

Secret #3: At the end of the level, if you jump across the spikes there is a crawl way, this crawl way leads to another room, which has the secret in.

Submarine - The Base

Secret #1: In the staircase you can enter by using the swipe card (the one with one dog and a cave-in) behind a shootable vent.

Secret #2: Jump on to the crates from the big crate hanging from the crane on the dock BEFORE it is turned to gain access to the submarine

Secret #3: Through the floor grate in the shower room.

Submarine - The Submarine

Secret #1: Down the first vent after escaping the sleeping quarters (the one with climbable walls).

Secret #2: Up in a dark vent (the 2nd one) in the section between the small store room with the flickering light and pull down grate, and the room where you get the 2nd half of the battery.

Secret #3: Use the crowbar on the cracked crate in the large storeroom with 2 enemies (one drops the shotgun) and the aqualung.

Submarine Deepsea Dive

Secret #1: In the right-hand area (the dead end area) there is a passageway down by where the wreckage meets the rock Submarine -

Sinking Submarine

Secret #1: In the galley after you turn the electricity off.

Secret #2: Use the bronze key, (obtained from one of two enemies that attack you after you get the green oxygen bottle from the stateroom) on the door in the room with the electricity cut-off switch.

Ireland - Gallows Tree

Secret #1: After the first shimmy in the pit, you jump across to a rocky pillar. Instead of shimmying around the corner, drop down to the next level. Turn to your right, and you will see a cavern in the pit wall. The first rose is in this cavern with a large midi pack

Secret #2: In the gallows tree room, as you first enter this room, to the right is a pillar. Walk over towards the pillar, and there is a slope that you can pull yourself onto, only to slide to the floor. Pull up onto this and jump immediately. Lara will back flip and land on top of the pillar, where you find the second rose

Secret #3: In the tunnel with the spikes, there is a corridor leading to the spikes. Crawl through the spikes into a small space, where you will find the third rose, and a large medi-pack.

Ireland - Labyrinth

Secret #1: After using the bone dust in the font, the second door opens in the church. Go though the door, but not down the slope. Above you in the corridor is a small room with a switch. Use this switch to open the third door in the church, in the room where you get the bone dust. Run through this door and there is a hole in the wall at the end, use action to pull the first rose out of this hole.

Secret #2: In the bottom swing bridge room with the lava, there is a section of railing missing, go onto the bridge and jump off through the gap and grab the block ahead of you. Shimmy around the corner and pull up into the space. Turn around and do a running jump forwards to land on the platform ahead of you. Enter the corridor and find rose number two.

Secret #3: After picking up the bestiary and going through the door it opens, you enter a tower identified with 3 faces carved into the walls. On the second level you can look up and see monkey bars. Jump onto these and swing across to the crawl space. Drop off the monkey bars and grab edge of the crawl space. Pull up into here and crawl along until you come to a pit of spikes. Shimmy around this pit and over the other side you will find rose number three.

Ireland - The Old Mill

Secret #1: In the room with the rope, if you drop onto the level with the imps, you will see a crawl space that the imps came from, at the end of this crawl space you'll find rose number one.

Secret #2: In the room with the windmill, turn to the left as you enter the room. Ahead of you are two caverns; the right one has some bats in it. In this small cavern on the right is a crawl space. Crawl through here and some flames will start. Make sure you have full health and dash through the flames, and drop into a pool just behind them to extinguish Lara. Pull out of this pool heading back to the flames, and rose number two eagerly waits. Just go through the water to get back to the windmill room.

Secret #3: After turning off the current using the windmill, head into the waterwheel room. Jump over the channel and run around the large stable to the other end of the channel. Swim down here, and follow the channel right. After you have reached the deepest point and swum up again, at he top of the slope is a small channel in the left wall. Swim down here to be greeted by the lovely charms of rose there

Tower Block - The 13th floor

Secret #1: From the start head through the breakable wall to the left and go through the series of duct tunnels. You will eventually come to a wall laser, duck under this and crawl to the end of the tunnel. Look to ahead you should see a grate in the wall. Shoot it and crawl through into the room with the rose.

Secret #2: You will see a laser testing room eventually. Go past this room and you will see a lab worker. Zip will advise you not to kill this guard, as you need him to use an access card at the same time to open the door. Ignore Zip and kill the lab worker. This will alert some guards and create a new path for you to go down. The secret rose is in here.

Secret #3: Climb up into the guarded area and conquer all the guards. You will go down a lift to the control room area. From the lift head right until the radiation suit room. Get the CD key from one of the radiation suits and head back to the guard who was asleep in the chair. From here go right towards the console and use the CD key. Climb into the crawl space and slide down on the pole avoiding the raging inferno in the duct. From halfway down the pole back flip onto the ledge and pickup the rose.

Tower Block - Escape with the Iris

Secret #1: When you eventually get the code for the toilet door and have climbed up the secret trapdoor in the toilet, you discover a lift shaft. Climb down the ladder into the shaft making sure you are lined up centrally with the wall you are on. Back flip and turn 180 degrees and grab onto the pole behind you. Slide down the pole to the platform and jump into the hole in the wall to gain access to your rose.

Secret #2: There is an accident with the lift and the cables brake; you have to use the emergency brakes to slow the lift to survive. Once at the bottom you have to make your way through ducts to the tight rope across the whole lift shaft. Get to the other side and slide down all of the slopes to a small opening and a guard should walk past you. Run past the guard to the tank filled with water. Let the guard shoot through the tank and roll on into the small drainage hole to get your rose.

Secret #3: When you get around the corner from the water tank there is a lobby area where you are gunned down by snipers. Climb onto the ledge and lure their shots into a fire extinguisher on the wall. You will then get access to your rose.

Tower Block - Red Alert!

Secret #1: You will start in a lift shaft and have to make your way up the soon to be destroyed staircase. As the first part of the stairs fall down hang on and climb down into the secret area near the fire. The fire will not burn you, so go in and pick up your rose.

Secret #2: Carefully make your way to the top of the stairwell until you can go now further. Kick down the weak wall and crawl through. Kill the guard above the grate and climb up. Carefully negotiate the laser trap and continue to the lift. Go down the lift killing the soldiers on the way and you will come to a target practice room. Shoot all of the targets in the room on the left.

You will have to shoot all of the targets in the lanes before they reach the first line. If you do this successfully you will open the target practice room on the right. Shoot all of the targets again before the first line to open the door to let you out. This also opens a door at the end of the corridor to your left. Go into this ammunition room and grab secret rose.

Secret #3:Head back to the stairwell and use the grappling hook to swing across the stairwell. Continue to progress through the level until you come to the top of the offices near the helipad. Take out the cyborg in the drainage room, then head back until you have a helicopter trying to gun you down.

Dash all the way to the end of the corridor dodging the strafing gunfire and all the canister explosions and press the button in the last room before the roof. From here head back towards the drainage room, again dodging all the gunfire. You will see another cyborg, lure him into the rooms filled with gas and lock him in. At the end of all the corridors there should be your final rose to the game.

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