The Lost Files of
                           Sherlock Holmes

                          by Electronic Arts

                           Solution by  V&D

         Hi  !  I recently played a game from Electronic Arts     and  
fairly  liked  it. Graphics are especially good, Holmes  uses  hi-res
mode of VGA and the result is very realistic. Music isn't bad and  in
some  parts  of  game  you'll get even speech. I thought  that  maybe
someone  out there is getting stuck somewhere in the game  and  needs
few  hints  - so I decided to write a solution. Of course, there  are
other  ways to bust those criminals. I show to You only one  possible
solution.  In  any case, I  recommend You to play The Lost  Files  of
Sherlock Holmes, You won't regret it.

Musical devices :     
                                   Sound   Blaster    (or compatible)
                                   Roland MT32/LAPC1

Devices  for  digitised  effects and  speech  :  
                                    Sound  Blaster    (or compatible)
                                    Tandy SL,TL,RL
                                    Tandy TX,EX,HX,SX

 Internal speaker isn't supported at all.

So, here we go with a solution:

    The game starts with quite a nice introduction. Watch it and warm
up for playing. First You find Yourself and Your companion DR. Watson
at  Baker Street house. You can freely look around and get acquainted
with  Your residents. After some poking around in the room OPEN DOOR.
You can ignore those guys and walk straight of the screen. This is  a
map  of  London. Some places are specially marked. To go there,  just
click  on  the  right  place.  Go to the  alley.  There  You'll  find
inspector Lestrade, who's been waiting for you. First rule : LOOK  at
everybody and everything, this way You can gain valuable information.
OK, let's proceed.
RESIDUE  and  PICK  UP BATTERED PIECE OF PAPER. Now  go  and  discuss
aspects  of the crime with Lestrade. OPEN BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE  TO  THE
THEATRE.  Talk  to  Sheila Parker and with doctor Watson  and  get  a
calming pill from Watson. Interrogate her. PICK UP PERFUME BOTTLE and
HANDWRITTEN CARD. OPEN DOOR. Ride to the Sarah Carroway's flat. There
is  an  umbrella hanging on the wall. Pick it up! Get a key and check
out  a  teapot. In the basket is also one interesting item.  PICK  UP
SWEATER. Remember always to look at everything. OPEN DOOR. Go to  the
Belle's parfumerie. Ask about Belle's customers and describe suspect.
Your prime reason to be there is to chat with a cleaning girl, but as
you  soon notice, she isn't allowed to speak to the clients. You have
to  get  rid of the owner. You'll notice that all display  cases  are
loaded  except  a case that should hold La Cote D'Azur.  So  ask  for
missing  perfume!  Belle leaves and the cleaning girl  will  be  more
talkative.  Chat about suspect and You'll get information  about  his
   Go to the Southwark Morgue. Speak to coroner about personal items.
You  can look at 'em but coroner won't allow You to take any of  them
with You. Talk to inspector Gregson about releasing evidence.  Stride
to  the  Scotland Yard. Stupid constable stops You. Run back  to  the
morgue,  and  complain to inspector Gregson.  When  You  get  to  the
Scotland  Yard, speak to the officer on duty. What a day, he  refuses
to  call  Lestrade!  Walk out of the building and chat  with  (blind)
apple   vendor.   After  some  threatening  he  gives   some   useful
information. Let's speak (again) with the officer on duty. Speak with
Lestrade  and with duty officer. Now You have an authorization.  Back
to  the  morgue  You go and talk to the coroner. Grab  a  large  key,
You'll  need it. Drive to the alley and enter theatre using  a  large
key.  Use a brass key on chest of drawers. There You discover a  pair
of opera tickets. Don't listen to dr. Watson, get tickets.
   You have some items to analyse at home lab, remember? Drive to the
Baker Street. USE white powder on LAB TABLE. USE RESIDUE in TEST TUBE
and  USE MATCHES. USE TEST TUBE and wait for an arsenic mirror. Let's
analyse some more, shall we? USE FLOWER on LAB TABLE. First, to get a
clear view, use a microscope. Now USE MATCHES and USE FLASK. Are  You
trough already? Nothing more to analyze, I'm afraid. Step outside and
speak  with  Wiggins. GIVE him a dyed flower. Now  let's  go  to  the
Chancery  Opera House. TALK to the MANAGER. He refuses  to  show  you
actress's  dressing room. GIVE TICKETS to USHER ... and to the  other
usher.  Go  upstairs  and  give tickets to  the  elderly  woman.  Ask
permission  to  enter dressing room. GIVE NOTE to Epstein.  When  You
arrive  to  the  dressing room, try to move something.  Epstein  will
boldly  stop you. Leave room and chat with dr. Watson. Re-enter  room
and every time You want to examine something privately ask Watson  to
check  something incredibly silly. Manager will sail  off  after  dr.
Watson and You can investigate room in peace. What You do need  is  a
ring of keys from the middle drawer. Leave room.
   Drive  to  the South Kensington Field. Be the pain in the  coach's
butt  until You can give him description of a suspect. Mention Senior
Service  cigarettes. When Sanders shows up, GIVE HIM  Eau  de  Seine.
Drive to the Eaton Dormitory and talk to Sanders until he will ask  a
death  certificate.  Let's leave this line  of  investigation  for  a
    Return  to  the  Baker  Street.  Talk  to  the  Wiggins  to  gain
information  about  that dyed flower thingy.   Drive  to  the  Covent
Gardens and speak to the girl. GIVE a HAND-WRITTEN CARD to the FLOWER
have  found a cuff link! Have You noticed, that You are standing near
"Moongate Pub"?
Let's  check out, what's inside. OPEN DOOR. PICK UP FEATHER. Talk  to
some  interesting  characters there. The bouncer has  a  very  little
brain,  so  don't waste Your time on him. Challenge  barman  to  play
darts  with You. In order to beat a barman You must first play  darts
with all three client (and You must win them, of course) if You lose,
don't worry, You can always try again.
     You're back from the dartboard, and You're winner, eh? So we can
carry  on.  Ask  from PUBLICAN about young man. If You haven't  asked
about  a cuff or a feather yet, this would be a good time to  do  so.
It's time You leave the pub. Go to the Hattington Street Chemist  and
speak  to  the  old  chemist. First buy something and  then  ask  his
permission  to  chat whit the boy.  You may leave after  asking  Your
questions  and  becoming convinced about boy's  innocence.  Now  it's
about  time  to go to Bradley's Tobacco Shop. We need to dig  out  an
address of taxidermist, responsible for that moose head job. Speak to
boy and assure him, that You need to look around a bit. See those big
crates  in the foreground? MOVE CRATE until You'll be able  to  climb
them.  LOOK  MOOSE  HEAD.  You  don't see  an  address  anywhere?  No
problems,  MOVE MOOSE HEAD. Leave for the Oxford Taxidermy.  PICK  UP
SMOCK  and  KNIFE.  Talk  to  a  man behind  table  and  squeeze  Mr.
Blackwood's  location out of him. Consult Your  faithful  friend  dr.
Watson and go to the Old Sherman's. TALK TO SHERMAN and use leash  on
Toby (doggie).
   Now  You're at the dock's, aren't You? OPEN SHED DOOR and get that
vicious  looking  HAMMER. You can MOVE BARREL to get  closer  to  the
pail.  PICK UP bucket with rope and swing it to the THAMES. Have  You
tried to peek at window yet? Right, it's dirty. MOVE BARREL, get  RAG
and  USE  RAG  ON  bucket of water. Now? USE RAG on  the  WINDOW,  of
course! Inform Watson and move in - USE HAMMER ON DOOR (get ready for
    So  ..  so.  Now  might be a good time as any to  return  to  our
abandoned line of investigation (that Sanders lad, remember?). Stride
out  of  the  door  and speak to the Jonas. Demand yesterday's  early
edition.  If You can't demand it, go to the Sanders, speak  with  him
some  more and come back here. Jonas can't help You, but talk to  the
Wiggins.  Go  to  the Dormitory and GIVE NEWSPAPER TO Sanders.  Lad's
heart  will  be broken and You must get some addresses  out  of  him.
First  we  go  to the St. Bernard's Publick house. Just talk  to  the
spectator and pay him for information. Now go and speak to Nobby  and
keep  on  it until he pays You some attention. Pay to him to  and  he
sends  You to Jack. If Jack doesn't want to talk to You, go  talk  to
somebody  else, especially the barman. When You'll get thru to  Jack,
choose  right approach and You'll get Caruso's address.  Let's  visit
Antonio  Caruso's  flat. Speak to Antonio Caruso  to  get  an  Anna's
address. Head for the Baker Street. Buy Wiggins's gyroscope and speed
to  the  Picnic Site. USE GYROSCOPE ON SOLITARY BOY. He comes nearer.
Speak  with the boy and finally GIVE GYROSCOPE TO BOY. He leaves  his
hat behind. PICK UP PAUL'S CAP. LOOK at cap and discover it's origin.
Take  a  ride  to  the  Eddingtan's Equestrian  shop.  Speak  to  the
counterman and try to get Paul's address. He doesn't tell? Chat  whit
dr.  Watson  about  it.  Look at something (coat  of  arms)  and  the
customers  take their leave. Now You hear about Paul's parentage.  Go
to  the  Lord  Brumwell's Mansion (nice steam boat, huh?).  USE  BELL
PULL.  Servant jumps out and asks something that they always ask.  Go
talk  to lady Brumwell - something is better than nothing. It appears
that  lady  Brumwell isn't helping much so let us drive  to  the  Bow
Street  Police  Court. Oh, those stupid policeman's.  Stubborn  guard
refuses  to  let You in. So to the Scotland Yard we go. Talk  to  the
duty officer and he'll fetch  a suitable pass for You and dr. Watson.
Stride back to court and talk to George Blackwood.
    My,  my .. We haven't visited Anna Carroway's Flat yet. What  are
You  waiting  for? Just go there and knock and ring some time.  After
unfruitful  waiting it seems better to unlock door  with  a  ring  of
keys.  Get both calling  cards from the silver plate and go upstairs.
Speak  to  the  housekeeper.  The bitch  won't  allow  You  to  touch
anything!  We  need do create a little diversion. Go  downstairs  and
MOVE  POTTED PLANT. Now return to the housekeeper and have some  chat
whit her. When she leaves, MOVE STATUE and PICK UP BOOK.
   There is also a card room in this house, have You noticed? But let
us  finish with this hose and proceed to the Law Office Of Mr.  Jacob
Farthington.  Speak to him (nice bar, huh?). Go back  to  the  Police
Court  and  question their prisoner some more. Ride to the Jaimeson's
Buying and Selling. Speak to Nigel and threat him or whatever to  get
an  information about stolen pendant. Move over to the Moorehead  and
Gardner's Detective Agency. Chat with a secretary. You won't gain  an
access  to  the office, but You do gain information about  ZOO.  GIVE
HOLMES  CARD  TO  BUSY  RECEPTIONIST. Ride to the  London  Zoological
Gardens. Little chat whit a constable and in we go. Why, an elephant!
Steer  to  the right and observe the scene. Talk to Gregson and  make
him  hate You. We are in the zoo, so let's move around a little. Walk
straight  left from the elephant and observe a glittering  object  in
the   lion's  cage.  After  refreshing  walk  enter  to   the   Zoo's
Administrative Office. Talk to the Hollingston and get an address  of
Simon  Kingsley. Now go to the Simon Kingsley's flat. Chat  whit  him
and  win him over to Your side. Return to the Felix and PICK UP  that
SHINY  OBJECT.  Now  it's back to the detectives  for  You.  Talk  to
everybody and PICK UP TYPEWRITER.
Har  - har. Now follows animated sequence with some speech. Relax and
enjoy it.
    After  animation You'll find Yourself at home. Get a cab  to  the
Police Court and chat with Mr. Hunt. Sorry, You'll get nothing out of
him.  So forget Your disappointment and head to the Detectives.  Tell
to  the secretary Your terrifying news. Walk to the inner office  and
back  yet, instead MOVE lower bookshelf. What do You know,  a  hidden
safe!  USE  paper  from deceased Gardener's watch on  SAFE.  PICK  UP
CONTENTS  OF  SAFE.  Read a long letter and head for Lord  Brumwell's
Mansion.  After some chat with a lady it's becomes possible to  enter
his  Lordship's  study. He confesses everything and  leaves  for  the
Scotland  Yard.  But he also locked only door to the outside.   Don't
panic,  we  will be out soon. MOVE PERSIAN SWORD (the left  one)  and
OPEN  LARGE PAINTING. A safe again! This time, fortunately the  owner
has forgotten it open. Get a SMALL BRASS KEY from a safe and bail out
via main entrance. Get ready for .... yeah.
    You'll at home again. Go to Robert Hunt's flat. There is  a  book
resting on the bedside table. OPEN BOOK and PICK UP BOOKMARK. It's  a
ticket,  so  let's visit our pawn shop again. GIVE TICKET  to  NIGEL.
Tarots  cards,  eh?  Drive  to the Covent Garden,  there's  a  little
palmist office. She's out (what a lucky day). USE ORNATE KEY ON  DESK
DRAWER and get yet another key. Where is lock for that key? It's easy
-  just  MOVE  CANDLE  .. and USE SILVER KEY  ON  STRONGBOX.  Get  an
interesting  parchment.  It  seems, that our  investigation  is  soon
coming  to  an  end. Follow new lead to the Savoy Street  Pier.  Look
who's  here!  You have to save her. So look at window  and  devise  a
clever  plan. Strong door? You have equipment for that sort of thing.
No,  not  The Hammer - too obvious. Yes, that's it. USE BAR ON  DOOR.
And that does it. Watch ending cartoons (some speech again).

     Thank You for bearing through whit me. I just hope You liked the
game as much as I did. [ SORRY ABOUT MY TERRIBLE ENGLISH ]. See Ya.

Written on early august, ANNO DOMINI 1993

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