-N O C T R O P O L I S-
                   Version: 1.2

By: NemesisEra
Email: [email protected]

             I. Introduction to Noctropolis  

-=Action Panel=-

Open: Opens doors, and other panels in the game.
Look: this allows you to look closer to an object, person, etc.
Move: Moves objects, it also uses objects.
Talk: Used to create conversation with another Person in the game.
Travel: Used to go to other locations in the game.
Setup: Lets you change the music or FX volume, or Quit to Dos.
Use: Shows you the inventory and you get to select which object you would like 
to use during gameplay.
Get: Picks up an object.
Goto: Moves your character to a certain spot on the screen.
Inv: Lets you view your inventory.
Disk: Saves or Loads Games off of your hard drive.

-=Character/Place Information=-

Peter Bornick: He is an owner of the largest construction companies in the cit. 
He was killed, leaving the controlling interest to his widow.

Butcher: Owner of the shop on Edwards Avenue. Noted for the quality of his 

Cathedral: Probably the oldest building in the city, it dates back before the 
disasters. Father Desmond is in charge of running it.

Cygus: Presently the largest construction company in Noctropolis. With no 
previous history or experience, they are a mystery to most people.

Darksheer: The hero of Noctropolis. After catching all known villians of the 
city, he retired. Villians since have returned.

Disasters: A little over a century ago there occurred a tectonic cataclysm. Ash 
from the semi-dormant volcanoes cloud the sky, thus keeping Noctropolis in 
perpetual darkness.

Drealmer: A telepathic criminal who entangles his victims in horrific 
nightmares, ultimately torturing them to death.

Dynatek: A high-tech company located in Noctropolis. Incarnate Technologies, a 
division of Dynatek, recently burned to the ground.

Father Desmond: A force of goodness in Noctropolis. His efforts to diminish evil 
in the city include association with "The Wards." He was a close friend of 

Flux: A new name on the streets. Possibly the director behind the recent drama 
of villainy.

Greenhouse: A place where plants are grown until the day the sun hits 
Noctropolis again.

Greenthumb: A notorious criminal who employs mutant horticulture in his deadly 

Ben Hutchins: A powerful man in the old city. He died fifty years ago in the 
great disasters. His remains were entombed in the mausoleum.

Liquidark: The distilled liquid essence of darkness. It has phenomenal healing 
powers, and Darksheer used it to save his life.

Master Macabre: Once a fine Surgeon, he twisted his healing skills. Now he only 
uses his scalpels for inflicting pain and mutilation.

Mausoleum: The final resting place for the well-to-do and influential of 
Noctropolis. The doors are sealed except during services.

Nex: A performance advertised at the Opera House.

Noctropolis: The city defended by Darksheer.It was built ofter the disasters 
destroyed the old city and filled the sky with black ash -- thus giving it the 
name of City of Night.

Observatory: Built by an individual known as the Whisperman. Built for the 
purpose of observing the heavens, the ash-cover has rendered it useless. It has 
been closed for many years.

Opera House: Basically unused for many years, occasionally independent 
proudctions use it to stage preformances.

Sam Jenkins: Construction director at Cygnus.

Shadeskin: A special darkweave fabric that absorbs Liquidark, allowing the 
suit;s occupant to be temp. rendered invisible in dark environments.

Shadowlair: Built by a secret order before the Great Disasters. It houses 
everything Darksheer uses in his fight against the villians.

Ms. Shoto: President of Cygnus.

Stiletto: Darksheer's companion. Rumored to be in love with her partner, 
Stiletto disappeared shortly after the Darksheer's retirement.

Subterrainia: The name given to the old city that was leveled during the 
disasters. The under ground network of mazes is now controlled by criminal 

Succubus: A demon possessing the body of a young woman. Using the powers of lust 
and seduction, she stalk the city -- and contemplates ways of killing Father 

Sunspire Tower: A 150-story building under construction by Cygus. The plan is 
that the upper stories will penetrate the ash-cover and be able to view 

The Wards: A gang of young men and women who help abate crime in city.

Top Hat: A magician who specializes in violent and deadly sleights of hand. 
Arrested many times, her disappearing act behind bars is renowned.

Whisperman: A mysterious man who is rumored to the live in Subterrainia. He is 
responsible for the construction of the Observatory, many years ago.

-=Map Activation=-

The Greenhouse = Look at the truck at Sunspire Tower, and talk to the clerk in 
the Hall of                                   Records.
Observatory =    Talk to Tophat in the Opera House.
Cathedral =      Talk to the Newspaper Vendor at Main Street.
Mausoleum =      Talk to Father Desmond and get jawbone, talk to the clerk at 
Hall of Records
Butcher Shop =   Talk to the punks in Subrterrainia, then ask the news vendor 
about butcher
Shadowlair =     Stiletto exposes it to you.
Dynatek =        Talk to Sam Jenkins, and then the Clerk at Hall of Records.
Sunspire Tower = Look at the truck at Sunspire Tower, then talk to news vendor 
and ask about 
Cygnus Construction = Talk to the news vendor about Cygnus
Stiletto's Apartment = Talk to Father Desmond, or fail to ally with Stiletto at 
Opera House = Talk to Greenthumb in the greenhouse, then ask the clerk at hall 
of records about               Opera House.
Bornick Mansion = Red note on the coffin.

                    T H E  W A L K T H R O U G H

~The Bookstore~
Go to the Office which is located behind you

Look at the letter on the desk
Take the letter
Get the comic that is on a footrest
Goto the bookstore (Back where you came from)

~The Bookstore~
Talk to the person out the front door (Select conversations: 2,1,4)
Get the package
Use the Silver token to get to Noctropolis

~Main Street~
Talk to the newspaper Vendor (Select conversations: 1,2,1,2)
Use the comic book in exchange for some information
Ask all possible questions, then leave
Travel to the Cathedral

Get the wire on the right side
Get the Fence Spire on the left side
Open the lamppost access panel on the right
Use the Wire
Use the spire
Go into the Cathedral

~Inside the Cathedral~
Go to the confessional
Open the window to talk with Father Desmond (Select: 2,2, and 1 through the 
Ask all questions
Travel to Mainstreet

Go to the Hall of Records

~Hall of Records~
Talk to the clerk (Select: 1,1,1,1)
Use the jawbone when he asks for it.
As the clerk about the new questions
Travel to Mausoleum

Open the gate
Open the Side door
go into the Side door
Look at the note on the coffin
Move the corpse
Get the key
Use the key to open one of the coffins
Go to the Coffin

Move the statue
Goto the underground den

~The Den~
Move the pillow
Look at the Diary
Get the Spear
Use the spear
Goto the new exit to the left
Travel to the Cathedral

Go into the Cathedral
Get the Chalice 
Get some holy water from the fountain
Move the pillow and get the detonator
Get the middle statue in front of the altar
Wait for Stiletto to return
Use The holy water

Talk to Stiletto (2,2,2,2,4,2,2,3)
Open the Column Panel on the north end
Take the Darksheer costume
Open the Column Panel to the east and get the History of Darksheer
Travel to Sunspire Construction

~Sunspire Tower~
Talk to the guard to find out Sam Jenkins' name. (1,1)
Examine the truck
Talk to Stiletto and she will distract the guard for you
Goto the area past the fence
Get the glass cutter
Goto the lift
Move the bricks
Move the motor
Goto the ground
Travel to the main street

Goto the hall of records
Talk to the clerk (1)
Ask about the greenhouse
Travel to Cygnus Construction

~Cygnus Construction~
Goto the entrance
Talk to Wanda (Front Desk) (2,1,2,1)
Go to the Maintenance room
Talk to Leon
Talk to Stiletto
Move the red switch
Go to the door
Talk to Wanda (1)
Go to the door that has suddenly opened
Talk to Sam Jenkins(1,1,1,2,2)
Talk to Wanda (Any choice)
Get the passcard
Goto the elevator
Use the Elevator Pass
Talk to Shoto
Use the elevator Pass
Travel to Central Park Greenhouse

~The Greenhouse~
Go to the Truck
Get the Seeds and the Quickgrow Solution
Use the glass cutter to cut an entrance
Goto the new entrance created
Talk to Greenthumb
Use the Liquidark grenade to free yourself
Goto Stiletto
Get the poster that is against the shrub
Travel to Shadowlair

Go to the liquidark pool to cure your status
Travel to the main street

~Main Street~
Goto the Hall of Records
Talk to the clerk
Ask about the Opera House
Travel to the Opera House

~Opera House~
Goto the entrance
Talk to Tophat
Travel to the Obeservatory

Use the Noctrogyph to turn nearly invisible
Goto the Observatory
Use the sack of seeds
Goto the new hole
You need to make sure you do not get hit by the light or your in trouble.
Goto the screwdriver
get the screwdriver
Goto and get the Oil Can
Goto the platform
Move the platform
Get the log book
Goto the door retracing your steps again
Travel to the Opera House

~Opera House~
Goto the Door
Talk to Tophat
Talk to Tophat again
Talk to the old man
Travel to Shadowlair

Goto the liquidark to heal yourself
Travel to the Opera House

~Opera House~
Go to the door
Get the brick 
Get the throwing knives
Goto the trap door
Use the brick
Get the makeup kit in the dressing room
Get the jewelry
Move the costumes 
Open the door
Goto the door
Get the screwdriver
Use the screwdriver on the door
Move the water valve
Get the hose
Goto the new door
Talk to the punks (2,3,1,2)
Give the throwing knifes to the punks
Talk to the punks (2,3)
Give the jewelry to the punks
Goto the door to the Set Room
Goto the door to the Dressing room
Move the switch 
Travel to Main Street

~Main Street~
Talk to the newspaper vendor 
Ask about the butcher
Travel to the new place : Butcher Shop

~Butcher Shop~
Talk to the butcher (3,2,1,1)
Give the newspaper to the butcher
Goto the freezer
Move the slabs of meat until the ladder appears
Get a meat hook
Goto the ladder

~Master Macabre's~
Observe Dr. Macabre
Talk to the doctor
Move the acid bottle to free Stiletto's gurney wheels
Move the tray to move Stiletto's gurney
Get a beaker from the shelves on the right
Goto the door
Goto the door
Get some acid
Open the door
Goto the door
Goto the fan
Goto the adjacent room, timing your move for just after a blade passes
Use the shard of glass to cut the rope
Get the Valve wheel
Goto the fan
Use the rope on the hangin block
goto the new door
Use the acid on the overhang
goto the doorway
Goto the first door on your right
Get the re-bar
Goto the door
Use the re-bar on the catwalk
Goto the door on the far side
Use the valve whell to turn off the water
Goto the ball room
Goto the Chandelier Room
Goto the tunnel
Goto the curtains
Talk to the man (1,3,1)
Give the makeup kit to him
Talk to the man (2,2)
Solve the puzzle door
      O 1            O4
         O 2        O5
            O 3  O 6 
               O 7
               O 8
               O 9
                  O 10
Press them in this order: 9-2-6-3-8-5-2-8-4-1-9-10

Once again, go to the Liquidark to cure yourself
Talk to the Drealmer

~Drealmer's Fun Park~
Get the can of paint
Goto the Clown's Mouth
Goto the clown's Mouth
Get the pick from the mouth
Go to the door frame
Use the pick on the door to Jack's Antiques
Goto the door
Get a match
Goto the Clown's Mouth
Goto the door in the tower
Get the lamp
Move the scroll hanging beneath the floating column
Goto the door
Use the match to burn the web
Get a piece of stick webbing
Get the eggsack
Goto the door in the tower
Use the eggsack you got to kill the demon
Get the diamond
Goto the door frame
Goto Jack's Antiques
Use the diamond from the Sacrifice Room to cut the glass
Move the pepper shaker
Get some pepper
Goto the Clown's Mouth
Goto the clown's mouth
use the pepper
get the paintbrush
Use the paintbrush or paint to make a door 
Goto the new door
Use the sticky web
Goto the top of the tower
Move the running
Get the key
Goto the door
Talk to the Drealmer
Talk to Stiletto
Travel to Cygnus Costruction

~Cygnus Construction~
Goto the doors
Goto the elevator
Use the elevator pass
Talk to Shoto (1,1,2,1,3)
Goto the elevator
Use the elevator pass
Goto the doors
Get the wrought iron shaft
Use the wrought iron shaft
goto the open manhole
Get the three broken chair pieces
Open the furnace
Use the chairs 
Goto the new entrance
Talk to Whisperman (3,1,2,2,1,1)
Goto the water
Goto the top of the ladder
Goto the entrance of Cygnus Construction
Goto the elevator
Use the log book
Use the meathook to slide down the wire in front of you

Get the duct tape
Get the rope
Exit up the stairs
Get the broom
Exit up the stairs
Use Sausage
Use rope/sausage
Use duct tape
Use the broom/Meathook
Talk to Flux
Use the Gold token to Finish the Game!

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