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* Introduction

* The Real World
  - The Bookstore
* Noctropolis
  - Main Street
  - Cathedral
  - Stiletto's Appartment
  - Main Street (2)
  - Mausoleum
  - Cathedral (2)
  - Shadow Lair
  - Bornick Mansion
  - Sunspire Tower
  - Cygnus Construction
  - Main Street (3)
  - Greenhouse
  - Main Street (4)
  - Opera House
  - Observatory
  - Opera House (2)
  - Opera House (3)
  - The Butchershop
  - Master Macabre's Maze
  - Dreampark
  - End Game
* Version Information
* Legal Notice
  - Terms of Use
  - Webmasters


This is the complete walkthru of the game noctropolis.  I played this game many years ago,
and I enjoyed it a lot (esp. Stiletto).  I haven't played the game for a long time and I
probably won't in the future either.  How do I write this walkthru then, well it's mostly
based on the walkthru of Wout Delen (PcGameplay), who wrote a dutch walkthru for the game.
I just translated most parts and made some additions here and there to clarify some things.

If you have to say something, I'll give you a number.  Pick the sentence wich matches the

I urge you not to mail me with any questions you might have, since I probably can't solve
them anymore myself and I'm not going to replay the whole game.

The Real World

The Bookstore
Look at all the stuff in the store and then open the door.  Take the papers on an under the
desk (don't forget the papers in the corner (down/right).  Take the magazine from the little
table.  You'll have a dream.  Read the comic. (cutscene)  After you wake up, the doorbell 
will ring.  Open the front door and say this:
  2 - 1 - 4

Look at the package and take it. Now use the silver coin. Now you can go to NOCTROPOLIS.


Main Street
Go to the newspaper vendor and answer his questions with:

  1 - 2

Now trade your comic for a news paper.  Now you can ask some questions.  Ask about father
Desmond and the cathedral.  Now you should TRAVEL to the cathedral.

Talk with the boy on the right side of the gate. Answer his questions with:

  1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

Take the wire which is located near the left statue and take the first bar of the fence.
Now go to the right statue and open the panel.  Now use the wire followed by the bar.  The
gargoyle will die.  Enter the cathedral and walk to the confession booth.  Answer the
questions of the priest with:

  2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

He'll give you the jawbone.  Now ask about Stiletto and TRAVEL to her appartment.

Stiletto's Appartment
Go to the door and answer her questions with:

  1 - 2 - 1

Now TRAVEL back to main street

Main Street (2)
Go to the hall of records and talk with the clerk (he's sitting on top, between the statues
and the screen).  Answer his questions with:

  1 - 1 - 1

Now use the jawbone you got from the priest and ask about Ben Hutchin's.  Now TRAVEL to the

Go to the fence on the right hand side and enter the door which is located there.  Move the
corpse on the first table and a key will appear.  Use the key on the coffin.  Now go to the
coffin.  After a small trip, you'll be in the church.  Here you'll meet Succubus.  Talk to
her and answer her questions with:

  4 - 3 - 2

After the Succubus has bitten you, you should move fast (notice the countdown clock).  Move
the statue and enter the secret passage.  Move the pillow and you'll find a diary.  Take a
look at it.  Take the spear out of the statue and use it.  Climb through the broken window
and TRAVEL to the cathedral.

Cathedral (2)
Move the pillow in front of the altar and take the detonator.  Also take the middle statue
on the altar and the chalice.  Now take the holy water.  When Stiletto is fighting Succubus,
she'll ask you to help her.  Use the chalice with the holy water in it.  After you've passed
out, you'll wake up in the Shadowlair.

When you wake up, talk to Stiletto and say this:

  1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 4 - 2 - 1 - 1

Now you can ask her anything you want.  At the source, there is a pillar with a panel on the
right side.  Open it and you'll find the history of the Darksheer and the Noctorlyph.  At
the last pillar on the right side of the pond is also a panel at the bottom.  Open it and
you'll obtain the costume of the Darksheer.  Now TRAVEL to Bornick Mansion.

Bornick Mansion
Go to the door and talk to the woman.  You should answer the following way:

  1 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 1

Now you can ask her about anything.  Now TRAVEL to the Sunspire (if it's not on the map yet,
go to the newspaper vendor and ask him)

Sunspire Tower
Look at the truck on the left hand side (you need it to locate the greenhouse).  Talk to
the guard until he mentiones the name 'Sam Jenkins'.  Now ask Stiletto to divert (seduce) 
the guard.  Now go to the pile of planks on the construction yard.  Take the glass cutter.
Now go the the lift-bridge and push the bricks on the ground.  Go up and take a piece of
glass out of the bucket.  Now go back down.  Now TRAVEL to Cygnus Constructions.

Cygnus Constructions
Go inside and take the lift pass from the ground.  Talk to the secretary and answer like

  2 - 1 - 2 - 1

Now talk to Leon and then talk to Stiletto, so that she'll go and talk to Leon.  Use the red
lever.  Now go back to the secretary and she'll let you into Sam Jenkins office.  Go inside
and talk with him (you can ask him some questions).  When you walk back outside, go and talk
with the secretary (she'll leave).  Now you can see the code of the floor Ms. Shoto is
located at.  Enter the elevator and use the lift pass.  Talk to her and answer her questions
like this:

  1 - 1 - 1 - 2

Head back down by using the lift pass and TRAVEL to main street.

Main Street (3)
Go to the hall of records and ask the clerk where the greenhouse is located.  Now TRAVEL
to the greenhouse.

Go to the truck, take the bag of seeds and the 'quick growth' lotion.  Go back to the
greenhouse and use the glasscutter.  Go inside and you'll meet greenthumb.  Answer his
questions with:

  1 - 2

Listen carefully to what he tells you.  You'll see the little clock appearing again.  Once
he has left use the Liquidark Grenade.  Now that you're free, take Stiletto back to
Shadowlair.  Go to the pond to heal.  Now TRAVEL back to main street.

Main Street (4)
Go to the hall of records and ask the clerk about the Opera House.  Now TRAVEL to the
Opera House.

Opera House
Go inside and you'll meet Tophat.  Answer her questions with:

  1 - 2

Go outside and TRAVEL to the observatory.

Use the Noctrolyph to get past the cameras.  Use the bag with the seed on the wall.  There
should be a hole in the wall now!  Go inside ... pay attention, make sure the lights don't
spot you.  You can do this by walking in a clockwise circle toward the telescope.  Once you
are at the telescope, pick up the screwdriver.  Continue the clockwise circle ... pick up
the oil (somewhere in front of the 2 steps) and go up the platform.  Now use the oil and
then use the screwdriver.  Now you can take out the lens.  Head back down but make sure you
take the book on the platform.  Go back outside (the same way you came in).  TRAVEL back to
the Opera House.

Opera House (2)
Go back inside and talk to Tophat.  You can say anything you want ... you'll get caught
anyhow.  Talk to the old man and answer his questions with:

  2 - 1

You'll get free now.  Take the daggers and quickly head back to Shadowlair to heal yourself.
TRAVEL back to the Opera House.

Opera House (3)
Go inside and take the rock from the pile.  Now look at the buttons which operate the lights
and the trap door.  Now get on the trap door (just in front of the wheel) and use the rock.
You'll go down.  Take the make-up box and the jewelry from the table.  Move the clothes and
you'll see a secret passage.  Enter the secret passage and take the screwdriver (on top of
the pipe to the left).  Now use the screwdriver to open the door.  Now move the watervalve.
Take the waterhose which lies underneath it and use it.  Now you can walk through the hole.
You'll bump into a group, talk to them and answer their questions like this:

  2 - 3 - 1 - 2

Give them the knife and answer their questions with:

  2 - 3

Now give them the jewelry and they'll tell you where Stiletto is.  Go to Main Street and ask
the newspaper vendor about the butcher.  Now go to the hall of records and ask the clerk
about the Whisperman.  Now you can TRAVEL to the butcher.

The Butchershop
Talk to the butcher and answer him like this:

  3 - 2 - 1 - 1

Trade your newspaper for his sauce.  Go inside the freezer and take the meat hook.  Move the
third corpse and you'll find a secret door.  Go inside and you'll meet Master Macabre.

Master Macabre's Maze
Say anything you want, you'll get captured anyway.  Once you wake up, just talk to the guy
a bit ... eventually he'll go away.  Once again the clock will appear.  Move the bottle of
acid in between you and Stiletto.  Take the empty bottle from the rack and open the door.
Stiletto will take care of Master Macabre.  Enter the door and take a bit of acid from the
ground into the empty bottle.  Go into the next room and walk past the ventilator after the
blade went by.  Take the wheel on the right hand side.  Use the piece of glass, now you'll
have a piece of rope.  Go back to the previous room, use the rope and go through the opening
in the wall.  Now use the acid and enter the door on the top/right.  Now enter the first
door, you'll find some rails here.  Go back and use the rails on the broken bridge.  Now you
can go to the last room.  Use the wheel here and head back to the first room.  Now you can
enter the tunnel.  Go to the next room past the curtain.  Talk to the scared man and say:

  1 - 3

Give him the make-up and answer his questions with:

  2 - 2

Now you have to search the solution of the puzzle (3 blue balls at the bottom, the white
balls on the left and the red balls on the right).  The game starts once you put the blue
ball in the opening (bottom/right).  SAVE THE GAME ... since the time won't stop.  Once you
get outside TRAVEL to Shadowlair and go to the pond.  You'll meet the Dreammaker.

Once you arrive in dreamland, take the bucket of paint next to the funhouse.  Enter the
mouth of the clown and of the second clown.  Take the tooth pick and head back outside.
Go to the door where the light "FUN" is flashing.  Use the tooth pick on the boards of the
funhouse, now you can enter.  Take a match and go back into the mouth of the clown, enter
the tower and take the oil lamp.  Move the screen which hangs next to the clown.  Enter and
use the lucifer.  Take the eggsack and a bit of web.  Go back outside and enter the tower
again.  Use the egg sack on the devil and pick up the diamond.  Go to the funhouse and use
the diamond, there will be an opening in the cover now.  Enter and move the pepper, now take
the pepper and go back to the mouth of the second clown.  Use the pepper and you can take
the brush now.  Go outside and use the brush, now enter the door you just painted.  Use the
web at the tower and you'll meat the Dreammaker again.  Talk to him and you'll awaken back
in Shadowlair.  Talk to Stiletto:

  1 - 2

TRAVEL back to Cygnus Constructions.

End Game
Go back to Ms. Shoto and talk to her:

  1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 3

Leave the building and take the bar at the lamp.  Go to the pit and use the bar.  Go down
and take the 3 pieces which are lying on the chair.  Open the furnace and throw the pieces
in.  Enter the opening and you'll meet the Whisperman, answer his questions with:

  3 - 1 - 4 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1

Head back up and enter the building.  Enter the elevator but use the logbook from the
observatory instead of the elevator pass.  Now you're on top of the building.  Use the meat
hook to float to the other building.  Take the tape and the rope before you go up.  Use the
sauce and the rope, the dog will fall.  Now use the tape and the meatstick.  Now you are
in the top of the building.  Enter and talk to the Lumisheer:

  2 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1

Now again answer with:

  1 - 1

Use the Golden Coin.

.... THE END ....

Version Information

Version 1.0:
   - The original works

Version 1.01:
   - Updated Legal Information
   - Added this section

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