Dare 2 Dream - 2


The solution for this stunning graphic adventure.


Make sure you read all the helpful commentary in the status box.

Don't click randomnly - you will miss details. I fell at this once, and was stuck for months.

It's an old game, so the animated sequences go at fast speeds on new PC's-Pay CLOSE ATTENTION.

STAGE 1- The fort

1) Enter the fort.

2) Talk to Terry (the boy on the couch).

3) Now go down to the secret underground lab (entrance under the dog rug).

4) Pick up the key on the table.

5) Go back to ground level.

6) Use the key on the door behind Terry.

7) Go through the door.

STAGE 2- An upbeat dream

1) Pick up the tiny twig lying on the floor near the tree. Very hard to see.

2) Enter the barn and take the keg off the dog's back.

3) Leave the barn and take the lowest fruit off the smiling tree - it is quite hard to spot.

4) Go right to the Forest, and through to the road block.

5) Look in the rocks under Bonehead for the pills.

6) Go to the barn. Use the pills on the mousehole.

7) Go right to the mouse. Talk to him and give him the fruit.

8) Go to the barn front, and use the pills on the grass around the funny tree.

9) Go up the tree, get tree snot from its nose, and prop the mouth with the little stick.

10) Go in the mouth, take the brick from the can, and shrink with the pills into the can.

11) Take the stick from the can.

12) Go to the base of the tree and use the pills on the bush. Talk to Dynx, give him the snot and take the bucket.

13) Go to the tree base and enter the barn, then talk to Omar and fill your keg from his bottle.

14) Go to the front barn and use the pills to enter the ant hill.

15) Blow the door off with the brick and enter the hill

16) Take the nail from the mirror .

17) Leave the hill, and climb the tree trunk, then use the nail on the hole.

18) Go up. Talk to Robyn. Go right and look carefully for the key. Go to the hill.

19) Use the key on the safe to get the ring.

20) Go to the barn front, go top left to the grove and enter the castle.

21) Talk to the girl, give her the ring.

22) Go to the anthill, talk to the Queen (in middle chamber), then goto the right chamber and find the bomb under the fruit.

23) Go to the tree mouth, use the spider web on the stick and go to the mousehole.

24) Use the stick with the matches, then go to the forest. Enter the dark forest with the torch.

25) Look at the poem on the tree. The capital letters correspond to the colours of the flowers by the tree, e.g. V= violet. Touch the flowers in that order.

26) Walk through the forest. Shrink with the pills to the mushroom patch.

27) Press the button. Go up then enter the cave. Take the crowbar, return to the road block.

28) Go up to the overlook. Use the crowbar on the rock.

29) Go down. Talk to the heads.

30) Tip snot on Bonehead, use the bomb on the road block.

31) Go to Boris in the hole. Click on him, and he gives you a bean.

32) When cementhead at the road block yawns, tip in the keg of beer and give him the bean.


STAGE 3- Into hell

Walk past the roadblock to the mountain, and use the unicorn key on the statues left nostril. Now enter the tunnel-




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