Welcome to the walkthrough of the interactive game based on the tv-series hype The X-Files. This walkthrough concentrates on solving the cases and not on the series itself. Meaning that all info in this walkthrough is about the game only. If necessary there are links to the series because sometimes the information can be extracted from those very same eps. It is also meaning that I will reply on email and questions about the game only and not about anything concerning the tv-series. This may sound a bit harsh but, on the other hand, creates clarity about my purposes and supplies a reason for me not replying to tv-series concerned only email messages. So questions like 'who is the cancer man?' and 'is Scully Mulder's dog?' will not be replied to. With all this said, lots of fun gaming and spoiling!
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game review
Just checking in to see if the game is something for you? Take a look at this game's review by Doug Radcliffe on the OGR website! I linked to this site because I agree on most of his opinion about this game. Darn, this game is beautiful on the graphics section!
Take me there!
This walkthrough 'The X-Files Interactive game' by Fugazi.
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Last update: September 12, 1998.
(Added some extra info on the last episode)
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Veikko The Site Maintainer - for his indefinite patience.
Robbie Corbett - for providing me hints and tips.
Robert Meppelink - for his different "Mulder's Coffin" ending (in Aurora Borealis).
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