from Cyrax333 ([email protected])

 The X-Files

 F forward once
 L turn left once
 R turn right once
 U click the up finger
 D click the down finger

 TIP: review your field notes after visiting each location; access your PDA
 and click the Pencil icon.

 DAY ONE-FBI Field Office, Seattle.
 You enter the building and run into fellow agent, Mark Cook, in the
 *Select any emotion icon to respond to agent Cook. After he goes into his
 office, go F, L to face your (Willmore's) Office.
 *Move the pointer over the desk chair in your office. When it becomes the
 action hand (purple squiggly), click to sit at your desk.
 *Answer the phone (Director Shanks wants to see you.)
 *Critical: use the tape dispenser on the desk.
 *Pick up your case files, from the desk, and examine them.
 *Look D, to see the desk drawers, and open the drawer.
 *Get your FBI badge, handcuffs, and gun; then look up.
 *Go 2F, R, F, L, F to step into the meeting room.

 *Turn L and click on the cabinet at left marked "Authorized Agents Only."
 *Take binoculars, lockpick, camera, flashlight, nightvision goggles, and
 evidence kit. Close the cabinet.
 *Go R, F and click action icon to exit meeting room door.
 *At Shanks's office door, go F to enter.

 *Talk to Assistant Director Skinner; ask all questions, particularly "What
 case Mulder and Scully were working on." Skinner gives you their travel
 requisition form.
 *Examine the travel form to learn Mulder and Scully set up base at the
 Comity Inn in nearby Everett, Washington.
 *Talk to Shanks and ask all questions. He tells you to file an APB and to
 give your current assignments to Agent Cook.
 *Go 2L, F to the hallway.

 *Respond to Cook with any emotion icon. Go 2F, across the hallway, into
 Cook's office.

 *Talk to Agent Cook and ask what he's working on. DO NOT ask him to put
 the APB. You can do it yourself.
 *Click your case files on Cook to hand them over. He's grateful. Exit
 Cook's office.
 *Return to Willmore's (your) office.

 *Look at the bulletin board first, then sit at your desk.
 *Click twice on the computer to get screen.
 *Click on APB, Send, then Quit.
 *Step into the hallway to meet Skinner. He suggests starting at the Comity
 Inn, which is now added to your PDA.
 *In inventory, click your PDA, click Everett, then click Comity Inn (red
 dot at bottom.)

 COMITY INN: Everett, Washington
 *Show your FBI badge to the desk clerk. (Be smart and ring the bell
 *Talk to the clerk and ask all questions; particularly, get information on
 Mulder and Scully's rental car and ask to see their rooms.

 *Click on The Magic Bullet on the desk and read all the paranoia.
 *Check out the mess in the ashtray (sunflower seeds?) You get a Phone Icon
 *Look at the open briefcase, on the bed, and thoroughly examine Mulder's
 investigative report.
 *Go F toward the front door and then L.
 *Pick up the book, From Outer Space by Jose Chung, from the nightstand by
 the bed.
 *Go F, L and turn on the TV.
 *Go F through the door to Scully's room.

 *Go F toward Skinner, then L. Examine Scully's room Bible.
 *Click on Scully's laptop computer, for a close-up, then take it.
 *Turn R and talk to Skinner.
 *At the top left of your screen, click on the Phone Idea icon. You suggest
 checking the log of outgoing calls.
 *Ask all other questions.
 *Use the door behind Skinner to exit into the parking lot.
 *Click on the office door to approach the front desk.

 *Talk to the clerk.
 *Click on the Phone Idea icon to get a record of outgoing calls by Mulder
 and Scully.
 *Click on the record for a close-up.
 *Note the two numbers called; 202-555-0149 in Washington, DC and
 206-555-0182 in Seattle.
 *Use your cell phone to call the DC number for a brief conversation.
 *Call the Seattle number (no answer.)
 *Use your PDA to travel to the FBI Field Office in Seattle.

 Skinner tells you he'll be reviewing his notes.
 *Go F, L, F into your office. You automatically set Scully's laptop on a
 side table.

 *Sit at the desk, pick up and read letter from ex-wife (this only appears
 if "indifferent" was chosen at the start of the game.
 *Click on ING.
 *Under Search Category, click the Phone button and enter the Seattle
 number, 206-555-0182.
 *Click Search. An address appears and the Dockside Warehouse is added to
 your PDA list for Seattle. Click Quit.
 *Use your PDA to travel to the Dockside Warehouse in Seattle.

 DOCKSIDE WAREHOUSE: Seattle, Washington
 *Approach Skinner to see the lock on the warehouse door.
 *Use the lockpick on the door lock, then open the door.

 You must collect various items with your evidence kit.
 *After Skinner walks away, go F, R, F, L and look down.
 *Click on the bloodstain on the floor for a close-up.
 *In inventory, click once on the evidence kit.
 *Move the evidence kit over the bloodstain and click to collect a sample.
 *After you report to Skinner, look up and move the pointer, over the post
 at the right, until it becomes the Eye pointer.
 *Click twice to get a close-up of a bullet embedded in the post. Again,
 your evidence kit to extract the bullet.
 *After extracting the bullet, to R, F, R and look at the floor (left of
 center near bottom of screen.)
 *Click the cigarette butt for a close-up and use your evidence kit on it.
 *After getting the cigarette butt, go R, 2F, R, F, L, 3F to enter the
 warehouse office.
 *Activate your flashlight and continue 4F up the stairs to the second
 *Click on the toolbox near the bottom of the screen. You approach the
 toolbox and take a crowbar.
 *Go R, 2F, D, 2F to return to the office and see Skinner, who says, "This
 phone is DOA."
 *Go 4F, R, 2F and look D at the crates near the front door.
 *Click the crates for a close-up and use your crowbar to open the crate.
 *Use your evidence kit to collect a sample of black powder from the crate.
 *Go F to the barrels, turn L and go straight into the office.
 *Turn around and talk to Skinner.
 *Ask all questions and use all Idea icons-Blood, Black Powder, Morley
 Butt-on Skinner to get his reactions.
 *Go 7F, R, F, L and open the back door to exit the warehouse.

 BOAT DOCK: Back of Warehouse
 *Go L, F, R, F, 2R, F, L to face the man (James Wong) washing his boat.
 *Use your FBI badge on Wong, talk to him and ask all questions.
 *Use the Fish Stocks Idea icon on Wong.
 *To return to the front of the warehouse-go L, F, 2L, U, F, L, 2F, R, F to
 meet Skinner at the car. He points out a sedan that's been following you.
 *Go F once.
 *Quickly click on your camera and snap a photo of the sedan as it speeds
 *Use your PDA to travel to the Crime Lab in Seattle.

 KING COUNTY CRIME LAB: Seattle, Washington
 *Talk to John Amis and ask all questions.
 *Click on all Evidence icons-Blood, Bullet, Black Powder, Morley Butt-to
 Amis for analysis.
 *Use your PDA to travel back to the Field Office in Seattle.

 *Turn R to the meeting room and talk to Skinner.
 *Ask all questions and use all Evidence icons to trigger Skinner's return
 to Washington, DC.

 Skinner takes a sample of the warehouse blood to be analyzed at the FBI's
 Science Crime Lab in DC. Note his instruction to keep the warehouse under

 *Exit the meeting room, into the hallway, and go to your office.

 *Sit at your desk to trigger Cook's arrival (only after you've talked to
 Skinner in the meeting room.)
 *Talk to Cook using any dialogue path. Cook offers to call the Computer
 Crime Division to run a check on Scully's laptop. Agree, and he puts it in
 the evidence cabinet.
 *After Cook leaves, access your computer to run a check on James Wong.
 1. Click on ING.
 2. Under Search Category, Click till you have WONG.
 3. Under Search Database, click Criminal.
 4. Click Search.
 *To run a search on the sedan that followed you to the warehouse.
 1. Click Photo.
 2. Click Download to get the picture from your camera.
 3. Click thumbnail, that shows sedan's license, for an enlargement.
 4. Note the plate: 240 EAK.
 5. Click ING.
 6. Under Search Category, Click till you have 240EAK and select Vehicle
 License Number.
 7. Under Search Database, select Government/Military.
 8. Click Search.
 Restricted data!
 *Exit the office and use PDA to travel to Dockside Warehouse in Seattle.

 A car arrives. Don't leave hiding until men enter the warehouse and close
 the door!
 *Go F, R, 2F, L, F, L to the back door. Use your lockpick on the lock.
 *Open the door and enter. Go R, F, L, 2F.
 *Click your binoculars for a close-up of the suspicious activity.
 *Go F, L, F, 2R and look D to see the blood stain again.
 *Click the spot to the left of the stain. You automatically open and
 examine the empty compartment.
 *Use your PDA and travel to your Apartment in Seattle.

 *Click on the door to enter.
 *Go F and turn on the TV.
 *Turn 2L and examine the junk on the sofa.
 Just for fun: just under the Kronos Quartet poster is the stereo; turn it
 on and off a few times. It cycles through some songs by Moon.
 *Turn left and go back through the hallway to the bedroom.
 *Look at the FBI ties on the dresser.
 *Browse through the journal on the nightstand next to the bed.
 *Click the bed to sleep.

 *After you awake, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror.
 *Use your PDA and travel to the Field Office in Seattle.

 *Click on Cook to revive him.
 *Look in the evidence cabinet to discover Scully's laptop computer is
 *When the phone rings, go into your office.

 *Sit at your desk and answer the phone. Agent Pendrell reports from the
 in D.C.
 The sample of blood is from Agent Scully. Then, Cook appears with news of
 Wong's murder.
 *Ask Cook all questions-Did you tell about Wong? Nah! You just forgot.
 *Use the PDA and travel to the Dockside Warehouse in Seattle.

 *Show your FBI badge to Officer Mendoza.
 *Talk to the medical examiner on the right and ask all questions.
 *Talk to the photographer on the left and ask all questions.
 *Go L, F to approach Detective Mary Astadourian of the Seattle Police
 *Talk to her and tell about the missing FBI agents and ask all questions.

 WONG'S BOAT: The Agrippa
 *After boarding the boat, use both icon questions on Astadourian.
 *Go F through the cabin door and examine everything.
 *Look D and click the stack of bank notes.
 *Turn L and click on the yellow Tarakan slicker. This gives you a Slicker
 Idea icon.
 *Turn 2R, open the cabinet door, and click on the drugs.
 *Go R, F to exit the cabin.

 MAIN DECK: Dockside
 *Turn 2R and talk to Detective Astadourian.
 *Use the Slicker and Wong's Drugs Idea icons on her.
 The examiner hauls off the body and the Harbor Master returns with some
 *Go R, F, R to face the Harbor Master and talk to him.
 *Ask all questions and use all available Idea icons.
 *Use your PDA and travel to the Tarakan in Seattle.

 IMPOUND DOCK: The Tarakan
 *Look U and look at the upper deck. Everything's melted and burned in one
 particular spot.
 *Go L, F, R to face the gangplank.
 *From bottom of plank, go F, R, F and click the open hatch on the right.
 See a sign DILARANG MASUK KECUALI CREW at the entry to the hold.
 *Go F, R, D into the hold.
 *From bottom of stairs, go 2F, R, F and look down to see some crates.
 *Click a crate for a close-up of the strange black eagle logo.
 *From the crates, turn L and go 3F to see a box.
 *Open the box and take the sphere.
 *From the box, turn L, 3F, R, F, L, 2F, U, F, L, F to exit the hold.
 *From the hold doorway, go R, F, L and click the open passage to see
 another CREW sign on the door below.
 *Click on the door to enter the crew cabin area.
 CREW CABINS: Upper Deck
 *From the bottom of the stairs, go U, 2F to enter the first (right) cabin.
 *Look at and Pick up the Russian captain's journal, from the table, to
 examine it.
 *Go R, F and exit the first cabin.
 *Go F again to enter the second (left) cabin.
 *Turn R and look D to see an open safe.
 *Click the safe for a close-up.
 *Take the payroll log.
 *Go R, F to exit the second cabin, then go R, F to the exterior door.
 *Open the door to step out onto the upper deck walkway.
 *Turn L and go F (not U) past the stairs.
 *Turn L, F, L to see the burned section of the port-side deck.
 *Note the white figures outlined on the hull. This gives you the White
 Shadows Idea icon for later on when you actually need it.
 *Turn L, F, R to face the stairs.
 *At the stairs, go U, 2F, L and open the door to the wheelhouse.
 *Go 2F, L to find Detective Astadourian, but don't talk yet.
 *Click the fresh set of prints on the table next to her (click twice for a
 *To use your cellular phone to call John Amis:
 1. Click on the phone in inventory.
 2. Click on Menu and scroll to Amis's number.
 3. Click the green dial button and ask Amis to lift the fresh set of
 *Talk to Astadourian and use the Payroll Log Idea icon on her.
 *Either share your evidence or ask nicely if the Bureau can handle it.
 *Use the Lead Sphere Idea icon.
 *Use the White Shadows Idea icon.
 You take Astadourian down and show her the shadows. They remind her of
 *Return upstairs to the wheelhouse.
 *Approach Astadourian again.
 Officer Mendoza arrives with news from the coroner.
 *Use your PDA and travel to the Coroner's Office in Seattle.

 MEDICAL EXAMINER'S OFFICE: King County, Washington
 Look around; can you find the severed hand?
 *Enter the autopsy room.
 *Click the organ trays, to the right of the coroner, for a close-up.
 *Click on the slug near the trays.
 You ask if you can take it for analysis.
 *Talk to the coroner and ask all questions.
 Wong was covered with malignant tumors. If you click on him and he
 twitches, you're headed down the Paranoia path. When you ask what could
 have caused the cancer, Truitt suggests radioactive materials. This
 statement gives you the Tarakan Idea icon.
 *Use Wong's Drugs Idea icon on the coroner.
 *Use the Tarakan Idea icon on the coroner.
 So!, two FBI agents are involved here!
 *Select "Who were the FBI agents?
 Eventually, the coroner offers to show you the exhumed Tarakan corpses.
 *Talk to Astadourian and ask any question.
 She gives her theory about smuggling and you suddenly have a new partner.
 *Travel to the Seattle Crime Lab.

 You walk in on Amis while he's reading a comic book.
 *Talk to Amis and ask all questions.
 *Use the Fingerprints Idea icon.
 *Give Amis all evidence; Lead Sphere, Captain's Journal and Payroll Log
 not handled by Astadourian's SPD translator), and Bullet.
 *Travel to your apartment in Seattle.

 *Go F, L, F to approach your work desk.
 *Click on the phone to get your messages, including one from Amis
 the fingerprints.
 *Log on to your computer and click on E-Mail.
 *Click on the e-mail from John Amis.
 *Click on the flashing paper clip icon (TARAKAN.DAT) at bottom to download
 the attached file and bring up the ING interface.
 *Under Search Database, click FBI.
 *Click Search. It's Agent Cook!
 *Click Quit. As you log off, there's a knock at the door.
 *Answer the door and use any Emotion icon to respond to Cook's
 *Ask all questions, then use the Fingerprints Idea icon on him.
 This triggers a paranoid monologue from Cook. SAVE!
 *Travel to the Dockside Warehouse in Seattle.

 }From your hiding place, you see a truck. Do the following few steps
 *Approach the truck and enter the driver's side door.
 *Turn R and click on the glove compartment to open it.
 *Look in the glove compartment for a close-up.
 *Grab the scrap of paper with the address: RR#1121, 82434.
 *Quickly exit the truck on the passenger's side.
 *Travel back to your apartment.

 *Go into the bedroom and sleep.

 DAY THREE: Apartment
 Detective Astadourian arrives and she has big news.
 *Talk to her and ask all questions.
 *After asking the last question, you view a video tape.
 *After viewing the tape, Astadourian asks your opinion; select any answer.
 You receive a fax from Amis (if you had the FBI do the translation of the
 Cyrillic payroll log, use your cellular phone to call Amis at the Crime

 If you had the Seattle PD do the payroll log translation, Astadourian
 you about Wong and shows you a copy of the log.
 There's five pages in the copy and Wong is listed twice on page 1.
 *Talk to Astadourian and use all icons: Gordon's Hauling, Tarakan, Crew
 Man, and Mulder.
 She's definitely set on her smuggling theory.
 *Go L, F to the work desk and get the fax(es) from the machine.
 *Examine the fax(es.)
 Don't forget to share FBI info with Astadourian, especially any faxes from
 *If you had the FBI translate the log, give Astadourian the fax of the
 payroll translation.
 *Give her the fax of the Lead Sphere analysis.
 That settles it for her; Russian mobsters are smuggling plutonium.
 *Ask Astadourian if you can shower first.
 *Travel to the Seattle Coroner's Office.

 Truitt points out the corpse's "Hiroshima-like radiation exposure."
 *Talk to the coroner and ask all questions.
 Note her comment about inverse shadows etched into the walls by the
 rays of the Hiroshima bomb.
 Note also her speculation that burns like these would have to result from
 "a blast of some sort."
 *Use your PDA and travel to Gordon's Hauling in Charno.

 *From the entry gate, go F and open the office door.
 *Go F into the office straight ahead. Turn R and look D to see a logbook.
 *Pick up the logbook to trigger an attack by a man with abnormal eyes.
 *Quickly look just left of the bomb file cabinet for a close-up of the
 *Take the shovel and turn L to face the refrigerator.
 *Look D at the grate next to the refrigerator.
 *Use the shovel to open the grate and escape.
 *Try to kiss Astadourian by clicking on your picture at the lower right of
 the screen.
 *Talk to her and use all Idea icons.
 She thinks the bomb was meant to trap and kill someone, but who?
 *Travel to your apartment in Seattle.

 *Go to the work desk and use the computer.
 *For background information, run a Media search on topics such as;
 Georgia, Russia, Plutonium, Smuggling, UFO, and Wong.
 *Quit the computer and go into the bedroom.
 *Browse through the journal on the nightstand, then sleep.

 DAY FOUR: Apartment
 *Travel to the FBI Field Office in Seattle.

 *Go R, F to enter the meeting room.
 *Approach Agent Cook (to his left or screen right) who's prepping for a
 He says a know Georgian smuggler named Yvgeny Smolnikoff operates out of a
 warehouse in Seattle.
 *Talk to Cook and ask all questions. SAVE!
 *Use your PDA and travel to Smolnikoff's Warehouse in Seattle.

 *In inventory, click on your handgun.
 *When you move the pointer back onto the viewing area, it becomes a
 crosshair ready to shoot.
 *If you don't have the Action Scene Auto-Rewind enabled, a recent save is
 After you get cover fire from Cook and turn right, three goons appear one
 at a time. When you have a successful kill, the crosshair flashes red.
 *Make sure to click on your gun, then click on Cook, who fires cover
 *With the crosshair showing, turn R.
 *Shoot all three goons on this first floor.
 *After clearing the first floor, go 3F (onto the stairs), U, F to the
 second floor.
 *Quickly turn 2R and shoot the goon.
 *Turn 2R and shoot another goon behind a boarded up door.
 *Turn 2R and go F (not D), 2R, U, F to the third floor.
 *Go 2F, L, D, F to go down back stairs to Smolnikoff's lair.

 *Don't shoot him.
 Cook appears and tells you to secure the place and he mentions a .38
 *Don't talk to Smolnikoff yet.
 *Go F, L, U, F up the back stairs to the third floor.
 *Go R, F, R, F, D, F to the second floor.
 *Go 2R, F (not U), 2R, D, F, R, D, F to the first floor. You'll see the
 open front door.
 *Go R, F, R, F and look at the payroll manifest on the table. Try and take
 *Turn R and look at the black eagle emblem on the open crate.
 Same as the one you saw on the Tarakan.
 *Go F and look down, to see the gun, then take the gun.
 *To get back to Smolnikoff and Cook:
 *From the gun location, go R, 2F, 2R, 2F (onto the stairs), R, U, F, 2R,
 2R, U, 3F, L, D, F.
 *Talk to Smolnikoff; ask all questions and use all Idea icons on him.
 Note Smolnikoff's response when you use the Warehouse Idea icon. When you
 use the icon for Smolnikoff's gun, Cook suggests a ballistics test.
 *Travel to the Crime Lab.

 *Click on Smolnikoff's gun to have Amis run a Ballistics test.
 *Use your PDA and travel back to Smolnikoff's Warehouse.

 You reappear in the lair.
 *Talk to Smolnikoff and tell him about his gun.
 Again, he denies everything and Cook hauls him off.
 *When your Cell phone rings, click on it to answer Amis's angry call.
 *Travel to your apartment.

 *Go to the work desk, access the computer and click on E-Mail.
 *Open the message from Otto Dee.
 *Click on the flashing paper clip (JOHNDOE.DAT) to download the
 fingerprints of the crew-cut truck driver.
 *Click on the button Government/Military.
 *Click on Search.
 *Click Quit.
 *Click the phone to get answering machine messages.
 *Move away from the work desk to trigger Astadourian's knock.
 Get ready for an angry female.
 *Answer the door and talk to Astadourian.
 *Tell her you thought she knew about it (any response at all triggers a
 phone call.)
 *Listen to the message.
 You're told to go to Sand Point Hangar 4.
 *After Astadourian leaves, go to the bedroom.
 *Activate your PDA and click on the pencil icon to read your field notes.
 Scroll down the first page of notes, then click the right pointing arrow
 the lower right for the next page. There's likely to be many pages, so
 scroll through all of them.
 *Click the bed to sleep.

 DAY FIVE: Apartment
 *Use your PDA and travel to Sand Point Hangar 4 in Seattle.

 *Turn 3R to see two open doorways.
 *Go through the door on the right to find X.
 *Choose any Emotion icon.
 X asks for your word.
 *Tell him, "You have my word."
 X tells you about the hospital in Gold Bar.
 *Select any response.
 X gives you an odd-looking stiletto.
 *Select any response.
 *After X leaves, turn left or right to trigger Astadourian's appearance.
 *Travel to the Gold Bar hospital.

 *Tell Dr. McIntyre you're looking for Dana Scully.
 *Tell her you're with the FBI.
 *Show your FBI badge to the Dr.
 *When she asks for Scully's superior, tell her Walter Skinner.
 *Talk to the Dr. and ask all questions.
 *Go F past Dr. McIntyre.
 *Tell Scully that Assistant Director Skinner asked you to look for her.
 *Tell her you're Agent Willmore.
 *Tell Scully about the black man.
 *When she asks who told you she was here, click the stiletto icon in the
 lower right of screen.
 *Talk with Scully about the case. Show her Smolnikoff's photo.
 *Ask all the questions and use all the Idea icons.
 *Travel to Rural Route 1121.

 *Go 9F, U to a pole and climb it.
 *At the top, turn once left or right.
 *Use your binoculars to see boxcar 82434.
 *Climb down and Detective Astadourian is waiting.
 *Ask her all questions.
 *Go R, F, R, 2F and look at the row of cars, on the right, to see
 Astadourian at the burned out boxcar.
 *Go F and open the burned boxcar (82434.)
 *Go forward to an operating room.
 *Go 2R, 2F to exit the boxcar and a homeless man appears.
 *Talk to him and ask all questions.
 He tells about stuff he found in the boxcar.
 *When he asks you to guess what he has, scroll the selections and choose
 the following in order:
 *Photographs, Moving pictures, Videotape.
 He gives you the tape for some money.
 *Travel to the Seattle Field Office.

 With the tape, you automatically go to your desk.
 *Put the video into the VCR just to screen right of the computer.
 You freeze a frame and wonder, "If this guy's a surgeon, what was he
 looking for at Gordon's Hauling?"
 *Click on Capture.
 *Under Search Database, click Government/Military.
 *Click Search.
 It's Jonathan Rauch, a navy surgeon.
 *Click Quit to exit the computer.
 *When you get a video conferencing request, click Connect.
 *Talk with Byers, Frohike, and Langly-the Lone Gunmen.
 *Ask all questions.
 *After they sign off, use your PDA to open e-mail from B/9 Force 10.
 *Click the blinking paper clip icon to download the GPS Alaska
 *Use your PDA to travel to Rauch's house in Alaska.

 Someone in a jeep drives away from the house.
 *Go 2F onto the porch.
 *Go L, F, R to the door and enter.
 *Turn R, then go F, L, F, L, U to the loft.
 *Turn L to see Rauch on the floor and try talking to him.
 *Look at the cord, hanging from the ceiling near the desk, for a close-up.
 *Click the rope to pull down the ladder.
 *Go F to climb into the attic.
 You find Mulder and untie him.
 *Talk to him and ask all questions.
 *When your cell phone rings, take Scully's call.
 After Mulder talks to Scully, two NSA agents arrive outside.
 *Go R, D, F, R, F, R, F, R, F to go downstairs.
 SAVE! Get ready for some action. Carefully read the following to either
 Shoot It Out or to Run And Hide (it's easier to run into the woods and
 *Exit the cabin through either door.
 *Go to the front corner of the porch near the cars.
 The agents tell you that your investigation is over.

 *Don't move forward!
 *Click on your gun and quickly shoot each agent to see them fall.
 *Click on your car at the left, and you automatically travel to the secret
 Alaskan facility.

 *Don't move forward!
 *Turn R.
 *Move the pointer, to get the Action Hand icon, and click it to run into
 the woods.
 *Go R, 2F and click the hole, under the log, to hide.
 After the agents go in another direction, you automatically go to your

 Base Entry/Main Hallway
 Draw your gun when you enter the facility and be ready.
 *From the entry where you meet Scully, SAVE!
 *Go F into the next room to see Scully again.
 *Go F through the door into the main hallway.
 When you enter the main hallway, you face the interior windows of the
 Central Control Room, where some monitors flash and make noises. Some of
 the monitors, around the facility, has a map.
 *Turn L and go 2F while staying close to the right-hand wall.
 *Turn L to see a burned soldier beyond the doorway.
 Make sure your gun is drawn, you'll need it shortly.
 *Go F, R to enter the Locker room and see Mulder.
 *DON'T SHOOT but keep your gun drawn.
 *After Mulder asks Scully for help, scroll the selections and choose,
 "Scully, run!"
 You automatically turn and run through the door into the Store Room.
 *Make sure your gun is drawn.
 *Turn R and quickly shoot the soldier.
 *After shooting the soldier, go back to the locker room.
 There's lots of bodies lying around.
 *Go through the door at the upper right.
 *Facing a wall, go L, F, R and enter the supply room (there's lots of tall
 dark containers.)
 Scully talks to you about Mulder's behavior.
 *Exit supply and go L, 2F.
 You're facing the door to the Central Control Room.
 *Go R, F, L, then 4F down the main hallway, staying to the left going
 around the Control Room.
 A small, glassed-in Isolation Chamber is in the center of this large room.
 *Go 4F along the left side of the small chamber, then forward through the
 open door.
 WARNING! On your way here, you passed the Medical Exam Lab (room with
 tables.) If you entered that room and picked up a cattle prod, you trigger
 the appearance of Agent Cook.
 1. As Cook stands over you, move the pointer over the cattle prod
 from the end of the table.)
 2. Click when the pointer turns into the Action Hand.
 3. You grab the cattle prod and jab it into Cook, knocking him out.

 Listen carefully to Agent Scully's plan.
 *Look at the control panel to her right.
 *Look at the left panel for a close-up.
 *Pull the green knob to power up the Isolation Chamber.
 *Back up and go L, F to exit the control room.
 *Go L, F to the nearest Isolation Chamber door.
 *Push the red button, on right side of door, to open the chamber door.
 *Go R, F, L, 2F, L, F, L to the other chamber door.
 *Push the red button to open that door, too (both doors have to be open.)
 *Turn 2R and go 7F (through door toward small light) down the main
 keeping close to the Central Control Room on your right.
 *Go R, F to enter the Central Control Room (room with all the broken
 *After entering the room, go F, L to see the Blast Door control button
 labeled "Life Support Systems: Entry."
 *Push the button.
 This opens a security door to the room where the blast doors protect an
 alien craft.
 *From the button you just pushed, go L, 2F back to the main hallway.
 *In the main hallway, go L, F, L then 8F (keeping close to the Central
 Control Room on your left) all the way past the left side of the small
 Isolation Chamber.
 *Turn L, and go F to enter the now open security door.
 *When Scully asks what direction you'd like, turn R.
 *Draw your gun. SAVE!
 *Go 2F and quickly shoot the guard on the right.
 *Quickly take the key from the slot.
 *Quickly go L, 4F to the Isolation Chamber.
 *Go 2F through the chamber, turn 2R and hit the red button to shut the
 chamber door.
 *As soon as you can, click on your stiletto.
 *Click the stiletto on Scully (she has the honors.)

 Watch the finale.

 writen By Cyrax333

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