By Ralf Sesseler


Walkthrough by MaGtRo     August, 2002

Game play:        Download the Voodoo Game and the ADePT (Adv.play) engine from the game site. After downloading, click on 'advplay.exe'. Then select voodoo.adv to open the game. The top bar shows Change menu (2 scrolls), Open inventory (chest), Open diary (open book), Walk (red shoes), Open (door), Look (eye), Take, (bag), Use (one gear), Use-combine with (2 gears) and Talk (text bubble). At the right is the score with a total of 666 on completion of the game. When Change Menu is clicked, the New adventure, End adventure, Read adventure (load), Write adventure (save), Info and Options. Talk to everybody more than once to learn new information, especially in Act 3. Look at the diary to check your progress.

Louisiana, North of Baton Rouge; summer, 1932:        You are Salem, the butler of an old Colonial house named Loa House. The first owner of this mansion, Jean Le Noir was a mighty voodoo priest but died some time ago. Now, Sarah and David Lafayette together with her Grandpa move in. They heard rumors about the Loa House and its past but didn't mind about all that superstitious gossip. Maybe, they better had. I bet you will serve your new masters as well as your former one.

You as Salem greet your new masters. Talk to and meet David, a pregnant Sara Lafayette and blind Grandpa.

Act 1, Friday Evening. Feed the Dead

When the moon is full and white, you can hear the drums of Voodoo echo on the night.



1. Talk to Doctor Le Croix. It's time to feed the dead. This time it's up to you to prepare everything. I know that you will serve an appropriate meal as you always do. (1)

2. Go to right screen. Take salt from the right shadowed side of the right sarcophagus. (2)

3. Exit to the Loa House.


Use map in inventory to see the layout of the area.


In front of Loa House:

1. Look in well and take a key. (6)

2. Open inventory and select (pointed hand) the key. See key at upper right of the frame.

3. Use with key (2 gears) with garage door to unlock the door. (9)

4. Open door and enter. Take axe from wall (10) and onion from crate. (12)

5. Exit and see left path to Salem's quarters, middle path to the cemetery and right path to major lawn.

6. Take the can opener (blinking area) under the tree to the right of path to cemetery. (13)

7. Take the flower-oregano from the right side of the path to Salem's quarters. (16)


Salem's Quarters:

1. Take the path to Salem's quarters. Open Chicken shack. Take bottom right chicken. (18)

2. Use (1 gear) the doormat and automatically get a key. (22). Use key on door. (25)

3. Open door and enter. Take garlic from garlic ring on window. (27)

4. Take olive oil from table. (28)

5. Go to the right frame. Take blanket from bed. (29)

6. Use pillow and get a key. (32)

7. Open the top drawer of chest and take The Colors of Voodoo book. (34) Close the drawer if you want.

8. Exit house and take path to the junction.



1. Take the cemetery sign held by a kitchen knife on the tree. (35)

2. See a beehive on top of the tree on the left front. Go to the left screen.



1. Take a bottle of wine from the box. (36)

2. Take the left path to the temple.



1. Take the parcel. (37)

2. In inventory, select knife - see knife on top right of screen. Click combine (jigsaw puzzles) and then click on parcel to get colored candles. (40)

3. Go back to the front of the house and then go to the major porch on left side of house.


Major porch and Kitchen:

1. Take firewood. (42)

2. Use key with kitchen door. (45)

3. Open door and enter the kitchen. Use firewood on left side of fireplace. (47)

4. Look at cauldron and automatically take spoon. (49)

5. Take matches from top left of fireplace. (50)

6. Take the 2 bowls from cabinet. (52)

7. Open the bottom cabinet door and take the rice and can of kidney beans. (54) Close door.

8. Take Cookin' book under the table. (55)


Major Lawn:

1. Place chicken on tree trunk-stump.

2. Click a bowl on trunk with chicken.

3. Use axe on chicken. (60)

4. Take dead chicken. (61)

5. Take dish of blood. (62)

6. Use empty bowl with faucet. (64)



1. In inventory, read Cookin' book by clicking Use (one gear) on book. Follow the directions for making Congri.

2. Use cemetery sign on firewood. (68)

3. Use match on firewood. (71)

4. Use cauldron and it will move over the fire. (74)

5. Place onions and garlic on kitchen board by window. Use knife on onions and garlic and then take diced onions and garlic. (78)

6. Place olive oil on cauldron.  (80)

7. Place diced onions and garlic in cauldron. (81) Stir cauldron with spoon. (82)

8. In inventory, click on can opener and then combine with can of kidney beans. (85)

9. Place water (86), rice (87) and beans on cauldron (88). Stir with spoon. (89)

10. Add oregano (90) and salt (91) to cauldron. Stir with spoon. (92)

11. Use dish on cauldron to get dish of Congri. (95)



1. Meet Doctor Le Croix, Lula Chamber and Madame Sarita. Let the ritual begin.

2. Use blanket on old burial ground. (99)

3. Read the Colors of Voodoo. Use yellow candles on blanket. (104)

4. Place the dish of Congri on blanket. (106)

5. Place dead chicken on blanket. (108)

6. Place wine on blanket. (110)

7. Use matches on candles. (111)


Act II, Saturday Evening. Voodoo Service

This summer's night is too hot. Feels like his majesty was here.



1. Talk to Lula Chambers. Meet at Voodoo temple at Midnight. Le Croix feels ill. They have to cure him at midnight. Three cross are the key to the temple.

2. She gives a strand of hair of the enemy. (115)

3. Go to the junction.


Junction:     Take the cemetery sign on a pole on the ground. (116)


In front of Salem's quarters:        Take horseshoe-magnet in front of the chicken shack.


Garage:        Take a spade. (118)


Major Lawn:

1. Take clothesline-rope by clicking right at the middle of the clothesline with the top of the bag right on the line. (120)

2. In inventory, use cemetery sign to get sign and rod. (123)

3. In inventory, select rope and then combine with rod to get angling rod. (126)

4. In inventory, select magnet and then combine with angling rod to get magnetic angling rod. (130)

5. Use magnetic angling rod (selected and shown at upper right box) with (2 gears) haystack to get needle. (135)



1. Go to the right frame and see 2xs and a circled x at upper left of gravestone.

2. Go back to the other side of the cemetery. Use spade on top left corner of the (L-R) third grave that has a cross. Get a gold key. (140)



1. Use key on temple door. (143)

2. Enter. Take torch from left wall. (144)

3. Take Voodoo ritual book from altar. (145) In inventory, click use on book to read book.



1. Look at beehive on top of tree at left foreground. If you get close, the bees attack.  In inventory, select matches and combine with torch to get a smoky torch. (147)

2. Use lit torch on beehive. (151)

3. Use spade on beehive to get bee wax. (155)


In front of Loa House:     Place torch on well or pond or any water. (157)



1. Since the others are here - let the healing ritual begin. Place white and black candle on skull at altar. (162)

2. Light the candle with matches. (163)

3. In inventory, use beeswax to get voodoo doll. (168)

4. In inventory, select strand of hair and then combine with voodoo doll to get a voodoo doll with hair. (171)

5. Place voodoo doll with hair on altar. (175)

6. Use needle on voodoo doll on altar. (179)

7. Beat drums 1x low drum, 2x high drum, 2x low drum, 1x high drum, 1x low drum. Repeat the sequence a total of 4-5x (Thanks Laura!). Lula will dance. (189) - Ralf Sesseler said - high, high, low, low, high and low.

8. Use dish of blood on Lula-God. (194)

Act III, Sunday Afternoon. The Secret

This could be the end.

Doctor Le Croix wants you to keep an eye on the new residents of Loa House.  You are to report to him at the cemetery.


1. Enter the house through front door or kitchen and get to the foyer. (195)

2. Take Grandpa's picture from the chest-table. (196)1

3. Open the drawer of the chest-table by Use knife on drawer. (200)

4. Take image of St. Expedit. (202)

5. Use spade on fire at fireplace to get charcoal. (207)

6. Take vase with stalk. (208) In Inventory, use vase with stalk and get large vase and some stalks of cattails (211)


Living Room:        Go left. Talk with Grandpa and be sure to ask about 'content with your new home' several times until he asks about the Voodoo temple. Then answer honestly that it IS a Voodoo temple. (213)


Day Room:

1. Climb upstairs to dining room and then go right.

2. Talk to Sarah. She asks about burial ground. Ask about all the dialogues several times until she mentions 'she fears the haunted mansion and talks about the cemetery.(217) 

3. Look at the image-picture of Sarah on the cabinet. Take the teapot from middle shelf the cabinet. (218)



1. Go back to the stairs and go up.

2. Talk to David. He mentions the drums, Loa and Le Noir. Ask about all the dialogues several times until he repeats herself. (224)

3. Take a needle out of the sewing chest at bottom shelf of table by armchair. (227)


Cemetery:        Tell Doctor Le Croix about David. He asks for you to ask the others about Jean Le Noir. (230)



1. Talk to Grandpa again in the living room. He heard drums and believes that the spirit of Jean Le Noir haunts the mansion but they found a way to be free of him. (243)

2. Talk to Sarah again in the day room  about drums. (247)

3. Talk to David again. They set a secret plan about getting them-drums away from here. (256)


Cemetery:        Tell Doctor Le Croix about the secret plan to remove Jean Le Noir and the drums. Hinder the plan and find what the plan is.



1. Talk to Grandpa at the living room again especially about the burial ground. (261)

2. Talk to Sarah again at the day room, especially about the burial ground. They plan to destroy the cemetery. (271)


Cemetery:        Tell Doctor Le Croix about the plan to destroy the old burial ground. (272)


Act IV, Sunday Night. Countermeasures

Fear turns to hate


Doctor Le Croix gives money. You need to go to Sarita's House of Voodoo to get snake curse and Goofer Dust. (273)


Junction:        Take ladder. (274)



1. Enter Madame Sarita's caravan. Talk to Sarita about the things Le Croix wants you to get. She needs ingredients. Help get the ingredients. Snake curse: snake, large bottle to put it into and images of the ones you want to direct curse to. Goofer Dust: soil from fresh grave, rattlesnake shed skin, insects and salt. (277)



1. Before you come to the temple be sure that the spade is in the top right box. Snake is here and will attack you.  Immediately use with (2 gears) the spade with the snake's HEAD. (282)

2. Take the rattlesnake. (283)

3. In Inventory, use knife with rattlesnake to get some snake sheds. (287)


Garage:        Take tin can of glue from behind wheel. (289)



1. Living Room - Grandpa is not here anymore. Use Sofa and get golden ring. (294)

2. Dining Room - Talk to David and he will give you the image of Jean Le Noir and the key to the storage room. (296)

3. Day Room - Grandpa is here. You cannot take the image of Sara out of the room while Grandpa is here. Pick up image of Sarah. (297) Take the image of Jean Le Noir from inventory and place it on cabinet in exchange for Sarah's image. (302)

4. Grandpa's room - Open and enter the door behind Grandpa. Take Jar of Honey from bedside table. (303)

5. Bedroom - You cannot take the image of David while Sarah is here. Use key on right door. (305)

6. Storage room - Open door and try to enter. Too dark!

7. Kitchen - Take the mouse trap from under the kitchen table. (306)


Major Porch:        Take coin-penny from floor beside firewood. (308)


Major Lawn:        Take bucket beside faucet. (309)



1. Use ladder on tree with beehive.

2. In inventory, select glue and combine with cemetery sign. (313). Then, select honey and combine with glued sign. (317)

3. Use sign with glue and honey on beehive to get sign with bees. (322)

4. In inventory, select knife and combine with sign with bees to get bees. (325)

5. Take the ladder.



1. Place copper penny on grave left of gate going to junction. (327)

2. With bucket in inventory, use spade on fresh graveyard soil to get bucket full of soil. (331)

3. Go to the mausoleum and use ladder on wall at left side of gate.

4. Use (one gear) on ladder (word at 3rd ramp from bottom) to get up the roof of the mausoleum.

5. Take lantern from pedestal under dome. (334)


Storage Room in House:

1. In inventory, select match and combine with lantern. (337)

2. Enter the storage room. Take red Laying Tricks book from shelf. (338)

3. In inventory, set mouse trap by clicking one gear on mouse trap to move metal part to right side. (341)

4. Place ready mouse trap on floor by door. (345)

5. Look at chest guarded by magical forces.

6. Take hour glass. (346). Exit and leave door open.

7. Go to bedroom. Use some stalk of cattails with mousetrap seen on the floor of the storage room. (351)

8. Immediately, take image of David from side table. (355)


Madame Sarita at the Crossroads:

1. Talk to Madame Sarita. (360)

2. Give her the money and she gives you a quarter back.  There is now Goofer dust and snake curse in inventory.

3. Read-use the Laying tricks book.


In front of Loa House:        Use snake curse in bottle on hole by right of front steps. (365)


Act V, Monday Morning. Curses

You used to be so beautiful but now you're gonna die.


Bedroom:        Talk to Sarah and then David. She wants rolls, honey, tea and eggs for breakfast. (367)



1. Using the door icon-open, to open right cabinet door, click on it 5x - very fast.  (372)

2. Take 3 plates (373), 3 tea cups (374), and the 3 egg cups. (375)


Chicken Shack:        Open chicken shack. Click take on a chicken and then click on chicken's nest to get an egg. Do this to all 3 chickens to get 3 eggs. (381)


Junction: Take the cemetery sign. (382)


Sarita's Boutique at the crossroads:

1. Talk to Madame Sarita.  Ask for rolls and pay a quarter. (383)

2. Ask for Tea - Lula Chevalier got the last ones. (386)


Temple:        Talk to Lula Chevalier about everything. She is waiting for Le Croix. Le Croix has the key to the Mausoleum. She needs compensation for the tea. (390) Give her the gold ring. (395)


Major Lawn:

1. Look at faucet - someone has stolen lever. In inventory, click use on cemetery sign to get sign and lever. (398)

2. Use the lever with faucet. (401)

3. Use bucket with faucet to get bucket full of water. (403)



1. With cauldron over fire, place water in bucket in cauldron. (405) If cauldron is not above the fire, click Use on cauldron.

2. Place eggs in cauldron with water. (408) Click hourglass on cauldron with eggs to get 5 minutes boiled eggs. (412) In inventory, select eggs and combine with egg cups. (414)

3. Click teapot on cauldron with water. (417)

4. In inventory, select Goofer dust and combine with teapot with water. (422)


Dining Room:         Take silver tray leaning on side of left bench. (423)


Grandpa's room:   

1. Take gold key from pot of plant at left side. (429)

2. Time to wake up and talk to Grandpa. Now that you finished cooking and have the tray, breakfast is ready. (431)

3. Now that Grandpa is gone, use gold key on lock. (432)

4. Open drawer and get tea ball. (434)


Dining Area:

1. In inventory, select tin can of tea and combine with tea ball. (436) Then, select tea ball with tea and combine with tea pot with Goofer dust. (438)

2. Select teapot and combine with silver tray to make a complete breakfast. (443)

3. Use breakfast on table. (446)


Act VI, Monday Night. Sending of Dead

There is only one thing left to do now.


Talk to Le Croix. He wants you to check up on the family at Loa House and to report to him.


Loa House:

1. Dining Room - Take the crumb on floor between the bench and table. (447)

2. Grandpa's room - Talk to Grandpa. David did not have much tea because Grandpa spilled it. (450)

3. Bedroom - Talk to Sarah. (463) Talk to David. He thinks he's got a snake bite. He went for a walk by the river. The doctor gave him a serum against snake bite. (474) Talk to Sarah again and find out that she did not accompany David to the river. (478). 


Cemetery:        Report to Le Croix.  Snake curse affected only David and Goofer dust affected only Sarah and Grandpa. Only the combination of both tricks is deadly. Explain to the family that this is first warning and convince them to give up the plan to destroy the burial ground. (479)


Loa House:

1. Grandpa's room - Convince Grandpa by choosing middle dialogue about the powers of Voodoo. (481)

2. Bedroom - Try to convince Sarah. (484) Talk to David. (486) It's only Sarah that needs to be convinced.


Cemetery:        Report to Le Croix about Sarah. Le Croix wants Salem to prepare for the ritual of Sending of Dead. (487)


Temple:        Talk to Le Croix about Sending of Dead. Le Noir failed to teach them the ritual before he died. Le Noir buried the secret - The Sending of Dead lies at the roots of my morning shadow. (499)


In front of Loa House:       

1. Use spade on left side of the only tree in front of the house to get a hole. Look and take hole to get a bottle with note inside. (502)

2. In inventory, select cattails stalk and use with bottle with note to get note. (506) It is unreadable.



1. Show the note to Le Croix. You need an inverted Saint and a Black Sacrifice. (509)

2. Click the image of St Expedite (be sure you have the needle) on Poto Mitan (stand at center of temple) and then click use on it to invert it. (513)


Chicken Shack in front of Salem's quarter:

1. Open the shack. In inventory, select glue and combine with crumb. (517)

2. Use crumb with glue with upper left chicken. (522)

3. Take chicken. (523)

4. In inventory, select charcoal and use with chicken. (527)



1. The trio is here for the Sending of the dead. Place the blackened chicken on the altar. (529)

2. Place black candle on skull. (534)

3. Le Croix chants a prayer for Sarah to "disappeared". Baron Samedi responds. He gives a key to the mausoleum. Call Jean Le Noir to send him into Sarah and he will fulfill the curse. (535)

4. Take key from altar. (536)



1. Use magic key on mausoleum door. (538)

2. Open and enter. Place a yellow candle on right candlestick above Jean Le Noir's tomb. (543)

3. Place a purple candle on left candlestick above Marie Le Noir's tomb. (548)

4. Light the yellow candle above Jean's tomb. Talk to Jean. Let it be done! Sarah feels she's losing herself. (549) Later... Grandpa greets Father Malone, an exorcist.  He starts exorcising Sarah and get David away in an ambulance.


Act VII, Tuesday Evening. Cross of Baron Samedi

The cross of Baron Samedi will set us free.


Father Malone sleeps in chair after fighting with Jean Le Noir's spirit. He is resting before the next attack.



1. Grandpa's room. Talk to grandpa.

2. Living Room - Take mirror from table. (550)


Garage:         Take the hammer. (551)


Temple:        Talk to Le Croix about the exorcism. He wants you to find the Cross of Baron Samedi that can beat the enemy. (553)


Roam around in different places - by Salem's quarters, cemetery, temple yard, crossroad and junction) and talk to the different Voodoo compatriots. They will give clues and then follow the clues. The sites where they are seen and the clues given are in random order.  The clues are arranged below with the subsequent necessary action only for explanatory purposes.  I recommend that you finish talking to the three before following through clues given.


Talk to Le Croix - The king will free the Baron. Cross yourself below the Devil's eyes. (556 +3)


Talk to Lula - The gates of hell will be open wide when the clock strikes midnight. (559 +3)

Clock in day room in Loa house -

1.Use clock face. Arrange clock to midnight.

2.Compartment at base of clock opens. (569 +10)

3.Take red ball. (570 +1)


Talk to Lula - When you aim at the death, you will hit the stream of existence below the ground. (573 +3)

Cemetery - Go to grave with Celtic cross and use spade on grave to get blue ball. (583 +10)


Talk to Le Croix. The wheel of time is turning around and around but you may crack the time that is running out. (586+3)

In inventory, select hammer and use with hourglass to get yellow ball. (596 +10)


Talk to Madame Sarita. Hollow eyes are gazing into the dark eternally. But they may see what you can't see if you mirror your own eyes into them. (599 +3)

Temple -

1. Look at and then use mirror on mask at left side of altar. (609 +10)

2. Look (eye icon) on mirror on the mask eyeholes and see a hidden green glass below altar. (614 +5) - This process is difficult to reproduce in subsequent replays.


Talk to Madame Sarita - Jean Le Noir owned a magical black box that was guarded by his wife. (617 +3)

Storage room at Loa House -

1. Talk to box. Select the name of Jean's wife - Marie. (627)

2. The chest opens. Take the game board. (628) Look at game board in inventory.



1. Lean ladder on Mausoleum wall. Climb up.

2. Place the 4 colored balls like the game board pattern on the cones at the corners of the roof. Left is Marie and right is Jean. Place green at bottom left, yellow at top left, blue at top right and red and bottom right. (638)

3. Place lantern at center pedestal.

4. Go down and enter the mausoleum and see the altar open and lights from the colored balls form King Kross icon.

5. Take King Kross amulet from altar base. (643)


Now to do LeCroix' last clue - The king will free the Baron. Cross yourself below the Devil's eyes.

Salem's quarters:

1. Use King Kross amulet on mirror under the Demon's eyes. (653)

2. Enter the secret room and take the cross of Baron Samedi with crown made of nails. (656)


Bedroom:        Use cross of Baron Samedi on Sarah. Sarah beats Father Malone with the cross. Jean tells Sarah to leave his lair. Sarah agrees. Grandpa stops Sarah. She's back to herself again. (666)


The LOA house and the old Voodoo burial are still standing in all their glory. The Lafayettes left the hospital and Louisiana and went to... I don't care. Malone survived. He's a scared old man now.

You cannot say that everybody's happy. But you can say that everybody is now safe from each other. At least I thought so until a few days ago, when I heard of some mother by the name of Sarah Lafayette whose newborn baby was speaking in the strangest tongue backwards.

A miracle? Some experts had uttered the word: VOODOO


Salem     1863-1929


Easter Eggs courtesy of Ralf Sesseler: "They are in honor of the band member of King Diamond, where I got the story and the music from."

King Diamond: type '666' in Salem's quarters while looking at the mirror.

Andy La Rocque: type 'amon' in the living room.

Herb Simonsen: hit the image in the bedroom with the axe.

Chris Estes: hit the image in Salem's quarters with the hammer.

John Luke Hebert: beat the drums in the temple with the spoon.


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