by Frogwares

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    September 2004


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. The main menu has new, load, save, resume, exit game, options and credits. Pressing ESC during gameplay bring back the Main Menu. The options menu has graphics and sounds controls as well as preferences selections for anti-aliasing, subtitles, slow reading and shadows.

The inventory bar is at the bottom of the page and can be accessed by right click of the mouse. Move the hand cursor over the items and the label of that item is seen. Some items have further action that can be done, like read or unpack. The notebook on the left of the inventory bar shows the dialogue-testimony page (Sherlock with witness), reports-evidence page, documents page and the map page. Access these pages for help during gameplay. To add items to the notebook the items' 'read' should be clicked.

To save a game, click on a blank frame and see the graphics of the saved game. Click the jewel at the center to go back to main menu. The bar above the graphics has the scroll and arrow jewels to see the different games stored. Saves can be overwritten by another saved game. To load a game, click on a graphics of choice. The scroll feature is similar to the save page.

To quit the game, press Alt-Q, go to main menu or click on Exit at the map page in the notebook. Press enter to skip the introduction. CD1 is needed in the CD-ROM drive to play the game.

The cursor for Sherlock is a pipe and the cursor for Watson is quill pen and paper. Exhaust all dialogue until the selections are grayed out. You can repeat the dialogue by clicking on any of the gray selections. Pressing the spacebar skips the dialogue. Double clicking will make the main characters run.

Dr. Watson reads a letter from Lord Cavendish-Smith asking Sherlock Holmes to attend a party given by Melvyn Bromsby for his daughter. Lord Cavendish-Smith asks Holmes to pay attention to Gallia, an Italian diva that will be performing at the party. She is of concern to the government because she will be one of the performers in the birthday party of an important government personage.

Guests arrive at Sherringford Hall. At the ballroom, listen to Holmes' deduction of the character of Melvyn Bromsby.  Bromsby will say something of importance about the future of his business during the opening address. As Bromsby starts to address his guest, he is shot. Lavinia Bromsby comes out of the right door beside the columns.


Day 1: 14th of October, 1897


The inventory bar has the magnifying glass, tape measure and test tube. Check the documents page of the notebook at bottom left and read the letter and birthday program. If a hand cursor is seen, click on it or use the magnifying glass, tape measure or the test tube.


Sherringford Hall

Ballroom :    Pick up the paper on the floor. Right click and click on the blue 'read' of Bromsby's note. There are 2 kinds of handwriting. Open the notebook and read the entire note in documents page. Note the words in blue about peasant and a snake. Click the notebook again to close it.

Talk to the doctor checking Bromsby about everything. The bullet is still in the body. Talk to Grant Sweetney standing right of the stage about everything.

Let's check the direction of the shot. Go left of the ballroom and talk to Major Lockhart standing by the columns. Go down the aisle and before the door close to the window, pick up the piece of dirty white clothes off the chair.


Go left to the front entrance and talk to Scott Brimms, sweeping the floor. There are 5 on staff: Mary and Sue are the maids. Carl is the chef, Lamb, the coachman and Brimms. Talk to Colonel Patterson standing by the bar. Come back later when he will talk to Sherlock.

Go back and exit the door in front of the chair you got the piece of cloth from. Sherlock notes that the handle is twisted down.

Hallway with armor:    Sherlock notes that it smells of gunpowder. Note the footprints on the floor and where they lead to. Look on the floor behind the base of the armor and pick up black sheet. Click on handsome suit of armor.

Look on the doorframe and see spots. Use tape measure on the powder smudge. It is 1 meter 65 from the surface (5.4 feet).

Turn around and use the magnifying glass on the mirror table. Take black hair.

Kitchen:    Enter the door across the armor. Use the magnifying glass on the floor left of the stool by the central preparation table. Take the poor copy of the uniform button. The cannon insignia are hand drawn.

Check the wood covered dustbin on the left. The lid is diabolically heavy. Check the sink and the cabinets - nothing of interest here.

Go to bottom right of central table and talk to Carl Pannister, the cook. Learn about a squint-eyed Frenchman chef and white tablecloths. Learn about hearing the dustbin opened before and after the shot was heard. Exit the kitchen.

Hallway with table and paintings:    Exit through the door left of armor. It is noted that there's a greasy substance on the door handle - a sauce.

Smoking Room:    Enter the room on the right. Note the footprints on the floor - like the one on the other hallway by the door to the ballroom. Use the tape measure on the footprints - it is a size 7. Nice sound of the tape measure being rolled up

Use magnifying glass on ashtray on table. Take flaky ash from ashtray. The flaky ash does not come from the cigar.

Go to left screen following the footprints and enter the bathroom. Use magnifying glass on bottom corner of the sink below the soap dish sink. Take red greasy hair below the scissor. Who has red hair? Exit and go back to the hallway.

Hallway with table and paintings:    Go to middle of the hallway and use magnifying glass under the table. Pick up small box with white powder.

Go down the hallway. Pick up the red bag off the floor in front of the right door leading to the ballroom. Unpack the bag to get Lavinia's passport, train and boat tickets from Geneva to London and a gun (small caliber Wright model pistol). Read the tickets. Use the test tube on the dust on the floor beside the bag. It is in inventory as white powder.

Ladies Powder Room:   Enter the left door. Take the photo of pretty young woman on the mirror. She is wearing a very nice earring. Open the document page in the notebook and look at the photo by clicking on it on the left page. Veronica Davenport, hmm... Use the test tube on the circular spot on the table. What's this? White powder is in inventory.

Look close at the notebook on the table by the sofa. Take the visit (calling) card written in French sticking out of The French Salons book. Read card, open the document page in the notebook and see that it is Louis-Philippe de la Musardiere's calling card. What impressive titles.

Staircase:    Go back to hallway and through the door at end of hallway. The handle has greasy sauce also like the other door handle.

Talk to Mary about everything especially about the trash bin. Go left to next screen, forward to the cabinet right of the chairs and see shorter blue tablecloths. The stairs going up is inaccessible.

Banquet room:    Enter the other door. Take and read the Guest list from the table. Read it in the documents page in the notebook. Note that some names are marked with Xs, dots and circles.

Go to bottom screen and talk to Herman Grimble. The will was drawn with Horace Fowlett's advice. Where could he be? Talk to Lavinia. A military man (Lt. Herrington - nice hair) defends Lavinia.

Ballroom:    After that defense of Lavinia and being told that this man is with Colonel Patterson, the scene jumps to the bar at the ballroom.

Talk to Colonel Patterson. His eyesight is very bad but good hearing. He states that Bromsby was killed by a Wright revolver of small caliber. Talk to Lt. Herrington. Move the cursor to the left of the bar and talk to Hunter, the barman. He came from the Hartford agency.

Talk to Brimms, sweeping the floor and ask about the Frenchman.

Banquet room:    Talk to Lavinia. To reveal one of 'my hints' - Click on gun from inventory and click the cursor with the gun on Lavinia. The gun was given to her by her father. The explanation about the gun was to be given after the reception.

Holmes finished everything on this side and wonders about what Watson has done. The game is automatically transferred to Watson at the courtyard. You can access Watson anytime by using the map in the notebook and clicking on the brown courtyard area to change to Watson.

As Doctor Watson:   

Courtyard:    Meet Lamb, the coachman. Go to right screen.

Talk to Miss Lambert standing on the steps. An Inspector from Scotland Yard will be coming. The notations on guest list were for seating arrangement. A circle is marked for important people, point for guest with poor eyesight and cross is for guests with poor hearing. The French chef went to visit his Harley St. Physician for his glasses. Check the guest list in the notebook's document page and note that Colonel Patterson is marked with poor eyesight and bad hearing. He did know the sound of the gun.

Go left and talk to Satterthwaithe sitting on the bench. His costume is torn.

Go to bottom left and talk to the 3 inebriated men by the coach. Hurley talks about Miss Roundtree. O'gohan is Satterhwaithe's man and Spencer is Lt. Herrington's.

Go to the right and talk to crying Miss Roundtree. Talk to Sue, the maid.

Watson has finished questioning everybody. Sherlock comes and talks to Watson.

As Sherlock Holmes:

Go to where Lamb is standing and use the magnifying glass on the white speck in front of the service door. Take the cigarette butt "Chirr". While in close-up view, use the tape measure on the footprint next to where the cigarette butt was found. It is a size 7.

Inspector Lestrade arrives. Holmes deduces that Lestrade just came from his mother's home after a meal.

Return to Baker St. by clicking on the map.


Baker Street

Holmes is waiting for a report Wiggins is to get. Holmes will do experiments to check some of the items collected. Watson is to check the books for more information.

As Doctor Watson:  Go to the bookcase behind Watson and click on any book at second from top shelf. Check the notebook's document page to read the book about footprints. Click on any brown book on middle shelf. Check the notebook's document page and read about Ballistic Science. Note the comment about add 15 cm to the height of the powder to get the shooter's height. Click on any book at second from the bottom shelf. Check the notebook's document page and read about Study of tobacco. Learn about the calming effect of the herb in tobacco made by Chirripaqui Co. and that the tobacco is found only in Brazil.

As Sherlock Holmes:    Time to examine the white cloth, small box, various powders and hairs collected from Sherringford Hall. Click on work table in front of Holmes.


White cloth:   

Click on piece of dirty white clothes in inventory.

Soak cloth in soap and water:

Take the bowl of water and place it on the metal plate over the tripod above the alcohol burner.

Click on the green soap bottle, 4th from left at bottom shelf and then click soap on bowl of water. Yellow film over water is seen.

Click to light the alcohol lamp.

Take the piece of dirty white clothes from inventory and click it on the bowl with soap.

Soak cloth in solvent:

Take the bowl of water and place it on the metal plate over the tripod above the alcohol burner.

Click on the blue solvent bottle, 5th from left at bottom shelf and then click it on the bowl of water.

Click to light the alcohol lamp.

Take the white clothes from inventory and click it on the bowl with solvent. The stains are sticky but not oily.


Take the white clothes from inventory and click it on the glass plate on the microscope.

Fine white cotton... The cloth is done and disappears from inventory. Read the result under the notebook's reports page. It is fine white cotton characteristic to army officer gloves.

Powder taken from the door frame:

Take the dark powder from inventory and place it on the metal plate over the tripod.

Click to light the alcohol lamp. Burnt gun powder is said and is seen. It is gone from inventory. Read the result under the notebook's reports page.

Black hair:    Place the black hair under the microscope - A man's oily hair.

Small box with white powder:

In inventory, click the magnifying glass on the small box with white powder. The white powder is now in inventory and the box is gone.

Place all 3 white powders on the glass plate of the microscope. They are all the same and became one pile of white powder. Take the white powder and place it back in inventory.

Combined white powder:

Heat white powder:

Take the combined white powder from inventory and place it on the metal plate over the tripod.

Click to light the alcohol lamp. It has no effect.

Powder with water:

Click on combined powder in inventory.

Take the bowl of water and place it on the tripod above.

Click to light the alcohol lamp

Place combined white powder on water - A glue pasty substance like starch. The powder is now gone from inventory. The reports page states rice powder.

Red hair:    Place red hair on microscope. Light feminine perfume...


Answer each question Yes or No and justify the reply with evidence and testimony gathered during the investigation. The color of the question chapters to check: red - reports, green - documents, blue - testimony. Click on a selected colored answer and then click on the similar colored frame to enter it as evidence. Click the bottom ornate arrow to go the next page.

Click on elaborate arrow at bottom of the Quiz page to start the quiz.

1. Do we have an idea of the weapon used for the crime? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Click the dialogue (Sherlock with man) tab and select Colonel Patterson dialogue second time. Click on blue quiz frame.

2. Could the murderer escape through the stairs going to the second floor? Answer:    No.

Justify:    Click the dialogue (Sherlock with man) tab and select Mary's dialogue and click it on quiz blue frame.

3. The ashes found in the smoking room are from English cigarettes? Answer:    No.

Justify:    Red frame - Cigarette butt in front of service door report.

                Green frame - Study of tobacco.

4. Was the side door going to the kitchen open after the shot? Answer:    No.

Justify:    Satterthwaite's dialogue.

5. Did Miss Lambert choose the tablecloths and arrange the tables? Answer:    No.

Justify:    a. Carl Pannister's dialogue.

                b. Miss Lambert's dialogue.

6. Do we have an idea of the murderer's height? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Red frame - 1.65 cm report on the corridor to the kitchen.

                Green frame - Ballistic science.

7. Among the interrogated people, did any others than Colonel Patterson have bad eyesight? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Blue Frame - Miss Lambert's dialogue.

                Green Frame - Guest list.

Click on notebook when done with the list.

It simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions.


Day 2: 15th of October, 1897


Baker Street

Inspector Lestrade brought a copy of his notes. Inventory has the test tube, magnifying glass, tape measure and photo of pretty young girl.

As Doctor Watson:    Read Lestrade's notes found in the notebook's document's page: The crime, instrument of the crime, The motive, The development of the crime, Scotland Yard report and Melvyn Bromsby.


Sherringford Hall

Click on Sherringford Hall on the map. Talk to Miss Lambert outside the residence.

Ballroom:    Talk to Grimble and learn about the relationship of Lavinia with her father. Leave the ballroom through the door to the corridor to the kitchen. The 3 other men talks about polo.

Kitchen:    Talk to Pennington and learn of the missing 2 18 yr. old whiskeys.

Smoking room:    Take the white gloves from the table.

Ladies Powder Room:    Look close at the table and take the red handbag of Lavinia Bromsby. Unpack the red bag in inventory to get program of London opera (will disappear) and Herrington's letter. Click on Read of both documents and then read Herrington's letter at the documents page. Exit to the ballroom and see Lavinia has joined the gentlemen.

Ballroom:    Talk to Lavinia. She powdered herself before going to the ballroom.

Bromsby's Office:    Lestrade has an encounter with one of Fowlett's security inventions. Look close at the table. Click on the picture of Bromsby and Grimble. A third person with a ring on his left hand is cut off from the picture. Use magnifying glass on the ring - a Masonic symbol. Check the picture of young Lavinia and see that she is holding a rifle in the notebook. Click on letter from Fowlett to Bromsby in front of the men's picture. Read it in the notebook. Click on the brown book. Read the marked page of Medieval French art in the notebook and learn about the method of hiding a picture inside another in a woodcut. Open the top drawer. Take and read all the burnt items: piece of newspaper (Indian newspaper), burnt paper with a code (55 is the number to add) and piece of book. Pull back from table and click on middle picture on the wall of Sir Bromsby in front of Kalidassa Abyss.

Lestrade reports that Fowlett was last seen going to north country. Click on Sir Bromsby's large portrait right of door and see a safe.



Flatham Station:    Talk to Constable Fletcher.

Outside Fowlett's house:    Talk to Graham, the neighbor of Fowlett and get a key to Fowlett's house. Talk to Constable Fletcher. Watson departs to go talk to the stationmaster.

Fowlett's House:    Walk in front of the gate to the house. Use key on door.

Living room:    Inside the house, click on the dragon's claw's left of door to get matchbox. Click the matchbox on the lamp on the table to get light in the room. Look at the shoes on the floor and learn that it is size 6. Use the measuring tape on the footprint on the floor - it is a size 7. Hmmm...

Epinal woodcuts:    Go down to bottom screen. Click on the 4 woodcut paintings on the wall. Examine the Town of Epinal paintings carefully to for hidden pictures.

Left picture has a hidden deer on tree trunk in a valley.

The second picture has a reclining bear in light shade on the middle hill.

The third picture has a crab on the foreground on the rocks by the river.

The rightmost has a head of an eagle with the waterfall coming out of its beak.

Look close at the automaton in the corner and see that a token is needed to play.

Back up and take the wood toy on the carpet under the coffee table. Move to right part of room while facing the door and click on book at bottom shelve of the bookcase. Read the Villager and the Serpent Poetry in notebook. Note the circled moral of the Aesop's Fable. Is this what Bromsby is referring to in his aborted speech?

Kitchen:    Enter the door on the left of the bookcase. Use the magnifying lens on the ashtray on the counter left of the stove. Take the white flaky ash. Look close on the table and see a bottle of gin, blood on the cork and broken glass. Exit the kitchen.

Hallway:    Go forward to the door right of the bookcase. Use the matchbox on the lamp on the floor just in front of the broom. Click on the rug beside the broom - the blood was cleansed with this mop. The first door is closed. Enter the second door (foreground)

Bedroom:    Look at the automatic shoe brush under the mirror.

Numbers puzzle:    Look close at the board with numbers on the table. The object of the puzzle is to place the missing numbers on the indentations to make a horizontal, vertical and diagonal X sum of 55. This is based on the burnt paper with code that states 55 is the number to add... Note that the buttons are alternating dark and light colored. When done correctly, take the coin-counter from bottom of puzzle.

Click on the machine above the table. Examine the screwdriver inserted on the window sill. Look at the certificates on the wall. They are received from all over the world, particularly South America. The safe and the ark beside the bed 'need something'.

Move to bottom of the bed. Click on bed and note that the pillow is missing. Check the washbasin in the corner. Take the greasy (balls) substance on left part of the sink. Look close at Fowlett's picture on wall - not quite tall and is obese. Go back to the living room.

        Living Room:     Now that we have the coin-counter, look close at the automaton.

Automaton-cards puzzle:    Insert the coin on the slot. The object of the puzzle is to find the cards that show a logical sequence of the cards displayed. The coin is returned to inventory for reuse.

Click the left hand of the automaton to see what cards are shown.

First deal:    ace of hearts, ace of diamonds and ace of spades. Click-hold the ace of spades from your cards and place it on the automaton's right lowered hand. The ace of spades is the 4th ace in the deck.

Second deal:     3 of hearts, jack of spades and 7 of clubs. Click-hold the 4 of diamonds from your set of cards and place it on the automaton's right lowered hand. The 4 of diamonds is right flanked by those 3 cards on the card arrangement.

Third deal:     2 of hearts, 7 of clubs and queen of hearts. Click-hold the 4 of clubs and place it on the automaton's right lowered hand. There are 2 cards in between the queen of hearts and the 2 of hearts. There are 2 cards in between the 4 of clubs and the 7 of club.

You won. Take the piece of paper and read. Read the text about Noah in the book.

Go back to the bedroom.

        Bedroom:    Click the ark above the safe.

Noah's ark puzzle:    The animals must enter the ark in the proper order. Click the animals to get them in the ark.

Based on the Noah's text clues taken from the automaton and the hidden drawings on the Epinal pictures on the wall, place in order:

First:    crab. The first animal came to shore, it was afraid of the powerful waves. It is seen clinging on the rocks on third Epinal picture.

Second:    deer. The second came from the valley, it was afraid of the river with fast streams. The left picture shows the deer hiding in the tree trunk in the valley.

Third:    bear. The third came from the hills and was hiding from the downpour. The light colored bear is seen on the middle hill in the second Epinal picture.

Click on all other animals to get them in the ark except the eagle.

Last:    eagle. The last one that Noah welcomed came down from the mountains. It wasn't afraid of water but it heard the wrath of the Lord roaring. It is seen in the right Epinal picture and has a waterfall pouring out of its beak.

        Safe:    The safe door opens. Look at the door damage from someone using force to open the safe. Take the papers and read: letters from Bromsby to Fowlett about Wyatt, the ungrateful nephew, Audience text about the verdict and sentencing of Simpson, Collins, Miller and Kirby and all the letters referring to what happened to Wyatt Collins, the nephew in Caracas, draft of Bromsby's will, letter from Bromsby to Fowlett 11/12/96 and the code.

Hear Watson say that Murray has just found a key in the garden. Exit the house.

Outside the house:     Watson tells about the key and the key is now in inventory. Go back inside the house using the first key.

Basement:    Use the new key on the first door in the hallway that was closed. A dead man is under a pile of potatoes. Use the measuring tape on the dead man's feet - size 6. Take the white paper-visit card from the floor. It has the same handwriting as Musardiere's card. Look at the Antiques dealer (de la Vega) card in the notebook. Click on door and find Holmes outside.

Outside the house:    Go to the side and back of the house. Use the measuring tape on the footprint on the barrel outside the bedroom window - size 10. Go back and talk to Constable Fletcher. Watson informs Holmes that the stationmaster definitely saw Fowlett leave and that the Constable identified the dead body as Fowlett.


Baker Street


1. Did Horace Fowlett receive a caller the evening he was supposed to leave? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Click the dialogue (Sherlock with man) tab and select Murray Fowlett House dialogue. Click on blue quiz frame.

2. Were all the guests in the ballroom at the time of the shooting? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Select the Development of the crime (Lestrade report).

3. Did Sir Bromsby and his daughter have a good relationship? Answer:    No.

Justify:    Select Hermann Grimble, Sherringford Hall, 15th of October, 1897.

4. Was Horace Fowlett aware of the problems between Hermann Grimble and Sir Bromsby? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Select letter from Bromsby to Fowlett 11/12/96.

5. Was there anything missing from Horace Fowlett's house? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Select Fowlett's bedroom. The bed is not made, pillow is missing.

6. Did somebody enter through the window at the Fowlett's house? Answer:    Yes.


Fowlett's bedroom: outside window have no bars and is kept closed with a screwdriver.

Garden: footprints with traces of soil of size 10 size on barrel under the window.

Click on notebook when done with the list.

It simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions.


Day 3: 16th of October, 1897



Click on Holmes' working table. Examine the wood trinket, substance found on washstand and gloves at Sherringford hall.

White gloves:    Use the magnifying lens on white gloves in inventory. A very fine white cotton.

Wood toy:    Use magnifying lens on wood toy. Holmes recognized this style of trinket.

Greasy balls:    Place greasy balls on glass plate of the microscope. Greasy substance - very interesting.

When done, pull back from table. Holmes discusses the case and what Watson found in his discussion with the stationmaster.



As Doctor Watson:

Flatham Station:    Talk to stationmaster. Mr. Fowlett was muffled up and coughing. The other man has a bandaged hand. The carriage the men used is still at the station.

Train:    Enter the train carriage. Go to bottom screen and check the ash stand at the corner. Go back to door and take the side aisle. Check each set of benches. Take the white feather from the right first set of benches. On the third set of benches from top, take the cap under the left bench. The hairs on the cap are red. Go down to the end of the carriage and look at the ash stand. Take a Chirripaqui cigarette butt.


Baker Street

Holmes checks the red hair from the cap. Holmes calls to the Baker St. Irregulars. He gives Wiggins the cap and whispers some orders to find a man. A knife is now in inventory.


Sherringford Hall

Ballroom:    Talk to Miss Lambert. Wyatt Collins is very tall, slender man. Talk to Sue and learn more about the Lieutenant. Go to room by the staircase.

Staircase:    Talk to Mary about Wyatt Collins. Climb the stairs.

Bromsby's Office:    If you have not opened the secret safe yet - click on the large portrait of Bromsby right of the door.

Safe puzzle:     Find the code to open the safe using the code found in Fowlett's safe.

Read the code found in Fowlett's safe from left to right and see that it describes the set of numbers above it.

1 - read as one.

1 1 - read as one 1 - see above number.

2 1 - read as two 1s - see above numbers.

1 2 1 1 - read as one 2 one 1 - see above numbers.

1 1 1  2 2 1 - read as one 1 one 2 two 1s - see above numbers.

So the next number description would be:    three 1s two 2s one 1.

The code would be - 3 1 2 2 1 1.

Hear a click. It is simplicity itself! Uhhuh!

Take all that is in the safe. Take the key and read Richard's letter and money transfer to Sherman's bank.

Holmes has no interest on the keyhole on the closed cabinet top of the safe.

Talk to Inspector Lestrade.


Bromsby Cementworks

Click on Bromsby cementworks on the map.

Gate:    Talk to Mr. Goblet, man at the gate. Marty and the dog are the regular night watchman. He gives a set of keys to Grimble's office. Right of the entrance is the office, at the center is the worker's cloakroom and further on is the storehouse for raw materials. The only key to Fairfax theatre is with Mr. Grimble.

Yard:    Go left of cart. On the next screen go to building at bottom right. Use set of keys to Grimble's office on the door.

Office  building:    Climb the stairs. Pick up the gold Grimble's office key under the table by the left pictured wall. Click on pictures at left wall from stairs.  Grimble and Bromsby in India Picture, in front of Waters and Grimble and Grimble with brother will be in the notebook.

Click on bridge replica by other wall. Note that one of the models of a man is missing.

Grimble's Office:  Use the set of keys or Grimble's office key on the double doors at other side of the room. Check the old souvenir from India at top of the hutch left of door.

Safe:    Go to bottom screen and look close at picture on the wall. Use the key found in Bromsby's safe on the keyhole of the wall safe. Take the account book and read. Check the documents in the notebook and compare the amount of money transfer on the money transfer to Sherman's bank found in Bromsby's office to the Account March-April 1897. Somebody is skimming money here!

Grimble's desk:    The drawer is closed.

Take the paper under the table with a tiger on top. It is the Threat WC in the notebook.

Ganeesh:    Look close at the statue of the elephant God, Ganeesh. Click on the trunk and hear something click. Take the figurine of Bromsby from the mouth. Go back outside to the large replica of the bridge.

Bridge replica:     Place the figurine of Bromsby on the hole. Take the silver key from the floor under the bridge. Go back to Grimble's office.

Desk:    Use the key taken from the floor under the bridge on the closed drawers. Try to take the key. Take the papers. Read the Threat W. and the about Captain Lowrie in the notebook. The papers and the key cannot be taken because Grimble might come back and notice. Holmes arranged` everything back to order.


Baker Street

Lt. Herrington arrives and inquires about the case. Wiggins of the Baker St. Irregulars reports that the man entered the back gate to the cementworks.


Bromsby Cementworks

Click on Bromsby cementworks on the map.

Click on ladder left of Holmes. Click on top of ladder to climb up the wall.

Marty and the dog, first time:    SAVE GAME HERE! Increase the brightness of your monitor. Do this puzzle only if you have free time.

The object here is to get to Grimble's office building without being caught by Marty and the dog. Double clicking makes Holmes run. You have to place Holmes at exactly the right spot so that he won't be seen. You have to move Holmes exactly at the right time when Marty and the dog won't see him.

1. Follow Marty by clicking on bottom of screen.

2. The view is now looking down at the compound.

3. Move Holmes to follow Marty at a discreet distance until Holmes is behind the cart-wheelbarrow right of the long shed - workers cloakroom.

3. Place the feet cursor just in front of the office building door.

4. Wait for the dog to pass the right lamp post and click to get Holmes to walk or run to the office door.

5. Take the gold key found on the office floor by map wall earlier and use it on door.


Marty is at top left. Sherlock Holmes is at middle behind the wheelbarrow. Dog is at top right by lamp post.

Holmes is shown on enlarged picture on right. Screenshots are lightened for easy (truly) viewing.

Office building:    Climb the stairs. Turn around and enter the double doors. Go to bottom screen. Pull the trunk of Ganeesh. Take the figurine. Exit the office. Place figurine on bridge reproduction. Pick up the key off the floor. Go back to the office. Click on drawer of desk. Use the key on drawer. Take the new paper - Cabinet Lloyd, Lloyd & Masterson and the warehouse key. Go down and exit the building. Go to the warehouse.

Marty and the dogs, take two:

This time, Holmes has to go to the Fairfax theater now used as warehouse. The warehouse is situated at left of screen. Double clicking makes Holmes run.

1. Go out of the office building.

2. Take the bottom of the screen exit and see Holmes standing right of the lamp post.

3. This part requires very precise positioning. Click to get Holmes above and little to the right of the covered wagon at the bottom of the screen. See graphics. The spot he stands on is below a dark area on the ground.

4. Take the time to open your inventory and move the warehouse key to be easily accessible.

5. Wait until Marty turns the corner and just about even to the covered wagon's tongue (woods);  the dog pass the lamp post at top of screen, then run down and cross to the left and up to the door of the Fairfax theatre on the left of the screen. Be fast here.

6. Go close to the door and immediately - use the warehouse key on the lower part of the door.

Marty is at bottom left. Sherlock Holmes is at right. Dog is at top. Fairfax theater door is on the left.

Holmes is shown on enlarged picture on right. Screenshots are lightened (really) for easy viewing.

Fairfax Theater

Theatre entrance:    Watson joins Holmes inside the Warehouse. Use the matchbox to light the lamp at right of the exposed bricks on the wall.

Go to right hall. Use the measuring tape on the footprints on the ground - damp, wet footsteps.

Set room:    Go forward and click on the door. Use the knife on the door. Use the matchbox to light the hanging lamp a bit to the right from center of the screen. 

Look at rugs on basket that has traces of blood and hair. Black hair is in inventory. Go forward and take the set of keys left of the door.

Small room:     Go to the back of the theater, use the set of keys on the door and enter the door. Go to the white spot at bottom of screen. Use the magnifying glass on the white powder. Quicklime! Go through the door on the right.

Quicklime room:    Go to the left of the room and use the knife to cut the rope on the third from right ring. More quicklime - need a mask to protect Holmes. Go back to the set room.

Set room:     Take the white dusters (gauze?) from floor left of the double doors. To make a mask, use the knife on the white dusters to get a mask. Use mask. Go back to the quicklime room.

Quicklime room:    Go left and click on the hand. Holmes needs something to remove the body. Go back to the door and take the shovel left of the door.  Use the shovel on the body - need something else. Go back to the set room.

Set room:    Take the pole left of the door going to the small room. Go back to the body in the quicklime room. Use the pole on the hand. Holmes takes a passport of Johanssen and Richmond's Abbey liquor. Holmes calls Watson.

Homes and Watson leaves the area and was confronted by 3 Oriental men. OOOPS!!! Watson!


1. Does Hermann Grimble own the only set of keys to the Fairfax theatre? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Goblet dialogue at Bromsby factory.

2. Does Captain Lowrie have anything in common with Bromsby Enterprises? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Sir Bromsby in front of the Kalidassa Abyss and About Captain Lowrie... in documents.

3. Can we say that Wyatt Collins, the nephew is an honest person? Answer:    No.

Justify:   Mary dialogue and  Audience text in documents.

4. Can Herman Grimble be Bromsby's heir despite missing of an official will? Answer :    Yes.

Justify:    Cabinet Lloyd, Lloyd & Masterson document.

5. Was the man found at the old Fairfax Theater from abroad? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Passport found on the body from quicklime.

Click on notebook when done with the list.

It simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions.


Day 4: 17th of October, 1897


Listen to Watson, Lestrade and Holmes.

As Doctor Watson:     Open the document page in the notebook and read about the swindle, Wung Jei and Lt. Herrington. Grimble and Fowlett are quite similar in appearance...


Hunter's House

Click on the map to go to Hunter's house. Read about Hunter's murder at the document page in the notebook. Hunter is the bartender at the Bromsby party, remember. Enter the door on the left. 29 Strokes Alley. Talk to Appleby.

Room:     Look close at the blood. Check the paintings in the cabinet. Note the brand new rolls. Go to the window and use the measuring tape on the footprint on the window sill - larger than size 8 and smaller than 12.

Greenhouse:     Go to the garden. Go down the path and enter the greenhouse from the bottom of the screen. Look close at potting table on the right. Check the 2 small pots of some plants not from England. Go to the other potting table by the long wall. Move the plant in front of the plant with flowers. Pick up the small flowered plant. Take and read the pawn ticket for a golden exotic jewel in the notebook. Time to go back to Baker St. while Watson picks up the pawned item.


Baker Street

Click on Richmond's Abbey  Liquor in inventory. Click on bookcase. Read the Encyclopedia in the notebook. Click on the door left of the fireplace. Wow, Holmes surely is well disguised. Click on the map to go to Richmond's Abbey.


Richmond's Abbey

Abbey gate:    Approach the gates of the Abbey. Click on the small window. Talk to the Brother about James Little and learn about the ruins.

Go to Ruins:

Take the path to the left.

Go forward until the first crossroad.

Take the path to the right (ahead depending on the screen view).


Go one screen pass the pond on the left and turn left. What can it be?

Turn right at the next crossroad.

Is it near there? Turn middle left at next crossroad.

See a pail at left by the road.

Take the small path going up at the next crossroad.

Go forward and smell smoke. Save game here!

 Before going ahead, practice going back to the pond from this spot.

Go back to pond and back to fire:

Go forward, see the entrance to ruins is burning and evidence will be destroyed.

Timed puzzle starts!

Turn around and forward to the crossroad.

Turn right.

Take the pail.

Take the left path.

Take the right path.

Turn left.

Click pail on pond.

Go back and take first left.

Turn right.

Turn to middle left path.

Take the small path at top of screen.

Forward and use bucket with water on fire.

Enter the shelter.

Shelter in ruins:    Use matchbox on candle at right. Use magnifying glass on red area on the ground - it is ink, not English that fell on the ground not more than 3 days ago. Check the bottles of liqueur from the Richmond's Abbey. Check the mattress. Check the burned papers on the left.

Go to bottom screen. Use the measuring tape on the footsteps on the ground - size 10.

Go forward to the end arched wall and look at the different brick on the wall. Use knife on the darker brick on the wall. Take the letter and read it. Check the evidence and the documents in the notebook. It is the same writing as the threatening WC letters in Grimble's office. Go back to the abbey and use the map to go to Baker St. and then to Sherringford Hall.


Sherringford Hall

Grimble tells Watson to inform Lestrade that he renounces his succession to Bromsby Enterprises. Holmes arrives and informs Lestrade about a letter from Mycroft Holmes. Read the Kalidassa abyss letter in the notebook.

Ladies' powder room:     Enter the top left door from the ballroom and go to the powder room. Go close to the mirror and see Herrington and Lavinia. Talk to Lavinia. After Herrington leaves the room, reveal one of the hints. Show Lavinia the photo of pretty young girl. Holmes asks Lavinia to be silent about the conversation concerning Miss Davenport.


Baker Street

Listen to Watson. Watson shows the Silver Earring that he redeemed from the pawn shop.


1. Was the leader of the thugs who attacked Holmes directly related to the case? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Wung Jei document.

2. Can we say that the person who killed Simon Hunter is skilled with weapons? Answer: Yes.

Justify:    Appleby dialogue at Hunter's House.

3. Are the ruins near Richmond's Abbey a common haunt for wanderers? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Brother at Richmond's Abbey dialogue.

4. Can the handwriting on the message found in the ruins be the same as that on a previous document? Answer: Yes.

Justify:    Threat W and Threat WC documents.

5. Is it easy for a retired English officer to find work as prison warden aboard?  answer: Yes.

Justify:    Kalidassa abyss letter.

Click on notebook when done with the list.

It simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions.


Day 5: 18th of October 1897


Listen to Holmes, Watson and Lestrade. Richards, the author of the threatening letter to Grimble is the director of the new production at Aston theater.

Aston Theater

Read the poster on the left. Enter the building.

Audience hall:    Talk to Philotomy Kirby sweeping the floor. Learn about the troupe and Richards. Richards, Miss Davenport and Jeffries owned the former Fairfax theater.

Talk to Bruce Ashton, young man by the door swooning about Miss Carolyn Small on stage.

Talk to Raleigh Wilcox, the man in blue and learn more about the tragedy. Guacamole! Hahahahah!

Talk to Miss Sullivan in purple gown. The policeman is a redhead. Hmmm... She lost her red head wig.

Talk to Miss Carolyn Small on stage. Interesting dialogue about the earring.

Dressing room:    Enter the door to the left and behind Aston.  Talk to drunken Doris. Exit the door right of the mirror.

Hallway:     Go to bottom screen and knock on door at end of the hallway. Talk to Richards. Reveal one of your hints by taking the silver earring from inventory and clicking it on Richards. Learn more about the tragedy. There's another set of keys to Fairfax theater.

Go down the hallway and enter the far door on the left.

As Doctor Watson:

Office-Costume room:    Take a page from a book, Guacayamo from the table. Read it in the notebook and learn about piranhas. Take the Costumes' Inventory - there are 30 listed. Click on the open book on the table. Click on the closet and learn that the artillery uniform is missing.

Backstage:    Go back to Doris' dressing room. Exit through the other door. At backstage, talk to Adam Poole, the workman about the tragedy. The missing troupe members didn't take their things. Learn about the locked room. Go back through the door and exit from Doris' dressing room to the audience hall.

Audience hall:    Talk to young Bruce Aston and be given the keys to the theatre. Go back to the backstage.

Backstage:    Go down the hallway and at the other end use the Aston's keys on the door at top of stairs.

Locked room:    Take the 2 items in front of the box on the floor. Take the silver earring from inventory and click it on left silver wave. Ah, you need the 2 other earrings.

Doris' dressing room:    Click on Doris and Holmes says - I cannot take her earring.

Audience hall:     Show one of your hints, the silver earring to Miss Carolyn. She gives her silver earring and Doris' silver earring to Holmes. Go back to the locked room.

Veronica's locked box:    

Use the magnifying glass on the wood box with gold boat and silver waves lock.

The box lock uses a mechanism of the box that needs keys inserted on the slit between the silver wave and the box.

Insert the pawned earring on the left, the curved earring at center and the shell earring on the right side of the silver design of the lock.

Take the photo of the old Fairfax with Richards, Davenport and another man. Take the note beside it.

Outside Aston theatre, talk to Lestrade and Holmes advised that Richards be held as soon as possible.


Baker Street

There are 2 things Holmes wants Watson to answer: The table of shoe size and the other one is does Fowlett sleep with a cushion. The last clue from Mycroft arrives via Wiggins.

Read the clue, Raymond Waters in the notebook. Read the desperate message and all suspects' foot sizes.


1. Are there several sets of keys from the Aston theater? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Bruce Aston dialogue.

2. Did one of the actresses lose a red haired wig? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:    Miss Sullivan at Aston theater.

3. Could the discovery in the dressing room be connected to the case? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:     Sherringford hall evidence in the kitchen, near the dustbin, a fake artillery uniform button is found and Aston dressing room evidence showed one missing costume out of 30.

4. Could the writing on the message to Veronica Davenport be found elsewhere? Answer:    Yes.

Justify:   French visit card and Antiques dealer document.

Click on notebook when done with the list.

It simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions.

Optional Quiz:     Highlight the space after the questions to see the answers. You can continue to the end movie even if you don't answer the optional quiz.

1. Who killed Sir Bromsby? Lt. Herrington.

2. Who killed Horace Fowlett? Wyatt Collins.

3. Who killed Johanssen? Jeffries.

4. Who killed Veronica Davenport? Jeffries.

5. Who killed Jeffries? Nobody.

6. Who killed Hunter?  Herrington.

Watch the ending movie.

It simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions.

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