The Longest Journey

by Aspyr and FunCom

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    May 2006 Version 1.01


Gameplay:    This is a keyboard (or gamepad) - mouse driven third person game. It is highly recommended that you read the manual that is included in the game or the .pdf manual that is installed with the game. The manual gives the background and descriptions of the characters in the game. The game comes in 6 CD-Roms and needs CD1 to in the drive to play.

The main menu has New Game, Load Game, Options, Credits, Exit and later Continue Game. Pressing the ESC key during gameplay accesses the main menu. There are unlimited saves slots.

The Options Menu has sound, game, video, keyboard, mouse, pad and exit selections. It is also highly recommended to play with the adjustments under Options to personalize the gameplay to your needs. Other problems can be solved using the variations under the option menu.

Becky recommends and I used:

Game Settings:

Camera Behavior (mouse) - Normal

Camera Horizontal Axis - Inverted

Camera Vertical Axis - Inverted


Mouse Settings:

Mouse Mode - Camera

Mouse Overall Sensitivity - 1/3 on the line or default

Character Movement Sensitivity - 3/4 on the line or default

Camera Sensitivity - 3/4 on the line or default

To move, use the directional arrows or the WASD keys. Press-hold the shift key to walk. Press-hold ctrl key to sneak. Inventory is accessed by the tab key. Press the m key for the mobile that has the e-mail, the dialogues and notes to self. For the focus band, the q key is for the next focus and e key is the previous focus. The pause key pauses the game. l key is for light attack, k key is for heavy attack and the space bar is for blocking.

If you wait a while on the main menu, a trailer of the game with great music is seen. Pressing the space bar once to skip the intro and dialogues and press the space bar twice to skip cutscenes.

Right click to open the game focus band to check out things in a location. The character cannot move during this time. Right click again to toggle it off.



Monastery: Play as Brian Westhouse.

See Brian Westhouse in a Buddhist monastery cell. He is embarking on a journey and is writing a journal as a map for anybody that will follow him. A monk calls to him. See a square with an eye icon on the bed. Click to hear a description of the bed. Right click to see an eye icon on top of the screen. Move the game focus band around to check all the items in the room. Move the game focus band on the journal and click. Brian had asks the monks to take care of his journal. Right click again to toggle off the game focus band.

Exit the cell and follow the Buddhist monk. Using the WASD keys or directional arrow on your computer, exit the cell. Check the Mani wheels on the wall. Follow the monk to a room with a circular podium. Enter and look around. Right click to focus beam the room. They are whispering something. Step on the dais, traveller. Go up and enter the circle.

Brian arrives in a desolate ice covered place. Talk to a tattooed man. The Undreaming has found Brian. What have you done?


Chapter 1: One


Casablanca: Play as ZoŽ.

In a hospital, see ZoŽ Castillo in a coma. Her father Gabriel watches.

Home:    Two weeks ago, ZoŽ watches news. The Static is causing problems on this computer driven land.  A vision interrupts the broadcast. See the young April Ryan in one of her trial dreams in The Longest Journey 1. Find her. Save her.

Wonkers, ZoŽ's mechanical friend tells her that her mobile is ringing. Check the bathroom, the balcony and the bedroom if you want. Check the bed and turn off the in-window system. Talk to Wonkers. Take the mobile from the chair and learn about the gym schedule. Open the closet and wear the only clean clothes. There's a backpack in the closet.

Exit the room and go down the stairs. Talk to ZoŽ's father Gabriel. You can check the kitchen, other rooms or suitcase if you want. Click on door handle to exit the apartment.

Exit the courtyard, balcony and go left down to the road. See the world of ZoŽ. Press & hold the shift key to walk. The road sign is Jardin de Roses. You can check the yellow mailboxes on each house entrance.

Olivia:    Go forward and talk to Olivia at her Alien the Cat store. Since ZoŽ is already late, so say not busy. Enter the store and look around. Check Liv's workstation and learn that Liv can work the wire. The overhead screen shows the young girl. Find April. Save April. ZoŽ talks to Liv about it and ZoŽ's life. She has a hack that can keep the mobile invisible from the 'eye'. You can get it installed later.

Gym:    Exit the store. The journal icon is seen on top of the screen. This means that an addition is added to the journal. The journal can be accessed using the m key. You can check the messages (envelope), dialogues (exclamation point) and notes-journal (paper-pen) on this frame. Use the scroll key to check other entries. To exit the mobile screen, click on the X icon at top right. Go left down the path to get to the main courtyard and fountain. Follow the girl that is going to the gym. Learn again about the focus field in gameplay. Take the path right of Sushi-Ya, forward, through the right entryway to La Place de Sucre. See chess players and a cleaner robot. Go forward; pass by a taxi stand and benches and up the stairs. Enter the door to the gym.

Fight with Jama:    Talk to Jama who is doing her Tai Chi. This fight is a tutorial. You can practice as many times as you want or quit immediately after the first fight. I used the keyboards on this fight sequence. Use the arrows or And D keys to move left or right to evade her kicks. Once Jama is clear - move forward (W key) and center on her, then use either l key (light) as rapid as you can or k key (heavy) to administer your kicks. The left and right mouse keys do the same actions. You can also block using the space bar.

Practice several times to familiarize yourself with the keys and to watch the opponent move. Learn also the timing of the kicks and where the best position to be when applying the kicks. There is a bar on top left for your character and one at top right for the opponent that shows the success of the fight. The first complete red bar loses.

You can talk to Nia and Aaralyn if you want. Go towards the stairs and see the now familiar video on the screen. Find April Ryan. Save her.

Reza:    Go down the stairs. Outside, ZoŽ gets a call from Reza, ZoŽ's ex-boyfriend. He wants to meet you at Moca Loco at the center of the town where the fountain is located. Go forward, up the stairs, forward on the path and to the courtyard. Go to Moca Loco opposite Sushi-Ya. Talk to Reza sitting on the left and is on his mobile. You can invite or not, he will be busy with work. He wants a favor. You can refuse or help; it will be the same end. Reza wants a package picked up at in a company named Jiva at Seshadri Building and to talk to Helena Chang.

Go back to the taxi stand by the benches at La Place the Sucre. Enter the free taxicab.


Jiva:    Go forward to elevator and use the button to call an elevator pod.

Talk to the suspicious high strung ?receptionist. See a Chinese woman on the screen that needs help.

There are several ways to interact with the receptionist:

1. Best to distract the fake receptionist and then plead or barter. When she enters the side room, go to the door pad and close the door to lock her in.

2. If you tell her about the screen. She will call out to Kano. You have to fight her. The fight with her was fairly easy. Move to face her and do rapid l (light) or k (heavy) kicks. She will be knocked out cold.

3. If you select get out, the result will be the same as #2 - she will see the screen and fight.

4. If you distract, plead or barter, then go to the glass door and do the console to open the door, she will see you and the fight starts.

Try to open the glass door at the other end of the room to get to the corridor. Go to and face the computer console and unlock the door. Enter and see a man doing something to the glass chamber where the woman - Helena Chang is kept. The man runs away.

Helena Chang:    Click on the door to see if you can open the glass door. There is gas released to kill Helena. Helena points above. Go to the stand on the left, climb up to get to the roof of the glass chamber and open the lid of the control box at center. Click to turn the lever. Go down and pull open the glass door.

Run back to the reception room and see that Helena states that access to this floor has been tampered with. After Helena uses the computer for a workaround, press the elevator button to call a pod. Enter the elevator.

Talk to Helena about Castillo and learn that she knows a Castillo. She gives the package for Jericho-Reza. You can open or not open the package. The package contains a datacube. Call for a taxi using the yellow call stand.


Reza's apartment:     Go to the path left of Sushi-Ya, left, go forward up the stairs and enter the building on the left. Check the mailboxes on the wall by the stairs. Reza's apartment is #8. Climb the stairs and go right. See a cat that leaped out the window and his opened door. Enter and see a dead woman. The screen shows the young girl scene again. Then see that the Eye commandos are downstairs and will be up soon. The cops took ZoŽ.

Interrogation:    Whatever answer you give will result in ZoŽ telling them everything.


Chapter 2: Lost


ZoŽ's Home:    ZoŽ tries to get hold of Reza and her dad on the mobile. Enter the bedroom. Wonkers will give a prerecorded message from Reza. ZoŽ is to get the hidden updated copy of his notepad in his apartment. Lucia, Reza's Watilla can find the notepad for her. Reza also mentioned to go to 'you know who'. You can talk to Wonkers again if you want. Exit the house and get a mobile message from Dad. Go to Olivia at her shop.

Olivia's shop:    ZoŽ will tell Liv everything. The apartment is sealed by now. To work the seal hack, match the symbols at the bottom of the screen with the exact same symbols in the matrix - one by one. Once the match is done, the code breaker does the rest. Exit the shop and go back to Reza's apartment via path left of Sushi-Ya.

Reza's apartment:

Clamp on Reza's door:    Go close to the clamp. Open the inventory using the tab key and click on the mobile to select it. Use the gear icon on the top of the selected mobile and ZoŽ will use it on the clamp.

A matching game frame appears. This is a random timed puzzle.

There are 3 symbols at bottom of the frame. One will be highlighted.

Find and click on the match of that highlighted symbol on the smaller symbols on the top squares.

Do the same for the second and then the third symbol.

Not bad for a first attempt.

Enter the apartment. See that the place is ransacked. Lucia is so excited to see ZoŽ but she was fried by the surveillance spider bot. The bot needs to be disabled.

Spider bot:    Move forward and see that the spider bot will activate.

Save game here. Press-hold the ctrl key to sneak. Sneak around the apartment to find a way to disable the spider bot. The spider bot hears very well, so be careful about moving around broken glass and debris on the floor.

Move around Lucia, towards the wall and then to the window. From here the floor is clear. Sneak to enter the bathroom.

Look at the shower. Look at the panel right of the shower. Use the panel to play music.

Click on the shower door and the shower deactivates the spider bot. ZoŽ one, spider zero.

Lucia:    It's time to fix Lucia. Take Lucia's brain and power source - Watilla parts and see that her battery and processing unit have been fried.

Go to Olivia's shop. Give her the Watilla parts by using the tab key, select parts and then the gear icon. Both parts are not usable. Liv gives a battery but you need a working Watilla to access the back up crystal.

Go back home by going forward from the shop and enter the last house on the right. Go to Wonkers and ask him to sleep. Promise! ZoŽ takes Wonkers' brain.

Go back to Reza's apartment and place the battery and power source on Lucia. Talk to Lucia and ZoŽ will give the password. Follow Lucia and she will open the safe on the floor. Pick up the notepad.

Two women (twins) suddenly appear. They didn't say a word and after listening to an unheard message, ZoŽ is released. Take the encrypted notepad from the floor. Talk to Lucia and take Wonkers' brain. Exit the building to go to Olivia. See the same cat that run out of Reza's apartment.

Encrypted notepad:    On the way to Olivia, a message came through the mobile. Check the message and read that Jana has cancelled future appointments. Give the notepad to Olivia at her shop. The last entry was easily decoded - Venice, Newport, The Fringe, Charlie.

Go to your home and up to the bedroom. Place Wonkers' brain back on him. Take the backpack from the closet.



April Ryan:    Play as April.

It's snowing. The enemy is near. April and her band are waiting for the enemy.

The game can not be saved on this part. A fight ensues. As April, you need to fight 2 consecutive guards.

My tactic is to move forward to get close and face the opponent. Then use the k key continuously. Fight the guard that is standing alone.

After the first guard is taken care of, look for the next guard with no opponent.

They will be going to Marcuria.


Chapter 3: 201


Venice, Newport:

The Fringe:    ZoŽ is in Newport and is facing an alley. Go forward to the alley. The sign says Venice Crossroads. See a familiar area, turn left and forward to the Chinese man at the corner tent. He gives direction about where the Fringe is located. Check the mail from Carlita.

If you want, go to the tent at the other corner on the right and talk to young girl.

Turn to the right to go the other side of the Crossroads. Cross the planks and go left to see The Fringe ahead. Go forward and check the completely, irrelevant door on the left of The Fringe.

Use the buzzer and ZoŽ will ask for Charlie. Inside, the receptionist tells where Charlie is. Go right of bar and talk to Charlie sitting alone. Plead to get him to help you. Learn about Reza, The Victory Hotel, formerly the Border House. Learn about Fiona, the canal under the hotel and backyard. Talk to him again and learn about the changes in The Fringe, Venice, VAVA. It nice to reminisce about what happened to the places seen at TLJ1. Learn where the Victory Hotel is located.

The Victory Hotel:    Exit The Fringe. Go forward and right to get back to the Crossroads. Go to the other side of Crossroads and climb the stairs right of the Chinaman. Go forward across the bridge, turn right, forward, left to alley with a Bar Open neon sign. Go forward and right to the 2 side paths. Climb the short stairs, go left, forward and right to the brown door (#4 above it) with a buzzer. No one answers the buzzer. Ah... that bench - so many memories.


Backdoor of Victory Hotel:    Go left of hotel and down to the scaffolding at end of the railing. Go down again to the water in the canal. Enter the tunnel with broken bars right of the scaffoldings. Go forward and climb the metal ladder. The gate has a modern padlock. The view pans to the back door with a bloody handprint on it. Now, who knows all about modern gadgets? Call Olivia to help with the padlock. To use the phone, open inventory and use the gear action. Liv says to get a lockpick.

Get a lockpick:    Guess who sells anything and everything. Go back to the Chinaman at the Crossroads. Talk to the Chinaman. He will eventually trade for a cloaking software for mobiles. Use the mobile again to call Olivia. Talk to the Chinaman again and trade to get a lockpick. Go back to the padlock on the Victory Hotel back gate.

Padlock on the gate:    Use the lockpick on the padlock.

See 4 circles that have 4 symbols each. Above and below each circle is a symbol.

The object of the puzzle is to place a matching symbol under the symbol above the circle and a matching symbol above the symbol below the circle.

This is a random puzzle and no save is possible during the puzzle solving.

Each circle can transfer one symbol from one circle to the next circle via a side hole.

One tactic is to start at a circle on the end. Then check if there is a matching symbol on that circle to the symbol above or below the circle.

Turn that matching symbol to the side that does not have the side hole.

Then turn the adjacent circle(s) to place the matching symbol to the one that doesn't have a match on the side hole.

Then turn that circle to match the top and bottom symbol.

Work the next circle the same way until all 4 circles are matched.

Do one circle at a time. You can plan ahead and see what symbols are needed in other circles and while doing the puzzle move those symbols closer to where they are needed.

Guard dog:    Enter the gate and see a sleeping dog. ZoŽ notes that the dog is not wakened up by the train noise.

The object of this sneak puzzle is to not awaken the dog. If the dog awakens, go back to the gate and down the metal ladder.

Save game here. Press-hold the ctrl key to sneak. Sneak forward to the door whenever the train passes by and rattles the game screen.

Check the door and ZoŽ will see the bloody handprint.

Sneak forward to the shed right of the dog whenever the game screen shakes and the train passes by.

Open the shed door and get the axe.

Sneak to exit through the gate.


Victory Hotel:

Enter Victory Hotel:    Climb down the metal ladder and go right of the ladder. ZoŽ will see a light through the boarded up window.

 See a metal bar at bottom of the trash container. Use metal bar.

Go to the other end of the container and get close to the container. Click on the container to push it 4 times to get it under the lit window.

Climb up the container and use the axe on the boards on the window. The axe dropped inside.

Climb in through the window. Go through the open doorway and see that it is dark in the hallway. Go back to the lit workshop.

Torch:     Pick up the axe handle from the floor. Take some filthy rags from the table.

In inventory, select the axe handle and click on the wrench icon. See a + sign. Using the left or right arrows on the computer, scroll to place the rag at center of the inventory selection. Click on the rag to combine it with the axe handle to make a torch.

Look and smell the cans on the table. The red can has petrol. Use the torch on the red can with petrol to get soaked in petrol torch.

Go to the furnace by the doorway. Use the switch on the side to get a flame inside the furnace. Use the soaked in petrol torch on the flame to get a burning torch.

Basement:    Enter the dark hallway and open the door. Go forward until the lit basement. See blood trails on the floor. Follow the blood trail and the door opens. ZoŽ picks up Reza's lighter from the floor. Look at the security monitors and see the young girl. She is pointing at the wardrobe. Save April Ryan. She wants you to go to room 201 and that wardrobe.

Security system of the building cameras:   

Use the mobile on the monitors of the security system.

This is puzzle is similar to the clamp on Reza's apartment door. A matching game frame appears. This is a random timed puzzle.

There are 4 symbols at bottom of the frame. One will be highlighted.

Find and click on the match of that symbol on the smaller symbols on the top squares.

Do the same for the other symbols.

Vinnie, the man in bright shirt:    Exit the security room and climb up the stairs to the first level of the building. Go forward a bit and the screen will pan to show that there is a man wearing a bright shirt sitting on a couch in the next room, pizza boxes and a pizza cooking machine. You can go to the pizza machine and program it to go off faster. Eventually, the man will come to the room and see ZoŽ. Talk to him.

These are some variations that I found:

1. You can mix and match the dialogue and eventually fight him. I did a similar fighting tactic done with April and the blond baddie at Jiva. Move forward using the W key to face and get close to the opponent. Use the k key continuously until he is knocked out cold. This way gives you ample time to check the second floor.

2. Select the dialogues: Vacancies, lie, calm and manager. He will allow you to look around. This way gives less time to check out the second floor and you 'might' eventually have to fight him later if you take time on the second floor.

3. Time the pizza to finish. Quickly hide at the entrance to the basement. Sneak behind him while he's eating pizza and go to the stairs past the TV.

Second floor:    Go upstairs and see a girl on a mattress attached to a machine in room 202. There's medical equipment on the wall. This is not a hotel, it is a laboratory. Go next door and see that April's room 201 is locked. Ignore the girl that came out of room 202. She is lost in her own world.

Go to the other end of the hallway and into the bathroom. Take the handle off the window. Climb the stairs to the third floor and see that the door is locked. Go down and enter the room left of the stairs on the second floor. Use the handle on the window. Climb out to the broken fire escape. See a red covered bed in room 201 at the next window.

If you took too much time checking things out and used the dialogue way to get to the second floor, Vinnie might  come up and say you tricked him. You need to fight him. Similar frontal assault won the fight for me. Face him, move forward and use the k key continuously. The man will fall down and settle under the stairs. If you use the fight way earlier, you will have ample time to find room 201 and do the rest that follows. Or if you hear Vinnie come up, you can hide or sneak and he will go away.

Third floor:    Climb the ladder left of the window to get to the third floor fire escape. The rusty ladder falls off. Open window and enter. See medical equipment on the wall. Exit the room and check the other door on the left. A man in his shorts walks by, ZoŽ automatically hides. Go forward and right to the bathroom. Take the filthy towel from the rack. If the man arrives at the bathroom, go to the end of the bathroom by the shower and he will not see you.

Exit the bathroom and go forward to the hallway. Look inside the open room on the left and see the man in shorts sleeping on dirty sheets.

These are some ways to do this part that I found:

1. Take the sheets and it will waken the man. This is an easy fight since he's might be drugged or still sleepy. Take the dirty sheets.

2. Wait at the other hallway or check the other doors and the man will eventually leave the room. Take the dirty sheets then.

Exit the room, left and go forward to the next hallway. See a window with a radiator underneath. Look through the window and see room 201 with the red sheet on the bed. In inventory combine the towel and dirty sheet to get a makeshift rope. Use the makeshift rope on the radiator control. Open the window and climb down to the second floor fire escape.

Room 201:    Walk the fire escape ledge to look through room 201. Open the window and climb in. Open the closet. Look at the picture of Charlie and 2 girls (April and Emma). Take the videograph. Marcus enters and catches ZoŽ in his room. He agrees to get info about Reza and they will meet at The Fringe.

The Fringe:     Go to The Fringe. Use the intercom and talk to Charlie. Use the picture-videograph on Charlie. Learn about April, 201 and Emma. Push on to get more information. Charlie will call Emma to talk to ZoŽ and he will place Marcus on the guest list. Listen to what Emma and Charlie say about April.

ZoŽ wants to call Reza on her mobile privately. Charlie says there's an empty room upstairs. Climb the stairs by the reception desk. Enter the last room and use the mobile. Marcus arrives... with the twins. They attached ZoŽ to one of those machines.


Chapter 4: Winter


Dream world:    ZoŽ wakes up in her underwear in the place of the young girl vision. Go forward to the house. The young girl is there. She drops ZoŽ to the other world.


Subterranean City:   

Trolls:    ZoŽ wakes up in cave in another outfit. Look around and see buildings on the other side of the water. There are 2 trolls in the cave.

There are several ways to get around these 2 trolls:
1. Sneak around when the first troll is busy far from the pedestal and climb the pedestal. Go down the steps when the other troll is in the water. Take the glowing egg from the stick and sneak towards the ledge.

2. Fight with the 2 trolls using the frontal assault and the k key. Take the glowing egg and go forward to the ledge.

3. Pick up 2 pebbles from the ground close to where you woke up. While the troll is by the water far from the pedestal. Right click to use the focus mode, press tab to get pebble and throw it in the water. Run towards and climb the platform. On the pedestal, go to the edge, right click to focus and throw the pebble in the water. Climb down the steps, take the glowing egg and go forward to the ledge.

Waterwheel:    Go forward to the end of the ledge and see a giant waterwheel. Climb down the steps and look at the waterwheel. There's a platform up there. Climb the steps close to the waterwheel. Go forward and see a broken ladder.

See a machine on the right platform. Turn the wheel and see sparks come out from top. Saved game here. Open inventory and place the glowing egg on top of the machine.  Now, turn the wheel again and hear musical sound. Remember this sound. See that the powered machine opens up the water flow. The water wheel turns. Stand to left side of the machine and look up at the egg. Take the glowing egg off the machine.

Go down the steps and use the water wheel. See ZoŽ hold on to one of the waterwheel board to reach the top platform. Go forward and jump across the broken walkway. Go forward and climb the ladder.

Glyphs on the wall:    At the top of the cliff by the waterwheel, go forward to the very end of the cave.

See 3 glowing glyphs on the wall. Press each one to hear the sound it makes.

Remember the tone heard when the waterwheel was activated. Reproduce that sound by pressing the glyphs in correct order.

Press left, middle, left and then right glyphs. A ring of fire opens up a door on the wall.



 Cellar:    ZoŽ comes out into an underground room. The door is locked from the outside. Look at it and see that the door is not very solid. Kick it twice to open. Enter the food and wine storeroom. Look around and note that the machine looks brand new. Exit the storeroom and be at an Inn.

The Journeyman Inn:    Go to the main room and ZoŽ will have a long talk with Benrime, the innkeeper. She wants you to talk to Minstrum Magda. Blind Bob will help you outside. Brynn who is part of April's band is eating at the table. He overheard everything including the mention of April Ryan's name and left while talking to Benrime.

Tit for Tat:    Exit the Inn and have a good look at Marcuria. Talk to Blind Bob begging across the steps. He is theoretically blind only. He wants trade for his favor. He wants a boiling bottled of mulled wine and be sure that it is made with Mrs. Mullins Mixed Spices.

Mulled Wine:    Go back to the Inn and talk to Benrime. She will boil some red wine but you have to get the Mixed Spices from the market. The spice merchant is on the first stall on the left at Ayrede Avenue. To get to the market: go east towards the tower, once at the tower go south and Ayrede Avenue leads all the way down to South Gate.

            Spice Merchant:    Exit the Inn, go pass Blind Bob and be at the tower. The area looks very familiar but without the stalls from TLJ1. Go forward, right on the road across the tower entrance and forward to the South Gate. Note the Ayrede guards. You can talk to them if you want.

Go forward and look at the machine on the left similar to the one at the Inn's cellar. Go forward towards the gate and talk to the merchant at the first stall (empty) on the left. He does not have any spices. The supplier is stuck on the other side of the Ghetto, up Burrow Creek and below the Journeyman Inn. You have to talk to AryKinryn, bearded fellow and ask him for the spices.

            Get spice:    Go back to the Inn. Go left on road and then left of tower. See a man taken by the guards for selling medicines to the magicals at the Ghetto. Go pass Blind Bob, pass the gate with the guard (other entrance to ghetto) and see the carts on the road. Talk to the bearded man. Hear about the rebels-freedom fighters. He is not cooperative. He gives the spices.

            Make mulled wine:    Go back to the Journeyman Inn and talk to Benrime. She tells you to go to the kitchen to mix the spices with the heated red wine. Go to the kitchen and add spices to the cauldron on the counter. Turn around and take the empty wine bottle from the table. Use the empty wine bottle on the cauldron to get mulled wine.

Go outside and give the mulled wine to Blind Bob. Talk to Blind Bob again and ask about Magda. He doesn't know but Crazy Clara would. Crazy Clara is at Hangman's Span in Crab Bend which is east of the South Gate towards Friar's Keep, the prison.

Crazy Clara and her baby:    Go find Crazy Clara who might know where Magda is located. Go pass Blind Bob, right from tower, forward to the South Gate, pass the spice merchant and left to pass through the arch. Clara is at the bridge. Talk to Clara and find about her baby taken by the westerling, the guards.

            Look for Clara's baby - Go back to the Merchants Square by South Gate. See a beast turning a wheel at the center of the square. There is an alley on the right between the 2 buildings. The guard stops you from entering the alley. Enter the alley by walking behind the big beast. He can serve as a cover so that the guard will not see you enter the alley.

            Get Clara's baby - At the alley, look and release Clara's baby from the cage. It will run out and scare the beast. The beast runs and the guard chases after it. Go back to Clara. Clara and her baby are reunited. Talk to her about Magda.

Minstrum Magda:     Magda is the Soup Lady at the Soup Kitchen for the homeless. Go back to the Merchants Square and talk to the lady at the stall next to the spice merchant. She says there are no Minstrum anymore in the city. Answer her with: Innkeeper and Benrime Salmin. Talk to her about everything. Learn about the Azadi. You need to go to Oldtown, the magic ghetto and find a practioner of magic craft to open a gate.

Brynn-Worm:    After talking to Magda, Brynn psssst at ZoŽ. He will take ZoŽ to Oldtown. He promised no basement. Follow Brynn and get kidnapped.

April Ryan:    Talk to April. See that ZoŽ disappears.



Kian:    Play as Kian. Do the trial fights with the trainees. Talk to the trainees. After the training fights, talk to red haired Garmon, Kian's mentor. Child Ena tells Kian that the Six asks an audience.

Follow Child Ena. Enter the door that is guarded. Talk to the Six and learn about the mission. Kian is to convert by shedding blood the leader of the freedom fighters - a Daemon named Scorpion. When Kian leaves the chamber, the Six reveals that this is the last event that is needed to gain the world to the Goddess.

Go back outside and talk to Garmon.


Chapter 5: Alchera


The Fringe:    Talk to Charlie and remember Marcus and the twins. Outside the club, walk forward and get a call from Olivia about Reza concerning WATIcorp in Japan.


Marcuria in Arcadia: Play as April.

Azadi Tower:    Chawan and April talk about the tower being built by the Azadis. Scaffolding is erected close to the tower. After the talk, check the swords by the door and the backpack on the bed. Exit the room and be intercepted by Brynn. Talk to Brynn and he runs away upset. Talk to Na'ane standing by the room at end of the corridor. Go down and exit the Inn.

Go left to the Tower and see the scaffoldings right of the tower. Go forward to the area right of the round pillar which is right of the scaffolding. Sneak around the pillar and go behind the scaffolding. See a guard at the other end. Sneak behind the guard and be in a position close to his back. Use the punch icon to get him out of the way or you can fight him. Climb the scaffolding and automatically be on a balcony.

Move to the glass door that is ajar. Position April to be at the opening and then right click to use the focus mode on the 2 people inside the room. Listen to the conversation between Sister Sahya and the hooded man she calls Prophet. The Prophet gives whispered orders.

At the bottom of the scaffolding, go back to the front of the temple and see the Prophet. Follow him and see that he enters the Journeyman Inn. Talk to Benrime at the kitchen. Go down to the cellar and open the door. See the Prophet enter the gate to the Subterranean City. Aprils dives through the fiery gate to follow the Prophet.


Wati City: Play as ZoŽ.

Cable car:    After exiting the Yamashiro Station, Olivia calls. The connection is bad. ZoŽ needs to get to the WATIcorp headquarters at the other side of the canyon to meet Reza's contact.

Go down and see that the bridge to cross the canyon is not available - for employees only. Go back up, forward and check the Museum booth that runs the cable car to the other side of the canyon. It is closed.

Go up the stairs and look at the trash bin. The trash bin incinerates things dropped on it every 10 minutes. Talk to the man that is edgy. He is waiting for his fiancťe.

Variations on the talk to get Museum ticket:

1. Dialogue used with Kenji, the edgy man: museum, girlfriend, work communication, talk, museum? - exactly. Yuriko arrives. He gives 2 tickets to the museum.

Talk to the Riko, the little girl in pink about 'sad'. Ren and older brother left her and Hiro, a younger brother and grandma are in the museum. Give her the other museum ticket. Riko is now in the cable car. (Thanks, Mordack.)

2. Dialogue used with Kenji, edgy man: Someone, reassure or ticket. Kenji tears the Museum ticket and throws it in the trash. Pick up the ticket piece twice to get torn ticket.

Go back down to the bottom level and go to the vending machine left of the museum booth. Use the mobile to get gum. In inventory, use the gum and get a sticker. Combine the sticker with the torn ticket to get Museum ticket.

Here you can either go to the cable car with one ticket or after waiting a while, go down and talk to the Yuriko, woman in brown by the Museum booth.

Talk with Yuriko:

a. His fault, delayed, explain. Yuriko will give her ticket and leave. You can either give Riko the other ticket or go alone.

b. His fault, tried or c. His fault, delayed, guilt. Yuriko leaves without giving anything.

Go back up to the cable car. Use the museum ticket on the ticket reader.

Enter the cable car to ride across the canyon to the WATI Museum. Learn about the upcoming Project Alchera. After exiting the cable car, get another call from Olivia. Learn that the contact is Damien Cavanaugh. His associate is Rio Kuroki, a system analyst and is the girl that is found dead in Reza's apartment.


Museum:    Enter the museum and note that the guard roams around. Hiro, the little boy standing by the First BunnyBot display is reprimanded for touching the exhibit. Look at all the exhibits.  The door at the back with a red hand scanner is for staff only. ZoŽ wants to enter that door.

Enter the Staff door:   

Use the red hand scanner right of the staff door. The guard comes over. ZoŽ would need Olivia's help. ZoŽ mails Olivia. Check the mail and see Olivia's response. The contact is at 4th floor, section 2. Olivia updated the mobile to open this staff door.

If only one ticket is taken:

Go to the First BunnyBot display where Hiro the boy is looking at. Stand behind the boy to talk to Hiro. Give Hiro the gum and then try to talk to him again.

Touch the BunnyBot exhibit. Again be reprimanded by the guard. 

Talk to Hiro again. He agrees to distract the guard. Hiro enters the exhibit and BunnyBot hops down and out of the exhibit.

While the guard is distracted, use the mobile on the red hand scanner of the staff door.

If Riko has a ticket and you don't have the gum:

Riko talks to Hiro and they argue. To prove that Hiro is not a crybaby nor afraid. He enters the display.

Timed symbol matching puzzle:    This is the same random timed matching puzzle as the other previous puzzle. Find the match of the lit symbol at bottom to one of the symbols on the top. Do this to all symbols. Go through the now open Staff door.


Staff entrance:    See a robot scoot away. Check the mobile to recall where you need to go - 4th floor, section 2.

Locker room:    Go forward and see that someone forgot to close their locker. Take the uniform. Automatically change clothes.

Ventilation ducts:    Exit and look at the ventilation duct used by the bots to go to different parts of the building. Wait for the cleaning bot to come out. Then enter the duct and come out to an overhead walkway.

Elevator:    Go across the walkway and talk to the woman. Tell her you're new. You don't need to talk to anyone. Enter the elevator to 4th floor. That was a funny elevator episode. Dry air indeed!

4th floor:    Be met by a flying bot. You need to be escorted, guest. You can hide using the hide button on the side of the vending machine or corners whenever the flying security bot arrives. Take a right, left, left and forward to the end.

One way to do this part is:     Follow the bot from the elevator. Immediately hide (use hide icon) behind the vending machine. Wait until the bot passes by. Exit the hiding place and continue to go left. Go left at corridor. Go halfway (trigger for bot) and see the bot come out of the double doors at the end of the corridor. Immediately, turn around and go to the first vending machine you hid on. Hide again. Use the mouse to change the point of view to check on the bot that is now at the end of this corridor. As soon as it turns around, exit the hiding place and go to that left corridor. Enter section 2.

Section 2:    The sliding door opens. There are several cubicles. Go to the middle and see the only man working there. Talk to Damien. Learn about The Dreamer, Dreamcore, Static (the effect), Rio and Project Alchera (spy-control people). They need evidence and you have to go to the WATI caves.

WATI caves:    Damien states that you have 30 minutes to get to level -58 . He opens the door. Damien's instruction: Go to sublevel 58, Damien will disengage alarm and you open the door. The security bots will be alerted by the opening of the door. The rest of what is to be done, ZoŽ knows.

Sublevel 58:    Go down the stairs to 58. If you are early, wait. When the red light turns green, open the door. Enter. ZoŽ sees a spider bot.

Search for PS-A1 panel:    Listen to Damien's instruction. ZoŽ needs to go to the other side of the entrance where she is now. Look for PS-A1 panel to upload the software Damien gave.

Note that the spider went left to right. It is best to go the same route and not chance meeting the spider headlong.

Go right, forward, left corner (1), forward, left corner (2), forward, left corner (3), forward, left corner (4) and see the panel on the right wall at middle of hallway.

Upload software:    Open the panel; use the mobile on panel and the office doors will be unlocked. Hear a sound. Listen to some more instructions from Damien.

Blue atom door-laboratory:    Now, to find the door with the blue atoms:

1. Shortest way is to turn to the right from panel and the blue atom door is at right at middle of hallway. The spider bot might come soon so immediately open the door and enter.

2. The long way is to go around continue to the left of the panel and take 6 left corners and the blue atom door will be on your left at the middle of the hallway. Open the door.

Worm - blue capsule:    Now to get the capsule. After the cutscene, turn right and take a blue capsule. In inventory, combine blue capsule and worm to get encapsulated worm.

Go to medlab to be scanned:    Exit the laboratory. Go left 6 times or twice on the right and enter the door with the green M sign.

Place the encapsulated worm on the scanner on the top of a table on the left. Enter the big scanner on the right and be scanned.

Search for core room at Security Office:     Go left through 3 left corners and enter the door with orange sign with cross swords. See that the grid is on and there's a woman at the center of the building. The door is left opened.

Get a spider bot of lower clearance from Cybernetics office:     Go to cybernetic office by going left through 2 left corners. The Cybernetic office has a red hexagonal sign. Go close to the 3 spider bots on the left. Use the mobile on the spider bots.

Now you are playing as the spider bot. LOL! Exit the room and hunt for the security bot patrolling the hallways. Once you find the security spider, press space bar and the security bot is fried. Click again to get the higher clearance.

Get the spider bot to enter the security office with the lit grid. Move the bot on the square on the right. Click left mouse or space bar to deactivate the grid.

Ahhh, back to being ZoŽ, go right 2 corners and enter the security office. That woman is still there at the center. Go to the white coat on the chair. Use the coat to get an orange datacube key.

Core room:    Exit the room and go right through 2 right corners. Place the data cube on the center of the red circle.

Decontaminate:    The decontamination airlock is closed. Use the panel on the right. Enter the airlock. Go forward and a cutscene is seen. It shows where the 2 scientists are located. Save game here.

Sneak to go to core stand:    You need to go to the stairs on the opposite side of the airlock, go down and go to the core stand close to the stairs.

Wait and watch for the pattern of movement of the scientists. The female scientist goes clockwise and stops in front of airlock. She goes to right frame and back to left frame. The male scientist also goes clockwise.

One way to get by is to wait for the female scientist to be on the left side in front of the airlock, sneak towards the core, sneak to the right and then run to the stairs.

Go down and go clockwise behind the stairs on this level so as not to meet the male scientist.

Go around to the stand close to the stairs and insert the encapsulated worm on the core stand. Watch the cutscene.


Subterranean City: Play as April.

April used the rope to go down to the lower level by the waterwheel. Go forward and down the stairs. Go forward and see the Prophet rowing to the city on the other side of the water. Find another way to that side of the city.

Platform door:    Go forward towards the platform. See trolls climb the platform; sing to the door and the door opens. If you are near the platform, they run away. If you hide beside the platform, they can smell you. Stand on the path far enough not to be seen but with a view of the platform. Wait until a troll climbs the platform and then run to the door. By the time the troll has entered, you can run in the still open doorway.

First chamber-altar:     See the troll go to far left door. Look at door and see 3 symbols on the door.

Go behind the altar and use-hide the altar to crouch down.

Right click to use the focus beam on door. Press space bar to get a close up of the door. While still on focus mode close-up, wait until another troll opens the door and April will note the combination of the door (R, L, M).

Runes and Statues chambers:   

Go down the stairs and see a statue with runes on a wheel.

Go down the next stairs, forward and see a chamber with 4 side passages. On the floor are runes that identify that side passage. Similar runes are seen on the central post.

It is best to explore the area first to know what to do.

Warning: There are several shy trolls that go around. There are several stones or boulders that you can use to hide behind on using the hide icon. If these shy trolls see or smell you, they call the biggest, meanest beast you'll ever see. These stones or boulders will not help with the big troll and any fight with it is a lost cause. You will not win.

Places to hide from the big bad beastie:

Run back up the stairs you used to enter this level.

Hug the wall of the room with coffins right of the statue at passage at right of the chamber.

If you hear him coming, run as far as possible to another side passage. If he sees you, you're a goner.

After it is made accessible, hide in the secret tunnel on the passage right of statue on the left of the main chamber.

Explore the top & lower level:

The bottom passage has statue (#1) up the stairs you used to enter the chamber. The passage seen across from here has a locked gate.

Go to the passage at right and see another statue #2 that has a circle with runes. Turn right from statue and see a room with coffins. Here you can hide from the big beast if you stay by the wall. Exit and go straight pass statue #2 and see a cracked wall. Use the wall 3 times. The wall breaks and April falls down to a lower level.

From arrival place to this lower level, go left to enter another chamber.

Go to the passage at right and see a gate that has an oval shape empty slot at the center (maybe for some type of key). Exit this passage to go back to the chamber.

Step up to the passage on the right (be at top level) and across the passage you arrive on. Go left a bit and then go right to see another statue (#3).

Turn around, forward and right. Go forward to see a locked gate, the one across from the entry passage of the top level chamber.

Go right, forward, step down (lower level) and see a gate that has 4 circles of 2 runes each. The top rune of each circle is the rune found on the floor on the chamber above. The bottom rune is the rune for the statues. The gate must be protecting something very valuable.

Turn around and take the earthen tunnel on the right. Open the door at the end and go forward to see statue (#4) that is on the left passage of the top level. Since you opened this passage from the tunnel side, it can now be accessed from the other side (top level). You can hide here when the big beastie chases you.

Open the gate with runes:

As seen from the runes on the gate, the top rune is the location of a specific statue and the bottom rune is the rune that should be turned to top position of that statue's circle. Go around the area again and turn the circle of those statues.

Start by turning the circle of  #4 statue left at top level chamber to show the bottom rune seen at the picture above.

Then the circle of #1 statue on the stairs going back up to the altar chamber  to show the bottom rune seen at the picture above.

Then turn the circle of #2 statue on right passage from the top chamber to show the bottom rune seen at the picture above.

Go through the hole in the wall to get to lower level. Go to stairs across the lower level chamber and turn right and turn the circle of #3 statue to show the bottom rune seen at the picture above.

Once all the statues' circles are turned to position the correct runes on the top, a cutscene of the gate with runes rising up is seen.

Exit from this place:

Go back to the gate with runes by turning around from statue #3, forward and then right.

Enter the chamber of the gate with runes. Go forward to the sarcophagus. Use the sarcophagus to see inside. Take the glowing egg. Look again and April notes that the creature looks familiar, as with the statues and the body in the coffin.

Turn around, forward, go down to the left, forward, veer right and right to the chamber.

Go left to the gate with the oval shaped empty slot at the center.

Place the glowing egg on the empty slot of the gate. The gate rises.

Underground passage to other side of the Subterranean City:

Go forward as far as you can and then turn right. Climb the stairs to get to topmost level. The door opens at the top.

Other side of Subterranean City:    Exit the room to the balcony. See the Prophet seemingly talking to 2 of those big beasties. One of the beasties stays up on the main stairs across from this building. The other is on the ground. There are 2 staircases, one on each side of the balcony. You cannot outrun these beasties and cannot win any fight with them.

Save Game here. Stand at top of the left stairs. Wait until you hear or see the beastie come up the stairs to chase you. Run across the balcony to the right stairs. Down the right stairs, forward and up the crumbling stairs across the way. The stairs crumbles and the beastie will not catch you.

Continue up the stairs into the balcony. Go to the right crack on the wall of the balcony. Jump down to the top of a column.

Jump right down to the floor behind the other beastie. Sneak to go to the back of the hall. Turn right or left and forward to the mist.

April is transported to a place of thousand voices or dreams... April touched the swirl and... What's happening? What did I do?


WATIcorp: Play as ZoŽ.

Core lab:    Hear that the place is to be locked down. As soon as the cutscene stops, run up the stairs and go around the ramp to the airlock. Wait for the airlock to close and then open on the other side. Run to go outside to the hallway. Run until you get near the elevator. When the cutscene of the soldiers coming out of the elevator is seen, hide (use hide icon) in one of the ventilation alcove on outside wall. Wait until the soldiers pass by and then run to the elevators.

While in the elevator, the elevators open to show the guards. See the young girl again on the elevator screen. Save me.


Chapter 6: Morpheus

Greenhouse: Play as ZoŽ.

The elevator opens to a large greenhouse. Go forward to the other end of the greenhouse. Save game here. Talk to the tremendously big person. Learn about him being the one responsible for the dreams, taking dreams, about Reza and that ZoŽ is special.

Chase in greenhouse:    ZoŽ is facing left. As soon as game control is available, move the point of view to look left where she is facing. Run the ramp left of the big person, left at the end of ramp (by wall) and forward to the house on the right. Enter the house, forward to the door and open the door to outside. Save game here.

Chase outside:    Optional: Immediately turn to left, take the broom and automatically use it on door. Go left, forward to end (if the broom is used, you get additional bit of time to get here; if no broom is used - just be fast) and climb the metal bin by the wall. Climb the broken wall and use-jump to the air robot above the wall.

ZoŽ lands on a trash bin. She calls Damien.


Marcuria: Play as April.

Journeyman Inn:

April talks to Na'ane. Go to the other end of the hall and go down the stairs. Talk to Benrime and she advises to speak to the Guardian of the Balance. April can't-won't shift anymore. The White Dragon - White of the Draic kin can help you get there.

Enter Brian Westhouse. Select any dialogue and learn about his friend, a Dolmari that stated that he was at the Dark People Library. While he was there he met a white haired woman that introduced herself as the White of the Draic Kin.

Talk to Benrime again about everything. Learn about the 'news' that the Six - Empresses are coming for the inauguration of the tower, the Rose Court, Na'ane, Chawan and Brynn. Revenge is what April lives for.

Ghetto - Oldtown:

Exit the Inn, go right and forward until the ghetto. Talk to the merchants to learn some background. Go to the robed white-haired merchant behind the blue flame and meet April's old enemy - Roper Klacks. Talk to him completely and learn about WWWA, EDWD syndrome and especially about his book. Ask about 'help' - Dark People and Roper will say there's a Shadowship docked at the harbor at Shady Quay.

Shady Quay harbor:

Turn around and forward until the harbor. Talk to the scarred, hooked Captain that helps the rebels right of the dock.

Walk the dock and talk to the Shadowship captain. He is just a robe. Dialogues can be redone. Ask about wave and about 'pay'. Then go back to Roper Klacks. He gives his book: My Wizardin Days are Over. Go back to the Shadowship captain and give him Klack's book. Step aboard.


WATI city: Play as ZoŽ.

Damien's apartment:    ZoŽ and Damien talk. Alvin Peats, the founder of WATIcorp is the tremendously fat man at the greenhouse.


Marcuria: Play as Kian.

Tower:     Kian is greeted. Go up the tower. Kian talks to the Emissary about his mission and Scorpion. Commander Vanon arrives. He does not like Kian Alvane, who is an orphan and rose in rank fast at Sadir's court. Kian will be followed during his mission at Marcuria.


Chapter 7: Destiny


Dark People's City: Play as April.

April is greeted on her arrival at the city. The Dark Person doesn't know why the captain didn't recognize April as a wave. The White of the Draic Kin is at the library. Follow the Dark Person through this interesting City.

Library:    The Dark Person left April by the desk. It will call the White of the Draic Kin. Meet April's companion at TLJ1. Talk with Crow.

Wow! She has changed! The White Dragon arrives. She is the only one left. She cannot hear the other dragons, the Blue Dragon. Talk about sister, Hunted and Enemy. Answers will be given before asked. Shifting might be forgotten but not lost. Crow is needed to go with April to the Guardian. The White Dragon will open a gate. April closed her eyes and with the help of the White Dragon, opens a portal. She still cannot shift. The portal will stay open but will exit to Marcuria.


WATI city: Play as ZoŽ.

Damien's apartment:    ZoŽ wants to be attached to the dreamer and be given Morpheus. She wants to contact April again.


Guardian's Realm: Play as April.

Tower:    Go forward and climb the tower. Talk to Gordon, the present Guardian. The Balance is undisturbed but dreams passes through to Arcadia and Stark. Dreams make up the fabric of the Cosmos. Everything begins in Dreaming.


WATI city: Play as ZoŽ.

Damien's apartment:    ZoŽ is given the drug and is attached to the dreamer.


Dreamworld:    ZoŽ wakes up in her underwear again in the place of the young girl vision. Go forward to the house. The young girl says You must save April Ryan. Again, ZoŽ falls through the ice.


Chapter 8: Convergence


Shady Quay harbor:    Kian is attacked by 2 men. Fight them with frontal assault (w key) and a mix of rapid k and l keys. Kian interrogates the OldTowner catlike businessman. Ask about Scorpion and learn also something about the rebels. A soldier arrives to tell about a witch that is caught and should be questioned at the Friar's Keep, East side of the city.

Exit the alley and turn left to get to Oldtown market. A running Brynn bumps Kian on the way.

Journeyman Inn:    Play as April. April is in discussion with Chawan. Brynn runs in and says that ZoŽ was taken prisoner to Friar's Keep.


Friar's Keep:     Play as Kian. Kian asks to interrogate ZoŽ. She is questioned by Kian and he believes her innocent. He will try to get her released. The 'independent body' or warden of Friar's Keep wants her transported to Sadir. ZoŽ goes back to prison. Exit the prison and follow the snowy path down, pass Crazy Clara's abode and see April coming.

        Kian stops to talk to April. He thinks he knows April. A heated discussion of the state of affairs in Marcuria ensues.


Get ZoŽ out of prison:

Play as April.     Walk up to the entrance of the prison. Enter the break in the fence on the right. Talk to Crow. Crow flies to look for ZoŽ.

Play as ZoŽ:     Talk to Crow. Later use the door and talk to the prison guard. He will leave the door's hatch open and expects to get a song later. Check the door and see that it is locked and bolted from the outside. Talk to Crow.

Play as April:     Talk to Crow and decided to talk to Roper Klacks about potions. Go to Oldtown and talk to Roper Klacks about 2 potions: knock someone out from a distance and something to melt metal. He gives smoke bomb and acid. Go back to Crow at Friar's Keep and give him the 2 potions.

Play as ZoŽ:     Take the 2 potions from Crow: smoke bomb and acid. Only the strongest myrsnick survives.

Use the acid on the door. Exit the cell.

Take care of the jailer:

1. Walk out once and see a cutscene of the jailer. Sneak to the left and approach the jailer. When you're a bit close enough to the jailer, right click to be in focus mode. Then use the bomb while still in focus mode. Variable: If you do not use the focus mod, sneak clockwise (long way around) and get close behind his back. He will not see you and throw the bomb.

2. Or you can fight with him but you have to have lots of energy and never get hit twice. It will take a while to lower his energy, lots of dancing around and a lot of defeats. This fight is next to impossible to win.

Take the prison keys from the jailer that is out cold. Use the prison keys to open the grilled door at right. Go forward and climb down. See a cutscene of the jailer at the next lower level asking for food. Run back to your cell and tell crow. Crow flies out to tell April.

Play as April:    Go to Journeyman Inn. Talk with Benrime and she will give a sandwich. Optional: Go to Roper Klacks in Oldtown and ask for a sleeping potion. He gives Bed-D-Bye, a sleeping potion. In inventory, combine sandwich and sleeping potion to get poisoned sandwich.

Go back to Friar's Keep. Use the speaking tube right of the door. After the talk with the warden, climb up to first level. Go around to the other side and open the gate. Enter the boiler room. Go to the right and use the lever to open the food elevator. Use the (poisoned) sandwich on elevator and use lever again. The second level jailer starts to eat the sandwich.

Play as ZoŽ:    Go to the gate and down to the second level. Use the prison keys on the gate. Variable: If you did not add the sleeping potion on the sandwich - sneak around the jailer here. If you added the potion on the sandwich, you can stump all over and he will not wake up.

Go down to first level and again use the prison keys on the gate. Go down once more and meet with April.

Play as April:    Go and enter the door left of the main entrance to this level. Be at the kitchen. Enter the door on the left and see a big crate. April needs help to push it. Use the crate and April will ask ZoŽ to help push the crate.

Play as ZoŽ:    Climb the crate and see a metal hook on the wall. Go down and take the rope on top of box right of the open door. Climb crate and use rope on metal hook. Use the rope to climb out. Follow April.

ZoŽ and April have a heated discussion. Crow decides to follow and help ZoŽ. ZoŽ talks with Crow. As ZoŽ's sidekick: I provide the banter and commentary and you do the stuff. Ask about sidekick - hairy man-child! Hahahah! You can look around before using the dialogue - suggestion, Westhouse and go. You can look at all the different people at Oldtown and get funny quips. You can take 2 routes to get to Market Square and South Gate. The path on the right of Roper Klacks will lead to the gate at Market Square or the other path leads to the Journeyman Inn. On the way, ZoŽ sees a guard at Journeyman Inn. If you take the direct path to the Market Square - South Gate, the Kian-Journeyman Inn sequence will be after the Airship event below.


Journeyman Inn: Play as Kian.

Kian enters and will search the second floor for rebels. Enter the door to the right and fight 2 rebels. Use the frontal attack (w key) with rapid k and l keys. After the fight climb stairs. Go to the room on the right at end of hallway. Kian talks to Na'ane about Scorpion. Oh My!


Play as ZoŽ.

South Gate: Go to South Gate or the merchant's square and go behind the stall at right close to the city walls. See Brian and Crow. They decided to go to the White Dragon at the Dark People Library. Brian takes them aboard an airship.

Airship:    Have a talk with Brian about everything. Learn some back-story. Enter the hold.


Chapter 9: All That We See or Seem...

Dark People City: Play as ZoŽ.

Library:    Follow the Dark Person to the Library. Talk to the White Dragon. The White Dragon is affected by Brian. ZoŽ is here and not here. Faith will bring you there. This isn't a dream but you are dreaming. You have a strong connection with the world of dreams. ZoŽ disappears.


Chapter 10: Crossroads


Play as Zoe:    Run the boardwalk and before the shipwreck, firework is shot to the air. Run the board again as far as you can go and go left at the platform. See and call out to April on the other boardwalk.

Play as April:    April talks to the Captain. They were attacked and got hit badly. After the talk, go forward, right, left and climb up the tree. Take a left, forward, down and see Kara talking at the platform below. Talk to Kara, the head of the Council here at Swampland. April was told a lot of hard truths.

Go up the ramp behind Kara, forward and left down another ramp. Go right, forward and meet Na'ane. Talk with Na'ane. A man, a messenger is at the West Pier to talk to April. Oh My! Guess who that messenger is.

Go forward (back of Na'ane) until the firework is fired into the air. See someone...

Play as Kian:   No one will attack Kian. Go forward, right to small hut and down the stairs on the right of hut. Go right, forward and left down the steps to the platform. Forward to another clearing, left down another ramp (fireworks) and right to meet with Na'Ane. For what I have done, I am already dead. Go forward as far as to the end of the pier and meet April.

--------Watch the scenes.... April, Kian, the Azadis, Zoe, Chawan, Brynn and now the White Dragon.


Chapter 11: Faith

WATI city: Play as ZoŽ.

Damien's apartment:   Go to the computer console and use it. The interference is in Russia, outside St. Petersburg. Get a voice mail from Dad and ZoŽ answers. Go to the bathroom, door left of fridge to change clothes. Leave the apartment.


Outside St. Petersburg, Russia: Play as ZoŽ.

Factory:    ZoŽ stands outside the factory. Go forward and check the gate control. It can not be hacked by the mobile. There's a car wreck and an ancient phone booth in the area. Go to the right, enter the fenced in area. Climb the crates close to the fence on the left and realize that the fence is electrified. Check the metal ladder- fire escape that goes way up to the roof at corner of the factory next door.

Get inside the factory:

Outside:    Check the car close to the left wall and see it still has some power.

Lockpick circle match puzzle:    Go to the right tire area and see a panel Use the lockpick on the panel. Do the matching puzzle of the top and bottom symbols on each square.

Mobile match symbol puzzle:    Once the panel is opened. Use the mobile to get the car going. This is the same puzzle as before - look for the matching symbol on the squares above to the highlighted symbols at bottom row. Then click on the match. There are 7 symbols to do.

The car backs up and stops under the ladder of the factory next door. Climb the crates by the wall and then up the front part of the car. Move to middle of car roof. It is easier to see the fire escape in focus mode but can also be seen on regular mode.

Roof:    Climb the fire escape, turn the corner and climb the metal ladder to the roof. See a flying security bot. Let the bot pass by and follow behind it. At the next corner is another ladder.

Climb the ladder and be on a ledge. Go to the last letter that is about to fall at the end of the ledge. Push the letter and it breaks the skylight below.

Go down and make your way to the broken skylight. Be careful of the robot. It patrols counterclockwise. Wait until it just passed by and run to the skylight. You can stay midway the ladder or hug the big air duct at the corner until the robot passes by. Run to the skylight and climb down.

Inside factory:

Catwalk:    Get a message. Read the mail from Olivia. She is in hiding. Go to the extreme right catwalk and go down the ladder until the production floor.

Production floor:    Look around and see old-fashioned production line. The room on the left has panels that controls the production line. The door on the corner wall is not active.

Remove the grate:    Go down and around the other side of the production line. At the middle of the wall, turn left and see a panel under a green light. Open the panel and switch the power on from red to green. Now the production line has power.

Go further to the right and ZoŽ will say that she is standing exactly where the source of the virus is located. It must be below.

Look at the grate close to the wall. It must be an access to go below this floor.

Go back to the control room. The right panel controls the movement of the winch in 4 directions. Use the arrows to move the winch directly over the grate. Then use the down arrow of your keyboard to exit the winch control.

Go to the next console, it controls the up-down of the winch. Bring the winch down as seen in the cutscene.

Go to the winch and arrange the hook on the grate. Go back to the control room and move the winch up and see that the grate is pulled up.

Go down through the opening on the floor.

Source of virus room:   There's a door on the left, lockers on left wall and a desk with console at the center. There is a glass enclosed bedroom on the right. Look inside the open drawer of the desk. Take the small key. Use the key on the first locker on the left wall. Take the access card.

            Bedroom:    Use the access card on the reader left of the door right of the enclosed bedroom. Use the reader to enter the bedroom. The small dollhouse looks familiar. Take the datacube from inside the familiar dollhouse. Look around at the child's drawing and bed. They kept a child here on a bedroom with one way glass walls. Exit the room and use reader left of the sliding doors.

            Datacube:    Go to the far console and use the datacube. Watch Dr. Parks' report on Faith. JIVA created Faith and WATI HQ used her for experimental purposes. Go back inside the bedroom and look around. The dollhouse is the one Faith recreated in her dreams. Exit the bedroom.

Exit the factory:     Use the access card on the reader left of the glass door at the corner of the room. Climb upstairs, use access card and run to the door right of the control room. Use access card on reader and exit through metal door to outside. Go to the main gate and use the access card on reader. Enter the taxicab.


Chapter 12: Reversal

Casablanca: Play as ZoŽ.

Moca Loco:    Talk to Karen and find out that syndicate people - EYEs are looking for you. Reza's apartment and Liv's store are closed.

ZoŽ's home:    Go home and get a phone from Dad as soon as ZoŽ enters the house. Watch the cutscene. Well, connect me to the Dreamer.


Chapter 13: The Longest Journey

Dreamworld:    ZoŽ is back in Faith's dream. Go to the house. Faith and ZoŽ...

After the Credits, there is a short clip.

So many Goodbyes...

It simply is.

The Undreaming is Unchained!


The future awaits us.


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