Next Life (Reprobates)

by Future Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2007


Nudity is present in the game.

Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, options, credits and quit. During gameplay, the main menu can be accessed by the ESC key and continue game is added.

The options menu has choices for subtitles, shadows, sound volume and spoken word volume.

There are unlimited saves and the saves can be overwritten.

The left mouse key is the action key. Right mouse key is the information key and gives more information or looks closer on an object. Double left mouse key click makes Adam run and double clicks at exit cursors will change the screen faster. Press E key to show the exits in a screen.

There is an energy bar that is seen at top right corner. It shows the energy or strength that Adam has. Adam can eat or drink to increase energy.

The inventory bar is bottom of the game screen. Dialogues can be done with characters by clicking the 3 dots cursor on them.

Thanks to Sokra for his help!


Adam Raichl leaves his home in his SUV. On the drive out of his garage, he feels a sharp head pain. He receives a phone call and drives to an intersection. A tanker hits his SUV.

He wakes up in a hut. A Japanese woman peers in the hut and looks at him. She was followed by a German who talks about falling off a plane, Nixon and Watergate.

Take the packet of cookies and plastic bottle of water from the table. Take any of these 2 to gain energy for any actions that needs strength. Look at the wall at the foot of the bed - 2044.

First day

Where am I?:   

Meet the other people in the island:

Exit cabin 3 to go under the hill and look around. See a bell tower.

Go to the southern shores at top of screen (move cursor until you see the label of the exits or use the E key) and seas. Talk to the Japanese woman, Yokoki sitting at edge of beach. She does not talk.

Go to eastern shores where the 2 men are located. Talk to the praying Izmael. Talk to Edwin, Scottish yachtsman exercising by the shores.

Go to western beach, enter cabin 7 and talk to Boris, a Russian. Enter cabin 8 and talk to Dorothy from New York.

Go to up the hill at bottom right of screen. Talk to Hermann, the German throwing stones at the sea. Enter cabin 10 and talk to Danica from Sarajevo about bell tower and learn about sleeping after the third toll.

The way up to the bell tower:

Go left to western shores, then to southwestern cliffs. Take 3 sticks and 5 stones from the ground at center of the screen. You can pick them up anywhere.

Go left to the western cliffs; pick up arid grass on the ground at center of the screen.

Rock blocking the path to the gap:    Climb up the rocks left of the screen.

Look at the rock blocking the path and the wedged arid trunk. Use the stick to see if you can move the rock.

Climb down and go to the southwestern shores and talk to Boris, the Russian oilman about matches. He is looking for dry leaves to smoke. Learn how to make fire without matches.

Go right up the hill and enter cabin 10. Talk to Danica and see that she is getting more depressed. Talk to Edwin to help with the stone. He said to remove the log first.

Go back to the gap by going to western beach, southwestern cliffs and western cliffs.

Remove the rock:   

In inventory, combine rock with arid grass to get fire. Use fire on wedged arid trunk.

Use stick on fire to make a bigger fire and see trunk on fire.

Wait a bit and when the fire is out, use stick on rock to see it wobble. Adam can't move it by himself.

Go back to cabin 10 up the hill by going to right screen until the cabins up the hill.

Talk to Edwin about the log. He can't come right now because of Danica.

Go to cabin 8 and talk to Dorothy. Yukiko is with her.

The bell might toll and you and the others fall asleep.

Second Day

Wake up the next day. Take the packet of cookies and plastic bottle of water from the table.

Pick up more stick and stones wherever you find them.

The others:

Exit cabin 3. See Maria, the blond Italian in cabin 4. Talk to Maria.

Go left under the hill and talk to Hermann.

Go up the hill. Enter cabin 10 and talk to Danica.

Go between the cabins and talk to Dorothy.

Go to eastern beach and talk to Izmael taking a bath in sea water.

Enter cabin 5 and talk to Edwin to help with the stone. He feels terrible about a nightmare. After the second night they all experience a nightmare.

Go to the gap (left to between cabins, up to hill and gap) and see Hermann doing work on the rock.

Use stick on rock and the way is cleared.

Up the gap:   

Take note of all exits at upper plateau:    top left - northern cliffs, bottom left - to gap, bottom right south western cliffs and top right - to bell tower.

Bell tower:     Go to top right exit since the trees at center of screen blocks the cliff side.

Up the path, there are 3 exits: top left is to be in front of bell tower, center - to northern edge and right to eastern cliffs.

Enter Bell tower:     Take the path to be in front of bell tower.

The door is locked. Look at the padlock. Maybe a piece of wire will do the trick.

Go down and then down to upper plateau. Go down the gap at bottom left. Go right, between cabins and up to eastern beaches.

Talk to Dorothy completely. Yukiko has some wires.

Go left to Adam's cabin and under the hill. Go at bottom left to burned out spot. Talk to Yukiko and she gives Adam the wire.

Go back to the bell tower. Go under the hill, up the hill, bottom to gap, up to upper plateau and up the in front of bell tower.

Use wire on padlock. Use stick on door twice. Enter under the door.

Look around the bell tower. See a rock hung on a rope and arid shrub on the left.

Get leaves:    Go back down to gap and then between the cabins.

Enter cabin 7 and talk to Boris about anything to burn. He wants some leaves from the northern cliffs.

Go back to the upper plateau via the gap. Go left to the northern cliffs.

Look at Boris' shrub at bottom left of screen. It is down the side of the cliff.

In inventory, combine rock and stick. Use the combined rock and stick on the crack in the cliff just above Boris' shrub.

Go back down to between cabins and cabin 8 of Dorothy's. Talk to Dorothy and then Maria.

Stockings:    See Dorothy killing beetles. Ask Maria for her stockings at cabin 4.

Go up to eastern beach and then left to front of Adam's cabin.

Talk to Izmael blocking the entrance to cabin 4. Use a stick on Izmael.

Enter cabin 4 and take the stockings from the red jacket.

Go back to the upper plateau via under the hill, up the hill and gap. Go left to northern cliff and the nailed stick stuck in the crack.

Use stockings on stick. Take Boris' leaves.

Go to Boris' cabin 7. It stinks. Go find Boris in cabin 9 beside Danica's cabin. Talk to him again and give him the leaves. He gives the arid grass.

Bell tower:    Talk to Maria by the gap.

Go back to the bell tower. In inventory, use the arid grass with stones to get fire.

Use fire with arid shrub. Use stick on loose stone that is revealed. That doesn't work.

Right click on the loose stone and the bell tolls.

Nightmare:    See that Adam is sitting on a beam high up a construction site. There are second chances on all these puzzles.

Control fear yellow ball puzzle:    This is a timed puzzle.

Use the computer's keyboard or click on the arrows at top left of the screen.

See a circle with small white holes and large black holes. There are moving yellow and orange balls.

The aim of the puzzle is to get the yellow ball to pass through all the small white holes on the spiral without falling inside the black holes. Start at the outside end of the spiral to get to the white hole at the center.

The orange balls move around and can knock the yellow ball away from the path. So watch out for them.

Construction area:   

Beam:    See a pulley and a hook above Adam.

Take Adam's belt. Use belt on pulley. Click on belt and see him climb up above the crane.

Crane jib:    Walk to the right to the crane jib.

Click on left rope and to get rope. Use rope on pulley. Adam ties the rope.

Click on the long rope. He climbs down.

Hanging on rope:    Use belt on massive hook.

Click on beam. He slowly gets down on beam. Go right to upper floor.

Get down from Upper floor:    Push the bucket off the beam.

Take the short lead pipe at top of right pillar.

Place short lead pipe on top empty space on the left pillar.

Second from top floor:    Climb down the left pillar. The lead pipe falls off.

Lower floor:    Go left from the pillar and take the worker's helmet. Press E key to see exit.

Go back to the right.

Toolbox 1:    Go to the first tool box and open it. Take rusty nails-bolts.

Bucket:    Go to the bucket and add rusty nails on it to make it heavy and falls off. The way is clear.

Toolbox 2:    Go to the second toolbox. Take hammer.

Rag:    Go to the end of the far end beam and take rag.

Right Construction - Third from top floor:    Climb down the rightmost pillar.

Go right to the bridge. Go to right construction.

See dripping oil from top and the beam is stained by oil. Place rag on beam stained by oil.

Take the thick lead pipe at rightmost pillar.

Go back and use worker's helmet on dripping oil to get machine oil. Pick up the rag after passing the dripping oil.

Go back to the left pillar. Place the thick lead pipe on the top rung of the left pillar.

Right construction - Fourth from top floor:    Climb down the left pillar.

Use rug on the beam stained in oil on this floor. Go to the right - tower.

Tower elevator:    Go up to the elevator left of the tower by climbing the pillar

Look at the pulley and see that the handle is missing.

Cross over and pick up the pipe from the floor of the tower.

Go back to elevator and see that the pipe doesn't work on pulley.

In inventory, use the hammer on the pipe to get something like a crowbar.

Walk back to the toolbox at second floor of left construction.

Use the crowbar on the toolbox. Look at and then right click on the junk inside the toolbox. Get a handle.

Go back to the elevator pass the right construction and then to the tower.

Place handle on pulley and then use it. It is stuck. Use machine oil in helmet on the pulley.

Use pulley and see Adam go down.

Tower:    Go right and push the barrel to see how far down it goes. It is a bottomless abyss.

Take the security chain from the left fencing. In inventory, use machine oil on security chain.

Use oiled security chain on the rope that hangs across the abyss.

Lower building:    Adam tore the skin off his hands.

Look at the rope winder. Press the red button switch to get the rope to hang down the edge of the building.

Take the gloves hanging on the fence at right. Use gloves on rope to get down on the lower floor.

Lower floor:    See and look at hanged man.

Check the elevator at end of the hallway. Right click the number pad of the elevator.

Lower the hanged man:    Go left from the hanged man.

See 2 bent rods at the end of the floor. Use the hammer to straighten them.

Take wooden board from the left and place it on the leftmost undamaged rod.

Place 3 bags of cement on the leftmost part of the makeshift bridge.

Place another wooden board above the bags of cement.

Walk across on the bridge to the right. Climb the fencing on the left to get to the top floor.

Push the ladder down to be able to get down where you started.

Try to untie the rope holding the hanged man from the railing.

Click on the handsaw and see that it is not plugged in.

Climb down the ladder. Go to the cables on the hallway.

Right click on cables and follow the cable hanging from top left to the plug which is second from right. Plug that to the white outlet.

Climb the ladder. Use the handsaw on the rope holding the hanged man.

Climb down and look close - right click the hanged man.

Right click to search him. Get a goodbye note and paper with numbers.

Read-right click the goodbye note. Right click the paper with number and see 763990.

Elevator:    Look close-right click the keypad of the elevator.

Enter 763990. Press arrow. Pull back and enter elevator.

Runaway elevator:    See that the elevator is too fast.

Use the brake right of engine. Use hammer on the brake lever right of control panel.

Take the cable from the floor. Use the cable on the front part of the engine to slow it down.

Use crowbar on rope at bottom of the control panel at right.

Third Day

Adam wakes up on the third day. Take the packet of cookies and plastic bottle of water from the table.

Big Block:    Exit the cabin 3 to Big block. See Hermann. Talk to him.

Pick up 3 sticks and 5 stones in front of the cabins.

Go under the hill at upper right, southwestern cliffs and then the gap.

Bell tower:    Climb up to the upper plateau and up in front of the bell tower. See that the Bell tower is locked.

Go back down to the gap and talk to Hermann.

Go forward and then to up the hill at bottom left. Talk to Dorothy guarding Danica's cabin. She said the Scottish guy has the tool.

Go between cabins and enter cabin 5. Edwin is not there.

Go back up to the plateau. Take the SW cliffs, then gap and up to upper plateau.

Go left to northern plateau. Talk to Edwin sitting at the edge of the cliff. He had a nightmare; he was forced to kill the Russian, Boris. Boris is not here anymore.

Go back left and down to the gap. Check on cabin 4 and Maria sleeping at Big Block.

Go to cabin 10 and talk to Danica. She mentions about a hook hidden in a hole. It has iron and prevents detection. She already told this to the man with the hat.

Go up the gap, upper plateau and northern cliffs. See Maria and Hermann.

Talk to Maria. Beaver (Izmael) and the Russian are gone.

Talk to Hermann. The hook fell down the cliff and the hat fell.

Look at the rocks below and see the hook. Use rock on hook. It was hit and fell off the rock.

Go to top, northern beach. Take the hook.

Go up and then left to upper plateau. Go in front of bell tower. Use the hook on padlock of the door. It's too short.

In inventory, combine the stick and the hook. Use the lengthened hook on the padlock.

Use stick on the door twice. The door lifts up. Immediately use another stick on door to hold it up.

Portuguese document:    Enter the bell tower.

Use lengthened hook on the loose stone. Click on hole. Take a document. Look at it in inventory and see that it is written in Portuguese.

Exit the bell tower and talk to Edwin. Yokoki is sitting here too.

Go back down to plateau. See Danica at cliff side. Talk to Danica.

Go back down to the gap and back to the cabins.

Enter cabin 8 and talk to Dorothy.

Go under hill and talk to the new man, Hans an Austrian. He mentions that the volcano is not familiar.

Go to cabin 1 and see Maria taking a shower. Talk to Maria about the document. Place the document on the table.

Go to southwestern cliffs and see Yokoki beside a fallen Danica. Click on Danica and see that she is dead. Talk to Yokoki.

Go back towards cabin 8 to tell Dorothy but the bell tolls and Adam falls asleep.

Nightmare 2:     See Adam standing in front of a rushing train.

The train is coming:

Wake up inside the SUV. The train is coming. There are several chances. Don't worry.

Open-click the window. Take the side view mirror. Use the side mirror on the window and Adam signals the train. It stops.

Check the starter - no keys. The seat belt is stuck.

Check the driver's sunshade. Check the passenger's sunshade and see a key drop.

Use the switch (lever) above the gearshift stick on the middle console. That pushes the passenger seat backwards.

Click on bottom screen to look at passenger seat.

See the keys on the floor. Open the glove compartment and take the umbrella.

Right click the umbrella and use the lengthened umbrella on the keys.

Take the keys. Lower the hand brake.

Use the keys on the starter. Click again on the starter to start the car.

See Adam race through the road. Again Adam is in another car accident. Adam's SUV hits another car.

Get out of the SUV:

Adam's SUV is on its side and on fire. See a fire extinguisher outside the SUV.

Take the windshield wiper and use it on the safety belt latch at top end of the safety belt. That split the windshield wiper.

Use the split windshield wiper on the fire extinguisher. Use the fire extinguisher on the fire at back of the SUV. It is not enough to extinguish the fire.

Try to take glass shards. Use the fire extinguisher on the safety belt latch and a puzzle starts.

Spinning light puzzle:    Thank you, sinotek! This is another timed puzzle. There are second chances on this puzzle.

There is a circle with several rings and wedges. A green light circles the rings.

The aim of the puzzle is to click-catch the spinning light in a wedge so that it lights that part of the wedge. Do this until all the layers in that wedge is lit.

The light spins faster as it turns closer to the center.

Wait until the light passes through the wedge ring you are trying to complete and click.

The light goes down to the next level. Click to catch that light again. Do this until the wedge is all lit up.

The wedge has to be completed at a specific time. Do this 3 times.

Adam exits the SUV. Look at the oil streak on the road.

The fire and Adam's head wound are on top of the screen. Those are the things to be done. The red line means the urgency of the situation.

Crash site:    Go to the destroyed car barrier at top of screen. Go right and check the car.

Check the door, bumper, leather bag and the driver side.

See that the unconscious man and unconscious woman are added to Adam's head wound and car fire of things to be done.

Go back up to the road. Go south.

Another car that crashed:    Go to the side right of the trailer - at site.

See a man working on his car. It is another car that crashed. It was following the other car that is in the crash site.

The man steps on the electrified car puddle and had a heart attack.

Pick up the brick beside Adam's foot.

The man with heart attack is added to the to do on top of the screen. He is a critical situation.

Trailer:    Go right to the trailer.

Go up the door and click twice to find out it is locked.

Take one boot from the ground and the board by the steps. Place the board above the trailer hitch.

Now that you know the door is locked, use the brick on the window while standing on the ground.

Climb up and click on window to open it.

Guard in coma and gas leak:    Adam checks the guard.

Go to the cooker-stove. Right click to look close. Turn the switch and it breaks.

Take the knife close to the bread. Use the knife on the left door of the cabinet below the stove.

Turn the valve to close the gas tank. That takes care of the guard in the coma and it is removed from the top of the screen.

Go to the door and open it. Get keys from door. A draft enters the trailer and that removes the gas leak from the to do bar.

Take the other boot on floor under the cabinet across the stove.

Electrocuted man:    Exit the trailer through the door. Go to the puddle right of the trailer.

In inventory, combine the 2 boots. Use the combined boots on the puddle to cross to the man with electrocuted man.

Adam loses the boots in the puddle. They got stuck.

Heart puzzle:    Thank you, sinotek! Adam tries to give CPR to the man.

See a heart at center of a circle. Red hearts and electricity goes to the heart.

The aim of the puzzle is to block the passage of the electricity to the heart by clicking the rim white.

Allow the red hearts to go through.

Look in the boot of the car. Take jack, towing rope and insulating tape.

Warehouse:    Go right to the warehouse.

Check the fuse box.

Use the set of keys taken from trailer door on the warehouse door.

Enter and take fire extinguisher. Right click the tool box to get pliers.

Exit the warehouse. In inventory, combine the insulating tape and the pliers to get insulated pliers.

Use insulated pliers on the cable below the fuse box. That stops the electricity.

Go back to the car. See a pile of sand right of the car but needs container to get them.

SUV on fire:    Use board on puddle. Cross the board and go back to the SUV. Use fire extinguisher on fire.

Adam's head wound:    Go back to the trailer.

Check the coat by the door to get clean handkerchief. In inventory, right click the handkerchief to get one handkerchief.

Go to medicine cabinet, open and take the first aid kit.

Use the basin to get water. Use one handkerchief on basin to get wet handkerchief.

Use wet handkerchief on Adam and he cleans his wound.

Click first aid kit on Adam and he cleans and medicates the wound. That takes care of Adam's head wound.

Go to shelf across the stove and take the flashlight-light torch.

Go to the radio on the shelf and click to get batteries. In inventory, combine batteries and flashlight.

Unconscious Female fellow traveler:    Go to the crash barrier north of the SUV.

Use the towing rope on the folded crash barrier by the road.

Go down to the trench. Use the other end of the towing rope on the bumper of the car.

Passenger door:    Try to open the passenger door. Use pliers on the passenger door.

Click on the female fellow traveler to place her on the ground. She is bleeding and is added to the to do bar.

Tongue:    Click to check on her and find out that her tongue is caught and is slippery.

In inventory, right click the handkerchiefs to get one hanky. Use the single handkerchief on her head and Adam pulls out her tongue. That takes care of the unconscious woman task.

Leg:    Look at her leg and see that she is bleeding.

Go to the bag and use the knife on the bag to get the leather strap.

Use the leather strap on her bleeding leg. Then use the first aid kit on her leg. That takes care of the massive bleeding task.

Unconscious man:    Go to the driver side. Open the door and see the man slumped on the steering wheel and the horns pressed.

Right click the man and Adam pulls him back. He automatically gets a card. Read the card in inventory.

The man has heart-cardiovascular problems. The medicine he needs is Nitromack.

Check the leather bag at other side of the car and see empty medication packet.

Try to climb down the trench. There is water in the canal.

Go up to the road. Go back towards the crossing and then to the bridge.

Water gates:    Go left to leave the road just before the bridge.

See 2 water gates. Go to the left water gate and try to turn the wheel.

Use the jack on the left water gate. That releases water to the left.

Now turn the wheel of the right water gate to close it and stop the flow of water.

Grate and medicine:    Go back to the crashed car by the trench. Go down to the now dry canal.

Look at the grate. Use the flashlight on the grate and see a packet of pills.

Adam says he needs both hands to get to it. Place the flashlight on the stairs at left.

Right click the grate to look close.

Use the windshield wiper on the grate to get medicine packet. The flashlight falls off the stairs.

Medicate the unconscious man:    Go back up to the car.

Right click the medicine packet to get one pill. The man can't take the pill.

In inventory, use the knife on the pill. Use the powdered medicine on the unconscious man.

That takes care of the unconscious man to do icon.

Call for help:      Hear a car coming. It passes through. Adam goes up and didn't see a car.

Do this first - Go back down to the car and use the knife on the lid-hub cap of the back tire.

Go back to the site or warehouse. Use the hub cap-lid on the pile of sand to get sand.

Go back to the oil slick by the SUV. Use the sand on the oil puddle.

Go back to the crash barrier. Use pliers on the intact reflective glass on the barrier.

Adam says that is not enough. Pick up reflective glass from road.

Automatically after getting these reflective glasses, Adam stops the oncoming car and then faints.

Fourth Day

Adam wakes up on the fourth day. Take the packet of cookies and plastic bottle of water from the table.

Pick 3 sticks and 5 stones wherever you find them.

The others:

Big Block:    Exit the cabin and see Maria run to your cabin.

Talk to Maria. She says she lost the documents after sleeping. It is from 1418 and talks about a stream and cave to the next island.

Go to cabin 2 and talk to Hermann. He will talk to Maria tonight.

Between the cabins:    Go to bottom right exit - between the cabins.

Talk to Edwin. Enter cabin 6 and see Yokoki with a new woman, Eva. Talk to Eva.

Go up the hill:    Talk to Dorothy at cabin 8.

Go to western beach:    See a new man, Simon come out of cabin 1.

Go back up to up the hill and then to the gap.

Climb up to upper plateau. Go in front of Bell tower.

Bell Tower:    Pick arid grass from left in front of Bell Tower.

Use stick on the door. It won't work. (Thanks, Volkana.)

In inventory, combine stone and stick. Use combined stone and stick on door of Bell Tower.

Click on stick to pull down the door. Enter the Bell Tower.

Rope:    See that the hanging rock is down on the floor.

Move the rock. See rope still attached to the beam. It is difficult to remove.

In inventory, combine rock and arid grass to make fire. Use fire on rope attached to beam.

Add 2 or 3 sticks or arid grass to fuel the fire until it gets separated from the beam. Take the rope.

Upper plateau:    See Hermann sitting in the grass. Talk to Hermann. He is making a bird trap. He needs fish for bait.

Eastern cliff:    Go top right to Eastern beach.

See Simon, the new obnoxious guy. Talk to him.

Western beach:    Go back down to the gap and then Western beach.

Talk to Eva and then Maria about trying to distract Simon away from the Eastern cliff.

Maria wants Adam to give the shoes back to Dorothy.

Go to Big Block and talk to Hans.

Go left to Eastern beach and talk to Dorothy. Then talk to Edwin about the caves.

Go back to upper plateau via the gap. See Maria confronting Simon.

Eastern cliff:    Go to the path at top right. Climb down the cliff using the liana.

Use the rope on the tree.

Cave:    Climb down the cliff. If Simon is up there, he will take the rope and strand Adam in the cave.

Go forward and find a dry place on the ground left of the center on the screen.

In inventory, combine arid grass and stones to make fire.

Place fire on dry place. Take broken pike from left wall of the cave.

The fire goes out. Exit and climb up to the tree.

Earthquake! Take rope from tree. Pick up more sticks and stones wherever you find them.

Bell Tower:    Go to Bell tower and see that Yokoki, Eva and Edwin are up there.

Hans told them to stay at high place because of waves that follow earthquake. Talk to them.

Northern beach:    Go bottom right to Northern beach.

Talk to Hermann about trap and Maria. Look at trap.

Talk to Hans. He says that the earthquake showed caved in entrance to a cave.

There are cracks on the rocks. In inventory, combine stone and stick. Use stones and sticks on 3 cracks on the wall Hans was looking at. The bell tolls.

Nightmare:    Adam dreams of volcano eruption.

Fifth Day

Adam wakes up on the fifth day. Take the packet of cookies and plastic bottle of water from the table.

The others:    Exit and talk to Maria. Sounds like she is enamored with Simon.

Pick up sticks and stones where you can find them.

Go between cabins. Talk to Eva, Yokoki and Edwin in their cabins.

Go up the hill and talk to Michelle at cabin 10. Talk to Hans in cabin 9.

Go to western beach and pick up the cookie wrapper on the sand. Read the paper in inventory; it is fifth message. It talks about rodents and sleeping experimental subjects.

Go to cabin 8, Dorothy is not here. The cabin is empty.

Go under the hill and talk to Simon in cabin 1 and Hermann in cabin 2.

Go to the gap and upper plateau. Go to northern beach to check the sticks.

Cave:    Use stick on the rock. Enter the cave and the rock moves to cover the exit.

Take the old bottle at right on the ground. Hear Simon outside asking for the bottle and he will help you.

Look at- right click the bottle in inventory, there's a message inside.

Give the bottle to Simon through the small crack opening outside.

Simon meant to leave you here.

Look at the rope and the chain; it is stuck under the boat.

Go up the steps. Use stick on the hooked nail on the beam. Pick up hooked nail. In inventory, combine hook and stick.

Use the hooked stick on the opening of the cave. It didn't work.

Call out for help on the opening of the cave.

Check the creek that flows on the wall beside where the bottle was.

After a while, hear Eva. She went to get Hans.

Hans calls in the get Adam to do something to help inside the cave.

Climb the steps and pick up a rock. Use the rock on the beam supporting the bark-boat.

Pick up the chain and attach it to the rock by the entrance.

Climb up again and get rock. Drop the rock on the other beam supporting the boat.

The boat tilts and the rock is pulled.

Try to take the rope. Use the stick with hook on the rope. Take rope.

Exit and talk to Hans. Dorothy is gone.

Western beach:    Go back down to the cabins.

See Edwin and Maria run. Follow them close to cabin 1.

See Simon on the ground. He fell from the cliff above. Maria is distraught.

Go up the hill and in cabin 10. Talk to Eva. Yokoki is crying.

Michelle saw everything. Simon started hitting Yokoki and Edwin intervened; ending with Simon falling off the cliff.

Michelle gives the message found with Simon. The first message is written by Dieter, an archeologist. It talks about experimental laboratory, guinea pig, odd creatures and experiments done on them when sleeping. There is a microchip under skin that makes them sleep.

Talk to Edwin at the gap.

Upper plateau:    Climb up to upper plateau.

Go to the cliff edge and see coomb-valley below the cliff wall.

See a fallen log at right of cliff edge. Use rope on fallen log.

Northern plateau:    Go down to northern plateau. Take Hermann's cap on ground left of screen behind rock.

Small beach:    Go to bottom of screen to small beach.

See fish close to the water's edge. Use the stick with hook and hit the fish as they swim by. Catch a fish.

Try to climb up the slippery descent. Use the stick with hook on the cliff wall to make foot hold. Climb up.

Take the tied rope from the log.

Northern beach:    Go to upper plateau, bell tower and then to northern beach.

Use fish on bird trap to make trap with bait.

Go back down to the cabins. At the gap, another earthquake occurs.

Western beach:    Go to cabin 2 at western beach. Talk to Hermann about Edwin and hat.

Hermann think Edwin is a spy and that he threw a paper in sea. The paper was from Simon concerning a microchip inserted on a bird.

Eastern cliff:    Go back up to upper plateau via the gap. Go to Bell tower, then Eastern cliff.

See and talk to Hans. He gives another cracker wrapper - third message about the microchip taken can not be thrown away because the creatures will think the subject died. The bell tolls.

Nightmare:    Adam wakes up in a supply room.

Supply room:    Pick up the pipe, the rag from bed and take the light bulb from lamp.

Place the rag on the floor under the dripping water from the ceiling. Exit the room.

Hallway:    Check the exposed wire left of supply room door and the bulletin board right of door.

Check the switch and gas meter. Check the lid of the manhole on the floor.

Check the door across from the supply room and then look at window. It's dirty.

Go back to supply room and pick up wet rag from floor.

Exit and use wet rag on the dirty window. Look through window and see someone in there.

Hit the window and the door several times with the pipe to wake up the person inside.

Edwin will finally answer. Talk to him completely. He is very suspicious. It is dark in there and no light.

Check the vent on top of the wall. Use the pipe on the vent.

Talk to Edwin again. He drops a string through. Attach the light bulb on the string.

Talk to Edwin again concerning the string and find out that he has a key. Talk about the key.

Edwin throws the key out through the vent. Pick key up.

Morgue:    Use the key on the door of the morgue down the hallway.

Freezer room:    See 2 bodies on the carts. Adam doesn't want to check on them.

Check the freezer. They are working. Go through to next room.

Dissecting room:    See the dissecting table and pail of blood.

Office:    Go through to office. Look around. Take the key on the board beside the desk.

Edwin's cell:    Go back to Edwin. Use the key on his cell. Talk to Edwin completely.

Morgue office:    Edwin tries the lock on the office door.

Morgue freezer room:    Go to freezer room and open the 2 bags.

See 2 women corpses. Hear something.

Dissecting room:    See Edwin on the other side of the glass.

Talk to Edwin and learn that he locked Adam in. He still is suspicious of everything.

The phone rings in the office.

Office:    Answer the phone and a woman calls to talk to Edwin.

Talk to Edwin through the office door. Place the pipe on the desk.

Edwin comes in and talks on the phone.

Freezer room:    Follow Edwin to the other room. Edwin is upset. He hits Adam with the pipe.

Adam wakes up on the dissecting table.

Go to the freezer room and see that the 2 carts with the bodies are gone.

Edwin's cell:    Follow the trail of blood to the hallway. See that it leads to Edwin's cell.

Right click the door and see that he locked the door. Adam wonders why he did that.

Hear the phone ring.

Office:    Go back to the office and answer the phone.

It is Edwin. He is very upset. After a while, realize that the corpses are his wife and daughter.

He thinks Adam killed them. He is coming to get Adam.

Dissecting room:    Prepare for Edwin's coming. Go next door to dissecting room.

Click on the window blinds-louver and see that Edwin wrote 'I kill you'.

Read the book in front of the window. Learn about spastic corpse.

Adam wants to prepare a surprise for Edwin.

Freezer room:    Go next door and open the 3rd from left bottom freezer.

Take the corpse and place it on the cart.

Corpse:    Push the cart next door to the dissecting room.

Go to the office and take the scalpel from the tray at bottom of screen.

Use scalpel on the cord of the lamp on the desk.

Go to corpse and look close. Use the scalpel on corpse. Place the cord on the corpse.

Click on corpse again and hear Edwin come.

Edwin arrives carrying an axe. He enters the room and moves towards the corpse.

The corpse spasms and Edwin runs away.

Corridor:    Exit the office through the door.

See where Edwin got the axe. The fire alarm cabinet is destroyed.

Push the door and after some groaning Adam finally pushes the lab door open.

Laboratory:    Look around.

Open the drawer at left wall to get matches. Take the dissecting tool from the center work bench.

Close the door so that Edwin can not follow. That was a long groan. Click to push the cabinet in front of the door.

Edwin comes and bangs on the door. A photograph falls on the floor.

Pick up the photograph and look at it close. See that there is an entryway at right wall.

Click the picture on cabinet at right wall. Adam pushes it off where the entryway is supposed to be.

See that the entryway is boarded up. Use the dissecting tool on the board.

Secret room:    Enter and see that it is dark. The switch left of door does not work.

Go to the kerosene hanging on the left post. It has no wick. Take the cover off.

Use the scalpel on the rope hanging down from that post to get rope.

In inventory, use scalpel on rope to get a piece of rope. Use piece of rope on kerosene lamp as wick.

Use matches on kerosene and get light.

Go outside and take the litter right of entryway to clean it up.

Look at the wooden foot of the pushed cabinet. Use the rope on the wooden leg.

Go back inside the secret room. Take the rope to pull the cabinet back in place.

Take the surgical mask from the basin holder close to the covered corpse.

Use the scalpel on the back of the cabinet to make a peephole.

Hear Edwin come in. He is looking for Adam.

Adam peeps through. Click on the head of Simon on the work bench.

Click the mask on Edwin. Hear Adam scare Edwin with Simon's head.

See what happened after Edwin used the axe.


Sixth Day

Adam wakes up on the sixth day. Take the packet of cookies and plastic bottle of water from the table.

Exit the cabin. Pick up sticks and stones where you can find them.

Up the hill:    Enter cabin 9 and talk to Hans and Michelle.

Between cabins:    Talk to Eva at cabin 7, see Yokoki at cabin 6 and find an empty cabin 5 of Edwin's.

Western beach:    Talk to Maria. Enter cabin 8 and meet Jadwiga.

Upper plateau:    Go up to the upper plateau and then to northern beach by the bell tower.

Take the bird caught by the trap.

Gap:    Go down to the gap and talk to Hermann trying to catch fish.

Between cabins:    Enter cabin 7 and talk to Eva.

She dove down the water and got the second message. It says that during 15th century, the Portuguese went to the adjoining island during low tide using only the current. The microchip is inserted between the collarbones.

Adam has to remove his microchip and place it on another warm blooded creature.

Southwestern beach:     Look up and click on the shiny thing up on the right part of the cliff. It is Danica's glasses.

Up the hill:    Go to western beach and then go up the hill. Talk to Hans.

Southern shores:     Go to big block and then southern shores. Wait until Michelle stops running.

Talk to her and get an elastic band.

Western beach:    Talk to Eva.

Southwestern beach:     In inventory, combine stick and elastic band to get slingshot.

Use slingshot on glasses. Pick up the broken glass.

Cabin 8:    Go right and enter cabin 8. Take the flippers from the floor.

Eastern cliff:    Climb to the upper plateau. Talk to Hermann.

Then go right to Eastern cliffs. Use the broken glass on Adam to get microchip.

Use microchip on bird and Adam releases it to the wind.

Climb down to the tree at the cliff wall. Use broken glass on root holding tree.

See Adam works hard to cut the tree. Yokoki, Eva and Maria says goodbye.

See Adam on the log floating in the sea. He dives in when a hovercraft arrives.


   Volcano Island

Adam wakes up in the other island. His pockets are empty again.

Pick up 3 sticks from under the shrub close to the exit up. Climb up to the plateau.


Hut:    Check the canoe at left. Climb up to the walkway and up to the hut.

Enter the hut. See a hook on the window shutter. Use stick on hook. Pick up hook.

In inventory, combine sticks and hook to get a stick with hook.

Exit the hut. Climb up to the next rise.

Village:    Go left and see the warriors would not let you go in.

There's a totem on the left. Go back to the plateau.

Well:    Go forward to the well. Check the well.

Pick up 5 stones close to the corner of the church at right.

See a coconut tree behind the ruins at the back of the well.

Use stone on the coconut. Take the coconut that dropped on the ground.

Church ruin:    Go right and see a female native run away.

See rope hanging inside the church. We can use that rope.

Climb up the rope and be at the steeple top. Take the rope hanging from the wooden beam.

Go down from steeple:    Now, how do we go down?

In inventory, combine the rope with stick with the hook to make a makeshift grapple.

Climb down to the lower level. Face the arch across the way.

Use the grapple on the arch. While it swings, immediately move your cursor at bottom center and see that it is active. Click to go down.

If you miss or not time it right, you fall down and get a second chance.

Tile:    Look at the tile on the ground in front of the ruins right of church.

One of them is active. Try to remove that tile.

Use the stick with hook on the active tile. Get a necklace with glass beads.

Edge of plateau:    Go right to the Edge of plateau.

Pick up some yellow berries from the shrub at right. Don't eat it. It's poison.

Underground:    Go back to the church. Then go to the well.

Climb the well and while standing on the rim, use rope on the wooden beam.

Climb down to underground. Look around.

Take the old flag on the wall. See a safe revealed by the removal of the flag.

Safe:    Look at the gravestone in the alcove.

It says Magnus Benedico. The Roman numerals in that name are: MDIC. They even have an X underneath them.

Go back to the safe and enter: 1599.

Click the center safe dial and see the numbers scroll through the frame at bottom.

Once the correct number is reached, click on the next frame and then enter that frame's correct number.

Then click on the third, enter the number and then do the last one. The sequence doesn't matter.

The safe opens. Take the statue of a native god.

Go back up through the well entrance at left. Take the tied rope. Climb down.

Go back to the village and the hostile natives.

Entrance:    Place the native god statue on top of the totem.

One warrior kneels down and the other runs away.

Cliff side:    Enter the village. Look at the cliff wall.

Give the necklace to the woman or child. They said: Dieter, run, Tahina.

See a fruit tree at left. Eat fruits to bring your energy level 100%. Then pick up 5 fruits from the fruit tree.

Gap:    Go to bottom left - Gap and see a disturbed cornered warrior.

Throw a stone at the warrior. He falls off the ledge.


Ledge:    Use the rope on the branch at right. Use the rope to go down to the gully.

Gully:    Climb up to the high ledge. Jump to the ledge at opposite cliff side.

Waterfall:    Go to waterfall and drink some water to have more energy.

Climb back up and go the other way - to the slope.

Slope:    The jump is too far. Go back to the waterfall.

See a rent on the wall by the vine. Use the stick with hook on the rent on the wall. Climb up.

Go up to the cross roads.

Edge of slope:    Go left to the edge. See a log that is stuck in the ground on the cliff edge above the way to the slope.

Crossroads:    Go back to the cross road and then forward.

Look down at the log that has thorns.

See a feral pig. It will not let Adam pass. He can kill Adam.

In inventory, combine yellow berries and coconut. Give the berries in coconut to the pig.

If berries alone are given, the pig will not like the smell. The pig is poisoned. Climb over the log.

See a rock on the left. Push the rock and it will block the waterfall seen earlier. The water will be diverted.

Edge of slope:    Go back to the left until the edge of slope and see the water is diverted close to the log.

Pick up several rocks beside the lock and drop it on the water to make a dam.

Use the flag to plug the hole on the dam. The water spreads and pools by the log.

Use stick to push the log down to the slope.

Pick up the flag used on the dam.

Gully:    Go back to the right and climb down to the gully.

Take the stick with hook used as a step. Go forward until the slope.

Slope:    See the waterfall that is diverted here. Drink water to replenish energy.

Jump to the leftmost shelf. See a rent on the cliff wall. Use the stick with hook on the rent on the wall.

Glade:    Climb up to the glade.

If you notice there's a post on the left that has thorns. If you go forward, those thorns will shoot out and kill Adam.

See steps on the right that needs to be climbed up on. Run or double click to go there and be faster than the shooting thorns.

Go forward and then left to the top of the cliff.

Top of the cliff:    Se a bog like area below.

Move the cursor just above the banana leaf and see that the 3 things on the bog are snakes.

Use the old flag on snakes. Adam walks over them.

Go forward and climb the steep coomb until the top.

Jungle:    Go right and enter the jungle.

Enter the hut. Read the papers on the shelf written by Dieter Schwarz.

It describes the experiences of Dieter at the island and how he came here to the second island. That explains a lot.

Meet Dieter. He will take Adam to the crater. He gives the discharged pistol.

Pick up the potable water bottle from the floor, rope and axe from wall. Exit the hut.



Way to crater:    Dieter says to stay in his tracks.

Rock:    Walk where he walks. If you don't you get killed.

Lava Creek:    He gives 2 fruits to get you by. He will bring the others from the other island to this island. He will listen for the bell.

Climb the rock at the foreground and use axe on the dried palm log. Cross the lava flow and go to path.

Path:    Go forward until the foothill.

Foothill:    Climb up until under the peak. If you continue to right screen, there's a part of the ledge that has lava underneath.

Under the peak:    Continue to climb up. Use the axe on the last rise to get to above cliff.

Cliff:    See a crashed container.

Enter the hovercraft and Adam automatically charges the weapon.

Go right to the edge of the ledge and push the rocks to cover the lava on the ledge below.

Go to the left and see a fault on the rock. In inventory, combine axe and rope.

Use the combined axe and rope on the fault on the left rock. Climb down the rope to above slope.

Slope:    Go right to the slope and see the lava shelf is now covered by the rocks thrown from above.

Gap:    After the last rise, see a robot on the pad. Use the charged pistol and shoot the robot.

Foothill:    Go back down, pass the rope and pass the way up to under the peak.

Go back to the foothill.

At the left edge of the foothill, start climbing up until the crater and station.


Station:    Climb the metal box and then go to the station.

Landing pad:    Climb up to landing pad. Climb up on the right ladder.

See the robot you shot earlier. Go to the robot and take his charged pistol.

Go down the ladder and hear a hovercraft coming. Automatically, Adam hides under the landing pad.

Climb back up and enter the hangar.

Hangar:    See the door of the ship open. Immediately, go right and hide in the dark behind the crate.

Shoot the robot as soon as he opens the big metal doors. Now, the doors are opened.

Hallway:    See the deactivated robot. There's another robot charging itself on the wall at left.

Shoot at the charger wall behind the charging robot or at the robot twice.

Check the door to the quarters on the left. See that it needs identification also.

The water fountain can be used to replenish energy.

Central workplace:    Go to the door at end of hallway at left.

Look at the garbage can right of the door. Read the letter from Sandra.

Go to the control panel and see that the keyboard needs a code.

Take the pocketknife at right table.

Press the red button and see that the wall holograph also needs identification.

Exit the room.

Staircase:    Go to the right at staircase.

Smell something bad. Try to open the vent on the wall.

Go down and see a dead researcher. He must have broken his neck.

Use the pocketknife on the dead man and get his finger.

Take the digital puzzle beside him.

Digital Puzzle:     Put together the jigsaw puzzle.

Left click to pick up and right click to turn the puzzle pieces.

Once the pieces are in place it will not move anymore.

Read that it came from Anett and Candy.

Quarters:    Climb up and go to the quarters door.

Use the researcher's finger on the door lock of the quarters.

Use the finger again on locker 6 of Capt. Thomas. Take the personal computer-laptop.

Check the coat and get a letter. Learn that the project is compromised and that they are ordered to destroy materials, as well as raw material.

Computer:    Open - right click the computer in inventory

It wants a password. Using your own keyboard, enter CANDY and then press enter key.

Click on the top e-mail icon on the main screen of the computer.

It needs a password. Using your own keyboard, enter SANDRA and then press enter key.

Click on the trash and read the deleted mail.

It states that the code to destruct the facility is: 97GETOUT43BKW.

Exit the PC. Exit room using the finger on the door lock.

Central workplace:    Now that you have the code, go back to the control room.

Press the red button. Go to the left wall screen. Use the finger to get access, Capt. Thomas.

Enter the code using your keyboard that is asked - 97GETOUT43BKW. Press enter key. Enter it again.

Adam accesses the coordinates where he was taken before the accident. He programmed it for the crossroads and one hour later.

The teleporter is being powered now. Exit the room.

Hangar:    Go to bottom screen to the hangar.

Go left behind the space ship. See Eva. Talk to Eva. She was taken from the island and woke in the space ship.

Get the screwdriver.

Staircase:    Go back to the staircase.

Use the screwdriver on the vent. It is too short.

Go down the stairs and go down the hallway.

See a repaired pipeline. Use the screwdriver on the repaired pipeline. Take loose piece of pipe.

In inventory, combine pipe and screwdriver to get a screwdriver with stick.

Go back up to the vent. Use the lengthened screwdriver on the vent.

Adam calls Eva to come once he got the vent off.

Teleport room:    See that the teleport room is here.

The panel is on the wall at the back. You might need to wait until the teleporter is charged.

Use the finger on the wall panel to activate the teleporter when the holographic screen shows 'teleport start'.


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