The Black Mirror

What evil hides in the reflection of your soul...


by Future Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    October, 2003


Gameplay:    After installation, enter the key or ID code and then press enter. This is a point and click game. The Main Menu has new game, save game, load game, options, credits and quit. The Options Menu has the volume for spoken word and sound, subtitles and gamma correction. In saved game, enter the name saved game and then press enter. There are 24 saved game slots.

The main menu is accessed by clicking on gear icon at top right of the screen. Double click the exits to move between locations faster. Pressing Tab will show all the exits during gameplay. Inventory is at the bottom of the game screen. Right click an item and it will be identified or check what else is contained in that item. Press ESC to skip intro.


See William write a letter to Samuel. The ancient ring of your heritage should always be you. I am afraid...

William is seen falling off the tower window.

It is best to click a hotspot until the cursor is not red-active anymore and to right click the hotspot if it is still red. Right click to check the items in inventory closer. Exhaust all dialogues.


Chapter 1

return of the future...

Castle Black Mirror:

Meet the main characters in the Common Room:     See Victoria, the widow of William. Heinz Hermann, the pathologist is invited to stay and he went to the library. Robert, son of William and Victoria went to his study. Victoria wants you to stay for good. You are a Gordon. Bates the butler has your room ready and gives you the key.


Why Samuel left for 12 years:

Lobby - In inventory, you have William's mourning card. Check all hotspots. Press tab and see all the exits. Take the SE exit and climb the stairs. Go to the room.

To the room - Check the newspaper rack by Robert's study. Inside is a letter from HH about a parcel brought by Mark. Check all hotspots. Go forward to the room passing Victoria's room on the left. Use key on the room and enter your bedroom.

Samuel's bedroom - Check the broken mirror and Cathrin is mentioned. Click on drawer under broken mirror. Check the album and the picture of Cathrin. The bottom drawer is locked. Turn to the doorframe and click on it - it is too high. Right click the doorframe and find the key to the drawer. Use the key on bottom drawer and see camera, films and bible. Look at the portrait of above the chair and find out that Cathrin died in a fire and Samuel feels it his fault. Check portrait above fireplace and the fireplace (get Bates to start a fire). In the suitcase, take the headache pills and wallet. Right click the wallet to get a coin.

Robert's study - Knock on Robert's study and talk to Robert. Exhaust all dialogues.

Old Wing - Go to the balcony and click at old tower. You must get inside somehow. Go back in and continue to the old tower. Listen to his guilt about Cathrin.  Check everything. Look in the fireplace and then right click to get remnants of old photograph. Look at close at torn-up photograph and put it together.

When complete, it will be placed in inventory. Check the door to the attic and find it locked.


Find the key to open the attic:

Bates - Talk to Bates dusting the fireplace just outside the library about all topics especially about the key and fireplace.       

Dining room - Look close at the fruit bowl and get sweets. Check everything.        

Kitchen - Take key by cellar door.  Check everything.        

Attic - Use key on attic door. Check a locked chest, other hotspots and the entrance to tower. The door to the tower is boarded up.


Find a way to get in the tower:

Bates - Talk to Bates by library door about tools and entrance to tower. Morris and stables are mentioned. Go out through the front door.       

Stables - Go to stables and on the way look at broken fence where William fell. Talk to Morris, the groom about everything.

Enter the stables. Open the drawer and take the hammer. Check the tool box also. Play with the light switch by the horse.        

Tower entrance - Use the hammer on boards and find out that the door is locked. Click on door again until you should ask Victoria is said. Go to your room and meet Bates coming out of your room.


Look around the area:

Castle ground - Look around castle ground. Check everything at right wing area and rear garden (fountain) and main gate. Go by the stairs and meet Henry, the gardener. Talk to Henry about everything.       

Greenhouse - Go to greenhouse and find it locked. Look close at grinder and see blood. Talk to Henry about the grinder and closed greenhouse.


Recording Strange Tower symbol:

After seeing the broken fence by tower, talk to Bates by library door about where William fell.        

Tower base - Look close and click at stain. You should put this down somehow. Look close and right click at bush to the right to get a strange object.       

Bates -  Talk to Bates at kitchen about the strange object. Place attic key back.       

Bedroom - Take the camera from the drawer.       

Robert's study - Ask Robert about everything. He will not recognize the photo. Ask about film and then the chest in the attic. He will give you the key.       

Attic chest - Use the key on chest and take film. In inventory, combine film and camera.       

Tower base - Take picture of the stain in close up. Where do you have it developed?       

Stables - Ask Morris about Henry and the strange object.


Trail of the strange object:

Greenhouse - Check the painting on the easel. Talk to Henry about the strange object and the painting. He pawned a part of the strange object. Ask about the Bill of exchange.       

Library - Talk to Hermann about William and the photo. William had burns on his body and he will talk to you more tomorrow.  Go to central part and take the map from the table with an hourglass. Look around the whole library and read the history of Warmhill Manor, the large book on the desk.

Victoria at the Common room - Talk to Victoria about everything. William was looking for truth. There's a secret chapel under the church. Morgan's body is in a secret crypt. Victoria got upset about the tower discussion. Go talk to Bates in the kitchen. He advises that you apologize as soon as possible. Apologize to Victoria. Victoria says to Go ask the doctor about William's personal effect. The photo is recognized as a quiet boy that became mad and was sent to Ashburry. Robert accepted him as a patient. Hmmm. Robert lied.       

Library - Talk to Hermann again and ask about personal belongings. The Doctor's man will bring the personal belonging at the Main Gate at 7 o'clock.       

Robert - Ask him about everything. Murray at Willow Creek has dark room at his pawn shop. The photo resembles a patient of Robert.

Right click the map and the click on Willow Creek.


Willow Creek:

Find the pawn shop:

Creek area - Check everything.       

To Pub - Talk to boy. Give sweets and show photo to Vick. Enter the Three Kegs Inn.        

Pub - Talk to Harry. Mark is mentioned. Talk to Tom. You say you will pay his debt. Talk to Harry about Tom's debt and pay the debt. Talk to Tom again. William goes to the vicarage after midnight. You can ask the vicar and the grave digger for verification. Ask about Mark who works part time for Murray or Hermann.        

Cross the bridge - The pawn shop at the corner is locked.   

To Pub - Go back to Pub and talk to Vick. After a while, find out that Murray went to town and won't be back until tomorrow. Oops - Vick broke the window. Enter the pub and talk to Harry about Murray.


Warmhill Vicarage:

Verify William's midnight foray:

By church - Check the 2 entrances and find out the church is locked. Talk to gravedigger about everything. 6 months ago after midnight, William was here looking for something and Father Frederick was expecting William.       

Rear of Cemetery - Go to rear of cemetery left of church. Go to William's grave. Look close at William's headstone and click again. Hear your promise to find out the truth.        

By church - Talk to gravedigger again. The church bells ring seven - It's seven o'clock and automatically go to the castle's main gate.



William's clue:

Main Gate - Talk to Mark and take the box. Right click on box in inventory to see watch and some trinkets. Right click on watch and see paper. Right click on paper in inventory. To my forgetful head: The path to the key begins in the library on my work table, hidden away under the blue curtain of unwritten words. The paper also shows books, map, globe compass and inkwell.        

Library - Look at the globe and 'it seems something is missing here'. Read the Warmhill Chronicles again if you want to. Look at inkwell and see a button. When the button is pressed - the secret cabinet opens.

Globe puzzle - Take the box that has the miniature planets of the solar system from the secret cabinet. Go to the globe. Click the box of planets on the indentations. Arrange the planets on the rings around the sun. When done correctly, it opens to show William's key.

Finally, the tower:

Tower - Use William's key on door. The door with the key on the other side closes and locks you in the tower. Check the massive chest and chessboard (black rook missing). Open the roll top desk.

Roll top desk - Check parchments (important notes somewhere). Take black rook and right click it in inventory to make it a small knife.  Check the small cabinet (jewel box) and it has melody heard before.

Drawer - Check the drawer of the roll top desk. Take untitled book and right click it in inventory to get a key. Pull back from close up and right click the drawer and get Williams's diary.

William's diary - Read it and learn that the men that have the madness that plague the Gordons have in common was they were born in the same week repeating for 5 centuries. There are 5 symbolic keys given to men in the family. William is in search of all 5 keys. William has one, James, Marcus, Dergham Gordon of the branch in Wales and the fifth key's location is not known. He concentrated on where Marcus was supposed to be buried - under Warmhill parish. He found a pedestal that has a complex mechanical lock. He opened the lock but didn't find Marcus' body. A sign Shall wisdom be your way. The first answer of the puzzle was MAP. He also found a stand with a black ball.

Massive chest - Use key on massive chest on right of the screen. Take strange black sphere (cold to the touch).

Use the small knife on door and the door is opened. Exit the tower and Samuel collapses. He was brought to his bed by Robert and Bates.



Chapter 2

back to the light...


Samuel dreams of a man under water and a key dropping to the bottom of the water.

There's a knock on the door. Bates informs you that Henry was found dead in the pond. Detective wants to speak to you in the Common Room. After the interrogation and before he left, the detective said that he will close the case after Dr. Hermann's report.


Find out what happened to Henry:

Stables - Talk to Morris.       

Fireplace before library - Talk to Victoria and she will mention where Dr. Hermann lives.       

Kitchen - Talk to Bates and find out more about the death - around midnight but the body was found around 6 AM.        

Robert's study - Talk to Robert about his research.

Old Wing - See that it is unsafe to go to the attic because the roof caved in. There is also a broken window.

Rear Garden - Go to the fountain and see a footprint by just above the puddle on the ground. Click twice and then right click the fountain. There is something glittering at bottom.

Greenhouse - Look at right drawer and see a metal box that is locked. We need the key.


Get Morris' key:

After remembering the dream and the seeing something glittering under the water in the fountain, we have to see how to get it.

Cellar by kitchen - See that the cellar door is open. Enter and talk to Bates at far right. Learn that there's a pump that controls the water flow in the castle. Go to rear of cellar.

Rear of cellar - Look at the pump and then the pump control. Since you don't know what to do yet, go talk to Bates. Bates will explain that the fountain column is the second from the right and that you can adjust the amount of water in those columns by using the other 3 wheels. Go back to pump control.

Pump Control puzzle - Save game here. The object of the puzzle is to lower (L-R) #3 column to no water seen.

This can be done is several ways. Note the height of the columns when one of the wheels is turned. Note that (L-R) columns 1 and 3 can be raised to the highest point before all the wheels can not be turned anymore. Note that the last column #4 can be raised only midway before locking all the wheels.

The best strategy is to lower #4 column enough to allow #1 and 3 columns to be moved.

This is one way to do this puzzle if the wheels are not yet turned. So if you have touched the wheels - go back to a saved game and then turn from L-R wheels:  Wheel #2 - left click once. Wheel #1 - right click 7 times. Wheel #4 - left click once. If correctly done, you will hear a glurb glurb and Samuel will say READY!

Leave the cellar through the front area and out.

Fountain - See that the fountain is drained. See a symbol on the side. Click the camera to record the symbol and then pick up the key beside it.

Greenhouse - Use the key on the metal box (cabinet) in the drawer. There is no bill for the pawn shop to be found. Take and read the letter to Victoria and find out that Henry intends to blackmail Morris.

Cellar - Ask Bates about the letter.        Stable - Talk to Morris about the letter.

Now you can leave and check on Dr. Hermann and his promised report on William as well as Henry's death.


Dr. Hermann's house and morgue:

Trail of the bill of exchange:

See Dr. Hermann throw something in the garbage. Samuel follows him down to the morgue.

Morgue - Talk to Dr. Hermann and find out that he changed his mind in explaining William's death except for the presence of chest burns. He refuses to let you check Henry's belongings. Henry's death report that should be kept secret shows that Henry does not have a single drop of blood in his body.

Outside the morgue - Check the garbage container and find out that it is padlocked. Check the trash bin and find torn papers recently placed there.

Torn paper puzzle - Put together the pieces of paper. Right click torn paper in inventory. In close up; left click to pick paper, right click to turn and then left click to drop in place.

Who does research that we know of that has an initial R? Hmm...

Ring the doorbell by the door, talk to the doctor on the intercom and enter. Go down to the morgue.

Morgue - Check everything. Note the key on the left above the sink basin. Note the photographic canister under the right sink-basin. Samuel would note that doctor develops his films here. Talk to the doctor. You're standing at a morgue... Oh yes, that's quite apparent! He will develop the films if you get toner from Murray in the village.

Village - Talk to fisherman on dock and to Vick by the pub.        Pub -  Talk to everybody about Henry and find out that he was sober last night.

Pawn shop - Cross the bridge and enter the pawn shop. Talk to Murray and he wants 35 pounds to get back the rune-strange object. He will not give it to you unless you have the bill of exchange. Samuel says find a way to get the bill of exchange. Get the toner.


Distract the Doctor to get the bill of exchange:

Pub - Talk to Harry about Mark. Talk to Mark and pay him 20 pounds (positive answer) or 30 pounds (negative answer) to distract the doctor.

Morgue - Ring doorbell and talk to the doctor at the morgue. When he leaves to talk to Mark, click on box found in the room in the background. Get the bill of exchange. Click on table drawer in the background and get the imprint plastic. Click on key above the sink-basin. The large one is the one for the garbage container. Click plastic on key to get a key imprint. You leave the morgue.

Ring the doorbell again and talk to Doctor to give him the toner.

Pub - Talk to Harry about the imprint and he will refer you to Mark. Talk to Mark and he will try to make a key from the imprint. Be back in an hour to check if done.

Castle - Talk to Robert about Henry's loss of blood.

Pawn shop - Talk to Murray and for 40 pound, then 35 pounds he gives the strange object. In inventory, combine the strange object and the rune to make one strange object.

Morgue - Ring doorbell and talk to Doctor about the film. The developed pictures are on the tray by the sink Samuel places the pictures in William's diary. The difference between the 2 pictures is the symbol at the center.

Pub - Go back around 2-3 times to the pub and ask Harry about Mark. Finally, Harry will give you the key Mark left for you.

Morgue - Use the key on garbage container. Take Henry's clothes and it exposes human remains underneath. Right click Henry's clothes and feel something hard inside. Right click the black rook to make a small knife and use it on Henry's clothes. A diamond is seen. Click diamond over the strange object to complete it. Now you can enter the church.


Warmhill Vicarage:

Look for the findings in William's diary:

Enter the church through the side entrance. Look at the stone tablet by the door and see the church was built by Marcus in 1230.

Check the locked grate, the rear part and then go to the Altar. Talk to Father Frederick at the altar. Eventually, he will let you in the belfry behind the locked gate.

Belfry - Look at everything, the gate to the rear part of the cemetery and the opening. Place the strange object on the opening found below the candle on the pillar. An altar rises at the center of the floor.

Mechanical lock puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to reverse the positions of the black stones and the white stones. The red stone should be at the center.

Click on a stone, then click on adjacent empty space to move that stone to that space. The way that works for me is to move white stones to one end to have space to work in and then move the black stones to the opposite nearly empty side.

When correctly done, a grating sound is heard.

1. Move bottom white to sides.

Move red and top white to bottom.

Move top white to sides.

2. Move all black on left arm to top.

Move bottom white and red to left arm.


3. Move top 2 blacks to bottom.

Move top left side white to left arm.

4. Move 2 bottom blacks to top.

Move bottom-most white to top.


5. Move all 3 right side blacks to bottom.

Move top white to right arm.

6. Move left arm white to right arm.

Move 2 bottom blacks top and right arm.


7. Move bottom right side white to left arm.

Move top black to bottom right side.

Move bottom left side white to top.

8. Move right arm black to bottom side.

Move top white to right arm.

Move center top black to bottom.


9. Move left arm white and then red to top.

Move right arm white to left.

10. Move one bottom black to right side.

Move top red and one white to bottom.

Move top white to left arm.


11. Move right arm black to top. Arrange top blacks in a row.

Move bottom white to right arm.

Move red to center.

Arrange bottom black in a row.

Take the strange object from the opening. Move the carpet at left side of the floor. Go down.

Catacomb - Place the strange object on the opening. The trapdoor closes. Read the engraved lettering - Shall wisdom be your way.

Riddle puzzles - There are 4 old books on stands. They contain riddles.  Beside them are 4 stone blocks where the answers to the riddle are placed by rotating the letters. When correctly done the stone blocks lowers to the ground.

Front left book: It can't be seen but it can be heard. It will not speak unless it's spoken to. A picture of a monk talking to 2 men is depicted on the opposite page. Answer is ECHO.

Back left puzzle: The more you take away the larger it grows. A picture of an entryway is seen. Answer is HOLE.

Back right puzzle - Cities without house. Rivers without water. Forests without trees. A picture of a globe is on the opposite page. Answer is MAP.

Front right puzzle - Black when bought. Red when used. Gray when thrown out. A picture of a woman using a bellow is seen. Answer is COAL.

When correctly done, the stone tomb of Marcus Gordon rises.

Open the tomb and take the book. The book states that Black Mirror is the gate between 2 worlds - good and evil. The book describes the fight between Marcus and Mordred Gordon. The curse stated by Mordred before he was slain by Marcus - Of your blood, others will rise with your name bearing my curse! One of your heirs will convert give should of five mortals. This will be the catalyst to bring my anger back to life! And I will return! When your days have ended there will be no one to stop me.

 The secret chapel must be under the castle. I must finish what William has started. Take Marcus' diamond sacred key - first key of the five.

Look at candlestick at bottom of screen. Right click on candlestick and see a rat go to a suspicious hole. Click on suspicious hole to fall down a hole.



Get out of this place:

Mine power control place:

To get light - It is dark here and you lost a lot of your inventory.

Power lever puzzle - Go to far wall and see a rusty valve. Turn it until it won't go anymore. Go to the mechanism. In zoom mode, you have to know which lever to turn to get the power on.

Move left lever to the middle, the middle lever to the bottom and the right lever to the top. Press the button.

Live cable problem - Pick up all your other inventories but the camera is smashed. See a live cable hanging by the grilled door on the left. DO NOT TOUCH or you die! Click on metal box on the left middle shelf in the other room. You take the wire cutters. Press the red button at the mechanism to cut power. Use the wire cutters on the now dead cable to cut it. Press the red button again to turn on the light.

Open the grilled door - Try to leave but the grilled door is locked. Right click on door and Samuel will note that the key is on the other side. Use the wire cutter on the grill and then click to get the key from the other side. Use key on lock.

Mine shaft - Take the iron rod on the pile at left of the puddle. Take the rag from the skeleton. Check the switchboard. It is stuck. Use the small knife (rook) on the switchboard to open it. It has fuses.

Go to the tunnel and see an elevator lift, full barrel and mining cart. The lift has broken lock. 

Go to the engine room and see a large engine. Samuel doesn't know how to work the control panel. There's a pool with oil on the green area to the right of the engine.

Way out of this level - Go back to the lift room. Click on lid bottom of full barrel by the lift. Right click and Samuel says there's something under the lid. Click on barrel to try to move it. Too heavy! Use the iron bar on barrel to drain some oil. Now Samuel tilts it off to reveal a trap door.

Trap door - Click on trap door and it's too heavy. Click the rope on trap door and the other end to the mining cart. Click-push the cart and it is too heavy. Right click the cart and Samuel says get rid of the break stop. Push the cart again and it moves to pull the trap door open. Climb down.

Lift room - Go down once more into another room. There's a locked locker. Go to the hotspot on the left wall. Click on it to find it to be a stuck switchboard.  Use the small knife on the panel to open it.

Circuit board - Click the wires on the clamp. Right click to unclamp. Arrange the wires from left to right: wire clamped already, green, red and then blue wire. The light comes on.

Check the skeleton and then right click to get a small key. Read the old book -diary of the trapped miner about the ghost problem and how he died. Click the small key on locker and get revolver, click again for bullets and click again for the plans to machinery. In inventory combine 2 bullets to revolver.

Engine room - Climb up to mine cart level 2. Go to engine room and click the plans to machinery on control panel. The main engine is working now.

Lift room - Go back down to the lift room and see that there's a hole in the pipes. Try the rag on it but will get burned. Go back to engine room and use the rag on the green pool beside the big engine. Go back to lift room and use wet rag on hole. The generator can not take full power. Look at fuse box and see that a fuse has blown. Go back to the switchboard at the mine shaft off the lift at level 2. Take a fuse from the switchboard. Go back down to lift room. Use the fuse on the fuse box. Click the generator control to turn it on again. It now takes full power.

Functional lift - Go up to the level above the lift room and see that the control panel is lit. Press the control panel and the lift comes down. Click on control panel again to get the gate open. Samuel in the lift goes up to the highest floor.

Highest floor - Look at the grilled door and see that it is padlocked. Click (right click) on padlock and Samuel sees a rusty part of the firm padlock. Save Game here! Use the revolver on the firm padlock. You should do this with one shot only.  Exit and meet the wolf.

Wolf - The wolf is blocking your way. Use the revolver with one bullet to shoot the wolf.

Leave and find Samuel in the common room with Robert and Victoria. Robert left for work in the sanatorium. Samuel tells Victoria he is leaving tomorrow to go to Wales.


Chapter 3

hidden legacy...

Samuel had nightmares of birds, wind chimes and a body on a slab. He leaves for Wales and arrive at the gate of the manor.

Get pass the gate:

Welsh manor gate:    Press the doorbell but it would not work. Right click to note that the wires barely connect. Use the small knife-rook on doorbell. Look at the broken statue on the left. See the leg is broken. Click again and see a nail Take nail. Use the nail on doorbell and someone comes.

Louis wants proof that you are a Gordon. Show him William's mourning card. He lets you in.

Inside the Manor - Talk to Eleonor about everything. Learn that William was there with Robert 2 years ago and acted strange after being in the tomb. Dergham's grave is older than the tomb and has a monument in the grounds. Richard, Eleonor's husband works on his Chemistry experiments in an old house in the garden. After the talk, look at everything and see a mahogany box with a 9 field chessboard top.


Find Richard:

Go outside and look around. Go to the path fork and talk to Louis about the doorbell. Go to the Old garden.

Abandoned House - Look at the house and note a tower attached to it. Look at faucet by Richard's feet to take firm wire holding the hose from faucet. Take the path to abandoned house. The door is locked and no other possible way to enter.

Enter abandoned house - (Right) click the door and note that the key is on the other side. Insert William's mourning card on door and then use the firm wire on door. Get the key, use on door and enter.

Table - Check the table by right wall. Open the small drawer and take the fountain pen. Right click the pen in inventory to see it has blue ink. Look at everything.

Cabinet - Pet the sleeping cat on the mantel of the fireplace and it runs away. The cat went inside the cabinet. Open the cabinet and see it is dark there. Check the newspaper clipping on the door and realize that Richard Gordon is a promising biochemist doing research on mammalian blood.

Fireplace - Go back to the fireplace and see a small door on the right. It is locked, right click to note that it has a hexagonal lock. Pick up the key off the floor just close to the logs by your feet. Use the key on small door and take the candle and lighter with no wick.

Lighter with no wick - Right click on candle in inventory and it says candle with a firm wick. Right click on lighter and note it is an alcohol lighter with no wick. Use the small knife-rook on candle to get wick. Click wick on lighter to get a lit lighter.

Cabinet - Use the lit lighter on cabinet to see a latch to a secret passage. Enter the secret passage.

Richard at last - Samuel surprised Richard and he dropped a flask containing the last sample of EX-52 oxidant. Be positive on your answer to him. He wants you to go to Leechdale and to the drugstore in the square to get Boron Oxidant EX-52. It should be vigorously saturated blue in color.


Get the Boron Oxidant:

Tower laboratory - Look around at everything. Take a small bottle from table by door and take the shards from the floor by Richard. Right click on shards to note the label of the broken bottle. Exit to the abandoned building.

Inside building - Take the log, old newspapers from floor and tea kettle from table. Exit to go outside.

Faucet by wall - Click the empty bottle on faucet to get bottle with water. Right click on fountain pen to see it has blue ink. Click fountain pen on bottle with water to get bottle with dissolved ink. Click tea kettle with water from faucet to get tea kettle with water.

Inside building - Go to stove at bottom left of screen. Place old newspaper in stove, then logs and then use lit lighter on the logs. Place kettle with water on stove. Wait - the water will boil in a minute. Remember - a watched pot never boils. <whistle> <tap fingers> Go out and look around. Go back and look at the kettle to see steam coming out. Click the shard on the steam to get label. Now to glue it on. Ah, where's the glue?

Toolbox trial - Go to gate. There's a tool box beside Louis, who is fixing the doorbell. Talk to Louis. Go to Eleonor inside the house and she wants Louis to mow the yard. Back to Louis at the doorbell. Talk to Louis about mowing. Back to Eleonor and ask her about everything. Back to Louis. Back to Eleonor. Then see Louis mowing outside the manor patio.

Go to the toolbox at the main gate. Take the glue and firm wire from the tool box.

Use the glue on label and then the label on the bottle with dissolved ink. Voila! Oxidant.

Richard in the tower lab - Give Richard the 'oxidant' and then talk to him about everything.


Get in the tomb:

Tomb - Go to the Chapel left of the abandoned house. Check the stone flower pot (the soil is different color) and the monolith of Dergham. Check the tomb to find out the grate is locked. The path to the ruined old church is swamp.

Richard - Talk to Richard and he says to ask Eleonor or Louis about the tomb key. Samuel says to better ask Louis.

Garden - Go to where Louis is mowing the grass. See his jacket hanging on the tree. Drop the wire on the lawn. Watch. When Louis leaves, Click on jacket to get tomb key.


Decipher the Tomb Puzzle:

Inside the tomb - Use the tomb key on tomb grill door. Enter and look around. There are 3 statues, 3 inscriptions and 3 empty stone bowls. Read the 3 inscriptions - Veine, Odire and Malite. Duh!

Richard - Talk to Richard about the signs. Go out, visit the tomb, look at the soil, wait for a while and then go back to Richard. Patience! When you go back to him and ask Can I bother you for a moment? That's the right time to get an answer from Richard. Veine is the Irish God of Strife. Odire is the Druid Goddess of Harvest and Malite is Old God of Water.

If you already saw the newspaper clipping on the cabinet about Richard during his younger days worked on mammalian blood experiments, you will be able to ask him for blood. He will give you an ounce. Click on freezer to get blood.

Go back to the tomb and on the way pick up the kettle with water from the stove. When in front of the tomb, pick up some soil from the stone flower pot. Now we have all of them.

Tomb - Place the blood on left stone bowl under Veine. Place soil on middle stone bowl under Odire. Place water from kettle on right stone bowl under Malite. When done correctly for each statue, the light comes on. I can hear something.

Altar Puzzle - The altar rise from the floor. See a Zodiac slider puzzle. There are 4 signs under the tiles that show that the Zodiac tiles are to be arranged in chronological order around the 4 blank ones at the center. Good luck!

Take the key. Automatically see Louis come, takes the keys and closes the tomb. You're not done yet but Samuel says to come back at night. What now?

Richard - Talk to Richard and ask for his help. He wants something in exchange and is as secretive as you. Come back when it's dark and to tell no one.


Get back in the tomb at night:

Watch Samuel climb out of his bedroom when all is quiet. Look at the gardens under moonlight. Fireflies and bats fly around. The tower lab is lit up and Richard must be waiting.

Abandoned house at night - The door is locked. You must get Richard's attention somehow. Go back to the tower but pick up grit-stone on the walkway beside the pond. Click the stones on the lit tower window. Enter and help Richard with his experiment. Oxidant? What oxidant! Bang! As part of the agreement Richard tells you about the acid in the flask to use on the tomb door. Pick up acid on table left of door.

Tomb - Use the acid on the lock of the tomb. Look at the stone lock on the tomb on the right. Use the key taken from zodiac puzzle on stone lock. A secret passage opens.

Secret passage - Enter and see a grilled door that is locked. Look at the lock and note that the symbol looks familiar.

Richard - Ask Richard about the symbol of the gate. He tells you about the key in Eleonor's jewelry box (remember the one on the table left of the piano). Take key to the mansion from the table left of door.

Mansion - Use the key on door and go to the table with mirror left of the piano. Look close at jewelry box.

Knights puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to get the white knights and the black knights to exchange their position - white on top corners and black at the bottom corners. Knights move in an L-shaped path.


white 7 to 6
white 9 to 2
black 1 to 8
black 3 to 4
white 6 to 1
black 4 to 9
black 8 to 3
black 3 to 4
white 2 to 7
white 7 to 6
black 9 to 2
black 2 to 7
black 4 to 9
white 1 to 8
white 8 to 3
white 6 to 1

Automatically take the amulet. Go to the secret passage.

Crypt - Use the amulet on the gate and enter the crypt. Save Game here!

Read the engraving on the central altar - Use a stranger's head or you're own will shed! Do NOT open the tomb or you will lose your head for sure!

Look at the skulls hanging at the middle wall. One of the skulls is labeled skull - third from right. Click on it and Samuel will note that it is cracked. Click stones on the cracked skull. The skull falls and breaks into pieces and a key falls behind a grill. It is unreachable. Go to abandoned building and get the poker. Use the poker on the key behind the grill. It is a key with a skull.

Use key with skull on the monolith and a sound is heard. Now, you can safely move the tomb. Take Dergham's red sacred key.


Chapter 4

forgotten bound...

Victoria is upset. Bates explains that Robert has not returned from the Ashburry since you last saw him. The nurse reported that he left the gates at midnight. Detective Collier reported that a boy was found killed in the woods possibly by wolves.


Find out what happened to Vick:

Village - Go the Pub and talk to Harry and the gravedigger. The grave digger says that Vick was torn in pieces and found by the Druid altar in Stonering where Samuel used to play when he was a child.

Stonering - Talk to Detective Collier. Note that the blood is only on the altar. Henry's cause of death is still unknown. There are 3 of the menhirs around the altar. Look at the middle menhir and see the third symbol. Click William's diary on the symbol to record it. The vines clinging to the tree beside the symbol is burned. Talk to the detective about the symbol.

Distract the detective - Look at the plant on the ground by the menhir to the left, right click and Samuel will note a piece of cloth. For you to get the cloth, the detective needs to be distracted. Go to the rock on the ground at right of where the detective is standing. Click the bottle of blood on it. Talk to the detective about the blood. Right click the fern plant and get a handkerchief that has the Gordon symbol on it.

Dr. Hermann's morgue - Talk to Dr. Hermann. Find out that Vick was not killed by any animal.

Castle - Talk to Morris about Vick.


Find out what happened to Robert:


Mail box - Go to the mail box at the main gate and pick up a letter from James to Father. He cannot stand being confined anymore and decided to do something about it. He will wait at their meeting place.

Kitchen - Talk to Bates and ask about Victoria. She is in her room and doesn't want to be disturbed.

Victoria's room - (Letter is trigger to talk to Victoria). Talk to Victoria about Robert and find out that James is William's illegitimate son. Victoria wants you to go to Ashburry and check about Robert.



Front desk - Press the doorbell and later talk to the nurse. Learn about Robert's time there and James' escape.

Outside the building - Check the sewer. Go left and around the building. Take the hammer from the roof of the shed. Check twice the dustbin by shed to get syringe. Knock on metal door and talk to boiler man about everything. Learn that to escape, one must go through foyer or sewer to the outside. Samuel wants to see James' cell.

Graveyard - Go left and check the graveyard and the rear part of the graveyard.


Get into James' cell:

- Drug the boiler man:

Front desk - Talk to the nurse and she will make a phone call for Samuel.

Sedative - Enter the counter door. Take the vase and find out the cabinet is locked. Check the vase in inventory and hear it clink. Right click the vase to note that it has a slot of some kind at the bottom.  Right click the wallet to get coin. Combine coin with vase to get key. Use key on cabinet. Check the medicines and pick up the bottle of white powdered sedative at middle shelf close to left door.

Talk to nurse about the graveyard.

Boiler man - Go back to metal door of boiler room. Combine syringe and sedative. Use syringe with sedative on beer by metal door. Now, how do we get him to drink it?

Turn the heat up - Look close at boiler room window left of beer case. See the machinery of the boiler.

Go back inside the sanatorium. Use the handkerchief in fountain to get wet handkerchief.

Go back to boiler room window. See a loose rod. Hit the brick holding the loose rod with hammer. OOPS - he heard us. Let's try again, this time wait for the noise of the machinery to increase and thump. Hit the brick with hammer in time with the thump of the machinery.

Use the wet handkerchief on machinery to trick the sensor of the thermostat to increase the temperature.

Watch the boiler man get a bottle of beer.

- Go through Boiler room:

Boiler room - Wait for a while for the sedative to work. Visit the graveyard again. Then enter the metal door and see the man asleep. Sssh!

Go to the rear part of the room and notice the intercom and the notice board.

Door - The door has a numerical pad beside it and a key slot.

Go to the notice board and take pin, small key and note all the poster especially the Follies 1918 and the schedule.

Go back to the door. Insert the small key and then press 1918. Door opens.

- Distract the Doctor on duty:

Go through door and see a doctor at the table. Samuel goes back to the boiler room.

Foyer - Talk to nurse and get the duty schedule.

Boiler room rear part - To call the Doctor away from the desk, click the duty schedule on the intercom.

Go through the door and down the foyer.

- Find Mr. Bubby:

Talk to Ralph, the patient. Samuel agrees to find Mr. Bubby to get his approval for the patient to talk to you. Look in the dustbin on the right side of the foyer. Right click the dustbin to get a doll's head.

Go to the boiler room's stack of coal beside the furnace. Right click the coal to get the body of a doll. Combine head and body of doll. The doll is still separated.

Right click the separated doll parts to find a thread. Combine the thread and the pin from the notice board together. Click the pin and thread on the separated doll parts to make Mr. Bubby.

Give Mr. Bubby to Ralph and he tells you that James cell is next door. Dr. Smith has all the keys to the cells.

- Get the keys from Dr. Smith:

Flip the light switch found on the wall above the dustbin off. Click the wire connected to it to pull it off. Click the other end of the wire to the fencing over the window. Samuel says now to attract the attention of the doctor. Place the music box on the fencing of the window. Samuel flips the switch on the make a live connection to the fencing. Samuel hides and Dr. Smith touches the fencing. Samuel takes the music box. Take the cell keys from Dr. Smith.


James' cell - Check everything.

The eye picture on left wall is crumpled. Click on eye picture twice until it falls off and an eye appear. Talk to Ralph and find out about James and Robert. Robert does his experiment at night giving medicines to patients.

Take the dark picture that James painted on the easel. Check and right click the hole in the mattress to read James' diary.

The doctor has locked you in. You must get out before he comes back. Talk to Ralph about James' escape and he will talk about the hole under James' bed.

Exit through the hole under James' bed.


Look for James at Lighthouse at Sharp Edge:

Castle - Ask Bates in the kitchen about the lighthouse depicted in James' drawing.  It is at Sharp Edge.

Sharp Edge - Saved Game here! Go to entrance and Samuel will say to look around first. This will open a 'look around' exit to left of building. Go around and scream.

Caught - Everything has to be done fast. See that James will bury Samuel alive. Click on Samuel to find out he is tied up feet and legs. Use the small knife-rook on Samuel. James needs to be distracted. Now that the hands are free, click the music box on James. James will look at the music box. If you're not fast enough, James will hit Samuel on the head and RIP.

Samuel and James have a heart to heart talk. Find out about Robert's experiments on the patients and where James' sacred key is. It is in the sewers under the cellar accessed from one of the cellar drains.


In search of Castle sewer:

Castle cellar - Take cellar key in kitchen and use on door. Enter cellar and see that there are 3 sewer grates that have unpleasant smell - by the door, right of well and by the pump control in the rear. Look at the well and take a rope with 2 hooks. It might come handy.

Which sewer grate? - Go to each sewer grate and drop a coin (right click wallet). Find out which one doesn't have water at the bottom - the grate to the right of the well.

Sewer - Check the fountain and pick up the cogwheel on the floor beside it. Go to the right and see a mechanism that has a stuck red wheel. Look above the wheel and see a cogwheel and it is missing 2 others.


Get to the sewers:

Underground - Go to underground and see a stairs that is flooded. We have to find a way to get all this murky water drained.

See an opening on the pillar and a wheel that is chained. Look in the murky water and also see 2 openings on the sides. One of the openings is for letting out water and one for letting in water. The one for letting in the water is closed. See a cogwheel floating at right edge of the murky water. Combine hook and rope together and use it on cogwheel - the rope is bending too much.

- To get cogwheel in murky water:

Open the closed water outlet - Go to the railing on the left of the platform and take a loose rod. Use rod on the opening on the pillar but it is too wide. Remember what Bates was doing at the cellar. Go to the cellar above and use the rod on the grinder. Go back and use sharpened rod on the opening underground. That opened the flap of the drain. Aack - no water.

To get water to flow - Use acid on the chains holding the wheel. Then turn the wheel. Water flows.

Cogwheel - The cogwheel reached the level of the drain but is still unreachable. Used the combined rope and hook taken from the well on the cogwheel. The rope is still bending too much. Combine rod on rope and hook to make a fishing pole. Use it to fish the cogwheel.

- Drain the murky water:    Go back to the mechanism with red wheel. Place the 2 cogwheels on the cogwheel above the red wheel. Turn the wheel and the mechanism is running. Go back to the underground and see that the murky water is drained.

James' sacred key - Go downstairs and pick up James' chest. Open the chest to get James green sacred key. A headache came on and you will come back later to check this place.


Chapter 5

confession of the truth...

Another nightmare - the morgue, the saw, the body and the head of Dr. Hermann. Samuel is awakened again by Bates. Ashburry's head nurse called and wants you to go there. The weather is foul.


Murder pouring like rain:

Ashburry - Ring the doorbell. Talk to the nurse. Robert is dead. He and James were found at the lighthouse.

When the nurse leaves, enter James' cell. See James hanging from the ceiling. Look at Samuel's name on the wall in blood. Click on James to get Robert's key.

Go to the plastered hole and use the small knife on it. The knife breaks. Talk to Ralph and find out that James didn't kill Robert and knows who killed Robert.

Lighthouse at Sharp Edge - Look at dark hole. Use lit lighter on the dark hole and see another symbol. Click William's diary on symbol to record it.

Morgue - Ring the doorbell and nobody answers. Click on door and find it open.

Go down to the morgue. Click on the sheet of the body on the table. It is Dr. Hermann. His head is in the bucket. After Samuel's bout at the sink, look at the symbol on the sink. Click William's diary on symbol to record it. See the rise of an altar on a tower in front of a throne. The tower came up from a green abyss. It seems that the 5 mortals' statement on the book found with Marcus is coming true. Mordred is coming!

Look at the body again and see his clamped hand holds something but you can't open the fingers.

Go to the lamp at the table at far wall. Click on drawer for a close up look at the table. Take the medical forceps. Click on the book at the drawer to get small plastic bags.

Go back to the body and use the forceps on Hermann's hand to see hairs. Use plastic bag on hair. Black hair - James has black hair. You need to get a sample.

The doorbell rings. Meet Detective Collier at the foyer. He blames James for all the killings.


Get some of James' hair:

Ashburry - Ring the doorbell and talk to nurse. Find out that James' body is at the chapel in the old graveyard behind the sanatorium.

Chapel at Graveyard - Go left and back of the sanatorium. Talk to the boiler man and he won't talk to you. Go to the graveyard at left and see that the chapel is locked.

Boiler man - Talk to him and find out that he has the keys but he will not give it to you even for a bribe.

- Get the chapel keys:

James' cell - Go to the front of the sanatorium and climb down the sewer to James' cell. Go out of cell and to the boiler room.

Boiler room - Look at the locker close to the exit of the boiler room. See and take the man's rubber boots. Hmm...

Get the rag from the rail by coal. Use rag on boiler door. Too hot. Go back to James' cell and wet the rag either from the fountain in the foyer of the sanatorium or the tap by the toilet in James' cell.

Back at the boiler room, open the boiler using the wet rag. Try to throw the rubber boots in boiler. It is best to turn the valve above the boiler door to shut the vent to the chimney. Place the rubber boots in boiler. Automatically leave the room.

Go back to James' cell, under bed and to the boiler room in the back. Take the keys from the boiler room door.

Chapel - Use the keys on chapel door at graveyard. See James' body. Take glass shard from floor and use it on James to get hair.

Morgue - Click on microscope and automatically focus the microscope. Click James' hair and the murderer's hair on microscope. They differ. Morris?


Get Morris' hair:

Stable - Read the letter on the vise. Morris ran away. Click on the switch by one of the stall. The light comes on. Take Morris' cap. Right click on Morris' cap in inventory and see a hair in it. Click one of the plastic bags on cap to get Morris' hair.

Morgue - Click Morris' hair on microscope. It's not Morris! Then who? Who else has black hair?


Check on Robert:

Castle - Talk to Bates in kitchen and tell him about Robert and convince him not to tell Victoria.

Robert's study - Use Robert's key on door of Robert's study.

    Picture - Enter and look close at the picture above the table on the left. The man has one of the sacred keys. We have to find out who this man from the past.

    Table - Look close at table and see a cocoa box. Click to open the lid of the cocoa tin and click inside the tin to get a small key. Use the key on top drawer of the table. Take a paper. Right click on the paper in inventory and see it a code of some kind. It's blank. Open the lower drawer and see a picture of Robert's wife that left him - Sophie. Go to one of the lights by the bookcase and click the paper on the lamp. See 6 3 0 8 1.

    Bookcase - Click on the MCXX (1120) above the middle bookcase and Samuel says it is the year prior to building the foundation of the castle.

    Clock - Note the clock chimes and is exactly 12 o'clock. Hmm. Click on the red button at the middle of the hands and change the time to 11:20. Press the needle on top. If done correctly, the needle will do a full turn and the clock will chime.

    Safe - The middle bookcase opens to reveal a safe.

Safe puzzle - From the paper we need to enter 6 3 0 8 1.

Click on first frame at bottom. Click on dial to change it to 6. Click on first frame to close it.

Click on next frame and change it to 3. Do all until you have entered 6 3 0 8 1.

If correctly done, a click will be heard and the safe opens.

    Look in the safe and read Robert's diary about his experiments and his plans for James. Read William's last will that states that Victoria gets all of William's personal possession while Samuel gets the family's estate - Black Mirror and the lands. James was to stay in the Castle for as long as he wants. Robert was disowned. Take the ring. Read undelivered William's letter to Samuel right before he died. Right click on the ring and see that it has runes and Latin words.


In search of Lothar's key:

Victoria - Knock on Victoria's room. Talk to her about the picture. Learn that the man is Lothar Gordon, who started Ashburry. He died mad and buried at the graveyard behind the sanatorium.

Ashburry - Press the doorbell and then go to the graveyard. Look at the graves and at the rear part of the graveyard find an unmarked grave surrounded by dried, thorny bush. Right click on the unmarked grave and see that it has the Gordon coat of arms. You have to remove the thorny bush first.

    Chapel - Enter the chapel and check the box by the door to get broken gardening scissors.

    Boiler room door - Look close at boiler room window left of the door. Take the screw holding the clamp of the gutter pipe. In inventory, combine the screw and the broken garden scissor to make gardening scissors.

    Gordon grave - Use the gardening scissors on dried shrub. When done clearing it, try to push the lid off but it is too heavy.

    Boiler room shed - Go to the dark corner of the shed. Click and right click the dark corner to get a metal rod. Use the metal rod on the grave. Oh no! The grave is empty!

    Foyer - Talk to the nurse about ancestor's grave and find out that the Warmhill parish administered the graveyard before Ashburry.

Warmhill vicarage - Enter the church. Go to the altar and talk to Father Frederick about the ancestor. He wants you to come back. Go out and look around. I went to the castle, morgue, pub and cemetery twice before I got an answer from Father Frederick. He said that Lothar was cremated and is now kept at the Gordon family vaults.

    Rear Cemetery - Go to the rear cemetery. Find that one of the crypts is open. Talk to the gravedigger and ask him to look for Lothar's urn. He comes back and gives you the urn. Right click the urn to get ancestor's sacred key. Now only William's key needs to be obtained. Click on tool box to get flashlight.


Get William's key:

William's grave - Look at William's grave and Samuel says that the ground has still not hardened.

Cemetery by church - Go to the cemetery right of the side entrance to the church. Look at the grave and barrow. It's too dark. Use the flashlight and take the shovel lying on the barrow heap at extreme right of screen.

William's grave -

Get rid of gravedigger - Click the shovel on William's grave but Samuel says to get rid of the gravedigger first. Take the peg (bottom of door) holding the door open. Click on the wire tied to the door and fence and Samuel will untie it. Samuel then places the peg on the closed door.

    Dig William's grave with the shovel. Watch. Take the William's blue sacred key.

Church - Go in front of the church and see the Gordon carriage. Samuel enters the church and sees Bates go in to the confessional. Samuel stops Father Frederick from going any further. Samuel enters the confessional and hears Bates' confession. Samuel!!!!

Chapter 6

Look through the mirror...

Catacombs - Go to the underground that you drained. Go down the stairs and look at the symbols in circle on the wall.

Pentagram - The symbols surround a pentagram at the center. Use the ring on the pentagram and the symbols similar and those seen beside the bodies of the 5 mortals killed light up. Click the red jewel beside the symbols in the order seen throughout the game.  The door will slide open when done correctly.

Maze - Enter the catacomb. Look at the writing on the archway. Samuel doesn't understand it nor do I.

Save Game here. Enter a maze. Look around as you please. Don't look at all the openings or you might get killed.

Ornate Door:

1. Go left from start (sign on archway). Go to room at top of screen. Take the helmet from left at ground. Press the brick. You will hear a sound.

2. Go at top of screen and see an ornate door that has an opening where the lock should be.

3. Go 2 screens down and left. Look in opening and take the talisman.

4. Go back to ornate door and place the talisman on the opening where the lock should be.

5. See a stand and 2 alcoves behind it. Place the black sphere from inventory on the stand. Hear sounds and the button under the lamp lit up. Look in left alcove and get map of the maze-catacomb.


1. From the globe stand , go right 2 screens down past the beast wall.

2. Light the candle with your lighter. Hold the map on candle to see areas that are lit.

3. Go down one screen from candle and pick up the sword from left at ground

4. Go to 2 screens down from the globe stand and press button on the right wall to light the lamp.

5. Go back to globe stand, go left, go one screen down and see an abyss. You cannot get to the button on the right.

6. Throw the helmet and sword down the abyss and the floor slides to cover it.

7. Press the button to light the lamp.

8. Go in front of the beast wall and press the left and right buttons to light the 2 lamps.

An eerie gate is seen. Enter

Black Mirror Gate:

Look at the altar. Pick up the dagger. Right click dagger in inventory to note that it is Volpar, the ritual dagger. Click dagger on Samuel. He will shed his blood on the container in front of the book on the altar. Blood flows to open the holes around the book. Place the 5 sacred keys on the holes based on the color of their jewels.

Read the verses. Samuel has sealed the gate - Black Mirror between evil and this world.


Here there is no judge to pass judgment. There is only me.

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