Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time
Investigative(first person) Adventure from Cyberflix @ www.cyberflix.com
walkthrough by Eileen Caraher

Object of the game--to collect the Rubayiat, the Painting, the Notebook, and the boat pass, and leave on a lifeboat before she sinks~!!!

After loading your game and thinking you are ready to play, it is an extremely good idea to take a tour first. The tour allows you to wonder around the ship and learn how your arrow keys(feet) and your mouse(hands) work, and how to speak and interact with others onboard.

Remember it is extremely important to talk, and listen to what other characters of the game are saying.

This game is event-driven until the final sequence when time does become a factor.

Explore the entire room, saving the desk for last, as finishing the desk triggers the start of another sequence. Most importantly is to click on the watch, the postcards(3) front and back, and the notes in the drawer.
Short clip to watch--
change disks
Look around, answer stewards knock on the door--you can get a lot of information from Smethels. He gives you a card, telling you to met P.P. at the electric camel. When done with the steward, get the bag from your bed, the watch from near the basin, look at note in the drawer, unlock your trunk(with key from your bag), listen to gramophone, read report, and examine your decoder machine.

Leave your cabin and get to your appointment with P.P., who is in the gymnasium. Go to A deck, either by way of elevator or Grand Stairs. You will need to introduce yourself to man standing by stairs, Trask.
Remember where he is because he becomes invaluable later in the game. Go up the stairs again to the boat deck. Find the gymnasium.
Talk to P.P., leave there and go straight to the boat deck. Head for the Wireless room.

Wireless Room--
Try entering, but the Officer on deck will stop you. Choose the following sentences exactly when speaking with Officer Morrow:

"The sea appears calm"
"It's a clear night, but dark"
"What uproar?"
"You don't care for bureaucrats"
"What war was that?"
"No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy"
"Now, may I visit the wireless room?"
Then the officer will let you go on into the wireless room. Go in, click on the table in front of you and read all the telegrams--one is German and contains a 4 digit code and an alphabetic message in code. You automatically take it with you when you leave. Go directly to your cabin.

Open the trunk with the key, just like before. Open the bottom drawer with the decoder machine in it, and connect the red and green wires and flip the toggle switch. Click the numbers, so that the code on the telegram appears in the bottom row. Next, click on the letters you see on the telegram, without any spaces, and then press Decoder. When you get the message, report to P.P. at her cabin. Then go find the turbine room.

Pass through turbine room until you reach the control room. Where the seaman will not let you pass until you help him with the turbine controls. To adjust these boiler controls you will need to turn the red circular handles counter clockwise until they have reach their maximum pressure. Adjust the sea level water to 3/4, and the Main boiler handle until 3/4 up, adjust the steam level (clockwise this time) until the needle hits green and it hisses. Then click ok. Pass through engine room, and boiler rooms 1 and 2, when you get to boiler room 3 you will meet a stowaway, name Vlad. Talk to him and AGREE to help him. Go down the stairs behind him and click on chute 4, and door to controls, where you will find the book., move to chute 5 and hide the book by placing it in the control box.
Go to A-14 and do Vlad's bidding, via the boat deck, where you will meet Georgia, and she will give you a necklace. While talking to Barbicon, get him to converse about Georgia, as well as give you Vlad's package. Return to the Boiler room same way as before, this time the seaman lets you pass. Give Vlad his package and when he leaves retrieve the book from chute 5. Go to P.P. talk to her, go the Purser. Ask about Mr. Thayer and offer to help him with the telegram. Then check the book in with the purser.
Go to the wireless room and send the telegram--
sending the telegram, click on the table, note that there are two instruments on the right in front of you and one on the left. First click on the two papers in the drawer to get instructions. Click on top right instrument and push lever all the way up until the bulbs light up. Next, click the instrument on the top left hand side and push the lever to the left, or transmit position. Then click on bottom instrument and turn the knob counterclockwise until it hits 200 and the light flashes. Now you can click on the telegraph and simply type the message on the telegram the purser gave you. ( note --be sure to type slow or all your keys will not show up) Go back to the purser and tell him you have sent his message for him and offer to go tell the Thayers, but instead he will go himself which gives you a chance to look over the cargo manifest book sitting next to the bell. Note� Lemke and Buechner entry, and report back to P.P.. Who sends you back to the purser.

Getting the Painting----
When you return, the purser is preoccupied with the cufflink that Mr. Strauss lost. Again, offer to find it for him. Knowing Mr. Strauss is on D deck reception from what others have told us, go there. You will meet Seidelman, talk to him and ask him where Mr. Strauss was sitting.
At the end, turn your back to the stairs and click on ratan chair on left and click on the cufflink twice. You can also talk to Zeitel in this room. Go back to the purser and give him the cufflink and offer to take it to Strauss, he will instead, go himself, leaving the door open for you to retrieve the keys hanging on board behind him. Go to the cargo hold via the ForeCastle Deck. When you attempt to enter the seaman will stop you until he notices the keys and then lets you in. Go forward 3 times and turn right -twice open the door and enter this storage room. You spot the car, click on it and then on light switch, follow lights to box, with painting in it and retrieve the painting. Report to P.P., She will send you to the Steward Smethels who has a message for you. Go to the purser and check in the painting.

The Necklace---
Undoubtably, in your wonderings you have spoken to Georgia more than once--if not this is good time to talk to her again, she asks you to met her in her cabin when Charles is in the Smoking room. If you have talked to her twice, meet her in her cabin and then return to the smoking room and go talk to Charles--he will tell you about the Necklace. Go to Sasha Barbicon's Cabin A 14, as you enter the corridor talk to the seaman and when he leaves to get his screwdriver click on the electrical panel in the hall. Click the switch for A14 and as you turn around you see Sasha leave--turn back and turn the switch back on. Enter A14 and straight ahead click on the dresser and then the Russian Doll. The puzzle here is pretty simple, you must align the numbers in this order to open the doll� from top clockwise
15: 5-3-2-5 then 19: 4-7-3-5 then 12: 3-0-1-8 then 4: 0-1-1-2 click ok then click on doll top to get it to open to the center. Take the real necklace and replace it with the fake one.

Getting the Notebook---
By this time Smethels has told you about Hiedlelitz wanting to meet you for a fence with him on the Squash Court. If not, find Smethels and get your message. Go the Squash Court, via the D deck cabin halls and fence a while with the young German. Fence until you get the ring, or you just get bored~!! If you don't get the ring from him, go back to Smethels and he gives you the ring. Go report to P.P. and then go to the Grand Stairs where the Gorse-Jones have a message for you. Go to Trask and show him the ring. Then return to P.P. and report again. Go to D deck reception and talk to Seidelman again and he tells you about Heidlelitz's girlfriend. Go to her cabin D 19 and talk to her. Then report to P.P. again. By this time--you must have a second vision, or keep returning to Trask to have him "read" items for you.
You go to the Turkish Bath and talk to Smethels and Officer Morrow, then you go look at Willie in the Electric Bath and take a scrap of paper resting on his towel. Go to Scotland Road, and keep going aft until you notice a rope and axe hanging on the wall, you click but do not get them, as you turn to go, Jack Hacker shows up on cue with another piece of paper. Take it to Trask, or figure it out for yourself.

Go to the Parisian Cafe, search around the tables until you find a pack of cigarettes--take them to Seidelman in the Smoking Room and give them to him--he gives you some important information.

With this Knowledge in hand, you go to the boat deck and find the seaman by lifeboats 9/10. Ask if you can climb the smokestack, but he tells you where you can go....~!!
Go report to P.P., then go into the turbine room, when you have fixed the turbine again you will be able to pass through to the Engine room again. Go left at the first opportunity and head up the stairs to the smoke stack. But first you have to duke it out with Vlad on the stairway. When you are done, go all the way up the stairs and continue on until you reach the top. Walk around keeping your eye on the center and you will find the notebook, Click on it. But wait you have a Visitor~!! Zeitel starts waving a pistol at you demanding the notebook. Stall him for as long as you can. There is a pause here, for the all important," Iceberg Dead Ahead~!!" but when you return to the conversation offer Zeitel the pen that P.P. has given you instead, it stuns him long enough for you to get down with the notebook, where Vlad is waiting to knock you out cold.

You wake up in your cabin---
change disks
Answer the knock at the door, it is P.P. with your next instructions.
This is where your game is banking on time, and if you have completed everything---you only have 1 hour before she sinks~!!
Leave your cabin and go to the Grand Stairs and up to A deck and the First Class Lounge where you meet Heitlelitz's girl and she gives you a Shawl. Go in and talk to Trask, who tells you to go play a game of cards in the Smoking Room. Go through the lounge and find the other door that will lead to the Aft Stairs--But DO NOT TALK TO ZEITEL~!!
From the Aft Grand Stairs you can enter the Smoking Room, ******This is where you should SAVE your game***********
Talk to Riviera and bet the Real Necklace on a hand of cards. YOU MUST WIN~!! You need his wager. The Boat Pass~!! If you don't win, reload your game and try again until you do win. Now go back to the First Class Lounge, and DON"T Talk to ANYONE~!! Going aft you will probably bump into the Gorse-Jones, Ignore THEM.

Go to Second Class Stairs off the boat deck and keep going down, Do not talk to the Hackers, the Seaman will warn you about being on deck, just say you are doing something important. When you get to the turbine room and then go down a set of stairs off the catwalk you will meet up with Vlad, whom you need to trade the shawl for the Notebook.
Now go all the way up the Second Class Stairs and on the boat deck talk to P.P. And then talk to the Seaman next to her and give him the Boat Pass.

That's IT~!! Just sit right back and enjoy the end sequences~!!

Notes� all throughout the entire game you can get terribly involved with all of the other Characters. You could speak to the Reverend, Daisy, the Conklings, the Hackers- Jack and Shaila, and a Photographer named Burns--these dealings put an enormous spin on the game and its events.

The Reverend--has a prayer card that can be traded for a picture from the photographer.
Daisy wants a name of a passenger from the pursers passenger list, and then gives you a message from Mr. Conkling.
The Conklings want you to get a letter from the Hackers, and the Hackers want you to trade the letter for a baby to get the painting, if you missed getting it before.
The Photographer -Burns- wants to know where his wife is and leaves his cabin door open so you can go in and develop some pictures, if you care to.
Zeitel--will give you an antidote for Georgia's poisoning--if you talk to him in the First Class Lounge.

Eileen Caraher

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