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Hi this is my first attempt at a helper file so if things are not very clear, please bear with me. promise to do better next time..:-)


This file was originally prepared in Word 7, but with the graphics it came out at 2.3Mb, I wasn't about to transmit a file that size, so I made it a rtf in wordpad or write with separate graphics, I have made a note of where the graphics are, so read and look at the piccys separate, sorry if this is inconvenient,but you probably wouldn't have wanted to download it even if I had sent it in it's original form...It's best read with Wordpad for formatting

Current version is re-engineered with author's permission. The pictures are back with text for easy perusal - The Spoiler Centre


NET:Zone is a very colourful game, the graphics are quite nice, the game is fairly hard in as much as the "puzzles" are not very intuitive and logic doesn't always work either, I often found myself saying o/k done that now what the hell am I supposed to do, Most puzzles don't lead naturally on to other puzzles, Your sometimes left with the feeling of whether to bother going on, Its quite a short game, not a lot of different places to go, Still if you've bought the game (and it is cheap) and if/when you get stuck take a look here.



The game splits up onto these areas,

The Central Dome...Global Communication Network

The Vulcan Platform....Elimination Facility..

The Atlantis Platform.. Communication Tower.. Manufacturing Facility

The Zeppelin Platform.. Central hub.. Design Facility.. second Atlantis

The Grommet Platform..Central Area..Testing Facility..Cabletron..Inner Core

The Central Dome is where you can interface with a "computer" (for want of a better description), This can be done from any of the 4 platforms, here you get e-mail, the chance to decrypt files, when you find them, kill viruses (viri ?).

The whole idea is to reproduce your "father" Zell as a CY-11 entity to help over come the "evil" (Ha) Walter in cybercorp, & kill the cyberworm (Cor blimey) all very exciting stuff ZZzzz.






From the neural interface in the genesis zone Go to the Zeppelin platform, click on connector to interface with the Zeppelin, click on inv. in your PDA (Personal Digital Assistant),select diagnostics tool, click on run, after Zeppelin has gone through its testing, click on mail, scroll to find some e-mail, you will be given a password so you can access the global communication network (GCN from now on), from the central pillar on any of the four platforms, (Zeppelin, Grommet, Vulcan, Atlantis),


Logon to the GCN, using you password, look to the left find moving icon (like a p or q),click on it, click on the search item, get enhanced diagnostics tool in your PDA, join the two parts to make a better diagnostic tool, click on the Cycorp icon, exit, logoff..

Find the large T.V. screen press play, watch ALL of the video.. You will now have 2 tapes in your PDA, one you've just seen one you haven't yet, so play it.


This next procedure applies to all four of the transports in the Central Dome, I explain in detail here, from then on I'll just say use the ??? ( Vulcan, etc.. which ever one is necessary)

Connect to the Zeppelin, click on inv., select diagnostics tool, click run,

Picture of ship appears,

click begin, when door opens click break, then ship

click begin, when docking mechanism releases, click break, click ship

click begin, when engine starts, click break, click ship.

This will store the starting procedure in memory, next time you use this ship you wont have to go through all this, but you will have to for the other three ships when you get to them.


Enter Zeppelin, turn left, click forward, click on button, click button again, watch animation (you can press Esc key to jump animations) go out of zeppalin to wards dome, turn left, click forwards twice, turn right to door, click button to open door, enter Central Design Hub.


Disciples are on the other side of the lake (don't cross yet they wont let you pass),turn left, click forwards three times, green Auricle on your right, connect select Walter's tape to the disciples, click run, watch animation, you've now got Zell's database.


Go back to door, turn left click button bridge opens, cross lake, turn right, click forwards three times, (second Atlantis ship on your right, this one doesn't need starting), turn left click forwards. press button, enter. watch (you can press escape key to by pass these if you want) animation, go down stairs to Design laboratory Log on to Terminal DL-01 on your right, diagnose fault, get three bits with red crosses into your PDA, go to terminal DL-02,run diagnostics, swap bits you've got with good bits (no crosses).

Back to DL-01 terminal, run diagnostics replace the bits you've now got, reset terminal, which is now operational, click on moving icon to your right and up a bit, box opens, get a radix into you're PDA, select radix click on run, when the computer's finished it's bit, turn around click forwards, connect to the Holographic Simulation Pod, click on inv., select cygote, click run, your told about missing lexicon, leave lab.


Use the second Atlantis to go to the Manufacturing Facility.

Leave Atlantis turn left, click forwards twice to door, press button, watch animation, press button again, set up symbols as shown below.




Go through the maze, (using your map) look for the ladder on your left as you go through to the second part, go up ladder to the Communication Tower, turn around connect to CT-01 terminal, run diagnostics, select fail, get memory into your PDA, split it and get the lexicon, put memory back, press reset, you are now told you need a software upgrade from the cycorp site (it's just like a blo*** PC ain't it, always wants something else to do it's job :-) ).


Go back to the central dome connect to the GCN, find a virus (definitely VERY PC'ish), click on system protection unit, click on virus.

the object here is to make all the bottom row white, looking at the five groups of colored diamonds on the left hand side



call the 4 top left colours 1

call the 3 top right colours 2

ignore the 2 bottom left colours

call the 3 bottom middle colours 3

call the 2 bottom right colours 4

looking at the right hand side the top row of empty diamonds call them


Put 4 on A B, 3 on B C D, 2 on D E F, 1 on F G H I, all the bottom row should now be white.

Press send, and the virus should be spiked :-), click on Cycorp site get upgrade, exit, logoff.


Go to the Communication tower via the Zeppelin and Atlantis ships, logon to terminal CT-01 click inv., run diagnostics, select fail, add upgrade, press reset.

Turn around watch animation.



Go to Design lab, open the box get another radix connect to terminal, run radix, turn around connect to the HSP,run. Cygote, watch animation.


Go to the manufacturing Facility, go all the way through the maze this time, go down the stairs, find the connector on the other side of the room (over a green dome thing with steps), connect, watch animation.


Go back to Zeppelin platform,

On the other side of the platform you will see 6 posts one of which is flashing,

connect to this one and you will see

Spook 1 G12 Platform guard

Spook 2 G12 Platform guard

Spook 3 P11 Central Dome Patrol

Spook 4 P11 Central Dome Patrol

It's the 2 G12 that you need to get rid off, they are stopping you from going to the Vulcan platform, which is your next destination, Go and have a look if you like,

Now to get rid of them, you've got to be a bit quick,

First connect to the Zeppelin, click inv., select diagnostics, click run, click begin, then break, click on resume, it will then ask if the test passed or failed, click on fail.

Now quickly turn around go over and connect to the posts so as to interface with the spooks, Their will now be another one shown Spook I 15 Platform Control, Get his program into your PDA, (You can relax now) now reprogram the two G 12 spooks using the I 15 program,(just drag & drop) the way is now clear to the Vulcan platform.


Go to the Elimination Facility via the Vulcan, Go through the door, watch & listen to the lips (I suppose that's what they are), look left and right and you will find your flanked by two spikes.

Turn to the right hand one and connect to him, get his SP 14 program into your PDA.

Now once again you need to be very quick, reprogram the SP14 with your I 15 program, whilst he's melting, quickly turn around connect to SP 13 reprogram him with SP 14's program. You can have as many goes as you like until you get it right because they will keep on regenerating them selves until you do.

Okay when they have both been melted, from the doorway turn left and go forward two clicks, look right and you will see a small moving blue diamond thing, press it and a bridge will appear, the CY 11 will go out to the center platform, now go as far as you can in the other direction, on you left you will see a small moving gold thing, click it and sit in the chair, hold the right mouse button down and move the screen down you will see a small blue button, press it and zap the CY 11. Okay your finished here, go back to the Central Dome.


Go to the Grommet platform, on the opposite side from the ship you will see the Cabletron ship, you cant use it yet but remember where it is, as you will need it soon, and you'll be in a hurry.

Use the Grommet to go to the testing zone.

When you get their SAVE YOUR GAME, you're not going to die, but you could get lost, and it will make it harder to get back on course.

Turn left passed the Grommet and you'll find a door, go in and STOP ...


click forwards 4 times only, turn 90 degrees right click forwards 4 times, a post will appear click on it.


Do not pass the post

turn left to face the green click once

turn left to face the blue click twice

turn right to face the green click twice

turn right to face the red click twice

turn right to face the mauve click once

turn right to face the blue click once

another post will appear, click it.

See what I meant about getting lost, if you missed the posts, then reload your saved game and follow the directions closely.


Again save your game here.

In the room you will see the back of a monitor, go round to the other side and watch and listen.

For all three questions the answers are B.


Go behind the desk and find a digital clock, when it shows one minute click on the red button beside, it a screen will pop up, get the two items into your PDA, click the button again, turn left give the red jelly thing a nudge as you go passed (just for the hell of it) and go out the other door.


Go back to the central dome, you now need to logon to the GNP again so as to decrypt the two items you've just gained, Guess what you got another virus (typical).

Once again the object here is to make all the bottom row white, looking at the five groups of colored diamonds on the left hand side



call the 4 top left colours 1

call the 3 top right colours 2

call the 2 bottom left colours 3

call the 3 bottom middle colours 4

ignore the 2 bottom right colours


looking at the right hand side the top row of empty diamonds call them


The arrow show bottom left of the screen allows the colours to be flipped.

Put 4 on A B C, 2 on C D E, 1 on E F G H, 3 on H I, all the bottom row should now be white.

Press send, after the virus is dead, click on the Key icon, drag and drop the CAC item for decryption and then the MAP, logoff.


Go back to the testing zone, BUT DO NOT leave the ship, instead call up your PDA, click inv., select the CAC, click run you should now have changed course to the Central Analysis Chamber, leave the ship, click forwards once, turn right and connect, watch the pretty colours, all parameters should read normal, (if not your testing zones went wrong, go into which ever zone you did wrong via the 4 doors, follow the previous directions more closely) When every things O/K, click on save parameters, you will now have a Genetic Encoded gizmo.

Right your finished here.


Go back to the Manufacturing Facility IMPORTANT go via the Zeppelin and the second Atlantis (Trust me)it'll save some precious time later.

Go over to the Green dome thing again and connect, click on the Adjustment Interface, click on Automatic Parameter Adjustment, select the genetic code and drop it on the cygote parameters box top right of the screen, click on send cygote, see the pretty lights again, when it says continuing with phase two, look slightly to your left, you will see a red ball thing moving in the distance, go over to it and STOP.

Before you click on it, go and find terminal ML-03 it's over the other side, when you've pin pointed it come back here and click on the ball.

Watch Walters animation (hide behind your chair if you like it's scary man, a bit like magic round about really)

when he's done press the ball again.

To indicate function of CY-11, drop it on Zel Winters data base.

Watch your fathers animation.


NOW SAVE YOUR GAME your in the end-game bit, although you've a fair bit of time to finish, you cant afford to get lost on the way, if you run out of time at least you can re-start form here.


Go to the Design Facility, get another radix from the box and run it on the terminal, and then through the Holographic Simulation Pod , come back here and connect to the green dome thing again, go through the procedure above, i.e. select automatic parameters etc,

But do not click on the ball , instead go over to terminal ML-03, In your PDA find a run the tape where Walter creates his cyberworm, watch the opening bit, see the ML-03 terminal. got the password ? no it's AWED, log onto the terminal, enter the password, get the cyberworm blueprint into your PDA , now go and click on the ball, when it asks for CY-11 function drop it on to the cyberworm blueprint, when it says process terminated leave.

Get to the Vulcan platform as fast as you can, connect to the Cabletron manual override, enter the code WAFE, look down click on M, go over to the Grommet platform, connect to the Cabletron interface and go to the Central Core, Go up the ladder continue up three levels, connect as soon as you can, select inv., choose the cyberworm, click on run, keep clicking on run, no matter what is said, keep clicking.

When the worm is released, sit back kick off your shoes, sigh contentedly, watch the closing animations, pat your self on the back, reverently take out the CD, look at it, and chuck it in the bin.







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