Puzzle solving adventure by Global Star Software



Solution by Lu Richardson



Well, there isn't much to solve actually, this is more about gathering information on peculiar things; but, there are some easy puzzles to solve and it can be irritating to waste time of them when you want to get on.


Right, from the start: click on the door on your left (Greek letter Omega), go in and all the way up the ladders to "Here be Monsters". TAB to bring the map up click on the room and pick out, one by one, the info points to view what's on offer (do this for each room, it's very easy to miss things at eye level). At "Strange Rains" click on the fish and afterwards turn the wheel to view the next exhibit and so on till you get back to the fish.


Leave this room by the other end, enter "The Tube" and use the map to see what there is. At "Oak Island" you have to go down quite a number of layers.


Following the tube you will emerge eventually in the "Arena of the Gods". Again, use the map to make sure you don't miss anything. At the end, walk to the large sitting statue and click on it to reveal an opening. Go through the corridor and you will come out of the Phi door, opposite the Omega door. Now try the Sigma door (next to the Omega door) and you will come out into the "Windowed Corridor"; again, using the map, view everything. Be aware that there are info points on both doors and also on a chain hanging from the ceiling ("Lincoln"). When you've finished you will come out at the other end of the corridor to find your first puzzle.


THE SIMPLE SIMON PUZZLE: This, of course, is dead easy. You just have to click on the coloured buttons which light up in a sequence - just write down the sequence on a piece of paper so that you don't forget it. For instance, if the first button to light up is yellow, write Y on a piece of paper. If you then get yellow, purple, you just add a P to the Y, and so on. You'll end up with a sequence of about 11 clicks and it's random every time you play.


Use the green teleporter and you'll be in the "Cryogenic Chamber". Start looking at things and at the end use the red teleporter to enter "The Maze". A screen will come down in front of you, read it, using the down arrow to read some more and at the end click on YES. Watch.


THE MAZE PUZZLE: Clicking on the green directional arrows, follow this path (F is forward, R is right, L is left): F, R, F, R, F, L, F, R, F, F, F, F, F, R, F, F, F, R, F, F, F, L, F, R, F, F. Watch.


Start walking. Again, using the map, get all the info as you cross this room. You come out at the other end at the "Time and Space" room. Just get all the info and get back to "The Maze" room and exit through the other door. This is the "Radio Room", and after you've seen all the exhibits you will have another puzzle to solve. Click first on "Puzzle 1".


THE RADIO ROOM PUZZLE: When the screen comes at you, use the top green button on the right till you get to the number seven and listen to the noises, then click on the blue button to get rid of the screen. Turn around and walk to the other end of the room, click on the door and another screen will appear. Use the white buttons to change the pictures to Fire, Clock and Bird.


You'll be through to "The Cloisters"; using the map once more, view everything but leave "Faces of the Dead" for last. View this: when you've read it, click on the face again and a lift will appear. Go to it to travel to the "Old Hall". When you've finished here, use the map to go to door Psi (next to the Sigma door) in the corridor, i.e., the third on the top row). Inside, you'll find a red teleporter, use it and turn to your right so that you can click on the next puzzle.


THE PILLARS OF INFINITY PUZZLE: Use the map, click on the blinking room and you will see what you have to do, only what you see is a mirror image: you are actually trying to form a path from the top left to the bottom right. Draw on a piece of paper the right sequence and just keep clicking on the switches till it goes right. The sequence I used is the following: imagine that the four upper switches are numbered 1 to 4, left to right; and that the switches at the side are numbered 5 to 7, top to bottom. Click on: 1, 7, 2, 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 4.


Now that you are on the pillars be very careful because if you fall off you die. Use the map to go directly to the "Alien Abduction Case" and afterwards to the "Belgian UFOs". From there it's a shorter walk to the suspended bridge and the green teleporter.


Click on that and you will enter the "Holographix". Have a good time and afterwards find the only door, which takes you to the "Pyramid Plain". Go around this room looking at things and at the end climb the stairs to find the final puzzle.


THE INCA PUZZLE: You have to transfer the cone from the left to the right. Supposing the three receptacles are A, B and C (from left to right) and the parts of the cone are 1 to 5 (from top to bottom) you would have to transfer the pieces as follows: 1 to C, 2 to B, 1 to B, 3 to C, 1 to A, 2 to C, 1 to C, 4 to B, 1 to B, 2 to A, 1 to A, 3 to B, 1 to C, 2 to B, 1 to B, 5 to C, 1 to A, 2 to C, 1 to C, 3 to A, 1 to B, 2 to A, 1 to A, 4 to C, 1 to C, 2 to B, 1 to B, 3 to C, 1 to A, 2 to C, 1 to C. Watch.


When you've read the Hawthorn text, click on the armchair and you will travel to the last room, the "Ring Room". Once you've got all the info here you have done.

You can check you haven't missed anything by placing the cursor at the top of the screen, choosing Navigation and going down the list. I could not find the news cuttings nor the additional - if anyone does, please let me know at:


[email protected]



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