AMBER Journeys Beyond Walkthrough by Geri Murphy

After a rainy drive without windshield wipers, you awaken at lakeside. Get up by clicking a down pointing sailboat (arrow) and turn left to see the water sprite that caused your accident. You’re soaking wet but do you stagger up to the house and knock on Roxy’s front door? No, instead you instinctively sense that Roxy has left word (on a videotape and on one of her desks), saying she has taken her experiments into the garage. Go into the garage and click that ? crowbar on the pillar ahead of you. You can look up to see Roxy’s hand, you can go up the stairs and view unconscious Roxy, but don’t call 911. Instead, walk to her front door, open her mailbox (forget that silly FBI law) and just open her mail. Take the oscillator into your inventory, which appears on your lower screen.

Go inside and forward up the stairs - follow the red light. At the top, go into the open door in front of you. Once inside you will be facing a desk. Turn to your right so you are looking at spiral stairs and a wall to the right of them. Pull down the switch on that wall to turn on the lights/power.

Go up the stairs and get the PEEK device on a table by a chair. Before you leave the office take the videotape (by the computer) and read the BAR users manual in a desk drawer. It tells us the Level setting is 6, to guess at the Gain setting, and the Freq. Mod setting is 8. You’ll need these two settings (numbers) soon.

Be sure to read pages 1, 4, 6&8 of Roxy's dream journal in a bedroom drawer and look into the empty drawer on the other side of the bed. Look around, that TV’s a knockout. Explore the second floor. Before you leave you should also have tried a locked door (the spare bedroom) and taken a look at that bathroom mirror.

Downstairs go toward the front door; turn left and enter the room to see an item on the table, put the oscillator you got from the mailbox into it, the top middle. Go through this room and into the dining room. Find the weed killer, and come back up to the camcorder to watch the video that you found in the office. Roxy said set the Bar Gain to 5. Now you have all 3 setting numbers that you will need.
Then walk through this dining room into the kitchen. Go out the back door and get the device attached to the doorknob (get in close, click its red button, then take it).

This is not necessary to the game but if you’re brave; go face the boathouse door turn right, look down, click the ? and see what’s making those bubbling noises under the slats.

This is also not necessary but if you’re adventuresome Go outside the kitchen door and walk the path toward the garage. Don’t turn at the path that takes you between the garage and house. Instead take one more step straight ahead and then turn right and go ? forward till you are facing weeds. Then use your weed killer and follow this path to the gazebo. A light beam isn’t hitting the top of the gazebo because you’ve come here too early in the game, instead you’ll see a dark figure climb the gazebo steps, and after you turn left to leave, a black cat will cross your path.

When you’re back in the house enter the living room, and turn right to find the BAR device next to a room screen. Turn on the power, select Level and + to 6, Gain 5, and Freqmod 8 and then click to SET. Now you can attach the doorknob device to other doorknobs.

When you attach it, press the red button on top, the Peek will soon flash, click on it to read the time it needs before it can play ghostly sounds. You don't have to stop, sit and wait for it to finish; it will flash again when it's ready.
Try the inside kitchen door, the boathouse, & the locked spare bedroom. The others are reruns but you can try them if you want.

Keep an eye on the Peek device because it flashes several times during the early part of the game. Some of the unimportant ‘activity detected’ videos will be: A levitating fork in the dining room, the back-doorknob rattling, a knife flying in the dining-room, living room sofas levitating, and the spare bedroom being flooded.

The game designers want you to go to the room displayed in each video, but there’s nothing unusual to see when you get there. This is just their way of keeping you out of the next room where activity will be detected.

Sometime you may get a phone call from Roxy – it doesn’t matter if you miss it because it’s just her rambling while she lapses in and out of consciousness.

Find what you can downstairs, an odd coupon in a kitchen recycle-bin, look at the fireplace, try the telephone and read the book next to it – and whatever else you want. After much time spent exploring downstairs, an important Peek video will show a key flying from Roxy’s bedroom TV and landing in a drawer.

When you see that video - go to the bedroom to get the key. Seen any smoky images on the stairs lately? Use the key to check out the spare bedroom across the hall where Maggie’s ghost is trying on a hat (inside) the mirror.

When you get a Peek message saying ‘Headgear Activated’ go to the device you put the oscillator into and click the headgear, click once to take it out, then again, to put it on your head.

When you get a message saying ‘Surfs Up’ go into the (once flooded) spare bedroom and walk into the glowing mirror. Now you’ve gone back in time (1943), and you’re in Maggie’s bedroom. You see Maggie’s body and hear her ghost’s voice (ghost amnesia?). Go to the dresser and click on the talking face boxes. After you hear each of them, then make them say; "I miss you Maggie." When they repeat it for you, go to the radio and turn its right-side dial clockwise to (75).

Now you’re in Maggie’s kitchen, click the U button on the dumbwaiter and go look at the cake, the seed packets, and get as close as you can to the wall calendar. All of these things help bring Maggie’s ghost out of its state of amnesia.

Dial back to (62) Maggie’s bedroom, explore. When you’re ready to leave click on the fallen knitting needle on the table - not the one in the basket. When it hops in the dumbwaiter - dial back to (75) the kitchen, and then press the dumbwaiter D button. When the dumbwaiter arrives Click the needle - it attaches to the antenna.

Turn the dial to (65) Maggie’s dining room. Read the letters and explore but don’t open any doors yet. Then check the time on the clock (in a box on the center table). If it’s NOT near 7:o’clock; then open the double door to the left of the radio, and close it quickly. Then check the time again. Opening the double door moves time ahead 30 minutes. Work the door and check the time until the clock says almost 7 o' clock. Then Go to the radio and dial to (129.8) to enter Maggie’s den.

Explore. When you’re ready to leave tip over the waste paper basket. Slide the pieces of the telegram into their right order. When you solve this: Maggie faces the reality of her death, is released from her ghostly existence and sent onward into the beyond. Well, anyway you are sent to the present time.

The Peek flashes, it needs more power, so turn on that office switch. If you’re confused here, then go to the top of the stairs and turn around to locate the office.

Go outside the kitchen door and walk the path toward the garage. Don’t turn at the path that takes you between the garage and house. Take one more step straight ahead and then turn right and go ? forward till you are facing weeds. If you haven’t already killed the weeds then use your weed killer and follow the new path to the gazebo. If a light beam is hitting the top of the gazebo, then go inside and Click on the ceiling to travel, via Brice’s dead face, to another time (1959), you’re in a solarium (greenhouse), and Brice’s body is still hanging around. You will hear his ghost’s voice (ghost amnesia again?). If you want, you can look out through a keyhole in the single door to see some of what Brice did while he was alive?

Leave the solarium and follow the path to its end, turn right and click the beehive in front of you. Then, get a diamond shaped cursor (on the mid right screen), step forward to weeds and then make a right turn to leave.

When you find the fountain area, walk around till you face the shed door. Make a left and locate the ? bush nearest the door, and rotate the pot so the mirror is on the left. Turn around and locate the ? bush that’s nearer to the fountain and put that mirror on the right. Walk inside and then turn around and step toward the open door – till it slams in your face. Check out the tabletop, so Brice can remember what he did for a living. Go to the back near the rake, to look down at a sliding panel with 2 holes. Click on one hole and you should see a window with a blunt message on cardboard, covering four panes. Take note of the pattern of the words on the covered panes, 1, 2, -3 and 4. You’ll use this pattern in that order later.

Return to the hive area. Spot the arch on the right of the scene, but take 2 steps forward, turn right, 1 step forward to face the weeds. Then turn left to leave.

When you find the park-like area Go forward 1 and look to your right - that will be your escape after you’ve done a heart puzzle. Find a bench with a nailed wooden heart. The object is to move the nails till they all leave.
If your stuck, move away from the heart, return and click the left nail twice, the right one twice and then the middle one twice.
Solve that to get the combination (321) to go through a grate, later, into the tree that is supporting the gazebo. For now go up from the heart puzzle; click right twice, forward and then left to walk out the archway exit.

At the gazebo/tree, go around to the back and push the red button. Walk around to the front and up into the gazebo to look down at the grate. Use the wooden heart combination 321 to open it and enter. Read the letter in the shrine to Mandy, and climb down further. Explore, but don’t open the door yet. There’s packed luggage behind the ladder, UFO related news to read and items to see.
Brice, the murdering, hanging gardener/stalker/UFO enthusiast – lived here.

When you’re ready to leave, Face the ladder, turn to the right and go to that door. Click on the white flag by the door, then raise it by clicking the left rope. Look down at the spilt red paint, and bring the flag down by clicking the right side of the rope. It should be dragged through the paint and then raised as a red flag.

Click on the tan wood panel ahead of you, it opens to display six buttons. Be prepared to face Mandy’s corpse, and Click the buttons in the same order as Mandy’s windowpane message. If you’re stuck First the one in the upper left corner, the one next to it, the one directly under that one, and then the one in the bottom right corner.
You’ll see paint cans and then strangled Mandy’s body. Then something or someone takes Brice’s luggage and his ghost up and away. UFO to Hell?

This brings you back to the present time, so go turn the office switch back on again. I could only turn it on by entering the house through the front door. When the lights are back on, go down to the lake and use the crowbar to open the boarded up boathouse. Click the floor’s lighted area; see Edwin’s condition as you’re transported to another time (1920s) where you’ll be hearing Edwin’s ghost. He doesn’t seem to have memory loss. What’s keeping HIM here?

Note: Walking on the frozen lake is tricky if you use the NEW CURSORS, because you will turn and move at angles. To move as you have been; use the diamond shaped cursor to move forward and use the old (on the far edges) left and right pointing sailboat arrows to make the 90-degree turns.

Locate the ? ventriloquist dummy stuck in the ice ahead of you, you can’t pull it out, but you can try. Turn left and go forward until you come to the edge of the land, the diamond shaped cursor will show you that you can walk inland, but you’ll be blown back onto the ice. Walk near the land till you come to the boathouse or the windmill. You can also see: a boat (leave it for later), a ‘Danger Thin Ice’ sign, and two tracks ending at a hole in the ice. ‘Twas not a very Merry Christmas season for young Edwin?

If you go to the windmill first, click the lever so it spins, then go into the boathouse and examine the things on the tabletop. At the back wall (look down) & turn the crank clockwise twice, this lowers the pulley that’s dangling just above the tabletop. Then click on the pulley so it swings and knocks the rock salt out through the window. Walk around the lakeside of the boathouse to the back. Climb up the vines and turn the weather vane so it points West.

If you have switched on the windmill, walk to the ? boat and get in. Pull the rope and the boat moves toward a hole in the ice. Go back to the boathouse and turn the weather vane so it's pointing East (toward you). Go back into the boat and pull the rope again. Walk on the ice to look in the hole the rope leads to and Notice the bear that the boat's anchor has pulled up some.

Go to the place where the dummy was and jump into the water. And, believe it or not, click the rubber duck to bring Edwin’s ‘toy motorcar’. You can turn around to see the dummy behind you. Get into the back seat of the car - click on the windshield to clear it for Edwin. Choose the middle road. At the intersection, go straight ahead again. This brings you to King Castle where ‘Chippy’ will get out and tell Edwin’s ghost to bring the bear.

Go down the left road and at the intersection, go straight ahead. You’ll glide over a break in the road. Then the car automatically picks up the bear and returns to the castle, where Edwin enters a jack-in-the-box to Heaven, and you automatically return to the present time.

Go to the house, turn on the switch, die and go to Heaven where an angel gives you the password for Roxy’s computer.
When you get to Roxy’s computer type the password Wisdom on your keyboard and press enter.
Click the buttons and squares on the right till the stars, stop spinning.
Then align the three rows of symbols.

Then click on the headgear you are wearing to take it off, and then click it in the air to put it into your inventory. Go to the garage and click ?s Roxy until you are as close as you can be. Click the headgear you have and put it on her. Then sit back and enjoy the endgame sequence. Where’d you park your car? In Lake Edwin.

And that’s it. Congratulations gamer!!!

Finer points/Easter eggs
1-The ‘ask me” pyramid on the office desk will answer your question.
2-The model man on the nightstand next to Roxy’s bed; collapses if you click him.
3-The TV, telephone, and computer react when used. And the toilet flushes.
4-The stand-mirror on Maggie's bedroom dresser ripples like water when clicked.
5-You can crack the glass on the four-leaf clover in Maggie’s bedroom.
6-The sprouts in the victory garden dance if you click on them.
7-A dark ghost climbs the gazebo steps ahead of you, if you go there too soon. And a black cat will cross your path when you turn to leave.
8-Near or from inside the gazebo, you will see a UFO as it streaks the sky.
9-The toy horse, by the rock salt, rolls back and forth if you click on it.
10-You can walk back along the dirt road (that you drove in on) and see a ‘Road to Nowhere’ sign and not much past that.

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