Hugo 1 - Complete Solution

   * Walk to the pumpkin.
   * Type: "Take pumpkin".
   * Type: "Smash pumpkin".
   * Type: "Take key".
   * Type: "Unlock goor".
   * Type: "Open door".
   * Walk throgh open door.
   * Walk to table.
   * Type: "Take candle".
   * Walk to the hole (under the stairs).
   * Type: "Look hole".
   * Type: "Take knife".
   * Walk up the stairs.
   * Walk into right opening (right wall).
   * Walk into glass box.
   * Walk between glass and table.
   * Type: "Take Bung".
   * Walk into glass box.
   * Type: "Tell Igor to press button".
   * Type: "Tell Igor to press button".
   * Type: "Tell Igor to press button".
   * Walk left.
   * Walk into right door (north wall).
   * Type: "Open door".
   * Walk to mirror.
   * Type: "Look mirror" - remember this number (333).
   * Walk down.
   * Walk to left door (north wall).
   * Type: "Open door".
   * Walk to the closet.
   * Type: "Open closet".
   * Type: "Take mask".
   * Walk down.
   * Walk down the stairs.
   * Enter opening to the north.
   * Walk up.
   * Follow the road to the shade.
   * Type: "Open door".
   * Type: "333".
   * Walk into the shade (the screen won't change, but that's ok).
   * Type: "Take oil".
   * Follow the road back to the house.
   * Walk down (into kitchen).
   * Type: "Wear mask".
   * Walk right.
   * Follow the servent until he talks to you.
   * Type: "Yes".
   * Walk left (upper opening).
   * Type: "Take off mask".
   * Walk left.
   * Type: "Throw chop".
   * Walk on the carpet.
   * Type: "Lift rug".
   * Walk to the trap door.
   * Type: "Oil bolt".
   * Type: "Undo bolt".
   * Type: "Open trapdoor".
   * Walk down the stairs.
   * Walk right (between two bolders).
   * Type: "Blow whistle".
   * Walk to the next cave.
   * Walk to the upper part of the screen, when the mummy comes neer - walk
     down, so it get's stuck neer the bolder, walk to treasure.
   * Type: "Take gold".
   * Walk out throw the coffin.
   * Walk to boat.
   * Type: "Plug hole with bung".
   * Type: "Cut rope".
   * Type: "Get in boat".
   * Type: "Push".
   * When you are neer the man: type: "Talk man".
   * Type: "Bilbo".
   * Type: "Narnia".
   * Type: "Bram Stoker".
   * Type: "C".
   * Type: "Man".
   * Type: "Bullet".
   * Type: "Yes".
   * Type: "Get out boat".
   * Walk right.
   * Walk to man.
   * Walk up.

                           THE END (190/190) !!!

               This File have been written by Avi Machness.
          for corrections / additions / comments please contact
                    me at: [email protected]
	      Note: if you have points lists for any quest, 
	        or can give me more points for this one, 
	             please contact me ASAP.
		          Thanks, Avi

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