The Hugo Trilogy                         WALKTHROUGH
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     When I first got heavily into computers about four years ago,
I played the Hugo series and it was partly responsible for my
continuing addiction to "adventure" games.  Lately, I've seen
numerous postings by new gamers asking for Hugo help and I've not
seen a complete walkthrough on any of the FTP sites, so here's one
-- someone might kindly put it up at uwp, uu, or somewhere...I
still don't know how to upload (face red). 
     I'm a dedicated adventure gamer, albeit not a very shrewd one. 
I've finished precious few of the more sophisticated games without
referring to a walkthrough.  After all, I only have so much time to
"waste" (I pretend to have a real life).  So, beginning gamers --
The Hugo trilogy is a good (and free) initial adventure -- this
walkthrough is for you (but only if you also claim a real life).  

Note:  I had originally played the Hugo trilogy on a 386 with no
problems.  My 486 causes the typed text and menus on top of the
screen to flash wildly, even on "non-turbo" at 10mz; however, the
game accepts the commands and otherwise behaved normally.  This is
a basic walkthrough -- for maximum points try looking at and taking
everything you see, even if it isn't necessary for solving each

                HUGO I (HUGO'S HOUSE OF HORRORS)

Pickup and open or break pumpkin, take key, and "unlock" door. 
Upstairs, get mask from closet; in bathroom, read number on mirror. 
Go in lab; give in to doctor and get in cabinet.  When you're
shrunk, maneuver around cabinet to table and get bung. (If you
don't do this here, you're screwed). Get back in cabinet and keep
saying "Igor, push button" until he presses the blue one to make
you normal again.  Leave lab (pick up mask on way out). 
Downstairs, get lit candle and look under stairs; take penknife and
whistle.  "Wear" mask, go to dining room; when butler asks if you
would like a chop say yes.  Walk through kitchen to shed outside. 
Since you still have candle you can see to get oil can.  Go to
storage room off kitchen. Throw chop to dog (you may have to type
"throw chop" in kitchen and hit enter key just as you go in room). 
Lift rug, oil bolt, "undo" bolt, and open trapdoor.  In basement
walk between the two rocks in middle of room and blow whistle to
confuse the bats (you may have to type "blow whistle" in basement
and hit enter key in batcave -- incidentally, it is possible to get
by bats without blowing the whistle).  The mummy in next room you
just have to outmaneuver; you can eventually trap him behind the
smaller rock.  Get gold and get out!  "Plug" hole in boat with
bung, get in boat, cut rope with penknife, and "push" to get to old
man.  Talk to old man. Answers to his questions, in no particular
order (you have to figure out something, at least) are:  C, Bullet,
Yes, Bram Stoker, Narnia, 
Bilbo, Man.  Give gold to guard. Finis.

                    HUGO II (HUGO WHODUNIT?)

You're Hugo at the beginning. Go up to your room (maid won't allow
anything else) and when Penelope goes to sleep, take yellow book. 
Now you're Penelope.  Look through keyhole.  Take book.  In
Horace's room go in baby's room and take balloon for the joke.  Use
phone and talk to parrot.  Open desk and take matches.  Get in
dumbwaiter.  In kitchen, open drawer and take garlic.  Go in shop
and after futzing around with gardener, eat garlic.  Press buttons
(yellow:lights outside maze; green:bug zapper; blue:gate
to maze; red:overhead light) (you may have to "look" at maze screen
before blue button works).  Enter maze and find three items: gun,
bottle, and bell.  Find your way out. You just have to maneuver
your way through the snapdragons (keep saving alot as you make
progress) to get magnifying glass.  You MUST cross the bridge
without wetting the matches (try starting at the middle of the
three plants to left of path).  You will probably have to go back
over bridge to bug zapper switch, so drop matches on the safe side
first.  Oh yeah, don't forget the catnip (absolutely essential). 
Look at killer bee screen and then go back and press bug zapper
switch (it IS possible to get by bees without doing this).  Go
right, do the deed on the old man, go right and get bit by the
snake (you can't avoid the bite).  At some point before you die,
look at and drink the contents of the bottle you found in the maze. 
Take upper path of the trail fork (you'll have to maneuver around
the snake every time you come through here) to dog.  Pick up stick
and throw it.  Get dynamite, go back to snake and take lower fork. 
Go past phonebooth into street and
read graffiti on wall.  Enter phonebooth, talk to cop, and then
dial number you saw on wall.  On Retupmoc (look at it backwards)
shoot monster, walk to doctor and talk to him; now you have a
screwdriver.  That's it on Retupmoc.  Return to clearing where you
bopped the old man and go south.  At well, "climb down" rope.  Drop
dynamite at rockfall, light it, and (hurry!) "climb rope".  Go back
down to three passages.  In left passage take lamp.  In middle
passage work your way around (bottom of screen) chasm and get
banana.  In left passage near ladder, "rub lamp" and give the
banana to genie -- you're back in the house.  Open safe with the
cosmic screwdriver, read will.  Go to Aunt's room, say "yes" to the
drink, "read paper" while her back is turned (no second chance on
this one).  Go to cousin Harry's room and listen to him laugh.  Go
to maid's turf; when she begins to blah blah, go right into room
with cat; "rub" bell with catnip and "give" bell to cat.  With
alacrity, go back to maid and when she answers bell, open cabinet
and take album (also with alacrity); you can look at album anytime,
but DO look at it.  Then go to parlor (you may see
Cop Higgins walking in there from hall); you'll see most of the
folks you've met.  When Higgins asks "whodunit" the best answer is
"nobody".  Now you're Hugo for the end.  Take newspaper and pencil;
"push" newspaper under door; "push" key with pencil.  Watch quick
ending. Finis.

                    HUGO III (JUNGLE OF DOOM)

After Penelope is bitten by spider and native girl says her piece,
go to plane and get clay, flask, sandwich, pins, and bouillon cubes
(notice that "bouillon" is misspelled..."cubes" will do).  At
bridge, "tie" vines to bridge.  Take upper path, take and read
scroll.  Take bell in next screen.  Check out waterfall.  Go right,
notice you can't get in spirit cave yet.  Go right, look behind
boulder and get crystal ball (you can rub it now and then to get
clue for a future action).  Go back to lower path.  "Swing" on
vines to cross river.  Look around on river bank and you'll find
spell book.  Go to village.  Talk to natives and give them bouillon
cubes.  Look behind huts for witchdoctor's ad, notice mention of
voodoo.  Go into witchdoctor's hut.  In the cell, make image from
clay ("make effigy" or "make voodoo".  Stick pins in clay.  You can
open door when witchdoctor becomes unglued.  Put sandwich in small
cage to trap mouse (you can do this from cell also, but in either
case you'll have to mover to the right of the screen for the mouse
to get in cage).  When mouse is trapped, take small cage and take
candlestick.  You can now go to spirit cave and enter ("read spell"
did it for me).  Answering the old man's questions, you can see you
need the magic water to pass (and, of course, to save Penelope). 
Go to elephant (in South America?).  Timing is critical here.  You
must drop cage, open cage, and shoot elephant just as he is leaving
the screen.  When you get it right, he will fall into stream and
block it.  Go to waterfall and find magic pool (elephant is gonna
wake up soon, so hurry).  Get water in flask and get back to other
side of waterfall.  Go to cave, "read spell" again.  When old man

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