Jessica Plunkenstein & The Düsseldorf Conspiracy


Len Green     28th August 2005     [email protected]




Read the Manual-file for operating instructions etc.

I have copied the ‘Overview’ from the Manual (with permission from Greg Edwards, the game Developer).  It gives a very brief outline of the flavor of the game --- its extreme humor & erudition … and that is very much an understatement! 

I’m afraid that I can’t in ANY WAY emulate that, and so this walkthrough will be very dry and factual … my apologies in advance.



It’s been a peculiar day for Jessica Plunkenstein. By a freak twist of fate and airline

security, she finds herself battling evil Barons bent on world domination, evil

headmistresses bent on pathological propriety, and evil yodelers bent on nothing in

particular. Full of llamas, Ninjas, French people, pickled herring, dubious German

accents,   Yetis in heat, and musical theatre up the wazoo, Jessica’s adventures bring her

from the Amazonian Rain Forests to the Norwegian Alps with layovers along the Eastern

seaboard. So tag along, and with luck, you, too, can unravel The Düsseldorf Conspiracy.





The version I played and upon which this walkthrough is based is v1.4 (A slightly updated version v1.5 is due to be released shortly).

          In this version, due to AGS limitations, although you can generally enter &/or exit doors and other openings easily,  it is sometimes extremely difficult.  There are even occasions where I had to try a ½ dozen times or more before succeeding! 

However, this glitch is well known to the Developer who gave me the following advice, and since using it I had  NO  TROUBLES  WHATSOEVER!

If you have ANY difficulty click a little past the door in the way you want Jessica to walk … e.g.  If you want to enter a door near the top of the screen, click a little bit above it.  Similarly, if you want to enter a door at the left side of the screen, click a little bit to the left of the door.

{B}   The operative cursors are in the form of a + with a small picture indicating its use just above and to the right.  The active spot of each of these cursors is the center (red) point of the + (and not the picture … as might be assumed incorrectly)!

{C}   In this walkthrough, whenever it says “Talk to” or “Take (Pick up, Grab, etc.)” always LOOK at the person or object first.

{D}   When talking to ANYBODY, always exhaust all dialogue options (until they start repeating)!

{E}   You can play each section of the game in many different orders.  The following walkthrough describes only one of these … and not necessarily the best.

          It’s best to play in your OWN individual order … so long as you do everything essential sooner or later, you will advance easily throughout the game.

{F}   There are a very large number of actions you must perform and all of them are described here.  There are some actions which are not essential to complete the game.  Most of these have NOT been included in the walkthrough … but of course if you DO perform them they cannot possibly ‘spoil’ your game (they may even add to it)!

{G}   This walkthrough has been arranged as far as possible ONLY in accordance with the logical development of the game … and NOT the shortest &/or quickest route.

          As an example:-  Suppose the logic of the game leads you to enter some location in order to pick up object X, and you do so.  You see there (often well displayed) object Y which is not needed at that time but will probably be essential later.  The walkthrough will NOT tell you to pick it up (although no harm will be done if you do) … which would be the most efficient method!  Later on in the game, it will probably be apparent (logically) that you need Y for some later sequence and the walkthrough will tell you to return to the same location to get it. 

Obviously, this is not the quickest way to play (or describe) the game.  If of course you DID pick it up earlier you will not need to return to pick it up later … no harm will have been done and you will have saved a little time! J

          This may quite probably seem long winded (and a very long way round) --- but anybody who prefers to choose short cuts is perfectly free to do so … nobody has to unnecessarily waste time.

{H}  Before you start playing the game, you should choose between two resolutions {‘winsetup.exe’ file} … 320 x 200 or 640 x 400.

WARNING :- Unless your computer is very ‘old’ do NOT use the former resolution … some important items are very blurred and disturbing!

Also, once you choose a resolution setting, ALL your previous saves will not be valid at the other setting!




P  A  R  T - 1


 [ 1 ] Amazonian International Airport.


After the lengthy introduction(s), you {Jessica} have landed at The Amazonian International Airport.


*** Talk to the customs official.

*** He won’t let you continue … “Only the passported man shall pass”!

*** Talk to the man (on the left) with the spotted red jacket.

*** He needs proof that Jessica is actually Harrison J. Harris.

*** Take your airline ticket stub from inventory and show it to the man with the spotted red jacket.

*** OK now!  Enter the shed.

*** Talk to the ‘Second biggest talking stone head’ … and learn what your (zany) Quest is!

*** Take the can of blue spray paint.

*** Exit the shed.

*** Watch the cut scene with Baron von Düsseldorf … and hear again the details of his dastardly plan (To rule Broadway!!).

*** Take the blue spray paint from inventory and use it on the open empty crate … drawing a large blue X.

*** Enter the crate … it closes.

*** Watch how the crate is lifted by Harry (the porter), and carried to the right and past the customs officer.

*** Jessica gets out of the crate and walks (freely) further to the right.


[ 2 ] Llamaland.

*** Talk to the smiling lady employee in the ‘FREE’ booth, and receive from her a free souvenir Llamaland cup.

*** Enter the ‘Ye Olde Llama Shoppe’.

*** Talk to the shopkeeper.

*** Take one of the bunch of paper bags from the counter.

*** Close the shop door.

*** Look at the can of shaving cream and take it … you can’t!

*** Try to sit on the Llamatic chair.  The shopkeeper won’t let you!

*** Talk to the shopkeeper again.

*** “So about the Llamatic?” ... “Could you demonstrate the Llamatic for me?”

*** The shopkeeper demonstrates the Llamatic chair.

*** Whilst he’s in the Llamatic, try to grab the shaving cream.

*** It seems that he only operates the Llamatic for a second or so … there isn’t nearly enough time to get the shaving cream!

*** Operate (click) the lever at the side of the Llamatic say 3 times.

*** Get the shopkeeper to demonstrate it again.

*** Notice that the demonstration lasts longer.

*** Apparently, the more times you operate lever, the longer the demonstration lasts!

*** You will need at least 6 clicks on the lever to allow sufficient time to in order to obtain the shaving cream.  About ten times (recommended) will give much more leeway.

*** Get the shopkeeper to demonstrate once again.

 *** Now he will sit for quite a long time … and you can easily grab the shaving cream.

*** Exit the shop.

*** Walk to the right and choose the cream colored path which forks towards the trees.

*** You are in the ‘Botanical Garden of the selectively carnivorous’.

*** Look at the ‘Venus Llama Trap’.

*** Look at the placard and read the whole description.

*** Pick up the pruning shears.

*** Walk off screen to the right, pass the ‘cafe urban’, continue walking to the right, and arrive at the line of stones.

*** Read the ‘Lama Alert’ warning notice.

*** Apparently you can’t take the (clear) path leading through the woods unless you are accompanied by a llama!


[ 3 ] Acquiring a llama  (in Llamaland).

*** Return to the ‘Botanical Garden of the selectively carnivorous’ and exit (to the left).

*** Walk forward and to the right.

*** Try talking to the llama … no response.

*** Talk to Hortense, the woman in blue.  It appears that the only thing that would scare her away from guarding Larry the llama would be if he got rabies … She’d be running for the hills!!

*** “So about rabies” … “Um, I think Larry is rabid” … “No, I don’t see the three tell tale signs” … “How can you tell when a llama has rabies?”

***  [iii] “The eyes as red as blood” …… [i] “The mouth as foaming as foam” ……

[ii] “And aggressive behavior”………… (In this case [alone], the order of [i], [ii], & [iii] has been ‘altered’ for “logical-descriptive” purposes ONLY!)

*** Apparently, in order to obtain Larry, you will have to get rid of Hortense by pretending to make Larry suffer from rabies … i.e. perform the abovementioned three tasks  …………..

~~~~~~~~ [i] ~~~~~~~~

*** Take the shaving cream from inventory and use it(s foam) on Larry … he will foam at the mouth.

~~~~~~~~ [ii] ~~~~~~~~

*** A little to Hortense’s left is a violet button.               

*** Press it and you will obtain consciousness-losing ‘muzak’ … the sort of insipid music “that your grandparents would probably love”!!

*** Walk a little to the left, and enter the red and white colored building.  It is the Llamarama … Hall of llama history.

*** Look at the stereo … it consists of 2 units.

*** A green cable is connected to the top unit and its label reads ‘muzak’.

*** A red cable is connected to the bottom unit and its label reads ‘llama mating calls’

*** Look at the easel exhibiting ‘llama mating calls’

*** Press the violet button on the easel … listen to the ‘llama mating calls’ … sounds of loooooooove!

*** Look at and click on the point where the green and red cables cross one another.  This switches the two stereo units … and maybe the two very different types of audio output?? 

*** If you NOW press the violet button inside the Llamarama … you no longer get the ‘llama mating calls’, but instead you hear that soporific muzak … neutered jazz:- possibly “Andrew Lloyd Webber” easy-listening music.

*** Exit the Llamarama and return to the violet button outside (near to Hortense).

*** Press that violet button (outside the Llamarama) … you no longer get the ‘muzak’, but instead you hear the ‘llama mating calls’.

*** Larry the llama gets hot under the collar and paws the ground aggressively!!

~~~~~~~~ [iii] ~~~~~~~~

*** Return to the ‘Botanical Garden of the selectively carnivorous’ and walk off screen to the right. *** Enter the ‘cafe urban’.

*** Talk to the persnickety manager.

*** Look around and try to do anything … you can’t!

*** Look at the nervous man sitting at the table.  His name is Dwayne.

*** Talk to him … He hates loud noises!

*** In inventory, inflate the paper bag (use the head/talk icon).

*** From inventory take the inflated paper bag and put it onto Dwayne … The bag explodes with a bang … and he collapses under the table.

*** The manager approaches Dwayne and just stands there, helplessly!

*** Grab the big hammer (a mallet).

*** Take the mallet from inventory and use it on the blue vase.  The expensive vase smashes to pieces … The furious manager marches Jessica into the kitchen where she will be washing dishes for a very long time.

*** Take the bottle of cooking sherry.

*** Take the box of ‘OH SOY!’ (soy protein).

*** Take the axe.

*** Try to escape through the door … an alarm siren sounds and the door closes … “Get back to work”!

*** Look at the alarm.

*** Use the axe on the alarm … it doesn’t work!

*** Look at the red wire.

*** Use the axe to cut the wire.

*** Exit the door … no problem now (and automatically return the axe).

*** Look around the rear emergency exit of the café.  Nothing doing there!

*** Walk to the left and pass the front of the ‘urban café’ … strange that the manager doesn’t see Jessica through the open door and apprehend her?!

*** Continue to the left through the ‘Botanical Garden of the selectively carnivorous’ and exit (to the left).

*** Walk forward and to the right.

*** From inventory take the bottle of cooking sherry and feed it to Larry … his eyes become red!

*** Once again press that violet button (outside the Llamarama) producing the ‘llama mating calls’.

        You have now completed ALL of the 3 ‘tasks’ necessary to simulate Larry’s rabies.

*** Larry’s eyes are bloodshot , he foams at the mouth and paws the ground aggressively.

*** Hortense can’t understand it.

*** Jessica tells her he’s got rabies … Hortense beats a hasty retreat!

*** Jessica cleans up Larry the llama who now follows her wherever she goes.

*** Watch the cut scene at ‘Miss Pernilla’s Institute for Unwifely Women’.


[ 4 ] Getting Larry safely through Llamaland.

*** In order to continue on her journey, Jessica (and Larry) must go to the ‘line of stones’.  That can only be accessed by passing through the ‘Botanical Garden of the selectively carnivorous’.

*** As you approach the ‘Venus Llama Trap’ it opens its mouth, bares its sharp teeth, and its long red tongue flicks out ready to swallow Larry!

*** Read the placard (again) Apparently you will have to feed the ‘Venus Llama Trap’ a very unappetizing llama in order to assuage its appetite for llamas (for the next week)!

*** Walk to the fountain near the entrance to Llamaland.

*** Use your cup from inventory, and fill it with water from the fountain.

*** Re-enter ‘Ye Olde Llama Shoppe’.

*** From inventory, use your cup (of water) and pour the water onto the statue of the Chia Llama … it sprouts fur.

*** Grab some fur … you can’t; not with your bare hands.

*** From inventory, use the pruning shears on the Chia Llama … giving it a haircut and obtaining llama fur.

*** Return to the Llamarama.

*** Go to the sarcophagus … it’s closed.

*** Click on it and it opens revealing an object which looks like a big llama-shaped cookie cutter.

*** Take your ‘OH SOY!’ from inventory and pour it into the open sarcophagus … you get a llama made out of soy.

*** Take the soy-llama.

*** Exit the Llamarama and again walk to the ‘Venus Llama Trap’

*** Larry cannot pass it but Jessica can!

*** Enter the front door of the cafe urban.

*** The manager orders her back into the kitchen to continue washing dishes.

*** Open the double doors on the left of the kitchen and step out.

*** Open the bathroom door (with the blue circle and 2 stick figures) and enter.

*** Talk to the man (Grady) standing there … “I wish I were a powder room attendant in a green tuxedo”.

*** Continue talking to Grady, the attendant.

*** {{ There are a few things you can do here which are amusing, but not essential … including taking a towel and spritzing it, etc. }}

*** In inventory, put the Chia Llama fur onto the soy llama (or vice versa) … making a soy llama with hair.

*** From inventory, hand the furry soy llama to Grady.

*** Ask him to spritz it.

*** He asks what spritz you want … and presents many choices.

*** Choose Eau de Llama.

*** In inventory, check that you have a soy llama with hair and an authentic musk!

*** Exit the powder room.

*** Open the double doors to kitchen and enter,

*** Exit the open emergency door to the back of the cafe.

*** Return past the front of the ‘cafe urban’ to the ‘Venus Llama Trap’.

*** From inventory, feed the (bogus) soy llama to the bared teeth of the ‘Venus Llama Trap’.

*** The ‘Venus Llama Trap’ is very unhappy … “Apparently it didn’t taste good’.

*** The ‘Venus Llama Trap’ will not eat anything else for a week … so Larry is safe.

*** Walk to the right and Larry follows … past the cafe urban and continue to the right, to the line of stones.

*** Ride Larry past the line of stones and along the path … “To finity and beyond”!?

*** Watch the cut scene with Baron von Dusseldorf.


[ 4 ] Round and round the Mulberry Bush !

*** Arrive at Herbert J. Parthenogenesis (Herbie) … unfortunately, Larry llama has been eaten by a yeti! L

*** Talk to Herbie.

*** Learn about mulberry bushes.

*** Find out what important information is in his second edition book.

*** It contains the “Ingredients needed to fertilize the Amazonian mulberry bush, with which you can obtain access to its bloom … etc., etc.”

*** Ask him for a copy of that second edition … he will only give you one in exchange for a first edition book!

*** Look at the Mulberry bush … “But it’s sealed shut”.

*** Open it up … No go:- “It’s sealed tightly”! 

*** Walk to the right, open the front door to the Adventurers’ Lodge.

*** Enter the Lodge.


[ 5 ] Adventurers’ Lodge.

*** Look at the mantelpiece (over the unlit fireplace).  On the right-hand side is a copy of Herbie’s book … Zeroth Edition.

*** Take the book and look at it in inventory.

*** Look at the Baron’s First Edition of Herbie’s book.

*** Take it!  The Baron won’t let you!

*** From inventory, take Herbie’s Zeroth Book and place it on the Baron’s First-Edition copy.

*** The Baron turns around looking for a 3 headed monkey … The editions are swapped.

*** Go back outside to Herbie.

*** Take your (the Baron’s!) First-Edition copy of Herbie’s book and give it to Herbie … He exchanges it for an autographed copy of the Second Edition.

*** In inventory, CAREFULLY look at and read all the instructions for fertilizing a mulberry bush and hence obtaining its bloom.

***  [i] “A gallon of liquid petroleum” …… [ii] “A dash of hot sauce” …… [iii] “The horn of a dangered rhinoceros – or a cup of sugar”.

*** In addition to the above, you must have [iv] “Copious supplies of water”.

*** “Hey the “autograph” is a seal that reads “The Amazonian Botanical Society” and “Brethren of Amazonian Oil-Drillers”.

~~~~~~~~ [i] ~~~~~~~~

*** Walk to the right and enter the Lodge again,

*** Walk to the middle of the room and enter the door just to the right of the Bugs-Bunny look-alike graphic.

*** Look at and pick up the empty gas can,

*** Look at the helicopter and its wee pilot,

*** Talk to the pilot … “Please, call me Pontius”! J

*** Keep talking to him until (at least) you reach “Does the helicopter need gas?”

*** The pilot gives Jessica his universal gas card.

*** From inventory use the gas pump activation card on the gas pump.  It doesn’t work … the card is missing some sort of official seal.

*** Exit the helipad, the Lodge,  and return to Herbie.

*** Hand the gas pump activation card to Herbie.  “Would you autograph this please?” … He “autographs” it with his trusty stamp.

*** In inventory, look at the gas pump activation card with the pretty seal.

*** Return into the Lodge and to the helipad.

*** From inventory take the gas card, and put it into the gas pump … “Pump activated begin fuelling”.

*** From inventory, take the empty gas can and place it on the gas pump … it fills the can.

*** Exit the helipad, the Lodge,  and return to the mulberry bush.

*** From inventory, take the full gas can and pour the gasoline onto the mulberry bush.

~~~~~~~~ [ii] ~~~~~~~~

*** Talk to the Ninja.

*** Ask him to give a demonstration with a Ninja star … on what object?

*** “The rhinoceros horn”;  “The Baron’s aorta”; ~~~~~ “I can harm neither man nor animal”!

*** “The target”; “The hunk of cheese ”; ~~~~~ bull’s-eye!

*** Walk to the left towards the main door and notice the drinking fountain and the trapdoor in the floor.

*** Open the trapdoor.

*** Walk down the stairs.

*** Look at and take the magnet.

*** Return upstairs.

*** Look at the placard of the rhinoceros (Endangered Edition).

*** From inventory take the magnet and put it on the rhinoceros’s horn … “It fits perfectly”!

*** Get the Ninja to perform another demonstration by aiming a Ninja star at the hunk of cheese.

*** The magnet causes the (iron/cobalt/nickel) star to be deflected, and the magnet and rhino horn are sliced off and fall to the floor.

*** Pick up the magnet.

*** Pick up the rhino horn.

*** Exit the Lodge,  and return to the mulberry bush.

*** From inventory, take the rhino horn and ‘give’ it to the mulberry bush … “In some cultures, this is an aphrodisiac”!

~~~~~~~~ [iii] ~~~~~~~~

*** Go to the extreme right of the Lodge, open and exit the back door (behind the Baron).

*** Look at the geyser (and it’s promotional placard) … “It’s not geysing”!

*** Look at the bottle of hot sauce.

*** Take the bottle … the hot dog vendor won’t let you!

*** Talk to the vendor … business is very bad since the geyser dried up!

*** Return through the back door to the Lodge.

*** Ask the Ninja if you can have one of his Ninja stars … No!

*** From inventory take the magnet and place it on the Ninja’s stars.

*** Since the stars are made of iron, cobalt and nickel, one attaches itself to the magnet (and is now in your inventory).

*** Again go to the trapdoor and walk down the stairs.

*** Look at the main water pipe … “I don’t hear any water though”!

*** Look at the greenery surrounding the pipe … “I hate Nature”!

*** Remove the vines surrounding the water pipe … You can’t; they’re too strong.

*** From inventory, take the pruning shears and cut the vines … “Take that ecosystem”!

*** Look at the funnel arrangement on the water pipe to the left of the water valve.

*** “The pipe is filled with petrified snapping turtles.  It’ll take something drastic to clear them out”.

*** From inventory take the (highly unstable) blue paint and shove it into the funnel.

*** From inventory take the ninja star and click it onto the blue paint … Jessica walks to the other end of the room  flings the star and the paint can explodes.

*** Boom!!  The pipe is unclogged.

*** Go to the valve and turn it on.

*** The water’s on … you can hear it.

*** Return up the stairs.

*** Look at the drinking fountain … “It seems to be bouncing” due to the water pressure.

*** Walk to the extreme right and exit the back door again.

*** Look at the glorious fountain whose beauty was denied to the world by those petrified snapping turtles!?

*** Hey! --- a trio from the previous section of the game … Grady, Hortense, and the manager of the “cafe urban”. 

*** Talk to them … Jessica is not very popular!!

*** Look at the bottle of hot sauce and pick it up.

*** Return through the back door, through the Lodge, and outside to the mulberry bush.

*** From inventory, take the bottle of hot sauce and ‘feed’ it to the mulberry bush.

~~~~~~~~ [iv] ~~~~~~~~

*** Return into the Lodge.

*** Talk to Baron von Dusseldorf … particularly about his coffee and the drinking fountain.

*** Look at the coffee percolator.

*** From inventory, take the empty Llamaland cup and fill it with coffee from the percolator.

*** From inventory, take the cup of coffee and put it onto the Baron’s coffee on the table.

*** No good … The Baron spots that the cup of coffee has no foam!

*** In inventory, take the “Llama’s own shaving cream.  Now with extra foaming action”, and put it onto the cup of coffee, creating foam … “I’m a regular barista”!

*** Again from inventory, take the cup of foaming coffee and put it onto the Baron’s coffee.

*** You’ve now got the Baron’s cup of coffee complete with foam in your inventory.

*** In inventory, pour the hot sauce into the foaming coffee.

*** From inventory place the spiked foaming coffee onto the Baron’s coffee.

*** Talk to the Baron again and get him to drink the hot foaming coffee, making him very thirsty … “My mouth is on fire”!

*** He rushes to the drinking fountain which erupts spouting water.  It floods out and onto the mulberry bush.

        You have now completed ALL of the 4 ‘tasks,’ necessary to fertilize the mulberry bush and hence obtain its bloom.

*** Cut scene … The Baron gleefully takes the fabled bloom of the mulberry bush and returns to his helicopter.

*** Get Jessica to follow him to the helipad.

*** Hitch a ride to the Norwegian Alps?!?  Show tunes --- Jellicle Cats … “Noooooooooooooo”!

*** Cut scene … The Baron flies to his secret manufacturing factory in the Norwegian Alps.  He intends using the bloom of the mulberry bush to manufacture ‘Methyl Ethyl Merman’ and conquer the World-slash-Broadway!


P  A  R  T - 2


[ 6 ] Gentlemen prefer Lederhosen.

*** The Baron arrives at the Norwegian Alps … His pilot has been eaten by a small yeti?!  Here he will produce his secret formula and market it onto an unsuspecting world as ‘Atkins Water’!

*** Jessica has followed him there.

*** Look at the poster for Atkins water … “What a diabolical plan”!

*** Try to open the gate … “It won’t budge”.

*** Notice the (black) cinder path, click on the extreme left of it and Jessica will walk (to the left and upwards) to the village of Kierkollamagaard (POP. 9).

*** Opposite the Chalet Cardiovasculare are a pair of doors (not too noticeable).

*** Open the door nearest to the snow and enter.

*** It is Frieda’s Yeti Survival Outpost.

*** Talk to Frieda.

*** “What’s that loudspeaker behind you?”.

*** Try to get her to test the loudspeaker (“YetiAlarm 2005”).

*** The alarm will only be sounded if/when the Yetimancer arrives.

*** “How can you identify the Yetimancer?”.

***  [i] “He looks very much like your standard yeti”  ~~~~~~  [ii] “Except for his tremendous height ……”  ~~~~~~  [iii] “…… and pronounced teeth”.

*** Look around the shop:- weapons of destruction; seven late husbands; etc.

*** The Photomatic Machine has an “Out of order” notice on it.  Open the curtain.

*** Enter the Photomatic … you can’t!

*** Exit the shop.

~~~~~~~~ [i] ~~~~~~~~

*** Walk past the Chalet Cardiovasculare and enter the Lederhoedown!

*** Talk to Franz the champion of the Lederhoedown.

*** You have to win at ……… {a}  Yodeling;    {b}  Clogging;    {c}  Schnapps drinking.

*** “What do I get if I win?” … “A yeti-skin coat”!

…………  {a}  …………

*** Challenge Franz at yodeling.

*** He drinks some water.

*** Jessica does not know how to yodel … “I’m off to practice”.

*** Exit the Lederhoedown.

*** Walk to the left and turn right along the boardwalk.

*** Open the door to the first shop on the left (the one next to Frieda’s) and enter --- “Y. Press...fine furriers … specializing in Yeti and Endangered Rhino.

*** Talk to Frederick the disgruntled furrier.

*** Keep talking to him until the subject of yodeling is dealt with.

*** “Can you teach me how to yodel” … says Jessica.  But Frederick will not waste his time unless/until Jessica can prove that she’s serious.

*** Ask about the workings of the shoemaking machine and Frederick explains.

*** Exit the shop.

*** Walk past the Chalet Cardiovasculare and the Lederhoedown and continue to the right. Look at the giant cuckoo clock.

*** Talk to the grumpy man standing on the high stilts.

*** Keep talking to him until … “Haven’t had the chance to pick up my package from the post office”.

*** Walk to the left and open the door to the Chalet Cardiovasculare and enter.

*** Talk to the receptionist … “I’m here for the angry stilt man’s package”.

*** Receive it and look at it in inventory.  It is “Professor Brown’s correspondence course in yodeling. Unfortunately it’s in Norwegian”.

*** Exit the door walk to the right, to the stilt man.

*** From inventory give him his package.

*** It’s a book, in Norwegian, and he specifically ordered it in Esperanto.

*** Take it away ...……

*** Walk to the left and enter Frederick’s shop again.

*** From inventory give him the yodel book.

*** He gives Jessica a VERY truncated course in yodeling.

*** Continue talking to him until Jessica asks “anything else?”.

*** He gives plenty of advice and instruction … and most importantly, “Avoid all dairy products”.

*** Exit Frederick’s and enter the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** Talk to the exercising man.

*** He is training for the Mr. Kierkollamagaard competition.

*** Jessica weighs herself on the scale ... 120 pounds.

*** Suggest to the man that he weighs himself.

*** He does, on the scale … 198 pounds, and he HAS to be 200 pounds in weight.

*** Adjust the calibration mechanism on the scale … you can only do that with a seventeen-sided medieval socket wrench.

*** Take his dairy-based protein supplement … He won’t let you, he needs it to gain weight.

*** Exit the Chalet Cardiovasculare and walk to the right, past the Lederhoedown and the cuckoo clock.

*** Look at the snowdrift ... “there is something inside”.

*** Take it.  Jessica can’t … “The ice is too thick”!

*** From inventory take the “Hell’s-Own Hot Sauce … guaranteed to melt your mouth and your hand, as well as any matter in the proximity”

*** Put the hot sauce on the ice ... it melts.

*** Inside is a Norwegian Army Knife

*** Take the knife.  It is complete with “corkscrew, toothpick, doorstop and seventeen-sided medieval socket wrench”.

*** Return to the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** Use the knife on the calibration mechanism for the scale.

*** Jessica weighs herself on the scale ... she now ‘weighs’ 120 metric tons!!

*** Talk to the athletic man again … “Check the scale.  Maybe you’ve gained weight”.

*** “Egad, I weigh more than the seraglio of a Hashemite sheik”.

*** He starts skipping now to lose some weight.

*** Whilst he is so occupied, steal his dairy-based protein supplement.

*** Exit the Chalet Cardiovasculare, walk to the right and enter the Lederhoedown.

*** From inventory take the “Metabolic-Cow; Premium Protein Powder; 97% Dairy, 3% Asbestos”.

*** Put it into Franz’s cup of water ... he won’t let you.

*** Go to the right and open the tap on the keg of schnapps.

*** The schnapps pours out and Franz rushes over to turn the tap off.

*** Whilst he’s still there, from inventory fairly quickly take the ‘Metabolic Cow’ and pour it into his cup of water.

*** Again challenge Franz to a yodeling competition.

*** Jessica goes first this time.

*** Franz drinks the water … it tastes like buttery cheese milk.  He coughs, cannot yodel, and loses!

*** Jessica wins the yodeling competition … “One up for Jessica”!

…………  {b}  …………

Exit the Lederhoedown.

*** Walk to the left, past the Chalet Cardiovasculare and continue left to a pile of termite-filled logs.

*** From the pile take one of these logs.

*** Enter Frederick’s shop.

*** From inventory, take the termite-filled log and put it into the Yetimatic … “Hey the machine ate my log...I guess the log was too weak for the gears”.

*** Return to the log pile.

*** Look at the healthy log which has an ax stuck in it.

*** Grab the log ... you can’t, it’s too big … and the ax won’t cut!

*** Look at the slander notice ... Apparently, cutting wood burns more calories than other highly athletic activities … “including persecuting Anababtists”?!

*** Remove the notice from the wall.

*** Enter the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** From inventory, take the slander notice and give it to the skipping man.

*** He runs to the village wood pile to exercise, takes the ax, and cuts the log in two.

*** Exit the Chalet Cardiovasculare, return to the pile of logs and pick up the healthy wood.

*** Return to Frederick’s.

*** From inventory, take the healthy log and put it into the Yetimatic … ‘DING’;  A pair of wooden clogs emerges!

*** Take the clogs.

*** Exit Frederick’s.

*** Return to the Lederhoedown.

*** Challenge Franz this time to a clogging competition.

*** Franz ‘dances’ on the wooden platform.

*** He claims victory because he says his clogs are prettier than Jessica’s.

*** Exit the Lederhoedown and return to the woodpile.

*** Take another termite-filled log.

*** Return to the Lederhoedown.

*** From inventory, take the termite-filled log and put it onto the wooden platform...which now swarms with termites.

*** Again challenge Franz to a clogging competition.

*** Franz goes first this time.  His clogs disintegrate … the termites eat them.

*** Jessica wins the clogging competition.  Look at the scoreboard … Home = 1;  Away = 2.

…………  {c}  …………

*** Challenge Franz to a schnapps drinking competition.

*** Jessica can’t … she’s too young … under age to drink?!

*** Exit the Lederhoedown, walk to the left, and enter the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** Turn left and enter the door beneath the ‘France-clock’.

*** Watch the twins playing tennis.

*** Talk to them ... they won’t or can’t converse.

*** From inventory, use the Norwegian Army Knife anywhere on the tennis net (you can use the pruning shears instead if you like).

*** The net collapses and the twins go over and fix it.

*** Whilst they are there, fairly quickly swipe the tennis racket(s) &/or tennis ball.

*** No go!  Jessica is not allowed to get away with it, and has to return the tennis equipment.

*** Exit the door from the tennis court and go to the barrel of shotputs (at the bottom right corner of the screen).

*** Take a free shotput … only one allowed!

*** Return to the tennis game.

*** Damage the net, and take the shotput from inventory and substitute it for the tennis ball.

*** Still no good … the substitution is detected.

*** Exit the tennis court and the Chalet Cardiovasculare, walk to the right, and enter the Lederhoedown.

*** From inventory, take the shotput and dip it into the keg of (green colored) schnapps … it is dyed green (“Now the shotput’s green”)!

*** Again return to the tennis game.

*** Damage the net again and take the green dyed shotput from inventory and substitute it for the green tennis ball (a little fiddly!).

*** The heavy shotput breaks the strings of the tennis racket.  The twins abandon their game and exit “to drink away their sorrows”, leaving their tennis kit behind.

*** Collect both of the tennis rackets and the tennis ball.

*** Return into the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** Open the first aid box … the receptionist won’t let you; “That’s for injured guests only”.

*** Exit the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** Look up at the pie on the balustrade … it isn’t balanced too well.

*** From inventory, take the tennis ball and throw it upwards.  It hits the pie, which falls onto Jessica’s head, covering her with red fruit pie filling … it looks like blood!

*** ‘Wounded’ Jessica automatically enters the Chalet Cardiovasculare, cleans herself up, and opens the first aid kit … no objections this time from the receptionist.

*** Take the bottle of Drowsimene.

*** Exit the Chalet Cardiovasculare and enter the Lederhoedown.

*** From inventory take the bottle of Drowsimene and empty some into the keg of schnapps.

*** Again challenge Franz to a schnapps drinking competition.

*** Franz goes first … and is knocked out (in more ways than one)!

*** Jessica wins … Frank has lost the schnapps drinking competition … and wallows!

Jessica has now won ALL 3 components of the whole Lederhoedown competition, and hence is entitled to the free prize.

*** She leaves Franz to his wallowing and takes the 1st Prize:- “A gift certificate for a yeti-skin coat at Y. Press”.

*** Exit the Lederhoedown.

*** Watch the cut scene at ‘Miss Pernilla’s Institute for Unwifely Women’.

*** Walk to the left and enter Frederick’s shop.

*** From inventory, present him with the gift certificate and receive the Yeti Skin Coat!  “Wear it with pride”!

            ~~~~~~~~ [ii] ~~~~~~~~

*** Exit Frederick’s and walk to the right to the cuckoo clock.

*** Talk to the unhappy looking man standing at the bottom of the clock … “Why the long face?”.

*** He is depressed because his love is unrequited --- Helga … she is beautiful … he can’t handle it!

*** The cuckoo clock has to be wound for it to work, and this guy is the municipal clock winder.

*** Walk to the left, to the balcony of the Chalet Cardiovasculare, and talk to Helga.

*** Tell her that the clock-winder loves her!  She is surprised but apparently happy?!

*** In order to marry a man, “in the Norwegian Alps before a women may profess her love, he must present her with a jar of pickled herring”!!

*** Walk to the right and enter the Lederhoedown.

*** On top of the barrel at the right is a jar of pickles … take it.

*** Look at the small lake in front of the cuckoo clock … “It’s filled with lively fish”.

*** Take one … “I can’t catch a fish with my bare hands”!

*** Return to the Chalet Cardiovasculare’s ‘tennis court’.

*** Again take your Norwegian Army Knife (or pruning shears) and cut anywhere on the tennis net.

*** Repeat this again and you get a small piece of netting.

*** From inventory, use the piece of net to catch a fish.  You can’t … “The fish are swimming too quickly to catch”.

*** From inventory, take the bottle of Drowsimene and pour some into the water … “Wow, I knocked out all the fish”.

*** Again use the piece of net to catch a fish … “Ooh, I caught a herring”!

*** In inventory combine the herring with the jar of pickles ... or vice versa.

*** Walk to the left to Helga.

*** From inventory take the pickled herring and give it to her.

*** She drops her handkerchief and tells Jessica to take it to her “dear little clock winder … whose name has never been specified”.

*** Pick up the hanky.

*** Walk to the right to the cuckoo clock.

*** From inventory, take Helga’s handkerchief and give it to the clock winder.

*** He must wind the clock in celebration.

*** A Donald Duck look-alike cuckoo springs out from the face of the clock 3 times and knocks the stilt man to the ground ... he’s unconscious.

*** Look at his huge stilts ... they are too big to carry.

*** However, the clock winder reappears and exchanges the huge pair for a normal sized pair of stilts.

*** Go to the left and observe Helga and the clock winder on the balcony of the Chalet Cardiovasculare ... “O happy they ... I don’t want to disturb their moment”!

~~~~~~~~ [iii] ~~~~~~~~

*** Go to the right to the gap between the Lederhoedown and the cuckoo clock.

*** Look at the (black) cinder path and read the yellow warning notice … “Snow shoes required beyond this point”.

*** From inventory, take the pair of tennis rackets and put them on to Jessica ... but she needs to attach them to her feet somehow.

*** Go to the left and enter the Chalet Cardiovasculare.

*** Look at and take the jump rope which the athletic man left on the floor.

*** In inventory, place the jump rope on the pair of tennis rackets ...“Good idea but the rope is too long”!

*** In inventory, take the Norwegian Army Knife and put it onto the jump rope.

*** It cuts it into 4 pieces.

*** Again in inventory, attach the ‘not-so-jump rope’ to the tennis rackets.

*** Return to the dangerous cinder path.

*** From inventory, take the makeshift snowshoes and fit them onto Jessica herself (... where you can’t see her).

*** Cut scene ... Baron von Dusseldorf is preparing his evil liquid … “At last the chemical is complete ……………….. ”.

*** Jessica arrives at a cave ... it looks more like an igloo.

*** Enter the cave ... “ROAR! ... Egad, someone’s at home”! …  Jessica retreats hastily.

*** Look at the high-strung kitty cat.

*** Touch it ... “HISS! ... Bad kitty cat”!

*** Return along the cinder path upwards (at the beginning follow the very large footsteps).

*** Go to the left, enter Frieda’s shop, and take the free sample of Yeti pheronome from her counter.

*** Return to the cave area.

*** From inventory, take the pheronome and spray it on the cat.

*** From the cave a yeti emerges ... “sniff, sniff, ROAR”! ... but it is not tempted!  WHY ??

*** Again return along the cinder path upwards and enter Frieda’s shop.

*** From inventory, take the free sample of Yeti pheronome and spray it on Frieda.

*** “Hey, your Yeti pheronome doesn’t work”!

*** “Did you use it on a living creature?” … What color was its fur?”.

*** “Black” … “Well, there’s your problem”! … “To function properly, the pheronome must be applied to an animal the same color as a yeti”.

*** Exit her shop and enter the shop next door, Frederick’s, and take the industrial strength bleach from his counter.

*** Once more return to the cave area.

*** Take the industrial bleach from inventory, and pour it on to the cat ... it’s now an unpigmented white color!.

*** From inventory take the pheronome and spray it on the cat again.

*** The yeti is attracted out of its cave and chases after the cat … “Yowr, meow, me-ow!” … “ROAR!” etc.

*** Enter the yeti’s cave, and walk to the right.

*** Notice the skulls and pics of Frieda’s 7 dead husbands!

*** Look at the large yeti dentures (in a large glass of water) and take them.

Look in your inventory and observe that you now have ALL the three essential items to impersonate a yeti :-

 [i]  My very own yeti-skin coat;        [ii]  Stilts;        [iii]  Yeti teeth.

*** Exit the yeti’s cave and return to Frieda’s shop.

*** Did you know the Yetimancer likes cats?

*** “PLEASE, will you sound the alarm?” … “Only if I see the Yetimancer”.

*** (({If you want a bit of [superfluous] fun, deal with following items individually!}))

*** Open the curtain of the photomatic.

*** From inventory, take the Yeti coat and put it onto Jessica ... she automatically enters the photomatic, closes the curtain and changes clothes.

*** From inventory, take the stilts and place them on to the photomatic.

*** From inventory, take the Yeti teeth and place them onto the photomatic.

*** Open the curtain … Jessica-Yeti emerges.


*** Sound the alarm ... the very loud siren-alarm sounds.

*** Exit Frieda’s shop.

*** Get Jessica to turn to the immediate left. Go to the black cinder path and read the yellow warning sign (with the large black triangle) … “Avalanche area”.

*** Start to walk down the cinder path.

*** Watch the cut scene at ‘Miss Pernilla’s Institute for Unwifely Women’ … “We will be taking a day trip to New York.  To see a musical.  The latest show by Baron von Dusseldorf.  ‘Les Misercats’”!

*** Apparently, the loud noise of the loudspeaker has caused the overhanging pile of snow to  avalanche down the slope and smash the heavy gate to the Baron’s factory.

*** Jessica runs down the path and is now standing in front of the shattered gate.

*** Continue to the right along the path to the factory.

*** Look around.

*** Open the tap to the huge chemical container … You can’t, “It’s locked in place”.

*** Look at the control panel.

*** Operate the control panel and solve the “Control Panel Puzzle”.  The puzzle is set randomly different each time.

It is a pretty difficult puzzle.  You can use pure trial and error … but that is unlikely to succeed.  However there IS a method to the madness which can be worked out … and once you figure that out, it’s easy.  However, if you get frustrated or lose your patience with the puzzle ………….

See the explanation and solution below.

*** When you succeed, the small red light at the top left corner of the puzzle will turn green … and “Curse You”!

*** To exit the completed puzzle, click the blue circular arrow at the bottom left corner of the screen.

*** Now open the tap to the chemical container … the deadly chemical spills out and is ruined.

*** Watch the cut scene with Baron von Düsseldorf … and the helicopter, and Jessica, etc., etc. … off to Broadway!


P  A  R  T - 3


[ 7 ] Yes  That  Last  Puzzle  Sucked !


*** Cut scenes … a LONG (and typically zany) ending to the game.

*** Credits.

*** NOT  TO  BE  MISSED :-  Pictures of ALL the many EXCELLENT voice actors and actresses … and a little bit of final fun!


[ 8 ] Solution to the “Control Panel Puzzle.


*** You have to make all the circular lights (buttons) the same … either bright red or dark (almost) black … it doesn’t matter which.

(Since the start-setting is random, if you want to save a little time/effort, you can choose the color which has the majority of the 16 buttons set at the beginning).

*** When you succeed, the small red light at the top left corner of the puzzle will turn green … and “Curse You”!

*** To exit the completed puzzle, click the blue circular arrow at the bottom left corner of the screen.


*** Just as an example, suppose you decide to change all the red buttons to black ones, and you start (randomly) with the orientation as in the diagram below:-

A1   A2   A3   A4

B1   B2   B3   B4

C1   C2   C3   C4

D1   D2   D3  D4

*** Deal with each individual button, in ANY order, as though it is the only button there:-  i.e. totally ignoring all the others (red and black) as though they don’t exist.

*** Use the mantra BUTTON;  ABOVE;  BELOW;  RIGHT;  LEFT and apply it to each (red … in this case) button in turn.

*** Starting with an ‘easy’ one:-  Click C2; B2; D2; C3; C1.  Notice that C2 has changed from red to black without ANYTHING else changing! 

ALWAYS, Five (correct) clicks for any button ‘reverses’ it without affecting anything else!

*** Continue similarly with:-  Click B3; A3; C3; B4; B2.

*** But what happens if the button you need to change is on the top or bottom row.  You apply what is known as ‘wrap-around’.  The row ‘above’ the top row ‘is’ the bottom row.  Likewise, The row ‘below’ the bottom row ‘is’ the top row.

*** So, click A3; D3; B3; A4; A2 … and D2; C2; A2; D3; D1.

*** Similarly:- The column ‘to the right’ of the right-most column ‘is’ the left-most column.  Likewise, The column ‘to the left’ of the left-most column ‘is’ the right-most column. 

*** So, click B4; A4; C4; B1; B3 … and C1; B1; D1;C2; C4.

*** Corner buttons are the ‘trickiest’ since you have to apply both of the above wrap-arounds.

*** Hence:- Click A1; D1; B1 A2; A4 … and D4; C4; A4; D1; D3.

*** By now, in this example, ALL the buttons are black and you have completed the puzzle. J





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