Walkthru by BONeHeAD

This is just a walkthru - it covers only what's crucial for the
completion of the game. I also describe some stuff that I haven't
found the use for just to help those of you who may want to
explore further and write a complete solve or, ahem, "corrections"
to my one.


Pick up flyer near the door, read it. Look at the TV. Take the "I'm
Fat" T-shirt from the drawer. Walk to the bed and pick up cushion, get
remote control from under it. Now proceed to kitchen and take bird toy
from the closet. Return to the room and use bird toy with remote in
your inventory. This will shut your neighbor norm up.

Return to the kitchen and pickup a jar of white paint in closet. Now
use the kettle, then use coffee cup on it. Use jar of white paint on
cup and pick it up.

Take little box (on the stove) and go to bathroom. Take towel and shark
poon. Return to the closet and use sharkpoon on washing machine, get
rat into the box.

Return to your room and pick up the scissors (near the bed). Look at your
sofa, pick up strange gizmo and coins. Use Hi-Fi if you wanna (no real
use for it).

Use window twice. Talk to Dai (always talk to everyone about every possible
topic, except when stated otherwise).

After he gets you down just find the bus stop, use it and go to Plush-Rest


Wander around the factory. Notice the footprints near the 3rd dumpster.
Move the oxy-acetilene torch to the container door. Pick up rusty cog
near there too. Put on your T-shirt and enter the reception.

Talk to the receptionist, mention your Tee, proceed ahead-right to the
rest room. Use the sofa and pick up another gizmo. Use water machine
and pick up a cup of water. Then use strange creature (coffeemaker)
and pickup a cup of coffee. Talk to Twiddler and he takes you to the
test department.

After you finished talking look at the glass container, and at the air
vent above it (hint-hint). Try to pick up the radio - you'll rip the
receiver from it. Unplug the sender right above it too. Exit.

Turn R and all the way to the diner. Open the door and talk to tester
about strike and all stuff. Search the locker (all of then are marked
"lockers" and only one is "locker", this is what you need) and get The
Firestarter's Book and a costume book.

Exit the diner and visit WC (just R). Use the air vent. Wander around
the vent system to find a belt and another vent that goes down to
Twiddler's office. Look down there and use the glass case - you got
the debris.

Go R thru the corridor, ask the guard why he won't let you in. Look R
and pickup a battery. Go U the stairs and pick up manual, read it.
Use sender on battery, then use receiver on bare wire of second bed,
finally use battery and receiver together. Use debris on the bed - the
second norm is asleep now.

Go D and to the testing room. Find the way to the room with 3 grinders.
Use the manual, use belt on extinguisher to fix the buttons, then use
the extinguisher, then pick it up. Use control panel to turn off saw blades.
Use the middle grinder. Tell the girl about Blue Pens and Dai and you'll
receive a couple of orders - to play the tape of Brian Deluge over the TVN
network and to paint waffle statue in MINT Mall yellow. Say "OK" to her.

Before you leave Plush-Rest use extnguisher on yellow paint can.


Enter map and visit MINT Mall. Talk to blindman with a dog and give him the
costume book in exchange for matches.

Go inside the Mall and proceed to toy shop on 2nd floor. Norm guard will
take your extinguisher, but that's all right. Pick up a toy
rat there (in the basket with "Give me a good home" sign). Also pick
up fruit choppers from the wall, use them to cut off the large glider.
Use choppers on glider. Pick up yappy puppy, then pick up small glider,
then use them together. Do so 3 times and exit the shop.

Pick up fruit choppers and go down to food mart. Talk to the troubled-
looking salesperson and he'll turn off the light - just what you need.
Use choppers on speaker up there. Also pick up some frozen food and
wrap it in towel. Exit.

Enter the Disco-La-La shop on 1st floor. Talk to Brian Deluge. Pick up
Total Clap CD (central one among 9 CDs on the wall). Go to Brian's room
and use speaker on stereo. Use CD on stereo - enter the puppies! Exit
to the hall, approach waffle statue and use matches on Firestarter's
book :).

When you appear in the dark storage room use matches on crates.

After leaving the Den go to container near the river and use oxy-acetilene
torch on container door.

4. TVN

Pick up turd on the TVN stairs. Use toy rat on guard, then use real rat
on him. Enter the station.

Go to the office and talk to secretary and the boss to obtain the
studio security card.

Go to administrator's room and use turd on computer engineer. Look at his
shirt and then look at his ID badge.

A, L, enter the 1st studio room using the security card on door. Insert
cassette into VT2. Use computer - the password is engineer's second name
as written on badge. Type PLAY VT2 and there you go.

Inside the Heather's Den say you will go on.


In lobby talk to Norm and ask him the Research code. Enter it on the right
keypad, use elevator.

Talk to scientist, pick up scalpel and CDs (optional). Enter booth and use
straps, then use scissors (or scalpel for that matter) on last strap to
release the prisoner.

Exit the booth, climb thru broken window onto platform. Pickup ladder and
use winch to get the platform down. Go to Plush-Rest.

Use ladder on container (the one with gas ballons inside). Use ladder to
climb up the container. Use screwdriver to extract small cog from inside
the old engine. Return to Ordinary Outpost.

Go back up to Research. Pick up glass shard (left unused). Enter the broken
window in corridor. Pickup dish cloth, use it on extinguisher. Use both
cogs to fix the waste grinder and when it's up and running drop paint
sample, glider and puppy inside it. Pick up a set of keys inside the
shelve with ACID sign on it. Exit.

Here you may use 2 keys to open the second door in the corridor and open
the cupboard door in this room, but I haven't found any use for it. So
go straight to scientist and talk to him about the patient. Pick up
patient and use buttons near the metal tube. Hit the DOWN button, then
the central red one. Get patient inside the capsule, hit red button
again. Exit thru the elevator.

Near the first column on the right in lobby locate a loose tile, walk
on it, then approach reception Norm and talk to him about fountain. Look
at empty reception area and you get a Procesing floor code. Enter it
on left keypad.

Talk to Processing floor guard, ask him for an another prisoner. When he
gets out hit the big red button. Enter the door, look at the central
Zoom Toob, look at panel left of it, look at Saul inside the Toob.
Talk to Paul and say you got nothing to tell, then ask for another
chance. He sentences you for a lifetime in Mood Filter.

(If you talk to Paul without previously fixing the waste grinder and
getting rid of evidence against you, he won't realise that you're not
really a Norm and Sentence you for weeks of work as Pens staff. There
you'll have to get rid of mini-cameras hidden all over the place, and
then you should be able to free Saul, but finding those little bugs
is a pain in the ass, especially the last one. Maybe this brings a
new twist in the game - try it.)


There are 3 cells in the area you're in: 1st is where you can see Saul
and a guard thru the door, 2nd is shut tight and 3rd is where you can
see Saul and no guard near. There are those mind-sucking gizmos hidden
inside benches in all of them - your goal is to find them all. Periodically
you get sucked into orifice in the floor of your cell and then taken
to next cell.

Inside first cell use bench, when it breaks, pick up gizmo, splint
and bracket. Then you go thru the Zoom Tube into next cell.

Use bench, then use bracket to extract gizmo from the remains of bench.
Take a plank that's left of bench. Pick up a piece of denim near the
orifice. Prepare for a trip.

In the third cell use bench, then use plank on bench. Use denim with
gravy dip (under the Food Mat) to write a message to Saul. Pin it up on
the splinter, then use splinter with the opposite cell door (where Saul

While you're in the Zoom Toob look at the opposite tube - Saul has got
a message for you.

Now you appear in 1st cell again. It's useless to ask the guard to get
you to the toilet, so just wait until you get to 3rd cell again. There
open Food-Mat and use bracket with loose tap there.

Pick up wet gizmo in the toilet (not in the urinals). Now just wait
for another trip in Zoom Toobs.

Talk to Heather and say that you will continue your explorations.


After you appear on the street near your house enter the TV shop (it's
now open). Look at the small telly, then ask shopkeeper about the remote.
When he gets out to get it, go behind counter and pick up key, then use
key on back door - the shopkeeper is trapped. Pick up carton box
and you can now go thru the hatch in the ceiling of the shop.

Pick up hammer there (behind the crate) and use it on wooden planks
(left from the hatch). Enter the hole and approach the strange lights.

Inside the station pick up short wire, long wire, teddy bear. Use short
wire on circuitry board in the lower power box, then unscrew the light
bulb and connect bulb pins and circuitry with long wire. Use teddy bear's
eyes on slot in console near the turbine, then hit the button
on same console. Hit the button above circuitry board too and approach
the turbine...

8. DAI

Pick up green rubber pipe there where a power station once standed.
Now approach Norm truck near your house's door - Dai is inside.
Connect air intake of the truck's cabin with air vent up there. Open
truck's back door.


Exit the Den and visit MINT Mall again. Pick up matches near the door,
then enter it and get planks, firecracker and a piece of rope.

Return to Plush-Rest. Use one empty paint can on another (behind the
container), use raft on river. Use gas and off you sail!


Read the newspaper found near the parking. Enter the tunnel. Turn 180
and hit the switch there on the rear side of the entrance to turn
off the lights. Go ahead now.

Talk to your friends there about what you should do, then go down and
pick up nightvision goggles. Return to the tunnel leading to stadium and
go down the hatch.


Go all the way ahead thru the tunnel, pick up brick, then use brick on
hole in the wall just below one of the ceiling grates - you get
batteries for your goggles. You may use them, but they die soon and
not very useful.

Use guitar on bars near to the grate where you are (if you look at
those bars Kent says smth like "They're not very sturdy") - this
makes a hole. Go thru it, turn R and and use guitar on suspicious
wall ("Hollow as Paul's promises") - this opens you an exit to
stage elevator. Now proceed ahead and once again to the R - there's
another ceiling grate and a strange wall on the right of it. Smash
the wall with guitar again and pick up metal brace. Ignore the
crate for now.

Now search the sewer for the blue "ACCESS" sign. Use brace on it -
this opens a door just around the corner. Enter the Saul's secret

Remove the weird poster and climb inside (use hole). Pick up axe
and exit. Return to the crate and pick the lock with the axe. Use
crate to get the suit. Return to Saul's lab and use suit on microwave
device (inside hole). Now go to "ACCESS" sign ang get the metal
brace back. Return to elevator and use it on doors, then use doors...


Enjoy the finishing animation (I couldn't, "thanks" to the miracles of
CD-rip :) ).


Mucho thanx to Ady ([email protected]) and Heljar Grimstad ([email protected])
for hints'n'tips on this adventure!

As usual kudos to my TRXNet buddies!


Done by BONeHeAD // tRX
(c) moral rights reserved

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