Clue Chronicles: The Fatal Illusion

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A Note of Caution: Many people have complained about the bugs in the game, I
have experienced some of them. Your game may hang and you may have to start
all the way again from Disc 1. So save often and keep your fingers crossed.
There is a patch available on the Hasbro website but it appears to change
the date format in the game to the America format. No harm done, but then
again, you don't really need the patch either. I managed to finish the game
without it.

On with the story...

You are a detective invited by Ian Masque to a party at his mansion at the
top of the mountain. You start out on the deck of a ship which will bring
you to the foot of the mountain.

Disc 1 -- The Ship
First look at the items in your inventory by moving the cursor to the bottom
of the screen. You will find a newspaper cutting about the building of
Masque's mansion and his letter of invitation. Talk to Scarlet and she will
ask you to bring her a drink. Turn to the left and talk to Green. Then go
into the cabin and talk to Peacock and White. Go down the stairs and move
your cursor until it is slanting towards the room under the stairs. Talk to
Kell and Plum. You can't talk to Popov, who is playing the piano, and Sabata
will ignore your questions. Talk to Urfe and he will inform you that Masque
asked you to bring a puzzle box to him. He then gives you the key to the
cabinet. Turn and talk to Mustard to get a drink for Scarlet. Then go back
up the stairs, out onto the deck and give the drink to Scarlet. She will
tell you of her fear that something bad will happen. Go back indoors and use
the key Urfe gave you to open the cabinet opposite Peacock and White. Get
the puzzle box and Masque will appear.

After his speech, go down the stairs and talk to him. Then give him the
puzzle box. Masque will show the puzzle box to the other guests and falls
down dead in the middle of his speech. After the commotion is over, look
downwards and you will see the puzzle box lying on the floor. Try to touch
it and Kell will stop you. Time to talk to the guests again. Now you can
talk to Popov and Sabata, Popov will give you some cards and Sabata will
demand you to show him something magical. Talk to Urfe and get him to teach
you a magic trick, then show the trick to Sabata. He will draw a picture for
you. Talk to White and she will drop and urn. Look at the pieces and you
will find 2 artifacts. After picking up the artifacts, go out onto the deck
and use the cards Popov gave you on Scarlet. She will give you the numbers
for today's date, 12, 31 and 38. Go back down and go through the door where
Green took Masque's body. Look at the door on the right and use the numbers
Scarlet gave you to unlock the door. 

First turn the dial clockwise, anticlockwise and lastly clockwise again. The
order of the numbers are either 12, 31, 38 or 31, 12, 38.

You most probably have to try many times before it actually works, patience
is the key. If it is done correctly, the view will zoom out so you can see
the door handle. Click on it, go into the room and you will stop in front of
some shelves. Take the gloves and turn to your right. You will see a big
wooden box on the floor. Click on the arrow to move closer to the box and
try to open it. Before you can do that, Green will suddenly appear and tell
you that he put Masque's body in the upper rooms. Open the box again and
take the gear from it. Go back out and use the gloves to pick up the puzzle
box. The box and an artifact will appear in the inventory. To open the box,
click on Masque's artifact and use it to click on the puzzle box. Open the
first lock using Masque's artifact, it will open a secret compartment.
Remove the paper from the compartment and use the big artifact from the urn
to open the second lock in the top left corner of the compartment. Then use
the small artifact from the urn to open the last lock. You will find a

Go back through the double doors and down the corridor, then up the stairs
on the left of the corridor. You have reached the door to the wheelhouse.
Use the clamp from the puzzle box to open the door and go in. Take a look at
the captain and you discover that he is a machine! You have to fix him to
get off the ship. Turn to the right and you will see a generator. Press the
power button until it turns red. Turn back to the captain and use the gear
to fix him. Back to the generator again and press the power button until it
turns yellow, then press Blow Downs, Valve, Cross Conn and finally Feed
Valves. Scarlet will come and tell you that the ship is slowing down. Time
to get off the ship.

Disc 2 -- The Cable Car Mountain
You're outside the cable car shed and Green is with you. Talk to him and he
will tell you that the operating instruction is in the shed somewhere. Go in
and turn to the right where a cupboard is. Open the cupboard and get the
torchlight, funnel and kerosene can. Now go inside the cable car and look at
the interior. It's too dark to see anything so use the torch. The operating
manual lies on the floor near the left. It's torn up so you have to sort it
out. Now you have to fill the gas tank with gas using the funnel and
kerosene can. It's quite hard to find the gas tank, I spent a long time
looking for it. Go right up to the door of the shed and turn around so that
you are facing the interior. Then move your cursor until you see and arrow
pointing towards the right. Click on it and you're at the gas tank. Use the
funnel and kerosene can on it, then move to the control panel on the right
of the cable car. Flick the 3 switches on the left so that they're pointing
upwards and the big lever on the right, and you will find yourself in the
cable car. To start it, turn the lever on the left until the red light
disappears. Then move the lever on the right upwards. The cable car will now
move upwards. Oh no, ice has formed on the cables and you can't move
forward. To break the ice, you have to go down and go forward twice. Now you
can reach the mansion.

Disc 3 -- The Mansion
You go into the mansion and find the others all gathered together in the
dining room. Green informs you that six of the guests are given a riddle to
find the jewels. They are Green, Peacock, White, Scarlet, Plum and Mustard.

After this speech, you are left in the room with Green and Peacock. Talk to
Green and he will tell you his riddle, Peacock won't tell you hers... yet.
Then go to the fireplace behind Green and pick up a photo under a log from
the fireplace that is not burning. Go out of the room and enter the kitchen,
which is next door. Talk to White and she will tell you about a dream that's
bothering her. Then go into the ice room by turning to the right. Go and
open the refrigerator and remove the 4th tray from the top. Then turn left
and look at the body of Masque. Click on the tattoo near his neck. Exit and
move the cursor until it is slanting towards the left. Click on it and use
the ice tray on the pot, then heat the pot by clicking on the switch that is
lighter in color. You have found Green's jewel!

You have to find Kell to explain White's dream. Exit from the kitchen and
you'll find yourself in the great hall. Go up the stairs and enter the first
room on the left. Go in and turn to the right. Talk to Kell and she will
give you an explanation about White's dream. Back to White again. After you
give her the explanation, she will tell you the riddle. Now go up to the
Kell's room. Go in, forward and turn left. You will see a chest of drawers
with lots of skulls on it. Best to save at this spot because there are some
bugs at this part of the game, I had to start all over again from Disc 1.
You have to open all the small drawers before you can open the big one. Open
them in this order, 1st row - 2nd drawer, 2nd row - 4th drawer, 3rd row -
1st drawer, 4th row - 3rd drawer. Now you can open the big drawer at the
bottom and there is White's jewel!

Exit from Kell's room, go down the corridor and enter the left door. To talk
to Scarlet, go forward and turn right. Ask her about the photo you found in
the fireplace, the tattoo and the riddle. Then go downstairs and enter the
corridor beside Sabata. Go forward then turn right when you see Mustard and
enter the magic room. Forward and turn right to talk to Popov. Get her to
teach you hypnotism and then ask Urfe to teach you a magic trick. Now go to
the artifacts room at the end of the corridor and you can find Plum looking
at some artifacts from Masque's collection. Go up to him and turn right.
Take the pendant from the bust and go to the lion statue at the back of the
room. It's rather dark here, so you may have to brighten your screen. You
have to press various parts of the lion's body to reveal the hiding place of
Scarlet's jewel. Press the eye, the right leg, the nose and the ear. If done
correctly, the parts will fall off and laser beams will shoot out from the
statue, showing you where thejewel is hidden. Just follow the beams and you
will get Scarlet's jewel!

After getting Scarlet's jewel, exit from the room and enter the magic room
which lies opposite where Mustard is standing. Enter the room, go forward
and turn right. Give Popov the pendant you got from the bust and let her
show you the correct way to hypnotize people. Then go and talk to Urfe and
get him to teach you a magic trick, it will come into use later. Exit and
return to the artifacts room. Talk to Plum and hypnotize him. Swing the
pendant by moving the mouse left and right. You have to keep the pendant at
the right speed for 3 seconds. He will then recall the riddle. Go out of the
room and turn to the left, you will see a statue of a mummy. Go closer and
you can see that she is holding a round disc with five buttons. To get
Plum's jewel you have to press the buttons in a certain order: top left, top
right, bottom center, bottom left, bottom right, top left. The disc will
open, giving you Plum's jewel!

Go down the corridor and talk to Mustard. He is willing to tell you the
riddle but you need to find someone to draw it out. Ask him about Peacock
too, it'll be useful in getting her to reveal her riddle. Now go and find
Sabata in the great hall. Use the magic trick from Urfe on Sabata and he
will draw Mustard's riddle for you. Mustard's riddle shows a half-filled
beaker, a clock and an eaten apple. The beaker means "half", the clock "an
hour" and the apple means "ate", same sound as "eight". The riddle is
telling you to turn the clock in the hall half an hour past eight. To get to
the clock, go back into the corridor and return to the great hall again,
only this time turn to the left. You will see a clock surround by stone
lions. Move closer and turn the hands to 8:30, then click on the clock face
and you will get Mustard's jewel!

Peacock riddle is easily the hardest to get. I had to try and try again and
again. If you haven't talked to Mustard about her, go and talk to him. Then
go and talk to Peacock. She will now tell you her riddle. Go back to the
magic room and turn right the moment you enter the door. Go to the table in
the corner, this is Peacock's riddle. The goal is to remove the barriers in
the hallway on the right side and get the marble into the topmost hole. Tilt
the table by dragging the mouse in the direction you want. The marble starts
in the top left corner. Go to the dark gray hole and then to the bottom
right hole and back to the start. Red hole to the hole at the center of the
spiral. You're at the start again. Now the white hole and you'll be in the
right hall. Go to the top exposed hole and you're in the bottom left. Hit
the blue buttons until you can get to the hole which takes you back to the
hall. Go to the newly exposed hole at the top to go back to start. Now down
the white hole and into the hall to the new exposed hole. Hit the blue
buttons again and back to the start. Now all the barriers are gone, so down
the white hole, into the hall and into the top hole. You'll get Peacock's

Now return the jewels to their owners and go to the magic room. Urfe will
begin his magic trick but something goes wrong and he's dead. Popov is left
in the room, talk to her and she'll tell you that it is time for a s´┐Żance.
Go to the dining room, forward and turn left. Open the cupboard doors to get
the ouiji board. Back to the magic room to give it to Popov and follow her
to the dining room. You have to spell out the names of the people present,
Green, Peacock, White, Plum, Mustard, Scarlet and Popov. A ghostly figure
will appear and steals the jewels. Go up to Scarlet's room and you'll find
her lying dead on the floor. Go to the artifacts room and talk to Plum, then
back to Scarlet's room again. Green will attack you but you'll be saved by
Scarlet. Seems she is faking death all the time. Talk to her and she'll give
you a key. Now go to the top of the stairs and turn left. Use the key on the
locked door and go in. Go right and you'll enter a room that looks exactly
like the previous one. Go left and click on the pokers standing by the
fireplace. It will reveal a secret door.

Enter and go right. Open the drawer to get the jewels, then read the diary.
Now turn left and go through the door, down the spiral staircase, through
the red door and left, left, right, right, right, left, left. Move the arrow
until it is pointing downwards, click on it and you will be looking at a set
of scales. Using the paper you got from the puzzle box, place the jewels on
the scales. On the left, green, red and yellow; on the right, blue, purple
and white. The cover will open, revealing the skeleton of a dead man. Pick
up the dagger and the paper near his head. Scarlet, Masque and Green will
appear. Turns out that Masque and Green are the masterminds. They will then
leave, trapping you and Scarlet. Click on the stones around the door to
remove the bars. First, right 3 (third stone from top on the right), top
center, left 3, right 6, left 6, right 4, left 5, top second stone from
left, top second stone from right, left 4, left 1,! right 2. Then go back
the way you came, right, right, left, left, left, right, right.

Masque has planted a bomb on the door. Disarm it by using the dagger to cut
the wires in the order of the colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, indigo and violet. Best to save here cos you can die if you
accidently cut the wrong wire. I don't know about you, but red and orange
looks alike to me. After cutting the wires, go up the staircase and sit back
and enjoy the ending.