Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

by Her Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     October 2004


Gameplay:     The main menu has new game, load & save game, continue game, second chance, game setup, credits, help, more Nancy Drew and exit game. The Game setup has the voice, music, special effects volume, closed captioning and auto move. The help menu explains about cell phone, notebook, tool box, exit, saving-loading games, second chances, hints and more information.

The gameplay is the same for junior and senior mode. In junior mode, Loulou gives suggestions as to what to do, has a checklist and the game puzzles are easier.

In New Game, the game setup explains the game manipulation and how to go about gameplay. There are unlimited saves but only 32 slots are seen on load.

The game is mostly non linear and you can play the puzzles as you see them or later.

NOTE:    The sequence in this walkthrough is based on following the dialogue clues given by different characters and arranged by relevant puzzles. There might be actions that can be done earlier but found later in the walkthrough. If you don't meet some of the characters, set the alarm beside Nancy's bed for next day and look for them.


Nancy is on her way to Blackmoor Manor to check up on Linda Penvellyn, the daughter of Nancy's neighbor. Linda, newlywed to Hugh has fallen ill since she came to live in the Manor.

Nancy is dropped off at Blackmoor Manor. Someone whispers Nancy's name. After knocking on the door, a growl is heard and burning red eyes is seen. Mrs. Drake greets Nancy and tells that your room is the one with the moon on the door. Linda is not quite ready to see Nancy. Mrs. Drake says to see her in the conservatory after settling down in your room.

Nancy's bedroom:     Read the game journal for information. Use the cell phone. The speed dial under the directory has home, Ned and Mrs. Petrov listed. Call Ned and Mrs. Petrov.  Click on web and check all your e-mails. Use the cell phone again, click on web, internet browser and do a search. Learn the connection about witchcraft and Blackmoor Manor.

Nancy's suitcase is at right of the fireplace and left of the window seat. Look close at the moon column at the base of the window seat. Look close at the crest above the fireplace. Pan left and look at the gold book on the left side of the mantle - Grenny and the Water Fairy by John Penvellyn 1937. Read the book about a frog named Grenny and the red key the princess gave to the water fairy. Look at the note tucked in one of the pages - it showed the 4 elements symbol, water, earth, fire and air.

Look at the square box on the chair - we need more info on this. Check the eternal play balls on top of the bookcase. A mural of Helios (Apollo), riding the fiery chariot pulled by 4 horses covers the wall left of the door. The phone (cook and Hugh) and the alarm clock are on the table left of the bed. The lamp switch is on the wall beside the lamp. There's a tripod by the window.

There's a constellation chart behind the green stellar picture between the windows. Use the web search again and read 'Why the stars seem to move'. Learn about the solstices: Solstitium and Bruma; and about the equinoxes: Aequinoctium Vernum and Autumnalis. Press the circle at bottom left to see the star map. Press the blue circles and the text to see the different star maps.

Time meet to Mrs. Drake in the conservatory. Exit the room and look left to see moon signs framing your bedroom. A gorgeous stained glass window is at the end of the hall. Go forward down the hall and listen through the next door and hear a girl and a woman talking.

There's an alcove on the left with stairs that sing going up. NOTE: Don't go up or solve the puzzle up there yet or you will not see Mrs. Drake in the observatory or Nigel in the library today.


Meeting the characters

Jane's Bedroom:     Knock on door right of the alcove where the child's voice came from. Jane, Linda's stepdaughter says 'to come back later please'. Look close at the red button on the right of the door. It needs a key.

We better not keep Mrs. Drake waiting and look for the conservatory. Go down the hall and look close at the gargoyle at the corner. Turn the corner and hear an angry woman. Go down the stairs and turn left.

Conservatory:    Enter through the metal door on the left wall of the foyer and down the metal stairs. Look around. Look close at the plaque of outstanding achievement given to John Penvellyn on the urn pedestal. Look close at the drain and then the water sprayer on the empty frog fountain.

Turn left, forward, right and see several potting tables. (Note: If you picked up the key from the noisy stairs, you will not see Mrs. Drake and have to wait for later in that day or the next day by setting the alarm clock.) Talk to Mrs. Drake. Learn about Nigel Mookerjee, researcher and Ethel Bosinny, Jane's tutor. Learn about Linda, to order food from a local restaurant and water in well.  She talks about Loulou and proper food for the parrot. Look close at the potting table on the left. Look close at Leticia Drake's allergy medicine and learn the effects on her.

Library:    Exit the conservatory and go across the Great Hall to the door across the room. You might or might not see Nigel depending on who you talked to before this. If you don't see him, set the alarm to talk to him the next day. But if you do, talk to Nigel Mookerjee, the man typing on his computer. Learn about the Penvellyn scandalous history and family treasure. Elinor Penvellyn is the family member tried for witchcraft. Chimes heard in the manor. Learn about the Blackmoor beast and the portraits at the Great Hall. Look close at the statue in front of Nigel's desk and learned how Elinor was adopted. Go to next room and look close at the books.  Nigel will give an ongoing commentary about the Penvellyn ancestors. Look close at the desktop computer. Alan Penvellyn is learned in computers. It needs a password. Exit the library. Check the cell phone browser and look up the Beast of Blackmoor.

Loulou and East Hall:    Go back upstairs, turn right, go down the hall and see a door with a flowered plate - Mrs. Drake's room. Go to the corner and hear a ghostly sound. Take off the cover and see a parrot in a cage. Meet and talk to Loulou. Loulou is a great source of information! Turn right and see a door with a big crest on it. We need a key to open that door.

Linda's bedroom:     Knock on the door left of the stairs. Enter and see a darkened room. Look around and see draped furniture, pictures on the wall and a table with mirror, cell phone and lotion. The curtain on the bed is pulled. Click on the curtains and talk to Linda. Doors that should not never be opened.... Jane, Linda's stepdaughter wants to come in to meet Nancy but was refused. Leave the room.

Jane's room:    Turn right from Linda's room and talk to Jane now that her study time is done. Note: If you do this later or after the library, Jane will be sleeping by then and have to wait the next day for the opportunity. Jane's is free after her study time that ends at 2PM. Enter the room and turn left to see Jane in bed.

Matching game - She wants to play a game. The first game is a matching game using Brigitte's cards, the one with the telescope in her portrait. Jane wants you to do better than her 40 (junior) or 25 (senior) tries. The aim of the puzzle is to flip open duplicate cards until all the cards are opened.

Open 2 cards at a time. Once you see a card that is a duplicate of one you have seen. Click on both to keep them open. You can write the cards down on a paper to help you. That's not cheating.

Talk to Jane after winning the first game and find out about the lady in black that left a note in Linda's room. That is when she started feeling poorly. Talk to her again and find out that the lady in black resembles Elinor. Play games with her again using games from the chest or just skip that dialogue. Talk to Jane again about animal, treasure and password.

Skull and Bones game - She will tell you the password of the computer if you beat her in skull and bones games. You don't need to play this game for the password. Find out for yourself by looking at the words under Arthur's crest at the Great Hall. Arthur is the second from the last (next to Hugh).

Skull and bones game's aim is to accumulate 3 of a kind card. The cards shown are yours. Click on a card and ask if Jane has them. Remember the cards Jane asks for and ask for them when you have them. This is practice for another card game at the Great Hall.

Go to the window seat right of the bed and see a paper. Click on the Penvellyn Family Tree and ask Jane about all of her ancestors (red colored ones) - 4 pages long. Jane does know about her family. If she wants to rest - look around and continue the ancestor inquiry or you can continue asking her.

Look in the bookcase and read the Introduction to Runes. Click and read the Monsters (note: lycanthropy) book that Nigel gave to Jane. Go to the small kitchenette right of the bookcase. Jane makes cake for Loulou here.

Look at the picture of Jane's real mum, an opera singer in Paris on the dresser.

Mutus Liber - Study the book on the left given by Ethel, it belonged to Jane's grandfather. There are several very interesting pages in this book. Take note of the cover picture with tree, planetary signs and the 4 elements at the bottom. There's one with 6 columns-circles with planetary symbols and a dragon at the center. There's one with 12 drawings in a sort of handle and the right page shows it being placed in a fire.

Tapestry - Pan to the corner and read the words of Charles Penvellyn on a tapestry.

Turn right of door to Jane's desk. Look at Brady Armstrong poster on the wall, guinea pig picture and at Jane's assignment for the month. Wow! Click on the teeth! <grin> Play another game with Jane. She'll tell you to select one from the chest. Have fun on whatever you select. I recommend the puzzle. You can play any game anytime. Exit the room.

Go utside somewhere in the corridor and the cell phone rings. Talk to Mrs. Petrov, Linda's mother about everything.


Looking Around

Nancy's Room:    Go back to your room and use the phone to call the cook. Talk to Tommy and order any food you care for. You can try all by ordering them and have a fun time eating and reordering another - Loop de loop; bangers and mash; pinky and perky or dogs eye. I highly recommend Pinky and Perky. Say 'okay' to Uncle Fred and Johnnie Rutter. Do a web search using the cell phone about Cockney rhyming slang. Rutter is butter.

Call Hugh and learn about Linda, Mrs. Drake, 6 month habitation clause and Jane.

Alcove:    Enter the alcove next to Nancy's room.

Stairs that sing:    Enter the alcove and climb the stairs. Ooops! each step makes a sound: bling, whoop, waah, bla-ding, whoop, waah, bang, bang. At top of the stairs is a panel of levers.

Each letter labeled lever represent the sound made by each step going up. A- whoop, B - bling, C - bla-ding, D-waah, E - bang, F - steeeum and G - tick tock.

Pull levers: B A D C A D E E.  Take the key from the opened compartment.

Jane's room:     Try the key on the red button right of the door. Um... needs grease.

Great Hall:    Go down the main staircase. Directions are based on the stairs at your back.

        Doors - There's a door on the right wall that leads to the library and 2 doors flanking the stair that leads to a hallway. The metal door to the conservatory is on the left wall.

        Columns -     Look close at the 6 columns in the room. With the stairs on your back - The 'looks like a piece missing' are: knight's head on the column closest to the stairs, something held by the God on the middle right column, a circle on the right 'Tempus Fugit' column close to the door, an arrow head on the left column closest to the stairs, full moon at left middle column and a 'I need something else for this' on the Mercury relief.

        Portraits - Look around the walls of the Great Hall and see ancestral portraits with coat of arms below them. Look close at Alan's portrait, second to last and right of the clock. Note the words under the crest - I Purgamentum Exit I.

       Right of the door is Betty, a card playing automaton and on the left wall behind the Mercury column is another gargoyle.

Main hallway:    Enter the door at right of clock. Turn left and look at the Cricket trophy of Brigitte Penvellyn. Go to middle of hall and read the note tacked on the do or of the kitchen. Fire, eh?

Conservatory:    If Mrs. Drake is around, talk about Cockney, book and Alan. Check the giant carnivorous plant by the glass wall. Click once on the carnivorous plant. Don't click on the carnivorous plant again or you'll end up... - well find out and do a second chance.

Once outside, do a web search on Cockney rhyming slang. Learn that Rutter is butter.

Nancy's room:    Go back to your room and eat the food ordered from Tommy. Loop de loop is soup. Pinky and perky is turkey.  Dog eye is pot pie. Johnny Rutter is butter. Take the butter (taken only after key is tried on Jane's room's keyhole). If you ordered Pinky and Perky, a slice of turkey is taken.

Venus flytrap at the Conservatory:    If Mrs. Drake is not around, continue around the potting tables and see a letter under a Venus flytrap. Try taking the letter - Guess we need to feed it first. Feed the turkey from Pinky and Perky meal to the Venus flytrap. Take and read the solicitors letter about the 6 months habitation clause.

Library:    Nigel is gone. Look at his computer and click on the To Nigel.txt. Best seller? Read the Notes and learn more about the missing pieces in the Great Hall columns and family history. Nigel made reference to the Mercury column at the Great Hall and the library Mercury statue, in front of Nigel's desk with the key in hand. Also note - persuade Mercury to face north and lift his eyes to the sky will the wand be released. Chapter IV mentions Charles and Jane's tapestry related to the tiles outside her room. Learn about Betty, the card playing automaton and the game similar to Go Fish. Take note of the info about Edward's coat of arms.  Play the Finger Tips for typing for fun or practice.

Go to the desktop computer and enter the motto under Alan's portrait -I purgamentum Exit I or purgamentum. Press your computer's enter button. There are 13 ghosts that come out from midnight and 4 AM at quiet places like the hallway, conservatory and Great hall. Touch all 13 ghosts and Arthur will give you a prize. If it is already after midnight, do the 13 ghost puzzle, if not come back later or set your clock to 12AM to catch the ghosts.

13 ghosts hunt:     Go to desktop computer. Type in the password - purgamentum or I purgamentum Exit I. Press your computer's enter button. Click 'I am' button and start the timed ghost hunt. Find the 13 ghosts and click on them within the allotted time.

Exit the library to the Great Hall and turn right click on ghost (1) on wall.

Main Hallway - Turn around, go through door and go to the hallway. Turn left and go close to the cricket trophy. Turn around and click on ghost on the left (2) wall. Go forward to the kitchen door, turn around and click on ghost left of kitchen door (3). Turn around and go to the other end (picture) of the hallway. Turn around and click on ghost at right (4) wall. Exit through the nearest door on the left to go to the Great Hall.

Great Hall - Turn around and click on ghost left of door (5). Turn around and click on ghost on floor by middle column (6). Turn left and enter conservatory.

Conservatory - Go down the stairs and click on ghost on the urn stand (7). Go back up and click on ghost right of the door (8). Exit conservatory.

Go to the stairs and click on ghost on left newel of the stairs (9). Climb up the stairs.

Second floor hallway - Turn right and go to the East Hall by the locked door with crest and click on ghost (10) at right wall. Turn around and go back to the hall by Mrs. Drakes room. Click on ghost on left wall (11) across from Mrs. Drake's room. Go forward to Nancy's room and turn around and click on ghost by Nancy's right of room door (12). Climb up the stairs that sing and click on ghost above the levers (13).

That's it - 13 ghosts. Go back to Arthur's computer in the library and enter the password. Congratulations! The prize is a clue - When you are facing the GREEN dragon, look to the left and pull below the vase with the tree. But if you're wearing a hat hang on to it.

Second floor hallway:    Look at muddy footprints in front of Linda's room (can be seen later in the game). Talk to Loulou and find out that the manor wakes up at 6AM. On the way to your room, look at the muddy footprints in front of Linda's room.

Nancy's room:    Set the clock for 2 PM, the time when Jane is done with her classes. Click on ALARM, use the arrows to set the time to 8:00 AM and press SET. Good night!


Investigate the East Hall Secret Passageway

Wake up to hear chanting at 3:15AM. Go outside and hear laughter (cackling). You can look around but find nothing. Go back in the room and set the alarm to anytime you want to wake. Let's try 6 AM.

Jane's room:    Listen to Jane sing her lesson at 6 AM - Brigitte's favorite time is midnight of the longest time of the year or hear History lessons at 8AM.

Linda's room:    Talk to Linda about lady in black and note. Click on curtain again to get Linda talking about awakened something that refuses to rest, curse, passageway. Whenever, there's free time check back with Linda to see if she has anymore to say.

If nothing is happening try talking to Mrs. Drake or Linda or order lunch. Knowing that Jane's class ends at two, turn the alarm clock to 2 PM.

Jane's room:    Talk to Jane about passageways. She will show you the passageway that ends in a funny picture she found if you play the Bul game - no Scarlet Hand here at the manor.

Bul game:    The object of the game is to conquer all opposing warrior by getting your warrior to land on the space occupied by the opposing warrior. Click 'roll' to know how many square your warrior moves. The shells' dots show how many moves. All shells with no dots mean 5 moves. Each player has 2 rolls. You can pass as a strategic ploy.

When you win, Jane says the secret passageway is in the East Hall. Jane gives the green key to the locked door.

Exit Jane's room and meet Ethel, Jane's tutor. Go to the East Hall, the one with Edward's crest on the door by Loulou.

East Hall:    Use the green key from Jane on the door. Note the 13 Ghost hunt prize (vase with a tree) clue on left wall by the door and a gargoyle on the right wall. The green dragon is ahead.

Alan's 13 Ghost hunt prize:    Based on the prize clue after winning the 13 ghost hunt - When you are facing the GREEN dragon, look to the left and pull below the vase with the tree: As you step through the door and see the dragon, turn left and click on the leaf-like knob with the cloth. Enter the passage, have a fun ride down the slide, see a target on the wall and out the crest at the Great Hall.

Green Dragon puzzle:    Each of the 6 claws move in different directions - up down, left and right. Go back out and look at the Edward's big crest on the door. Remember what Nigel's note states also. The top left shows a jouster running to the right, middle left shows a castle and the bottom lightning goes down. The right top is a guard with spear pointing up, the middle horse faces left and crowned figure motioning to the right.

Go back to the green dragon and move the claws to a specific direction shown by the crest figures:

Top left - right, middle left - down and bottom left - down. Top right - up, middle right - left and bottom right - right.

The passage opens. Enter and realize you need a flashlight.

Jane's room:    Talk to Jane about flashlight or torch. She will give you glow torch if you win the Petroglyph Punch.

Petroglyph Punch:    You can play easy or hard. The object of the puzzle is to make a minimum of 3 identical glyphs in a row. The 3 plus identical glyphs makes a higher score and more time is added. To move a glyph to another square, click on it and then click on the glyph you want to replace. If there's no glyphs left to make 3 identical ones, click on shuffle to get new glyphs. Good luck!

Take the glowstick when you win.

East Hall Secret Passageway:    Go down the 3 flights of stairs and to the end of the lowest level. Hint: Keep the cursor at the center of the computer screen and click at every change of screen view until you see an eye on a locked door. Click on the eye to see the word 'barber' and parrot. Go back to the very top until you face a wall. Click on wall to get to the dragon room at East Hall.

Loulou:    Talk to Loulou, the only parrot in the game. She wants the 'magic word'. Talk to Mrs. Drake at the conservatory and she remembered that Loulou has to be told that she was a 'very very clever and beautiful bird'.

Go back to Loulou and tell her the magic word. She gives a word back for barber - leech. Go back down to the eye door and enter leech* on the squares. Now the word changed to 'picture'. Back to Loulou and now she wants cake. Let's make one at Jane's room.

Loulou's cake:    Check the cell phone web search and read the Healthy diet for parrots. Go to the Jane's room mini kitchen and make a cake.

Click on the pan to ask Jane to make something. See-click all the ingredients available - crackers, mixed beans, mixed nuts, salami, salsa, lettuce, blue berries, meal worms, chocolate and avocado from carton.

Be sure to make the correct cake or Loulou will die and you will be fired! End game!

Add to the pan: crackers, mixed beans, mixed nuts, salsa, lettuce, blueberries, meal worms and definitely no chocolate, avocado or salami.

Click on microwave and then press red button. Take the er... the 'cake'.

Talk to Loulou (Deeeelicious!) and she says book as the word for picture. The hint given by Loulou about the bull's-eye that was seen on the slide is cricket has the ball.

East eye door puzzle:    Go back down the dragon passageway and see you need another glowstick. Back to Jane and play another Petroglyph Punch game. Take the glowstick. Go to parrot eye puzzle and enter book. The new word is baby. You can either guess the word correlation or go back to Loulou. The baby word is bonnet. The next word is hour. The hour correlated word to enter is glass. The next word is ant - enter hill. Sound of door unlocking.

East gargoyle door puzzle:    Enter the door and at the end, move the cursor to a partly hidden gargoyle on the right. Look at the panel above the gargoyle. It has an upright triangle similar to the fire element sign on the paper in Grenny's book. Click on it to see 6 triangles with fire depicted on the side. Arrange them to be similar to the fire element triangle - upright triangle.  Nancy noted that the rest of the grid is on the other side of the wall. Let's look for the other side of this panel. It should be in another passageway.

Go upstairs and meet Ethel at the hall door. Talk to her about the silent book.


Investigate the West Hall secret passageway:

Linda's room:    Enter Linda's room and tell her about the passageway. Gargoyle... Oh, she's talking about a different passageway, one connected to the gargoyle around the corner.

Great Hall:    Exit the room and look at the gargoyle in the corner. There's got to be an easier way to figure this out. Let's look for clues. Remember when we looked at the ancestral portraits, there was one with a gargoyle in the background. It's the one on the wall opposite the library door and between the Mercury and Moon column. Look at the portrait and notice it has no crest below it.

Library:    Go to the library and talk to Nigel. The ancestor with the gargoyle is Corbin, grandson of Elinor. Nigel will help you if you type his memoirs only after a typing test.

Typing Test:    Type up the letters that come up the screen as fast as you can. The letters disappear and replaced with new ones. Note that some letters comes up twice and that increases the score. Junior mode has less letters/min than the senior mode.

Afterwards, Nancy types up a boring memoir. Take the note and the Corbin's coat of arms that Nigel left on the table.

Ritual:    Leave the library and see Ethel and Jane do a ritual with pouring something in a hole on the floor at center of the Great Hall. Go to hole and click on it - smells like oil. No key without toil, no fire without oil.

West Hall gargoyle puzzle:    Go back to the gargoyle. Study Corbin's coat of arms in inventory and see the number of comets on the right and left of the crest. Let's try it - turn:     2xs right arrow, 1 left arrow, 1 right arrow, 2xs left arrow and 1 right arrow. A secret passage opens on the right. Need another glowstick. If it's too late and Jane is asleep, set the alarm for 2 PM.

Linda's room:    Talk to Linda.            Library:    Talk Nigel. Talk about being famous, runes, Ethel.

Jane's room:    Go to Jane's room and play another Petroglyph Punch to get another glowstick. She denies knowing about the ritual that morning.

West Hall secret passage - Open the secret passage by clicking 2R, 1L, 1R, 2L, 1R on the gargoyle. Enter, go forward 1-2 times and turn right to a beetle like wall panel on the wall. Click on the circle and look through the peephole. Oh golly gee, wow! Her hand is hairy and has claws.

Proceed to the eye panel at the end of the passage. It looks like the eye at the West Hall passage. Click on the eye and see the Rune puzzle.

Rune puzzle:  Look at the sign above the eye and Nancy will read the curse. So that's what caused Linda's fear. The curse was referring to Elinor.

Back up 3 times from rune puzzle, turn around and go to Jane's room.   In Jane's room, look at the Rune paper on the bookcase and note down the runes that spells Elinor.

Go back to rune puzzle and enter ELINOR in runic on the eye door.

Chimes, peephole and hands:    Enter, forward down 2 levels and the path goes right and left. The right ends on an ornate door with a knight holding a sword inside. The fingers are clickable. Elinor's security system? Look up and click on the nose of the knight and see the library and mercury statue. No info to help us here yet.

West gargoyle door puzzle: Back up 2xs and turn around to go forward to the split in the path. Continue down the stairs to the bottom level. Go right, forward, see a gargoyle on the wall, left, until the end and see the other half of the wall seen at the bottom level of the East Hall green dragon passage. Look close at the panel above. It has the other half of the fire sign plate. Turn all triangles right side up to signify the fire sign triangle. Hmmm. Nothing happened.

Let's see what happened to the other side of this panel - go to the green dragon passage now. Back up 2xs and turn around. Go up, follow the stairs at right on second level (forward goes to the knight) and out. You might or might not need another glowstick.


Finding the Alchemy Laboratory

East Hall secret passage:    Go to East Hall passage. Turn the green dragon's hands. Go down to the lowest level to the East gargoyle door puzzle. Arrange again the triangles to the fire symbol (upright triangles). The door opens for junior mode. For senior mode - go back to west gargoyle puzzle and redo it. Hear a click sound and door opens.

Enter. Go forward to a door with a small metal compartment at right side. Open the compartment and get a glowing stone. Guess, I won't be needing Jane's glowstick anymore.

Moving rooms puzzle:    Do a web search for the planetary symbols.

Click on metal door and go forward. See a door with Mars (male) symbol on it.

Click to open Mars door. Enter and go forward to the to moon door. The room is moving.

Click to open Moon door. Do not go in. Turn around. Hear it move behind you. Turn around again to Moon door.

Click to open Moon door again. Enter to see a basin at center of room. Take the map.

Look at map and see that you are at the center. You came from the fire sign symbol at the bottom. You need to go to the angel door at top. Do not go to the devil squares or you DIE!

Go forward to the door with Sun symbol (circle with dot at center).

Click to open door and see a wall. Turn around.

Turn around again to Sun door. Click to open and see Venus (female) symbol on the door. Enter and go forward to Venus door. Check map and see that you are now on white square under angel square.

Click to open Venus door. Click to open and see a wall at far end. Do not enter. Turn around.

Turn around again to Venus door. Click to open and see a Mercury (female symbol with horns) symbol on the door. Enter and go forward to Mercury door. Check map to see you are now in the white square that rotates around the perimeter.

Click to open Mercury door. Click to open and see a wall and grilled floor. Do not enter or you die. Turn around. See that you now face a Mars door.

Turn around again to Mercury door. Click to open and see a wall. Do not enter. Turn around. Go forward to Mars door.

Click to open Mars door and see wall. Do not enter. Turn around.

Turn around again. Click to open Mars door and see a room. Do not enter. Turn around. Check map and see that it is across the devil square.

Turn around again. Click to open Mars door and see a wall. Do not enter. Turn around.

Turn around again. Click to open Mars door and see a room. Do not enter. Turn around. Check map and see that it is across the angel square.

Go forward to the Mercury door, click and enter.

Alchemy Door - See the familiar eye on the wall. Click the eye panel and see another puzzle with elements on the left, pot at bottom and tubings to connect them. Click on the snake symbol at top center. Nancy should say 'knowing what the snake means should help knowing what the others mean'. We have to go back out of the maze. <groan>

Turn around and open the door. Open the Mars door, do not enter, turn around. Do it again and then go forward to the mercury door and exit the maze. Remember this short cut.

Library:    Talk to Nigel at the library about Ethel and the snake-ouroboros.


The secret of the Manor - Alchemy Laboratory

Go back to the alchemy door. Go to either the East Hall or West Hall secret passage and through the moving rooms. Enter the moving rooms and 'click but do not enter' twice on Mars door. Turn around and exit the Mercury door. Go forward to the Alchemy lab.

Alchemy lab door puzzle:    

See the chemicals and processes symbol at top left, the pot at middle bottom to combine them and the symbol result at bottom right. Above the result is a set of lights to show if they are correct or not.


Do a web search on alchemy symbols. Learn the formulae for different mixtures and the symbols.

Look at bottom right symbol to see what result is required to be made.

The first mixture to be made is Aqua Fortis. Click on vitriol and nitre. Click on pot and see the button light up at top right.

Second mixture is Aqua Regia. Click 3 times on spirit of salt and once on vitriol and once on nitre. Click on pot and see the button light up at top right.

Third mixture is mercury. Click on cinnabar and fire symbol. Click on pot.

Fourth mixture is distilled vinegar. Click on vinegar and distillation.

Last mixture is Liquor Hepatis. Click on sulfur, quicklime, sal ammoniac and distillation. Click on pot.

The door opens. Enter the forge.

Alchemy laboratory:    Look around and see a giant warrior statue at right.

            Work table:    Pan left and read the Albert Penvellyn notated parchment on shelf above the work table. On the work table is a greeting from Penelope Penvellyn and reference to lighting the athanor using earth in liquid form, air, water and fire. This is in reference to The Mutus Liber that was seen on the dresser at Jane's room. Read the Aeolus book and learn about the need for air in the forge.

Journal of the ancestors:    Read the book above the Aeolus book and see folded papers that show maps.

Read what Charles says about the 6 columns at the Great Hall. The first key is at Jane's door and the clue is the tapestry.

Read the words of Thomas, 1580 - The key is by the staircase that sings and the forge cannot work without water. The lock underneath the manor will add water.

The words of Elinor tell about Mercury and the hands that move.

Corbin's words states about fire on the forge, touching Mercury's wand to the master gargoyle and 2 others, and to use the wand to the depository of the forge's fuel.

Penny's puzzle is to control the wind in the forge and the key is hidden by her playful companion. The knights block the passage of the oil to the forge.

Brigitte's box that contains a telescope lens can be opened by using the clues of her coat of arms and star charts. Use the lens to see 5 muses. Select each muse in order and Betty will wager Penny's keys. The lens also shows a secret panel in the moon column.

Edward devised the Saturn column, the green dragon and the target (slide).

John hid the key to the Mars column using the frogs in the conservatory pond.

Alan used the computer as clue to the Saturn key and gave the clue to the moving rooms.

Read the parchment written by Corbin, grandson of Elinor left of the worktable.

Forge:    Pan left and look close at the forge. Take the mold. Look close at the metal in the pot all set to be worked in the pit.

Corner table:    Read the journal of Charles Penvellyn and the reference to a family instructing the first born of the Penvellyn family. This verified what Ethel, the tutor stated - her family, the Bosinny have always taught the Penvellyn heir. Read the folded decree at the last page - the heir is taught no sooner than 12 years of age. Read the reference to the machine that executed Elinor. Study closely the parchment that tells how to move Mercury and to unlock the key. Remember that this was referenced in Nigel's note about the statue in front of his desk seen also through the peephole and the knight statue with those hands at the second level of gargoyle secret passage.

Read the parchment on the whetstone. Hmm... the Penvellyn treasure is close by. Pan left and look close at the cabinet on the wall that needs a key. Pan left and climb to the alcove to check the Wind control mechanism.


Find the column keys using the Ancestor's clues

Time to follow all the clues and keys stated in the journal of the ancestors.

Penny's Aeolus - wind puzzle:     Penny's words stated that she made a puzzle to control the air in the forge. The Aeolus book stated the forge needs air. Go to the alcove left of the cabinet with the large keyhole on the wall.

The object of the puzzle is to catch all 4 winds by landing on them (similar to the Bul puzzle).

The control is at the right panel. Press the blue button to start the game and you (warrior) move to the center. The blue button also resets the game during gameplay. Use the 4 direction arrows to move to one square or 2 squares during your turn.

The game field is the left panel. Note the warrior (like the one by the door) at bottom. The 4 pictures show the 4 winds. The black squares are traps - so don't go there or you lose.

The 4 winds can blow you to the trap, so watch out where you land. The north wind can blow you down, the east wind to the left, the west wind to the right and the south wind to go up.

My strategy was not to be blown to the far left squares and to stay on squares that the target wind cannot blow me away. ex: above or below the east or west wind as my target or right or left of the north or south wind. Keep moving until the target wind is within 1 or 2 non-black square - then land on that target wind. Take the east wind first so there is no wind to blow you to the far left squares. Good luck!

Nancy will say - It sounds like air is going to the forge when the game is won.

Thomas' well lock:    Study the map on the ancestors' journal and see that the well lock is just outside the moving rooms. Exit the forge. Open and close the Mars door twice without going in. Turn around and exit through the Mercury door. Immediately, turn left and forward to go to the well lock door with the familiar eye. Click on handle to enter the bottom of the well. Take the crumpled paper about and Uncle Roger's (the one with the toupee) item for Jane's guinea pig on the floor. Back up to go out of the well and do the door puzzle.

Well lock door puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to make 4 triangles in one compartment. Move the triangles by clicking on the button under the source compartment and the click the button under the receiving compartment.

Press 8 triangles button to 3 triangles button, 8 to 5, 3 to 8, 5 to 3, 5 to 8, 3 to 5, 8 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 8, 3 to 5, 8 to 3. The well fills with water.

Back up and go right or left (east or west exit). Go back up and out to the second floor hallway. Cell phone rings. Talk to Ned. Talk to Linda in her room.

John's puzzle:    Go to the Conservatory. See that the pond is now filled with water after doing Thomas' well lock door puzzle and the frogs are merrily shooting out water. Talk to Mrs. Drake if she's working by the potting table.

Water pond puzzle:    Based on John's story of Grenny read in Nancy's room, move the frog from one end to join the princess while keeping away from crocodile (senior mode only). To guide Grenny, click using the sprayer cursor on the tile in front of Grenny. Take the key from the frog's mouth. This is the helmet of the armored body on the first right column by the stairs. This is the Mars column based on the picture on Mutus Liber.

Talk to Mrs. Drake while you're here.

Charles' Slider tile puzzle: 

Go to Jane's door. Look at the tiles around Jane's door. Remember what Nigel and Charles said about the tapestry and the markings on the door.

Try the key from the stairs that sing puzzle (as clued in by Thomas) on the keyhole under the red button. Hmm... needs grease.   

Use the butter from Nancy's dinner on the keyhole - to loosen things up in there. Now use key taken from stairs puzzle on keyhole. See a wood stand slide out. Click on wood stand to reach the tiles.

The object of the puzzle is to arrange the tiles in the order stated by the tapestry inside.

Moon, Strength (Atlas), Toast (glasses), Knight, Charity (hands), Angel, Geometer, Father Time, Folly (jester) and Sun.


1. Moon, Sun, hands - up, right, down to join with angel.

2. Atlas - left, down.

3. Father Time - left, up, right.

4. Glasses - left, down.

5. Jester, angel - left, up, right to join with Father Time.

6. Glasses, Atlas - up.

7. Moon - down, left, down. (in place)

8. Atlas - down. (in place)

9. Geometer - up.

10. Knight - up, left, up.

11. Geometer, Sun - down.

12. Hand - right, down, left.

13. Father Time - right only.

14. Sun - up.

15. Geometer - up, left.

16. Sun - down (in place).

17. Father Time - down.

18. Jester, Angel - right, down to Father Time.

19. Jester - left.

20. Father Time - up, left.

21. Angel - down.

22. Glass, Knight, Hand, Geometer, Jester, Father Time - connect to top of Angel.

23. Glasses, knight - left (in place).

24. Hand - down only.

25. Geometer - right, down.

26. Hands - left (in place).

27. Angel - up, left.

28. Geometer - down.

29. Angel - right.

30. Jester, Time - down to top of angel.

31. Angel - left (in place).

32. Geometer - up, left (in place).

33. Jester - down (in place).

34. Father Time - down (in place).

Take the lightning bolt from the secret compartment. This is the lightning bolt held by Jupiter on the Jupiter column.

Edward's target slide:    Go to the hallway on the main floor and take the cricket ball of the trophy. Go to the dragon room and using the prize clue after winning the 13 ghost hunt - When you are facing the GREEN dragon, look to the left and pull below the vase with the tree. As you step through the door and see the dragon, turn left and click on the leaf like knob with the cloth. Enter the passage, have a fun ride down the slide, see a target on the wall and out the crest at the Great Hall. If this is your first time to slide down, Ethel will be waiting for you with some hard scolding. Go back to the green dragon room.

Target puzzle:    Using the cricket ball, hit the target as you slide down.

Do a practice run to see where the target is located. You will come out of the coat of arms of Penny with her playful companion. Turn left and oops! Ethel gives a stern, a very stern scolding.

Go back to the dragon room and do the slide again.

Open the slide passage.

Take the cricket ball from inventory to get it ready to throw.

Position the ball-cursor at position slightly above the target by the slide. Determine this in test runs. I marked my monitored with an X. Do not move the ball cursor.

Click to start down the slide. Just before the target is seen at center of the monitor, click the ball.

Once the target is hit, pick up the clock key for the Saturn-Tempus Fugit column.

Elinor's statue puzzle:    Elinor wrote about Mercury and the hands that move.

Go to the peephole at the West Hall secret passage. Click on gargoyle (2xs right arrow, 1 left arrow, 1 right arrow, 2xs left arrow and 1 right arrow) to open the secret passage. Go forward and left of the now opened door. Go down 2 levels, turn right and forward to door.

Open the door and see the knight statue holding a sword.

Look close and press the nose to open the peephole. Look through the peephole and see the Mercury statue in the library. Hear Nigel typing.

The drawing at the alchemy laboratory showed what to do. The statue has to be turned to face north.

Pull back and look down at the metal fingers. The central jewel should not be pressed in or it will stop the movement of Mercury.

Click on the statue's right index and hear Nigel say the statue is moving.

Click on statue's left middle finger and now Nigel screams.

Go now to the library and take the wand from Mercury's hand.

Time to go to bed. Have a nice rest!

Cloaked lady:    (This event can be seen earlier or later.) Oh No! Nightmare! It's 3:15 AM, go out of the room and see the lady in black in the hallway. Follow automatically and stop by Linda's room. Flip the switch and see the eyes light up. Pick up the 'red eyes'. Linda must be sleeping. Knock ONCE only on Mrs. Drake's room. Do not knock a second time or you will be fired! But try and see what happens and do the second chance!

It is best to go back to bed. Set the alarm to wake up at 2 PM.

Brigitte's Puzzles:

1. Brigitte's box puzzle:    Go to Nancy's room. Time to open the box.

Clues - Based on the song sang by Jane, Brigitte's favorite time is midnight of the longest time of the year. From the web search, find out that Bruma, winter solstice is the longest night of the year.

Look at the star chart and click on the right blue circle until the Bruma star chart is seen. Note that Pisces is on west, Draco is on the north, Leo on the east, Lepus is at the south and Lynx is at the center.

Look at Brigitte's coat of arms above the fireplace. Note the colors and placement of the moons at each cardinal point: north - red full moon, east - red waning gibbous moon, south - green half moon, west - blue waxing gibbous moon and center is black new moon.

Box - Click on box and open any side. See colors at the center depicting the moon. The slider changes the colors and the top left button adjusts the cover of the moon.

Click open the Lynx side of the box. Click to open. Click top left button to cover the moon.

Click on Draco (dragon) side of box. Click to open. Click top left button to uncover the whole moon. Pull down the slider to get a full red moon.

Click on Leo side of box. Click to open. Click top left button to cover the right fourth of the moon. Pull slider down to change the color to red.

Turn the box and click on Lepus (rabbit) side of the box. Click top left button to cover the left half of the circle. Pull slider down to change the color to green.

Click on Pisces side of the box. Click to open. Click top left button to cover the left fourth of the moon. Pull the slider down to change the color to blue.

A compartment opens. Take the drawing and see that it is a lens of a telescope that sits on a tripod. Take the lens.

2. Brigitte's moon column puzzle:    Go to the window seat right of the suitcase.

Look at the base of the window seat.

Insert the lens on the hole under the moon at the base of the window seat. Turn the lens. A Zodiac panel is seen.

The object of the puzzle is to press the green button of the Zodiac in the correct order. Do a web search.

Click on green button under: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

See the panel recede. Take the full moon key. Back out and the lens automatically goes in inventory.

Depending on the time - go out the hallway and hear Mrs. Drake talking to Linda. She placed something on the door. Look close and see it's a charm.

Linda's room:    Look at the raw meat on the table. Yum! Leave the room, she won't talk to you.

Jane's room:     Look at the mirror of the dresser and read the back of the Rome postcard. Hmm. Jane's mother is in Italy. Talk to Jane about the message, telescope and red eyes.

Jigsaw puzzle - Play the Puzzle game. In senior mode, right click to turn the pieces.

After winning the puzzle game, go somewhere else (maybe see if Linda will talk to you) and then back to Nancy's room since Jane has to place the telescope back later.

Conservatory:    Talk to Mrs. Drake about the charm.

3. Brigitte's 5 muses:

In Nancy's room, look through the telescope and see it focused on the Sun God mural.

Insert the lens, look through the telescope and see new pictures that are numbered.

Move the lens around and see 5 Muses that are numbered 1-5.

4. Betty at Great Hall:    Remember what else Brigitte wrote - Betty will wager Penny's keys. We saw those muses at Betty's card game. Let's go there. Click on Betty to play. She stopped working. Look at base of card stand and click on hole. 'I need something to wind it up'.

Seedling puzzle:    Talk to Mrs. Drake in the conservatory. She'll look for the crank while you arrange the seedlings to fit in the box. The object of the puzzle is to fit all the seedlings in the box.

Click to take the seedlings and place it on the box. Right click to rotate the seedlings.  There!

When done, leave the conservatory and then come back. Mrs. Drake will be back. Talk to her again about Hugh and Jane's mother. She gives the crank.

Betty's card puzzle:    Brigitte wrote - Select each muse in order and Betty will wager Penny's key.

Use the crank on the hole at base of the card booth. Click on the cards to start the game.

Unlike any other regular game with Betty, give Betty the code to play for Penny's key.

Click on the 5 muses in the order seen in the mural through the lens: 1. Melponeme, 2. Erato, 3. Terpischore, 4. Euterpe and 5. Thalia. Press red button. Betty then places the arrowhead as wager.

The object of the game is similar to Jane's matching game. Complete more 3-identical cards than your opponent, Betty.

The right stack above is the main stack of cards ready to be dealt and the left stack is Betty's. Your dealt cards are open on the table.

Remember her cards that she opens up in her left stack. Click on any of your open cards to see if Betty has it in her hidden stack.

If you click on your card that has a match with hers, you will take those cards from her hidden stack and it is shown on the table's open cards. During her turn she will try to match what you have.

Every turn continues as long as there is a matched card done. If not match is done, it will be the opponent's turn. Get 3 matching cards and the green light will show above. Good luck!

Take the arrowhead for the Venus -cupid column from the cup at the base of the card booth.

Library:    Talk to Nigel and he will say goodbye. This manor is haunted. Hehehehehe!

One more key to go.

Preparing the forge

Unblock the oil flow to the forge:    Time to see where all these ancestors' keys fit. Also, remember what Penny wrote - The knights block the passage of the oil to the forge.

Insert keys on the columns and a knight holding a shield is seen. Turn the pipes on the shield to make a continuous pipe line surrounding the center of the Great Hall. The clue to this is seen in Jane's Mutus Liber book.

With the back to the stairs:

Mars column - Insert the helmet key on headless knight closest right of the stairs and arrange the pipe to make an angle facing the center of the hall.

Jupiter column middle right of stairs:    Insert the lightning bolt on Jupiter's hand and arrange the pipe to make a T.

Saturn -Tempus Fugit column:     Insert the clock and arrange the pipe to make an angle facing the center of the hall.

Mercury column:    Insert the rod and arrange the pipe to make an angle facing the center of the hall.

Moon column:    Insert the full moon and arrange the pipe with the wide end sticking up - inverted T.

Venus - Cupid column:    Insert the arrowhead and arrange the pipe to make an angle facing the center of the hall.

If the columns are done correctly - <glup glup, gurgle> It sounds like I did something right.

Light the forge:    Based on Corbin Penvellyn's statement in the journal, there are 3 gargoyles and to touch Mercury's wand to the master gargoyle, 2 others and to the depository of the forge's fuel.

Timed Gargoyle run:    The object of the puzzle is to activate the 3 gargoyles with the mercury wand in time to light the oil in the hole at center of the Great Hall. Penelope Penvellyn made reference to lighting the athanor using earth in liquid form, air, water and fire. See the graphic above of the page from Mutus Liber book. The center has the earth sign (oil). The air was through the wind puzzle of Penny's, water through the well puzzle of John and this should light the fire in the forge.

Go to the gargoyle beside the West Hall secret passage, left of Linda's room. Click the wand over the head of the gargoyle. See the eyes light up.

As fast as you can, go to the gargoyle on right wall just inside the door of the room with the green dragon.

Click the wand on top of the gargoyle. See the eyes light up.

Turn around and click the wand on the leaf like knob with the cloth. The entrance to the slide opens.

Slide down to come out to Great Hall.

Turn left to the gargoyle.

Click the wand on top of the gargoyle. See the eyes light up.

Back up twice until the center of the Great Hall.

Click the wand on the hole on the floor.

Poop! Something tells me I succeeded in lighting the forge.


Making the last key

It is time to work on that giant keyhole on the wall of the alchemy lab.

Mold:    The mold picked up at the forge has 12 crosses, the lines of which can be removed. The picture seen in Jane's Mutus Liber book shows 12 squares with different drawings on it.

Look at all the coat of arms in the Great Hall. Notice that there are lines at the ends of the Latin motto. Corbin's coat of arms is in inventory given by Nigel.



Correlate the coat of arms to the drawings in the mold and then to the lines found at the end of the coat of arms motto.

Take the mold from inventory. Based from the correlated lines from the coat of arms and the drawing from Jane's Mutus Liber, arrange the lines on the mold.

Click on a bar to remove it and make a shape-line hole similar to the correlated Latin motto lines.


The Penvellyn treasure

Alchemy lab:     Enter either the east or west secret passage by the gargoyle. Enter the moving rooms and click but do not enter twice on Mars door. Turn around and exit the Mercury door. Go forward to the Alchemy lab. Click on the handle or click on the snake on the puzzle panel.

Forge:    See the forge is lit and metal is melted in the hanging pot. With the arranged mold in inventory, click on molten metal in the pot. See the metal pour in the mold.

If the mold was done correctly, Nancy will say There that looks right. Take the key.

Insert the key on the large keyhole on the wall by the wind puzzle. See the Penvellyn treasure on a pedestal. The culprit arrives to take it. Whoops! Immediately back up. The culprit is trapped in an airless chamber. To save the culprit, go to the wind puzzle and move the giant warrior to the trap to save the culprit from harm.

Listen to Nancy relate what happens next.

Hey, Sassy Detective! Congratulations on cracking the case! You've been awarded the title of Sleuthior Drewis for all-around sleuthing.

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