THE STORYLINE OF Benjamin And the Alien Incident (PC,PC CD-ROM)

One rather typical Halloween eve, Benjamin is witnessing his uncle's
attempt to activate the Worm Hole Spawner, his latest invention.
The worm hole is a tunnel through time and space, which allows
travel through millions of light years in a split second.

The experiment works, and a hole in the sky rips open. Meanwhile in
a galaxy far, far away, an entity, chased by a spaceship, accidentally
dive into the worm hole which suddenly appears before them.

The entity and the spaceship fly through the wormhole and reach
our galaxy. The entity immediately enters earth's atmosphere.
Inside the spaceship a chaos brakes loose. The spaceship hits the
brakes and starts to orbit around earth. The commander of the 
Boss, orders a group of aliens to land on earth and bring back the one
that's responsible for getting them where they are.

While a bunch of aliens take a shuttle and go out to get Benjamin's
uncle, the rest of the spaceship crew start to scan the planet in
order to relocate the entity.

The alien shuttle lands next to the mansion and four white little
aliens emerge from inside. They enter the mansion and grab 
uncle, while Ben himself is hiding behind the Worm Hole Spawner.
Unnoticed, Benjamin is left behind with a task to solve the alien
mystery and rescue his uncle... and possibly the galaxy as well.

Benjamin finds a note with a password on it from the trashcan. He 
picks up the rope hanging on the wall.

Ben tries to use the computer but he doesn't have a disk and so 
to look on to it later on.

Benjamin notices a loose plank on the floor and tries to move it, but
it doesn't budge.

Benjamin tries to go after his uncle and attempts to open the front
door, but stops on his tracks when he hears somebody mumbling 
He takes a look through the peep hole and sees two aliens guarding
the house outside. Ben realises that he has to find another way out
of the mansion.

As Ben turns away from the door he notices his uncle's jacket 
on the coat rack and looks into its pockets. Ben finds a stethoscope
from the pocket.

Benjamin sees a note hanging on the fridge door. He reads it through
and becomes curious about the fridge's contents. He opens the door 
finds a crowbar, a jar of growing potion, and a bottle of milk inside.
He picks up the crowbar and the growing potion but leaves the milk
where it is when he remembers what the note on the fridge door 

He closes the fridge door and sees a hunk of moldy bread on the sink.
Knowing that he might get hungry saving his uncle, he decides to 
the bread along.

Benjamin finds a fuse and a box of matches lying on top of the 
and grabs them along as well.

Ben looks at the livingroom door and sees that it doesn't have a 
handle or
a keyhole. Ben notices a small electric eye on the side of the door and
thinks that he better find some kind of a device instead of a key
if he wants to open the door.

Ben heads upstairs.

Benjamin enters the bedroom and notices that the lights are out. He 
to turn the lamp on but there doesn't seem to be any power.

}Ben's room:
Benjamin looks at the monitor his uncle repaired (the one with the 
in it) and picks up the hammer.

Benjamin sees his trusty old walkman lying on his bed and picks it 

Benjamin opens the cabinet door and finds a videocassette.

Benjamin uses the growing potion on the plant and KA-WOOSH! -The 
quickly mutates into a giant pumpkin tree with a big, beautiful 
Ben thinks to himself "that'd sure make one hell of a Halloween 
mask!" and
so tries to pick it up, but no, it's too tight, the root's just too thick.

Benjamin tries to open the door next to the pumpkin tree but it's 

Benjamin uses the crowbar to remove the not-so-loose plank on the
floor and finds a big key. Thinking back he remembers the locked
door upstairs and then thinks he'd better try this big key he found
to that door later on.

Benjamin sees a fuse box and when he opens it he sees there is a 
missing. Benjamin plugs the fuse he found from the kitchen into the
empty slot and closes the fusebox.

Benjamin tries to turn the lights on now that the previously missing
fuse has been plugged in, and yippee, they come on.

Benjamin opens the drawer below the lamp and finds a note.

Benjamin turns over the pillow on the right bed and finds a small 

Benjamin tries to open the closet, but it's locked.

On the way out he grabs the remote control from the table beneath
the mirror.

Benjamin tries the big key he found from the lab to the library door 
hurray, it works. He enters the library and finds a bookshelf that's 
to the wall. He uses the small key to open the lock and pushes the 
aside, unveiling a secret safe. Having seen a lot of movies he uses his
knowledge and unlocks the safe using the stethoscope!? Ben finds 
disks and a key from the safe.

Ben walks to the window and uses the hammer to break it. He then 
up the piece of glass from the floor.

Ben decides to go and try the key he found from the safe to the 

Benjamin uses the key from the safe to open the closet door. Inside
the closet he finds piles of brand new clothes, still wrapped in plastic
covers, as if they weren't even ment to be used at all. Ben finds this
a little bit weird but decides to forget about it and head for the
laboratory to try out the disks he found from the safe.

Benjamin uses the floppy disk he found from the safe with the 
toaster and the program starts to load. The machine then asks for a
password and Ben cleverly uses the password note he found from 
trashcan. The password works and the program appears on the 
Benjamin clicks the elevator to go up, and the computer starts to

Ben suddenly remembers the neatly ironed, firmly folded, still 
covered in
plastic clothes in the bedroom closet and decides to go and have 

To Ben's amazement, the clothes in the closet are gone, and there's an
elevator booth in the closet instead. Not hesitating for a moment, Ben
jumps into the closet and the elevator starts to descent...

Ben finds himself in a secret basement and notices a strange looking
apparatus. He sees an open hatch with a battery beside the 
and picks the battery up. Ben places the battery inside the remote

Ben sees a deep looking shaft, which might come in handy later on,
when it's time to escape from the mansion...

Ben goes back to the elevator and heads upstairs.

}Living room:
Ben opens the living room door with the remote control.

Ben sees a radio standing next to one of the plants and picks it up.

Ben sees a pair of scissors next to the TV and picks them up.

Ben turns the holographic 3D TV on with the remote control and puts
the tape he found from his room into the VCR.

Ben watches the western for a while until an arrow is shot through
the screen into the bowl on the floor. Ben picks the arrow up.

Ben uses the scissors to cut the pumpkin from it's vines. He then uses
the piece of glass to carve the pumpkin into a Halloween mask.

Ben goes back to the elevator and heads down below again.

Ben attaches the rope into the ring on the floor and leaps into the

                        -THE FOREST-

Benjamin falls down and lands on the sewer floor that's covered with
water. He stands up, sees a piece of rolled paper on top of a trashpile
and picks it up. Ben notices a handle on one of the pipes on the wall.
He turns the handle and the water starts to poor out of the sewer,
revealing a strange, small lever on the wall.

Ben pushes the lever and a part of the wall turns around, revealing
a ladder that leads outside.

Ben climbs up.

Ben has a weird feeling that he's still going to need the fuse on his
way to save his uncle and the world, so he grabs it along.

}Pal's house:
Ben arrives at his friend's house. Sluggs, who's father loaned the
observatory keys from Ben's uncle, is home asleep. As Ben tries to
wake him up by yelling and shouting, he sees a mailbox in front of
the house, stuffed full of dynamite. "This'll wake him up" -Ben
thinks, lights a match and sets fire to one of the dynamites.


Ben falls down to the ground after the heavy explosion and sees an
antique store with bright neon lights in front of him. Fascinated
by the thought of an antique store that's open 24 hours a day, he
goes inside.

}Antique store:
After hearing the shopkeeper out, Ben offers him the arrow that 
out of his uncle's 3D holo TV in exchange for the diver's suit the
shopkeeper was raving about. The shopkeeper agrees, takes the 
and gives Ben the diver's suit.

Ben walks out of the shop.

}Pal's house Blown up:
Ben finds his friend standing in the middle of what's left of his home.
Looking a bit disorientated, Sluggs gives Ben the keys to the 
and advices him to leave before his parents come back. Ben agrees 
heads for the forest.

Ben meets a very confused hippy-sort-of-person who wants to 
his Gameson to Ben's walkman. Ben agrees and makes the exchange.

Benjamin sees an alien in a phone booth, speaking on the phone,
and then suddenly teleporting away. When the alien vanishes into
the air, there's an explosion that damages the teleport booth's
electric components. Ben realizes that this could be the ticket
to the alien ship he's been looking for. He tries to use the phone
but when he hears the strange alien mumbo-jumbo coming out from 
speaker and notices the broken cables hanging out from the booth,
he knows that he's either going to have to think of some other way
to get to the ship, or somehow fix this broken alien teleporter

}Observatory outside:
Ben arrives at the front door of the observatory and uses the key he
got from Sluggs to open the door.

Ben goes inside.

}Observatory downstairs:
Ben looks around and sees a picture of a UFO hanging on the wall. He 
a closer look and sees that there's more to it than meets the eye; Ben
finds a fuse box behind the picture. Of course, there's a fuse missing,
so Ben takes the fuse he found from the mansion and plugs it in.

Ben sees a circuit breaker behind the plants on the bottom left and
switches the power on.

Ben goes upstairs.

}Observatory upstairs:
Ben sees a telescope aimed at the starlit skies, tests it out and
sees but the moon in the dark skies. Ben notices a switch beside
the telescope, and pulls it. The telescope starts to turn. Ben
takes another look through the telescope, and this time he sees
the alien mothership itself, floating among the stars.

Ben sees some kind of an old computer system next to the wall and
turns it on. He sees a slot beneath the monitor, just about the
size of the Gameson. Ben tries to plug the Gameson into the slot,
and amazingly enough, it fits perfectly.

Ben puts the 3.5" disk he found from the mansion into the machine's
disk drive and looks at the monitor. A menu appears on the screen,
giving three options for the user; 1:Scan telescope view, 2:Save
co-ordinates and 3:Exit.

Ben selects the "scan telescope view" option, and the program 
that it has found an unidentified object from the telescope view and
throws all kinds of weird readings and co-ordinates to the screen. 
returns to the main menu and saves the co-ordinates on to the 

Ben grabs the Gameson along and leaves the observatory.

Ben meets the legendary Yodle, the guru his uncle always talked 
and to Ben's great amazement, it turns out that Yodle is in fact Ben's
grandfather. Yodle tells Ben about Ben's father who was a thief, and
gives Ben the picklock Ben's old man once used in his professsion.

Ben tells Yodle the whole story about the worm hole spawner and
the aliens kidnapping his uncle, and explains about the broken
teleportation booth he saw in the park.

Ben gives the blueprints he found from the sewer to Yodle, and Yodle
agrees to build him the teleportation unit described in them. In order
to build it Yodle asks Ben to get him two things: a radio and a 
computer device.

Ben gives Yodle the radio he found from the mansion and the 
he got from the hippy, and Yodle tells Ben they'll do just fine.

Yodle tells Ben to come back later when he's done, and goes inside 
tree hut to work on the machine.

As Ben starts to think of a way to make the time fly he realizes that
he's never been to the cemetery before 'cause he always thought it 
too spooky and all that. But now that he's seen his own uncle get
kidnapped by aliens from outer space and met the much talked 
Yodle who turned out to be his grandfather, Ben realizes that
there's nothing that could scare him anymore and decides to
go and have a look at the cemetery.

Ben walks through the cemetery and arrives at the crypt's door. He 
that the doorway is sealed with a wall of laser beams and knowing 
experience that it's bad for your health to walk through a wall of
lasers, he starts to look around trying to find a switch or a button
that'd shut the lasers down, but all he finds is a ghastly statue with
a sign on it saying: "The Gatekeeper".

Ben notices that the statue has its right hand on its ear, as if it was
waiting for someone to say something. Ben says "Hello", but nothing
happens, and so decides to head back for the forest to see how 
doing, instead of thinking of a way to open the crypt's door.

Ben comes back to Yodle's tree hut and sees that the door is open.
Ben notices Yodle's pipe lying on the ground and picks it up.

Thinking that Yodle has probably finished working on the device,
Ben decides to go inside and have a look.

}Yodle's home:
Ben steps inside and sees that Yodle's not home.

Wondering where Yodle might have gone, Ben asks Yodle's parrot if 
knows where his master is. The parrot says "food" and so Ben decides
to give the mouldy bread to him. The parrot eats the bread and 
due to the extreme stomach pain caused by the terrible mouldy lump 
was once a bread, and hits his head on the wall in the process.

The event causes the hidden safe in the wall to open, revealing 
most recent masterpiece, the teleport engine. Ben grabs it along.

Ben notices a piece of paper on a table and thinks that it might be
Yodle's message to him, telling where Yodle went to. After reading
it through, Ben realizes that it's just a page from a diary Yodle
likes to keep about his daily doings.

Ben also sees a runestone on the table and takes a look at it. He 
about the bizarre words "Look! A blueberry", engraved in the stone.

Ben goes outside.

Ben arrives at the crypt's door again, and remembers the strange 
"Look! A blueberry." engraved in the runestone he saw on Yodle's 
and so he decides to try them out on the statue. Amazingly enough, it
works and the laser gate opens.

Ben heads inside.

                        -THE CRYPT-

}Mummy room:
As Ben descends the cold, dark and dusty stairs filled with skeletons 
spider web, he notices an eerie smell emerging from down below. 
When he
finds out the stinker happens to be a 1000 year old mummy telling 
Ben he's
just been resurrected to guard his master from everyone who tries to 
the crypt, Ben is tempted to turn back and forget about all this. But 
the mummy tells Ben how badly he's in need for a good smoke, Ben 
to give the mummy the pipe he found from Yodle's porch.

The mummy asks for a light and Ben lits the pipe with one of the 
matches he
found from the mansion. When the mummy notices that the pipe is 
stuffed with
some kind of mucus and tries to blow it out, one of the sparks 
from the pipe lands on the mummy's head and burns him up.

Ben goes down the stairs.

Ben comes into a room with a locked wooden door and a small 
puddle. After
realizing what a great opportunity this is to try out his newly 
diving suit, Ben puts the suit on and dives into the pool.

As Ben swims deeper and deeper he reaches the bottom of the chasm 
and sees
a big, rusty old chest lying on the ground. When Ben attempts to 
open the
chest he notices that it's locked, and so takes out his father's trusty
old picklock. Ben manages to unlock the chest with it but all he finds
inside the chest is a big, rusty old key.

Ben can't help noticing the huge propeller spinning around on the 
wall. As Ben gets closer to the propeller, he sees some sort of light
emerging from the other side of the propeller. Knowing that it'd be
too dangerous to try to swim through the rotating blades, Ben heads
back up.

Ben rises from the pool and walks to the wooden door. Ben uses the 
rusty old key to open the door, and walks inside.

}Steam room:
Ben walks down the stairs and sees a grating on the ground with hot 
coming out of it. Ben sees a hole in the ground with a ladder leading 
a dark room below. Ben walks down the ladder.

}Engine room:
Ben finds a strange machine that's only purpose seems to be to pump 
into the room above. Ben finds a big red button on the wall and 
pushes it.
The lights come on and Ben sees a switch on the right wall. He walks 
the switch and pulls it.

Ben walks to the ladder and climbs up.

}Steam room:
As the hot steam no longer gushes through the grating, Ben is able to
cross it safely. Ben walks over the crating and sees a lever on the
side of a big machine. Ben pulls the lever.

Ben swims down and sees that the propeller has stopped rotating. 
Now that
the blades are not moving anymore Ben is able to swim to the other 

}Maze entrance:
Ben emerges from the water and finds himself in a huge 
underground hall
filled with gigantic rock formations reaching high into the cavern's
roof, and a handful of doorways leading to a huge maze. Ben opens
the door on the ground level and walks in.

Up, right, up, up, up, up, right, up.

At this point Ben has come to a dead end but he finds an old skeleton
lying on the ground, and after taking a closer look at it, he notices
that the skeleton has a pick-axe with a rope tied to it in its hand.

Ben picks it up and continues to wander about in the caverns.

Down, left, down, left, left, left, left, down, down.

Maze entrance:
Ben sees a rusty old fence on the ledge he's standing on and ties the 
end of the rope with a pick-axe to the fence, and then throws the 
to the ledge on the right. He then proceeds to walk on the rope to 
the other ledge. Ben succeeds and reaches the ledge safely.

Ben walks through the doorway and enters the second maze.

}Maze II:
Up, left, up, up, up, right, up, up, up, up, up, right, right, down, right.

}Entity room:
Ben meets the awesome entity itself and is told to go to the alien 
destroy it and bring back his uncle and grandfather. The entity gives
Ben a magic phone number and teleports him back to the cemetery.

Ben hooks the teleport engine to the broken alien teleporter and 
at the magic phone number he got from the entity. He dials the
number and teleports away.

                        -THE ALIEN SHIP-

}Transporter room:
Ben appears on a teleport pad and sees an alien sleeping against the
transporter chamber's control console.

Knowing that he musn't be recognized, Ben cleverly disguises himself
by putting on the pumpkin mask he got from the mansion.

Ben walks to the door on the left.

}Security room:
As Ben enters the security room he finds himself standing on a 
belt, slowly moving him through the room while he's being scanned 
a huge x-ray screen. The pumpkin disguise works well and Ben is 
as an alien, meaning that he's free to move around in the ship 
gathering any unwanted attention.

Ben walks to the elevator door and steps in.

The ship computer asks Ben to insert his security card into the 
card slot in order to identify the user and his rights to access the
different parts of the ship. Ben heads back for the transporter room
in an attempt to find something that'd be of help.

}Transporter room:
As Ben enters the room he notices that the sleepy guard has moved 
a more comfortable position; lying on the floor with his tail wrapped
around him as a blanket, sleeping like a baby.

Ben notices a small security card lying on top of the transporter
chamber's control console and picks it up.

Ben inserts the security card into the computer and presses one of 
buttons indicating the floors he's able to access with his current
security card. The elevator starts to move.

Ben steps out of the elevator and walks through the doorway on the
right end of the hallway.

Ben comes into the waiting-room and sees a couple of aliens sitting 
a bench, waiting. Ben pushes the button on the ticket machine and 
machine spits out a queueing number. Excited about this intriguing 
device, Ben soon becomes addicted and pushes the button over and 
again with the machine spitting out masses of queueing numbers but
eventually, the machine runs out of tickets.

Ben picks up the 3574 queueing numbers lying on the floor.

After a security droid has gongratulated Ben for his incredible
achievement, Ben goes back to the elevator.

Ben steps out of the elevator and finds himself in a room with 
cameras and strange lights illuminating the room. When Ben sees a 
pumpkin headed alien walking around in the room he begins to 
why his pumpkin mask fooled the aliens so well.

Ben sees a door with a security card slot beside it and plugs in his

The door opens and Ben walks inside.

Ben enters one of the ship's jails and sees a monstrous jail guard
approaching him. Knowing exactly what to do, he offers to sell his
pumpkin mask to the guard. As the guard expresses his reluctance, 
quickly makes up a story about the alien boss wanting to see the 
about some important matter. It works and the guard panics leaving 
room in such a hurry that he even forgets his security card in the
security card slot.

Then, Ben makes an incredible find: his uncle and his grandfather 
been thrown in a cell together, just waiting for Ben to come and get
them out. But as Ben finds out, it's not that simple. The cells are
sealed with some sort of force fields that can't be opened without
a console or some other device.

As Ben leaves the room he picks up the guard's card from the card 

As Ben enters the waiting-room again he notices a small alien ring
lying on the floor and picks it up.

Ben uses the ring he found from the waiting-room to activate the
small computer screen that's built-in the jail's left wall.
The computer gives Ben a password and the jail's number.

As Ben enters the elevator again he uses the jail guard's security
card in the elevator computer and notices that with this new card
of his he is able to access a new floor on the ship. Ben pushes
the button and the elevator starts its way.

}Hallway II:
As Ben steps out of the elevator he sees an alien maintenance man 
to open a locked door with various security cards. The alien tells Ben
that he's the ship's maintenance man and that he's supposed to 
the Boss' escape pod. He also tells Ben that the Boss might have given
him the wrong security card since he seems to be unable to open the
door leading to the pod room with the cards he has.

After a while the alien asks Ben to go to the Boss and ask him if he
gave him the wrong security card. Ben agrees.

Ben plugs the jail guard's security card into the console in the 
and enters the access code he got from the jail's computer to log in,
and then opens all the prison cells on the ship. The speakers in the
hallway start to pump out an alarm signal with an alien voice 
that a dangerous prisoner has escaped.

Soon a monstrous alien appears and chases a small white alien into 
waiting-room, eating anything that gets in its way. Then, slowly, Ben
begins to understand what the alarm was about.

Despite all this, Ben bravely goes to the waiting-room.

Ben sees the monster finishing his meal and then suddenly running 
out of
the room with amazing speed. The number on the number board 
changes and
Ben goes to see the Boss.

}Boss room:
After a brief chat the Boss gives Ben his personal escape pod card.

}Hallway II:
Ben sees that the maintenance alien has vanished, and so he tries to
open the door himself. The card works and Ben goes into the room.

}Escape pod room:
Ben finds a security card slot on the side of the airlock and plugs the
escape pod card in. The airlock opens, revealing the door leading to 
actual pod itself. Ben realizes that it's time to go and get his uncle
and grandfather. When Ben attempts to leave the room, he notices 
the door to the hallway doesn't open. Ben finds himself locked inside
the escape pod room, wondering whether he should just launch the 
pod now and forget about his uncle and grandfather, or try to find 
strange way out of the room which he hasn't thought of yet.

It is then that Ben notices a loose looking panel on the wall next to
the door, panics and starts to tear it out insanely. Ben finds two
strange, disconnected cables beneath the panel and wonders if he 
somehow connect them again, possibly opening the door again. He 
around the room and spots a possible solution to the problem on the
right of the room, next to the big pipes, where he sees a bunch of
loose cables. "Surely, ripping just one of 'em off couldn't possibly
do any harm" Ben thinks, and tears one of the cables off.

Ben ties the piece of broken cable to the disconnected wires beneath
the panel, and the door opens.

Ben tells the professor and Yodle about the esccape pod and leads 
them to it.

Escape pod room:
Ben goes into the pod with the professor and Yodle. The pod 
computer asks
if the Boss is sure that he wants to launch the escape pod and 
the ship's engines. Yodle pushes the red button in the pod's control 
and the computer bids good day and the pod is launched.

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