1. Get out of bed.  Take all from closet.  Open drawer.  Take all from drawer.  
Read note.  Open door. (Weasel will come in and steal your passbook, if he can, 
and head for the mainland on the ferry.  If you interrupt him, you're dead, so 
be sure to take the passbook or you're in for a short game.  Neither can you 
lock him in your room.)
2. Sit.  Order breakfast (or food).  Eat food.  Order drink (for $2.00), or ask 
bartender for water (free) to quench your thirst.  Wait until 8:30.  Whassa 
matter your watch stop?  Well, wind watch.  Ask bartender for time.  Set watch 
to (stated time).  When Johnny asks if you want in on the deal, say yes, or it's 
going to be an awfully uninteresting game.
3. Wait for Johnny.  If he shows you a plate, your ship is the Leviathan, if he 
shows you a coin, at which you may look, your ship is the Sao Vera.  Check your 
game materials for the ship's depth and read the characteristics of the boats 
that are for charter.
4. After dropping all but watch in the storage locker of the ship you'll be 
renting, withdraw $603.
5. Wait for Johnny.  Show money to Johnny.  Answer his question.  Drop passbook. 
(if you don't McGinty will see it and nver leave you alone, leading to a dead 
game and Johnny calling off the deal.  If you drop it in town where McGinty 
roams, it will disappear as though he's taken it, but he will still leave you 
alone in Outfitter's International.)
6. Wait until after McGinty leaves. (If you have a save game handy, buy 
something while he is in the store.)  After Johnny leaves, pay salesman however 
much you were told, a somewhat variable number.  If you are diving on the 
Leviathan, buy flashlight, repellent, putty, c cell, and electromagnet and rent 
compressor.  If you are diving on the Sao Vera, all you need are the flashlight 
and shark repellent.
7. Attend the 11:30 meeting in the Shanty.  If Johnny says the deal is off, you 
did something wrong and should start over.
8. Open window.  Look in window.  If McGinty is seen, wait.  If not, enter 
window.  Take envelope which will be there from 12:30 (or so) on.
9. Wait for delivery boy.  If you are diving on the Leviathan, you can start 
getting ready now.  Wear wet suit, mask, and flippers.  Fill air tank with air 
(need compressor, or if you're cheap, you can fill it for free in Outfitter's).  
Wear air tank.  Take repellent, putty, and electromagnet.  Open drill.  Insert c 
cell.  Close machine.  Drop envelope, it's curtains if Weasel sees you with it.  
Go topside and wait for Johnny.
10. When Johnny asks for the latitude and longitude of the ship, check the 
materials that came with the game.  The syntax is longitude is xx.  Latitude is 
11. Hide envelope under bunk.  Get in bunk.  When the ship puts out to sea, 
sleep.  When you arrive, get out of bunk, get envelope, north.  Get ready for 
your dive.
12. Give envelope to Johnny.  (if you don't do this and succeed in returning the 
treasure, you throat will be slit on the trip home.)
13. Turn on flashlight and jump in water if you are diving on the Leviathan.  If 
you are on the Mary Margaret, wear suit.  Connect hose to diving suit.  Start 
compressor and then jump in water.  Once you're in the water, the shark will 
appear at different depths.  When he does, open repellent.
14. (Note: Steps 14 to 17 apply to the Leviathan.)  Put magnet on mine.  Turn on 
magnet.  Drop magnet.  Up. (Don't turn the magnet on first.)
15. Remove tank.
16. Turn on drill.  Drill safe.  Turn off drill.  Take case.  Head for the 
airpocketed room without any wasted moves.
17. Turn on drill.  Drill case.  Open putty.  Put glob on case.  Now it's time 
to head up to the surface and become a rich diver. (If you opened the door here 
when first passing through, you better go back to your last saved-game 
18. (Note: Steps 18 to 27 apply to the Sao Vera.)  Take iron.
19. Move row with iron (gets the row of bunks out of the way for three moves).  
Put iron under row (props up the bunks).
20. Leave the squid alone, don't even look if you value your skin.
21. Look at skeleton.  Take sword.
22. Push oak chest north (twice), and then to the west.
23. Tie chest to line.
24. Push maple chest south, to under the ladder.
25. Stand on chest.  Up.
26. Push cask north.
27. Stand on cask.  Cut rope with sword.  Climb rope and up to the ship, and 
enjoy your escudos!

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