1. After getting up, collect all objects at the fire pit, work tent, and supply 
tent.  Break lock on chest with ax.  Remove and drop lock.  Open chest.  Get map 
and beef.  At the Nile, drop knapsack.  Open, fill, and close canteen.  When you 
get hungry, have water close at hand.  The knapsack can carry many objects, 
obviating an inventory management problem, but at the cost of having to drop 
them to get at any of the contents, and, perhaps, forgetting to pick them up 
2. Open crate that the plane dropped.  Get navigation box.  Push button to get 
your latitude and longitude.  Use the box to find the location marked on the map 
that came with your game.  Dig with the shovel until you uncover top of pyramid.  
Unfold the map and put the cube in the hole.  Check the hieroglyphics.
3. Get torch.  Open jar and dip torch in it.  Drop knap and get matchbook.  Take 
match and close matchbook.  Light torch with match.  Close and take jar.  (Torch 
may require this procedure during game; extinguish it before dipping.)  Tie rope 
to altar.  Take and throw rope to north.  Take knap.  Go either north or down.
4. Move statue.  Take head and gold cluster.  Roll statue northeast (for 
example), drop the head (to match your weight on the floor).  Go southwest to 
the room of Isis and get emerald cluster.  Get the head and roll statue into 
another diagonal corner, moving in the opposite direction until you've gotten 
all four jeweled clusters.  Note the hieroglyphics in each room; they differ but 
slightly, offering a clue to their decipherment.  (Hint: a "direction" and name 
appear in each.)
5. Compare the scroll hieroglyphics to those in one of the cube rooms; note what 
may well be the numbers one through nine.
6. Examine slot and remove shim.  Put torch in knothole.  Now it's safe to drop 
all.  Lift mast.  Get all.  Go up and get beam (mast), noting its hieroglyph.
7. Examine the dead adventurer for the (poison) ring.  Save the game and wear 
ring.  Deciphering the chamber or the silver or gold room hieroglyphics here 
would give away too much!  Be content by getting the gold and silver chalices.
8. Take and drop first, third, then fifth brick, just like the scroll "tells" 
you to do.
9. Break plaster with ax.
10. Place mast in the niches, like the hieroglyphics there tell you to do.  
Stand on the beam.  Break plaster with ax.  Open door.
11. You need the mast again.  Put the mast between the rocks.  Open door.
12. Put the jeweled clusters in their appropriate corners to match up with the 
god's rooms in which they were initially found, diamond in first, ruby in 
second, emerald in third, and opal in fourth.  Be sure to take your knapsack.  
Lift slab.  Get book and spatula.  Read book, noting its hieroglyph.  Open book 
with spatula for a little more easy reading!  Take beam when you've left.
13. Put the beam under the timber.  Examine the door and break the seal with the 
ax.  Open door.
14. Put the gold and silver chalices on the two empty discs on the left and on 
the right.  Pour water into the silver chalice, or as an alternate, put the 
cigarette pack in the silver chalice.  This will balance the scales, and permit 
you to get the scarab.  Note its hieroglyph.
15.  Place the book in the large recess of the queen's sarcophagus, and the 
scarab in the small recess. (This is a direct translation of the hieroglyphics 
in the book.)  Turn the gods in the order implied by the number of "@" in each 
of their names, that is, Neith, Selkis, Isis, and Nephthys.  When you now move 
the lid, you have won 400 points but lost something else.  Yes, this is the end, 
there is no other way of getting a perfect score, and no way of avoiding this 
ending.  You can, however, b

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