MOONMIST - Blue version

x gate; press dragon; sir Iznogood Who; blue; yes; enter; yes;
follow Tamara; bow to Jack; follow Tamara; again; nod; yes;
follow Tamara; again; Tamara, tell me about ghost; wait; yes;
Bolitho, tell me about ghost; yes; [notice "The Hall"] wait; yes;
yes; yes; n; remove clothes; take bath; s; dress for dinner; look
in drawer; go to dining room [if you are stopped by persons,
repeat this sentence]; wait [until 7:54]; take butler's note,
read it; drop it; eat dinner; z; look under bust; z; z; z; look
under punchbowl; read clue; Jack, give clue to me; read it; w;
take lantern; w; examine rack; take wine; examine bottle
[note:OUR], go to Sitting Room; examine desk; take maid's note;
read it; drop it; examine piano; take piece of music; read it
[note:SUIT]; go to Drawing room; examine tapestry; examine maiden
[note:ARM] go to New Great Hall; examine suit; look in it; take
clue; read it [Now insert OUR, SUIT and ARM and we have the text: 
"My alARM has no glamour; It's 'SUITe' tones do clamOUR. 
Can you find me ?"]; w; w; w; u;
u; u; examine bell [WOW !!!]; drop clues; all; take skull; go to
sitting room; give skull to Tamara[OK, now let's get that ghost];
n; e; search floor; yes [Bolitho's piece of advice]; take lense,
examine it; go to Vivien's room; open box; search box; take small
box; search box[the large one]; take diary; go to my room; read
diary; open small box; examine small box [wow! perhaps our lense
fits into it ?]; put lense in small box; examine wall mirror;
turn switch; n; take device [we might find a real ghost!]; s; e;
s; turn on lantern; wait 60 minutes [or until the ghost appears];
press button [WE'VE KILLED A GHOST!!! WOW!]; examine ghost;
remove wig [aaaah, it is just Vivien]; arrest Vivien; yes.

Walkthrough by Erik Futtrup, email:[email protected]
completed with hint from John Rodriguez

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