Solution to MOONMIST: RED version

x gate: press dragon: Sir Erik: yes: red: yes: enter: yes: follow
Tamara: curtsey to Jack: follow Tamara: g: x Iris: yes: Wendish,
yes: follow Tamara: Tamara, tell me about
ghost: z: yes: z: yes: yes: z: yes: x device: drop it {you won't
need it in this version}: n: remove clothes: take bath: s: dress
for dinner: look in drawer: go to dining room: wait {until 7:54}:
take butler's note: read it: drop it: wait {till 8:00}: eat
dinner: z: look under bust: z: z: z: look under punchbowl: x it:
Vivien, give clue to me: x it: go to chapel: search window: get
third clue: x it: go to courtyard: e: e: dig ground: yes: get
fourth clue: x it: drop all clues: w: w: s: look in stand: get
cane: x it: remove paint: go to sitting room: give club to
Tamara: get maid's note: x it {notice the last two lines about
KEYHOLE}: drop it: go to kitchen: get lantern: go to my room:
turn on lantern: x wall mirror: pull switch: e: n: wait 200
{until about 12:41}: s: talk to ghost: w: go to drawing room:
search floor: yes: get jewel: go to my room: e: s: w: d: w: ne:
search room: yes: get necklace: insert jewel in necklace: open
door: peer through keyhole {remember the maid's note!}: e: x
crest: remove crest: play tape: w: arrest Jack: yes: 

(c) 1992 Erik Futtrup, Denmark (email: [email protected])
     and Twan Lintermans, Holland

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