Flight of the amazon queen Walkthru, by Phil Young (100340,2567),
[email protected]. 
Completed 25-August-1995

First a few general points about the gameplay, You Play Joe 
King throughout, he's not the brightest of guys so relies on
people to tell him things. Basically it doesn't matter what 
YOU have worked out, if Joe hasn't worked it out he can't do it.

So it is vitally important that you spend time examining everything
even if it's purpose is obvious, and ask as many questions as the 
game allows. When you are reading something it may read different
the next time, keep going till it repeats itself, same with talking to 
people / things.

Most of the puzzles are really simple provided you have made the 
preparations above, there are many sequences and to do things and many 
things which don't affect the outcome of the game.

Anyway, here is how I completed the game, with most of the unnecessary 
bits removed.

Start in bedroom:
look at chest,	use curtain cord, look at posters etc, pick up wig.
pick up sheets and other sheets, use them to make a rope, tie it to 
radiator and descend through laundry chute.

move stairs, get crowbar and false breasts.
Try to open door, it's locked.
Go back to bedroom (up rope)

open chest with crowbar, get towel, descend rope

Downstairs: climb stairs to left into foyer

Look at Key, talk to bellboy } 
'About that key on your desk....  ';'I need to borrow it for a while ...'
'About that key again...';'I'm Lola's friend ...'
pick up key, go back downstairs, use key on door, enter dressing room.

Dressing room:
talk to Lola }
' I need your help ...';' This is serious ...';' Can you help me get ...'
give towel to Lola, get dress, walk outside.

Use dress, go upstairs. (Watch cartoon feature) go outside to truck.

back of truck:
pick up hay to reveal oil, pick up oil and use it on 2CV following.

talk to Anderson, doesn't matter what you say, then knock him out.

Inside Plane Wreck:
open duffel bag, look at it and get knife / lighter.
look at seats and get coupon. talk to sparky }
'what supplies ...';'I'm starved...'
talk to Faye }
'I'm not too happy ...';'Are you ever...';'Leave sparky...'
Open hatch and step outside, use Jerky on Pirhanas, pick up broken prop, 
use knife on lily stem, use prop on lily pad, Walk to north path

cut vine with knife, walk back past plane, take other path to bridge.

look at bridge, use vine to repair bridge, go over and get banana.
go back past where parrot was and meet gorilla.

talk to gorilla }
'sorry pal ...';'say, you're a gorilla...';'I thought gorillas...'
'This is south America...'
walk to pinnacle (watch cartoon), go to jungle

read sign, take north exit, cross over tree, talk to skip }
'what comic book...';'my friend ...';'my friend has every...'
'the one where he battles the Chicago mob';'i gotta go'
talk to bud	}
'boy it's hot here'
look at comic book, use torn page with coupon, look at blueprint.
go Northeast to waterfall, look at bug, walk east, come to gorilla again 
at hollow log.

hollow log:
talk to 'vicious dinosaur' (gorilla) }
'that's a costume ...';'I know who you are...';'you can't eat me...'
'how did you do that...';'would you disappear again...';'sorry pal,...'
Walk south to jimmy & Mary-Lou

Jimmy & Mary-Lou:
talk to Mary-Lou. }
'why is your husband...';'has he made any...';'how smart are...'
talk to Jimmy }
'why do you...';'I don't see any'
give banana to monkey and get coconut.
go back to hollow tree any cross it, go north to Orchid.

look at orchid, go east to temple entrance, look at carvings, hide and 
watch amazon woman enter, press buttons on carving.

talk to prisoner with puppet }
'nice hand puppets...';'the little doll...'
talk to Faye }
'boy am I glad...';'well are you...';'okay... I'm sorry...'
'okay, I'm really...'
follow Faye to throne room, go back to pinnacle, go to crash site
talk to sparky }
'how's the repair work...';'could I have one ...';'I gotta go'
give comic to Sparky, go to trader bob's

Trader Bobs:
read sign and plaque, cross the river ( no text hilight here )
talk to chief }
'I don't speak ...'
enter trader bob's, give beef jerky to bob, pick up vacuum cleaner.
go to orchid (watch cartoon), use vacuum to pick up wasps
pick orchid, go to jimmy
talk to Jimmy }
'this looks more like a zoo..';'what exactly is a sloth...'
'what do they eat';'I think I know enough...'
'do you know where I could find a phone'
talk to Mary-Lou }
'who did you ...';'why did the pygmies...';'believe me when I say...'
'how did you talk...';'I'll swap you for your dictionary..'
'would you like another nail file...'
get dictionary, go to trader bobs, talk to bob }
'I've got some questions';'could you tell me more about Naomi..'
'I'd like you to tell me more about Floda...';'what are Floda doing...'
'what makes you think...';'what do you think Floda will do...'
'I think I'll browse'
talk to Naomi }
'what's with the barber chair...';'could you give me a haircut...'
'how come you're nervous...';'I think I'll look around...'
pick up a net, talk to bob }
'I've got some questions...';'what sort of things...'
'how do I get to be ...';'I think I'll browse'
give orchid to bob in exchange for net, pick up net.
talk to witch doctor }
'what are you doing...';'could you make me a rash cure...'
go to crash site, get another banana, use net to get perfume
go to Floda camp, get flower, go to bob's, give perfume to Naomi
get scissors, go to jungle, go north to sloth, use flower on sloth
(watch cartoon) use scissors on sloth to get hair.
go to fish, use net to catch beetle, go to bobs, use knife on coconut
give coconut halves, sloth hair and vacuum cleaner to witch doctor.
get rash potion, go to bud and skip, give rash cure to bud for money
go to bobs, pick up record, go to Floda, enter building
talk to receptionist }
'do you have a phone...';'what's that on your desk...';'I'm lost ...'
'I'm curious...';'I'm the fumigator...';'what secret...'
walk east to kitchen and talk to chef
'I'm here for kitchen...';'I'm the fumigator...';'what are you doing'
'any luck in...';'this is a waste...'
give banana to chef, pick up dog food, pick up cheese bits, look at dogfood
walk east to bunk room, open mailbag and look at it to get letter
open foot locker, look at leashes and pick up toy
go back to reception and walk north to library.
look at couch to get money, use record on phonogram, use elevator
open door on left and enter room, look at box and get can opener
exit room, walk south, talk to john }
'have you found any...';'why does this...'
look at letter, give letter to john, open north door and enter room
move cabinet to reveal safe, look at safe
look at notes on desk until you get all 4 different messages.
exit to corridor and go through south door then read duty roster
leave room, take corridor back to near lift then east corridor
open door on left and enter, talk to henry }
'you're needed for kitchen ...';'colonel Jackson...'
read notices on board until 'chefs lunch special'
open door on left and enter (watch cartoon, dino navigates maze for 
cheese bits)
look at plans, pick up book from desk, use knife on book to reveal key.
exit to corridor, walk to fire exit, pick up super weenie serum
use can opener on dog food' use serum on dog food, walk upstairs
talk to Azura }
'how did you get your message...';'so yours a real...'
'how did you get captured'
use key on prison door (watch cartoon)
use mannequins, talk to Azura }
'did you see the guard...'
use wall panel, re-enter building, pick up pencil, go back to basement
take corridor right,right to Klunk, give chefs surprise to Klunk
talk to Klunk }
'you really think...';'I don't think...'
open door and enter, use pencil on writing pad, go to safe room
use paper on safe,open safe and look inside.
pick up key and plans, look at plans then go outside building.
give squeaky toy to dog, open door, enter building
use key on padlock, open box and look at box to get rocket pack
return to amazon fortress, enter throne room and get horn.
walk to jetty, talk to ferryman }
'I'm Joe king...';'you sound upset...';'caught any big ones...'
'tell me about the one...';'are you fishing...';'what sort of bait...'
give beetle to ferryman, talk to ferryman }
'will you take me...'
sloth island:
enter temple, enter left room, move bodies and pick up bones
enter left room, move more bodies and pick up bones
give cheese bits to dino rat, enter left door
fit ribcage, bones, and skull into holes, fit armbone into socket on left
insert a coin into the slot near the socket and move the arm.
enter secret passage
large statue:
talk to hologram }
'is it a two legged cow...';'I know, it's man...';'so I got it right...'
'would you mind...'
go through right door to pulleys, go through middle door
go east to sarcophagus, look at body, talk to zombie women }
'I don't see ...';'what happened to the guy...';'how do you know the...'
'prove to me ...';'you're afraid...'
pick up mummy wrappings, talk to zombie women }
'I think you should...';'I pulled a pile of rags...'
open sarcophagus and get crown, use knife on vines, close sarcophagus
move sarcophagus, enter hole in rock, use knife on  tree sap
pick up sap, move fountain head, pick up blue jewel
go west to lever then west again, talk to Ian }
'how do I get over...';'I gotta go now'
go west, use hand puppet on stone disc, go east to lever, move lever.
go through middle door to upstairs in pulley room and use disk on spindle
use vine on disc, go back to downstairs in pulley room
use loose vines on pulley, then use bat to turn it.
walk under slab and get pick
exit room and use bat to turn pulley back again.
go upstairs in pulley room and take rear exit to cave.
use pick on stalactite, get flint, and use flint on lighter
use pick on hole where light shines.
enter and look at crypt, exit and go back to large statue
take west door and continue west to snake
use mummy wrappings on arm bone to make torch, use lighter to ignite it.
use torch on snake, enter door to north, then go downstairs then east
look at body to get id card, go west past body then east past statue
at laser door, look at mirrored surfaces and lizard heads.
go west (watch cartoon) go west again to statue between waterfalls.
look at statues eyes, pick up big stick.
return to lizards heads and go east to glowing pit.
look at support rope below cage, talk to Ian }
'I've got an idea...';'throw me the crystal'
use lever, talk to Ian }
'I've got another ...';'I'd like you to untie...'
use lever, exit west, go up stairs and back to large statue.
go back to crypt and use big stick to open it, look in crypt
take death mask, go to lizards heads, use wrappings to polish deathmask
use deathmask on lizards head then walk through to door
continue to green jewel
use sap on bat then use bat to get green jewel, go back to get more sap
go west to Ian's body, look at Ian's body to get rock
walk to statue between waterfalls and place gems in depressions.
take right passage to stone altar.
use sap to stick 2 pieces on stone key together and use key on statue.
go down stairs and cross walkway to enter maze
feed dino rat with cheese bits and follow, repeat till out of maze.
at temple look at wall panels, move panels to activate temple.
look at wall markings on bottom of temple, take east door
use vacuum cleaner on mosaic, move bottom button, second from left
move 3rd row down, 3rd from left, door opens, go through door
talk to hologram }
'of course, I'm Joe almaxaqottle...'
give crown to hologram, take skull, return to temple and sit on chair
(watch cartoon) talk to prof }
'you're mad...';'why on earth...';'deoxyribonucleic acid ...'
'and you're out of...'
pick up mug and use it on door, go to trader bobs, pick up alcohol
use alcohol on rocket pack, use rocket pack, walk to pinnacle
valley of the mists:
follow Faye to east, walk north to distant clearing, look at dinosaur
go north and use knife to get branches, go south and use them on dinosaur
go south to tail then west, use horn to scare dinosaur at carcass
walk past carcass (watch cartoon), pick up gun
(save at this point as the game may crash here)
look at gun, shoot Monster Frank, shoot Faye, talk to Faye }
'I'd like you to turn your mirror'
shoot Monster Frank, give death mask to sparky, shoot Monster Frank

Game Over

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