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         Nocturnal Illusion FAQ/Walkthrough
    This document Copyright 2002 Alicia Belliveau
               ([email protected])
                    Version 1.2

Table of Contents

1.     Introduction
2.     Characters
3.     Walkthrough
4.     Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Introduction

You池e a university student, on his summer vacation. 
You decide to take this time to go explore the 
wilderness. A week later, you get lost in the 
mountains, during a typhoon storm. You池e rescued by a 
mysterious woman who heals you, and takes you to her 
mansion. There, along with the rest of the people of 
the mansion, you find it is impossible to leave. 

2.     Characters

The Mistress. Dark purple/black hair. She痴 the one who 
saved you at the beginning, and owns the mansion. 
She値l give you information on the story of the mansion 
and tell you about the other guests.

Miwako. Shy, orange-haired maid of the Mistress. She痴 
nervous around new people and protective of the younger 

Kunio Kusayama. The only other male guest. Loud, and 
frequently drunk, he makes amorous advances towards the 
other guests.

Maya Okazagi. Orange hair, and dressed in a business 
suit and sunglasses. She痴 a reporter who came to 
research the story of the mansion.

Yukina. Lavender hair. Very panicky and shy. She痴 
afraid of the dark and will run away from everyone.

Sari. Silver hair and eyes. You値l only find her in the 
backyard garden at night. She痴 waiting for her long-
lost love who disappeared long ago.

Misao. Red-head. She痴 been in the mansion since she 
was a child, and is still fairly immature. You値l 
usually find her in the bath, or climbing tress.

Mermaid. She痴 from the old fairy tale about a mermaid 
who kills her prince to return to the sea. She lives in 
the bottom of the well.

Yura. Black hair and dresses in a white silk kimono. 
Lives in the storehouse and is in love with a demon.

Arisa. Young blonde girl in old fashioned clothes who 
occasionally appears in dreams or hallucinations.

3.     Walkthrough

          FIRST FLOOR  
|Mistress|Base|  Dining  | Bath |
|        |ment|  Hall    | room |
| Miwako |               | Sari |
|--------|     Lobby     |------|
| Empty  |               | Maya |
|        |               |      |
          SECOND FLOOR
--------------          --------
|Kusayama|Att|----------| Empty | 
|--------|ic |  Study   |-------|
| Empty  |   |          | Empty | 
| Arisa  |              |Yukina | 
|--------|    Stairs    |-------|
| Misao  |              | Yours |


You池e lost in a rainstorm. Just keep choosing all the 
options over, and over until the mysterious woman comes 
to rescue you. Her and a woman named Miwako will save 
you. To keep you from dying, the woman will make love 
to you. When you wake up, talk to her. Look around the 
room and do all the options. You値l fall asleep again. 
When you wake, do all the options until Miwako comes. 
Talk with her, then leave your room to meet with Maya. 
Talk with her. Move again and Kusayama will appear and 
ask you to come up to his room later. Head to the 
bathroom, and check and look at everything there. 
Miwako will appear and say that that bath doesn稚 work 
anymore. When she leaves, go outside and down to the 
gate. Try opening and looking at it. Soon you値l be hit 
by a branch. Try as you might, you don稚 see anyone 
around. Head towards the well and do all the options. 
When you池e done, head inside to the lobby. Look around 
until you can go to the second floor. Go to Yukina痴 
room and the mistress will tell you not to disturb her. 
Go down to the lobby to talk with the mistress again. 
Now you値l have to explore everything in the mansion. 
This means everything, including the attic, basement, 
and outside. When you致e looked at everything, it値l be 
dark and the mistress and Miwako will take you to the 
dining room to eat supper. Miwako will cry about you 
until you finish eating. When you do, Kusayama will 
appear to take you back to his room to get drunk. 
You値l pass out after a while. You値l wake up to a 
strange sound. Use all the options in Kusayama痴 room 
and at the well. Go to Yukina痴 room. When you leave 
you値l see a crying girl in the corner who値l run away 
from you. It痴 Yukina. Head to the storehouse outside. 
Do all options. Now go to the backyard. Sari will bump 
into you. Do all options with her. Go meet Miwako and 
Maya by their rooms. Go to your room to sleep.


Go eat breakfast in the dining hall. Meet Kusayama in 
the halls. Talk to him. Then go to the study and look 
at everything. A blonde girl will appear and disappear. 
Go down to the lobby and talk with Maya. Tell her you 
don稚 think men are better then women. Go out to the 
gate, and another stick will be thrown at you. Talk to 
the girl up in the tree. Her name is Misao. She 
mentions a mermaid lives in the well out back. Leave 
and go back to the gate to meet with the mistress. Meet 
Maya at the terrace. Go outside to the terrace and see 
Yukina run away again. Now explore as much as you can 
until it gets dark. Then go to the gate and talk with 
the mistress. Go talk to Sari in the backyard, then 
check around the storehouse. Meet Maya in the lobby and 
have dinner with her. Go talk with Kusayama in his 
room. Then talk to Misao in her room. Then go down to 
the basement to meet with Miwako. Go back to Misao痴 
room and you値l see the blonde girl again. Misao will 
appear, so talk to her. Leave.


A few days have passed. Talk to Misao by the gate. Talk 
to Maya and Kusayami on the terrace. Wander around 
until you find Maya outside. She痴 found a key that 
unlocks the attic. Just keep selecting all the options. 
You値l learn a lot about Maya here. When you try and 
seduce her, she値l run away.


Another few days have passed. Walk around until you 
find Maya. Kusayama will appear after Maya leaves. 
Wander upstairs until you hear screaming. Save Maya 
from Kusayama. Go downstairs to the lobby and the suit 
of armour will attack you. Select all the options. 
Undress the ghoul, and you値l discover it was Maya. 
Select all the options, then go look for Miwako. She痴 
in the dining room. When you go back to Maya, you値l 
find the mistress is saving her, that same way she 
saved you. ;) Talk to the mistress and you値l find out 
Maya痴 soul was stolen.


Go to the mistress痴 room to check on Maya. Go outside 
to the well. You値l see the blond girl again. Go to the 
dining hall and talk with Miwako. Meet Misao at the 
terrace. She値l tell you about a secret passage at the 
storehouse. Go there and look at everything. Go as far 
as you can in the passage, and when you fall in the 
well, a mermaid will come save you. Select all options. 
You値l have to comfort her by making love to her of 
course. After this wonderful lesson in fish anatomy, 
the mermaid will give you a knife and a potion to save 
Maya. Give the potion to Maya. She値l apologize for the 
whole trying to kill you thing, by making love with 


Go meet the mistress in the lobby. Then go to the 
terrace to meet with Yukina and Miwako. Go to the well 
and talk to Maya. Go to the gate and talk with Misao. 
Go head to the dining hall and you値l hear noises from 
the basement. Talk to Miwako, and then go to her room. 
Listen to the sounds in the corridor, and you値l follow 
them to where Miwako is being tortured.


When you wake up, you値l meet the mistress in the 
lobby. She値l tell you that accepting the past is the 
only way a person can move on. You値l go to the 
basement and watch Miwako being tortured again. You値l 
pass out, and awaken to Maya standing watch over you in 
your room. And you値l go to the basement again, to see 
Miwako being tortured yet again. Go find her in the 
dining hall. You値l learn about Miwako痴 past here. To 
help Miwako, you have to make love to her.


When you wake up, wander around the mansion until you 
find Miwako. Talk to her. You値l see she痴 fine now. 
Now wander some more until Maya appears. Talk as much 
as you can with her. She値l tell you Misao痴 been 
worried about you, so go talk to her at the terrace. 
After Misao gets mad and runs away, the mistress will 
come over and talk to you. On the ground you値l find a 
picture of a 6-year old Misao. Talk to Maya at the 
gate, then wander around the mansion. Miwako will tell 
you that Misao is back at the gate. So go to the gate 
and give her back her picture. Misao will be tagging 
along with you for a while. Go to Maya痴 room and 
they値l both tease you. Go to the dining room and make 
Misao a sandwich. Go to the bathroom and talk about the 
broken tub. Go to Misao痴 room and she値l show you 
around. After this, just wander around the mansion 
talking to Misao until she starts to get tired. Climb 
the tree when you can. Select all the options. You値l 
find out Misao has been trapped in the mansion since 
she was 8. After you fall out of the tree, Misao will 
run away.


Talk to the mistress as much as you can. After she 
leaves, Misao will come visit you. She値l take you to 
the bathroom and show how she got the bath to operate. 
Then you値l have the opportunity to make love to her.


You値l wake up from an unusual dream about a girl named 
Yura and her big brother. Go out to the terrace and 
talk with Misao. Then talk to Kusayama up by his room. 
Whne you move again, you値l hear a strange wind. Follow 
it the storehouse, then keep examining it. When you 
look for a window, Miwako will interrupt you and say 
that it the sound of someone troubled by their past. 
When she leaves look inside the storehouse. You see a 
demon and a girl making love to each other. After you 
run away, you値l bump into Maya at the terrace. When 
you go back to the storehouse, you値l find out the 
girl痴 name is Yura. Keep talking to her. When you 
leave to find a key you値l run into the mistress. 
She値l tell you the story of Yura. You値l find out that 
Yura痴 brother was locked away in the storehouse 
because of an incurable and contagious disease. After 
her brother died he became the demon. You値l get the 
key from the mistress. When you try to get Yura to 
leave, the demon will attack you. Run away to the gate 
and talk to Kusayama. Talk to the mistress at the 
storehouse, and then talk to Maya in the lobby. Go to 
the lobby and read the books on demons. Talk to Miwako 
in the dining room. Go to your room and get the knife 
the mermaid gave you, from your side table. Go to the 
terrace and watch Kusayama jump off the clock tower. 
He値l tell you he found alcohol bottle next to the well 
and he値l ask you to hide them for him. After using 
them to get the demon drunk you値l stab him in the 
chest. It won稚 hurt him at all and you値l have to run 
away. After talking to Miwako and the mistress you値l 
go out back to meet Sari. She値l tell you about a magic 
sword that will slay the demon. When taking a bath, 
you値l doze off. The blonde illusionary girl will talk 
to you. She値l tell you to pull the fangs, and when you 
do, you値l find the magic sword. You値l go kill the 
demon and (of course) make love to Yura.


You値l wake up and go to the dining room to eat 
breakfast. Miwako will warn you not to go outside 
tonight as there will be a full moon. Talk to Misao at 
the bathroom. Go to Maya痴 room and return her 
hankerchief. Talk to Sari in the garden. Meet Yukina at 
the terrace. Talk to Miwako in the dining room who will 
tell you not to go out again. Now you池e going to have 
to wander around and look at everything until you see 
that the moon has become blood-red.


When you wake up, you値l talk a walk to the backyard. 
When you look at the flower you値l find a little key. 
You値l use it to open the locked room on the first 
floor. Looking at the pictures in the room, you値l see 
Sari with black hair next to her lover. Reading the 
love letters, you値l find that her lover was sent to 
war 60 years ago. Talking to Sari about it will make 
her send you away. Talk to Yukina at the terrace until 
she runs away. Maya will come to ask what痴 wrong and 
you値l find another key on the ground. You wake up in 
the middle of the night, so use Yukina痴 dropped key on 
the chest in Sari痴 room. You find a notice that says 
Sari痴 lover was killed in the war. Go to the backyard 
and you値l see Sari biting and making love to Yukina. 
To save them both you値l have to give your blood to 
Sari and then make love to her.


Eat breakfast and talk with Miwako. Leave and talk with 
the mistress. Go to the gate and Misao will throw 
garlic pieces at you. Talk to Yura at the storehouse 
and Kusayama outside his room. Talk to Maya in the 
attic, and Yukina in the backyard. Yukina trusts you 
now. Talk to her again by the well. When you leave, 
you値l go see Sari at the garden. At night, Yukina will 
ask to sleep in your room because of the wind. You値l 
try make love to her in the middle of the night, but 
she asks you to stop.


Yukina is gone when you wake up. You hear a growl, so 
look for Misao. She値l tell you she saw a huge dog 
outside. Look around the mansion for Yukina. Go outside 
and find Maya. After talking to her, wander around the 
mansion. You値l come across a wolf. After it 
disappears, wander around and you値l bump into Little 
Red Riding Hood. The wolf will attack the two of you. 
Run throughout the mansion with Red Hood to escape. 
You値l run into the mistress who値l tell you to find 
Miwako. She値l hide the two of you in the basement. 
Seduce Red Hood and she値l accept the wolf. Talk to 
Yukina at the terrace. Kusayama will appear and will 
scare Yukina. Talk to the mistress when she appears, 
and you値l end up back in your room. Kusayama will 
attack you in the evening. Yukina will come out to see 
what happened and Kusayama will try to rape her. She値l 
attack him with a clock. Talk to her. She値l run away 
so go looking for her. Eventually you値l come across 
Maya. Ask her to help Kusayama. Keep looking in the 
mansion and you値l find the mistress. Then find Misao. 
Then Miwako. She値l tell you that Yukina is up in the 
clock tower. Go up and talk to Yukina. She値l remember 
that she killed her father. Pull her up when she jumps 
out the window. You get to make love to her now.


Go to Kusayama痴 room and talk with Miwako. Kusayama 
has regained his senses now. Talk to the mistress in 
the lobby. Go out to the terrace and talk with Yukina. 
Go to the lobby and read a fairy tale book. The blonde 
girl should appear. If she doesn稚, wander around the 
mansion a bit. Her name is Arisa. She値l lead you to 
her room to make you a drink. Talk to Maya on the way 
there. You値l become friends and spend lots of time 
with each other.


On the way to Arisa痴 room you値l meet the mistress. 
Talk with her. She値l try to seduce several times. When 
you can, go to Arisa痴 room. Get the photo from her 
music box and leave. Talk to Maya, Yukina, Misao, and 
Yura and wander around. Go to the gate and you値l heard 
an odd sound. Follow it to where you see Arisa whipping 
Miwako. Choose whatever option you want. Next, compare 
the photo to the study. You値l find a hidden passage. 
Go in and read the diary. Arisa will appear. You can 
make love to her now. Convince her not to go to heaven 
just yet. Later in bed, you contemplate what has 
happened to you. Talk to the mistress when she appears. 
You have a chance to bring one woman out with you when 
you leave the mansion. Depending on who you choose and 
decisions you make with them, you can get different 

Congratulations, you致e just beaten Nocturnal Illusion!


4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I知 lost and I can稚 find anything else to do.

A: One of the main flaws with this game is you have to 
wander around a lot. When you get stuck like that just 
keep going to every room and looking at everything 
until and event happens.

Q: Why are some of the pictures blank/deleted?

A: Two scenes are censored from the game. The Red 
Riding Hood, and the illusion girl scenes. The reason 
being is both the characters are or are assumed to be 
under age. Without the pictures, it痴 hard to get by 
these points without randomly clicking on the screen. 
If you want to, there痴 a patch around on the internet 
that restores all the cut scenes.

Q: How many different endings are there?

A: 11.

1) Choose Maya.
2) Choose Miwako.
3) Choose Misao.
4) Choose Yura.
5) Choose Sari and stay a man.
6) Choose Sari and turn into a demon.
7) Choose Yukina.
8) Choose Arisa and take her out.
9) Choose Arisa and leave her there.
10) Choose the mistress and leave the mansion.
11) Choose the mistress and stay in the mansion.

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