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Excellent in every respect, clever and funny... in short, a real gem.



Chapter 1, The Prologue


Part I: IVO


Start a new game, watch and listen. What follows is the tutorial: you'll learn to press the space bar, examine what there is (again and again) and to talk to whoever is handy (again and again). By this I mean that the preliminary look will indicate what there is around, the second might allow to pick things up or interact with them and a conversation with whoever is near might modify the status of the items available; indeed, if you feel you can't go any further, talk to whoever is around again. You'll get the hang of it as you go along.


Move L, press the space bar, examine the rope, click on the rope. You swing over to the cage, examine it, talk to the Gremlin. Offer to save him: at end of the conversation, press the space bar and examine what there is - talk again to the Gremlin asking for help and he'll give you a bullwhip. Use that on the L magnifying glass spot and climb. Wait and listen. Examine the flag and take the baton. Examine the carton on the R and you get the fishing line and hook, combine that with the baton and use the whole on the sword to the L. Once armed, go down and pump the Gremlin for info. Finally, cut the rope with the sword.





When the conversation is over, space bar and examine everything. Try to open the case on the R, pick up the crowbar on the L of the bar and use it on the box. Read the manual. Examine the rat hole to get some fur; move L, space bar, examine the chair and the map. L into the kitchen, examine everything and pick up what you can: you should end up with two lots of rubbish, a net and an empty coffee pot. Out. Feed one lot of rubbish to the robot, add the rat fur and watch. Talk to the Brewer and go out to the R.


Watch. I won't say again "space bar, examine everything, get what you can" since you know that already. OK, here you need the icicle and the rolled tarpaulin. Go back in to talk to the Brewer but he's sleeping in his favourite chair and is not interested.


Out, click on the gnome hole. Inside, try to pick up the flying fish. Look at the levers to the L and use the first one on the R to bring up the kitchen. Take the barley, scissors, cleaner and, from inside the cupboard, the superfertilizer. Out, use the second lever from the R. Get the knapsack and the racket: combine the net with the racket and get the flying fish. Down.


Talk to Granddad and use the "Nuclear" line. Take the elven rope, the tool box and the extendable arm. Talk to Granddad again to find out what you need. Go talk to the Brewer. Move on to the kitchen. Combine the rope and the tarpaulin and that with the knapsack to get the parachute. Combine the extendable arm with the cleaner and use it on the pot to get the helmet. Out, try to get the map but you can't. Use the scissors on the Brewer's beard, feed the rubbish to the robot and then the beard. Watch. When the Brewer goes to get a drink, get the map.


Back to Granddad with everything he asked you to get. He needs something else, so go to the Brewer and find out what he wants to brew you some ale. Ask where you'd find some hops. At the end of the conversation, look into the rat hole to get one single hop - of course, the Brewer needs lots more.


Into the kitchen, combine the icicle with the coffee pot and place it on the stove to melt. Get back to the gnome hole, place the hop on the flowerpot to the L, add the fertilizer and help yourself to hops. Go to the Brewer and hand over what he needed. Wait and, after the conversation, take the ale to Granddad. Place the mechanical fish in the vice on the L and use the tool box on it to get the cog. Give it to Granddad and watch.





When the conversation is over, look around and get the watering can and the firewood. Examine the flowerpot on top of the wood stack to get a piece of flint. Use the well's crank and use the watering can on the end of the rope to get some water. Go inside and examine everything, particularly the laundry. Get the shield from the stove and use it on the mirror frame to the L. Open the sarcophagus and have the first of many silly conversations with the mummy. Get the sieve, read the book again and again, pick up the valuable documents. Use the sieve in the stone chest to get a key, which of course fits the locked wooden box. Inside there is an informative piece of paper and if you look again you'll find something else. Examine the stone pillar, use the stone disk in the socket. Examine the statue and "talk" to it to get some coffee beans. Out.


Grind the beans in the mill. Place the firewood and the valuable documents in the stove and light the fire with the flint. Place the watering can on the bracket and swing it over the fire to boil the water, then swing the bracket again to get it back. Add the coffee to the watering can. Go to the machine and pour the coffee into the bowl. Watch.


Down to the cellar, examine everything L to R, get the shears and the wooden staff. When you've done, go outside and use the staff on the wooden cover above the door. Use the shears on the small grave to the L; when you examine it you get the name of the cat. Go back in and to the cellar, place the staff in the hole in the ground, move the statue to the L until the shaft of light goes through the top of the staff; its jewel is missing. Go talk to the mummy, say Mortimer sent you and the answer to his questions are red, Kinski and 234. Confuse the mummy with 234 and tax him with not knowing the answer; you get the jewel - take it down to the cellar and place it in the staff. The gate opens, examine the book and take it. Watch.





Chapter II, In the city




At the end of the conversation examine everything and shift the flat stone. Enter the town and start going R while looking at everything. Enter the tavern and chat to the guys. Here you pick up an empty jar and a saw. When you've done talking try going through the door on the R. Out, go R and talk to the guard.


Leave town and use the empty jar on the flat stone: back to the tavern, try talking to the guys, enter the Server room. Examine everything, mess up the files in the bottom R and watch. Use the saw on the replacement chair, mess up the files and swap chairs. Watch. When the monkey gets back to work, use the bugs on him. Watch. Again, when the monkey gets back to work, leave and go to the guard. You catch him eating something: threaten to tell the players and get a banana. Use it on the monkey to disrupt the game. The players go back to their occupations and you can now visit the Mage School.


You go straight to Markus who tells you what you need to do to get a diploma and gives you a magic card to fast travel. Examine the shop before you leave, take the crystal ball and the contents of the box by the door. Ask Markus about the mirror. Out. Watch and look at the merchant. Talk to him and try to buy a magic wand - no go. He gives you a job, though. Leave town and go L to the showman. Look around and get a feather, then talk to him to find out how to get a heap of money; have a go at the wheel of fortune, ask for a prediction and about the cages. Now try to swap crystal balls - he could see you, so ask him about the invisible squirrel and while he is looking at it, swap balls. If you fail, try again.


Now it gets a bit irritating. Save before you have a go. What you need to do is to get the showman to tell your future a couple of times to find out how it works, so that you know you can only ask five questions before he wakes up. In the first set of questions, ask him about the two colours and then figure out the correct one (you should do this with only two questions of course, easy enough) then move on to the next round. Again, ask about the two colours and figure out the correct one, moving on to the next round. Now you only have one question left: you should be able to figure out the first and second colours, but the third will have to be a guess between two. If you fail, you have to do it all again. Although the colours are random, for what it's worth the correct answers for me while playing the game and getting things wrong were Red Yellow Yellow, Red Red Red and Blue Green Green. So if your two first correct colours are, say, Red and Yellow and you have to choose between yellow and another, try Yellow! Good luck.


Eventually you will get your gold, so get back to town and do the merchant's task. Stand by the sewer entrance and use the three potions you are carrying - the last one will reduce your size but not enough to enter the sewers, so speak to the merchant and talk him into giving you a magic ring (say you need it to catch the rat), and when you use it you will be small enough to enter the sewers.


Talk to the rat and explain your problems and he'll explain his. Offer to get some food, grab some mouldy slime from the ground in front of you, leave and go to the guard. Try to get the sandwich and of course you can't, so talk to him and offer to play a game for it... which you lose. On the way to Markus enter the tavern to pick up the sticky tape from the console and the inkpot from the server room.


Ask Markus about the card game and he will give you half a supercard. Explain your difficulty to the rat, leave town and when you come back he will call you and give you the other half. Stick them together with the sticky tape and go to the guard, who refuses to accept it. Go back to Markus and explain - he gives you the rule book. This time you beat the guard, so threaten to tell everyone and finally ask for the sandwich in exchange for your silence.


Approach the sewers, select the sandwich from your inventory and push it in. Go in now and get a mask in return. Take it to the merchant and get the roll of cloth. Once more into the sewer and ask the rat for a pattern and a wand.


Leave town, come back and get them both. Use the needle and thread on the pattern to make your robe. Now visit Markus with the money and your robe and wand and he will tell you what to do to get a diploma.


Look at the bookcase to get a recipe, collect all the ingredients from the kitchenette and leave. Watch. Go to the showman and ask about spells - he would teach you a trick with a rabbit and a top hat if you had such things. Grab the carrot by the hamster's cage. Use the magic card to fast travel to the Swamp of Death.


Get an ingredient from the tree, go through it and into the ship, get another ingredient, look at the top hat, get some rope, look at the book and get into a lengthy conversation with Death. If you ask for the hat it won't be forthcoming. Ask about the mirror. Attempt to write in the book with your feather. As you leave, get one more ingredient from the skeleton in the swamp. Out. To get the rabbit, tie the rope to the tree and the carrot to the rope.

Go to the rat and ask for the ingredients you are missing. Leave town, come back and get them. Enter the Mage School, use the mortar on the desk to powder the antlers and extract the slimy mould on the kitchenette. You should have all the ingredients for the potion, but don't do it yet. If you leave town and come back you'll see the merchant packing to leave; talk to him and say you won't be his friend any more and he will give you a bag. Inside, some fire crackers.


Travel to the Swamp and Death, enter the ship, place the fire crackers in the stove to the R and while Death is investigating, write in the book. Draw Death's attention to it, watch, go to the mirror in the Mage School and you automatically get the amulet, return to Death and accuse him of making a mistake, confess to writing in the book and he will bring you back to life. Talk to him again and persuade him to change his profession to, say, contract killer. He has a better idea and sends you to get some backing, so visit the showman and he is interested; back to Death who has dug up a grave and invites you to try it. Give him the honour of being the first and bury him (he'll let you hold his hat). Once you've done that, go with the rabbit and top hat to the showman to learn the trick.


No putting it off any more: now for the potion. Save before you start and follow the instructions to the letter. After a few false starts you should be able to make it. Tell Markus, give him the amulet and show him your trick. You get the mage diploma. Outside you say fond goodbyes to your friend the rat - go to the guard, talk to him, go through the gates and watch.







Before you can do anything, you get into a conversation with an orc and an imprisoned man. At the end of it, examine the pink beastie in the cage and talk to Nate. Talk to the orc. Start looking around: pick up the net and try to pick up the rope. When Nate speaks to the orc and she turns around, pick up the rope, move R and finish looking about. Now enter the mage's tower and examine everything. Out, R and to the lower town.


You overhear a conversation between Ivo and the guard. Talk to Ivo, then the guard, and go L down the street to the mage school. In there, read the note on the table and take the glasses. Go all the way R till you get outside the mage's tower, look at the pillar and tie the rope to it for Ivo to climb. You both end up in the mage's tower.


Use the glasses on the big book and read a couple of entries. Talk to Ivo and she will consult her book and look at the map; read the encyclopaedia again to look for KrunPak. Change to Ivo and let her get the map on top of the bookcase, and look at the big map on the wall. Follow her instructions to pinpoint the island. Out to the ship. From here on I'm not going to say "change to" but instead indicate which character is in charge.


WILBUR: give the power elixir to Ivo and collect the rope you tied to the pillar. IVO: talk to the orc and challenge her to an arm-wrestling contest. You lose. Use the elixir and try again. WILBUR: while the orc is busy, place the net on the plank, throw the rope over the brace, tie one end to the net and the other to the bale. IVO: having beaten the orc, try to push the bale off; call Wilbur to help. Watch. Talk to Nate. Watch.



Chapter III, Inside the Sunken Temple


Part I: IVO


Look around. Get the rope, bucket of water, stick and fishbone. Use the bucket of water on the dry earth. Get the worms. Combine the rope, stick, fishbone and worms to get a fishing pole - you ask Wilbur for help. Watch. Call to Nate and he tosses you a jar. Get the bird to distract the bees and get some honey with the jar, use it to catch the fire fairies. Now you have creatures of fire (the fairies), of water (the fish in the bucket) and of earth (the worms). Place them all in the right places and ask the bird to get inside the "creature of air" niche and the door will open. All three characters go in. Oops!





Change to Wilbur and Nate just to see how and where they are. IVO: look around and go further into the Temple. Look around again and pick up the machete by the skeleton. Go back to the entrance, cut a root with the machete and swing outside. Look at the niches and collect the jar and the bucket. Go back inside and further into the Temple, collect a jellyglowfish with the jar, put it in the bucket, tie the bucket to the stick and lower the jar to Wilbur, who then shouts some symbols and passes the jar on to Nate.


Walk to the stone wheels: turn the bottom one three times to get the star, the next one up already has a branch, turn the next one up once; turn the one at the top three times. Wilbur's door opens.


WILBUR: Walk L to discover a hatch, only you can't open it. NATE: Walk L to discover a wheel which cannot be moved. What follows seems an unnecessary complication, but here goes. WILBUR: Step on the platform, go down and look around. Discover the roots and ask Nate for a leg up. NATE: Step on the platform. WILBUR: push the stone onto the platform and move onto it. Nate comes up. NATE: open hatch. WILBUR: step on the platform. NATE: step on the platform. WILBUR: go through the hatch and up the ladder; look up and go further up. Toss the crystal to Ivo and pick up the stone tablet. Take it to Ivo. IVO: Look at the tablet and use the stone wheels: use the symbols on the left column and press the button. NATE: Use the switch between the platforms. WILBUR: climb down the ladder to the new passage and go through it go the another crystal. Get back to Ivo's level. IVO: use the stone wheels and change them to the symbols on middle column in the stone tablet. NATE: Turn the wheel on the L. IVO: change the wheels to the symbols on the right-hand column of the tablet. NATE: Climb up to Ivo's level.


IVO: go further into the Temple and place the crystals in the round receptacles, stand by the middle one. Change to the others and have each of them press one of the crystals. IVO: press the middle crystal and go through. Pick up the paddle, the pebbles and search the offering bowl for a tin of sardines and a stone disc (don't worry about the metal bar, you don't need it as Ivo). Look at the central door and go through the opening. Turn the wheel to the L of the door to open it. Examine everything, get another stone disc and a tube. Go to the machine in the middle and add the discs to the pile, first the larger then the smaller one. Look at it, press the middle button, turn the top disc one turn, press the button: if the switch to the bottom left turns green, you are in the right spot. If not, turn the disc once again, press the button and watch the switch. If it turns yellow it means a symbol near to the one in front of you will be correct. Turn the disc once more and press the button. Once the first switch to the bottom L is green, repeat with the other discs. When all four switches are green, you've got the machine going.


Try placing the tube you picked up in the machine to the R and you will see the system really needs repairing. No matter, pick up the tube, press the red button by the door and go through the now open entrance. In, pick up the crystals, go to the point of entry and watch. Get the fishing pole and swing outside. Have a look and go back to the machine room. Pour the oil from the can of sardines in front of the drawer, put the paddle in the turning machine. Go out and lure Munkus to you by throwing the pebbles at him, go back to the machine room and watch. As soon as you can, place the tube in the machine to the R and knock him out. You can leave, and you shut the door on your way out. Examine the offering bowl and get a mirror. Leave the Temple.


Use the mirror on the troll (he drops his club) and retreat smartly. Come out again, move the cursor near Nate to get the option of asking the guys to distract the troll. When they do so, use the fishing rod on the club and then the mirror on the troll. Watch.


IVO and WILBUR: go to the offering bowl and use the crystals on the receptacles to open the sealed door, go in. There follows a very funny sequence with Wilbur feeling his way about in the darkness.


Grope for a container, fill it with the liquid. Find a box, open it, put the dried jellyglowfish in the container.


IVO: Use the barrel to get across, look around, get the wooden board, go back and give it to Wilbur. WILBUR: Use the barrel, get the scratchlounder and place it into the horn. Enter the smelly hole and you'll get all sorts of silly options, but you should come away with a wooden lid and a rope; go across and give the rope to Ivo and try to close the barrel with the lid - Ivo gets a good idea.


IVO: Tie the rope to the chest and, together with Wilbur, you pull it out. Open it and get the cone, give it to Wilbur. WILBUR: place the cone on the scratchlounder and blow the horn. There follows another strange conversation. Watch.



Chapter IV, The Wild Lands


Part I: NATE


After narrating the story so far, look around, grab the scrap of leather and talk to the water corpse. Out. Get the glue, unbreakable string and yellow paint. Talk to the zombies. Out. Pick up the map on the boxes under the head, the red earth and the mushroom. Go right to the Orc camp, take the rotten boards, look at the device on the rubbish heap, look twice at the blue flowers and take them, get the poster. Try to open the gate and you get to chat with an orc and find out what you need to do to get Wilbur back.


Go to the crypt and talk to Gulliver - he tells you about the warrior set. Of course, he wants something in return. Talk to the jester and find out what he needs, then go R and talk to the jilted bride. Have another look around, particularly at the sarcophagus; the statue has a seal ring. Leave. Outside, walk to the L to see a teepee. Enter it, pick up the bellows, get them for nothing since they are broken. Use the glue on the scrap of leather, use that on the bellows to mend them. Pick up the metal container. Use the red earth with the mortar and afterwards the blue blossoms. Finally, get the make-up and the black ink from the chest. Leave.


Back to the crypt, use the feather on the paper in your inventory to write a love letter (take your pick from the choices, bearing in mind that she thinks something dreadful happened to Max). If you then give the letter to her she will reject it since it is not sealed. Go out and use the letter with the dripping candle then go back in and use it on the sarcophagus seal ring; give it to the jilted maiden and she'll tell you about the shield.


Leave. Outside the crypt, talk to the head, then talk to the Paladin. Note how he spits when Zombies are mentioned. Go L and, when he is not looking, get the pom-pom from the chest; look at his banner above. Go to the teepee, talk to the Minotaur and ask for help with the Paladin. He asks for ingredients for a potion. Go to the Paladin and put the empty bowl on the ground where he spits. Talk to him and keep asking about Zombies till the bowl is full, then ask about his hair and you'll get his comb. Collect the bowl and go to where the water corpse was. While here, dip the red earth powder into the pool of tears. Get ashes from an urn to the L. Take everything to the minotaur and you get a potion.


Talk to the Paladin and offer him a zero-calories potion (Manapotion - Lite). Ask him for a few buffs and he will drink. In his body, walk to the crypt and talk to the jester. Watch. Outside, grab Ester/Esther's head, go into the crypt and talk to the jester to find out where the helmet is. Give the head to Gulliver but don't get further involved just yet. Go to the teepee, talk to the Minotaur and he'll ask you for some mushrooms. Go talk to Gulliver and then the jester. In your inventory, mix the blue paste with the red paint, then the blue paste with the yellow paint. Paint the mushroom purple, add the green spots with the green paint then talk to Gulliver. Esther obliges with the smell. Take the mushroom to the minotaur.


Back to Gulliver, give him his lung (bellows) and tell him you can't find a heart. Watch. Follow them outside and talk to Gulliver again. Go to the teepee and you will get a rain dance. Now this is a darned nuisance for those of us whose fingers are not particularly agile, but the game cannot go on until you complete the sequence of the dance with the arrow keys. Save before you start and have a go.


If you make it and get struck by lightning, save at the first opportunity... you don't want to have to do this again! Enter the crypt and talk to Gulliver. Now you know where the last piece of equipment is. Check out the grave ahead to get the armour. Leave.


Now for the warrior set. Look at your map and fast travel to the Ogres. Look at the gap on the L and use the rotten boards on it. Move on and chat to the Ogres, then talk to Blout and find out about the ogre cocktail, ask what you need. At the end start looking around. Get the umbrella, the cocktail glass, the sack of apples and the blue hose. Go to the Orc gate, tip the apples into the pressing device and press them. Go to the teepee, put the hose on the lid of the pot, tip the apple juice in. Keep tipping it in till the alcohol is ogre strength. Use that with the glass and the umbrella with the glass and you are all set. Back to the ogres. Give the cocktail to Zloff. Watch. Combine the string with the pom-pom and click on Blout to lure him. Watch. Get the shield.

Use the map to fast travel to the mine S of here. Watch. Have a chat with the helmet and, whatever you say, you get chucked out of the mine. Go in, look L to see the water trough but go R. At the first opening wait a bit and when no-one is looking grab the teddy and put it on the other chair. Watch. In, into the other room, you see a chest. Out, keep R and enter the next room, grab the dynamite and the key from the table, back to the chest, open it, get a magnet. Out.


Now first go R then L to an opening. Watch a pixie travelling to and from the fire. When he turns away, grab the water skin and fill it at the water trough, go up and stop at the next entrance, chuck the water bottle at the torch. Grab the torch, take it to the room where you found the waterskin and light it when no-one is looking. Go back to the room from which you took the torch, up, place the dynamite in the rubble and light it with the torch. Boom. Go up through the smoke till you are directly over the helmet. Combine the string with the magnet and dangle it over the helmet. Watch. As you leave, note the copper vein in the room where the rubble was and pick up the handle. Out of the mine and collect the helmet.


Fast travel to the dragon. Pick up the hammer, pliers and stone bowl. Talk to the dragon. Go L to pick up a stone, crack it on the anvil with the hammer. Leave and go to the mine, where you first talked to the helmet. Talk to the pixie and get the stone dragon head and a few nuggets of gold. Back to the forge, place the dragon head at the end of the lava bowl, pull the chain. Place the nuggets in the stone bowl and put it in the furnace, use the pliers to get the bowl and pour the molten gold into the coin press to get a gold coin. Give it to the dragon and you will get the pickaxe head and the broken sword. Talk to the dragon and she gives you a book. Read it. Fast travel to the mine, go to the room where the rubble was, combine the handle with the pickaxe and get the copper from the vein. Return to the forge, melt the copper as you did the gold and cool it in the water trough, then work it on the anvil. Watch. Reforge the sword and talk to the dragon - first get her mad, then ask for her help and she will breathe fire on the sword. Job done.


Now for the orcs. Go to the gate and show off your warrior set. You are in.





You start off as Ivo, look around and talk to the bird if you must but watch what happens when you talk to the Critter and ask for help.


CRITTER: Get the bar, get some cloth from the skeleton hanging by, combine these items to get a torch. Out, go L, look at the pipe, touch it to drop it to the ground, push it a couple of times or so and the end of the pipe will be inside the hole. Go R, get the rubber chicken to the R of the troll, up the stairs. You will notice, amongst other things, a large pink vase and a locked chest with a crown on top. Get the cushion and look in the barrel three times to get a painting, move L, Look at the container and dip the torch into it, pick up a cannon ball and watch. Go to the pipe and place the cushion on the board, up again and get another cannon ball. Go down, push the cannon ball of the cushion, get to the R of the troll, light the torch and burn his trousers: look at the hammer and get the keys. Into the dungeon, use the keys to unlock Ivo, hand everything to her.


IVO: Pick up the cannon ball. Look around. Examine the booth to the R. Put the painting in the viewing window to the L, use the rubber chicken and the cannon ball with the torture machine, send the Critter to annoy the troll, watch. Now wake up whoever is in the small cage with the large padlock.


After the long conversation send the Critter to hide in the pink vase and as Ivo, pick up the hammer and set fire to the banner; as the Critter, when the Black Guard moves away, go L to pick up a parchment and hide in the vase again, till the Black Guard is looking away then join Ivo in the dungeon. Use the parchment on the bars and, as Ivo, break them. Have MacGuffin examine the booth, pull the torch holder on the left and MacGuffin will pull the one on the right. Get the book and give it to the gremlin. Ask him for his lock pick and use it on the locked chest upstairs. You get a lot of coins which you must give to the gremlin. Watch.





Look at the tree and get a branch, look at the termite mound. Go R and note the hooded chap. Enter the tent and talk to Wilbur. Examine the skeleton, it contains an arrowhead. Combine it with the feather and shaft to make an arrow.

Talk to the chieftain and watch. You need to cheat. Talk to the termites. Go into the tent and you see the hooded chap leave. To the L you will see on a cushion what the termites wanted; take it to them and then place them on the dwarf. Hit it a second time. Watch. Go L, talk to the chieftain, watch, go R, talk to the figure who sends you to the merchant, talk to him, go back to the figure and speak to him - he leaves the camp. Enter the camp to the R and come back to get a bow from the figure. Go R and talk to the chieftain. Watch. Your shooting is lousy, so you have to do something about it.


Leave the plate alone, turn the pan once, turn the shield 3 times and the wok twice. Now tell the chieftain you will shoot again. Watch. Don't accept the terms and go L to talk to the merchant. He suggests a game, you can't play it.


Go to the figure and he will give you a crumbled piece of paper, equip it and right click on it to read the numbers 42, 79 and 2 1/2. Talk to the merchant again and play him for the magnet. Just reel off the numbers. Go and attach the magnet to the target and tell the chieftain you want another go. Watch. Now go L for the final contest. Watch again. You win.





Get the wool from the basket and go out. Examine the target twice to get the magnet, combine that with the wool. Talk to the chieftain and ask about the circle. He gives you the manual, read it twice, go L, use the magnet with the wire, combine it with the foil. Go back to the tent, wear the helmet and take the box. Unfortunately you can't take it out of the tent, so go talk to the termites. Bring them to the box and you can leave. Watch.



Chapter 5, The Wild Lands... once again


Watch some more. It would appear that Nate won the orc contest thanks to the hooded figure, who is also Nate but in a different time continuum. Huh???


Look at the rubbish heap and get the balloon. Go in, watch. Examine the board and get the measuring tape. Look at the termite mound, R, go into the tent and look at the cushion. Fast travel to the crypt and talk to the jester, ask for the board. Look at all the graves, talk to the jester and grab the board. Visit the teepee and boil the measuring tape in the pot to shrink it. Talk to the minotaur about the bow; he wants firewater for his help.


Go to the orc camp, hang the measuring tape on the board, go to the tent and place the board on the cushion. Leave the tent, go L and watch the contest. Go all the way L and stand by the entrance: Nate wants a bow, so you give him the help you gave before. Leave the camp and travel to the forge, pick up all those copper pots you made earlier and trade them to the merchant for the firewater. Take it to the minotaur and he gives you the antlers. Travel to the ogres' place, open the cupboard and get the floss, combine it with the antlers to get a bow, take it to the orc camp. Nate asks for it. Go L and watch.


Go to the ogres and pretend to be Ma'zaz. Talk to them again as Nate and offer to help. R, fill the hot air balloon and watch. Go to the camp and talk to the merchant; you get his shrinking ring for nothing, so take it to the ogres, throw it in (click on the ring and you'll see that option at the bottom of the screen) and watch. Go back to the camp. Watch. When in charge, use Ivo's cloth to swap the artifact. Watch some more.


Ivo emerges from the booth. At this point, the text was untranslated German, so I don't know what was being said. At any rate, have Ivo leave and go up the stairs. Watch: end of the game.


If you let the credits run to the end (amazing the amount of people needed for not a very long game), you'll see something cute.

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